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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> this is fox5 local news at 11. 11. thank you for joining usk yo tonight i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm jim lokay. we're talking about the weather specifically the winds. we got strong gusts coming in overnight.ernight. >> that means the potential forf down trees and other damage. dam we want to get right to gwenwen with with details on all of t that. >> hi that. a few other things popping up right now as well. let's get right to the winds.hes major story tonight as they as e continue to gust across our area. a deepening low pressure system responsible for that.for th nor'easter causing lots of actf viv weather off to the northeasr of us. but in the meantime here's he' what's happening here at home. h those sustained winds now wheree from seven to up to 35 miles pe hour. gaithersburg. 37 at hagerstown.. but they are gusting even stronger than that will continui to do so in the overnight hourss here's the current wind gusts. 58 miles an hour wind gusts forr 55 for
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46 at gaithersburg and 37 att d.c. 35 at cumberland.berl so we do have advisories andoria warnings in effect. eff high wind warning in effect for the area in the darker shadesrha and wind advisory for the the lighter area. area. that kicks in tonight. right through until tomorrow inl the early evening hours. hrs and now we've got a piece of o energy as well that's startingst to sweep its way through.ep its. you can see the snow to the north but across our area that a piece of energy sparking up some thunderstorms.unde so now we also have a severeere thunderstorm warning in effect and this is for anne arundel, carroll county, northeasternortr montgomery county, hartford andd baltimore counties until 11:30 tonight, and those winds within that storm system expected toto also be about 60 miles an hour. that winter wet advisory overver the higher elevations actually.. lows in the 30s and 40s.nd 40s i'll have your full forecast and the seven day just ahead.he. back to you. y fox5 in montgomery countyryt now where a man is figh
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his life tonight after a crashra that may have been caused by aya street race between two other drivers. 64-year-old carlos hernandez iss well known as deacon incon montgomery county. the wreck happened yesterday one connecticut avenue andticuaven kensington. fox5's lipped say watts spoke wt with hernandez family andamy friends and reports tonight froo bethesda. >> reporter: i spoke by phoney p to carlos hernandez son who ishs by his side here at suburban sua hospital in he says his dad is still in a coma. coma he has not woken up but his condition has improvedmp since he was brought in broug i yesterday with life-threatening injuries. family provided this photo off hernandez.hern he's a deacon at saint michael a the arch angel church in silverv spring and also works full timem at a local catering company. cpy police say hernandez was tryingy to make a left turn fromm connecticut on to den field avenue in kensington when hisheh car was t boned at around 5:30:0 yesterday.yeday. investigators tell us the man had hit
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racing another driver who wasn't involved in the police on scene did make contacn with both of those drivers. dves we know the one who crashed is 23-year-old miguel ramirez ofirz silver spring.lver s he was injured but is expectedee to survive. no information yet on the second driver.driver. police tell us the crash iss under investigation and there at are no charges yet. y not at this point.oi i just spoke to close friend ofn the hernandez family. she says it is devastating for something like this to happen. e eye especial toll someone soo committed to doing good for others.others. >> his weekends and nights are spent saying mass, um, he goes g to walter reed on a regular reg basis to give communion and tomd visit the wounded warriors.. he's the kind of soul that you'll ever want to meet ando ma ever want to kno really impacting the family it'' just hard to see somebody whoy w just gives so much of himself to everybody else to see him lying there with all those tubes and s
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>> reporter: she says theorter: hospital has been flooded withh visitors both today andodaynd yesterday.yeda a lot of clergy from around thit area had know and work with hernandez. there have been so many visitort family is wanting to keep themee minimum. they are asking for privacy buto hoping for continued prayersra through this difficult time.ficm in bethesda, lindsay watts fox5x local news. fox5 in the district theic search continues for the suspecs who's shot a man and stole hisle car. car. >> stolen vehicle was laterlen e hifound set on fire and the crie ended up triggering a completely separate police chase and scares at maryland live casino. fox5's marine kamar rack compann has more from northeast d.c. >> reporter: tonight thatonig ta victim a maryland man remains in critical condition after beingfg shot right here inside his car at this intersection here inn northeast of division avenue ane j street. st. now witnesses say the shooterho jumped into the victim's car and then droe
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burrville elementary school. scl the car later found by police meetly a blaze in maryland.n mal but in the immediate aftermathta of the shooting, police puteut outlook out on the victim's vic' vehicle presumably driven by hih shooter which caused the chase c of unrelated car and ultimatelyl the evacuation of american lifen as it believed the shooter wasow hiding inside the back here in d.c. bosses ward bw seven homicide detectives havesh now taken over the investigation. the victim's family tells fox5 th'sat jus famt hours after he w shot right her on divisionn avenue, his house was broken tonight still no arrest in thatt shooting and the victim remains in critical condition at an area hospital. in in northeast washington,th d.c., marina marraco fox5 localc news.. ♪♪ one of the very first testss of the new president trump anddd administration.mirati north korea firing a ballistic
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the launch which has beenhich hn confirmed came as president trump was sitting down to dinner with japanese prime minister.inr nor from garrett tenney. >> reporter: most expertsostxp agree that timing of this launcu is no coincidence.idce after all it was only two days y ago that president trump and and japan's prime minister heldter d joint press conference at the at white house urged north korea tt abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.p and not to take any further provocative action.ive little over 24 hours later, lat north korea responded byed by launching medium range ballistic missile in into its eastern sea. it's another step towards itsowr goal of developing nuclear warar head capable of hitting theitti united states.ta in the last year alone, thene north has attempted 24 missile4s launches.laun along with two nuclear tests.ess last night, the head of southf h korea's joint chiefs of staff of says this latest test showsest north korea's president is if hf nat klee obsessed with achieving his goal and if he doesn't stopo he said, his country
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suffer. >> translator:la >> we sternly warn that if the kim jong-un regime does not givg up its dilution of nuclearar missile progress vocations, thee north korean regime will destroo itself in the near future.uture. >> reporter: north korea k already under heavy sanctionsvyt for repeatedly violating the un security council resolutions onn its missile program.gram but many us leaders believe in order for the north to changeone its behavior china needs to fake a leading role in applying theng pressure. here's senate minority leader le chuck schumer on face theac nation. >> like on so many other areas, chin sao hmaas been woe physica inadequate and they could squeeze north korea economically 90% of the imports and exports d go through china and i think wew have to tell the chinese thatnea they have to put the wood toood north korea in a much more serious way than they've done so far. >> reporter: it's alsols important to note that just a jt few weeks ago defense secretarye james mattis visited south korer on his first official trip tri abroad an nounsed an agreement e to bos
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there against north korea. korea in washington, garrett tenney, fox news. up next protesters try to slow down a redevelopment plan in bethesda.hesd >> the site is the home of af a former graveyard.yard. what demonstrators want donean d before building plans move forward. ♪♪
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developing to night plans are t moving forward tore developmniem a neighborhood in bethesda but some mount in the members saybes not so fast. they turn out for protest today. demonstrators saying they wantan the county planning board to table the west bar developmentep project on river road especially members of the macedonia baptist some 50 years ago, builders laii down asphalt on what theyy remember was graveyard ofrave o african-american parishioners.os members say they don't want morr construction on the site withouo further checking whether people' reece mains are there. he >> this is a community effort at this point. point people of goodwill just reallyey don't like the fact that this multi billion dollar company isi trying to dishonor people who have, hooks worked very hard in their lifetime hahn have nowave been discarded in death and they lay under a driveway right now,, and now on top of that, theyhatt want to put a garage on.arage o. to parkway. >> the montgomery countyery unty planning board is expected tod review the
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next week. meantime another busy week on tap for president trumpside tomorrow the president and canadian minister will participate in around tabled tle about women in the work force.r. he may issue a new executivexeti order on immigration this week. and maraca his cabinet picks byb and approved by the senate.e. democrats are frying to oppose.. of his moves. here's lauren blanchard. blanchd >> reporter: the fight on capitol hill these last fewas weeks to confirm president trump month' be cabinet have not beene slowly but surely the membersem are being confirmed, but the the trump administration says the t hold sup hit of hurtinurti americans while democrats sayocs they're just doing their dueue diligence. >> we can't stop these nomineess we know that. we're going use our time to makk sure that people understand thee background of these individuals. they're commitment to the agency that they are being appoint to do. so we can hold them accountable. >> on monday the senate isndayhs voting on former goldman sachs executive steven
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the next treasury secretary.rety now waiting for the senate the e schedule a vote on theirir confirmation.iron >> they lost the electionlost te they're in the process of losini they are mine. the bottom line is, the left iss gone nuts. they can't understand why theyhe lost. they want to tack trump at evere stage. >> reporter: althoughh republicans seem to be unitede e front on getting presidentsint trump's remaining cabinet cinet nominees confirmed, there are still deep disagreements betweet the president and some membersbe of congress.ongrs. president trump tweeting his h displeasure to senators on botht sides of the aisle.. mccain and blumenthal forl f criticizing his policies to thet media.a. after senator mccain questionedd the success of a recent raid inn yemen that left one u.s. service member dead and blumenthal toldl reporters that during a privatee meeting the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch expressed d concern over the president'srest comments about the judiciary.ry the president says the press is miss character sizing gorsuch's
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account to criticize blumenthalt and mccain. mccain has not formally respond thed tweets. blumenthal hopes trump willill listen to his own staff.taff >> it is windy out >> just bit. >> um canning up gwen is backac with your seven day forecast. >> that includes more on thecl r overnight winds and valentine'se day is on the way,. w,. >> oh, valentine's day. yay. >> come on, jim.ome , ji it's cupid. cupid. >> stick around.>> s ♪♪ ♪♪
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couple hours aggot a call fromra my mom up in pennsylvania shep n said oh, my god thnse winds ands now we're seeing them come this way. wa >> oh, yeah. we're definitely going to getnit our fair share of the winds.ds. you know, we've got wind got w warnings and advisories.dvor now we have a severeave a thunderstorm warning to talktori about as wellng. so you know the better buffettee you never know what you'll get. we've got cold conditions thatta are going to be kicking in significant wind chills as welli especially once we get into tomorrow we'll see quite a see e little bit of a difference thana what we had today but it was cool today.ol tod it was cool yesterday. coo we didn't warm up very much atua all. al but winds this is the main m story. lt's take look. right now these are sustainedtad winds. winds. these are not the gusts. you know, imagine what we'll bel sustained winds at 31 miles an1 hour right now at winchester. 25 at dulles. we've got just 21 as far as is concerned.cerned.
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37 miles per hour sustainedour n winds. let's have a look what the wind gusts are being those are theree sustained winds. 58 miles per hour wind gusts g right now at hagerstown. this is all encompassed what wee talk with with the wind advisors in effect.. we've got 36 here at frederick.i 38 at dulles. 47 right now at winchester.. and 37 miles per hour wind gusts at d.c. the strongest winds are going ti kick in overnight tonight into o the first part of the tomorrow r rning. so you'll really hear thoser the winds tonight outside for sure. and just be aware of that.hat. ridge of high pressure buildinge in, deepening low pressurere system this nor'easter heading i off to the northeast creating cn winter conditions with the snowt and parts of new england andla a heading off to the north but wew on the back side between thesewt two are getting a really tightig fresh gradient and that is tha what's helping to give us thesee strong winds that we're getting that will tonight be gusting tot 50 to 60 miles an hour as i sais already seeing as i jus s
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you. so high wind warning in effect for the areas here shaded in tht darker colors. cors. up to 60 miles an hour.ou wind advisory here in the lighter color.ol up to 50 miles an hour. hour this in effect right throughht h until monday evening.eni so the possibility of downed d trees and power lines very very high. driving will be difficultficu particularly in any kind of high profile vehicles.s. and also, we could see some minor structural damage that'scr not out of the question. as i said theou st trongest wins overnight until tomorrowomro morning. here's all the snow from the nor'easter moving its way threwt parts of new england heading upp towards the maritime to thee tot south of us. u here's where we have this rainhi showers and a few storms poppedm up across our area.. this spark the severe thunderstorm warning over areas of the northwest winter weatherr advisories two to 4-inches ofs snow in the higher elevations over the the mount this just went from 11:30 to 11:45 being extended in terms of this warning. but we're seeing some little bit of heavy rainfall and thunderndu and lightning in
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result of that warning. whole bunch of things going on weather wise tonight very active. current temperatures 55 degreese at dc. we've got 54 at 52 at dulles. wind chills to talk about.bout so when those winds kick in frof the northwest it will feel a lol colder and already is.eady i but right now by thebyhe 9:00 o'clock hour, it will feell like it's in the teens and the 20s. 20 tomorrow at noon same story. sas and then only into the 30s and 3 20s by the time we get to the t later afternoon tomorrow.orw. bundle up.p. 44 degrees by the time we get to midday tomorrow for you your fox5 five accu setter weatherer seven day forecast very cold night into tomorrow night. we're talking tuesday somesda s sunshine at least for for valentine's day.ine'day. we'll be back after the break. stay with us. ♪♪
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>> two of the wizards five were part of thefive phoenix suns.hon after friday night's team effore and the winning against the
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the polish machine bestowed a title upon hi he and morris the phoenix morris doesn't want to give thev suns any he'll figure out a metter name.e he's been getting beg numbers in the last 15 games average 18 points, nine rebounds, it is nos coincidence the wizards have won 13 of those games. g what changed? well, his agent texted him an article that didtd not list him in the top 30 powew forwards in the nba that lit a fire under morris.ris he had a bad reputation with tht suns but he won over his o h teammates with the wizards.matet >> i see a guy with incredible talent with very good worth worh a great great teammate, a guy who called one time a cancerance team cancer.. and i would love to have a teamm cancer like that any day in a dn game with me. so he was -- came here and he's' taking to us playoffs right now. >> all right.ll right. last night kevin duran made hise first return to oklahoma cityklm
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no surprise, no surprise everyie time he touched the the boo birds were out there. take you to the third quarter od the game. there you go. little yelling right little scrapping there. t all right. third quarter, you can see himas in and russell westbrook jarrinr at each other. oth late in the third he makes the lay up and gets fouled.foul as he walks to the free throwrow line he has words with roberson. they go forehead to it's broken up a'sken they go back for more. me. the refs say split it up.t durant had the laugh last l scoring 34 points this deepntis three over westbrook. warriors within by 16. b 1 this game tonight if you're y watching the grammys you missede this battle of the commonwealthl twelfth ranked virginia and have a is tech the cavaliersa won thn first beating by 23 and charlottesville.ll hokies down by two. t seth off the glass.. no good. tie puts it back with the seconc l we go to
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justin bibs who hits the three ties it at 68 all.8 all then with 20 seconds left, hee drives, the ball bounces arounda comes to rest on the rim. the r look at that. tha second overtime.ime tied at 68. final second double overtime.rtm allen in the way stops, pops, pp scores. tech up two. virginia's last chance. cha this long distance shot half haf court. no good. goo they go nuts. n virginia tech out lasts virginia 80-78 in two over times.rim time to party. all right. let's talk about the women.en. third ranked maryland on the road against michigan state. looking to stay unbeaten in big ten play we take to you the third quarter cross court. she's dangerous from the arc but instead drives baseline for twor of her 24 points. and also can't leave out briannn jones another big game from herh she drives up and under. watch this. t reverse lay in. l i plus the foul.he f 28 points
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game 15 rebounds. maryland cruises 89-72.ruis they improve to 13-zero in in conference play. take to you one of those o t beautiful spots pebble beach onc the monterey peninsula. i feel like i shall sake likells jim lance. pro am tum tin timberlake who won a grammy.mmy chipping in from birdie gets help from his partner. partner he chips in again this time forr par. a couple of bows.ow do it jt you go. ain't no deal. today' final round jason come off 75 yesterday a game workingr chips in number 14 for eagle.14e 67 today he finishes 12 under u tied for fifth but everyone eryn asking what's wrong with jordana speith. nothing. already three top ten finishes e in today start the the day with sih shot leads big birdie on 17 o speith finishes 19 under to wint by four strokes.r str that's his ninth career win win before the age of 24 joining tiger woods
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here's a look at your sevenl day forecast. very gusty winds overnight .ty wrowuntil tomorroook w we have wind warnings ands advisories in effect. eec few rumbles of thunder tonightot as well.l. but sunshine for the rest of tht week not looking bad at all anda val types day looking pleasant.s >> that is good.hat goo getting tweets about the wind w with everybody.ry be careful out there. there >> the morning crew is here tomorrow morning 4:25. bye.
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fact,” was the murder that galvanized america's civil rights movement the result of a lie? emmett till, kidnapped and killed after a white woman accused him of making sexual advances. >> she painted that part of her testimony and said that part's not true. soledad: hear from the man she confided in when she decided to tell the truth. plus a witness to till's kidnapping says the authorities never asked him what happened. >> they told the stories. they never interviewed us. soledad: find out how the truth finally came out. plus, has the press been too hard on president trump? and is late night comedy piling on? what does mockery accomplish?


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