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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 16, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, kidnapping, murder, ten age girls and suspected gang members, dramatic new details about the investigation and an expert sheds some light on the violent lifestyle. another incident of bed bugs at a d.c. school. just how bad is the problem? some teachers open up to fox5. and president trump
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attack. the news is fake. he also called out a local congressman. your news starts right now. > we begin tonight with the investigation into two brutal murders connected to a violenton gang in fairfax county. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm ' tony perkins. 10 people face charges in the investigation and tonight we'ret learning new det tails about abo their immigration status.stat the arrests came after police found the remains of da mare isry as this weekend in virginia. the gaithersburg teen was reported missing in december. fox5's marina maracco is herein with more.a >>reporter: there have been an total of 10 arrests made inrr connection with this case whiche has culminated in the deathth arrests of two people. these three that you see behind me these are the three of the five charged with murder. the two are adults. convenience as ayacht is 17 years old. us immigration and customs confirms the two adults have ice
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detainers which means they're either in the country illegally or they violated the terms of their legal at us. the mother confirms to fox 245 she has been in the country fory 10 years illegally. now there are five others who have been charged with abductiou and gang participation.arti these are the only two adults in that group they, too, currently have ice decontainers.deco but this entire crime saga dated back to early december of 2016 and this is what we know so far. december 10, 2016, da mare is6,d ray as, 15 years old living in gaithersburg, m is reported missing.mi roughly a month later the body of 20 year old kristin social reef as. as two days later, list i and her five month old baby aiden go missing from their home. the next day, 17
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venousry at a is missing from her alexandria home.home fast forward to february 11, venous and her baby return homem late into the night. police confirm this was not a runaway case as the 16 year old left against her will. that next morning human remains identify ted thoses as missing gaithersburg teen da mare is ray as turn up. two days later, joe as cas still owery as is arrested. police confirm his involvement in the murder of the gaithersburg teen. on valentine's day, the 14th, the third and final of the missing girls returns home. she's later taken into the police custody and also charged in connection with ray as' death. in addition, there were ninene other arrests made. all ten arrested are all charger
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murder. of those 10 arrested six are minors. they cannot comment on theirthei immigration tat us.n ta but we know this web of gang activity stretches long and far outside of the united states. > par renne a, let me ask a ask question, there are so many different elements to the storyy family members have confirmed to that fox5 that ms13 is the gang believed to be behind these most recent murders.rder is there a particular agency that looks into the activity of these local gangs.l reporter roar there's a taskk force that specifically tracks gangs. we spoke with the director whoo says they're seeing an increase relating to these gangs whichs are recruiting asses young as children in elementary school. they offer drugs, alcohol and sex. take a listen. there are many different clicksd in the areas and they have their own local leer
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yes, they get a lot of guidance and orders that come out of o ethanol salvador.alva of course, a lot of these individuals are from ethanol salvador and were involved in the gangs down there. their weapons of choice are handguns and and ma set ace. m their murders tend to be very brutal. you can imagine someone using a ma set ' on another person. ' o so, no, in don't see anything i see angnything along the lines f a ritual. sometimes they may be w anting to make a statement, with thethe brutality of the crime. the director of the northernrthe virginia regional task force for the most part the crimes committed by these gangs tend to be within their clicks or ganghr on gang crime. > thank you.u. new at 10 tonight, bed bugs popped up at another c public
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school. this time at minor elementary in northeast. the news come after fox5 a firss reported about a bed bug at savoy elementary.leme they closed that school lasthool week for cleaning.anin sarah sip once is live tonight with more on this latest bed bug report. >>reporter: shawn, a schoolscho spokesperson confirmed they did find bed bugs on individual o students' clothing much theng cases are dated from february 9, 14th and the 15th and that they were found on those students' clothing. a spokesperson says that custodians are currently verifying spots around the incidents to make sure that thet do not require fort perrt p cleaning. i will tell you when we arrived here earlier tonight at minor elementary school, there was a pest control vehicle here in the parking lot. d.c. ps maintains bed bugs areae not a widespread problem here at minor. at this point the school has not been shutdown.shut savoy elementary was shutdown for a few days after bed bug, rats and
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in that school. that has since reopened. we spoke with a kindergarteninde teacher from minor elementary who says she is not worried. after she spoke with someone who was a bed bug expert.ert. she says bed bugs are nocturnal and will not be moving aroundbe during the day. you're not like skin skin at night when you're in an elementary school. sch so they're not moving from person to person. i understood that to mean that usually in a school situation like this when they're not rodents running around spreadinp it, big rats and stuff, that we're in a save environment.viro so i feel safe.afe. > now, d.c. ps release a statement today that says in part we are continuing to mondat tortin situation, but we don'tut believe this is a widespread infestation. staff members here from minor elementary who contacted me
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story. they say there has been a beded bug issue here since january any they say that teachers are not being told if those bed bugs are being found in their classrooms. now, since the news broke today about minor elementary, fox5 was contacted by a concerned parent. they said they were told by a a staff member that there was a bed bug problem at stanton elementary. we reached out to d.c. p andand they could not confirm that t there was a bed bug case atse staunton elementary. they only would say there was not a widespread problem at stanton elmment try. > the d.c. forensic lab botched hundreds of psycho a virus tests and the inter national found issues with lab testing for zika between july andes of last yearr there were more than 400
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including 300 for pregnant women who were mistakenly told theyey did not have the mosquito-bornet viral infection.fect so far only 62 of the samplessap have been retested. only two of the pregnant womenpg have tested positive for what was discovered was a technical formulation and calculationerror that inerr discovered after i got here in the lab. all thoserrors have been rectified and we're working very diligently to get the tests back online. we're working very close with c the cdc to get the tests back online. officials expect to have all results within three to fouro fo weeks. > take a look at this scene from earlier today. developing in prince george's i county, thren e people in the hospital tonight after the car they were riding in was hit by it happened this afternoon along route 50 in maryland. fox5's lauren demarco has beenen following the story and joins live from the spot where it all happened. lauren. >>reporter: t
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but today around 3:00 p.m. ind the middle of the day in thethe eastbound lanes a car was shot up. it happened just east of i295. take a look at this scene. there was a gray kia sedan hitit with as many as 13 bullets. three men who were inside the car were they were taken to the hospital. all are expected to survive tonight. prince george's county police sayeorge' they do not believe ts random. so someone targeted the car, likely in a vehicle heading in the same section firing as it went. shell casings were found as far as 100 yards away from where the industry kia stopped.indu the other vehicle alsost that yu see belong to police and the witnesses. the suspect or suspects took off. right now police are stilltill working to provide us with a description. traffic was diverted onto 295 for more than three hours. but several dozen cars were trapped as investigators combed for clues.
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tells us that he drives this d route every day. i didn't see much. i just saw the cars just coming to a stop and then everybody stopping. the police came on the scene can sce and shutting everything down. i kind of knew something went down. and the cops going up and downn the road. did you hear gun shots. >> no, did not.o, i was d probably a little too fr even the people close, you knoww 60 miles an hour probably won't hear much. do you drive this road a lot. >> every day. eve > this is a very busy highway. there may have been some people who may have seen something whoi drove on, may have thought it to was and accident or something else. if you saw anything, text us or give us a call at-866-41 tips. the kia was towed away aroundund 7:30 and then the eastboundstbo lanes were finally reopened tope again, we are still waiting on n description of the suspect or
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suspects, but police say becausa they do not that is this is random they don't believe there is any further threat to theur public. live inthhe hyattsville, lauren demark course, fox5 local news.. > coming up next, fireworks atr the white house today. >> that's right, president trumh went on the attackt, and he tooa on the media. he even called out a local lawmaker. how did the congressman respond? we'll show you of a the break.he and later, let the celebrationeb begin. do we want to call it a celebration because we're sad about this.s. how the national zoo is beginning to say goodbye to baoboa. we're back after this.
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robert hear wood has turned dowo an offer to be presidentod trums new national security advisor. the associated press reports hes declined due to financial and family commitments. hear wood would have replacedepl retired general michael flynn who resigned monday afterer revelations that he misled vice-president pence about discussions with the russian diplomat. retired david petraeus are stile in the running
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position. tomorrow they will say donald trump rants and raves. i'm not ranting and raving, i'm just telling you, you're just dishonest people. things got pretty heated today during the press conference. p i was treo announce his nominee for labor secretary. al commander acosta. he also talked about a number of issues t this afternoon. fox's lauren blanchard shows us how it all plays out. >>reporter: the nominee fornomi secretary of the department of labor will be mr. alex acosta. > what was supposed to be an announcement of his new labor secretary pick quickly turnedure into a marathon press conferencr with the president repeatedly berated reporters. the news is fake. we are doing a tremendous disservice to the americaneric people. the president saying his white house is running well, despite the m
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from the last administration.dmn the middle east, a disaster. north korea, we'll take care of it. i just want to let you know, i inherited a mess. mr. trump blasting for democrata for slowing down his cabinet confirmations. i still have a lot of people that we'reve a waiting for. and that's all they're doing is delaying. later the president clarifying where he stands on us relations with russia. i have nothing to do with russia. to the best of my knowledge, noo person that ideal with owe oatwh tougher i am on russia, the better. you know what, i want to do the right thing for the american people and to be honest,est, secondarily i want to do the right thing for the world. the president spending nearly 8r minutes answering questions on n variety of topics, including news that next week he plans to unveil a new executive order on immigration likely to replace his last order held up by the courts. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. > during today's press
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conference the president also called out conscious manny ridge yeah cummings. d a meetinghe cancele they were supposed to havehave because of by part. i actually thought i had a meeting with congressman cummings and then he said i can't have that meeting.t i was allhave set.. we called him and we called him. he was all set. all i spoke to him on the phone. very nice i hear he wanted you that meeting with you as well. >> he wanted it. we called, called. they can't make a meeting withth him. every day i said i would like to meet him. but he was probably told by schumer or somebody like that,tt some other lightweight, he was probably told don't meet with trump. > well, congressman cummingsnge replied with a statement i have no idea why president
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up a story like he did with me. i was actually looking forwardon to meeting with the president about the skyrocketing price of prescription drugs. the president said many times that he supports this propose lr a.ts i wanted to have our bill ready. i look forward to meeting with him on this issue and others.ote > businesses across our regiono closed their doors in honor off what's being called a day without immigrants. the movement called for for immigrants not to go to work in protest of pupil presidenten trump's immigration policies. either 60s restaurants closed today or will have a limited menu. the goal is to show the extent immigrants have on a daily dozens of protestors also gathered at labor secretary cass a and marched towards the white house. we spoke with one teacher whowho participated in the march. i'm supporting my familiar establishing my students, their families, our whole community. i think it's important for edat
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a lot of people are scared, afraid to leave them homes. we reassured them that thehat school is a safe place.lac it's important for them to come to school and we'll doll everything we can to make themm feel reassured and safe. > a day without immigrantsay w recall why is were held today it cities across the country. turn now to the weather as we take a live look outside. if you haven't stepped outside in a while you might be surprised because temperatures have taken a dive blow the freezing mark in some places. mr. are some changes on the way. sue is here with a first lookst the at your forecast.reca hi, sue. >> hi, tony. we are going toon havey. a real cold night. check out the temperatures.mper reagan national one of the warmer spots at 33 degrees. look at that manassas is 22. culpeper and winchester down to 25-degrees. 28 for gaithersburg, 29 for martinsburg. it's going to be a cold morning. the winds are much better, so the wind chills are not horren
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degrees colder than the airair temperatures. looks like manassaske is already at # 2. so you may be headed for 19 or 20.20 washington about 29-degrees overnight. so here's what you can expectect for the kids tomorrow morning am the bus we may have a few clouds around tomorrow morning, but it's the's chill you'll notice.tice 25 to 32-degrees a. after schoor a nice recover, is more sunshine and we'reer, going to climb abe than where we were today, 48 to 50-degrees. lieutenants that's just the beginning. let me tell you when you see this weekend forecast we have quite a l holiday weekend coming up. your seven day forecast forecaso is coming up in a few minutes. > coming up an unusual discovery at dulles port. what passengers tried to get t through customs. might surprise you. also coming up, assault and prostitution, not one, but two local police officers are facing prison time in
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cases. we'll be right back. z29kuz zstz
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> developing in californiael tonight, crews are dial back the amount of water theyopinws a art out of the lake behind this t battererred damn so they can remove debris from the bottom ot the damaged sill way. removing that debris protection the damn's power plant and willl allow it to be replanted. nearly 200 people living near the damaged damn have returned home. > two prince george's county police officers could face jail timerince s co after they were h indicted today for separatesepa cases of misconduct in office the prince george's countyince state's attorney has charged cha corporate george america well second degree assault. merkel was accused of hitting a homeless woman while on
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in september. a member ofin the task force, officer william diaz is accused of soliciting prostitutes foror sex and warning them about wherb the task force was working. in both case investigators say y it was other officers who notified their superiors that something was wrong.was we are not tolerating any wrongdoing, whether it's our officers or a member of the public. we treat them both same. and this is evidence of that. if these allegations are proven true, obviously we'll be incredibly sad. no one has it a bad officer as s much as a good officer. it will be a sad moment for all the good officers that we have in the department. > both of those officers have t been suspended withho pay.y. > in the district tonight pamela butler's family and friends joined together for a special office. it's been eight years slnce butler was last she was declared legally dead last year because of the lent of
10:27 pm
police have hard had a hard time finding evidence of what has w happened to her. today's memorial was a very special one for family andfami > pot and politics, the new group of politics on capital hill who call themselves thehe cannabis caulk > also ahead saying goodbye to baoboa. the national zoo plans its farewell to its panda.
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in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. > this is fox5 local news at 10. we are back now with a check onk top our stories. new details about two murders ir virginia and their connectionsco to a violent gang in fairfax county. fox5's marina maracco is working this would be. >>reporter: a tote l of 10 arrests made in connection ton o the connection of missing 15sing year old damaris reyes of gaithersburg, maryland.ryla at least five of those in jeopardy of being deport ted.ei four of theng arrested are adul. the other six minors
10:31 pm
facing charges from murder to abduction and gang participation. lauren. >>reporter: here along route 50 in hyattsville, everythingsvil moving right now, but around 3:00 p.m. today, in the middle of a day, a gray kia sedan was s shot up, the three men inside taken to the objection to thehe form they are expected to obj survive. police believe there was a vehicle also traveling along the southbound lanes that was firing at them. police say they do not believelv the attack was random. the district d.c. forensic lab botched hundreds of zika tests. an internal review found lab tests for zika between july and december of last year, there were more than 400 tests, including nearly 300 for pregnant woman. so far only 626 the samples have been retested. two tested positive for zika. officials say they expect toxpe have results for all retests within four weeks. > no doubt today was a cold day. that wind made it tough to be outsidoe as
10:32 pm
but despite that, the fact that it was cold today, we're getting lots of pictures from our fox5 viewers showing pictures like this.this this one from lord to lands in mclean showing some of thef blooms that are out and today's pollen count for trees was in the moderate range and a warming trend is about to begin. to be sure we're cold tonight, it's 33 in d.c. and manassas is down to 22. even at this hour, st. louis is 61-degrees.61-d we've got a reel nice warmup that will begin around here,e, certainly not as chilly tomorrow. so we can maybe say it begins tomorrow but definitely we'rewer going to feel that coming into town on saturday. here's a look for your planner tomorrow, cold start at 8:00 a.m., 32. 45 by noon and 50-degrees at 2:00. i'll show you a look at the awesome three day weekend. > d.c. local marijuana laws have some new de
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capital hill.capi for the first time a group of rep thans and democrat congressman, their goal to keepp federal policies to interact with states. you know that we're going to do our part to continue tye progress of making sure thatt people have a right to live their lives and adults have a right, a freedom and should have the freedom to basically consume cannabis for either medical purposes or another wise if that's agree to within the states in which they resigh.y the majority of people we work with thinks it would be hypocritical for advocacy for rational cannabis policies for 50 states and not for the district of columbia. > ate states and the district of columbia have legalized smald amounts of marijuana for adultsa recreational use. another 28 states have legalizei medical marijuana. > a
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dulles international airport.or. customs and border protection agencies 42 pounds of horse meet from two people arriving from monday goal yeah back in january. the meet was hidden in juice boxes. the women said the meet was for me digs al purposes. it was prohibited fromrom henterring the us due to fearss of foot and mouth disease. > it's almost time to say bye-bye to baoboa one of four giant pandas at the national zoo. fox5's bob barnard shows us. >>reporter: it was that kind od day at the national zoo, snow flurries and cold temps bringing out the playful best in giant panda bear baoboa. we want her to leave without saying we watched her do sommer salts.o i've never seen a panda before. i've seen them on the panda cam,
10:35 pm
but never seen them in real life much climbed a tree and ate her breakfast of bamboo. seeing the panda is like being a kid again. three and a half baoboa is heading to her ancestry al homee land next tuesday, part of the deal that first brought pandas to the us in the 1970s. we have four centuries theys probably put her in one of them so she can join the other pandas, the big > y see lewis second secretary at the chinese embassy in washington. they're serving up free dumpings to zoo sit torse this morning. it's a chinese tradition that anyone leaving home before they leave the mother of the familyy or the family members can sit together and make the dumpings and bid fair yell. dumpings means smoothness.
10:36 pm
her six year old daughter katie to the zoo to say so long to baoboa. she's always been attached to baoboa because they have the same birthday august 23 and it was either see baoboa on a brave cold or come on a gorgeous wend and brave the crowd.wd. pan contact cam one will be tracking baoboa's every move from now through monday. bob barnard, fox5 local news. > i'm going to miss her. >> are you going to shed a tier when she leaves in. > i don't know about a tier, but, you know, it's sad to see her go. gwen loves baoboa. she's probably not going to be able to work. she won't be able to work for a week. it's going to be tough.ugh. > still to come, an airline is going back to the future with something it hasn't offered inin years. reduced fares? > that would be nice. > first tonight, developing int the p, midwest
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hunt is underway following the deaths of two teenage girls while disappeared while hiking.g the clues police have now discovered. more on the americanican dream, according to a new report homeowners are shelling out 16 percent of their income on mortgage payments every that is the highest level in six years. right now the average payment is about 760 bucks. but here's some good news if you're looking to buy a hope, at least for now, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage dropping for the second straight week. it's down to 4.15 percent. per and listen up parents, we've goe a recall for you and for your little l one. before it tax is recalling more than 700,000 with the strollers. there are problems with attaching it to the car. p if you're planning on a sprinn break, plan on bringing somengin extra cash. according to a tra
10:38 pm, spring break trips will cost around 2 percent moret this year based on things likeke rising hotel rates and air fares. that's business, i'm david asman
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a minnesota judge ruled thees police officerota who shot and killed fire land owe cas stillil during a traffic stop should face trial. charged with plane slaughter and armed with dangerous arm. officer ands is expected to pleo at a hearing later this month. developing in indiana a tonight, a shocking case that's getting national association.ocia two teen girls while disappeared
10:42 pm
dead. their deaths have been ruled a double homicide. now, the search isvs< onto finde killer. fox5's rob schmidt has the story. >>reporter: a deadly mystery in indian two young teen girls child while hiking along a local trail. everybody is they just can't believe somebodo would do that to those littlelit girls. > we're going to get to the bottom of this. we feel confident.fide the death of 14 year old liberty german and 13 year old abigail women yams are beingms a investigated as homicides. this is considered a doubleoubl homicide investigation. police are not saying how thew girls died. that information at this current time needs to be protected sotet that we make sure that the casee is properly handled. > in the meantime they have release a photo of a man spottet on the trails monday around then same time the girls were laste seen walking.seen they say they're looking tooo identify him in hopes he hashope information. with no arrests the case
10:43 pm
upsetting live in the small indianla community of adele firings an hour and a half drive northwest of indianapolis. we have nobody in custody attody this time. as far as i'm concerned yes, hyattsville is somebody out there that did d a search for the teens began te monday when they did not return from their hike. their bodies eventually foundenu tuesday afternoon in a woodedwod area near a creek, someme three-quarters of a mile fromrom where they were dropped off to go on that hike. > most people are scared and worried about their kids andids their grandkids. police are now telling people ip the area to be cautious and are warning parents to be close tabo on their kids.ids. > we are on a job with a local sheriff who runs one of the largest police stations in maryland. a girl's tweet went viral. > of woo ' all heard about maternity leave for new parents, but wait
10:44 pm
brewery is doing for parents who get a new doing.
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here's something you don't heari much these days. you'll be ableng ymu to get free again on some delta flights. now don't have to eat them, but they are going to make them available. starting next month the airline will give out complimentarympli meals on coach on cross countryr flights between new york and la or san francisco. they expect to expand the plan. turkey and medicine terrier ande wraps and fruit and cheese plates. > i think people will be excited. i used to fly a lot and i know people complain about airplane food. some of it is not that bad. you have to pick smart limitmit don't get the right. unless you're in first class. > it actually tastes a little t bit better. > some kids dream of becoming a doctor, others want to be an a astronaut. a seven
10:48 pm
working for google. chloe bridgewater wrote this letter, besides her desire to swim in the olympics she wouldud like to work for google so she go. her letter apparently impressedd the company ceo. he wrote back and toll her he encouraged her to follow her dreams. > i'm about to write him a letter. i like riding go carts on the job. i'm always impress wednesday a company executive writes a letter back. meaningful and it will last a lifetime. > i'm enjoying february. i know we've been going up and down, but so far -- >> i've enjoyed this whole winter. this was a cold day with
10:49 pm
wind, but more importantly did you see the snow showers this morning. >> sure did. pretty widespread and all three of the airports did report a trace of snow and ifd you saw some of bob barnard'srds video the other day, he was enjoying the snow as well. very impressive, although as the sun went down we didn't see too more coming through.ough it didn't cause any problems. since we've only had 1.4 inchesh snow lovers were happy to seee anything. i wanted to see you as we put the radar loop into place. this was coming down from lake another i all the way into ourr area and as the day went on it started to recede.cede the lake effect snow machine started to wind down, but it certainly did bring in a lot oft cold temperatures. dulles only hit 39. it is cold. it is 33-degrees here in the district. 23 at manassas. we will have obviously a very
10:50 pm
cold night with temperatures heading for the 20s, but it's all about the warmup. have you her that we're expecting a big bounce and let l me me show you that big bounce.. 47. 51-degrees, a lot of sunshine ii the afternoon, maybe a few morning clouds. bouncing right back up p to 65 on saturday. that is a taste of mid to late april. sunday, 65-degrees and for president's day on monday, a three-day weekend for some ofwek you folks,en i think we're going to have people outside grillingl or maybe having to mow their lawns the way things are keeping up around this area. we're still cool tomorrow andrrw certainly i would describe i as a cold start tomorrow morning, but we will again with the warm front climbing through be able to climb into the mid 50s. late saturday we're going to see some clouds around.un don't be shocked on sunday on morning if there are a few spring also also or a little bio of drizzle, but it will get warm and the sunshine should get back into the picture by sunday sun afternoon at the latest. 51-degrees for your
10:51 pm
48 for gaithersburg, 51 for quantico, a very nice day, a quick look for the weekend andnd as you know it's going to be a mild one. we'll start with some and clouds. sunday starts with clouds, endsud with sun. it's mostly sunny on monday. looking after next week after wr get through the president's weekend. we dip down before it on tuesday with 58-degrees. but wednesday and thursday we're right back into the low 60s.s. yeah, it doesn't feel like february at all. we're gooding a reel big break property coldoper weather, that is for sure. > shawn and tony, is that your seven day forecast. > sheriff brad brings runs one of the largest police stationsao in the world. our photographer nelson jones spent sometime with him on theth job. you are a team builder. and you expect excellence fromce your staff members. >> good morning, everybody. we have our meetings and we accommodate all the executive
10:52 pm
we are familism we gave you some cake and we also replied some ensure just in case. > and that was a key piece whei i was elected. one thing i wanted to focus on is that our staff members are our best resource and i want to let them know that they're appreciated and also celebrated. happy birthday to you. (applause). have to dohing you is instill public trust wheret you have to be not only in yourr office, but you have to be in the community. this is what it's all about. on the front lines of law enforcement, i might stop in some of the pre-k classes and just meet with some of the young people. have you guys had any classes with an officer.icer >> yes. you guys.s.stion for >> absolutely. if you were home with yourth brother and your sister and they we m
10:53 pm
guys were arguing than you a wanted them to get in trouble, put your thumb up if that's an h emergency and you would call 911 and put your thumb down if that's not an emergency and we would not call 911. look at all those thumbs down. our school resources officersre areso doing a phenomenal job in the the schools and making aki significant impact.pact what does red mean. >> thumb's up. > what does green mean. >> go. > awesome. labor of love. and this is where we have an opportunity to impact one young person and one person at a time. > according to the constitution and the laws of this state. congratulations, sheriff barry, best wishes to you. > it is a vivid memory, a spirit of humbles came over me in the awesomeness of this position that i had been given,
10:54 pm
that i had been entrusted by the city of charles county for at least four years to be the leader of their law enforcement agency, the charles county sheriff's office. i took a lot of pride in getting there.ther but i sincerely ran for this position within the charles wit countyhi sheriff's' office not o make history, but to simply plal my part and make a difference in this > give yourself applause. all right. good stuff. > you guys, -- congratulationsc to him. >> we'll be right back.
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♪♪ know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values ♪♪ know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy
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dedicated pnc wealth management® team. > there's no place like home, n especially if your name iso gay russell. the capital heights knew native making a little personal history. as mgm hosts its sports historyr world championship boxes ha
10:58 pm
world championship with mgm national hear b transforming h their theater into aea boxing arena. opening the title holder garyry russell jr. i've never fought in my hometown as a professional, never. i never -- honestly, it was strategic to a certain extenter because i didn't want to come home unless i was a world champion. i figure that's the only way to come home. only way to come home is as a world champion.ampi we've done that and just being u the first to be able to competem at the new mgm here was the the icing on the cake. > gary will be defending his belt on saturday march 11rch unveiling the new boxing venue, unveiling the card that will be a russell affair. two of russells brothers gary antonio and gary
10:59 pm
be fighting while gary al an, and gary russell sr. ill be in his corner much it's when you say my photo bomb, that's my younger brother. that's my younger brother, 2016 owe limb pi and. it's amazing. it's a unit. we consider things a dynasty t. my definition of a dynasty is information passed down fromfr generation to generation. every member of the russell boxing dynasty, gary senior and all of this is sons are allll named gary russell. when the dr. said owe, wow she's with child.wi if it's boy we're going to name it after me. if it's ait girl it's going to e named after you. here comes another boy. here comes another boy and another one and ath
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several gary russ also allll involved in the family business, boxing opening the premier boxing venue in their hometown.w to do it altogether, it's amazing.. > this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, the very latest in the kidnapping and murder investigation involving both teenage girls and suspected gang members. we'll take a closer look at how everyone may be connected. and another d.c. public school infested with bed bugs, fox5 iss looking for answers. the press has become so dishonest. the news is fake, but i've never seen more dishonest media. president trump with strong words directed at thetrump med. we'll tell you what else he had to say. the news at 11 starts now.. > and we thank you for joining us at 1 s, i'm tony perkins andd i'm shawn yancy.


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