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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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officials are not saying why he was put on leave. saying they can't comment on personnel matters. but they did send home a letter to parents today. take a look saying, in part. we appreciate your patience and support while principal alex case has been out on leave. this jessica staff assistant principal agreed to serve as the principal designee during mr. case's absence. now, while we don't know the circumstance to say behind mr. case, rumors at the school have been going around and at this time, none ofs those are confirmed. however, students here tell me mr. case did a lot of good things with their school and they're sad to see him go. >> he's a lot more relatable for a high school principal. i think he's really involved, he really cares about his students. i think we all really care for him. it's disappointing but i hope for the best. >> reporter: now, we're hearing there is a regularly scheduled pta meeting here at the school tonight it's happening less than
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an hour. we understand this topic will be brought up. we plan to be at the meeting and will bring you the latest at 10:00. live in alexandria, anjali hemphill fox 5 local news. sexual assault charges have been dropped against an employee at gaithersburg elementary school. montgomery county officials say the investigation remains open. ron green was a building service worker at the school. back in december, he was accused of assaulting a 6-year-old child in the school's bathroom. authorities say green is on administrative leave while the investigation continues. prince george's county police are trying to figure out what caused a deadly a crash in upper marlboro borrow. investigators say it's unclear whether it was an accident or intentional of we've learned the man killed was arm with a loaded assault rifle. paul wagner is live in upper marlboro with the latest. >> reporter: this is an odd one. prince george's county police are still trying to sort out at this hour. it happened 8:30 this
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and still police have not put out a release to explain what they think happened here. we know that there were two vehicles here. there were two range rovers, one was the striking vehicle. and the other range rover, we believe, it was the man who was killed here and his mother. now, it happened right here in this parking lot here. it's right off the brown station road and upper marlboro. and in this papa john's here, there's a surveillance camera that's pointing right out at the street. we think that it may have captured most, if not all, of what happened. let's show you video we shot. this is a vehicle police say struck and killed the man found in possession of the rifle. it's a range rover with maryland tags. the other vehicle that police say was on the scene was also a range rover, detectives had it towed away from the scene. in the red range rover, police say was a man and his daughter. and in the black range rover was
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with his mother. she was here when he was struck and killed but it's unclear if she witnessed the collision. at one point, officers had to escort her away from the scene when she attempted to approach her son's body. officer harry bond is a police spokesman. >> all we have right now is that a male was struck by an suv. the driver did stay on the scene, and he is talking with investigators as we speak. >> reporter: you don't believe this was an accidental pedestrian collision? >> it's still too early to tell. this is early on in the investigation. we don't know if there was intentional. we don't know if it was an accident. we just too early to tell right now. >> reporter: prince george's county police detectives are looking into the possibility that people involved cars knew each other but whether or not they showed up here together or it was a chance encounter, it's unclear at this hour, we do know that after this man was struck and hit right here behind
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that there was a person in one of these store fronts who did witness it who came out to try and help him attempted cpr on the man. live in prince george's county and upper marlboro, paul wagner fox 5 local news. the remains of a teenage girl reported missing from maryland back in december have been found. fairfax county police say she was killed near an industrial park along wind fat road in springfield. her remains were found over the weekend during an investigation for another missing girl who was later found safe. reva suffered trauma. they ruled it a homicide. if you have information, call police. there was startling moments for a couple in calvert county. woke up to the sound of a huge tree crashing into their home. it happened last night in north beach maryland. crews had to use a crane to lift the tree out of the house. a woman who lives at the home tells us her husband was sitting on the couch when the tre
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fortunately they both made it out ok. cold and windy was the story today. sue is here to tell us about that. >> those winds were like, those wind were scary. >> they started really late last night. and i heard caitlin say the first gust woke her up. at one point this morning, i felt all my windows in my bedroom pop a little bit. like they were going to come in. but then they stayed in. thank heavens but it was scary. we had one report of 72 miles an hour gust. that's only two miles per hour shy of hurricane force. it's much better. we still have breezes out there but i'm happy to tell you that the high wind warn walking changed to a wind advisory and that was cancelled at 4:00. it's going to get much better. let me show you some totals, they're going to jaw dropping and by totals i mean highest wind gustses in
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joint base andrews was the big win with 72 miles per hour gusts, reagan national 66, heightsville 63, hagerstown 63, dulles airport 50. happy these winds are final settling down, we're really only picking up gusts in a few locations now. including annapolis at 18, and cumberland at 18, westminster at 20's, sustained wind and they're also much better. the rest of the evening just breezy and of course, our big wind maker is up over maine where can you imagine they're getting more snow some places have had another 18 to 20 inches. they're looking at six to eight-foot drifts. we're dealing with the cold and those dying down breezes, but it is already in the 30's in many areas and we're going to click down to 36 at westminster. 43 for dc. with high pressure building in and finally taking the big wind maker further out to sea we're going to see it getting pretty chill. winds diminish and we're going to head for the 20's and 30's but hey, at least we didn
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if you're planning to head out this evening, 42 degrees at 7:00, little bit breezy but not bad. we're cold by 9:00, and 11:0037 degrees, but we're happen at the way valentine's day is shaping up. looks like it will be a particularly sweet day. we'll talk about the forecast as well as the seven-day in a few minutes. shawn? . it's been nearly a month since president trump took office. today, he met with another u.s. ally. prime minister justin trudeau visited the white house. they led a round table discussion. including ivanka trump attended. later held a news conference and of course questions about immigration came up. >> we have wonderland ideas on immigration. we have some i think very strong tough ideas on the tremendous problem that we have with terrorism. certainly canada has emphasized security as we look
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improving our immigration system and remaining true to the values that we have, and we have a very strong and fruitful discussion on exactly that. >> the two men discussed trade and president trump pledged to renegotiate the nafta free trade agreement. fox 5 is your station for politics. we invite you to join the conversation tweet us your thoughts right now on anything political. use the #5at630. look for your tweet on our political show coming up next at 6:30. the controversial death with dignity act takes center stage as dc lawmakers and citizens vowel to take a stand against one congressman's plan to get involved in local politics. . coming up, this son of former penn state university football coach jerry sandusky is in jail tonight. accused of disturbing crimes. if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line, the number is 202-895-3000. you can also e-mail your tips to a
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. son of jerry sandusky is in jail charged with child sexual abuse. police say he said inappropriate text messages to his alleged victims and asked for naked photos. sandusky made his court appearance today. judge set bail at $200,000. sandusky's father is serving a lengthy prison sentence. a major battle is brewing over dc's controversial death will dignity act. dc officials held a march and demonstration outside the ray burn house office building. taking action because they say republican lawmakers are interfering with the assisted suicide law. right now, the house oversight committee is holding a hearing to discuss their displeasure with it. >> one
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take away a law passed by the council signed by the mayor and passed by everybody at the voting committee. if and when this bill goes to the floor, everybody will be able to vote on it except me. disapproval resolution, which means it's overturn death with dignity is passed by the authorities in dc. >> the hearing started about 30, 45 minutes ago. fox 5 tom fitzgerald will share the details on our political show 5at630. he has been a news broadcast journalist nearly a decade, chris hers is giving up his career. he worked for wdbj, allison parker was killed during an unair shooting in 2015. herst is a democrat. he wants to crews his experiences as a journalist to help families in southwest virginia. he will
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damage across the region. several people tonight are still in the dark, including more than 3400 dmenian power customers and fewer than 20 bgand ecustomers, bob barnard takes a look at the toll. >> reporter: it was quite the morning on america drive in annondale virginia, clean-up crews attacking a giant tree that's fallen on to a parked car. blocking the street here for hours. those destructive winds carrying roofing material off an apartment building at woodland terrace along
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washington's nobody hurt and power was restored quickly but ronald lee said it sounded and looked pretty wild. >> everything flying off the roof. you know, the impact, you know, couldn't really see because stuff kept flying around. >> reporter: crews worked to clean up the debris, city housing officials told us nobody living here will be displaced. >> 10:45 almost 11:00 we heard a howling wind and crash. >> reporter: a huge branch off an old tree was snapped by the wicked winds, may not look like much. this thing is really, really heavy. >> falling on to two parked cars in this townhouse community. she lives in the end unit >> i tried to open the door. it was like we were locked in, we couldn't open it and we called 911 and they patched us to th
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>> is that your car over there >> yes, it's my mom's car. >> reporter: this was the scene on goldsboro road in bethesda. the road blocked south of bradley boulevard several hours, in mclane virginia, power lines were brought down when a utility poll snapped forcing police to block part of great falls street. thousands of homes and businesses have lost power all across the dmv and those near turkey winds toppled the brick wall damages two cars parked at this apartment complex off mlk in southwest. nobody hurt, just cleaning up to do on this windy chilly today. bob barnard fox 5 local news. wow. it's a refresh my memory to check your trees in all in these types of winds, not too much checking is go the to help. they were just
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>> almost 70 miles per hour. >> many places up and over 60, and we had one to 72. and a lot of it is because of a huge storm deep ending off the coast of maine and they're still getting blizzard conditions. i can imagine these winds drifting six to eight feet of snow. >> at least we didn't have that >> we didn't get the snow part of it. we definitely got the wind be much better now and what a gorgeous sky. >> had to check the time of sunset 5:44. >> you know what? we're not too far away from daylight savings time beginning again. we love that. bring it. that will be in march, i think around the 10th or something like that. i should double-check these things before i bring them up on air. that the a gorgeous sunset. and wind are certainly much better. the wind advisory was cancelled at 4:00. the breezes have come way down and we're in pretty good shape for a very sweet valentine's day tomorrow. we might start out with cloud cover but it will quickly give way to sunshine tomorrow afte
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the snow still falling across banker and harbor they have blizzard warnings until 5:00 and not helped by the fact that high pressure is building in into the midatlantic. between the two of them, they created a tremendous wind field and a pressure gradient, that also kept our temperatures cool. this is not bad considering how strong the winds were. again, many gusts over 60 and one to 72. reagan hit 47. dulles 46. bwi 44 and as the winds get lighter and now we're kind of clearing out of that wynnefield, it's going to get chilly, a little bit fast we're down to 43 in the district but you can frederick and hagerstown westminster there in the 30's. quantico 46, fredericksburg 46. we do still have windchill temperatures that are mainly in the 30's to low 40's. so we will see our temperatures dropping and i just wanted to show you that the big winds continue fro
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pressure off the coast of maine, boston feeling those winds as well affecting their temperature was the temperature of 30. as we widen out the picture. there's still warm air showing up houston is 70. new orleans is 72. charlotteville got to 82 degrees. but that same storm protected, but brought in the big wynnefield and we didn't see our temperature climbing. here's what you can expect valentine's day 52 an average high is 47. we're a little bit above. we stay above on wednesday, we introduce chance of showers. cool day this week is thursday, 42 degrees and by friday, we're starting to climb out of that back to 48 degrees. so for tonight, we dropped to 32, wind out of the northwest at five to ten, nice to see those winds diminishing, hopefully everybody will sleep better tonight because that was wild. especially late last night. and early this morning and for valentine's day about 52 degrees as we go from clouds to sun. it should be a very nice afternoon.
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forecast. it's a chilly day thursday, looks like friday will be delightful. sunny but cool then how about that weekend? we're not going to go out on a limb and get to too warm for the weekend. i know a lot were disappointed we didn't get as warm on sunday. but 63 is not bad. we get a little bit of a do-over. >> monday 61, and to sunny and mild. so all things considered, it's a quiet week for us in dc. i'd like that. >> we'll be right back
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a new ap. fox news bruce shows us how. >> it's the dating ap that
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things they hate. >> an increasingly crowded dating market, hater is trying to stand out >> our goal is to make online dating fun again, the ap learns by presenting them with a series of topics, from lady gaga and reality tv to tofu and selfie stick, like, dislike. the basic idea is we all kind of like the same things, the beach, movies, we all like those things but we feel passionately about the things we hate. >> rachel said it may not be the path to ever lasting love. >> it allows people to connect in a funny way. absolutely, but real love is dependant on values and shared likes and positivity, but on the street, the response was overwhelmingly positive >> you don't like this, you don't like that, we all n
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it then. >> maybe you can group people together because some negative people tend to attract other negative people >> i would totally want to be with someone that hates the same stuff. >> reporter: people are forthcoming with their own dislike >> i hate jello >> is slow walkers, >> romance movies >> i like affection but not holding hand. >> i hate the snow and cold and i think a lot of people can bind over had that. i think i'll get a lot of match it's today. >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> one of the top most hate asked the 2016 presidential election >> from the da department >> in just around a week, the ap said it has the makers say they have 200,000 users with a goal of 1 million by this time next month >> i wonder if it cost to use the ap. >> i think i would rather meet someone based on what they like not what they hate >>
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i'm sick of it. >> i can see the fun appeal of it. but you know, i don't think it will find you >> negative way to start a relationship howling hope it works for you. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00, 5at630 is next.
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happy monday everybody. friend or foy, justin trudeau met for the first time. >> there's a reality check. this is what we're talking about. at 6:30, tweet us with the #5at630. president trump and canadian justin trudeau met at the white house, the two talked about strengthening the relationship between countries and a round table discussion about women in work force, at a joint press conference, immigration took center stage >> we have a problem that is a lot of people i have no idea on the home front, we have to create borders. we have to let people that can love our country in and i want to do that. we want to have a big beautiful open door and i want people t
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we cannot let the wrong people in >> there have been times where we have differed in our approaches. and that's always been done formally and respectfully >> later this week, the president will meet with israeli netanyahu on wednesday and obviously connections with israel in mr. trump's campaign he talked quite a bit about wanting to solidify the relationship with netanyahu >> we know that they did not leave on best terms with netanyahu and president obama before he left office so it will be interesting. >> the white house says it is now evaluating the situation regarding national security advisory michael flynn over allegations that flynn spoke about sanctions against russia with a russian ambassador before president trump took office. he was asked about it over the weekend. apparently while the obama administration was still in power, flynn reportedly spoke by phone with a russian ambassador


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