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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 16, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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and republicans are looking tors are answers ints oare lo reportr between president trump'sn pr campaign andes russia.rusia. >> and we are following breaking news out of news of alexandria, virginia.rg this is a live picture of a of water main break that's beenat'n going on for about two hours. will it affect your morningaffen commute? a live report ist is coming up.comingp. mel. >> reporter: and dozens ofnd dof d.c. restaurants closed todayost in a show of solidarity forfor immigrants and many more me businesses potentiallyntially impacted. i'll have more on that live from northwest.ortst. >> good thursday morningd thursg everybody. i'm allison seymour.m allir. >> and i'm steve chenevey. steve thanks for njoin, us thiss his morning. it is thursday, february 16thruh 2017. >> that's a beautiful sunrise.l. if you're just waking upgup here's a live look outside forsr you. you're welcome.el >> let's get a quick check onch weather and traffic.fic. tucker and erin standing by.ding >> i'll tell was aside from that water main break delays on 50 inbound jammedound j completely because of a crashseh at 202. 0 we'll have the latest on that la and the water main break inwa
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>> all right.>> a we have cold temperatures tollee start your day. even some lake effect snowse la off to our north andke west.e i'll have all thes details onon the big weekend warmup.w steve and allison coming up inin a minute.a mi >> water main break in in alexania.a. the water gushing out of theushi ground in old town. to >> water main broke near theaink masonic temple at park roadk rad and the intersection near kinge fox5's annie yu is now onnow the scene for us and we willwe that join her shortly. we will rejoin annie whennnie we we're ready to go.e ready togo. >> let's get to melanie in theeh meantime our other big storyg t-, we do have annie.e. annie can you hear us? wes? we just saw you jump out of thet frame there. we'll get back to annie in a in minute. willhe other story impact businesses in thethe district. >> the day without immigrantsmms in support of its immigrant workers and to highlight theirlr impact on a daily basis. ba >> melanie alnwick thiselan morning live in northwestie with
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more on this s mel.y. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. so, let's put this in a little t this i perspective.ersctive. there's more than 2,000ha restaurants in d.c.rants d we have about 60 right nowht that said that they are going gi to closes or participate ins or this movement. adespreaot be a wid pespre impact but certainly many ofanyo these restaurants are being bei very vocal with their support so for this movement. movemen one is busboys and poets.nd poet all three locations being closed today.clos the shops saying on facebookg ok "that in solidarity with our immigrant tribe we will closee e for the day on thursday for a fa day without immigrants sayingsag that founder andy shalol is anin immigrant and a shining shing example of what immigrantsmi brought to the country.oun immigrants are what make america great. we talked to owners ofrsof other restaurants includingludin bar pillar that says thiss is restaurant will stay openedill d and staff hoop choose to workcho will donate their tips top coworkers who stay home o
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the movement is asking ing immigrants to stay home from frm school and work and not spend se their money either.ither. the demonstration began as anan idea on social media meant asdis a tangible reminder of immigrants' impact andct and contributions to americanti society and theon economy but iu is also a pushback touhb president donald trump'sent comments and actions blaminging unemployment on immigrationmm during the camigrapaign, his orr to build the mexican borderorr wall and his travel and refugee ban which is now on aowa temporary hold.old. actions are also planned also pn philadelphia boston houstonton austin chicago and new york. yo we also know of one charter one school that's going to be tha closed today as well,t' that's h the latin american montessori bilingual d.c. public schools alsoalo telling principals they couldncp see many more students out. mor we've alsoud seen some pushbackk too. a lot of people saying look,ng o remember that donald trump'strus actions are targeting illegalgal immigrants not legalegal immigrants and also some small l businesses who simply can'ty ant afford to have their criticalri
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that they maybe hurt hu financially by this movement.y live in northwest,by t i'm melae alnwick fox5 local >> critics of the day withouty t immigrants say those takinga part are missing the point ofpof president trump's immigrationmit policies which they say are meant to target illegal immigrants. o on our facebook page bruce says: says: >> donna says in part, so areo a these establishments employingtg illegal immigrants because be they are the ones that thist t country has a problem with. otherwise, why protest? there's a big distinctionstinctn between the two. >> just some of your opinions. please keep them coming on social media. >> we're talng
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busboys and poets himself animsf immigrant as we saw.migrant we. >> very cool. >> all right. >> let's get back to breaking n bac alexandria.ndria. >> a water main broke near theih masonic temple at park roadrk rd and the intersection near kingei street. our annie yu is with us now. . annie, you might need an umbrella today. >> reporter: hey, goodumey, goo morning, steve and allison.alli well, the good news out oft o this is that traffic is nots no being greatly impacted.ipact in fact, this road behind meinde is the 2200 block excuse me ofse park road right next to the masonic temple and as you canasu see it is closed off toed off traffic obviously because ofy b that big water just shooting shg up in the air but no other oher streets are closed according to police police ene. that's the other thing of then police are here on scene. however, the utility company coy is not and that is the virginia america waterca wat company. they are aware of the aware of e situation and they told usld us that they have crews on the the way but no one currently herecuy to shut off the water so you ou have this huge spray of water coming from this water mainth and it's just -- if you looku l to your right, pat, all the the icicles th
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forming because it is very, ver, very cold out here and it was a windy morning.or and so you've got these these icicles forming on theon branches of these we're told this is an 8-inch pipe and the water has beenthe shooting out for at least two hours now and we know fromn covering situations like this, i this is not a quick fix. crews say it will take prettytae much the entire day. da they are hoping to have ve everything back and repaired by 6 o'clock this eveningenng right in the thick of rush t hour. that's the very latest herelate from alexandria. back to you in the studio. the u >> annie thanks for the update. date. 7:06 right now.> 7:06 r n chilly out there today, too. t >> it's cold. most of the area at errablet era freezing. you saw the ice forming on theit trees and on the fence andon that kind of thing.e that k but ain d beofautiful sunrise.ue it will be a nice looking day.n. it will be a cool one this afteoon.n. 33 in washington.hingn. bwi marshall 32 degrees. degree. winds are still with us.are stih wind chills are in the 20's.20'. bottom line, take a jacketjacke with you today.with you you probably heard a t lot about our big warmup.warm not so much today. much to that will be more like more ke saturday, sunday and mon
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currently winds out of they north and westwin at 10.a let me mention got a littleli bit of snow shower activity insh the mountainsow out along 81ong compliments of the great lakesoe which never froze this winter.i. some winters they do, some som winters they don't.on this winter they did not.ey didn you can see some of those tho streamers coming off the lakes t there off to our north andrth d west. for us it will be partly sunny y and seasonably cool althoughth wind chills will remain in the 30's so once again you want your jacket seven day. st holidayrecast holiday weekend, i have all thethe details >> should be a good holiday end.end. >> yeah. >> all right. n.>> hi i gooder morning.od >> good morning.>> goorning. i have so many crashes i have he to keep them straight in my in y head right now. henow ho't know how you do it. >> we'll start you offw wyou he annie is. it's just aann incredible viewvw by the masonic temple.teme. park road 200 block closed.clos. water gushing out from a watera main break that's yet to beto placed under control.o it's been out there for about two hours.s. icicles on the trees. trs. watch for that slickatch for tha conditions along king streetlone as well. even though king street
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this water could be impactingacg conditions on the roads. on tha. again around king street parketp road please use caution thise ut morning. as we move things over for a fo live look we have a crash ase ah well that you need to be aware of. this is 50 on the inbound side at 202. it's moved over to the left l shoulder. it was previously blocking onece lane but you're jam packedackd from 410 to 202. 202 those delays actually extendxt to the beltway now. bel as you get to the beltway fromyf bowie just anticipate a very vr slow ride to get to 295f aside from that we'll go ahead and d take a look at skyfox. we are dealing watith other othe delays right n actually skyfox is down rightfo now but i can telril you 66 is s jammed up at the beltway.eltw. that's where they had beeny hadn showing us some trafficing us s conditions.omtr 295 northbound a disabledrt vehicle blockinghbou the rightet lane at suitland parkway.way. heavier traffic on suitlandand parkway 295 northbound to the n 11th street bridge as orwellth a 295 southbound.u and there's a new crash on theon inner loop through annandalenaae out by little river turnpike.tun you're jammed up from themed upe mixing bowl to 66.mixing the back to you guys.uys. >> developing along the eastingl coast thison morning, the e russian intelligence shiplligeni continues to
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spotted off the coast ofoast of connecticut much remember it rem was along delaware just alawarea short time ago.short time ago officials say right now aboutou 30 miles from a u.s. base but it's still considered to be in inttiellrnational wate. a spokesperson for the defensedf department said the ship haships not entered toker to t in the water and they "respectot freedom of navigation exercised by all nations quote. are u.s. intelligence i officials holding out on o president trump.trump. >> fox's doug luzader has more from capitol hill where both boh democrats and republicans areube already talking about a number of investigations.. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: there appears to be a growing level ofvel mistrust between the president and the intelligence community that is supposed to serve him and both democrats and thects at republicans here on capitolhean hill want to s khenow more aboua series of leaks. at a press conference witheren h israeli prime ministermi benjamin netanyahu presidentanya trump to
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target, the u.s. intelligence community. >> papers are being leaked,s things are being leaked.are be. it's criminal action.ti criminal act.iminal a and it's been going on for aa long time before me but nowbut n it's really going on.g >> reporter: and the wall street journal this morningourn with an explosive headlinealosie that parts of the intelhe community are take on trumpt for the same reason.rean. u.s. intelligence officialsff have withheld sensitive intelligence from presidenten donald trump because they arecef concerned it could be leaked e or compromised.or c there's no question that theret has been intelligence leakste that have hurtlligen trump, leap phone conversations betweenionse national security adviser michael flynn and a russianrusan envoy led to flynn's forced resignation this week.week. who's leaking? some se republicans suggest it couldns s beug supporters of presidentresd obama. some of whom are still working r within the government and theene chairman of the house oversight committee is callingci on the inspector general toeral launch an investigation.vestig >> no matter where you are inin the political spectrum youtrum y cannot have
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information migrating out into a nonclassified setting. et >> reporter: democrats feel emboldened. emboldened. em they're pressing forwardld on on possible ties between trump officials and the ruiesss ian government. >> i think as the public ceaseb what's going on they're goingth to demand the kind ofhe bipartisan thoreaubipa investigation we are asking for. for >> reporter: whateverhatever investigations take place itiona should not be led byke p u.s. u attorney general jeff sessions. in washington, doug luzader fox newsily.ewsily. >> doug thanks. doug th of course president trumprs tweeting just a few minutes ago the spote ligprht j usht asy been put on the low life leakers. they will be caught.caug that tweet coming out nineut ine minutes ago. bed bugs found at yetbugs another d.c. school and that is not all. a live report is c.c soming up.up. >> plus, a truck fire caught on dashcam video.ido. police had to act fast to stopoo it from spreading.
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stay with us.ay with back after this. ths. >> wow.
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>> another live look at the water main break in old townthen alexandria. that water just still gushingttg this morning. so, hopefully they will get a a cap on this soon.on this on. always tough to figure outre ut which one of those knobs to knoo turn at the faucet. fa is it the hot water? cold water. water. they'll get it shut you have shf hopefully. >> let the pressure build likede it's going to blousing don't let it build up. >> deep breaths. >> you'reeep welcome. some good news about thatat emergency spillway.spillw officials in orovillevill california say water levels lves have dropped more than 20 feet
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crews continue to work around tk the clock to make emergencyemncy repairs though.irs there is rain inth the forecastt for today but officialsfficials areconfident the dam will holdmd up. several people who were out of their homesral evacuatec you know, returned to find their home burglarized.home bur. arrests have been made. water levels again dropped dr more than 20 feet. good with the bad but thebutthe arrests have been made. made. >> california has rain on theori way and thena the snow melt soo their challenges are not overver yet. >> they're saying they'rehey' ready for read >> yeah, okay.y yeah, okay. remember yesterday they wereeste putting rocks in the hole. hl >> i'm confident. okay, i have a question. >> yes. >> what's up with all these>>, little salmon looking things. th >> fish running off into theoffe ocean. >> with this map. wit can you explain it to >> oh, thank you,ex yeah. ye i was not sure what you were whe talking about. that's showing us our wind direction. n. >> okay. is it a difference with thewi colort variations on the map map like green is warm. warm. >> you're asking deepking dep questions here.he. >>ra
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>> lighter blue is 30's, character purple means teensans an's.0's. 33 now in washington.a everybody locally here here regionally what is waking upking to cold temperatures.p our wind chills right now are ci in the 20's. we have had almost noll snow. sno we've had 1.4-inches of snow snw here in washington this year. but parts of maine after their third storm in the past week wek most snow they've ever had inad february.febrry. >> i know we've asked you thises before but have we hadd snowless winters entirelynt where we haven't had any snow. o >> reminds me of like a a hairless i don't know.don' >> in the words of tupac shakur i ain't mad at >> in 72, 73 and in i think 98th we had 110th of an inch of snow. >> we've always had at least alw something. we have a little lake effectle e snows off to our north and west this morning.orning. tucker fox5 tweet me if youm have them and i'll showshow pictures. and much mount to much most of our day will be partly t sunny, chilly. wind chills in the 30's ands d
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still looking at that tat fantastic weekend warmup as iup mentioned earlier we're going'rg to go right past the crocuses and the snowdrops intoow daffodil territory by next by nt week. maybe some 70's by next week. we >> because of you i think iu i know what a crocus s it's like's the little -- some littlesm greenery is popping up in myppiy yard. >> yeah. >> that's a crocus.>> >> and a lit ttleha tiny flowern will come up with it. >> awesome. in truth erin it's not my yard a it's my neighbor's but hey. >> let them do the hard workthew and you admire >> and exactly.ex >> whenever i think of the of th word crocus for some reason i imagine like a frog on lillyl pad hanging out in the spring.s spewing water all over theg wal trees in old town alexandriatowa breaking news we've been been tracking active water maine wat break for over two hours now. n. 200 block of park road impact it it's shut down. --'s thought
7:18 am
as you can see the branches ofhe the tree looking beautifulb kind of complete iced overof c right now. we'll keep you posted onom that. annie yu is at that scene sce gathering more information.rmao. as we switch things over from outer loop winter wonderland woe to look our roads. ro clash on 202 cleared.clea delays heavy back to the t beltway. starting to ease. as we look at the istnner loop,, out by little river turnpike we were tracking an earlierarler accident. he shouldover to the shoulder so things on the inner loopngs l looking good right nowoop fromwo the springfield interchange uprp to 66. we'll keep you updated on your r commute. right now metro is on time tme except for safe track surge 12 impacting the blue line. allison and steve.eve. >> wow. >> (sirens). >> dashcam video capretured aura quick thinking officer in offern texas doing his part tos doing o prevent a car fire from spreading. this happened saturday night at a jack in the box drive through, it's a restaurant.aura. officer chris womack used hisk
7:19 am
truck away from the restaurant. re there you can see pushing itshit right out of the drive throughvh to try to keep that fire from fm spreading. the driver was able to get outeg of that truck before it caught on fire and i think in partnar due to the officer's actionscerc nobody at the restaurant orthe o the drive through was injured.j. >> ♪♪ >> new this morning, anotheringe d.c. school is reportedlyrep dealing with a bed bug problembm this comes after fox5 firstox5 f reported about a bed bug problem at savoy elementary.. fox5's bob barnard is livesive in northeast to tell us abouto this latest school that'solt's reportedly infested with theset pests. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ally son, yes, this is ormteiner elementary school 15th and fan f streets northeast.rtheast. school is opened today,toay, teachers are already students won't be here forhere f awhile still but yes, we aree e learning mainly from dcs thatcst there is an infestation of bedod bugs. gs. they also value rodent problem o as do other schools that havet h rat traps around the buildingsei or what have you butt have youut apparent
7:20 am
three times in the past week pak students have been found to have bed bugs on their clothing. they're not calling it an 're not infestation cabulltin obviously concern somehow these bed bugse got into the school probablyhe from a stu sdent's home orome or something like that. tha but the school is going tong stay opened as they work toy w clean it up and as you ou mentioned, we were the firstthet to report it's been weeks nowksn that they had a similar problem at savoy elementary eley school in southeast washingtons so much so they had to closec the school for a couple days. d. students are now at ats are at different school and as youent o can see in ourol video there the school is undergoing a major cleanup, scouring of the the building inside and eventuallyn out to try to get rid of thed o bed bug problem there.problem th but this one is just coming to o light this morning, again, agan, school here at minerminr elementary school in sessionol n as they deal with another bed b bug outbreak, guys.k, >> my goodness, bob, thank youa very much for thatn report.repo coming up
7:21 am
ain't so, joe.ain't sojoe. the white house press secretary sean spicer uses the wrong name when talking abouttai the canadian prime minister.ini. >> but there is no love lostost on social media for the leader e from the north since his visit i to the united states, oh, heh, e has been trending online.e. ♪ ♪♪ [laughter] [laughter]
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>> it's a great song. sog. especially when you look atn yot this next story.story. live look over the dmv this dm morning. nice start to the d ay. 34 degrees. you want the tie in? okay.oky. following president trump's meeting with canadian primeian m minister justin trudeautrudeau earlier this week press secretary sean spicer steak taking some heat. he. >> spicer called the primer minister by theca wrong name. >> yesterday the president the t sat -- had a incredibly productive at the time set of meetings and discussions withcui prime minister joe trudeau.trde. >> look, i've been there.the slip of the tongue.slip t it happens. o >> followingha mr. trudeau's visit to the u.s. social media u is giving the ca.snadian leaderl a new title mr. steel your. stey girl. it was inspired by ad by photograph of first daughtera ivanka trump appearing to admire trudeau at the white house. [laughter] she's just giving --i
7:25 am
>> looks like president trumpik is doing the same thing.e prame. and look at kate middleton.mid >> that's right. >> across the pond and actor in beauty and the beast emmabeaa watson on the left there.n the e >> he gets the look.. h >> he gets the look.e ge he he's a goodgets t looking man. . >> allison you probably sawbly this when you and tucker weree giving out doughnuts the otherso day. this is a look that tucker socko often gets when he walksgets whw around the streets of d.c.f d.. >> i want to tell yout to tell u something. i know you all gave us griefg for giving people doughnutsg pe trying to get their >> i'm not quite sure we gave g you grief. you grie >> yes, you did.>> tucker barnes went on a metrobus basically to give gi doughnuts away and i went toto give a napkin and our handsand almost got caught in the buse bs but when we do something we do o it a hundred percent.erc >> we're all in.n >> and they were mocking uskin back here. he we could hear you in the in t earpiece. >> this is a fake >> you guys are yelling atuys people to give them doughnuts. you don't rememberve tthat. th >> i want to you go back anda they can voice, all right.oice >>
7:26 am
does it everybody does it.ever >> oh, is that what it is? it i okay.ok >> yeah, that's right. >> witheah, that logic try not t screw the forecast up. >> allison is very accurateccate with this. we were given a hard time forr aggressively trying to give away doughnuts.ughn >> sometimes in tucker'ser's attempt on tv to get somebody's attention it comestts across a little strong. >> it's tough love. loe it's doughnuts.'s d >> i know the intention ouwgas there. >> it's called passion.s calledn 33 in washington.shi winds and west at 10. look at your twitchr twitch 25 degrees.25 d no doughnuts for steve allison. there's your satellite and radar.ough your we got lake effect snows off ef to our north and west esnnoughen to coat the ground. terry just tweeted me from damascus and said she hase ha enough to coat the grounds in gn damascus. parts of the area are going to n be seeing some very lightr snows early this morning.this for the evident research usde partly sunny blustery andnt c rc today daytime highs in the lowet 40's and this is really the te last of winter for at leastt lst the next week. wek.
7:27 am
10 to 15 days snow loversow doesn't look good here. her if you like warm temperatures,p, mild temperatures you're goingtu love the weekend.reeken saturday, sunday, monday look fantastic.fantasc. 65, maybe 68 degrees byegreey saturday afternoon.ernoon los greaeat. erin how are roads. >> 7:27. some updated information forform you out of old town alexandria. water main break impactingcti king road. road. water no longer gushing outeg there. park road and main shuti down. down watch for slick spots on king kg street in that area crews just got the water wr turned off. of a lot of icy residue on the on e trees there so we'll keep you updated.up >> committee 19 time dozens of restaurants businesses even assa d.c. school all closing todaycls for the dayin without immigrants protest.otest. >> supporters say presidenter donald trump's immigrations igrn policies cast a bad light onht n all immigrants.igrant critics say he is only goinggoig after illegal immigrants.migrs. so we'll ask one of thee participating restaurantating ra owners about that ne
7:28 am
with many people with adhd. adhd hope for new understanding andnn treatment. trtment. time right now 7:27.7:7. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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discover the feeling of new dove shower foam. ♪♪ look right now you can see g the river in the background.. very top of the screen.the scr it's chilly this morning. 34 degrees, slight breeze outres there as, slig well.ell. check with tucker in a couple ol minutes. meantime 7:30 this morning.r someone thousand lobbyists,is business people, politicians riding amtrak trains from new f jersey into the district comingc to town for new jersey's 80thh annual chamber of commerce comme lobbying trip. governor christie will deliver r the keynote address.e the event comes as president pri trump has vowed to quote drainue the swamp citing an order an ord restricting administrationtratn officials from lobbying
7:31 am
american hate groups are onn the rise. particularly anti muslim groups. this is according to the southern poverty law center then report says the hate groups in the united states nearly tripled from 34 in 2015 to 101 last ear year. the liberal leaning organizatiot says some of the rise is on i president trump's campaign and election.el a tributed to president trump'sp campaign and election. electio more now on today's dayod's without immigrants protest thato will likely impact dozens ofsf restaurants in the d.c. region. it was organized on social medim meant to highlight the effect that immigrant workers have onn ily b basis. >> among the restaurant boy boys and poets much melanie alnwickln is live outside their locationio at 14th and v northwest withwesw why they decided to support thee movement with the owner.vement good morning, mel.orni >> reporter: good morning,ng steve and allison.. andy has been so kind to openkit the doors for us we can come cam inside and talk with him. so his organization, how manyn,n reaurants s in all? >> we have six.haveix >> six.
7:32 am
are going to be shutting downow are shut down today for the day without immigrants.. joining from what we know atw a this point at least 60 perhaps r more other restaurants in thenhe d.c. area that are participating in some way in the event today.t so andy, give me an idea of whyy you wanted to this. >> this is a day withouthout immigrants. it's an important day.nt it started as small movement mov like so many things happen. hpe started as small movement anden grew, and suddenly we realizedee this is something that's reallyl important for us as well. we wanted to be a head of it. i. we didn't want to show up and a have no staff.o i'm an immigrant, too, i am an immigrant, and as an immigrant,m i felt like i needed to stand in solidarity with my staff.ta >> why did you feel that sot so personally? what's happeninghae politically today that made youy want to do this because someause people are saying, hey, you know what, president trump is pushing back against illegal immigrantsa and you're a legal ept why do you care?do y >> that rhetoric
7:33 am
know during the election weelecn heard immigrants are rapists ana criminals and all of this, you know, that doesn't sit very well with many people. peo it certainly does not sit well w with me. me. immigrants that i know arei kno people that are law abiding abi citizens.tizens they have families.ilies rooted here in the community and they're not going anywhere.'re we st tart talking people likeee that it gets very dangerous. and this late order he put out where all these legal immigrantg were standing in airports being unattended to, being lost, not n knowing where to go, we we understand these people have pel gone through tremendous hardmens ships to get her and for to us just kind of say, okay, wait a minute, we have tow sort of get our act together act could be very dangerous andnd devastating to some peopleome because they've saved their entiusre live just te o getth as here, and now they're here, they can't wait at a four seasonsoure hotel while we're making m decisions what to do.what to d so they're lost.hey' l so it's very upsetting when youn see n and then the raids. all these raids that people
7:34 am
minds. we don't know where the raids r start and end, we don't knowon'k what they're looking for. loo fr you don't know if you'll be be brought into a net a group net g people you don't have anything a to do witch it's very disturbinv time. >> right. have you had employees come to e you with fears andmp clooncerns? >> a lot of employs have hav expressed concerns becauses c particularly about the raids ani about things like that.ike tha that i think are to lot ofoot people that come here, they comm from oppressive regimes, andegi, this just feels like a veryy oppressive way to do things. thg there are better ways to do it.o there are better ways to improvp the way we do immigration.igrati we need true immigration reformr where we're not splitting upti mothers and daughters and husbands and wives, and familiel from their extended family andia have people wait ten to 20 yeary in order for them to get vettedv and be able to come that's not a good way to do w things. when you set up rules that arete ridiculous and very very ver complicated and difficult, people are going to break them.t that's the reality of human >> right. this has cost i was decentwas d amount of money.
7:35 am
are you paying them for the dayo >> they all have leave.ha many of them have either sick s leave or they're paid vacationdt or something like that.e tha they're allowed to take thattoae today. >> and you're also i see put see some signs out in front of. o >> yes. >>ou want p: you want people to notice this.eo to>> absolute. this is not a day that should gg without notice it's an importani day for people to recognize that immigrants are all of us.llf we are a country of immigrants.. i came here in this country in 1966. and when i hear our presidentsit say make america great againreat n-1966 illegal for black person and white person to marry in tht state of virginia. the civil rights act had justads passed. the voting right act had just js passed for to us say makeayak america great again, i don't know what that again part is.atr i think we've done a lot ofot o progress to come here and ier ad don't want to take that progress backwards. >> andy shallal. sha i'm sure by 8:00 o'clock you'lll have people bang and on the dooo waiting to come in. in >> and that's my j
7:36 am
really to be at the door to sayy to people, this is why we're why closing and we've had tremendoud amount of support i'm sot i'm appreciative of our >> reporter: okay.>>ter: thank you, end., steve and allison, again, andy a is just one of those businessins owners taking part in thisg par today. >> mel, i'm just curious lookino for clarification when it comes to this. to t if the employees are -- he saysy they're taken care of in some s cases not getting paid maybe noe everybody wanted to take part in this. this. at the owners taking that decision to close down the restaurants or at the employeesn who said, theynts or d aidn't w' here, they wanted the restaurans shut down today? >> reporter: well n andy's and case he made the decision to go go ahead and close his restaurants, and give thoseho employees the day to participati in this.inhis i suppose there may be somee individuals out there wherere w there are businesses perhapssesr that can't afford to close for f the day. the so from what we've heard fromead different businesses, some areee closing some locations and thost employees who don't have leavee or want to work can work at anothe
7:37 am
they're working to make accommodations.odions another one said for thed for t employees that are not at work r the ones will be working decided they would pool their tp it seems like in many instancese is it sort of collaboration or o group dig to do it certainlyerta there could be employees and children here and there familiem who decide on their own to taket the day out.. >> thanks for the clarification. mel annie down at bus boys and poets.ets >> all right.>> all right. what you know good, tucker barnes? not a lot. >> o. >> o. >> i do know about the weather.w cold temperatures.utcold tempere wind chills right now in thein t 20s. make sure you are ready for20 a february d won't need the jacket as much mc this weeknd but you'll want it w this weekend.this wnd. thirty-three at reagan national. dulles and baltimore 32 degrees. wind chills out of the west anda north at tepp to 15 giving us wind chills in the teens and 2s 20s. not sure these numbers will bere much above freezing later todayt as we'll still have breezes andd again good northwest flow going today. so wintry feel out there.he. little bit of snow shower
7:38 am
west. close to damascus now you may encounter few flurries in the city most of our day will be oul partly sunny and temps in thepst low 40s. 4 wind chills in the 30s this thi afternoon. it will feel quite cool outl o seven day weekend forecast coming up momentarily.ary. erin, how is our geyser.eyse >> geyser has been shut o no more water flow. flo so we're just dealing withling leftover icy conditions in old n town alexandria park road at at king street use caution there. t wanted to show you this liveou i look at 50 issue.. earlier crash we were trackingek moved over to the left shoulders it's still out there. tre you can kind of see it in these distance there both lanes areota open. we're still backed up from the beltway toill 295. 2 but things definitely easing. e. we're just seeing heavy flow of outbound 50 really nice receiptp now. as we forward things along thelg inner loop as you make your wayy out through annandale this thi morning there's an accident ifid we can forward our camerasrdur c blocking the right shoulderight there involving a truck. t you can see traffic moving along okay just a little bit of stopfo and go traffic from thehe springfield interchange to 66ge
7:39 am
your opinion across the legionn bridge as well. well. we'll take a look at our maps. m things are moving along just fine as you make your way out oo 66. outer loop a crash at 202 landover so we're seeing delays through t largo as you approach 5 and there's that red zone weede showed you on 50 inbound by 202 from that earlier for the rest of your thursdayrs morning commute dealing with usual congestion.ngeson ninety-five to georgia avenue.ia a 20 minute slow down on the to side of the beltway.the beltway as you make your way in from f glenn echo we're seeing delayshw on cabin john, clara barton and river road and then 395 jams upj a bit from the mixing bowl tol about the pentagon and thenn and things open up. 210 traffic lights are flashingh at fort washington so delays ar heavy through fort washingtonasn this morning in both directionsi have some patience there.e t we'll have more traffic in justo a few. metro is on time except tour ex safetrack impacting the blue blu line.line allison and stevely. still ahead pushing back b last call. we'll tell which you state wantw to change closing time from 2:00
7:40 am
>> late night. nig neeble japan found a cool way to recycle their old cell phones. o what an opportunity it will beti for some. you'll understand when weu' physical you the story.ll uys ital's 7 y:40.
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> here's why people in japanwh are donating old cell phonesy ps because they'll be recycled in to metals they can use for the t 2020 olympic games. the tokyo 2020 organizingizin committee hopes to gather as ghe much a8
7:43 am
outdated mobile phones and small appliances and then recycle that and turn them into medal. med it's the first time of its kinds for the >> cool. >> it's a good idea, right. idet >> right. >> the medals aren't solid goldl any way.ay. >> right. >> why not recycle. >> get riffed your old phone,d o too. >> win/win.>> w/win. new study found children with adhd have several brain regionss that are slightly smaller than usual. now the study might provide proi clues for developing neww treatments. doctors say if you know which wh region of the brain is involvede in adhd then doctors can possibly target that specificpei part with medication.. the researchers add this is morm evidence that the disorder that should be considered a neurological condition.dition. but those who want to partyt all night long iny california te state's bar scene may soon soon accommodate your lifestyle.le >> i was thinking this might beh something closer to home fome you're out in california go forr it. it it would let cities set theirete own last call times currentlynt last call in callie is 2:00
7:44 am
call back as late as 4:00 a.m. in some california is not real big on bo the late night bar scene. scene i will say that.ha >> really. >> it's not like new york where you can be out all night. calilike nn befornia they don'te that. club --at a >> nightclubs will but the bars --rs >> that's the distinct.the stin >> yeah. >> got it.>> g >> funny guy charlie day made md ada name for him is horrible bosses, it's always sunny inny i philadelphia. >> very funny guy. he teams up with>> v ice cube in new movie it's called fistfightg charlie day sits down with ourio own kevin mccarthy coming up in the fox beat.the i hope he didn't pick a >> i'm guessing it will be a lot of talking in there, too.oo they both like to talk. >> they're talkers? >> they're talkers. >> yeah. ♪♪
7:45 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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>> we're just about an hour and 12 minutes away from good day. here's a look at our guest list for this tabhuouwarsy dak at oy. kevin will sit down with charlie day. you know him from always sunny y in philadelphia. philade now he's in new movie fistfight from ice cube.ub we heard from ice cube the othet day. today we get to hear fromro charlie day.arlie. r and b singer anna lay had top 20 hit on the radio for months.h she's in the loft to perform her song roses. we'll play fox5 feud. this morning our fox5 familyy takes on local family justus reached on the real family feudd so we'll see if we can match upu against them and i'm pretty surr the answer is no. >> instead of we'll buzzers bze we'll have whistles. whiles. >> or clap our hands orr clur h something. jump up and down and make noises >> can't wait. it wilfe
7:48 am
today. hasn't felt a whole lot likeotik winter for much of the winter. and looking forward this might i be the last day of wintry w february feel for quite awhile. we'll be basking in the glory oo some early springtimeim temperatures here for theor weekend.ekd. current numbers let's see, we got 33 in washington.hingto i was waiting for an update. twenty-eight in gaithersburg.urg thirty-two dulles. d no doubt about d this morning. those are your actual airlir temperatures wind chills arechie hanging out in the 20s for just about thirty-two leonardtown.nardtown. good morning.good mning thirty-one in fredericksburg. most everybody below freezing fe and thank you i've been gettingg tweets of light flurries even here in the city a flurry or tww has been seen or at least it waw thought to be a flurry. and you can see this is actualll lake effect snows kicking in ann we've got a very strong northwest flow.t flow. enough to coat the ground in damascus thanks terry forry f letting me know and up near 81.8 in fact in western maryland weaw had school delays this morning as they got a couple they do have winter weatherter t advisory out that.advi you can see the lake is not frozen and you get those coldseh
7:49 am
effect snows these streamersws s that we're dealing with thish ts morning. most of our day partly sunny,ny, cool, daytime lose in the lowhew 40s and wip chills in the 30s 3s today.y. so make sure you bring yourng jacket if you head out thisf yoe morning. this is a weekend look. loo warm front gets north of us anda we're all systems go for aor couple of gorgeous days aroundro here. i'm not sure we'll be perfectlyt sunny, but with temperatures 20 degrees above normal it willl certainly start to feel liketolk spring around here by saturday,, sunday and for your holiday onio monday. mond typically, president's day d weekend we talk aboutbo snowstorms. not this year.t ear we'll be again looking att springtime temperatures.rature right into next nex all of next week looks temperatures above normal. maybe near 7 >> i have an idea.>>ave share.shar since we're working on president' days we should a sd a president's day barbecue >> i think that's a great idea.e >> don't you think that's ahiha' wonderful >> yeah. >> you always say no to partiess and i'm always looking for partp unactually agreed this time.d ts that's exciting.'s right now we'll take look ao traffic. tr we'll switch over to our this water main break is underer control in old town alexandria.. however, it was
7:50 am
gushing water so we're dealingr with a lot of slick park road remains closed right now for cleanup.up even though traffic is getting i by on king street in old town, , lot of water there could cause slick spots especially with with reduced temperatures even ins en that area seeing a lot ofrea seg icicles on the trees from the tm water that was gushing so high in thehe so please use caution in old up to that's the motto that. t you can see slow traffic on callahan drive as well.ell we may seeing additionaldditiona secondaries in that area witht h slick spots. northbound 295 heavy volume frol the beltway to the 11th street bridge.e inner loop jams in the typicalc spot from branch avenue across u the wilson bridgee as you makeak your way through oxon hill. route 1 heavier traffic thererat and 395 jammed from the beltwayy to the pentagon. southbound 295 from 50 to the 5 11th street bridge i basically at a crawl. north at that point there ist ts some slow downs from the beltwal as you get into riverdale park and 50 inbound from about 410 to 295 still jammed earlier crash h by 202 at 50 inbound did clear.r new york avenue heavy by by bladensburg.bladsbur suitland parkway inbound heavyea towards south capitol and then e the outer loop we're dealingre g wi a
7:51 am right by 202 and you can see s heavy delays on the outer loopuo through largo.throug once you pass 50, they open up.u back to you guys. ♪♪ thanks, erin.. >> kev, you hear this in your head at home. hom >> i do when i go to sleep. i think about you guys, too.t y >> that's awesome. >> before i get >>to my t interw package i want to show something because i have the excuse toxcuo show one of the coolest action o scenes of all time. t a reason for this.on forhis >> somebody tweeted you. y. >> just role this.>> jus just role this for a second. sec this is amazing. this monster is slapped by a a boat.. keep this in t look at this. t okay. okay. that's awesome.some all right. that? i showing >> why? >> why am i repeat wing it? i >> i don't know.'t know. he's dragging an boat and he's s slapping a monster with a boat. >> okay. >> i'm geeking out.>> an iy'm ways, you can stop rolli that now.. charlie day you might know himnw from it's always sunny inwa sun philadelphia he's in pacific rim. >> okay. >> he's also filming pacific rir two but i sat down withim
7:52 am
a different film.ent film. >> they need a bigger boat.need a>> i hope s bo. hopeo. i hope he has a bigger boat inrn the new one.ew. i like your jaws joke.ok >> thank you. thank you. we can just role that clip oneoe more time. i spoke to charlie day about hih new movie fistfight.isight. in this film he's facing off against ice cube. ice c you know him from it's alwayslws sunny in philadelphia. two teachers in the film ande fd they're going to have a fistfight after school.r school. i spoke to charlie day about abo this particular movie workingori with ice cube and a particularll funny horse scene in the film.h. watch this. >> first every allirst every all >> thanks kev. >> i'm a big fan of film makingn i'm wondering how the scene tne worked when you're being draggee by the horse and the paint was going off in your face. are you on something? how doesd that work when you're filmingoui that moment? >> there was one take where a horse yank add stunt guy who who broke his rib into a like intoit whatever that was like a vent a whip him out.ip hi out i couldn't believe it.uldn >> oh my god.h god >> then they're like you're not doing t. so instead we're
7:53 am
you a golf cart. golf cart. [ laughter ][ lauger ] >> and so they dragged me by me golf cart down the hallway, and i think the paint -- the paint i think is me reacting as if i'm m being hit by we put it in in post.os there might have been one actual exploding paint thing we added one. on >> i'm to the going to giveo anything away the scene is one of my favorite scenes in a longn time.. it involves a young perp cursinc a lot. that's all i'm going to say. sa. i'm wondering for people whenple they see this interview, thatewt scene in general, was thishi person really saying those wordr and was that person's parents onset while this person wasso ws saying this?sahis? >> that person was saying thosee words. [ laughter ] as and that person's mother was there. >> did it feel weird for you tot do that scene knowing.wi. >> after 12 years of doing it's' always sunny in philadelphia, we've definitely done some stufe with kids where it's a littleitl bit, you know, edgy in terms of lang
7:54 am
>> yeah. >> so i was used to it but, yes, it did feel a little bit likeik hey, sorry about this. t mind if we get your daughter too say this?say s? >> obviously you worked on big action step pieces which iss ic awesome. pacific rim, you know, is it sos different for you walking onset in regards to geeking out aboutt certain things i'm sure the sett are obviously much different.fet what did it feel for to you walk on a set like pacific rim versus >> the first pacific rim the rie sets were huge and/or 98 and crazy.y. there's one scene i'm runningenn from the monsters he's comes upp to me, like cars are going to bb flying over your head and i saii you're going to drop cars in. i. no that car is going to fly ovee your head.ea so don't stop running or it will, um, it will crush you. you [ laughter ] >> really good impression.mpreso >> thanks. >> fortunately there were nolyno flying cars in this. >> just one more time. t here we go. g look at this. thi >> you had to wa
7:55 am
>> i just want to keep watchingn it. he's slapping him with a boat. a >> yeah. y >> i mean that is -- the greatest action scene of allof l time.time. sorry.. >> pretty amazing. [ laughter ] >> it shows perspective.ersp wow that's a huge pro bot.oot >> for a full hour.l hour. >> i will say. charlie day had a boat in i fistfight we know who would win. >> i can wait for pacific rimifc too. he'll be in that fistfight openn up friday that was the most addd segment i've ever done.on i'm sorry i had to roll thatll a clip for some reason. >> i'm not going to pre purchase my tickets for pacific rim two.o i'll let you watch it first.t f. >> i hope it's a bigger boat.r a >> you get to review fistfightit tomorrow. >> tomorrow morning and united kingdom.morn a bunch of good movies comingd m out tomorrow.ou >> thanks, kev. kev >> 7:55. let's check in with the one, tht only tucker barnes right afterht we do the facebook fan of then e day. my bad. this is young devon harley. >> yay! >> hey good looking>>. >> like a young tucker barneskeb
7:56 am
>> got his nats jersey on, cooll nats sunglasses.glasse he watches fox5 every morning m with his mom monica before bor heading off to school. soo hi monica to you as well. >> hello. today the big day for>> devon.. he's turning 13 years old. old >> all right. right. >> teenager.nage >> teenager now.>> t happy birthday, devon. we here at fox5 wish you the best day year live baseballasebl season coming up, springg training, whatever it is, haveae the best ever. eve say hello to all your classmates for make sure you study hard so one day we can watch you play forlay the nats. >> tuck right there i think he'h looking off saying i see a worlr series in the future. >> i hope he sees it this year. i'm losing my patience.e. that's a good picture. cool one for us today. wind chills 25 degrees what itst fee like out wind chills are ini the low to mid 30s throughoutou the day even light lake effect c snows reached the immediatechede washington area. so you might encountwaer a fewew snow showers or snow flurries early most of date partly sunnyy temps in the low 40s and we aree going to keep it cool today. tay and then cold
7:57 am
look at your weekend warmup. temps in the 60s arounde saturday, sunday monday rightht into next week we'll keep it ra>> rolling.tempe et get ready. your yard is going to explode ee with beautiful flowers the nextn couple of weeks.eeks right, erin? >> yes, right. wisdom martin walk in with an wt piece of pizza and i'm so distracted because it smells sme really good. sorry to call you out. isn't 95 northbound by fairfaxt county parkway moving alongin a fine. you can see the delays we hadad earlier easing about by stafforf dealing with little bit ofe bitf congestion lingering by 610 as0a we forward our cameras we'll dol a tour of the area. area. as we approach 8:00 o'clock nott seeing terrible conditions on cn our roads right now except foror 395 by the pentagon still jammee up towards the 14th street see bridge.brid keep it to fox5 back in just a few.ew. ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.. good morning.ning. i'm allison seymour.. >> i'm steve thanks for joining us thisshi morning. 8:00 a.m. on this thursmoda, february 16th, 2017.01 here's what's on the fox5 news5w morning menu. this was the scene ince i alexandria for more than twoia r hours. a water main break sending water shooting 100 feet in the air air turning everything it touched tt ice. we're live on the scene with the impact that it's having on the morning rush. >> plus a show of solidarity ast dozens of restaurants in the d.c. area will be closed for a a day without immigrants.mmig
8:01 am
protest. >> senator tim kaine will joinl us live in just minutes.ines he'll discuss the chaos playing out on capitol hill fromillfr confirmation hearings to repeal of affordable care act. act also details about a metro billb that senator plans to introduce. and bon voyage boo boo d.c. favorite panda one of them att least is leaving the nationalhel zoo and heading far east. it's what's every four years. >> i shall miss you bao bao. b >> on this thursday morning theg birds are flying. not too bad. b 34 degrees on thursday morningy last chilly day before a big warmup starts to take shapeak se right in time for the weekend. >> let's get a quick check onck traffic and weather.traffic ande we'll start with youat tuck.. >> lake effect snow out therefe and wind chills in thect 20s.he2 so make sure you bring yourring jacket when you head wheo i'll have all the details onu h today's forecast.orec you'll love the weekend forecast coming up. up. erin how are roads.ds >> dealing with problems.ith inner loop slow we have a crash blocking the shoulder by littlet river turnpik
8:02 am
aside from that we are still atl tracking water main break scenes wrapping up icy conditionstions possible around king street andt old town. a look with your next look at lo traffic as well. >> in the news 8:00 sorry oneso developing right now, a russian intelligence ship continues towu travel along the east coast yout what spotted near connecticut.nt officials say it's about 30 miles from u.s. naval basena there but it is still considered to be in international waters. spokesperson for the defenseefen accept says the ship has notot entered u.s. territory in the te water and they quote respectpect freedom of navigation, exercisee by all nations. that's the official word. the ship is believed to be on its way to the crib bow yann. ♪♪ the the white housese declining to comment on possibll row mace many force labore labor secretary after presidentetary f trump's nominee andrew puzder withdrew his name the decision came among growing scepticismcec from republicans he could not bb confirm. fast food executive faced criticism by democrats forts for allegedl
8:03 am
workers and opposing minimum wage hikes, domestic a bus allegation from his ex-wife hadh also surfaced.faced. she later retracted those claimc of claims.of clas. now, even though he fired hr national security adviser michael flynn, president donaldr trump says that general flynn is a quote wonderful man who was treated very very unfairly by the media. flynn was fired after reports that he discussed sanctions witt the russian ambassadorio to the united states before presidentor trump was sworn into office.ff white house spokesman sean s spicer said tuesday that generar nine had lost the president's trust. ust president going after thosee who have leaked information toei the press describing it as a criminal act.. so let's continue talkingonu about politics right now.liti rg we'll turn to congress some maym aerugo the current session isur off to rocky start for spats foa over presidential appointees to diss manned link the affordable care act and serious questions about national security.d linkns anotheecrur issue to tackle affc commuters right here in the dcc area that is metro. so let's get right it
8:04 am
joins us live from capitol hill. always good to talk to you.ood o let's talk, first, we just mentioned -- good morning.. >> we just mentioned about thebe russian spy ship and we talk sot much about these intelligence leaks.le i'm curious what you know and ad your opinion on how much intelcl should be shared, should thed president in fact know everything?evything? >> um, steve i'm on the armedhem services and foreign relations committees and it is absolutelyy imperative that congress carryer forward on this investigation into ties between the trump campaign, the trump tmp administration and the russian government.rn. general done forward the head of the joint chiefs of staff has said russia is the anniversary a we should most be concerned cced about in the world because ofldf their military capacity.. and because of their intent ass evidenced by their cyber hacking u.s. presidential election and in the presence of this spy shih up off the coast of thef the connecticut not because they'reo our friend.t because they'reour fr an adversd that was why it was appropriateo
8:05 am
now, i've seen reports aboutbout some intel agencies worrying woy about sharing information withim the white house. hou it is possible that generalen flynn's resignation will clearic up that concern. general flynn lost security surt clearance with one of the intelt agencies where he currently usee to work within the last 24 hours. ho and maybe the fact that he's now out of the white house will houe eliminate that problem.. but this -- this set of connections with a government that is an adversary is deeply y troubling, and we've got to gett to the bottom of it. >> if in fact there's some typep of break down between the intelligence community and the president what does that do forf what happens for those of in yo congress now to make sure thatke the right information gets tot the rightinfo people? >> well, this is something we're going to have to dig into againa it may be that the resignation of general flynn will open upn u more flow of information.orti i have only seen published reports about
8:06 am
inn agent seas to shareeas s information with the whiteationi house.te you can be sure that the intelligence committee where myw colleague senator warner is the chief democrat and the armedhe d services and foreign relations t committees where i sit we'llit w take this very seriously an we're digging into the russian contacts as well as is there a, you know, an appropriate flow oo information from intelligencente agencies to the white house anda togrongress. >> i'm curious, senator, on a o slightly different topic here, r based on what we've seen in thes last month coming out of theomhe white house, based on what we've seen in the last month comingth out oflast m capitol hill, whats changed as far as the dye dayhey life of a member of congressgres now? what's different from itit was in the past for you just ono a day to day working standpoint? >> you know i'll tell you, y, steve, and this will seemleem obvious when i say it, but itwhi kind of surprised me. me. in my first four years in the senate, overwhelmingly calls into night office were peoplee l who were concerned about thingsi president obama was doing.
8:07 am
into my office are from peopleeo who are concerned about thingsbi president trump is doig and they're very different groups of people. so, um, you know, it was one set of folks were concerned for theo first four years and now a and n completely different set ofet o folks are concerned.rned have the yum of calls into our office about things has gone upp in some instances eight or nine times over what was the volume l we were used to just two orr three months ago. especially around some of themef nominees. not all of them but some of them especially.. the russian cyber hacking of tht american presidential election e and then thing that i think is s the biggest that you mentioned i the effort to repeal thel affordable care act. so many virginians are telling i me that would be an absoluteute disaster. fix it, improve it, repair it don't repeal it in way thatay ta would cause 30 million peoplee the combined populations of 19li states to lose health insurancen >> i want to switch ar
8:08 am
bring it a little more local a l right now, senator, because obviously your constituents in i virginia need to get to work.oor the folks in maryland and d.c. >> absolutely. >> lot of them rely on metroelyt right now. it's a tricky situation becausen we have multiple wheels ins i motion here because we have places like alexandria andndriaa places like loudoun county whony are being hit now with more cosc expenditures perhaps theyerha te expected coming from metro. m we have federal officials and fta saying we'll with hold fundn right now. it doesn't seem like everybody e is on the same page so what can we do to makee everybody play nice together? >> well, there is pressure on tn make sure that we are improvingg the safety so that all users can feel completely comfortable witt metro. now, i'll give the gm paulm wiedefeld credit. credit. i think he came into a very difficult situation where thetit system had not been managed well either by the board or o and he has really taken it by the horns and done a lot of a l things in the safety space somes which o
8:09 am
to rider nos doubt. nou he says safety comes ft when the fta announced they werr going to start to with holdh h funds over safety that was veryr unfortunate. that hurts the system but theyut are sending the same message mea that safety comes first. first so my virginia and maryland mard colleagues we've introduced anta metro safety commission bill.n l we've work it out carefully with dc, virginia and maryland, andnd we're simultaneously introducinu legislation in the district inic both states and in congress too set up a safety commission that can oversee the safety of the ot system. hould give ftas some comfort that we're takingrt this seriously and hopefully that hold on funds can be released sooner rather thanerha later. late >> i want to wrap things uprap i senator with a bit of historicaa note right now i know thatha you're work wig colleagues inols have a is right now when we gogw down to the hampton roads areaoe and talk about history w it comes to places like pointe poi comfort a history that may bestm lost quiet frankly on so many virginians and so many amer
8:10 am
americans. >> i'm really excited about this, ste reallve. i'm introducing a bill with bilw colleagues in the senate and house to have a federal commission to celebrate 400te years of african and african-american history in thin country. the first africans who came int the english colonies captured portuguese slave ship andnd brought ashore at point comfortf fort monroe in hamp, virginia in 1619. 1619 congress had a commission toiont commemorate the english routesou of the united states, the 400th anniversary of jamesam town. congress char the a commissionos to celebrate the spanish routese in the united states 450th of saint augustine, florida.rida if english history and lives matter if spanish roots and rooa lives matter, then african roots matter, too. too. and we ought to be putting thene federal commission together that can prepare hedge occasional materials in advance of 2019 so1 we can celebrate four centuriess of the contributions o african-americ
8:11 am
country. >> 400 years coming up right it i wasn't rot corner in 2019. senator, thanks for joining usni as always.lway appreciate it.appreciate it. >> absolutely. great to be with you guys. >> senator tim kaine fromto b te virginia. 8:10 right now. now. there's new information thiss morning about a gang related rat murder investigation of a 15-year-old did he marius reyess rivas who went missing from gaithersburg.rsburg it's being linked to three t t missing cases of missing girls and one of those girls was found sadly dead in prince william county. they have seen up tick in tick i violence from the ms13 gang in1n our area in the past two years.a he says 18 and 19-year-olds inli high schoolwork to recruit younger students to help themp t carry out crimes because they're aware changes -- charges arehaes less serious for juveniles. >> mcps is not immune to gang proactive -- activity and we've' been proactive to make sure weur are prepared and that we are
8:12 am
keeping our schools as safe as possible.poible we take plenty of steps to keepp our students and our communities safe. >> total of ten people chargeded in connection with the death of reyes rivas.. several d.c. restaurants sen to close their doors to to honoh what's being called a dayd without immigrants.ignts. the movement calls forvemels for immigrants to not go to work tor today and protest presidentnt trump's immigration policies.s. fox5 notice of about 600 restaurants that will either beb closed altogether, won't serve'e food, or will have limited menu. in addition the lamb publicbubli charter school in the district will be closed today becauseed u staff and students are alsoe al taking part. par coming up at 8:30 reaction fromo one d.c. restaurant owner whoer opted to close his business bins today as a result.esul >> still ahead this morninghi m we're live from the national zoo where unfortunately the tear the drops will be following as wee begin to bid farewell to beloved bao-bae. from car to chopped the worldor fosses first flying car is ready for the public. wait until you see the priceic.e tag. 8:12. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
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[ alarm clock beeping ] weather. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] cartoons. wait for it. [ cat screech ] [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ [ screaming ] [ laughter ] make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ]
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hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate. >> all righty. 8:15 tuck. >> cuteness. >> you know it. >> let's do it. time now for my first photo of the day. >> hi there. >> we got landon. >> it says be my valentine. >> that's so sweet. >>says b>>hat' all right it..l righ landon is four years old and a this is his adorable valentine'e day card he handed out to hiso h classmates earlier thi
8:16 am
>> look at his shirt.hi >> so cute. so ce. >> the curls get the gg >> do you see what they did the there, al. th >> what's that.>> wt's th >> they took the picture and pup a hole in his hand to put a lollipop in there.op in the handing them out to people. oute that's so awesome.asome >> been around for 50 years 50 s that's the best thing i've ever seen. >> cool shirt. >> that is the coolest way to>>t give a valentine.ti >> landon, we love >> love it.. >> take tip from you. y >> somebody scored major pointss at school that day.that d. >> yeah, did he. >> steel that idea if you'reideu still in grade school.ill in that is awesome. gras awsome >> right.ig to send us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 fo5 d.c. and zen it in. if you're as cute as landon ala you'll be on air soon. soo i'm getting tweets. tweets. thank you my friends from forte washington who are sayingonho a they're getting light flurries s got a tweet from reston, virginia, light flurries as as well. well little bit of lake effect snoww has made it as far south and eve as our immediate area here.rea h not expecting any accumulationso but something to talk about. a thirty-four at reagan
8:17 am
dulles 31 and freezing inez baltimore. wind chills in the teens and 20s. definitely jacket today will bel needed as our daytime highs airr temperatures will be in the lowl 40s but wind chills will behillb hanging out in the 30s for muchc of the day and if you look y l carefully there at they there ae satellite/radar you can see that sort of northwestdar flow. f see the flow off the lakes and d the lakes are not frozen this ti year. year and we're still getting lakeake effect snows there that's been giving parts of ouro area particularly westerneste maryland a light coating oftingo snow. all right. for us, generally partly sunnyun today.toy. low 40s. billing warmup this weekend. wed i'll show it to you. y i'm just going for it. for it. do it.t. saturday, sunday, monday looks fantastic. >> and tuesday and wednesday. i'll get the car washed.uesdayd. >> honestly right into the following weekend if you reallyy want to go distance we may hit y 70 by the end of next week.t we. >> nice. >> why are you so good to us,reu tucker s.tuer. >> um-hmm. >> he's so good to us.e's ood >> i'll take it.'ll ke i >> um-hmm. >> that sound great. thank u you>> t. 8:17 right now. now keeping an eye on our roads
8:18 am
watching tucker glide on outlid from the desk.from the d water main break this is under r control gushing water for overtr two hours in old town alexandria park road still closed. cse king street traffic in old townw could be affected as some of your secondaries including incli callahan drive and that'st' because so much gushing water w that the branches of the trees s because it was gushing about 10f and slick conditions on theick roads even though king street io passible, please use caution asa you make your way around oldun o town this this for the rest of your thursdayrsy morning commute we have lot ofm delays includinglo in your opini branch avenue to the wilson aveo 395 from south of the mixingix bowl to the pentagon.ntan. let's take live look outside ata some of our cameras this is as i crash blocking the right r shoulder the outer loop as you u make your way across the legiong bridge you'll hit that crashha a seen heavier traffic from tysonm up to the bridge as well. well. aside from as we forward ourrd o cameras again show what else whs you're facing on the roads this morning. we went black i swear to youweau there's more traffic out there than what i'm showing you righti now. we'll go back to our maps in ma that metro right now is on time. te. except for
8:19 am
impacting blue line. skip the roads and keep it to rd the rails. back to you guys. to yoys. >> erin, thanks very.nks very. thanks to contractor's quick q instinct he may have saved app owl's life.owl's life. look at the little owl.wl michael of arizona working on house -- look at the owl's facec this is a meme in the making.kin >> you know it. eed to captureap for your morning mem that face, too.ace, too. okay. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> that's all right.>> t >> that is so cute. >> little owl was on the garage floor when he went to pick it he noticed the owl was sick orwas o injured. in the owl went to the animalimal rescue center and guess what,ene thr e owlan is now okay.y >> nice move on the contractor'o part. too act little time out of thet work day. make sure the owl got better. gt >> look at him. him is that little face is sos so expressive.expres it's like a baby when you try tt get something out of theiring te mouth. so cute. >> all right. of cute little babies,s, all we have to do rewind a few years to go back to bao bao as a baby and we have to say goodbyee to one of dc's most belovedoved animals.als. he stole our hearts over theea
8:20 am
years but now bao bao has to go to new home. he. thousands of miles away. ay. bob barnard is live at the a t national zoo. we center bob bob for bao bao's hello. >> reporter: yeah, hey there, he guys. you see her.u she's just walking away she wass down here up front up on ton ofo the hill there. having some bamboo for breakfasr and she's just walking out of ot our shot there.r shot there i don't know if you can seef yon through panda cam one which thet folks here at the national zoolo say will be trained on bao bao through february 20th.ruary . she leaves next tuesday on a special panda express fed exx flight it's too bad she's left t our view here from the viewing area. area. she's three and a half years.ana will turn four in august andugua under a deal with the chinesese government, she has to go back. she'll be flown on a special fef ex flight leaves next tuesday aa 1:30 in the afternoon. but we still have bei bei her hr little brother and actually we can see her now. i don't know if you can see herw
8:21 am
through. she locks like she's coming bacc here.. big goings on until next in fact this morning, from 10:0t embassy of china will be givingn out homemade dumplings here at the zoo in honor of bao bao. the zoo folks will have postlavs cards that visitors can signn that will be sent back to chinese with bao bao i think yoy can see now we can see her facef as she is continuing breakfast.t there are snow flurries fallingg here at national zoo.l zoo. so a lot going on, and the factc that if you can't get here toeth say goodbye, you can log on to t the national zoo's panda cam one straight through monday and you'll be able to watch herer 20/7.20 so it's a sad ending to three th and a half year love affaireff almost a four year love affair f bao bao was born on august 23rd of 2013. 201 she's almost four.r. her big brother tyshawn was the last panda born here to bee accept back to china back in
8:22 am
and of course some day bei bei i will have to go back. b he was born last august.ugus so we'll say goodbye for now as you check out bao bao having hin some bamboo live here at the national zoo. z adorable thank in guess still three othee giant pandas who will remainilrn here at the national zoo for zoo some time, guys. guy breakfast time here at theere e national zoo. zoo >> so cute. >> that is really cute.cuis reat >> i think this is a good timeot for us to leave this picture upu as we go to break right we can't get much cuter thanr th that, can we, al? we'll see ine you a second. son ♪♪ ♪♪ z29kvz zstz
8:23 am
y29kvy ysty
8:24 am
z2a0gz zi0z
8:25 am
y2a0gy yi0y z29ksz zstz y29ksy ysty ♪♪ bao bao came back in. in. >> we can't quit her. >> she's just chilling eating en her breakfast.fa. she makes me want to eat bambooo isn't that crazy. >> power of suggestion. >> i would go to lunch wit oh hr for sure.r s i don't know if i'd eat off thet same menu.. >> i'd definitely sit here and d watch her eat. eat. >> we're celebrating our babyngb girl as she's about to head to o chin in a. it's an agreement we have. h we only have them for while.hi now it's time to say goodbye.. tomorrow starts weekend of goodbye festivities
8:26 am
>> buy buy. b >> few snowflakes.s we'll check in with tuck in juss second. before we do so, you can orderad the world's first flying caring that is commercially approved now. a dutch company called pal v is accepting pre orders for the liberty model which looks like a helicopter on three wheels. whe kind of part motorcycle, part pt takes about ten minutes toinuto transform from car to copter. tt if you want to buy it i hope yoo have the money because we'rese looking at costs between 400 and $600,000. you have to p00ut down non refundable $10,000 deposit now. >> hopefully there's a guarantee. >> hopefully they make it. >> if you can afford that, maybe $10,000 isn't that, you know, ullyaffoyo important to you.rtant ou. >> who knows where you couldws w even legally drive, fly it, we w shall see. see. we saw the snowflakes outkeo there this morning.orni. that's not all we're about toutt learn it's time to go to ring the bell gone to weather school. class is in >> class is in session. mr. chenevey, i've not yetot y received your homework from laso evening.ev
8:27 am
>> where is the music. mi >> i got allison's but i did not have yours. you >> teacher you look great for yu you and i have an app lle for y. >> a plus for allison.ison. >> because she sits in the front row. w [ laughter ][ >> steve it works every time. you two can bring me an apple. sunshine today.oday some later this afternoon.s afte clouds to start your day. to st i can't seare anything with thee classes. b. winds are back. and 3wi0nd in the 20s today's. that will get a d. wilt a afternoon temps a c. paddle board yoga this erin's e idea not recommended today. tod that's d. overall your grade a c. c we have snow flurries out therer right now. righ not going get accumulation butu it sure is pretty.retty. that's a look at your weatherthr report card.ard queue my music.eue myic. ♪♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪♪ >> thanks, teach. >> i'll clean the blackboardboad later.. anything for extra credit.redit. >> you suck up at the beginning you suck up at the up he at least you're consistent.sten. >> getting paid to drive youri could get rich around here. aroe >> up next which drivers may bey
8:28 am
that's paying you to be behind n the wheel.el >> a local restaurant owner responding to critics of today'y day without immigrants what he h says to people who point outut differences between legal and ad and illegal immigrants. it's 8:27.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> she doesn't want to go, steve. >> she's trying to escape. >> no, no, don't say it. >> i'm tellingt o, you's to, n. i think between rusty and oliver and bao bao there might
8:31 am
little collusion going on here. they know the >> she's an acrobat. now would you think that -- tha right. would you think that that limbhb could,, good bob is that reals r bao bao or a stunt be honest? hont? >> no, that's the real bao bao. i think she climbed up there to scratch an itch.tcch she was rubbing her back side od one of those branches and itt looks timelike she's got her h foot caught but this is this i something she does all the time. no need to worry. wor i don't think she's going toth but she's just climbed up there and was scratching her back andd taking a look around from a a higher perch. per. >> aww. >> she's, um, up and at themhe this we've been watching her havinghg breakfast this is bao bao whoho leaves next tuesday to go back b to china, and starting today through tuesday the national zoa holding all kinds of events tost say bye-bye to bao bao and she's just perched up there saying i's just going to entertain the troops here who are takingg pictures down alongside of you.o >> dog gone it she's going toheg make me go to the zoo i thoughtt i was going to be satisfied witi
8:32 am
>> bob, tucker says in the 60ss6 this weekend. this w i think the zoo wileel be very busy place.busy p >> reporter: i think she like tk the cold and it's been snowing a little bit this she's happy witness cold buttnet she'll entertain in the sun asta well. well >> just about the cutest thing.h if you can't get enough go to our website face bock page iage shall say we are streaming theme panda cam life. bob, thanks.nk bao bao thanks.bao o th >> back to news 8:32. the day without immigrantsmmrant protest will likely impact dozet of businesses in our area. a >> it's in reaction to the president's immigration policiel as many as 60 restaurants or more will close, stop serving si food or have limited menu inenui support of immigrant workers. >> supporter of the movement sa its goal to high lie the impact that such workers have on ao hi rkdailery basis, some critics sy it's missing the point of the president's policies and thatnda would be a loss for them to shuu down. that's all. i'm not sure what kinddo of point of point they're trying to make whenehe they'll be the ones losing outig on money unless they are illegal
8:33 am
immigrants. >> brows says immigrants are not s primoblem. pr it is about illegal immigrants.s this only hurts the legal hard-working immigrants thatmm will not be getting paid that day. >> yeah.>> yea invite to you continue to shareo your opinion. g.lanie, good mornin >> reporter: good morning, mni ys.s. bus boys and poets one of thoset making a very public and vocal l stance. you can see the sign here on th door people coming up a few of w them surprised seeing that it it closed this morning. thiing. we talk with owner andy shallall you can also see along the t storefront here he's printed upp he says that this is not justus about illegal immigrants, but b that legal immigrants are kindd of getting grouped into the harsh actions and tones that seems to be coming from the and the executive order travel banve he mentioned that. a lot of legal green car holders got caught in the nett and immigration shallal saying together all ofan this is leading to genuine feeling of uncertainty and feara among those who are here legal
8:34 am
legally. >> a lot of mose have expressede some concerns because particularly about the raids ant about things like that that i i think are to a lot of people that come here they come fromm oppressive regimes and this jusj feels like a very oppressive wav to do things, you know, there are better ways to do it.tters there are better ways to improvp the way we do immigration. >> reporter: and shallalhall saying himself he's an immigrana arc proud immigrant and really this is way for the restaurantsn who are being vocal about this t that this is award them to t really show immigrants have a large contribution to u.s.butios society and also to the economyo many restaurants are lettingetng their employees off for the day with pay. p. others are saying those who wiso to not work today are alloweded to. to. other which is come to work.icis some restaurants are havingg their employees themselves areea pulling together their tips fors the day to help out those whohoe are not coming to work today.. so there really is a collective decision-making process
8:35 am
these different restaurants andd groups choosing to participate in toshiins.hi we're also understanding that ta there are at least one school in d.c. it's closing down today. so its folks can participate ini it is the latin -- called the t lamb store latin american mon ii he sorey bilingual charter crt school. it's closed today. dc pubitlic schools letting the principals know that there could be other student bodies affectee by this as well and remindingdi principles that they are save a place and a place of inclusiveness. so it really is, you know, outut of 2000 sand restaurants here ii d.c., it's probably not going tt be a huge seeing lots of places that aret still open, but this is a way wy for these people who rely veryyv much on immigrant labor to makem their voices heard.voic back to you guys. >> i hope they can hear us. u >> they can now.hen no >> okay. >> would you like to get paid to drive? well, we know of a job j just for
8:36 am
>> virginia tech transportationa institute is looking for drivere of luxury vehicles in northernn virginia to participate in yeary long study that may contributetr to the understanding of the useg of future vehicle technology.. so you get paid more than theee thousand dollars to drive your luxury car.. really? how do we get morem info. >> i don't know. question.ueio >> okay. i know where we don't get it.e . from tucker because he's gots g weather to talk about.atr good morning, tuck. okay.okay. reagan national that soundst good, sign me up, steve., signu 33 in washington.n. dulles, bwi marshall belowl be freezing here. h we're getting snow flurries,rri, light snow showers workingorking through the city. thank you i'm getting loth s ofs tweets of photos of flurries and light snow just saw it down atow the national zoo with bao baoo and a little more here just to the west of 270 as you get upet towards frederick.deck. bottom line we can have few snow showers in the forecast first half of the day. i don't think it will amount toa much. a few spots coating the ground d but that will be about it andil then we'll be partly sunny,un blustery and cool this
8:37 am
with daytime highs in the low to mid 40s. 4 and wind chills in the 30 asas chilly afternoon.noon big warmup this weekend i'lleeki have details on that coming youy most of your day partly sunnyny chilly and breezy with wind witi chills in the 30s.e 30s. look at the winds northwest ates 30. erin is back with more roads. ra >> 8:37 right now.7 righ keeping our eyes on the roads ws do have new problems and oldemso problems tracking outer loop neo crash before the legion bridgeni left lane is blocked so as you a come down 270 spur you'll hit to big slow down causing delays onn clara barton cabin john, river v road inbound and gw parkway pkw inbound slows from the beltwayey as well. inner loop jammed um from tysonn to the american legion bridge. g outer loop very slow from 95m 95 over to georgia avenue as usualu on the in your opinion also shrug through kensington.ngton 95 southbound from the icc a bia of stop and go traffic and bw parkway southbound by powderby d mill a little jammed up.. 270 southbound slows a bit through gaithersburg down toow rockville few extra momentsxtram needed there and then 66he eastbound heavy volume from 2344 to 2
8:38 am
and that kind of continuesones passed vienna metro station this morning.. metro doing nicely except for safetrack surge 12 impacting thg blue line. blue this water break water gushingas over 100 feet in the air forir f over two hours has wrapped up wp but cleanup still underway.. park road still closed.d use caution on king street andit surrounding secondaries.ecdari slick conditions from thatcond earlier water main break in oldd town. back to you allison and steve.te i have more informationore because i think that perked ahae lot of people's ears up. up. >> got my attention.ttenon >> virginia tech transportation institute so you can go to theme on facebook or what have you ana find out they're very specificfc about the kind of cars, what yoy need to do, what roads you drive. >> gotcha. >> 495 is included. >> so folks around here could dd it. >> northern virginia. >> virginia tech transportation initutete. >> there's ingredient -- >> $3,500 you can get paid. >> bonus. bonus there's ingredient you mighn have in your kitchengr that coul c do more than just help withelw
8:39 am
pretty muching.. >> some say it can replace your deodorant, toothpaste, makeup,pk beauty products.ty pro >> help you lose weight. w >> and you'll want to stay tunet for this coming you much lose weight.we okay. well wait a minute. dr. rose with us after the break. se w break.
8:40 am
8:41 am
the bakery flavors you love... [ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> just a trek through thea tr frozen tundra. she knows? kws >> because i -- look.
8:42 am
panda cam every day. d she is so super active and extra adorable.orle >> i'm bob barnard made a greate point. look how little snow wine've had this >> you think it's the snow.hink' >> when woodley park gets snowss and cold conditions that's whata she's used to as a panda. you know, bob is down there witw her and he seems to think she'ss just enjoying the weather wea conditions to be honest.o be he. >> i love it if you think aboutt how tucker would act if he washw out in snow.out sno he'd be doing a little tumble,u, too. too. >> look at her. lk at h aww. >> okay. >> aww.>> >> now you're just -- really rea hurt us.. >> don't show anything else,th s steve, keep it on here.. >> your boyfriend you know y knw you're breaking up and they're ' extra sweet at the end and the e they're moving to china.e movi >> you'll miss me.'lss m >> exactly. >> now she is going to do littl run nd. she's going back to the top off the lift line.ine [ laughter ] >> she's going to go to the topt of the lift line and roll backob down the hill again. >> my gosh. watch this.. >> she loves the
8:43 am
about. >> little snow bunny. >> i mean that's awesome. littl at>> cutes'st thing. >> aww. >> all right. so we have a choice we have to ith cho wisdom wdolk w and hold toll filed out what's s coming outpatient good day canac we leave this at the bottom of f the screen so we can still watct her play while we talk to them.o >> let's do it.'s dit >> hopefully we can do we don't want to see w us. >> in the entire time that thatt panda has been alive i've neverv seen it be that active.ctive >> me either.. >> in just those few that it is amazing.t ama >> you get what you ask for.or >> there you go.>> t >> listen to us watch bao bao. >> think about panda while telll you this. u jam packed good day on thisd dai thursday.ay >> all new at 9a it may lookoo like ak simple shoe pad but it could help you next time your yr cell phone ties the creator ofor this hot start up is live with h us. >> week of love continues with t one unbelievable story.e story meet a couple who has beenee married almost 70 years. >> wow! >> 70 years much that's a longmu >> what's their secret. >> i can't wait to fine ohautt't let's roll that good day guestst
8:44 am in just a few minutes kevin sits down with actor charlie y he stars in the new movie fistfight with ice cube. >> later on good day d.c. r and b singer anhlae. a thumbs up. >> anna lay she refers to go by anna lay. here's what you need to know. she's had a top 20 hit on thenhe radio for months and thishi morning she's life in the lofthe to perform her hit song roses. s >> and it's time to play the fox5 >> this morning our fox5 familyl takes on local family who just t featured on the hit game showho and guess who is the host? ht? that's right. with your host wisdom martin.n >> i thought it was wisdomwas wo rvey.y. was that your best steve harvey. >> he's got more money. >> listen, and of course, we'lll continue to try to show off baob bao as much as we can from 9:00 to 11:00. our time with her is limited gig day d.c. just a few minutes
8:45 am
>> the cutest panda i've ever seen.. >> ♪♪ at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
8:46 am
did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event,
8:47 am
sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. for 5 days only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing. go to for a store near you. >> oh, my goodness.>> o let me hear her chew. h c >> let me hear it. right here? i cannot hear here chew. our producer said you could -- d there it is. ther >> there it is. [ laughter ] >> she is loving life today.od i've been saying she doesn't d
8:48 am
maybe she's excited about thetet trip and that's why she's so, se you know --yo >> maybe she's just being realla cool to everybody in d.c. and saying, look, just because i'mse leaving i'm not going to run and hide much this isn't the end off a bad relationship or break up.k i'm going put myself out therere to give everybody their bestir view. view. >> what makes her so --makeher >> what i can do good what makes her so cute really big head? the distinct markings? what dot we think it is.t is >> i think it's the markings ann the face. face. feable i think it's the actions too. ao because she looks like a livingn teddy bear.ea >> she really does, bob.ob >> not just that -- it's the playful nature, too.e, you see her rolling down the hill and playing in the >> bob, this is a amazing -- >> just being a kid.>> just bei i think that's what it ikids, b. >> amazing vantage poit holly was just confirminging whoever seen bao bao like active? >> reporter: i don't know if kno it was the snow flurries or she's got a smaller audience of faithful fans down here watchinh her this morning.heng but, yeah, i've never seen anyea of them. her parents are next door with w
8:49 am
dad is in the next area down. dw she's here by herself, and she'e just having a ball.. i've never seen any of they of pandas with my own eyes doing somersaults and scratching her h back up a tree, you know, she's just -- she's loving life itg ft seems right now. >> aww we're loving her rightig back. ba thanks for being down >> we are blessed to have her and like bob said blessed evensd when she leaves early next week we're blessed to have threebles other china pandasse here in he washington.shington. hopefully we'll get that energyg level up too. >> i know we'd love to have hav four. three is pretty good.tty god >> the baby. >> the little one. one >> speaking of numbers, we'll wl have to wait for your forecastos not three or four seconds but a full ten seconds. all right. here's my take on this. i think -- aren't they native ty the mountains of chin
8:50 am
>> yeah. i'm sure it's weather relatede t i'll bet the cooler weather ther get more >> like me in the summertime.rtm >> more active.>> m >> i went to visit her in the vr summertime. she barely movedsu. >> right. >> it makes sense.makesen >> all right.llig feeling like february out theree you may if you lock carefully in that live shot see a few snowflakes.. we had snowflakes down at the ze you can see them. real light. real l 33 in washington.ton. everybody cold to start the dayo it wldill feel like februarye f today, as we'll have wind chilld in the 20s and low 30s for muchm of the day eventual daytimel d highs only in the low 40s. 4 feel like i'm being out shined d big time here by the he all right. here's a look at your -- i'll i get out of the of your way.yourw storm tracker radar lookadar l carefully we have snow showerseo working down 270 right throughir the district and then off to tht south and east into princein george's and charles county cout there, and this will continueilc for a few more hours. hrs not going to be a snowy day herr but we are going to have lightoh though snow showers and snow s flurries for the next couple ofo hourups. this is all compliment of the great lakes which haven't froze this year and you can really see
8:51 am
the lakes into northwestwest pennsylvania and then stretching down into western maryland andyd into our immediate as well. partly sunny day.ay springtime on the way we gety wg warm front north of us, guesss, what? the the 60's are back anc in a big way.ig saturday, sunday, monday, bonus temperatures 20 plus degrees d above normal, and a very quietet weather pattern for the weekendd we will have clouds around thiss weekend.eken i don't want promise full f sunshine lots of bonus b temperatures talking about daffodils and forsythia here ini no time with temperatures wellts above normal into next . 43 this afternoon.n all right. that bamboo looks oks d i'm going to get some. s steve and allison back to youk y guys. >> we're talking with dr. roo getting prepped for our little l experiment we'll do here.rint w she's the expert. expert. allison, that you >> of course. you've heard of olive oil, vegetable oil, avocado oil, coconut oil. o i know you've heard of it.d i >> we know abo
8:52 am
know it's an edible oil extractt the from the colonel of mature cocoa nuts and gaining popularity because of itslaty b multitude of health benefits as many people try to live a l healthier lifestyle.ty you can use it as toothpaste,st, furniture polish, deodorant,h, o make up remover and much more. america's nutrition coach did ro ravine in a brock we call here l doctor ro is here with to us wio show you end he is ways that you can use coconutt oil. o >> good morning.orning >> coconut oil.oconutil isn't that this fantastic. >> apparently we're here toentl learn from you.he >> i've got an assortment ofsson things we can do with coconutoc oil. why don't we start witness eggsg >> all right. >> you can extend the shelf lifl of your refrigerated eggs thoseo you keep in the refrigerator upo to two weeks if you take ayou te little coconut oil and rub it o the shell and allow it to permtt mow 88 the shell it protects tht shell. sh the shell is porous. porous. >> you're rubbing down theou outside of thing. >> that the it.'r >> put it back>> that th in. i would have you slatter some.e
8:53 am
>> i'll put to you work. i'l >> do it. >> this is a baked sweet potato. cinnamon.. el delicious. >> instead of using butter orte margarine you can use coconutut oil. oil. >> how does it taste, dr. ro. ds >> it's delicious. >> really. >> like in a doctor way or whatw why we'll like it. >> you're welcome to taste it ie iku like. >> okay. >> here, al, good ahead. >> you're welcome to taste it ii you like. >> give eight little taste.te. then here's something else ihi think you should try as well.ou this is granola that i've mixed walnuts with, and also chialso seeds. heart healthy chia seeds and you put little dollop of low fat or non fat greek yogurt on top.onop >> right? >> all of these things will givg you energy. because coconut oil is fat, ghght? >> right. >> and so fat is, you know, a, nutrient for energy. >> this is what oy wanted to asy you when it comes to the oilsmet lot of times people don'tpl d understand the relationship.ionp we think oils is bad.s oils as being the fat itself and that we want to stay away from f that if we want to lose fat inet our diet it r
8:54 am
in concert with everything else so it can help us lose weight,li too, right?ht? >> absolutely. a so here's the thing.e's e t so coconut oil is a saturateded fat. right? um, it's if you're on a weight loss diet, one of the things that you canto have it sparingly because it'sae still is fat and it is a a saturated fat.. and in fact recent studies sdi showed that people who had mormon know unsaturate the fats and polly unsaturated fats inat their diet lost more weight and actually lot of more belly fat.. >> right. >> so saturated fat you want tot keep down to fewer than 10% of your total calories. cal that's the thing.hi. coconut is oil.s. we talked about, you know, we'rk talking about all the uses but s if we're talking about it in at diet you want to use itt sparingly.. >> okay. so okay to have a little dollop on your baked sweet potato.o okay to mix in with hearth healthy i've added walnuts and chia seeds which are heartre h healthy fats.fat >> um-hmm. >> you see what i mean. >> balances out. g
8:55 am
for brain health.for n he >> we need help with that.t >> all morning long. lon >> i better get a pound of theme >> i want to talk about thesebot other uses for it, though.ho we can come back if we have timi to visit the other food thingsod we talk about everything we cann did with this.d th thi >> yes. >> that doesn't involve justt n eating it. so let's make toothpaste.oost >> let's make toothpaste. too this is our finished product.ct. so this is toothpaste. t why don't you get in here. here >> what do you want me to do. md >> what i want you to do take at little of your -- just put a little baking soda. soda. >> okay. >> in with your coconut oil. >> just a pinch. jus >> you want equal parts.ts >> we'll dump it in.t in. >> you can pour it in there.he not the whole thing but good.ut mash it around and make night a paste. >> oh yeah that is very fatty.. >> right. rht >> you talk and i'll mix. i'll >> let me ask you a question.ueo because in my house with my wit three girls with their naturalal hair, this is pretty much a boub tee product, okay.y. >> right. >> so when -- but with use it ti like do food stuff, you have toe kind of get it to a different de state.
8:56 am
states of coconut oil, you know, from being a thicker paste to almost liquid.d. >> you want to liquify the oil.l >> right. >> i'll tell you something. when the sweet potato'll te is t which it was, you put -- you put the substance on there.he you put the coconut oil that'sha more solid like. lik >> may i open this. i on this >> please. >> yeah. okay.eah. okay. right. so this is what it look so it's solid. >> right. >> at room temperature>>. characteristic of saturated fatt he the way. >> okay. >> but it's going to m >> okay. >> you see what i mean? even sa when you put it in your granolaa if you want to pop mix it around. >> safe to use, right. >> this is safe to use.>> s. please. okakay. this is your finish product.du >> we'll keep making differentg products with the deodorant yout just take some and slatter it ot under there and wish for theandf best. >> and add a little search oilso so i use lavender for this one.e >> make it smell nice. nic >> yeah.>> >> all right. d you did ro. r fin >> everything please join me and join the
8:57 am
there. >> we got to go.>>e got to go. >> thanks for coming and joininj us. you put mint in yours. that tastes better. >> here's a little something. [ laughter ] >> she added the peppermint. now my teeth are minute tee fresh. much more coming up gone day. don't go anywhere. that's next.
8:58 am
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straight ahead a day withoue immigrants. local restaurants shutting downo to send a message about theut t contributions immigrants make te american society.iety. critics claim they're missing mi the point. p we'll have a live report. holding out on the whitete house? tension growing betweenb president trump and thees inidentelligence community. after series of high-profileof leaks. now lawmakers are demandingng answers, plus the president noww looking for new labor secretarye after an old oprah interview ier forces his nominee to withdraw h his name.s . bye-bye bao bao.e bao bao today is the national zoo kickso off nearly week long farewell t the beloved panda.anda.


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