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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 14, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a followup to a fox5 exclusive, a case worker leaked the sensitive information of clients and now we're learning she was hired despite having a criminal history. plus, parents and students want to know what is going on at a virginia high school. the principal and the assistant principal were both put on leave. cleaning up after powerful winds. we heard a howling wind sound and all of sudden we heard the crash, a look at the damage and destruction left behind. plus, what's next from the forecast. and growing diamonds? scientists say a jewel created in a maryland lab is the real deal. fox news
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> we begin tonight with that fox 35 exclusive. we've learned more about the case worker who sent confidential patient files to a stranger she met on facebook simply to ease her work leveled the files included social security numbers and medical records and we're now learning the case worker has a criminal record. she worked as a subcontractor for the city and was fired after our first report. fox5's teisha lewis has been following the story property beginning. teisha, what's the latest? >>reporter: tony and shawn, this is la tan yeah voter's most recent mug shot. she was charged with glandularrance situate in 2015 after a liquor store heist. detrails about that incident pop up in a sickle google search. she worked at inter city services. the question tonight is how did she end up with a job where she's given access to scores of private files filled with confidential information? she was hired by a contractor
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think that the director was going to give you some followup information about our resolution with the contractor. she didn't, but what's being changed in d.c. in esmolol formulation tough the highering protocol that this even happened in the first place. this is la tan yeah voter, mayor muriel bowser made it very clear she was not a d.c. government employee, but she was employed by a company hired by the district. she was charged with grand larceny in 2015, entered a guilty plea and had a two year sentence suspended. this was all before she posted this post on facebook. bring and ken sequence responded and minutes later files popped up in herein box. they included birth dates, and medical records. at the time voter was a case a worker at inter city family services, a contractor forth district department of behavioral health. what's being conto make sh your this doesn't happen again? >> again, i think the director wants to
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bit more specifically about the action with the contractor. why would the district continue doing business with this contractor given the gross negligence. >> actually i'll have to get an update on the director. while we wait forth mayor to be briefed on this very serious security breach involving some of the city's most absolutely herbal records, ten clients are still scared about the possibility of having their lives rounds. my social and my address and my grandmother's number, this is crazy. i want a lawyer. i want to get a lawyer on this h case. i think my identity out there, anybody could have anything in my name. miller and jordan say they were notified about the security breach after our interview. i reached out to the district's department of behavioral health legislative and public affairs director phillies jones about vote's record at least three times since our first report last month. she e-mailed us to
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the department of behavioral health requires certified providers to provide background checks on its employees. the department continues to review this incident. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > we are learning new information tonight about a body found over the weekend in northern virginia. police have identified the victim as a 15 year old girl from montgomery county who went missing months ago. fox5 a's marina maracco is live in bethesda with more. marina. >>reporter: tony, shawn, it's been more than two months now since the maurice rivas from gaithersburg went missing and human remains believed to be that of the 15 year old found 15 miles from her house, fairfax county. according to fairfax county they say that there was greater concern for her safety because of her known affiliation with local gangs and for several weeks they had been in contact with montgomery county investigators searching for
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15 year old down in fairfax county. that last search happened back on saturday in the lake ac continuing area. they searched there, expanded a mile out from where they were looking into a wooded industrial area and it was there where they found the human remains. tonight, the question is why did montgomery county investigators never report at least publicly that this 5 year old was missing knowing that she had ties to local gang members and potentially was in serious danger. this all still under investigation. the medical examiner's office down in fairfax, virginia, determined that this manner of death was homicide and all they could say was that there was upper body trauma than a that's why they ruled that still a lot going on with this investigation. it remains active. investigators saying at least sources within fairfax county that there could potentially be an arrest sometime later this week. live tonight in montgomery county, marina
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local news. > powerful winds left behind damage in our region. take a look at this video calvert county. workers spent the day removing a huge tree that came down on top of a house in north beach, maryland. the couple that lives in the house was awakened by the sown of the tree crashing down on their room the he jumped up just as i quick as i did and started surveying the damage and i just stood there in shock. the couple's home wasn't the only place harmed by wind damage. all around our area the winds brought down trees and power lines. in southeast d.c. winds tore some roofing material off an apartment building. > the winds have definitely calmed down since last night. sue, i think you said the gusts, some of them t got up to 60 miles an hour. >> and above. > what can we expect tonight and to. >> it's going to be a
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to deal with the winds. the trees are a big deal. when you get gusts over 630, a high wind alert. it even exceeded i think our expectations because there was a gust to 72 miles an hour. let me show you the peak gusts in the last 4 hours ain't was about this time when those strongest winds started rolling into town. 7 # at joint base andrews, that is two miles behind hurricane force. 66-mile an hour winds at reagan national. 60 at hagerstown, 58 at dulles and feast your eyes on this, the calm winds all across our region means everybody can relax and not have to worry about those winds ratting your windows and bringing down the trees. the storm that brought the wind is quite the monster. it's got an eye. it's far enough away now hat wind have lightened up and high pressure is building in. bottom line, maybe a few high
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clouds. definitely chillier, 20 #-ss and 30s as the winds settle down. not the big wind chill. a check of temperatures, plenty of places already into the mid 20s. we expect these temperatures again to drop maybe another degree or two and then the clouds come in and should cap. it's still 36 in the district. but i see gaithersburg has dropped down to 25. obviously 20s, mid 20s to low 30s tonight and that means while we're going to have a cold start for valentine's day with a few clouds around it's going to be a sweat afternoon because the sunshine will be back and temperatures will climb to near 50-degrees. we're looking good. here's a good quick look at bus stop for tomorrow morning. very chilly. from 25 to 34. after school, more sunshine, 47 to 53-degrees and a very pleasant day for sure. we'll have a look at your seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. shawn and tony. thanyou, sue. we are following braking news out of the white house right now. there are reports right now that michael flynn, of course you
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security advisor to president trump has resigned. he has been under fire in recent days after reports came out that he spoke to russia. he spoke to rugs' ambassador to the us about the sanctions that the obamaed a perfection placed on russia before president trump took office. that was a violation of protocol. there are also reports that he misled vice-president pence and misled the administration. there have has been a lot of talk back and forth about what would happen here. again we report that flat security advisor michael flynn has resigned. we're working to get more details four and we'll have them coming up right here. also keep an eye on facebook and twitter for the very latest. parents and students at an alexandria high school want answer as. the principal and assistant principal of west potomac high school were placed on administrative leave. school officials won't say why. principal alex case and assistant principal michelle little were unexpectedly put on
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hasn't explained exact lutheran here. at a pta meeting tonight parents questioned school official but the only answer they got back, it's a personnel matter and they're not at liberty to share those details a. one student told fox5 she's disappointed to see this happen. he's a really good man. i think he's done a lot of good for our school so i really hope this works out. fox5 reached out to principal case and assistant principal little for comment. neither have responded. > now to prince george's county where police are trying to figure out if a pedestrian killed in upper marlboro this morning was intentionally targeted by the driver of the suv that hit him. the collision happened in the parking lot of a shopping center on brown station road. witnesses say the driver of an suv hit the pedestrian who was armed with an assault eifel:the driver did stay on the scene and he is talking with the investigators a we speak. you don't believe this
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accidental pedestrian collision. >> right, it's still too early to tell we don't know fit was intentional. we don't know fit was an accident. it's just too early to tell right now. we do not know the identity of man killed at this point. so far no charges have been filed. straight ahead tonight, how about this one, diamonds grown in a maryland lab instead of mined from the earth. we're going to tell you how scientists created this six-carat rock. we'll be right in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now,
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> tourists looking to get a glimpse of the white house have noticed something is blocking the view. motion of the presidential reviewing stand and media stand from the inauguration are still up nearly a month later. the national park service oversees this area outside the white hours, a spokesperson says just about everything else from inauguration can day has been removed from the mall. they have a permit allowing the structures to stay up until march 1. it is very complicated to take them down. >> i'm surprised the wind didn't do a up in of them. they're pretty sturdy. >> they better
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they had to hold a lot of people. a little wind overnight, but things have calmed down. >> the atmosphere is really getting cold fast. i'll take the 20, just ditch the winds. we're headed for a nice brought valentine's day afternoon. tomorrow morning, probably some clouds around with those 20s. those light winds will make all the difference and today, despite the fact that we had those strong winds we still actually got into the 40s. 47 is actually average for this time of year, dulles 46, bwi44 as we're just about halfway through the month. we start seeing our average high temperature begin to climb a little bit as we're going to be rang up meteorological winter here pretty soon. i wanted you to see as we look toward tomorrow, 352-degrees for our valentine's day, not bad at all. that's well above average and wednesday 50-degrees, but we'll have a few showers around, not a lot, but some we'll have to watch. our coldest day this wk
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likely be thursday at 326789 and then we start bouncing back up friday with a temperature of 48-degrees. without the wind it feels a lot better out there, but we still have even with a wind that's out of the north at seven, a wind chill of 30 degrees and an air temperature of 36, but definitely a lot better. i wanted to show you the temperatures continue to drop while we're still 36 in the district it's 25 in gaithersburg, 27 out towards martinsburg, dulles, manassas and frederick. that's the common number. 37 annapolis, a it l warmer near the water and 32 down at leonardtown. we expect the temperatures to stay in the mid and upper 20s in the district. this was our big wind maker. let me get on the other side because you really need to see the center of circulation even out here still causing a tremendous wave action and that eye unbelievable. the snow is almost done. they picked up another foot and a half across maine so tremendous snow this month. this is what we can't believe. look at the very strong center. that thing is very po
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indeed. tomorrow, high pressure is going to stink just to our south. part of the within was high pressure building into the area. as it starts to sing out it starts toic p up a mild flow. helping to get our temperature into the low 50s. but north of d.c. you'll likely stay in the 40s and note the headline here there i with be some high thin clouds in the morning but they'll start to break up in the afternoon to a brighter end to your valentine's day. looking at the day parts at 8 in the morning. 36-degrees definitely chilly, but again 20s in the suburbs. by noon we're 45 and by 4:00, 52 degrees and that's mild for this time of year and this is where we think temperatures will end up from 52 in the district to maybe 50 in frederick and hagerstown to 54 in fredericksburg. manassas coming in late cooler at 46, but culpeper should get to 53 degrees. i wanted to show you that we'll see the high clouds come in at 7 in the morning. expected to be dry day on
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tuesday. by noon you see the maryland suburbs starting to clear out and the clouds continue to push away so you should see a nice bright finish to our valentine's day because we'll see clouds coming back in again late tomorrow and with few wednesday showers. it will pick up the wind a little bit, but it brings in the colder air. that's what will be back here as we get back into thursday. it's a quick shot. it's going to move pretty quickly. your seven day forecast, a few showers thursday, not a local. the colder air will be more noticeable with a little bit of a breezy back. a warmer weekend awaits you. it looks like a dry one and that is definitely mild for this time of year. we keep that trend going into monday. that's your seven day forecast. jim, what's going on with the wizards. i'm tell you what, sue, they are back at it tonight. what a difference a year makes. it also helps tonight when their opponent missed an nba season 24 shovels even better when a team is coming off
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hyperred matchup. a nice pressure system in the lane. marque mercer with the jamb. the wizards up by 13 at the half. the third quarter, just a clinic. john wall, he gets the 12 points. the lead up to 24. next wizards possession, bradley beal took seven three pointers. 22 points in just 23 minutes of play. it's pretty efficient when you think about it. morris steels, gets it over to wall. between the legs. you get to see that a couple of times. it's incredible. between the legs. porter with 18, the wizards build a 34 point lead and then they coast to a 120 to 98 victory. tonight, you connecticut seeking 100 in a row. sixth ranked south carolina, believe it or not, you connecticut act trailed by three points in the first half.
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lead is five. you con got a career game from gab i williams who plays in 26 points. u connecticut win, they haven't lost since november of 2014. > a little football right now, the end of an era for big pollution victor crews cut by the giants today after seven seasons of end zone sal a dancing. >> there it goes. they're saving $10 million he's only 30, though and even though he's missed time in recent years because of injuries he hopes to keep on playing. there's always a chance that crews goes back to the giants for a little less money. are you ready for baseball? >> get ready. catchers and pitchers report tomorrow. adam line had 20 points last year. a $1.5 billion for a
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today. welcome to town. just in time for valentine's day, a lab in beltsville, maryland has created the largest diamond ever grown in the united states. the rock is more than 6.2 car ats, the federal trade commission says the diamond is chemically and physically the same as an earth mined die monday. they are cheaper. the 1 carrot earth diamond mined from the earth costs more than $5,000. one carrot diamond created in the labs is $2,600. >> that's fantastic. and if you can't tell, that's great. how much for that six car at.
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i was just saying, i was wishful thinking. > 2600. it's about 10,500. you guys safe up your money, you can get me one for christmas. 15, 6. >> not a problem, right. > chump change. >> we'll call your husband. > i mean, one of you guys. he's working on a necklace. all right. if you're not buying diamonds, not cooking, some folks aren't looking forward to valentine's day, including rob here in our studio we're going to tell you why a large portion of women in relationships actually dread valentine's day. because their coanchor won't buy her a 6 car at diamond. also, tomorrow, advice for couples, how to keep money from ruining your relationship. >> don't buy a six carrot diamond. on good day
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here to cook up a special valents ine'y brunch. i'll bet it's in the as good as our dinner.
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> not every woman wants flowers for valentine's day, shawn. >> i do not want this. > kfc came up with an all tentative they call it the chicken beau way, the beau kay is filled with chiquita i drum sticks and instead of napkins you get divorce papers. > the kick in okay right now is only available at k d.c.s in new zealand. who wants that. it's a hallmark
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