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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 13, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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we cannot let the wrong people in >> there have been times where we have differed in our approaches. and that's always been done formally and respectfully >> later this week, the president will meet with israeli netanyahu on wednesday and obviously connections with israel in mr. trump's campaign he talked quite a bit about wanting to solidify the relationship with netanyahu >> we know that they did not leave on best terms with netanyahu and president obama before he left office so it will be interesting. >> the white house says it is now evaluating the situation regarding national security advisory michael flynn over allegations that flynn spoke about sanctions against russia with a russian ambassador before president trump took office. he was asked about it over the weekend. apparently while the obama administration was still in power, flynn reportedly spoke by phone with a russian ambassador
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to the u.s. and if they discussed the sanctions it would have been a breach, he initially denied. but one of his spokes people says he can't be certain the tongue topic came up >> i'm 100% that the russian government through their proxies and government officials tried to interfere in the 2016 election by hacking into elections not voter systems but the dnc and high level operatives with clinton campaign with an effect to interfere with the election, while it did not change the outcome. the efforts should unnerve >> president trump is troubled but has not said whether hes to ask flynn to step down. we know donald trump rewards loyalty >>
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rounds, she said that michael flynn still enjoys in her words enjoys the full support of the president. we'll see where that stand. the u.n. security council strongly condemned the latest ballistic missile tests. president trump hosted the japanese prime minister. during the visit, north criteria tested a ballistic missile that crashed into the sea of japan >> was this a warning to japanese and american leaders? chris, good evening >> good evening >> i think a lot was made about north korea in the election, a lot of observers thought the north korea was going to try to do a lot of show in the administration. i think that's where we are. >> first off, north korea largest, very most important allies, largest partner in trade, food, arms, their relationship is an important relationship >> what do you think of the
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he was very measured did not say a whole lot except to say we support our ally in japan which was the exact opposite when iran tested. he said we're putting them on notice. what do you think of his response >> first and foremost, he's being a lot more measured. as you can see as president elect his comments were completely different and frankly i think the gravity he understands the situation a lot more than many of us do as being president he's privy to a lot more information which explains his very calm and very relaxed chosen words and his response. reserved. at the end of the day he's president of the united states and not president elect anymore >> he made the comments about iran when he was president. he said we're putting them on notice >> he said we will stop, he certainly did say
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again, i think president elect is completely different him now having the power and ability to essentially do a lot more. i think he's of course very smart and very measured now as to what he actually says in his reaction to them. at the end of the day we don't want provoke anyone. >> from a foreign policy standpoint, you mentioned off the top and it's right, china and north korea are allies moving forward. we know during the election, president said he would in terms of the economicscally does not support what china is doing, talked about currency inflammation and speculation, things along those lines. how do you tell north korea you got to knock it off >> it's a tough decision, they can do a lot of different things getting the sanctionses and other issues, but certainly very tough position they have to
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in terms of food and arms, frankly they need each other. it's going to be a very complicated process to, of course, fulfill the needs we need as americans. but at the end of the day his job is to insure our safety. that the going to be his number one priority in doing so. >> seems hard, they're not a lot or what sort of response should we have? i mean, back with the obama administration, we saw a similar response, they're not a whole lot you can do here as you said you don't want to provoke north korea. i believe the important to note that north korea had over 20 different missile tests between january, i think between january and october, 2016. so granted this is a big one. were intelligence officials believe this came from their west coast. it was a land based, which has a lot more capabilities to
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much longer range and i think that kind of is the concern now is obviously it's a different test. and that's what they essentially were trying to do >> i think at this point you've been here we can call you a from the point at 5at630. >> appreciate that. let's move on, dc's economy in jeopardy at the hands of congress. this time the about the controversial death with dignity act. dc council approved it federal lawmakers want to get away with it >> tom fitzgerald joins us from capitol hill with the latest with a big rally. >> reporter: this is still going on right now. shawn and jim, inside the capitol behind us the house gop controlled oversight committee is debating what they're calling a displeasure resolution. you don't hear that term all that often. because it's something that congress just literally does in the last time we're aware of it is probably back in the ely
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essentially, what the committee is doing is voting on whether they're displeased with dc's death with dignity law signed last year. opponents of that law call it an assisted suicide bill. they do not like it. the way the whole rule is set up here is in dc, the congress can pass these displeasure resolutions, if it goes through the house, if it goes through the senate, it could up end the law. now, we should be clear on this. there's no indication here at all that this would go anywhere in the u.s. senate. and the dc council members who passed this law and the mayor who signed it are not happy at all what they see the congress insert into a local law. they had the bill rally you see some council member there is. they're calling this hands off dc. and one of t
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advocates in all of this today was the mayor of dc, mayor bowser going toe to toe with republican chairman of the house oversight committee tonight. jason shavitz. here's what they had to say >> it's best thing the federal government do for us is leave us alone. and we tell them that this council of the district of columbia has been duly elected by the people of the district of columbia, and that this counsel of the district of columbia passes the laws for us. >> my concerns about the dangerous flaw in the district's act are shared by a number of people and i will tell you it's of deep personal moral conviction that i stand in opposition of what has passed and therefore in favor of this resolution of disapproval and as char man of this committee, i did not ask this to come to me but per the constitution it does
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come to the chairman of the oversight committee and i have to make decision regular basis as to what will be considered and what is not considered. >> reporter: the debate is still going on. we're told that the house is going to have a series of votes at 7:00. committee supposed to come in at about 7:10 and they will finally go ahead and vote on this, it's expected it will pass, but we will tell you, jim and shawn, the concerns for the dc council this is not just about death with dignity. the concern is the congress could move forward on a lot of of other things they may not like that the dc council has done like medical marijuana. like getting tax laws, like spending laws that go on in the district. they're laying down for this fight right now they say if they allow this to go ahead and don't put up a fight. that would basically just, you know, rip the power away from what goeon
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building and hand it up here to capitol hill and their concern that could be the end of real home rule in dc. if congress begins to start passing these displeasure resolutions where they won't like something that the dc council does >> jason shavitz said why don't we turn over a chunk of dc to maryland and put them under the control of the state of as opposed to standing on its own. >> reporter: that was born out of the in fact that dc does not have a vote. taxation without representation rings true. what shay fis was trying to do was trying to figure out a way people would get a vote without turning dc into a state. that's a no goal with the dc statehood movement. they don't want to be part of maryland. they say they are the district of columbia they want to be what they call doug list com
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commonwealth howling we know this battle is far from over i want to say. especially because dc does not have statehood. thank you. did you hear latest night? >> yes. >> windows rattling, it was rough. we're talking about the wind and today feeling a little sun out there. cold but sunny. >> sue palka standing by with the latest >> our battle with the big wind finally ended. the wind have departed. subsided. wind advisories and warnings were discontinued. highest wind gusts in last 24 hours including a 72 miles per hour wind gusts at joint base andrews in maryland. reagan national to 66. heightsville 63, hagerstown 60, dulles airport 58. we're going to sleep better tonight because those big wind aren't going to be rattling the windows or bringing down trees and limits. it is a sweet valentine's day forecast we have for you. it will be a chilly start and there may be clouds around for a first thing tom
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headed down to the 20's and 30's. 32 for the district, but maybe cold as 28 or 29 in some of the suburban areas, maybe 26 as you see from manassas but looks like we'll get back to sunshine by the afternoon and we should be able to climb up to about 52 degrees, so that's a pretty good looking valentine's day. your seven-day forecast our chance of showers this week on wednesday, then looks like we'll be dipping down then climbing toward the weekend. maybe a hint of spring for the weekend with temperatures near 60 on saturday. 63 on sunday. jim and shawn back to you. we all know saturday night live is making people laugh. >> first of all i'd like to announce i'm calm now. that's the old spicy and this is the new spicy. and i have been told that i'm going to cut back on the
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chewing, so i'm now, >> the question is, is some of the comedy on saturday night live crossing the line? we'll take a closer look when 5at630 comes right back.
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. anchor and candidate for the virginia state house delegates joins us live. hey, chris >> hi, jim, shawn, good to be with you >> we know your anguish was quite evident in the time after allison and evan were killed. we all saw it and felt for your pain, at what point did you decide you were done telling the stories of the people of roanoke every night
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make a difference >> i think part of this candidacy will be could continue telling the story of southwest is virginia and trying to not just highlight what the problems are and the struggles but take an active role and find answers but it was over the past six months or so, as i got back into the groove of tv reporting, when i started to have to cover more murders and gun violence and some of the chaos that's going on in our communities and i was able to do it, but was -- was starting to have to numb myself in order to emotionally cope with that and i just decided i didn't want to have to insulate myself any longer and lose a part of myself. and i think that this natural progression to this new role will be a way that i don't have to continue to numb myself. >> what is your platform? what are some of the changes that you wou
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of or create here in virginia? >> well, one of the things that i have talked about is that what i have demanded from so many people in my television news career is the same thing that you can expect out of me, transparency, accountability. that's something we don't see too much. we don't have to the ability to watch what's actually going on in richmond all the time, and certainly we have the senate majority leader in years passed who tried to kick the press off the gallery and floor entirely. i think transparency and accountability is something that i can bring to the table, be it we know what the struggles are as we report on those issues and now we have this new role to, i have this new role to fight to make sure that there are careers of the future in southwest virginia and there are more opportunities for education. >> before we go, i have to ask you, there's a level of trust that people -
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invest and inviting you into their home as a news anchor, are you concerned that you might be viewed as exploiting that position in your new role as a political candidate >> no, i don't think in my role as a television news anchor. i think people in southwest virginia knows me and certainly they were there to support me in my darkest hour and i could have given it all up to move away from the area and leave them all behind. but i wanted to make sure i was there for them when they were here for me and i think that there is that trust and that people will be able to see that i'm doing this for right reasons and i'm willing to spend the time and invest all of my energy and getting to know them better and doing this for them and not for any other reason >> thanks so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> back after this.
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sean spicer made the rounds if you missed it. here's a little bit of the sketch. >> we have been told they're going to cut back on the gum chewing, i'm limited myself to one slice a day. so i'm going to enjoy my one and only and you can sit and watch. >> and we also saw a little skit with snl in the people's court with donald trump suing the judges of the 9th district court of appeals. >> played by alec. another skit indicate mic ken nine speculated kellyanne conway breaking into capper's home to plead with him to be on the show. however people called the skit sexist and overthe top. ronica cleary is live in dupont circle with more on this one. ronica. >> reporter: there
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negative backlash to that snl skit and talking about another woman in the light house, well, a super model took to twitter emily siskowski and she said she felt this was sexist. she said to a journalist from the new york times who said quote milania is a hooker, whatever your politics it's crucial to call this out for what it is. she called it slut shaming. i don't care about her news or sexual history and no one should. gender specific attacks are disgusting and sexist bs. we're here with lisa who is a psychiatrist in the district. who just help us make sense of the conversations that sometimes people have, whether they're, you know, comedic in nature or simply off-the-cuff about women in the white house a
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can take away from that as women watching this unfold >> first of all, the woman in the white house first lady is not a politician. she didn't run for office. i think that we should especially try to be protective of people who are not elected officials themselves. but if you make the case that on one side there's a comedic part, which people, any -- any comedian looks for people's frailties and goes after that. but journalists have a special role, especially today, and that is to stick to really principled articles, pieces statements because we really need people sticking to the truth and sticking to their values. >> earlier today, when we spoke and i think those are really valued points though, speaking about the snl skits, the fact that they've also done some comedic jokes and skits on the men >> they're going after everything. it's not gender specific. look at sean spicer
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vice rated by melissa mccarthy and steve bannon in a robe with a skeleton. they found a weakness in those guys and went after it. that's what comedians do. that's the outrage that also becomes funny. it's not what we do when we're in polite society. this is snl you don't have to watch it >> as a woman too, it's helpful to maybe make that differentiation when we're seeing pour trails or conversation about if it's in a comedic setting versus a more serious conversation, that might be a point for us as we interpret it in how we deal with that conversation being had >> absolutely. we do have to make the -- have to realize that these are two very different arenas, one is a place where people expect to be hear things that are silly and exaggerated and dramatic but again, i can't say enough how important it is for journalists and for all of us really to
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that we're here in right now, which is a challenging one, where we do have a president who doesn't mind conflict. that's rallying people are going to be inclined to say things we don't really think we should be saying and another time when we're looking at things in a more civil sort of way. but right now, there's a lot of conflict. so important for us to stick to our values, and recognize that one thing we really have going for us always is to be respectful of each other. and journalists especially because they buy ink by the barrel or have television. >> lisa, certainly a fascinating conversation to have. >> back after this.
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make america great again campaign slogan. it was at creation of an openly gay designer who says he supports the president while some people did not like her political
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, so she shows up at the grammys -- ♪ harvey: -- the question, how pregnant is beyonce? >> four or five months. >> i think she's six or seven months pregnant. >> after that whole performance, isn't her coachella going to be a spoken word poll about her being pregnant? >> the best thing about that performance was her chair being able to recloin back -- recline back. harvey: i thought they were doing stirrups out of that. >> the game went in on adele beating beyonce for album of the year. >> you want me to hate on adele? she should have won. she said "hello" from the other side, bro. >> that's a war between adele fans and the beehive. >> are adele fans even threatening? i thought they were just like very sad. [laughter] >> josh dun from twenty one pilots. he's one of the guys who took his pants off while accepting


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