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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and replaced by modern construction. it's an amazing feeling to me. to know that we kind of made this happen makes me very proud. for the campbells apparently some other kansas city couples love is an anchor, but the nott the kind that weighs you down. it's an remembrance and everyry time they come by here they think to themselves there's a reason why we did that and remind themselves that there's still love and romance alive no matter how old you get. this is fox5 local news at 11. thank you for joining usinin tonight, i'm lauren demarco andd i'm matt ackland. d.c. police are still searching for thest suspect who shot a ma, stole his jeep and set it on fire. it happened last night alonggh division avenue.di a witness says she found theund victim lying in the street calling for help.p. the man said two unknown
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taken his jeep. police later found his vehicle that had been set on fire. as police were searching for the stolen jeep they tried to pull over a man driving a similar car even though he wasn't involvedan in the't car jacking he refusedo stop. that sparked a long chase that ended inside maryland's live casino. , to 5d lindsay watts joins us with what >>reporter: w they got quite a scare last night when thisis suspect came into the casino and police came rushing in afterter hip. prior to that the man had alluded police in d.c. and d prince george's county, kept on go into anne arrundel county any keep in mind at this point investigators thought he coulds be theth shooter from that d.c. car jacking. police say the man ended up driving to the casino he park his car and then went this was around 11:00 p.m. officers with prince george'seog county and anne arrundelde counties joined casino securityy to search for him. police say within o
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an hour they did find the suspect and he was sitting at a slot machine gambling. thats ' where he was arrested. police say without incident. we'll show you his photo he is larry phillip brown jr. of northeast d.c. police say while he's not linked to that car jacking in northeast he did have 40 grams ofgram marijuana on him, a thousand dollars cash and they found out he also had an outstandingtsta warrant. there was a team of officers who came to arrest him which causedd panic among some in the casino. there were six people who were injured as a crowd ran for the door. we didn't order an evacuation, we just went up to the suspect in an orderly fashion but with a number of officers and somee people became alarmed and self-evacuated and that led to some people having some orthopedic issues, ankles, knees, back, et cetera, minor injuries. > police say brown did not have any weapons. they studied casino camera footage to track every where he had been just
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didn't leave anything behind. now as far as the car jacking and shooting that preceded all of this, at last check therek were still no arrests. police say the man who was shot and had his jeep stolen was in critical condition. lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > let's switch gears now and take it outside for a check on the weather. here's a live look at washington monument. we were hoping for some nice high temperatures today.y. some areas did see that. for the most of us it was mild and pretty nice out there, especially for a day in february. first, second week in february and it's in the 50s, not bad to me. can't complain. expecting for theca rest of the weekend? >> we are expecting more of a warm gum and you know what, lauren is absolutely right, some of our neighbors did get temperatures in itself 60s and in the 70s. we are going to keep an eye on it and see how we can serve it all up for you. let's take a look at the numbers.numb
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the low 50s, yesterday highsy were only in the 30s. so we really jumped about 20-degrees, not too much to turn your nose up at and we had had clouds today and those clouds are still sticking around pretty much across the area. but right now your current temperature in d.c. is 48-degrees. calm, but thety skies are definitely on the cloudy side. elsewhere we've got 46-degrees at baltimore this hour.r. 42 at manassas, 44 at dulles, 46 at leonardtown and 49-degrees at martinsburg. look at hagerstown at 54-degrees this h hour. and hagerstown and martinsburg were a up kev the areas that did get a lot more warmer air today. so clouds sticking around for tonight.t. we'll see them sticking around for tomorrow. s we're starting off the day with some showers. that will kick in in the overnight hours tonight, but it won't be a washout all kay long that's at least some good news. overnight we're talkingng 46-degrees with a wind that's owing going to be fairl
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we've got some gusty winds to talk once again, warmer tomorrow and some wet weather. back to you. > just a short time ago, president trump and japanese prime minister shins owe and i addressed the media. they reacted to a missile being shot. and ' condemned the missile launch calling it absolutely intolerable. he says north korea must complyy with un resolutions regarding these miss tests. president trump said the united states backs > president trump might issue u nempw executive order that would temporarily ban travel into the united states from 7 mostlytly muslim countries. we get the latest now from
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garret kenny. >>reporter: the president has made it clear that believes his executive order needs to be inde place asr soon as possible in order to keep the country safe.r the problem with that is his current order is in the hands of the court and as we know court battles take time to play out add to that the growing number of legal challenges coming in from around the country and it's clear that these court battles could be playing out for a long time, something that thet president acknowledged yesterdal on aired force one. the unfortunate part is it takes time statutorily. we'll win that battle l but we also have a lot of other options, including just filing a brand new other. with speed in mind, the white house is working on a neww executive order, which would accomplish the same thing about the previous executive order. one concern that's been repeatedly expressed is the lack of specificity on who the immigration ban applies to. a harvard l
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miranda tuesday laid out what the new law could eye dress. you have to put a few more due process safeguards into the process so that it seems to be fairer to the courts and maybe tone down some of religious language. president trump has indicated we can expect h his new executiveew order to come out as soon asman or tuesday and the new legalgal challenges to that order arer also expected to come soon after. > in wash attorneys i'm garrets kenny, fox news. > a business week ahead with the trump administration. up a next, a pair of robbers. these guys use power tools toowr bust into the safe of a local restaurant. more of the video that police want you to could he coming up next.
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trump administration
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> we are learning new detailsle about a deadlyar shooting in
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happened yesterday afternoon onr hock run terrace. police have identified the victim. he is 20 year old involves i young of hyattsville. young was not the only person shot. they say a 23 year old man whoened up in the hospital alsoh was hit by the gunfire. police say the shooting doesn't northbound side of connecticut avenue near lawrence avenue. police say two cars were going northbound possibly raising each one. one of those cars struck another driver who was going southboundn and trying tgo make a left-hande turnft. a 65 year old man was in th
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that was turning. he is in critical conditionon tonight. two robbers who broke into a five guys restaurant were caughw on camera.e you can see the sparks from the power tools the two used to break into the restaurant's safe. this happened overnight last monday at the five guys in ceasing ton. the pair got into the safe, stole some cash. police believe these are the same suspects responsible for several other recent burglaries in aspen hill and in rockville. it just goes to show there are cameras every where. that is amazing. >> power tools.tool that's not shuttle.shut you think you see everything int this job because there's so much video out there, but that's aha' new one. > up next, gwen is back with your seven day forecast. day >> heading out to dinner for d valentine's day, what are you going to ware? she's got your valentine's forecast coming up.
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> i know in some areas got the nice weather today. it was pretty mild. i'm looking forward to tomorrow. should i still be looking forward to it. >> if all goes well we should bd warmer tomorrow. we were 20-degrees warmer today than we were yesterday. >> it wasn't bad. but we are looking for more of a warmup.warm some of us got spoiled with 630s and 70s.s. >> right. let's take a look cloudy skies and the frontal system were the culprit as somee why d.c. proper did not reach
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we were anticipating at least la being in the mid 6 20s. 6 it didn't happen. some of the neighborhoods as i said did very well for this time of year. unpredictable. we did get into the low 60s at all three airports even with the cloudy conditions. breaking a record at martinsburn with 69-degrees. font royal the same as charlottesville, 66.lle, and new market 67-degrees. so the warp was there. 48 right now in d.c., but lookok at hagerstown at 54-degrees this hour. we've got 44 at yaps last. 46-degrees at baltimore. 45 at quantico and 4 # degrees at culpeper. still dealing with the clouds sticking around and also keeping an eye on rain showers that are headed our way all associated with this approach of the frontal system and a low pressure system as well andl we're going to see the showers h start to kick in the overnight hours tonight and they'll be hanging around for the first part of your day tomorrow. so if you're hing out
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services or anywhere you want to grab your umbrella. we've got above seasonal lowe's for tonight. but for tomorrow with that low riding along that front, to the north we'll get a little bit of a southerly breeze.eeze that should help to warm us up. you might see a few breaks, but take a look at this, once thatce clears you're going to see some colder air behind it by the time we get to the middle of the week. first for the first part of the day, but clouds clearing out, but it will be cooler. if you're heading out tomorrow, grab the umbrella early anden this it starts to gradually movu out once we get into the early part of the afternoon.tern here's the 2:00 hour, much improved later in the day. by sunday night we could see some snow showers overse the mountains in the herelle vagues, however, with the colder air.r. tomorrow, temperatures into the 60s to the north and to the northwest they'll be into the 50s but we're
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66-degrees here. we might even get warmer than that tomorrow if the warmer air starts to kick in a little bita more slio we'll keep our fingers crossed. by midday, 61 with the showers, be prepared for that.t. a high wind watch will be in effect sunday night into monday, gusty winds up to 60 miles an hour. 46-degrees for tonight, mostlysy cloudy skies talking about somet showers developing and 66-degrees for tomorrow. the showers in the first part of the day and here's a look at the fox5 seven day by tuesday, valentine's day, dry conditions, pretty nice at 52-degrees for all the lovers out there.e. we're going to be back right after the break. stay with us.
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> one year ago maryland's veteran basketball team struggled at times to hand thehe pressure of championship expectations. they're keeping it loose. coach mark turgeon every road triprk tur takes one shot. if he makes it they getget chocolate cake. they got the chocolate cake.he c a coach that probably had some shooting range in his day, well, the terps legend, i chris element chris ill honored before today's game against ohio state and the
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for him, 248 career wins. he celebrated by throwing out his trademark v for victory. to the game, the students unfurling their state flag. terps, perfect. the teenage mute and thing yeah terrapins, they like to play. maryland led most of this game, but the buck eyes kept it close until the terps win 86 to 77.77. georgetown hosting marquette in the big east clash, both teamsbh are meeting at half court pregame. first half, georgetown up seven. jessie going and, rodney prior. the back door is open. the hoyas led benign. later, marquette trying to fighh back in this one.
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did your ron johnson, check out this no look feed. luke fisher for the dunk.k. marquette trying to keep it close. second half georgetown running away it with and they're out running. the hoyas win 80 to 626789 some other l college basketball scores american win a close onee over west point 61 over 58. 76 to 70. across the nhl february isis hockey for every would month and that where is teams showcase tho global nature of what he call the coolest game on earth. nowhere was that more evidentre than with the capitols as they hosted a special guest from thet other side of the globe, both geographically and culturally.ct the capitols roster is a tap try woven present the threads of seven different nations, but never from the a
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arab world taken the ice until today. this is fat ma alley a hockey player, referee and coach livinn out every hockey fan's dream taking the ice with her favoritt players. i was nervous the whole time. i was telling my brother, reminm me to breathe. fat ma was discovered by caps great peter bonder who was wowed while teaching a hook i clinic in the aue. to learn leiby mentioned, starting playing hockey six years ago it's unbelievable. the aue is compared to the west, women like fat ma are still treated like second class normally people are telling metl that i'm breaking the barriers and trying
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hock. i. when she takes the ice, she's on the same level with her counterparts. punch.a you have to finish what you started. you cannot quit halfway through. as a society we tend up to puto up with a lot of things,hi language barriers, cultural barriers, all the way toway physical barriers, but one thing that breaks those barriers, hockey is the same game whethere it's played on frozen ponds in ontario, in a training complexti in arlington, virginia, in thete middle of a desert. people from every walk ever live, every national they gotthy their team and they're all in. there is no barriers. since i started, everything iryh start doing in
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inspires other people to do something and break the barriers and the culture, whateverteve they're going to do. how did fat ma learn the game. >> the movie the mighty books. that's where she first saw it and then fond a ring. >> hockey, all the skill and then on top of it you are on skates. that gets me every time. the caps players were sitting back watching her with the stick work. hyattsville was a huge long of media so there was a loft pressure on her, but she was still out there doing her best. go fat ma. we're back in a moment. nt.
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> look how they all look at me. tomorrow. here bee go.. here's what i'm serving on the weather buffet, folks, someme showers into the overnightight hours.ur
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we could be a little warmer than that. 66 in february. i like that. a cold hearted night in february. see you tomorrow.
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