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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 16, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> dozens of area restaurantse will be closed.e c it's in support of a strikest known as a day withoutit immigrants protest wasgrants pro organized on social media with the goal of showing the effecthe that many immigrants have onimms daily basis.ily basi >> melanie alnwick is live in in northwest with more on the message is that theage restaurants taking p good morning,, >> reporter: good morning,r: go, guys. yes, so we decided to comeo down here to penn quarter notnt only because this is thee corner where jaleo owned by b josé andres this is also also a block where there's lots of restaurants. andres owns two restaurants onan this block which will beich wile closed today along women manyngy of his other locations.lo andres sent a tweet out in solidarity saying in supportg iu of our people and a at anya without immigrants we will notlt open jaleo, those three location os d.c. chevy chase. ch we know another very popular and prominent establishment in theshme d.c. area
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poets other than saying inher n solidarity with our immigrantm tribe as he put it we will l close for the day on thursday.r. our founder is an immigrant anrn shining example of what wh immigrants have that brought h to our countryav so again two of the more prominent d.c.t d. restaurant owners but we know kw about 60 d.c. restaurants sos far have said that they are a going to be participating inpati this today allowing theirthe employees to take the day off. some of them are allowing themag to take the day off with pay.y. others are deciding to pooling l tips to help those who choosewhs not to work today.tody. the demonstration began as anasn idea on social media. it's really meant as aally mea tangible reminder of a immigrants' contribution to american society and our economy. it's also a pngusibhback tots' n president donald trump's s comments andpusent policies onn immigration. the mexican border wall, hisl, on the campaign trail blamingamg unemployment on immigrationition and his travel ban which isichis now on a temporary old.emp we can tell you thator actions s are also planned today iny philadelphia
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houston, austin texas chicagoico and new york.d new yok. folks are being asked to stay sy home from work, stay home from m school, not shop, not spendspen any money today. toda we know of one school in d.c. t-the lam public charterblic chr school which says it will w close for the day.hichr the da some other -- vita fitnessfits that says it will be impactedmpd by this walkout. all of the owners say they'ree in support of this and doing dog what they can to either scales back their menus or bring bring other staff in from otherm other locations to try to make things work so that the peopleo who wish to take the dayth offff to show their support for thisrh demonstration can do so. live in northwest, i'm melaniema alnwick fox5 local news.. >> mel, thank you very much. yoh 4:32 is the time right ither now. new information this morningat about a gangio related murder md investigation of a 15-year-old named damaris rivas who wentent missing. one of those girls was thate gi found deadwa in
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county. a homeland security official tells fox5 they've beenco s anen upparticular of ms15.. >> certainly mcps is not immune to gang activity and wen have been pro and activeg aco ac working with the communitywi working with law enforcementthre to make sure we are prepared prd and that we are keeping ourg school safe as possible.ible. we take men see of steps tostept keep our students and the ourtsr community safe. >> this morning there are questions about they sas mornesi immigratioonn ss outatus oft th people arrested in fairfax county in the death of reyes rivas. piece mao he is in thate montgomery county need your help finding a missing teenmao u fromissing rockville.ckle. 17-year-old lindsey barth wass last seen seen mo police say she may be with a male companion.op barth is 5-foot seven is thatfo weighs abouthtat 140 pounds40 ud wearing a black north face fce jacket and brown ugg if you have any informationformn about her call police.ll po >> one other d.c. public public school is tackling a bed bug
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bed bugs were found on threere f students of a miner elementaryly school in northeast.nort the school sent a letter topt parents notifying them of thefyh situation. now they believe the bed bugb incidents are isolated in thiso case and it's not a widespread infestation at this school. retired vice admiralal robert hard ward has beend wa offered the job of white househe national security adviser.viser. he's a many four navy s.e.a.l.r andna was second in command asc central command under generalgee james mattis. >> michael flynn, generaler flynn san wonderful man. i think he's beensan treated very, very unfairly by the media.. as i call it the fake media inei many cases and i think it'sink t really a sad thing that he washs treated so badly.bady. >> it will be heart ward'sw second tour of duty at theour white house. he was a member of ther of the national security councilco during the early years
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describe him as a real z o rocko the toughest guy in the seals.ha >> today the zoo beginsbegins farewell events for bao bao. bo. to get a peak at behind theth scenes panda activity thevity te national zoo has severaleveral events planned leading up todin the departure of bao bao as he gets ready to me head to chinaci on february 21st. >> 4:35 on this thursday5 o morning.n mike thomas checking in with ana check of this cold forecast.ore my goodness, it came back. bak. >> yeah, it's back.>> yeah, february feel is in the airth and if you're going to see bao o bao today and say bye-bye baoe-a bao pack a jacket. a jacket. you'll need it. 34 degrees tur number ats reagan national,tu bwi 31.i 31. factor in the winds and theythe are a little gusty thisgusty ths morning. feels like 17 inm gaithersburg,h 18 in westminster, 19minst hagerstown near d.c. as you'reoe stepping outside feels likeels l twenty five degrees.enty for most of us feels-likees temperatures in the low toures o mid-20's as we're starting our day. couple of snowflakes flying here and there. hething that's going to dropno
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here's your planner for theor te day. 37 degrees at 10:00 a it willit be a cold and breezy morning,mon highs today only topping outly g in the lower 40's but with the h winds it will feel like the like 30's all day long.n all right, that's a check of th the forecast.a th erin como has got traffic.ic. happy friday eve to you.eveu. >> happy friday eve to you fridv mike.e you make thursday sound verynd y fun. this morning 4:36 and as youasyu can see we're looking good ind tysons problem free across the american legion bridge.ridg all bridges the wilson bridge b 11th street 14th street bridge e key bridge in great shape thisss morning.morning. memorial and roosevelt withouttt any issues.ssue south that of point throughointh fredericksburg and staffordrg ad same stoy. little congestion by 610. 60. not enough to cause any major mr problems this morning.s morni route one looking nice and nice quiet in terms of congestion.. 395 once you cross the mixingm bowl on the northbound side approach the 14th street 14th st bridge cruising. through annandale inner loopnanl quiet. oxon hill traffic from branchaf avenue to the wilson bridgbredge looking good
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maryland problem free throughth fort washington as well asngtons clinton. more traffic in a few. f any questions at erin fox5st d.c. onions twitter.i >> coming up on fox5 newsfox5 nw morning a judge issues assues ruling in the case of the th police officer whom shot and killed philando castilele moments before his girlfriendend captured his death ondea facebook. face >> a speech forbath roomforbathr rights goes virally. >> a live look ghacross the d.c region. time is 4:37, the temperaturempere 34 degrees. enck in a moment. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> holly morris joins us with wh what's hot on the we.he >> good morning.ood mo you won't be seeing kellyannekl conway on one news program. msnbc morning joe anchor saysho the show will no longer book bo conway. she sees conway on tv she's
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information. next a jump rules a police officer who is accused of shooting philando castilesile moments before his girlfriendgid captured his death on facebook a live shop face trial. officer geronimo yenas is is charged with dangerous discharging afire arm.g afire m. virginia teen says he's he thrilled that his name was mentioned at the grammys. g laverne cox mentioned gavin g grim during her speech sundayeea night. grim is transgender and has as a case against the gloucestere glu county school board for thech right to use thooel public bathroom that corresponds hissps gender i new study found childrenhi with adhd have several brainrain regions slightly smaller thanaln usual. the study may provide cluesov for developing new do doctors say if you know what region of theay brain i sbs involved in adhd then doctorsocs can possibly target that part with medication.with med and finally a museum in germany is shocked to discoverds a chalk drawing of a d
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the work of rembrandt.embrat. for nearly 250 years it wast was mistakenly credited to a german painter instead of the dutch master. and admission to thatssion t museum just went up.. >> how did they figure it out. >> i don't know.>> i need to research that story mo, mo.o. >> okay. thanks t-holly. 4:41. coming up on fox5 news morningmi local parents warned about ats a potentially dangerous phonengerh scam. >> and a fox5 exclusive.xc accusation of a corrupted corrut system. more first responders hurt on the job. they say they're not ge rttineso gett the treatment they gneed. need >> we're heading to break to right now with a live look lk across the d.c. region lookinglo at the washington monument ononm this thursday morning.rsday mor. a he will rely cold start torely the morning c.morning. 34 degrees. 34 degre bundle up when you heades out. t winter back. bak. almost with a vengeance.vengece. fox5 news morning back after bar this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> today on fox5 news morning,o, possible gang activity.ivit 10 people are in custody facing charges in connection in with the death of acowi the 15-year-old dgaithersburg girl. >> live look outside rightside h now. cold winter air has returnedr to the region. mornihe storyhe story is going to be the wind i making i feel more like the 20's. 2's mike thomas a first check ofst your forecast in a moment.o >> good morning to you. thanks for goo d joining u-i'moi maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdomam today is thursday
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erin como is talking about thebe roads. first let's get to mike thomas s and talk about cold air and mike p-i saw some of that hat white stuff on the ground thisg morning in the suburbs.subrbs. >> don't worry, heading upg up towards northern portion of maryland, towards frederick,rer, hagerstown maybe a couple more c coming down right now but it'sbs not going to be anything thatng causes any major issues butt the more notable fact is thatabs yes, it's cold out there, very cold. feels like teens and 20's 20 outside so far this morning. let's dom futurecast real quick to show you dom aside frof snowflakes continuing to fly over the westward facingw slopes today and upper elevations of garrett county cuy maryland pacific northwestic grant county in west virginia and some of those locationsuntyo are def athlingos with winterh weather advisories through the e morning hours this morning fortr those snow but here in d.c. we'llos keep it dry. just have kind of a few clouds moving through from time to thr time but you see futurecastouuty really nouo st eeshowing that mt so should be a good amount ofamn sunshine coming our way todayy o but only 43 degrees for a daytime high with the windsheds factored in it will feel like fe the 30's this afternoon. aft tomorrow we st
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but during the afternoon weng tt get up iernto the lower 50's0's here in washington.hing most of our suburbs in the subue 40's, though.. weekend still looks fantasticks mid 60's now on saturday and on sunday.n all right, that's a check oft, the forecast.e fo erin como rhas got traffic.r good morning, erin. >> 4:46. i cannot wait until the the weekend warmup.warm i just don't like these coldthed temperatures. got my really big jacket jaket today, you'll need it. i. prince william this is 95 is 9 northbound at prince william parkway. you can see taillights making their way andsee tanorthbound . southbound traffic quiet asa well. between fredericksburg and there beltway seeing nicebeltwaseeingc conditions. co once you getnd onto 395 here's a live look so you know what w you're up at duke street traffic on the northbound and the southboundd side moving along justan fine to and from the pentagon thisom t morning. i'll let you know if that changes. ing someng ome congestion build by sudley road. road. little heavier than what we usually seal before the 5 ock hourhour. from 234 to 28, allow five toto extra minutes. thingsre
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maryland right now. top of the beltway the outerltw loop out by colesville road,r 95 to georgia avenue, we areue, at speed right now and we're wee problem free on 270 as well well coming down from frederick.fe any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter.twiter. we will certainly take a look a at metro back to you. to >> all right, erin thank you. this morning 10 people are e in custody in fairfax in thein gang related murderedmurder investigation of a 15-year-old5d girl who went missing fromng fm gaithersburg. ga >> and that's not all. a the case is also nownd linked tt another death in prince p william county. fox5's annie yu is followingfol that investigation and joinson o us live this morning. annie. >> reporter: well, wisdom wel andl, maureen, 10 suspects havee been identified by police andol they tell us that they are allll affiliated with one gang.h o ga. now, police won't say what that gang is ornament specificet gang but fox5 has learned that it is ms-13, of course a gangse that's linked to el salvadorsalr and behind many serious crimesos in our area. i want you to take a look ata lk your screen. s these are the suspects, foure of the adult suspects involvedn out of the 10,
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josé castillo rivas, 18-year-old cindy blanco hernandez, 21-year-old wilmeryew sanchezer is ran flow no, sir and 18-year-old adaire cocomo. c six others are juvenile. juvnil. police say all 10 are are connected to three recentthreern cases of missing girls in ourinr iran including the murder of of 15-year-old damaris reyesaris re rivas, a gaithersburg teen whoeh went missing and her bodyb found in a wooded areaed ea saturday in springfield andieldd also the case of 17-year-old17- venus who went missing for who weeks and showed up at her w mother's home in alexandria onxa tuesday night. she's one of the juveniles inje custody in connection with the damaris' death.deth. then there's liz see riveraivera colin dress who went missingent and was later found.oud. the father is one of theone of h people charged. chared. this may be a connected to aecta death in prince william county, the
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rivas warned along the potomac c river in dumfries and isandis connected to one of the girls gs who went temporarily missing.sin so what is going on and how ho widespread is the problem.prole. police talked about thisce t yesterday. take aal listen.. looks like we don't have thatt t sound for you.und for yo and we also spoke to ao homeland security official whofo told us ms-13 members try toy o recruit younger teens because they know that the charges arere less serious for seriousse crimes and the so he said overho the last two years, this gangr has just become so widespreaddea and of high concern forconcern r authorities. that's the very latest herehe ve from fairfax county, annie yu au fox5 local ne. >> annie thank you for thatou ft update. we want to follow up now with a fox5 exclusive.xclsive. more first responders coming forward. they're accusing montgomery county workman's compensationomt company of gross delays. gross y they claim those delays are causing their job relatedr job d injuries to get worse. wose. they technological claim thatnoo the delays force many ofhe
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fox5 spoke with severalwith sevl montgomery county first responders whontgome all claim c negligence by the company'sc contractor in the care andctor treatment of their injuries.nji. >> this comes down to theo the company trying to make theirt profit line better for their shareholders. they're a for-profit company,om, so by withholding this moneyis e to get people treated and the diagnosed, this is what'st's happening. >> the county insists annsis an independent audit contractorit c resulted in a 95 percent ratepe and says it would welcome anyel complaint filings so the boardfi can reviewli it. t >> this morning t-montgomerymor- county schools officials arech warning parents about aoo virtual kidnapping scam that'sis resurfacing in the county. c parents get a call sayingnts ges their child was kidnapped demanding a ransom.r if you get a similar calllar c don't send any money.on instead call your child'schd school and police.ol and pice. >> the city of alexandriaalexanr virginia wants to hear your want thoughts on a parkingo rule. r. it's called a 72 hour parkingng rule. le. the rule prohibits parking vehicles within the publice pu right of way for more than
4:51 am
hours at a time on all city at streets. it can pose a challenge forllenr residents who don't travel or'tl drive to work. work. a meeting will be held atheld a alexandria city hall tonight.toi >> a tech giant warns users ofwf major data breach.da >> andt workers at a boeing boig plant south carolina votingh cag against organized labor.d lbor >> a live look outside across a the region. 4:51 is the time, 34 is theme, temp. back in a moment. nt.
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to move forward.for. the vote came just days afters president trump visited the rollout of the first boeingbo dream light rain from the campus. >> yahoo warning users of a waro possible data breach p-the- latest reportedly happened in 2015 and 2016 but yahoo has s not said just how many people have been maanffected.cted the tech company believes a forged cookie is to ble that's a string of data used us that can sometimes allow access to accounts withouttho entering passwords.word the data breach is the thirdthe for yahoo in recent years. yea back in 2013 hackers stoleak information from over ation froa billion users. >> mike ilich was the longe long time owner of the detroit of tht wings and tigers. tg it wasn't until he died lastunt week that's when we found out he did somethingamazing forr rosa parks. parks he stepped in to find her a new safer apartment and paidaid her rent every month until shen passed away in 2005. 2005 mike
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>> didn't know that but glad gld to know people like him existed. >> rht.t. >> 4:55 almost.most. mike thomas let's talk aboutlk the. our weather this morning.athethm >> yeah, very chilly, veryvry chilly out there. couple snowflakes flying heres and there but nothing to worry about, just a andt no couple ofo conversational snow flurriesal out there for those who liveforh north and west.os we hnoartdh an a couple come thh d.c. overnight but they havethee moved on.n. pickup temperature 25 toto 35 degrees but with theith the breezes it will feel likeeel lie teens to lower 20's. 2's make sure you bundle it up it this morning.thi after school 37 to 45 but evenuv those locations that are abletit to make it into th ae 40's willl feel like the 30's with thosetht breezes continuing through thege afternoon. 43 your daytime high todayt here in then tomorrow we have a veryaver cold start t by the afternoonafr it gets a little we should hit 50 here iner washington tomorrow but then tom the weekendor look how fantastic that looks. look 65 both saturday and sunday on president's day monday looksay s
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62 degrees. so, if you have a three dayly three da weekend, should be one to geton out and enjoy. don't see any raindrops theredrt on that seven-day forecast.fore all right, that's a check of the weather.e we let's do some traffic now with erin como.omo. hey, >> hey, mike. i want to go to the zoo one zooo saturday and take advantage ofaf this nice weather.we if you're trying to get to to work on this thursday morning mr let's take a look at metro metr since service begins at 5:00 dealing with safe track surge 12 impacting t she bluafe line:: no train service between bet roslyn and pentagon.ntago arlington seminary remains closed.closed free shuttle service availablece between arlington cemetery andey pentagon. if you're looking for other othr ways to get around yellow or yellow rush plus, transfer at l'enfant. watch for crowded trains as wese adjust to this pattern.pattern it's the first full week. aside from those rails impacted by safe track the rest ofy sa your metro commute commute is delay free.fre thursday morning commute isornie wide opened right i last look at traffic, outsideout with a live look at some ofs the ma
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seeing nice conditions. cabin john problem riverdale park nice and quiet.u. 50 inbound from the bay bridger to cheverly is also at speed. if you have any questions aty qo erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.5 d. we'll keep you updated asated as things develop on the roads around the district.rict. back to you. >> coming up, u.s. secretary of education betsy devoses preparing to address higherhighe education options.ti. >> sire model ashley grahamhleyh does something no other modelo has ever done at a michael michl kors runway >> 4:57 is the time and it is s 34 degrees. degrees. fox5 news morning back afterk tr this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ morning.ornox5 news >> today on fox5 news morning,og a day without immigrants.mits thousands of immigrants arents being urged to stay home from fm work ton not make anyake purchases as a show of of solidarity and power againstagat the anti-immigrant waveantimmiga spreading across the country. c. >> and now let's take a livea li look outside.outside. it's cold. cold. it's a frigid thursdayigid morning. winter coming back reminding us all hey, it is still february people, don't forge htt about me. don't forget about us, either. e good morning to you. morning thanks for joi tning us, i'ms, maureen umeh.een umeh. >> and i'm holly morris.oris. today is thursday


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