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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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obama >> under your leadership i believe we can reverse the rising tied of radical islam and in this great task as in so many others, israel stands with you. and i stand with you. >> reporter: president trump asking prime minister netanyahu to hold back on settlements and disputed territories. the leaders discussing whether a one or two-state solution is the best option for peace in the middle east. >> i think the israelis are going to have to show flexibility which is hard to do. i'm looking tattoo at two-state and one-state. >> reporter: despite firing his national security advisor michael flynn, he told reporters flynn was treated failure >> general flynn is a
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man he's been treated very unfairly by the media. >> reporter: netanyahu also meeting with members of congress this evening on capitol hill. in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. president trump's pick for labor secretary andrew pudzer withdrew today. democrats and liberal groups criticized the fast food ceo of mistreating his workers opposed toing the minimum wage and supporting automation in the workplace he was dogged by scrutiny of had his personal life including allegations he abused his ex-wife in the 80's. no word who the president will nominate. >> fox 5 is your station for falcons. tweet us your thoughts right now use #5at630 and look for your tweet on our political show coming up next at 6:30. . fox 5 is in fairfax county where police have announced the
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ar connection with the murder of a 15-year-old, and police suspect this was a murder connected to gang activity. 15-year-old demaris race rivas was found dead saturday. we're learning another murder in prince william's county could be linked. fox 5 matt ackland is live at police headquarters with more on this one. matt? >> reporter: tony, as you said, ten people have been arrested in connection to this murder and authorities say they're looking at several overlapping cases. i want you to take a look at these pictures. three are mug shots one is a picture we were able to obtain of four adults that have been arrested. there are also six teach juveniles arrested in connection to this crime as well. police say these arrests are connected to gang activity but they won't mention the gang's name publicly. that is standard policy because they don't want to give the gangs any publicity.
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video connected to this case, but police won't elaborate on it. police spoke about these overlapping investigations earlier today. take a listen. >> i've been charged in connection with the murder investigation of 15-year-old demaris rivas from the case from january 8th. all people have been charged with abduction and participation at this time and we believe that there are no outstanding suspects we anticipate additional charges in the near future and we will place those charges we will notify the public. >> reporter: tony and shawn, we learned new information out of prince william's county, that shorts are looking into the case here in connection to the january 12 death of christian rivas, his body washed up on the potomac river today. authorities in prince william's county saying that this case could be connected to the case that's being investigated in fairfax county. we want to continue now with our
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let's go over to alexandra limon also on the story. alex? >> reporter: that's right, matt, in fact, prince william's county police confirmed that christian rivas, the victim's whose body washed up from the potomac was, in fact, murdered, they're look into whether his murder could be tied and likely is tied to this ongoing gang investigation here in fairfax county. in part because he knew some of the players involved. including this girl right here. take a look at her photo. she is 17-year-old venus eita, she ran away from home in mid january, in fact, just a few days after that body washed up from the potomac, but she showed up safe and sound at home last night, and then just a few hours later, she was taken into custody by fairfax county police along with now the total of ten people who are arrested in connection with the
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this girl, 15-year-old demaris rivas from gaithersburg. her put body was found in springfield on saturday. she had been missing since december and fairfax county police investigators found her body in a wooded area in springfield, and what is so strange that wooded area is very very close to the home of another missing teenager. we're talking about this girl liz zy rivera. she and her 5-year-old son had been missing since january but they turned up safe and sound the very same day the body was found near the home. this man, the baby's father, has been arrested in connection with that domestic incident, fairfax county police confirmed to me that he is one of those ten people who was arrested in connection with the murder
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so a lot of information, a lot of connections. and as you seen, a lot of arrests, fairfax county police told us the reason they were able to make so many arrests is because they've been investigating this case, and theling,s between the suspected gang members when the gaithersburg teenager disappeared. they also told us all of the suspects that have been arrested are between the ages of 15 and 21. and they're facing charges for gang-related activity as well as abduction, but more charges could come including possible murder charges for some of these suspects. live in fairfax county. alexandra limon fox 5 local news >> i want to ask you one question. there is a lot of information. we know about the 15-year-old girl demaris rivas. you mentioned that there may be a link to this
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in prince william's county, christian rivas, do we know if they're related? . >> reporter: we don't think so. the reason i say that, at least police haven't confirmed that, number one. also, demaris rivas and christian rivas is really confusing but i'll try to explain it. hispanic last names are actually flipped opposite so their first last name may be the mother's maiden name in one case and the fraternal in the case of the other person they may be have the same last 98 in the case of the one of those it's actuallily mother's but common in hispanic families to use last names that's best explanation i have. as far as anything police told us they have not confirmed that they're related in any way. >> that actually does help a lot. alexandra limon thank you, alex. all right. we made it to halfway point thinking about the weekend. >> here's a look at
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forecast. sue? >> shawn and tony. tomorrow is friday. joke is on me. we do have a lot to look forward to including a warming trend for the weekend. but not so much tomorrow. so you want to be ready for tomorrow to feel quite cold and blustery. it's actually going to feel like a winter day around here. i know. you're going to be so recent recentful when you feel it. we did get into the 50's. we've also had a couple of snow showers here and there although they seem to be winding down. but these temperatures will not be repeated tomorrow. tomorrow is our cold day. and that cold process is already started we've dropped to 37 at gaithersburg. 34 in winchester, 39 in frederick. 41 in manassas, 43 in the district. and winds have been gusting as high as 45 miles an hour. they're down a little bit now to 25 miles per hour. gusting to 31 at martinsberg and
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winchester and annapolis at 30. they will be blustery tonight and tomorrow although closer to the 20 to maybe 25 miles an hour range as we go forward the rest of tonight and during the day tomorrow. what you do have to dress for in addition to these cold temperatures is the fact that windchills will be in the 20's and we're already there in many places. it feels like 22 in winchester right now. 28 gaithersburg, 34 frederick and 29 at dulles, prepare if you're heading out this evening, that it's going to be pretty chilly out there especially with that wind, what we have been noticing again with the strong winds coming off the lakes, a few lake effects snow showers, another batch coming through western pennsylvania. i believe a lot will dry up now and going forward tonight those skies should begin to clear out now that the frontal boundary has passed through. the breezes again will pick up. clear and cold overnight. we're headed for the 20's and a chilly but bright thursday is ahead for us. we'll talk about the weekend warmup. it's a three-day weekend for a lot with president day monday coming up in a
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tony and shawn. president trump's plan how to pay for the border wall could include an import tax that might mean you'll spend more at the grocery store. details ahead. out with the old in with the new. metro retired the 4,000 series rail cars, we'll tell you what that means for the transit agency. if you got a story idea you can call the fox 5 tip line, 202-895-3,000 or e-mail your tips to fox 5 tips at
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businesses that you may shop from all the time gather to do the white house to meet with the president. they talked about economic growth and job creation. following the meeting, chairman of auto zone told reporters about the new relationship the president is hoping to create with retailers. >> the president and his team as we continue to look to move the interest of our industry, our
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employees, and most importantly, the consumers, the hard working american consumers that we all serve. >> president trump blasted nordstrom for deciding to drop his daughter's clothing line. it was the final run for what metro has called the most unreliable series of rail cars, two, 4,000 series headed for the scrap yard, they've been running more than two decades. general manager paul weidefeld watched at crews worked to lift the cars off and put them on especially flatbed truck. >> it's the weakest link. that this goes done and attached to other cars, it bring the six or eight-car train down. the quicker we get them out, better >> everything from the doors to the propulsion system across the board. i think one of our board members said a few years ago these were dogs, and the reality is they have been. >> the 4,000 series will be replaced by brand new 7,000
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series cars a new report claims the arlington memorial bridge is consider structurally deficient. it does need rehabilitation replacement. due to what it called advanced deterioration and other problems. the report found the memorial bridge among thousands you including the brooklyn bridge that are structurally deficient. a special movie screening is underway. ronica cleary is there for it. ronica? >> reporter: a special screening of hidden figures with a lot of special guests. we're going to have a live interview with one of them after break. stay tune to see who after the break.
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members of congress helping to tell the stories of three trail blazing african-american women at nasa >> they're hosting a screening of the movie hidden figures at the capitol visitors center, ronica clear is there. i've seen the movie twice,
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taken my family this weekend and they loved it. >> reporter: well, and it's they're a special screening of hidden figures tonight. i know that virginia lawmakers yourself included, senator kane you're leading the charts and hosting people. tell me a little bit about the connection to virginia and why stem education and a film like hidden figures is so important >> we're very excited. i think we'll have a good turn-out. this is the story of mediaing women who many whom had gone hampton's then got hired to be mathematicians and were in segregated facilities but proved their work, the merits of the work shown and eventually when we were trying to put the man in the space for first time, john glenn, their work was so good, john glenn said i'm not flying until they tell me that the numbers are legitimate. you'll see that in the film. but it's a story about, you know, survival and thriving and about stem education. women in stem educatio
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overcoming barriers and so senator warner and me and congressman scott, who recommendation the area, and we asked one nonvirginiian to come in too and we're really thrilled to invite people to come and be part of this. >> reporter: this is a bipartisan issue that you've taken leadership on the idea of stem education. you've taken some initiative. tell us quickly a little bit about that and why it's so important on both sides of the aisle, that we need to get behind this >> my dad ran a welding and iron working shop and i ran a school that taught kid to be welders and carpenters in hon endure russ 25 years ago. i started a career. and we have found this to be completely nonpartisan in both the senate and house. we work on a lot of grace issues together to help train the work
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of career and technical education is about two miles from this nasa facility in langley it's the apprenticeship training facility and they train people to build nuclear aircraft carriers and subs. we want more people to go into stem career and technical fields and sometimes people don't think, gosh maybe women aren't going to be the scientists mathematicians and engineers, you're wrong. see this and you'll realized we've had fantastic women, scientific and mathematics talent for a long time and hope there will be more. >> reporter: this is an issue, i went to college for engineering. even if you don't pursue the field it's so important i love seeing efforts towards this. >> it's a powerful story that need to be told. >> reporter: back to you. >> it is, thank you, ronica. if you haven't seen it go see the movie. >> so great. >> wonderland. those
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>> a lot of storms passing by not necessarily with a lot of moisture for us but enough wind in the atmosphere and they're back again. i think the worst is over but they will stay a little bit blustery on the order of 20 to 30 miles an hour. you feel that. >> yep? and especially now that we know the temperatures going to drop. you know what i love about this? you know what i'm going to say, we can still see -- i like that. >> that is great. yes, it looks beautiful out there. i take it we're looking at national harbor? that's a beautiful backdrop, i'm sure they ordered that up as a wednesday special. looks great and i'm sure it's nice and toasty, that temperature is dropping and it will continue to head for the 20's tonight, so we'll stay breezy, we're definitely going to be a lot colder, that furnace will be clicking on a little bit more and it will feel like the 20's and 30's going through the day thursday. even though our winds should not gust as high as they have. which should get up to
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reagan. friday temperatures will be closer to average. upper 40's on friday, it's going to be near 40's and feeling colder. and the weekend nice warmup well timed too for a couple of reasons, it's the holiday weekend for many of you. and we kind of ripped off last weekend when we expected it to get warmer than it did and it lurked just to our south over the weekend. our temperature right now here in the district, down from our high of 55 to 43. so we bumped up quickly only for about an hour or so and now we're down again, 37 in gaithersburg, it's also 37 in westminster, 39 for dulles, manassas coming in at about 40 right now. and 34 in winchester, getting chilly out there, of course, the gusts certainly help in that matter. we're getting a gust to 25, which is better than we had an hours ago but they're still getting a gust to 39 in baltimore, 26 at dulles, martinsberg and 31 miles per hour gusts again generally those will start to drop, but still not go light. likely see gusts continuing betwn
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tonight but during the day tomorrow as well. already, our windchills are into the 20's to mid 30's and they will continue to get colder because there's plenty of cold air to our north that's got to move on. pittsburgh is 29. 34 in columbus, 29 in detroit and 34 in chicago. our planner this evening, air temperature 42 at 7:00, feeling like the 30's, because the breezes will be mighty blustery, 39 at 9:00. by the time we get to 11:00 under clear skies, 37 degrees. overnight, again, near 30 in the district but lots of 20's out there. and as that wind continues to keep the atmosphere mixed up, it will keep those windchill temperatures even lower than that. so here's our wind makerer once again, big area of low pressure that has form up off the northeast and the frontal boundary that got dragged through our area today will be close enough tomorrow that we keep the chill and the breeze hanging around but a lot of afternoon sunshine back. so hopefully that will take the edge off the cold for you just
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little bit. we'll head to about 42 tomorrow. 37 for gaithersburg, 36 for manassas, 41 leonardtown. feast your eyes on these winds, tomorrow morning, still getting gusts, this is the predicted wind gusts to near 20 miles per hour. maybe as high as 24 or 25, but by the time we get to 6:00, a little bit more reasonable but you can see there's not a whole lot of lightening. we'll have to get used to this blustery breeze continuing so the cold shot is in here for tomorrow and little bit friday then the jet stream will recede to the north and bring in our weekend warmup here's a look at the three-day weekend and then we'll check your seven-day, we're going to head for 63 saturday with a mix of sun heading over to clouds. sunday looks great. sunny and mild and monday also looking terrific at 64. your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. we're not done with the 60's. that begins a trend of
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least through the middle of next week. i kept predicting that i thought this would be the worse week of the winter because i got a deal to get the roof done. and that's starting monday. so >> let's hope it continues >> i don't want it for ten days in a row. it's looking good so far. hope i didn't jinks anything just now >> you didn't. >> cross fingers. >> we'll be right back.
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if you want to see bao bao at the national zoo after more than three years, the cub will head to china february 21st. zoo keepers are prepping for the 16 hour long flight. more than 50 pounds of sweet
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happy during the journey. many do not want her to go. >> bao bao stay here, she's the second panda born in the zoo in 60 years that has survived. let us keep her. let the chinese come see her. >> you can go to our website for the details. >> good-byes are so hard with animals people really have. >> when they're cute like that >> thanks for joining us at 6:00 >> 5at630 is next. >> bye, bao bao.
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. some call it a white house in crisis, president trump faces new waves of scrutiny about his contact with russian operative >> benjamin netanyahu is had the white house and you can see on the run down, use the #5at630. let's get right to the breaking news, developing news, president trump's pick for labor secretary andrew pudzer withdrew his nomination today, his decision came amid growing skepticism from republicans, democrats and liberal group


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