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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 16, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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straight ahead a day withoue immigrants. local restaurants shutting downo to send a message about theut t contributions immigrants make te american society.iety. critics claim they're missing mi the point. p we'll have a live report. holding out on the whitete house? tension growing betweenb president trump and thees inidentelligence community. after series of high-profileof leaks. now lawmakers are demandingng answers, plus the president noww looking for new labor secretarye after an old oprah interview ier forces his nominee to withdraw h his name.s . bye-bye bao bao.e bao bao today is the national zoo kickso off nearly week long farewell t the beloved panda.anda.
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how long you have left to see le her and say so long. and later, making good on a bad bet. tennis super star making a twitter fans dream come true t with the date of a lifetime. lim good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ yes.> s. okay that is one lucky fan. luc i'll tell that you.ll telthat y. good day d.c. it is 9:01 on this thursday, february 16th. 1 i'm maureen umeh alongside holly morris, steve chenevey and thent wisdom martin. >> softening the nation's energg needs one step at a time. steata coming up later the founder of soul power will join us live tot show us her invention that willl charge your cell phone simply bb taking a stroll. s >> that's great idea.t's grid >> awesome. >> we'll test it out.>> w first ae't 9:00 let's talk aboua the weather. some ice in alexandria thiss morning. this because that big water mair break.eak just sent a geyser into the airo right near the masonic temple tl
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crews finally got the leak unded control about 7:30 this mornings but the row pair work willl likely last awhile.wh also if you're watching ourchino coverage of bao bao at the zoohz you saw snowflakes around thero region. regi including at the zoo where the,t um, suddenlily energetic pandaan has been playing all morning long. now, apparently no more snow oro ice in our future.ure sudenol more bao bao. bao because we're looking ahead to t spring like weekend. weekend so for details tuck is back witw first check of the forecast. tug tuck, i think it had it h something to do with the fact that the pap today loves muchesc like tucker the cold weather and suddenly found energy.nd >> i think so too.>> i tnk s never seen bao bao so active. the snow showers continue for partse of the area. of the i'll show you the r aadarre here coming up but let's do the d t temperatures 34 in washington.n winds northwest here. west northwest wind chill 24. chill 24. headed down to the zoo are outside for any period of time f make sure you have a jacket it t feels chilly out there. there there's your snow showere's your activity most of it very very s light.ligh. th
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minutes ago was very quicklyuicy streaming down into charlesto county.unty southern prince george's countyi got a few additionancle snow sw showers upstream here up 270.70. it certainly a possibility that you could encounter a few ofcoue these in the next hour or two.. very strong northwest flow todad for us, and the great lakes nott frozen this year. been a mild winter for just about everybody eastern half of the country here and because ofe that we've got -- you can seean streamers here coming off theinf lakes with a cold temperaturess across the open bodies of the t lakes and bottom line partlyar sunny for us today.ay. temps in the low 40s wind chilll in the 30s we'll see a few snows flurries and snow showers thisws afternoon in one or two spots enough to quickly coat thet t ground. gr temperatures in the 40s lateresr today. i'll give you the weekend forecast because i know you'rene busy and running out the door. . ok at t that. 60s around here saturday, sundan monday for the holiday.ay a lot to look forward to weatheh wise. unless you like the cool cl temperatures like myself and bae bao. all right, guys, back to >> all right.. thank you tuck.ank
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headlines we have traffic alert to share with you this morning. inner loop of the beltway before braddock a lot of emergency vehiclesicle erere. a crash that is blocking severav nenes. the left so traffic is backed up to thehe springfield interchange. no word right now on anyny injuries in this crash but justb be aware if you're on the lower side of the beltway 495 area by braddock road that's where theow crash is and the backup goihengi well beyond that.t. >> goodness. look at that. nip 04:00. our beg story this hour athisa showily solidarity dozens of dc restaurants will be closed belo showing support for the sohe called day without immigrants in supporters of the movement sayov its goal is to highlight the impact that immigrant workersor have on daily melanie alnwick is live inve northwest now with more.hw mel. >> reporter: good morning,orng guys. about 2,000 restaurants in d.c.d hard to say exactly what impactt this would have but it may also impact service businesses as a elll. some gyms, delivery companies, really any business or service that employs immigrants.ignts we know here at busboy and poetp
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of these empty tables and veryer still kitchen on a thursdayhuda morning. so this is just one of those ofo that's making a very public statement here.atemenre d.c. celebrity chef jose andreas closing many of his restaurantsr too. we also talk to bar, they willl stay open but for staff who areo choosing to work or choosing -- the staff that choose to come to work today actually deciding to pull their tips and donatingon those who decided to stay homeym from work. sweet green closing all 18 locations today giving employeee impact hours to use howeverseowr thawed like.thaw the movement is askingsking immigrants to stay home fromrom school and work and not to spenp their money in the economy econo either again this is kind ofs ki started on social media andnd grew.ew. really to remind people of the contribution that um have made d to american society and thehe economy. bus boys and
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shallalley told me it's approaca he felt very personally heerso needed to support. >> started as small movement mov like so many things started as small movement andnd grew and suddenly we realizedzed this is something that's reallys important for us as well. we wanted to be ahead of it. ofi we didn't want to show up herewh and have no staff. no sta we want to do actually take roll to say, i'm an immigrant, too -o i am an immigrant, and as an immigrant i felted like i needee to stand in solidarity with myh staff. >> reporter: again, this is, thi not just about illegal i immigrants as many critics haveh been pointing out but legal immigrants tend to be getting gi grouped into the harsh actionsst and tone that seems to be comino from the administrat bion. he mentioned the adm executive r that travel ban, the refugee ban, caused a lot of green cardd holders and immigration raidstin all of these together leading to feeling of uncertainty and fearn among those who are heree here legally.lega we also know that there areer actions planned in many cities c across the country today and at
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least one school the lamb publii charter school in d.c. isis closing today so its staff and d students can participate in this but, again, some small businesss owners are saying this is ais burden for them as well.el big companies can afford to givg their employees the time off tot do this. do this. others are trying to figure outt whether and how they'll be impacted today. tod live in northwest i'm melanieane alnwick fox5 local news.ew >> all right.ight 9:07 is the time.e tie. mel we want to talk more about a this because critic of the day y without immigrants say those t taking part are missing theng t point of president trump'sresidp immigration policy which theycht say are meant to target illegall immigrants.immi on our face bock page donna sayy so are these establishmentsshnts employing illegal immigrantsg il because they are the ones thatl this country has a problem withh otherwise why protest? there is a big distinction between the two and as an immigrant whoseraw mother risked her life to get tg away from war so that i couldiou have a chance in life and an education, i'm saddened to heart about this protest.t th pro nothing good comes out of doing something with malice like thiss protest an
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should work hard and show theord great things that we are capable of. also happening today face tt face meeting between secretaryea of state rex tillerson sonic had russian counterpart that. t meet log take place in germany.n tillerson will be joined boye jb representatives from the world's other major economies andmi developing along the east coastt this morning a russianusan intelligence ship continues itse travels last spotted off the ofe coast of connecticut.. officials say it is stillsay it outside of us waters that makest itegegal. the ship is believed to be onveo its way back to the caribbean. >> mistrust between president donald trump and the intelligence community continues to grow unfortunateust lybedonay the president has accused ofsedo intelligence officials ofce offs holding out on him and leaking l information to the mode ya thatt has hurt him. him meanwhile, mr. trump has nothini but good things to say about s a fired national security adviserr michael flynn.ael he was fired after reports heorh discussed sanctions with thesanh russian ambassador to the usadoh before trump was sworn into io office. >> michael flynn, general flynnf is that correct, sir wonderfulrw man. i think he's been treated very,a very unfairly by the media.
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um, as i call it the fake mediad in many cases. and i think it's really a sad ad thing that he was treated so badly. >> president donald trump isdent going after those who have information to the press describing it a as criminal actt president trump now has arump ns cabinet position to phillies ple after his pick for labor f secretary andrew puzder withdred his nomination that decisionnaot coming a mid growing scepticismc from republicans and after andfr domestic abuse allegationsions surfaced from his ex-wife fromwf the 1980s.980s. specifically a tape of her o her appearance on the oprah winfrey ex-wife later retracted thosehoe the ceo of cke restaurants thatt owns hardee's had also been criticized by democrats for allegedly mistreating histr workers and opposing minimum wage hikes. hik >> sticking to politics turning to congress today we talked wita wevirginia s tenator tim kaine a concerns with russia's influencn on the presidential campaign.iap the day to day work under thendt trump administration, and anatia issue that is affecting manyaffy commuters right here in the dmv. metro.
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introducing a bill to help h improve metro safety and this ai comes as the federal transit administration is pullingpul funding from metro over the delay in setting up a long a l promised metro safetyy commission.mmison the senator wants to make sure a lawmakers make good on thatood t promise. >> my virginia and maryland mard colleagues we've introduced aese metro safety commission bill.n . we've work it out carefully with d.c., virginia and and we're simultaneously introducing legislation in the district in both states and inn congress to set up a safety commission that can oversee thee safety of the system. s we think that should give fta some comfort that we're taking this seriously and hopefully that hold on funds can -- can be released sooner rather thanraert later. later. >> another interesting thing wei talked about with the senatorntr which is especially pertinentlyt during his black history monthto and he other members of the t virginia delegation wantn wan congress to establish a commission to prepare forre the 400th anniversary of the first africans coming to america andme of course that happened
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virginia. >> right.ight district's paid family leavee bill is now in the hands ofan o congress. who has the final say. s this comes after mayor murielur bowser decided last night not tt veto it but says she will note n sign the legislation either. the bill gives new moms and dads eight weeks of paid leave. lea six weeks to care for a sick s child or parent. and two weeks of personal sick time. time the leave would be paid for with the new payroll tax on all d.c. businesses. bowser hopes to work withrkh lawmakers to address issues that she has with the bill. well, all things good must t come to an end.nd and that includes bao bao's timm in washington, d.c. d.c today the farewell celebrationss begin for the beloved we'll take you there live cominm up next. nex and later, too late to say sorry? justin beiber named ined an assault investigation for a f fight that happened eight monthn ago. ag why it took so long, what it wt could mean for the sorry singer. hmm.hmm >> thalo
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♪♪♪ aww there she goes.. >> come back here.ere my god.d. >> this is quite a spectacular show. show. in the past hour, bao bao has h smittenned us again withh
9:15 am
m. she's been playing in the snow. eating bamboo and really --eall- >> trying to esce. >> yeah.>>eah. >> exactly. >> you're going. you're going back to china.>>toa listen enjoy your last few daysw here. she's really just been having ag good time this morning.orning >> i'm giving ya'll a treat noww that i'm leaving. i'm lng >> look at her dancing n she's doing a little side action. >> our days being captivated by bao bao are comin g tbeoin ag close. cse it's coming to an end she's moving thousands of miles awaywa on.n. fox5's bob barnard our own cutee little panda -- panda [ laughter ]laught ] >> is the s at the national zoo as we get ready for this final farewell.rewe >> cuddly. >> cuddly panda bob barnard.b bd >> reporter: you're so sweeto se but i can be tough, too. these pandas can be if you'reanb not careful.carefu i think she's got some itches ic she's scratching and she's alsoa been looking in that trap door r there maybe she wanting toantint inside. i tell you she loves the. we've watched her nest last houh doing somersaults down the hillh here. eating her bamboo. because on tuesday, she is she i leaving her home of nearly thehe past four
9:16 am
she was born in the summer of 2013 and next tuesday she's heading home in a sense to china. her parents on loan to the united states mei xiang and chic chin in compounds the mom is with bei bei the the little brother but we've been b seeing and she's just doing tog emerge here i think again in a minute bao bao and today the chinese embassy is going to be t giving out free dumplingslings starting from now until noon,, and they're actually asking askn visitors to fill out post cardss that will go home with bao bao. cynthia is visiting from a mesa, arizona she and i are both off o camera as you watch bao o what do you think what she's s seeing. >> she's so much fun to watch.o. she look like she's having greai time. i just feel like it's a great ae experience to see her before she heads off to off to ci >> reporter: yeah.ter:ea we're fortunate that her littlee brother and parents will stillt be here.bee. her little brother for another three years.ears.
9:17 am
and then we'll have to head bacc because they got to go backgo before they're four years old. d did you know we had pandas here? i did. i watched them on the panda cam before from home in arizona.. but it's really a neat a n experience to be able to see too them in person. >> reporter: absolutely.thor abs cynthia and her husband inn meetings here in washington soto she's here at the zoo and basically if you can't get downw here the panda cam, the smithsonian folks here at theat national zoo, tell us the pandan cam will be trained on bao bao o panda cam number 124/7 from nown through monday and then she is scheduled to board a tuesday afternoon flight. she'll be flown boy pandada express as they did with tyshawn her older brother back in 2010.2 bao bao will be put on boeing 77 federal express flight that will leave tuesday afternoon at 1:30 and take her to china for thehe first time her ancestor treetore ya'll home her real home
9:18 am
at the national zoo. and there have been a lot ofa lf people like cynthia here guyse y this morning watching with their own eyes and taking pictures ofs bao bao doing her thing, again, she's just playful, little older than a toddler i guess but having fun and enjoying her last few days here in our nation'ss capital. >> putting on show for sure.. >> bob bob, someone snuck hernur mountain dew. i'm just sayining. >> i actually think she has sheh headphones on we can't tell. she's grieving to her own tune right now. >> she's got ear buds. bud >> ear buds, exactly. ely. >> okay. she is just too cute. >> she's saying you're going too miss me. >> oh, man, thank you bob.ob. appreciate that.. bob bob, bye-bye. 9:18 is the time. time. another case of bed bugs in d.c. schools.scho yup. it's happened again. happeagai facebook freedom dilemma after a series of crimes posted on thedt social network the future of fue google looking good.. >> allison has details when we w check out what else is making had he line next. >> the scene of stealing a star.
9:19 am
fight star charlie day coming ig in the fox beat.oxea we'll be right back. ♪♪
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>> all right. we're back at 9:21. taking a live look at bao bao.w. she does a little dance.ance >> look at that. that. that bear has got some rhythm make herring farewell i guess gs round around her enclosure at a the zoo.oo saying bye-bye to bao bao onaon tuesday.da we're sure going to
9:22 am
furry ball of fun. >> i'm curious bob has been doww there with bao bao many timesy t and talk with the keepers. kee is this the first time we've we' seen her act this animated. i'm wondering if this happenss when the cameras are off andffnd people aren't at the zoo.t at to for the zookeepers, is this thi normal behavior? is thisshi something different for them f e too? too? >> i'm going to give you theng show of t my life before i get t of here.of here. >> they say the morning issa always the best time.y test animals active in the morning ti and they do like the colderheol weather. >> very true. mean? so --hat i >> aww. >> the full on somerset earlierr was like right out of central casting, right, for those animaa trainers in >> yup.>>up >> amazing.>> ama >> 9:22. we'll get to allison right now.g she's got a checkht of some of e other stories making headlines.s saw you smiling along with us as we were looking at bao bao. >> bao bao needs a good belly bl b.b. got an itch that can't getan't t scratched.hed. first up, speaking of scratchinh and this is not in a good way gw another dc school reportedlyepoy dealing with a
9:23 am
department problem. officials say bed bugs were bs found on students clothing at miner elementary school inhoo i northeast d.c. over the past week. also reports of rodents.oden the school sent a letter to parents notifying them of the situation. this comes after fox5 firstirst reported about a bed bug problem at savoy elementary school thatt went back to december now thatoa incident forced dc ps to close o savoy temporarily last week for a deep cleaning and exx termination and sent the kids to ferebee school for awhile.. pope francis weighing in on the controversial keystone lx and la dakota access pipeline projectsp in a meeting with tribal leadere at the vatican the pontiff saysy he believes the government should consult with tribes before makingonsu a decision on construction through ancestorala lands.lands. federal judge blocked quest by b the tribes to stop president prt trump's executive order. order that allows oil companies to continue to construction on
9:24 am
those pipeline projects.roct first lady melania trump takingg a tour of the african-americanme history museum yesterday.teay she joined sarah netanyahu the wife of prime minister netanyahu. the two took a guided tour of the museum ok s aeveral g minutes atutes at the room with the waterfall thaa features quotes from figures like nelson mandela and there ii is and poet frances harper director there giving a personal tour as you can see. mrs. trump thanked mrs. netanyahu for coming to coo washington d.c. before the two parted ways. concerns are growing aboutwg crime on facebook particularlycl facebook live broadcasts.adcas. the shooting death of a two-year-old boy and a 25-year-old man was streamedas d life on facebook on tuesday. that wasn't the only crime thata aired life. facebook live video aired fourer murders in one day.. the company said it isaid i struggling to balance thela the freedom of its users to post os what they want wit
9:25 am
control over what spreads amongg its billions of users. and finally, it sounds likek a start of a bad joke.oke. hey, a seven-year-old asked for a job at google but there's norn punch line here.e. that seven-year-old actually did and actually got a response.ns. khloe bridge water is her nameam and she sent this handwrittentt letter to google's ceo noting her computer skills especially her expertise in one particularr robot game on her tablet. tle i'd like to note how neat hereae handwriting is right there, too. khloe also said she wanted toedt work at the tech giant because she heard you can sit on bean bn bags and ride go carts there.. google responded thanking khloe for the letter and encouraging her to follow her dromes andom a says he looks forward to her h application when she's olden s'o enough. en tck to you. >> i like that. i le th >> good for her. her. right. going for it. >> on the radar now.thrada that's goo >> writ. wt. well, the goal is soil soull
9:26 am
power your life by walking walkg around the inventor of soul o power joins us live.iv >> holiday weekend in february.. you're going to want to spendpe outside even if you're trying to leave your current enclosurere perhaps much tucker has the hase details on the weekend warmupar coming up next.ext >> and fresh at 10a the feud is on. a local family fresh off appearance on the hit game shows joins us live in the loft and lt we'll put them to the test in all new edition of the fox5 feud! >> do you think they coordinated their colors. >> i was going to say. ♪♪ an ordinary jar of vaseline® jelly... it's something we don't think about much except when we've got chapped lips
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cut. but for people living in areas of crisis, simple skin conditions can turn into serious issues. so we created the vaseline® healing project... a partnership with direct relief to help millions in need heal their skin so they can go back to work, or school. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin.
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>> back at 9:28.8. you can never get enough of thit shot. this is -- like her farewellew tour. she's leaving on tuesday, rightr guessing us the show of our o lives.. >> i don't want to go.o >> i don't want to go. go. >> she's saying i want to go.. >> my god is tuesday yet.ay >> i'm getting out of thisf joint.join where is the door. >> there's food on the other side of that right there foo. >> when there's food the escapee is real. rea talk about paying -- followingng super bowl bet one tennis startr keeping good on her word after t losing that bet. >> that meant going out on aanto date with a random twitter t follow we are. >> why not? erin como is here e with all the details. >> that's right, wisdom. wis in case you missed this storyhis when it first happened here'spe' the back story on this sort of o twitter love story. canadian tennis star featured in the sports illustrated swimsuiti issue. a lot of guys have a big crush u on her during the super bowl b earlier this month she was she confident in a falcons win and she started tweeti
9:30 am
and she got pretty cocky.. but cheap in mind this was when the falcons had a 25-point leada so a lot of folks were confidene the falcons were going to so confident she agreed to go og date with a fan on twitter iftti the patriots won.on well, as we all know, tom brady did meet one hun 180 during half time. time 180, there we go, good footballl talk and led the patriots to one of the greatest come back wins n in sports history. brew shard kept tweeting duringg the second half like any goodd sport she held up end of thefhe deal.. last night she went on date with 20-year-old john gore key aeey a blind date the pair attendeded knicks game in brooklyn. bokly she tweeted this photo of the t two on their way to the game and at the game itself they sat court side. side. i will say seeing some of theino other video he looked super nervous at the game but really l excited to be there with her.ith i would say in the world of blind dates it could have endedo up worse, right?? >> they look good together. tog >> brew shard is aweso
9:31 am
schenn came dressed to kill. kil look at her.ok at he >> yes. >> it's amazing that we couldn'd find any video of the super l bowl. >> i wonder why you got to rub it that the steelers lost.s los that's cool.'s cool >> i say talking about a fans fn dream come true f you're going g to do it do it dht she dressed to the nines.seto t let him know she's got -- look o at her. at look at her. >> make him feel important.mpta she walk with him, sat with him. chatted with him gave him a tont of attention.. >> i'm loving this.his. did her hair.air got the spirals going.the spira. >> he's a legend. >> after thi>>s h.s >> the look on his face oh my m god i can't wait to tell myel m friends! >> he looks like he's playinge'p cool here. co when he goes back tool school hs going to be like -- >> his heart is being out of hih chest. ch >> he wanted all the cameras so he could steal a >> i got to tweet idris elba. >> wait.>> wait help me draft my message to boris, i know you're marriedre d but -- >> not a good start, maureen. mn >> i know, i know.. >> i i kid. >> okay. oy. erin thanks
9:32 am
i think it's awesome she did. one quick correction it was the nets became milwaukee versus ths nets in brooklyn last night notn the knicks game either way he wh didn't care if he went to go see cba team >> go d league game as long as that's your at>> were was the score? >> his score was i'm winning. exactly. >> exactly.>> e >> all right. our next guest is tuckerucr barnes who is here to talk all about --out -- >> rivetting forecast. >> were we supposed to see those flurries this morning, tucker.r. >> yeah. y it was not completely unexpected. we have a strong northwest flowo the lakes are not frozen so you're not throwing me out likek we didn't mention it. didn >> did you share that information withs?ths >> i just don't remember.. possible flurries.rr >> did you check my twitter thir morning. 34 in washington.asto go look at my twitter. twitter. >> did you tweet when they were following. >> i'm still blocked. >> 30 in baders i b'murg. sg. yes a few snow flurries outflurs there. sort of like, you know, teamw, t work we have.e right? there you go. 20s the wind chill. cll in gi
9:33 am
the real story of today is notot the snowplower rows althoughho they are pretty. it's the wind. wind. and cool temperatures we are noe going to get it a whole lot l above the low 40s later thiser s afternoon the wind chills willsl remain in the 30s.rema inhere's your snow shower activy most of sit very light a couplel of flurries.ies but we had nice little band comm through about an hour ago.our o. very pretty down at the nationaa zoo with bao bao as the snow snw showers were coming down not n expecting any accumulation youcn may encounter a few more me flurries tweet me at tucker i will repost your pictures ifri your getting a good little snowo squall.sqll again, this is all because ofisc the lakes which are not frozen o this year. and very strong winds comingg across those lakes and we see s those little lake effect streamers coming down from theoe north and west. no impressive outive out to the west and there has beenan enough to coat the ground and ii some cases few inches in westere maryland parts of western weste pennsylvania. all right. this is our last real cold o ne, one and then we're going to starto t gradual warmup which will continue into our holiday weekend. it is going to be absolutelyg b beautiful around
9:34 am
i mean, i'm not promising full l sunshine saturday, sunday monday but temperature wise you'll lovv it. if you like the springtimeingt temperatures as we should bed be well into the 60s saturday, sunday and monday and dry. dry we'll have some clouds arounds a but we won't get any rain. as we've got a warm fron lifting to our north and the our pattern next week, i mean, pretty unbelievable for much of the country our temperatures be well aboveee normal. i would not at all be surprised if we don'et se a 70-degree dayy by the end of next week.t wee so we've got temperatures on tht bonus side. 20, 25 degrees above normal byy next here's a look at the seven day. 43 today.od most of your day partly sunny ay few more snow showers for theort next few hours and there's yourr rmrmup. saturday, sunday, monday, temps in the low to mid 60s for our three-day holiday, and there's your forecast into next week. wk it stays dry.ry. no big storms on the who are roy son. son. winter weather lovers i thinkerk our last gasp here might be the first couple of days of it looks like we'll have colderr
9:35 am
all right.. holly, i'll toss it back to you. >> tucker, this is going to beit so cool because our next guest.t i want to you look at the shoess i'm wearing. never mind that don't don't necessarily going with thisgoint particular outfit. but our guest her name is hannah alexander, and she is the creator of sole power. per it's a pittsburgh based start up company getting lots and lots of attention. the company is focused on focusn portable technology that that generates power simply by moving around.ou i'm going to keep walking until i get to my intro. intro follow me.e. yes. so this is what it is. is. it's a simple shoe pad you canan create enough energy to charge a phone or a device. there are endless applicationson for this invention from helping a military member charge arge battery while on their feet, to reducing accidents by keepingy g track of workers on job sites.i. gett
9:36 am
i'm walking so much. hannah's hard work made her h forbes under 30 in energy. enery glamor magazine's top ten techh heroes, and a white house global entrepreneur.epur. now, that i've talked 22 miless in these shoes -- do you see --e do you see -- whoo! who >> i feel like i need to get itt will after all of of no. no. i'm just kidding.i'm just k this is this is amazing.diths amazing. >> thank you. >> all right. so let's talk about how you originally and now they're t solidly lit up.p. >> now they're sod lidly lit you charged the capacitor in there by walking around the studio so much. >> how did you come up with thip idea? what was the aha moment n for you. >> it was actually a classla project.oj a group effort, and ournd professor asked to us come up u with technology that would solve the problems for students ontude we went tomp carnegie melon andd walking to and from class prette late at night, so actually the t first version just lit up shoeso kind of like a glorified nikeedk shoe. >>
9:37 am
needed a battery for it so we sw came up with the system wherease we were walking it would chargec it. it >> i thought you were going to y say your inspiration youou know those kid shoes that light upigu when kids run. kid r >> those are pretty cool, >> those are pretty cool, too. this is very practical and you u have the components here.s so kind of really explain explan exactly how it works. >> every time you step down it i kind of takes that linear motioo in your step and converts it tot row table motion. spinning a permanent magnetag inside the shoe. s this is an sr max boot which iss a slip resistant work boot. b it is a self charging workbook to help industrial work forces f be more productive and these are some of theof t the electronics this is anis example right here kind of goese in the toe end and the connected charges goes in to the heel thee right here. and then we have a small inter t mediate battery that kind ofkinf charges the brains of theheins system. >> okay. you get
9:38 am
t what, do you hook your phone upu to your shoe?e? >> this particular version isrtl enartirely imbedded. ided. what we've tried to do here is i create a new category in wearea abs. s. essentially a self charginghain wearable or awarely you in verge to plug in. f sustainedtaed sel every time you step it willitil create enough power to charge tg the systems that are in the toe end.d. this particular version doesoes location tracking and motion sensing for workers that are industrial environment.stri >> i see. military applicationation here?? >> so military actually carriesr a lot of back up battery weight. they carry went 20 pounds of o battery for single day mission i if they're going on missionss they're carrying more batteriess they're actively rested inn battery back up. up. >> they're in remote areas theye can't -- they don't have access. >> exactly.xact. >> plugging something in.g thin. >> they don't want to walking wg around with 20 pounds of dead dd weight. weight. >> this is such a big thing forf a role model.odel you're a woman, you're young,
9:39 am
to you get the recognition thata you've gotten, what has thatas meant to you? >> i think awesome.weso i mean it's hopefully i can be a bit of inspirational for younger womenm help be a mentor to some up andn coming under prior to theoro accident, and i think the peoplp i always look at were also women strong women that were in science and engineering.e so i'm really happy to be aanbll to sort of pass it on. >> i mean are you selling thesee people are buying these or stili in the -- the - >> right now we're still inll i testing pilot phase. pse so we're always interested too hear new applications and different people that are interested in testing itent pe. so, yeah f you're interestederee then contact us.ct u >> what does one pair cost? >> so right to you we make themy in really smallou volume. >> sure. >> particularly with hardware one of the challenges when you larly hallmake it in small volum cost is much hire.muche. >> right. >> so our costs will go down the more -- >> more vol orders come in. >> yes. >> do you for sovol or any useof use this in every day world?orld? >> yeah absolutely. so the general trend is foror
9:40 am
connected and all of that is is going to require battery life.e so -- - >> one day i could really maybey though we're seeing the military right now wear a pair of pumpsum that will help charge my phone.e >> we hope so. i have imbedded these in heels i because i got sick of goingoing networking events wearing construction boots.oo. and -- >> see. the theoman is behind ideas, they think of everything. i'm so impressed.mpress this really is a amazing.. not sure it completes my lookes currently but it really is amazing. and you know what the amazingazw wthinhag about it t was you sai takes about 20 steps it took mem a little more than that but inhi the grand scheme of thing ithint doesn't take very long and you u start seeing you reply theeply t benefits the energy is comingomg back. back you're putting it out and it'sn' coming back in a real tangibletb way. way. >> thank you so much. very cool. >> these thank a re actually a little ltl more comfortable than my heels.s >> i have a question. hava you mentioned practical usagesss i'm wondering i travel through h lot of third world countriesouns these would be great individuala power sources for people beyondn charging cell phones becauseec
9:41 am
>> absolutely.bsolut >> so at one of the benefits off the charger it can be imbeddedmd in so many different types of if the wear and one of the onef applications really excitedealle about is giving it to sort of of the developing world thatld tha doesn't always have access too reliable electricity grids. >> you are amazing. are a kudos to ymaou.kudoou i'm so proud of this and so ando excited to see it happening.appg >> good for you. >> thanks. tha >> okay. great stuff.t stuff great discovery you can try thee on maureen. >> i was going to. >> he's the show of always sunnn in philadelphia.a. horrible bosses. he's going mon e mono with ice cube in fistfight.istfig kevin gets a crack at him.. his one-on-one with charlie dayy is neck. it's 9:41. ♪♪
9:42 am
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what's this? don't have money for books but got's t mony for this new fangled -- is thisi a practical joke? you know iyoo don't play that. you, campbell -- >> me? >> you the only one drinking onr coffee, right?? eah.eah. no. i mean -- i got a light roastoat cappucino.ucino. >> bet your light roast over roa here and help me fix a cup. c isn't right,
9:45 am
yeah. ye sorry don't know what i wasas resisting that much it's a newew machine. it's state of the art thougchh. all you got to do put in yourn y order and it does the rest.he rs >> coffee. [ laughter ]er ] >> you know i'll just do it forf you and i think that will be the easiest. [ laughter ] >> one clip from the new comedy fistfight.fifigh that's ice cube with charlie dad wolf teachers getting ready forr a school yard brawl.dra after one gets the other firedtr and i think you can guess who got who fired.ed kevin got a chance to sit downod with all the stars of the moviev this time we're talking charliea day. >> i did. charlie day is responsible fornb ice cube's character gettingti fired. he asks him for a fistfight at the end of the today, and it's i the whole movie takes place in one day stupidly funny.. that scene is much funnier innnn the r rated version because a bu lot of cursing a lot of o raunchiness in the film.s in th. but charlie day interviewing hih gives me an excuse to bring upru one of my favorite scenes of ala time. chris if you can just role this. >> here we go.we g >> from pacific rim
9:46 am
charlie day starred in. this is a yeager slapping a boat across a monster.. now, people who didn't seeo dide pacific rim, there were actors inside these big machines callel yeagers and they basically werer run by human beings and fightinn these massive monsters. but they slapped this monsterstr with a boat which is one of thet coolest things ever. >> the most attention pacificifc rim has gotten since 2013. 2 >> i love that movie.ovie charlie day is in pacific he's also filming the sequel too pacific rim two. just my chance to show that scene. this film fistfight and the idee working in defendant 59 tom 5to pacific rim to a comedy.. >> i'm big fan of film making mn i'm wondering how the sceneow te worked when you were beingere be dragged by the horse and the and paint was going off in your face. are you on something. >> how doethat work when
9:47 am
there was one take where fie horse yank add stunt guy whoho broke his rib into a, you know,u like whatever that was, like a vent whipped him out i couldn'th believe >> oh, my god.>> o my >> then they're like you're noty ing thahat. so instead, we're going tie tong you a golf cart.olca [ laughter ] >> they drag me by golf cartdr down the hallwayag. and i think the paint -- the paint i think is me reacting asa if i'm being hit by paint we pup it in in post. pos >> there might have been one bnn actual exploding paint thing ang we added it in. >> i'm to the going to give anything away this is one of my favorite scene in away th moviee long time.ngim it involved a young personer cursing a that's all i'm going to say.o s for people when they see this interview that scene in general, was this person really sayingay those words and was that tha person's parents onset.nset >> that person was saying thosee words. word and that person's mother was there. >> did it feel weird for you tou do that
9:48 am
you know, after 12 years off doing it's always sunny inn philadelphia, we've definitelyen done some stuff with kids wheres it's a little bit, you know, edgy in terms of language. >> yeah. >> so i was used to it but y, i, still feel a little bit like -- hey, sorry about this. this. mind if we get your daughter tot say this? >> obviously you worked on big g action set species which iset awesome. i'm wondering when somethingnomg like pacific rim, you know, is , it so different for you walkingi onset in regards to geeking outt about certain things i'm sure'ms the sets are obviously much m different what does it feel forf to you walk on a set like pacific rim opposed to a set like this. >> the first pacific rim the rim sets were huge and ornate and ot crazy there's one scene i'm running from the monsters hehe s comes up to me, so, like carsikr are going to be flying over your head.head i said oh, you'll drop cars in.i no, that car is going to flyly over your head, so don't stop'to running or it will, um, it willl crush you. y [ laughter ]
9:49 am
>> thanks.s >> real good. >> and on this fortunately thert were no flying cars. >> charlie day in fistfight it y opens up friday i'll have myll v review tomorrow morning as wells as united w kingdom david oyeloe we'll have live on tomorrow att 10:36. phenomenal film. film. yeses. >> i'll have more coming upore g later on tonight.onht >> he's coming back. >> he will be on satellite.atele he was coming initially inn studio. >> aww.>> a >> now he'll be live via satellite he's still be livelive tomorrow morning on our show s david oyelowo.daviow >> by the way charlie dayarlie y hilarious in horrible bosses. >> he starred in that movie.d ia >> it's always sunny inun philadelphia i need to startto t getting back into.geing ba i watched the first season muchm he's very funny one of those very -- everyone loves him. lov. they just don't know his name.e. >> exactly.ct >> they will now. >> that wehe's turning into a guy>> will know his name. >> kevin, thank you. kevin, thao >> thank guys.u. 49. our week of love continues witht a maryland couple going thele gi distance. dist we'll be right rigack. ♪♪
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♪♪ all week we've beenve b celebrating our week of love tht couple we book for todayod couldn't make it this but we found a pretty goodyoo backup we think. baltimore couple going thele gnt distance. this valentine's day they alcelebrateented their 69th anniversary.vers let that sink in. sixty-ninth anniversary. and fox photographer christine lean was there for their speciae celebration.cele take look. ♪♪ >> here you whisper that youou love me too.lo me >> i'm jim and i'm playing at charlestown senior center hererr on valentine's day. >> music is important to lift your soul and that's part of ♪♪ >> it's always nice to play forr people on valentine's day d because it's a special
9:54 am
celebration.atn. >> hello. >> happy val types day. >> thank you very much.appy v >>hank you congratulations.ongr. >> thank you. you >> thank you very much. vch >> we didn't think we'd make it. isn't well, you did. >> yes. [ laughter ]>>[ laughter ] >> that's pretty great.. >> yes. >> i played for a couple who are celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary today.oday >> this is wonderful.s isonde >> do you have favorite song? >> yes. as time goes by.>> by. ♪♪ >> music is a common element fof all of us, and we have a associations to our past and our shared experiences that we can celebrate through music. [ applause ]applau ] >> this is wonderful. >> congrats to that cull celebrating 69 years and the yet beautiful music they've been'vee making together. toghe for all those decades.ecades >> 69 years. that's amazing. isn't yup.n't y >> who wants to make the wants t transition to justinhe beiber? anybody? an >> anybody? anybody?ny? >> w
9:55 am
>> sorry. maybe not feeling the loveov justin beiber because now mousted an incident blew up now he's hearing from the attorneysr that's never sharing the love. . >> not a good thing new >> you know what else we gotw w coming up we got a big familyam feud coming up. comin u there's a group of people, ae, family that was on the big showw on the real family feud.amily f. now they're going to be here onn the fox5 family feud and we'llll see if they can beat us. u >> and her name is annale make note of this phenomenal song stress she'll be perform fog uss live. i promise you you'll like whatha you'll hear.yo i promise you really really verr good. od >> first though it is coffeeh if time on good day dcf you're beee checking out our cool good dayod mugs this is how you win one. w. you know that we have a good day dc dunkin' donuts mug give awaya each day perfect for that greate dunkin' donuts coffee.fee all you need to do is go to facebook which is facebo
9:56 am d.c. where yox can enter the mug conte5 st onee lucky winner selected by randomr drawing.draw hurry, though, because you onlyl have until 11am to enter. enter if you do win take a selfie with your mug and post on our facebook or twitter pages likeel this one from ivan tonis or if it's misspelled it could bet thomas. i'm not tonis or thomas. thoma >> you look great with the mug. >> ivan you look great with thee mug. use the #gooddaydc. we will be right back.. good day at 10a coming up next.. ♪♪
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10:00 am
naral.l. are you stressed out, you arere not alonessed.. take selfies what a new study n says about you. you. >> let's play the feud.d. we take on local family that was just on the hit game show. sw this going to be good. g >> plus she's only 23 and has as hit song.g. annale live in the loft and, yup, she will perform.form >> oh, and we will continue to t follow bao bao's every move life. the 10a starts now. now. ♪♪ >> that's how we should open the show. >> tumbling right into the 10:0o >> some days we do. >> right. tumbling. >> no tumbling.blin we stumble into it. into it. >> hi everybody.yb >> we just keep that up on theot bottom of the screen the entiret hour. >> i like that.ike can't turn away, can you. you >> bao bao has -- h - >> now until tuesday, steve. ste bao bao leaves us. >> i think it's a great idea.t' bao bao found -- bao bao is is excited about getting out of weave we've never seen her this acen
10:01 am
i got to get out of here.azy . thanks for staying it wuss of uu for the 10a today.. so she's going to be getting ata special treat coming up because this is the farewell week fork f bao bao she's going to get special dumpling.l dumplin the chinese embassy will beil b giving some away. check back in with bob later foi all the detailsth there. t as she gets ready to go to china, of course, it's an it' a agreement that we have with thee chinese government we get the pandas for four years and it'sni almost that time. >> aw.>> a >> they got to go back . >> that's it.. >> we've got bao bao and mom ana day are still here too.. >> let's check what's trendingsr this morning.orni >> first up, steve arc dayve without immigrants. the social mediaout organizedrd protest is expected time pactimt dozens of businesses in the region today.ay about 60 restaurants that willtt either be closed wil today, wont serve food or have a limited lid menu all in response tons president trump's immigrationran policies. po the goal is to show the he can tent of the contributionsib immigrants have on a daily daily basis. now the idea was spearheaded by
10:02 am
andreas. most of his restaurants are a closed today.ed tod. also taking part bus boys and a poets is closing all of its restaurants today.ay its owner andy shallal who himself is an immigrant earlier we actually spoke with andy whoo has a message for the critics oo the day without immigrants. >> a lot of employees have expressed some concerns becausee particularly about the raids ana things like that that i think ti are to lot of people that come m here they come oppressiveive regimes and this just feels likk a very oppressive way to do things, you know, there are better ways to do it.tter there are better ways to improvi the way we do immigration.. >> other restaurants closing their doors include jo andreas, meridian pint, smoke se and barrel and jetties. complete list on our websiteistr critics say protest organizersaz are missing the point of o
10:03 am
policies they say are meant too target illegal immigrants on our facebook page bruce says, says, immigrants are not a problem. it about illegal immigrants.. this only hurts the legal hard-working immigrants that imt will not be getting paid that day. and then donna says, in part, so are these establishmentss employing illegal immigrants? r? because they are the ones thatht this country has a problem with. otherwise, why protest? there?e is a big distinction between the two. two. all right. we thank you for your comments. f #goodorda yydc.. also today, the results aree in americans are totally stressed out. duh! nestor veigh found peopleel are he can treatmently worriedrt about the future of the country. researchers at the americanmeri psychological association foundu that 57% of americans find thehe current political climate to bee very or somewhat significantni source of that stress.. 49% felt anxious about theut t elections out come and 66% reported that they are extremely stressed out about the nation's
10:04 am
future.futu >> i wonder how that compares tp the stress you feel in your owno life which i think is stillll probably greater than what youhy feel about the whole.hole >> the picture of that girl is s girl i went to school with in i college. >> are you serious. >> i'm not kidding.>> i i'm n think it's pam.. >> she's stressed out.ut. >> she's stressed.>> i looked right at her s. pamam? >> unless pam got paid for that. right.t. >> well we all know president kn obama is a babb fan and aroundrd this time he actually will bewil getting ready to fill out that ncaa tournament bracket on espnn but one more policy the newhe president won't continue.ntin. the white house says presidentad trump will not be filling out at espn did reach out to the to president and his staff andff ad invited him to fill out a bracket on camera just like thet did for president obama but thee network says president trumptrup passed on march madness. madss >> all right. all it's his choice.'s hisic to go with it. i have to say i hate to admitdm this duke is looking good. >> love duke in march. i love it. >> keeping it fair.tai >> i have not watched -- i think
10:05 am
game this thiyear >> ramps closer to the tournament. >> i'm saying my interest.ayg i got to watch -- i don't watcht that much during december,embe january. tournament time ya. >> from marinadeness to taxis at lot of people might get extra ea cash in your pocket.n your in fact the average return lasts year was $2,800. $80 so if nearly $3,000 is coming cn your way what will do you withh it? a new survey sheds light on those plans.ans. 41% surveyed say they plan to t save it.t. that's very responsible answer. 38% say they'll use it to payo off debt. another very responsible answera and finally 11% say heck with hc that i'm going on vacation andid that's still very responsible.le right? vacations can be can b necessary. that's right.'s r. >> especially we talk about thet stress. >> i know. >> what great way to destressdestss than to go on >> i agree. f youl good options there if you want to go on vacation and destress now or put it in theiti bank and take the vacationn later. >> either way. eat t idea. >> now, depending on the size o
10:06 am
really big one you could put a a down payment on the futurethe ur because you can now pre ordere r the world's first flying caringc that has been commerciallymercll approved here's what it is.e's h kind of look like a motorcycle/helicopter.rcyc >> uh-huh.>>huh. >> dutch company palsy acceptinp pre orders for the liberty model. it takes about ten minutes panin toll transform from car to the buying price somewhereomhere between 400 and $600,000.0. >> right.>> r >> here's the catch. here's the. you have to take that tax refunr and put $10,000 down and if dodo you, you will not get that t $10,000 back.ack. so you better --ette >> you need a pilot's license? n where they tested this. thi >> where can you do >> c exactly.>> >> can you just pull over on thu side of the beltway ten minutess later.lar. >> convert that.>> >> lift up in the air.ift up >> over traffic. over fic. >> no. >> i'll say all those of not ann options. if you can afford the $400,000 , you can afford to pay somebodyay to dig into the research forthsr you. >> exactly. >> get all those answers for you. tho yo >> man. ed about abouter excit this next story one of myy onofm personal favorite movies is movs
10:07 am
kind of. i'm talking about love actuallyl many of its cast members will be reuniting for a ten minute update into the lives of thef t characters from that story. sry the film's writer and directorio says he thought it would be funn to see what everyone is up to.p the short will air in the uk onn may 24th, march 24th, thatha is, and then on the u.s. on march 25th.h that's going to happen on nbc. liam nissan, hugh grant, kyra night the, colin firth, rowan atkinson all confirmed to takeak part in the mini sequel. >> don't check your your twittei between when it airs in the ukk and airs in the us if you don'tt want the spoiler art. >> i'm really excited. at len rickett man was in thatas too and he passed away.d away. that movie is just so great. gre >> you know the cool thing, toot one of kevin movies pacific rimm is also getting a sequel and wew learned that this morning asng a well. we >> yes.. >> the themes of the two notmes similar. >> no. >> not similar at all. >> hitting someone way boat. soy >> let's talk
10:08 am
johannson.johannn scarlet is having second sec thoughts about monogamy in playboy's march april 2,017 the 32-year-old ghost in the shellhe star admitted that she isn'tsn't sure people are designed to bed monogamous in relationships.nsh. she said quote i think the ideae of marriage is very romantic.ti it's a beautiful idea.dea. practice of it can be very very beautiful thing. tng i don't think it's natural to bb monogamous person i might be secured for that but i thinkhi it's work.or it's a lot of work. wk. johannson and her husband roman, split in january the couple --p- shocker. >> i know. the couple shared two-year-old daughter johannson was was previously married to actor ryan reynolds from 2000 to 2006.00 >> in the spirit of love if you are in a happy situation you'll believe more in mon foggy if foi you're not in a happy situationi your thoughts might differ. >> i don't know if i agree with ifh i've said it in my podcast wecae talked about this.bout t i don't think that man nothing knee is natural for we've been conditioned society s to make it the
10:09 am
>> we're not wired that way.hatw >> we're not wired for that.otif >> my point is only p romanticai way maybe that means you haven't found the one yet.d the o when you fine the one yneou will think differently. >> i don't know that i would. i've been in love and been in kn monogamous relationships but i i will say i don't think thatha we're wired like that way.reli and the reason i say this ishiss because if you look at it will -- >> i know you're looking a meetm we've had this talk wisdom. wdo. we've been -- if you look at polygamist societies they don'tn function any less well.s wel you know, and that is a is a constructive where they come coe they need more kids for farmingg blah, blah, blah.h. i don't think it's necessarilyey natural for humans to be monogamous.. i might get secured for it too.t >> there are few animals thatmaa are. are. >> that separates us from thepa animals and the people in other countries because here's trahete deal. you're getting this from a thifo person whose been married twicee and it didn't work.n't work. so there's an element of that as ll.l. and it's funny to me people who are always saying they don'tyon believe in mon nothing me peopll who are divorced or single people. because -- think about it like
10:10 am
this. >> i think there's a differencee between in mon nothing me and ma thinking it's natural.. >> i definitely believe in it.ev >> you are not put on thisot p i planet to run around and to have six or seven wives or whatever.e 6 or seven husbands or whatevere it is. there is something to be said -- >> you are put on this planet te pro create.ate. >> with one person. >> bib lick klee there werere wr figures in the bible that had te multiple w bives.ltip wives how do you -- >> there were also people in kingdoms who cut terhee ir wivev heads off. we don't do that any more.yore. >> true that. i'm just saying, the thing again -- >> natural what you're actuallye wired to do. >> you are wired for commitmentt is. is >> absolutely. >> a family structure is a family.mily. a family focus on ---- >> i agree. a. >> faux us on a family not to to focus on a family a second wifee an second family at the samet te time. >> i think it depends on --nk ie >> to me -- t >> i think it depends on where -- how the society soc constructs that's what i think. i again base that only oh and my experiences but i agree withee t you. i mean -- i'm not g
10:11 am
relationship saying i plan to p have multiple partners and to be per mess queue wuss. wuss. i love monogamy. i don't think we were born thate way from our -- from the -- if you want to call thehe nitty-gritty.gritty i think we've been conditioneded to live that way.. >> men another point of this mei can't handle more than oneore th man.n. sorry.y. >> oh we know that. >> players think they can handlh more than one. >> cassanova con.on. >> he's not married. >> no, he was.. >> how is it working out for o f him. >> what i'm saying is, you are not designed to deal with morei than one family at a time.t ti. so if you want to go out there.e people who try to have two and three wives or whatever and havn all these different families its does not work. >> i don't want to deviate toodo much from this conversation, buo i can't get passed the fact that wisdom actually matched his pens to his tie and pocket squaree today. i'm so trance fixed on thatd on right now. >> this is commitment. coment because when you have one color
10:12 am
color -- when you have one colon you stick with that color. >> obsession to >> 1 quick story from the studyu hall right now hem me out maureen from the --m- are you the king or the queen of selfies because it turns out t people who take a lot of selfies may be living in fact by at b a double standard becausese researchers say 75% of people pl three out of four who take selfies regularly would ratherat see other type of photos besided selfie on social media. so you take it, but you can'tout deal with it. >> wow. >> about two-thirds said selfies have potential negative consequences.nsequenc most felt their own selfies off course were more genuine.enuine >> of course.>> >> than everybody el selfies. >> that little couple right there they don't have someone little else take th deon't h picture.t. they're on vacation. >> that's what they do.yo. [ laughter ][ >> oh, man. >> look, it's 10:12.0: we've been celebrating love in i the lot of all week.. but today there's a feud here aa fox5. not talking about what justt jut
10:13 am
familiar who'll just starred ini hit show will join us live fornr all new edition of the fox5 feud! >> first though regis opening ui about his split with kelly but mariah's first live performancee since the new year's eveear's ee disaster and two late to say ty sorry? why justin beiber couldl be in more legal trouble.rouble good day celebrity dish servingi it up next. ♪♪ i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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♪♪ >> wisdom and i are still goingn at it. >> what do you mean? >> it's too late for you to say sorry.d i g >> i'm not trying to. f>> i'm.ead and love>> wo la yoe >> let's love celebrity dish.tys that's we're doing right now.ign we'll start off with this. thi in trouble with the law.he we're talking about my man man justin beiber.ber. he's been accused of assaultingu a man aft the cleveland cavaliers final basketball game. he's said to have swiped thehe man's sunglasses from this facef the victim photographed theogra singer which saw him becomeecom physically violent afteriolenter justin's team allegedly got got involved, the man said to be much bigger than the love yourself singer was treated inai the hospital for injuries injur including a concussion.cussn. eight months after the man wasfm unable to reach a so many withnt justin who wouldn't play ball. the biebs was indicted. >> hmm. >> there you go. that's snap chat video we're
10:17 am
i heard the biebs got his bleepp kicked. >> until the other ones gotil tr involved. >> then the guy loft. l >> someone opened the can of -- all right. wisdom, she's back. >> who is that.ho i that. >> your girl mariah.r gi mariah. >> she's on fire. >> made her life performanceerfm last time on jimmy kimmel livee this was her first performance,e of course, since her nightmare live gig on new year's rockingne eve. she performed her latest balladl i don't, which was inspired bypb her high profile split from f australian billionaire james jas packer.paer as you can see she's donning a i curve hugging and plunging red gown, mimi belted out lyric ityr appearing to off without a hitch. also, appearing though to go off without a hitch her latestes relationship.lationsh >> okay. >> can you say bubbles darling. >> mariah proved things areiah r getting steamy between her andwh her boyfriend brian when she posted this photo.. >> what? >> of them in a hot tub. tub this was on instagram. >> wow! okay.ow! oka i was going to say wisdo
10:18 am
welcome that was for the dress e but now it's like, wisdom, woman and, woman and she's with him. h >> all right. aight we'll move on then. on the hey, how about this? you ever heard this before? it'sfor not you, it's me. really.really the reason i say that tv host h regis philbin hasn't kept in i touch with former co-host kellyl ripa he decided to leave theeave show they head lined together it an interview with larry king now, philbin says kelly ripaly r took it personally and was offended when he decided to leave the show life with regisie and kelly in 2011. 21. he says she thought he was was leaving because of her. but philbin who's 85 told kingn' that he left the show because he was getting older and it wasn't' right for me any more. philbin said he still misses mis hosting when asked if he wouldea come back to television he saidi it would depend on how often heh would appear. >> that story is crazy to me.o why would she take it so i personally i don't get it muchtm he's 85 now but even back thenne he was, what, 79 or whatever.hae however old i
10:19 am
he was old. he w in the words oasf justin beiberr >> more beiber. >> is it too late now to say t s sorry, wis? that's a good g question.queson >> the man in charge. cha grammys broadcast is sorry fords the glitches that playing the pa show the other night. nig. producer ken you recall lick isk apologizing for two of the biggest goofs during the livefse broadcast in la on sunday. metallica james duet with ladyha gaga was kept partially silent because his microphone failed.d you recall lick says he's beenck told the problem was caused when a stage extra accidentally kicka out the cable that went to the mike. mike. oops. and then there was a tal up in a clip supposed to show gospel gos star caesar it showed anotherer gospel star.ta mistakes and glitches are more m hill they happen such goofs aree one of the risks of live risksfi television.teleon don't we know it brother. >> that was -- that was bad.hatd that was, n whole shirley caesar, cc wine man thing was bad. ba no glitches wh
10:20 am
performance if you were impressed by it when you watch it, jusbyt y iou wait, because e week the isolated vocals fromom the mike feed began to make their way around proving mothert monster had to the pipes to bacb up the drums. dru that brave roof jump and all those flawless outfits -- ♪♪ ♪ >> you hear this? >> lord show me the way to cut through all his worn out. ♪♪ >> all right. all rig even more impressive when youhey consider the fact that while whi lady gaga was hitting all thosee notes she run around the stadiui and dancing. shows clearly capable of doing g everything.ythi >> real performer there.eaperf she did it.d i she said set the bar high for super bowl next year. >> that's your celebrity dish oh thursday. >> it was delicious. thank you. >> coming up we'll have>> i moreor celebrity dish round two. leftovers too.s too. right from the source, hollywood today live co-host garr s
10:21 am
will join us a little bit later on we'll chat with her. her. >> love her.. >> valentine's day was tuesday t but always a good time for timeo roses. coming up singer annale will will perform her hit single live in the loft. in t there she is.he she sounds amazing.zi it's a real treat for you. back aft this. ♪♪
10:22 am
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ut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. ♪♪ 10:23. e know d.c. is a transient town town. people come, people go. bao bao the young
10:24 am
team for her to move on.e o >> say it ain't so.o. she's moving east next week butk first this morning she's putting on, oh, quite a show. fox5's bob barnard live at the national zoo as it prepares forf their final farewell of bao baob good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, maureen.en she's heading north right she's up a tree. tre we're looking at her back sideie and she's basically been thisn t morning climbing different treee and scratching herselfer satisfying her they have a big box of dumplingl down here that they're going tog bring her to eventually thisllyt morning, and we're waiting for g that. it was kind of a secret earlieri this morning when we were here.h we were kind of by ourselves 8:00 o'clock now there are maybe 80 people here, and the embassys of china is giving out dumplingl so people have been enjoying bej that, and also here off camera with me are elli and katie from alexandria.alexan katie is six years old and she'e got a teddy bear in her
10:25 am
named were bao bao she shares a birthday with bao bao. we want to try to get you onou n merara. katie can you step back so weu c can see you there? how are you. >> good.>> >> reporter: what is your ted yu dough bear's name.'s >> bao bao. >> where did you get that name?? i don't know.don' >> reporter: from your friend right there.t the. elli tell me this. t you guys are here, why, i meanha this is --th >> to see bao bao off.ff when her birthday is august 23rd and bao bao'sst 2 birt3rhday is august 23rd it's got a special connection. conne. >> you say she has an aunt namem bao bao. what does bao bao means. mea >> it means precious.reci >> and she has been precious alo morning. have you seen -- i mean have you visited in the past. the past. >> yes, we have. yesave we have couple times a year especially boo at the zoo we zoo come at halloween to go trick or treating.trea the. >> yeah. >> get a bagful of candy. cdy >> it's a treat to see her and we know the days are limited.. she's leaving on tuesday onueay flight to china.ighto china fed ex is going to take her away. because her fourth birthday isih coming up this summer the deal l with china before the
10:26 am
we still have more. right. we have others. ll we have bei bei here still and yeah, it's really special tt see them because a lot of timest when you come they're not --- they're dormant.or they sleep most of the day you don't get to see them activem at it's nice to see her climbing an tree and just eating and just, j you know, having fun.un >> it's fun. it's n >> elli and katie thank you very much. i think the cold and the snow earlier has had bao bao ratherr rambunctious this morning.orng her little brother bei bei and d may junk are in the nextex compound and the father tian and tian is in the third compound co here. even after she leaves there will be more panda bears forrs for everybody to visit. visit but bao bao this morning in onei of her last days putting onuttin quite the show for us this morning all morning long here a the national zoo.naal zoo >> indeed she has been what acute cute show it's been.. >> bob, real quick.ui i know we've been showing videoo its crows all morning for hoursf and hours of seeing her so so energetic. have more and more people been b coming out to see her becauseere she feel like this is a rare rae treat with the energy?
10:27 am
i don't know if indira can pan c and show here.d show her we got -- we're along the fencee line here. you can see there's a lot ofe'ao people here taking pictures. enjoying their dumplings.plings. all morning long, people haveoph been arriving here.inh they even have table over herevh people are signing post cardst that will be sent to china witht bao bao on tuesday.uesd so, yes, a lot of people hereeer with their phones bracing theac cold, and having a wonderfulrf time enjoying the show that thii beautiful panda bear is puttingt on for us this morning. mning o so cool. >> i see myself heading to they zoo this weekend. >> being with everybody else.rys >> tollly. >> thank you, bob. >> reporter: l>>et's say goodbye to her up in the tree there. awwww. >> bye-bye bao bao. >> bye-bye bob bob. >> hello, wisdom. >> hey, wis. are we rolling? okay. oka >> all right. right >> i thought wisdom was takingan it. we'll go from my boo to family feud. the harris will join us live fresh off their eastern on the big game show and now e wisdom w gets to play along.lo we'll put them to the t
10:28 am
all new edition of fox5 feud. ♪♪ now at havertys furniture, it's our presidents day event, where you can create the perfect home. from now through february 20th, everything is on sale. save on furniture and accessories for every room. plus, enjoy thirty-six month, no interest financing.
10:29 am
with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. the presidents day event is on now at havertys. life looks good.
10:30 am
>> seems like everybody shouldev be clapping. >> there you go. st is a>> local local family featured on the nationalt game show the family feud!d! >> whoo! [ applause ] >> if you watched yesterday'sher episode you saw the harristhe hs family from columbia, maryland,r they battled it out against a
10:31 am
here it is right here video i vo don't tow back up what i just j said. harris are no stranger to the tt limelight or the small screen. >> that's because they're family business curvaceous queue tour was the sub qject of curvy bridb ya'll got it going on. this morning the entire harris i family joins us now to dish about their appearance on then h eumily feud. good morning to you.oro yo good good morning.orni >> good to see you.>> gee you guys are stars. sta i i know. >> you got your own business.. you're on tv. tv. big time. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> look, so look i want to knoww how did you end up on the familm feud? how did you get that gigg >> what did she do. ha what dud. >> i heard they were coming tow philadelphia.philad so i just sent them a link to lt our tv show.. i want to bring my family on and they sent us -- let us come to m the audition and we went up we u there and auditioned and we nailed it. >> oh really?ly? >> we nailed it.ilt. >> really? >> when you nailed it what does that actuallynailed mean. mea >> you actually have to playla against other families.t otr fa >> okay.
10:32 am
sort of. o >> sort of.>>or thousands of people there. >> and you have to down select c and they liked us. >> they liked everything abouter you.ut >> right. >> you killed it. you got all the questions r>>igt >> all the questions. quest at the audition.. >> at the audition. >> you got them all right.othem what was steve harvey like? >> awesome.. >> like an uncle, right. rht >> is that right?>>s th >> basically.>> bal >> you said he entertained youre in between. >> oh yes.. >> between takes he was steve se eyrvey. >> like a come dee show.a ee s >> okay. so that's good. not only are you on the family m feud, but you got your own y business. >> yes. >> >> and you're on tlc. yes. and u >> tell us about the how did the business getbusiss g started. >> we actually started cure cur vicious queue cher because ofauo her situation she got engaged eg ten years ago and plus size girr then more so than now and we gog locked out of bridal -- laughedh out of bridal boutiques asking g for size 16. 1 we put together a business plann we went to the man and ice end d and his wife our mother thehe t story is written. wen our dresses st
10:33 am
before our business was builtasi and our dad and mom turned his man cave to our first boutiqueou in his basement.asement. >> that's quite a sacrifice. >> oh yeah if when you went onto the show how does that work, dod you study? do they give you aou game plan? are you just free styling?sting? >> you're free styling.ou >> i sat on the couch at home.' the couch to tv, not the same.a. >> not the same. >> is it worse on the couch to tv? is it better? >> easier on the couch.on the ch >> at home. e rehearsalsl th let's just say -- >> auditions and let's just says as soon as steve walks out somee of us just got a little star struck. >> i think you're talking aboutu >> did you freeze up? dide updd you -- you know what i did not n freeze up.eezep. i was -- i was good but when hee asked me certain questions, iio, was thinking whatever i wasr i s thinking in my head came out oft my >> okay. >> it shouldn't have. i was trying to it sh -- >> you were trying filter a
10:34 am
didn't happen. h >> i didn't get it philadelphiah thed out in time.n t >> here's what we're going dodde right now. gri we got a team of fox5s overs or here.. >> wow! >> so we're going to -- we'reto' getting ready right now to put p to you another competition.ti >> wow! >> live on tv it's time for the fox5 family >> let's play! [ applause ] >> come on. >> line up. >> okay. >> there we go. ight>>. o >> hello, >> and the winner is miss chicago.o. >> yes, steve. steve >> i'm sorry.>> i i'm sorry.y i can't read that. that was thei ca wrong --rong >> miss columbia. >> that was the wrong one.was wn okay. we're playing the family feudild now. we want to get this thinghing started. star here's the fox5 crew, ladies ana gentlemen. [ applause ] >> the challengers and we havene our local family right here the walker family. yay
10:35 am
>> let's play the family feud. >> come on up first contestantsn >> all look, this is -- i like that.e a this is a fox5 budget s watching what happens happeninga on the screen and the delaysppe just be kind tothe us because s ain't the real family feud.yeu this is the fox5 family feud.ud let's go.o. let's put up the first questiont right here and see if we can geg this thing going.hi going. here we go. here with the w fox5 family feud.y f all right. you ready?you ready >> um-hmm. >> you ready. >> ready. >> right behind me.>> r here's round you ready?you a ere ere we go. all right.t >> we got six answers up here o the board. boa clearly you know how the gameu h works. all right. mething a recipe rip instructs you to do thato do tt sounds --un >> oh wow.ds >> chop it up.p it u >> chop it up. up. >> chop. >> chop it up. up. >> hmm. >> chip up! up! >> is that on the board? does it say chop it up? >> yes. >> number four. fr. >> you going to play?? >> we're going to play.oio play. they're going to play. >> let me do
10:36 am
i'm steve harvey.m stevrv [ laughter ] >> next up. next question.stio next question. nopes the next question. what are we doing.eoing >> i want ya'll to tell me morer about being on the family feud.d give me something -- we're- 'r waiting.wa be quiet over there. that's not how the show works.wr you don't talk while talking. >> this is free styling. look tell me something about steve harveys isme s that surpry when you went up there on theene show? >> anything. >> he has been campaigning fornf three days and he was really inn rare form. >> what do you mean rare >> he just got back from vegas.. the fraternity >> >> the fraternity. >> party mode. mod you good thing about you y couldn't let anybody know you had anything in common withmoith steve harvey.e rvey. >> i got you. >> i understand. all right.der hatcha. >> so
10:37 am
two contestants. let's go.o >> come on up here. >> you going down.oing dn. >> come on. >> put those questions up on the board. bo >> oh, see. [ laughter ] >> hater race. you know she's been on the big-time show. she >> come on.big-time >> come is. i goe're ready for the next questiont .this. rea for >> hand down.wn >> hand down. dn. hand down, man dn. question up. let's go. all right. we ready for the next question. same question.ion. tell me something a recipeec instructs you to do? d >> whip it.hip t >> whip it. whip it. whip it.. >> is whip it up there on thehe board as we see if whip it is on the board and the answer is -- yes. >> yeah. >> fox5 team is getting whipped. next two contestants.stants come on up. >> all right.ig >> low budget fox5 family feud.d fox5 family feud has been b canceled.. >> don't k
10:38 am
it gets gets started. all we ready?we rea? >> um-hmm. >> all right. you ready.. >> boobies.. >> hands down. hanown. hands down. dow man down.n dn. question up. so let's let's see. how about we ask the same ask tm question again. tell me soqumething -- >> bell. >> what's the question. >> go ahead holly.aheaholl dice it.t >> dice it. >> dice it. >> is the answer.ns is that a good answer, is that t good answer?nswe >> fox5 team is not backing youu up.. >> yay!y! >> that's okay.. >> that's okay holly.. >> low budget.ud >> low budget.>>udge >> i keep saying that.t >> we got -- same >> there you go. >> wait a minute there you go.go >> her husband is over there, ghght. behave yourself.beha hands down.s d tell me something that a recipe instructs you to do? (bell
10:39 am
>> slice it.>> >> the survey says -- ss >> we should have had tucker dod this. >> oh! >> al you got this. >> next two.ext t >> come op tuck. >> let's go. >> ya'll ready to do this.s. i got the number one answer.. >> here we go.e go. you ready?u re >> ready.eady >> name something -- (bell rings).ell rin >> same>> >> it's the same question. >> pre heat.t. >> pre heat. >> that's real good. >> allison. >> zimmer. >> zimmer.. did we put zimmer up there? the >> i know number one. o okakay. >> zimmer. can we get zimmer up here? >> number one -- >> another answer up there. number
10:40 am
-- number five -- mash.ash. and number six -- ladies lads congratulations. >> you guys won again. aga the low budget fox5 family feudu >> thank you very much.hank y >> did we win anything?nythg? >> you lost >> we lost. >> they won.. >> we want another 20 minutes0 s with wisdom. >> we going to break. >> congratulations.
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
>> we promised you read reheatet the dish leftovers.. joining us live from los angelel garcelle is with us from hollywood today live. live. good to see you think morning. g >> great to see you, steve. s how are you? let's get right'sr into it i am dying tell you this. zeus suzanne sarandon is playina legendary legend betty day haveh you. my sexual orientation is up forp grabs she said.d. the legendary actress revealed that she once had relationship with a man who turned out to beb gay. gay. and you know what, it's 21st 2 century anything can happen. also regis philbin just
10:44 am
he doesn't keep in touch withchw his former life with regis and kelly co-host kelly ripa. r she's never asked him back toaco co-host the show and regis saids that he thinks kelly was reallyl offended when he decided to leave.le all i can say is this. ross matthews better not leaveea me on htl.t you know he's mott going to do t that. how could he?? >> he better not.ot today we have on our show youho loved her in togetherness she's got a new netflix movie melanie lynn ski is here and also she plays brittany spears in the new lifetime biopic. natasha basset joins us watch us every weekday at 1:00 on fox5. good can we just say regis in fairness to him was 79 years ola when he left that show. how long do you want the poorntr man to keep working? >> okay, that's what i say, toot she needs to stop being so bng s offensed by everything.ry >> i'm with you, garcelle.arlle good to see see you. y we'll watch the show athow a 1:00 o'clock and every day right here on fox5. here >> great to see you.>> great t
10:45 am
>> 10:44. everything is coming up roses.m. live in the loft, that is, at because singer annale is here to perform her hit single that's t ming u up next. we'll be right back. ♪♪ i will never wash my hair again. new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. making every strand stronger. so tangles don't stand a chance. because strong is beautiful. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. because strong is beautiful. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet.
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y27mly y16fy
10:48 am
♪♪ ♪ welcome our next guest a classicallyicly trained korean american singerce on her rise to stardom. som she's only 23 years old. but she's already gaining gai notable buzz in the music in e u that's because her debut singlel crack the top 20 on billboards a and b air play charts. ch you know good day d.c. loves tot get fresh talent on our show s before they make it big big time. so joining us now live tongnow i perform her hit roses, please ps welcome annale.. take it away. ♪♪
10:49 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:50 am
10:51 am
♪♪ ♪♪ [ applause ] >> all right.>> a right that is amazing. is amazing good to meet you. y >> hi. hi. awesome to meet you.esome to >> my goodness, m beautiful,ul, beautiful.ti
10:52 am
of the but that's what you'reou giving you but you'reou'r classically trained. >> i started off classically.. my parents are classicalic musicians.ans >> how if that happen the i transition.f >> ith started playing poe ano a know.know in middle school i got intonto singing and i love contemporary music.c. >> you're influenced by those to types of singers. >> jill cot.ill cot >> i listen to beyonce' also. >> good. >> it's good that you have a well rounded musical playod t lt there. ther you recent the got back from tht myammy. >> yes. what was that like.whatli >> oh my god. i actually watch it on tv.v. a lot of my friends.en we had a little party. party it was w cra i was watching the whole thing amazing. >> i love all the performancesfs yeah. >> current working on your orkingyo album. >> yes. >> tell me about that. >> my album will be consisting o lotis otif different like wellee rounded genres.unded ge a lot of neal soul, r and b, if, you know, pop everythingry altogether i also have like ae k korea
10:53 am
great. >> you were born here but raisee partly in korea as well, right.. >> yes. i was born here in new yorknew actually and then went to korea when i was four and lifter therh my early childhood and thenn moved to new jersey and went tot middle school, high school andoo then college in mostly on the east >> do you feel like the needfe that you've got to l pull in tho influence noose your music that's who you are. do you feel like you want to put all of those different sounds id there. >> i definitely want variety in my music i don't wwaant to stick to one thing and i love blendinn >> i love it too. you sound a>> imazing.mazing. >> shout out to your band andur give names. >> ima from militia.ia my base player. >> welcome.>>elco thomas my keyboard this is darrell my drummer.. awesome drummer and jeff candyfc on guitar. on >> how can people find you ifdof they want to hear more. me. annale music on instagram. facebook official annale music and also twitter nan lay music s as well. >> i started this by saying heae like to shout out people beforee they blow up big i have no doubt you're going tot be amazingly remember you were here on goodhd y.
10:54 am
>> um-hmm, thank you.m-hmm,nk y >> annale, everybody pick up her music.c. she's awesome.aweso. >> good job. >> thank you. >> back over to you guys.nk >> i love it. nd.ndt greatov serou >> wonderful sun.>> >> love it, love it, love it. w. >> great flow.w. want to check in see what peopll are talking about today.abtoda do we have tweets.e ha twe >> a few tweets. a fewet >> i think we do have a few. f couple people were commenting on a couple things.ngs. this one says man nothing me is social construction by marriagem biologically speaking to ensure survival species it does not work. maureen -- >> is he married or single.. >> that's the big question.stion >> now here's the best part.t p. maureen getting wis all wound uu about monogamy good prep forre r family feud the argumentrgum workday's as the game show. >> the >> pro create a round.ate a r all right. a way of looking at things. tng >> we are animals. maureen tell your cousins to geo off social media. [
10:55 am
>> we are animals. i'm not an animal.l i don't know who he -- >> protests were it comes to the protest seen at the restaurantss designed to a gate, bring diss comfort exactly what's happeninh contrary to other viewers i see success. >> aww. larry he's loyal.e's loyal. holly makes a phrase your mommam wears combat boots chic did myy best, larry. lar >> the boots did serve a purposd as well s. >> twitter bets turning intong i blind dates with celebrity stocc just went up from that story. f we're talking about the tennisro pro who went on a date with fanh who tweeted her. >> all right. all rig tuck here's one for you. more snow in west hyattsvillesvl just like you tucker wishes itie would snow the rest of thet of e winter.winter >> aww.. >> that's how i feel.. maybe flurries this afternoonrie but mostly wind chills in thed e 30s this afternoon.noon weekend looks fantastic. lock at that. we're going to belock into a spg like pattern.. your daffol
10:56 am
by next week. the first ones to come up. people were asking whether theee cherry blossoms would come outut early because of the winterhe wn we've had. we'v >> i'm not an expere t.ha exp like physical we keep the warmea streak going here. here. >> when are we really out of the woods? we can still get winter -- >> second half of march. of mah. >> okay. >> really. >> if we get to saint patrick's' day -- >> stays truly the end of march. the snow threat drops off. o >> late march blizzard i can't n get that out of my mine. mine >> but i said the good news wits the forecast tucker is giving us at leave the next week, it's a s good day to actually go washo w your car and have like fiveiv straight days you can enjoy it t before anything happens. >> i can wear my daisy dukes dus like last spring.ling >> oh, my gosh. >> only when you and e>>rin wash cars together. >> oh, please. >> it's a little thing and ing d mean little thing. >> whoo! what are we going to do for 20 more seconds. >> i think she's referring to mi shorts. >> yes. in fact
10:57 am
>> look at that. >> all tuckered out.ut. >> played this is bao bao chilling withg h annale's tunes. tun like i'm taking a nap. this is cool grooving. boo bye, everybody.
10:58 am
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ry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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>> announcer: live from new york, this is "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: we don't want to judge, but we judge. [ cheers and applause ] ♪♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪♪ >> wendy: thank you so much for watching. [ cheers and applause ]


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