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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 15, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on "fox5 news morning" allegations of corruption a report presented in the "new york times" suggesting president trump's aids contacted russian intelligence officers several times in the year leading up to the presidential election. >> take a live look outside on this wednesday. we're in for a cool, mild, day. some of you could see a rain drop or two before the morning
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you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, february 15. >> all right. michael thomas is talking about the cool temperatures. erin como is talking traffic and we'll get to them in a moment. first let's talk about the news as we dim the lights for this setting the mood in you will i guess. taking you outside. a serious business here in greenville maryland if you are waking up now developing overnight there detectives trying to figure outta who shot and killed a man this happened last night sky fox over the scene in the 6 0 0 block of breeze wood drive map's body was found inside the entrance of apartment building that man is not yet identified. >> same girl who went missing in northern virginia returned home. she lives in alexandria with her mom. she returned just hours after police held a news conference saying they believed her life was in danger. veep us could be linked to a 15-year-old girl who wept missing in december and was found dead in springfield over the weekend.
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at 5:30. >> breaking details this morning 5:01 explosive times report said aipdz of president trump had contact with rush yap officials during the presidential campaign. >> and claims come saz the white house reels from the fallout of former national security advisor michael flynn who resigned over own conversations with the russians. >> melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the latest, mel. >> good morning, guys, in that "new york times" article i spoke with several american intelligence officials that did confirm the contacts through phone records and surveillance and between trump campaign officials and russian officials. we know there were contacts. we do not know the content of those conversations. there are several investigations already underway here on capitol hill into alleged russian interference in the u.s. elections and now you can bet more of those investigations are are probably going to come. once again there are serious questions about donald trump, his aids and ties
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nrational security advisor mike flynn is firing only opened up more. how many contact and who, if anyone, asked mrin to do it. now the "new york times" is reporting that members of trump's campaign and other trump associates had repeated contacts with russian intelligence officials in the year before the presidential election. and all of this known to the fbi through phone records and intercepted calls and swept up in a wide probe during its investigation of the hacking of democratic national committee emails. now the phone calls between national security advisor michael flip and russia's u.s. am bar door were intercepted as part of routine foreign surveillance. flynn was fired because he misled administrative officials including mike pence about the content of those conversations. now, the officials spoke to the "new york times" and said they had seen no evidence so far that trump's campaign aids were cooperating with russia when it came to the hacking
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russian influence campaign. we also can tell you that some members of the gop here on capitol hill are calling for an investigation into the leaks of this information and basically the exposure of fbi intelligence methods. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> thanks, mel, 5:04 now and happening today president trump is hosting another world leader at the white house this time israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. his goal is to improve ties with the u.s.. and president trump has been a big supporter of israel. this is will netanyahu's first visit to washington in two years. >> and officer of government ethics is asking white house to punish kellyanne conway. she went on "fox" and friends and suggested people should buy ivanka trump's products. they believe these actions violated an
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should be fun punished. >> hundreds across the country are ask president trump to protect transgender students. more than 780 parents say student deserve access to safe and welcoming school. the letter was sent after trump administration decided to abandon defense of guidelines issued by obama administration that calls for students and schools to let students use bathrooms according to gender identity.
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y29kuy ysty all right. take a look at it, 5:14, on this wednesday look morning. it is cool out there. 38 degrees.. always a silver lining, right?? >> friday is two days away. >> yes. one of the most he will recalll bachelors.s. >> oh,. >> in the dmv. >> well, thank you. >> more the m, right?ight just baltimore. but, hey, polar air. let's switch gears here, talk
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makes a come back here, we, we head through late afternoon, evening hours. through the day tomorrow, as well. notice difference, brief shotef of winter cold. then by the time we get to the weekend warming it back up. actually as far as president's day weekends goes around here westminster chilly 36 for you. thirty-five there in martinsburg, down towards levittown, fredericks berg,rede 34, those in the 40's this morning, seeing littleing rainfall activity, here is i storm tracker radar, again, through st. mary county southern consideration, steadyoi light rain this morning, fredericks berg, and through the northern neck of virginiairi also dealing with the steadier rain. here in washington, drizzle, maybe light shower here in d.c. through the next couple of hours, slowly it goes off g to the east. we go from clouds to some sunshine here, so again there is your set up, cold front rolling through, little later on this
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through, we dry it out. we start to get pretty strong northwest breeze in. that will bring in cooler air from theoole north, and our temperatures will kind of peak earl knit 40's, 50's, then the start to tumble down through the 40's, as we head through the second part of the afternoon. so keep that in mind. breezes will be starting toarti get gusty after the noon hour here. forty-four what it will feel fee like in washington at lunchat l time, feeling like 39 gaithersburg, even with temperatures up, close to 54 at times it, won't feel like that at any point today. >> thirty gaithersburg, 31, and these are future windchills i'm show you, check, it out, by the time you wake to up get to work tomorrow, windchills in the teens, low 20's, and it won't feel too good. hey again weekend right around o the corner, positive, thinking positive on wednesday afternoon. it is wednesday morning. i'm all messed up there. 49 degrees your high for today. again we reach out early, droprp second half of the day, we will get the sunshine back inunh the afternoon. tonight, mostly
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but temperatures, take that plummet. gusts to 30 miles per hour or possible, just few clouds out there. we will be cold and breezy, there is your fox5 accuweatherua forecast -- forecast, 43 fororec tomorrow, breezy, but lot of sunshine, then to up 48 friday. saturday, sunday, looking good. sixty-four sunday. light clouds saturday, early e clouds sunday but decent d amount of sunshine both days monday president's day looksks like mostly sunny and 63 degrees. not such bad forecast therefore mid february.y. erin looking towards to theo th 60s this weekend?kend >> i cannot wait. no plans this weekend. i just want to open my patio door and relax.elax i think it sounds delightful. waking up, this is a look out by 109 going through this morning, you can see someee s headlights building right now, no heavy volume, things definitely picking up, i'll let you know usually once we hit the 6:00 hour, congestionsto starts to hit
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outer loop by new hampshire avenue, traffic moving just fine, very light volume. inner loop same story from the 270 spur all the way to bw parkway. we switch our cameras again,gain show you what else you are els facing this morning, 395 atng, king street, no issues there on the northbound side. as you make your way all theay a way across the 14th street bridge, great shape. both sides of the southeast-southwest freeway looking good.ast-so sixty-six, different storynt s here, this is by 234 eastbound side, volume heavier than usual. making your way against ville to end very ville leave ten to 15 minutes early, congestion starting cloe downs, much more pleasant commute. show you what else you are facing, overall green on the map, volume building specially on 66 and the eastbound side. we forwards our maps again, a see what's you are facing onacin the roads and rales, 95es, problem free from red ricks burying, taking metro thiss morning, keep in mind, the blue line, any questions, aaron fox5 on twitter.tter
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>> thank you, erin, 5:18. let's look at the stories ones o social media with the real time eaves tracker. >> back now with what's hot on the web. >> first up if you want to be healthy, you better stay away from detroit. now the city named the un un healthiest city in america. meanwhile, san francisco ranked first in the country on the healthiest city list. l now this picture either makes you go awe, how cute, or ugh, if you don't like feet.t. either way, former first lady michelle obama tweeted this t touching picture on instagramnsa of her and president obama's feet in the sands with the caption: happyn th valentine di to the love of my life and favorite island mate. also proclaimed his love for michelle on twitter. he wrote happy valentine day almost 28 years with you, and it always feels new. >> and we go from that to this. says he won't go back to to madison square garden until he h get public apology.polo kick out of madison
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garden during nicks game last week. he was asked to leave after heut apparently got into an argument with nicks owner james dolan. and some may say winning the lottery is a dream come true.e. but not for one young lady.y. her name is jane parks.ks. she was just 17 years old when she won a million dollars in a european lottery. she now 21, and she said her big wings caused her a lot of stress, and may now sue the lottery saying that people under 18 years old shouldn'trs o be allowed to enter a prize draw as big as that.hat. so that's a new one. >> really? lottery, youe blow the money, then you sue the people who gave you the money.mone >> for you not being able to handle it? >> before the mike went up, said exactly how i feel about. >> this really, 17, you win a million dollars, and you have stress?st >> ya. >> you haven't had life yet! yet >> let me tell but stress, okay?okay >> holy cow, you are kidding me? >> that's a good one, that's a t talker.ta >> thank you.
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5:20 is the time. we continue the news. insurance companies shows valentine day to break away from one another. >> amazon distribution center preparing tn odist open up in or region, meaning delivery in in less than 24 hours, headed to a break right now, live look across the dc region. 5:21 the time. 39 degrees. good morning. good morning.
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>> 5:23 right now, health3 insurers at human anrigh are are calling it quits on the $34 billion merger. the deal was block$34 bi by fedf courts, siting anti-trust concerns, will pay a $1 billion break-up fee. meanwhile, health insurers cigna and anthem call off their plans, $48 billion merger. it was also block by a federal judge over anti-trust concerns. cigna says i
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reverse termination fee, close to $2 billion, and plans tons t sue anthem for billions more, and damages, over alleged breaches of the merger agreement. >> today amazon is opening aning new shop in college park. it is located at terrapin road r near the university of maryland. it offers u m.d. student and the community convenient location to pick up and return amazon orders. >> facebook and instagram, want toand help you make amateur videos more interesting thann the ones on twitter and snaptter chat. the social media network wants w to give users sound tracks, the company is asking record r labels for licensing deal. negotiations would allow use tears either edit popular music into their creations or record from popular music into i the background, without facebook move for copyright infringement. >> keeping up with the times. american girl iswith releasing s first boy dole, his name logan, from nashville, tennessee, and plays the drums. american girl wants to includean morets experiences,
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into their collection.olle >> someone alert kevin mccarthy. you can now get married at taco bell. >> what? >> for whopping of hundred bucks. >> a lot of tacos.. >> the fast-food chain is opening a chapel in it las vegas strip canteen a location, put together wedding package that includes a taco bell garter, bowtie softoft packet, wedding bouquet, and a sin a bonn delights wedding cake. now your first meal as newlyweds will be a taco 12-pack. and you know that kevin and lawyer ren totally renewing ren their vows there. >> $600 seems like an awful lot from what you just listed. >> maybe they throw in a chalupa? i don't know. >> as far as weddingsi go, 600 bucks?buck >> that's a bargain, right?? pretty good.etty i wonder how many people that gets you? >> exactly. nds.much, well, never minds. i won't go there. all right, let's do the forecast instead. let's do a look at satellite s and radar. we have clou
5:26 am
region, it will be cloudy start to the day. later this afternoon, the sun will break through the clouds, we will get some clearing around the region, thehe northern neck every virginia v wacking to up some showers, those will hang around for the t next few hours, and then those will start to clear their way off to the eels, as well. reagan national, 39 degrees at this hour. dullos, 36. bwi, 31 degrees. a look atbw your planner, dizzle, might take it out, but for now leave drizzle in l through 10:00 a.m.eaug we'll beh cloudy. by the time we get too 1:00 break the clouds up a bit, get into some sunshine, s but temperatures also start dropping the second half ofecon the all right, that's a look at your forecast, let's do some traffic now with erin como.omo. >> keeng your eyes on thees o roads right now, 5:26. volume building as you head down toward theea inside of thes belt way. outside looking very nice n right now. ninety-five northbound, also, a the belt way, not seeing any any on our map. just little glip of yellow making your way toward the ac a quan. give yourself five e
5:27 am
minutes through the area, little congestion there, once to the belt way, things looking good on your way to 395, then on to the stretch of the inner loop there, no issues. keep you updated, metro on time except for safe track t surge 12. any questions, erin fox5 on twitter holly marine. >> thanks, 5:27. coming up fox5 news morning, immigrants are planning oneg on day walk out protest against the policies of the trump administration. >> transgender student, appealing to the president onsie bathrooms in s >> head to break now.ak n live look across the dc region. 5:27 is our time. more -- we're up 1 degrees, 39 t there, though. tho not going to be too bad after day. for mid february, that s more m on the other side. don't go anywhere. you're watching fox5 news morning. morning.
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only fios can. >> benjamin netanyahu is inmi d.c. to discuss americann nes am israeli relations, and the future of the palestinian >> a popular grocery store the latest business, philosophical war between liberals and president trump policy. fox5 news
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now. this is fox5 news morning. >> thank you for joining us, i'm which is done martin. >> i'm holly, today is wednesday, february 15. >> mike thomas here to talk her about weather, erin como talking traffic coming up in just a moment. >> to the news this morning. virginia teenage here wente we miss something now back in the t arms of her mother. >> she returned just hoursst h after police held a press conference, a news conference, saying they believe that her life with a in danger. fox5's live outside fairfax county police headquarters with the story. annie? >> goods morning, venus, home safe now, but there are still a lot of questions.uest her mother, very much relieved, we learned thatt after the two reunited late l last night, that detectivesves took her down here to police headquarters, for questioning, regarding the circumstances of her disappearance. dis we spoke to her mother before and after venus returned home late last night. she was veryvenus la emotional.. also, terrified, because police linked her terri
5:32 am
disappearance and that of a 15 year old girl from gaithersburg who went missingsig and found dead over the weekends in spring fields. police told thaws they believe the girls new each other, and had ties to gang members, andeme the teen's disappearance couldae be part of a bigger case involving area gang members. and detectives to us describecrb this as multiple overlapping investigations, with multiple suspect involved.invo now the 17 year old wasld w reported missing for about a month, before she came walking through the door of her mother's apartment in alexandria around 9:00 last night. it was just hours after a news conference was held, detectiveve saying they were concernedrned about her safety.afet venus' mother told us that she still doesn't know where her daughter has been this whole time, but was in tears afterer her return, the two hugged, mom says police then took her in for questioning. so although this is a happy ending, of course, the teen tee being back home, and in her her mother areas arms, still a lot of questions about where she's been, and also, police looking into this as being a bigger
5:33 am
in northern virginia. that's the latest here from fairfax police headquarters,ers, fox5 local news. >> annie, thank you very much. 5:32 the time n washington, looking for dc man wanted on sex trafficking. t twenty-four year old gary bell who police say prostituteute dollars an under age girl through our area, or several sev month now. he is considered armed, dangerous, according to the f.b.i. if you've seen bell or have any information about his whereabouts, please call the fbi. >> new this morning, the new york timesg, released a bombshell report of phone records that show president trump aids contacted russian intelligence officers several times, in the year before the election. the report also says presidentresi trump and former president obama were briefed on the contact.cont now, there is no evidence that there was cooperation to impact the election. the times says its informationoa came from current and former american officials.ials >> happening today, presidentesd trump will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. today's meet something expected to be much warmerh w than n
5:34 am
encounters with formeramousl president barack obama.t two willba likely discuss iran's nuclear efforts and the ongoing conflict between israel and palestine. both leaders will holdra pressea conference around noon at thethe white house. meanwhile, the director of the office of government ethics is asking the white house to investigate and punish kellyanne conway. went on foxkell and friends ands suggested that people should buoy advantage a trump's's products, ahead of the oge believes conway's actions violated conduct act, and if so she she should be punbe p englished hundreds of parent across country are asking president trump to protect transgender student like the obama administration did.tion in a letter sent to the president by the human rights campaign, more than 780 parentt say student deserve equal access to a safe and welcoming school. the letter was sent after the trump administration last week decided to abandon a defense of the guidelines issued by the obama administration which called for student to let student use bathrooms according to their gender
5:35 am
>> places across the country planning a day without immigrants, and protest pro president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration. tomorrow multiple bars and restaurants in the district will all take part. encouraging its immigrant workers to take the day off. plans to share t tipaks with th, in solidarity. other dc area restaurants including best boys, poets,oys, and those owned by chef josee plan to close for the day.. >> soupy market chain wegmans is the latest company in the cross hairs of anti-trump protests, wegmans is basing calls to remove trump winery tru products from its ten virginia stores. >> wegmans has said it decides c whether to stock a product based solely on how it sells. sl how well it sells.. the company has been selling wine from trump's charlottesville winery since before the business mogelmoge bought the venue. >> 5:35 is our time right now. as we sash a on over here to to mike thomas, to talk a little weather. >> good morning to you both. can you believe it is mid
5:36 am
february? >> um, ya? >> went by so quick for me. >> well, it is a short month.onh >> and it hasn't been bad weather wise. >> my gosh, crazy mild winter. >> it has been. >> just fact, i was looking at some date aate yesterday. i think we're headed for possibly the warmest februaryary on record the united states as a whole. >> really? ed ke they started keeping records, that is. >> yes. but they go back to the 1800s. >> that's a while. >> yep, amazing, and president's day historically usually big time snows have hit us before around thetime president's day holiday, not thisid weekenday, temperatures, expected temperatures in the 60s, more on the weekends nor cast, 39 degrees outside. winds starting to come out ofo o the south at 7 miles an hour, windchills down to 34 degrees 3 here in the district, so bundle up, seeing littlele shower activity trying to get its act together across portions every prince george's county. but bullet being as far as south and east of there across a the northern neck of virginia and southern maryland. forecast for thesout day,ay, 49 dre
5:37 am
early shower, then the sunun back in the afternoon,on tomorrow, chilly, breezy, only 43 degrees. >> let's check the forecast, erin como back. >> 5:36, metro on time except e for the blue line, dealingng with safe track work. no train service between b rosalynn and the pentagon on the blue line, arlington cemetery station remains closed. there are some shuttles available this are free, between arlington cemetery and pentagon, watch for crowded conditions coming in from virginia, use yellow or yellowlo rush plus, and from maryland m use the silver line, we'll let you know if anything else with metro picks upment lookingking outside, seeing increased volume. six 60s eastbound by 234, to 28 in center ville. give yourself about ten extra minute. any questions erin fox5dc on twitter back to you. >> 5:37. up on fox5, updating rail fleet. >> local store is allegedly caught sellinght s stolen goods. >> heading to the break right now, live look across the
5:38 am
dmv5:37 in the morning,ng 39 degrees is the temperature. fox5 news morning back in a moment.
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[ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> dc police investigatingli high ends jewelry store in the dupont circle area. there arecewelrdupont allegatiot jewelers buying stolen
5:41 am
including furs, watches,es, coins, stole friend area homes, fox5 confronted the owner and did not common, he is facing charges for trafficking and receiving stolen property worth morecking than a thousand dollars. >> in maryland, officials say that if green belt is chosen as a site of the new fbi headquarters, it will also need about 60% more parking spaces than initially projected. the new consolidated headquarters expected to house about 1,000 employees, lan e need about 6,000 more spaces than a draft statement calledale for back in 2015. judge all in the running too become home. >> metro will retire the 4,000 series rail cars. they're considered the most unreliable rail cars in the fleet. retired cars will be transported on trailer to baltimore whereorted they'll be scrapped. officials will load the cars this morningll, l at 8:00. the 4,000 series rail cars only travel average of 27,000 miles between compared to best bet performing r
5:42 am
6,000 series that travels more than 103,000 miles between. >> fox5 news morning, member of the fox5 crew has been named one of the region's most eligible bachelors. >> confused harrison ford nearly crashes his plane, a second time, as he lands on a taxi way. >> as we head to break, 5:42 is our time right now. n live look outside.utsi as everyone is getting up and ad going on this wednesday. wed going to be a good one. one let's make it that way, at least, right? fox5 news morning back right after this. z29kuz zstz
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>> you see your screen,ou people, cue the hot necessary se factor. mike thomas, one o f baltimore's magazines most eligable junk hotties, mike, handsome counter park, well, featured in magazine just in i time for valentine day. here is our favorite of his dating confessions, mike says he uses toomey mobile is. i >> i do. >> mike? >> if i text somebody, i'm text emoji prone. i need to stop. sto >> i love that. >> terrible habit. >> the whole thing with the t dog,hi it was cheesey dating app photos. apparently one of the cheesey dating o apps,ne o pet pictures. >> hey, dogs are chick magnet.t. hey, i love them. moel
5:46 am
>> makes you morrell jill. >> hello, thank you. that mike's me feel better. >> you're a package deal.ckag >> we are a package deal. >> let me tell you, any lady would be lucky to get a wonderful person like you. >> awe. >> and i mean your heart, and you're good to look at, too, but your heart. h >> i know my mother is wolfingmo this morning, hoping theth phones are lighting up. >> i actually shared those pictures on my work facebook page. i got ton of compliment, mike, i'd march you. mike, i'd march you.. >> oh, line it upright here on wisconsin avenue.enue we'll have try out later today. >> kissing booth that's whats wh we need, during good day. >> maybe? we'll think about that one of k abou mostly south this morning. hey, waking up in southern maryland, down toward fredericks berg, prince george's county starting to see some showers pop count up. i'll show you radar, just a second here, some sun, in fact, could turn mostly sunny s by the time we get to the afternoon hours, but we do have breeze that will pick up second half of the day today.ody temperatures will start tot to drop a b.
5:47 am
thursday, especially tomorrow, looking pretty chilly and breezy, throughout the day,he d even though it does look sunny bright and dry. good news, president's day weekends coming up. up. it does look like temperaturesrs will go through a warmingming trend getting through the weekends. thirty-nine your current ur c number here in d. c41 pittsburgh. still have little bit off southerly wind this morning,nd but you see t the northwest wind not too far away. look at chicago at 29, detroit at 30.0. cooler air is going to start to make it presence felt as we head into this coming evening here. >> storm tracker radar just in j the light rain, prince george county, of course down across ar southern maryland, st. mary, charles, calvert countyount through the northern neck of virginia there towardd fredericks berg, all dealing with light rain shower activity this morning.. future cast here, you see by 6:30 a.m., starting to already kind of push to thetart south here. maybe the rest of prince george's county, and southern maryland, still dealing with the shower active tip.stil. by the time we get to 9:00 it9:0 is mostly just clouds here. though snow showers do start s to move into the u
5:48 am
those watching from derrick county maryland be aware, snow showers, snow flurries through the day today. here in d.c. start to clear itt out the second half of the day. again i mention the winds willil start to pick up. quick look, 99:00 a.m. is fine. get towards the afternoon, werno start getting those gusts up and over 15. then overnight tonight, kind of when they peak. we could have some areas gusting up toward 30 degrees. through the overnight, and early morning hours tomorrow. quick look at the fox5 accuweather forecast, cool the next several days, toward the weekend looking pretty good. 60s back by saturday, then we keep those going right on through president's day. >> the forecast, let's doo traffic now with erin como. >> good morning, crash alerts, 548, 66, on the eastbound side. right as you approach 50. blocking the left shoulder, few cars involved waiting for morenvolve police offers tears t to the scene and get that cleared out of the way. way traffic is back up, as you make your way out in that areaa from about 286 fairfax county parkway to 50.y to see all of t b
5:49 am
from heavy congestion picking up. jammed before that point from 234 to 28 and center ville. vil look at the maps, not the only o slow zone and crash we're dealing w southbound side of baltimore washington parkway. there is a crash blocking the left lane at 410. look at that delay. from the belt way all the wayl h down headed to river dale r park. see the slow down, keep it to i the right. good news once you cross 50, 295 southbound does open up in u the district. fifty, also cruising without wit any problems right now. and the outer loop as you head to and from the bw parkway also any questions erin fox5 on twitter. >> a controversial proposal could put maryland in president trump's cross hairs. >> president has threatened to cut federal funds to has the so-called sanctuary sit that's s help protect undocumentedumen imigrants. house democrat pushing legislation to limit house lim state resources used to enforce immigration laws. under that bill, police would not be required to ask resident oev
5:50 am
criminals about their citizenship or where they were born. local police would not participate in federal operations or raids. some republicanerat lawmakers se the bill is irresponsible and would create anarchy in maryland. >> killing people from the law, don't think it is theng p e right approach.h. so, i do have concerns, too, you know, there are violent individuals in this countrycoun who are here illegally. most people support moving m those people back to their t home countries. >> underlying belief that you are b creating safe haven or sanction too area for criminals which then meansnction immigrant are thus criminals. however, stud advice showntu that actually immigrants ared more likely to be victims of crime. >> democrat control bothra houses in maryland.t so the bill will likely pass. but it is unclear if republican governor larry hogan will veto that bill. >> also, in maryland, house of delegates is advanced measurere that would allow the state's attorney general to sue the federal government withoutut governor larry hogan's permission. >> now the measure after
5:51 am
hogan's permission to challenge the constitutionality travel ban andonal received no reply.ecei it is expected to receiveve final approval today. >> 5:50 is the time. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with real timee news tracker. >> and what's hot on the web.eb. >> good morning, we begin with sad news from chicago. two year old boy was shot and ad killed tuesday as he road in his aunt's car, a man in thein t car who was also shot and killed is believed to haveo ha been the target that far gunfire. the boy's aunt who was was pregnant was also shit. -- hit. she and the unborn child are in the hospital. >> conducted low passes pas against us destroyer. in the black sea just days before spy ship was spotted off the east coast. officials say they're keeping a close eye on the spy ship.hip. also tested missile, violation of the arms treaty. >> teen drivers have long been dubbed the worse drivers, but now an older group may have
5:52 am
new report from triple a says millennials are now the worse drivers on the road, more likely to speed, run throughgh red light, read or sends text messages, and drive while highh on pot. next, harrison ford nearly for crashes his plane again. this time into a planes withihw more than 100 passengers on ford flying his single engine plane, mistakenly aimed fornly the taxi-way at john wayne airport rather than the runway. >> and finally, three times the charm. cha kate upton lands sportss illustrated cover for the third time. she is the fourth woman to do so. other women who did the cover three times include tyra banks, heidi klume, and christie brinkly. who is alsochri featured in this year's edition with her two daughters. he will mcpherson holds with five cover appearances, for si. so kate upton, despite her diva demands, we heard earlier, making the cover. c >> all right, thank you, maureen.ur >> her diva demand got her the cover? >> looks like it did. >> hey, it works.ey, she is still >> looks good.
5:53 am
>> yes 5:52 the time. in less than aes 5 month the whe house will reopen for public tours. the tours were temporarily suspended during the transition to the rumthe administration. yesterday, first lady melania trump said they'll resume march 2nd. first come, first serve basis.asis ticket muts be requested through a member of congress. cn >> and michelle obama garden can keep churning out vegtable from the first garden.he she f said she is continuing mrs. obama's kitchen garden. mrs. obama referred to the garden last year as myma r baby, and said she hopes future presidents would keep it going. >> dc neighbors who live along eighth street northeast are excited this morning. a new whole foods store will w open in their community on march 15th.rch now, this is not just any any whole foods. this store will feature an outdoor patio, and a bar. shoppers will be able to choose from more than dozen beers, wines, and gourmet hotdogs.hotd inside the store shoppers will be able to buy a number every products from local
5:54 am
5:53 the time. it means it is time for our facebook fan of the day. and, let's say good morning to linda underwood. look at herli the, she has her mug. i love it. h linda has been a fox5 fan for 35 years. and she recently celebrate add milestone birthday. >> linda turned 50 years young on february 4th. happy belated birthday. you don't look 50. wow. all right, she says she wanted to share this milestone withith her favorite news team. so happy belated birthday again, and thank you for the love and keep it live right r here on fox5.5. >> let me know what you're drinking in that good day mug. clearly it is working. >> right. ry ysounds every youth. >> the fountain of youth. >> ♪ ♪ >> happy birthday linda. >> there is our forever young weather man mike thomas. >> five, six years, then justea going downhill fromrs but, hey, temperatures today, four's, 50's here in the dc region, we may briefly if we're lucky and get enough sunshine touch 50 h
5:55 am
of the day things start to collapse little bitbit temperature wise, stronger breeze out of the north and west, will bring this for tomorrow. many of the suburbs staying in i the 30's all day in d.c. probably lower 40's for daytime highs thursday. and with the winds gusting, g even colder than that, so get ready for that tomorrow. this morning, at the bus stop, 29 to 42, drizzle, and light shower activity from the south and to the east. so southern maryland, northernoh neck of virginia waking to up shower activity this morning. m after school 40 to 48 degrees, get the sunshine back, but again even with the sun once we get the breeze kicking up temperatures will start to clapping little bit there. is your forecast for lit today.y call it 49 again, if we are lucky into the low 50's today if we get enough sun early. then 43, your daytime high tomorrow. lots of sun. of good breeze kicking up in the afternoon. friday, just few clouds, 48. then the upward trends goes boom, into the weekend. 06 degrees on saturday. sixty-nine, sorry, 64, on sunday
5:56 am
president's day weekends all things considered for mid february, that's not bad sevenas day forecast. that's a look at the weather, erin co-owe back, with all things moving this morning, orng not moving this morning. >> right. think they're moving. 5:56. crash in the process of clearing, 66 eastbound, out by. s50. you can see. the left shoulder is still blocked. you need to getis s the car towd out of the way. tou pastpicking up a bi that crash scene now, little heavier than what we like to see from fairfax county parkway to the point earlier delays are certainly dissipating. only about five minute slow-down. but by 234, heavier delays to 28 and center ville. as we go look at the maps, another crash scene, that is caution some slow downs this morning, baltimore washington parkway on the southboundund side. the crash is blocking the left lane at 410, and delays back to the belt way.ay. sluggish traffic, keep it tokeep the right. watch out for left lane being block, good news, the outer and inner loops moving just fine get north of 50, not not seeing any slow downs. through college park, nice and
5:57 am
quiet. southbound 295, once you cross 50, volume is increasing from 50 down to the 11 street bridge. then 50, cheverly, littleverl slush i shall.h i metro on time except for 12, slowing down the blue line. mover traffic in the 6:00 hour. keep it fox5.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. f >> straight ahead atox5 6:00 white house fall out fal following the resignation ofon o the national security advisor, michael flynn. reportlosive new claiming that aid to president trump also had contact with russian intelligence duringnce his campaign.n. >> the very late necessarily report. >> and virginia teen missing for nearly ania month, back home h this morning, but there are a still questions as to wherewher she was during that time.e. and if gang activity may have played a role in her disappearance. >> live look outside on this wednesday, hump day everybody. february 15th, weather and traffic coming upryp on the five's after 6:05. plus, traffic story, you won't want to miss when it comes to t bad drivers, who is the worse?se >> good morning to you. i'm allison see more. >> i'm steve, welcome to fox5 news morning.. developing overnight princeht p george's county police are investigating a cou homicide inn green belt. skyfox over the scene in the 6200 block of breeze wood drive. police were called out there last night for thee reporcat after shoin


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