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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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several gary russ also allll involved in the family business, boxing opening the premier boxing venue in their hometown.w to do it altogether, it's amazing.. > this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, the very latest in the kidnapping and murder investigation involving both teenage girls and suspected gang members. we'll take a closer look at how everyone may be connected. and another d.c. public school infested with bed bugs, fox5 iss looking for answers. the press has become so dishonest. the news is fake, but i've never seen more dishonest media. president trump with strong words directed at thetrump med. we'll tell you what else he had to say. the news at 11 starts now.. > and we thank you for joining us at 1 s, i'm tony perkins andd i'm shawn yancy.
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about two murders connected to a violent gang ten people are now charged in the case. this weekend in virginia. the gaithersburg teen was tee reported missing in december. fox5's marina maracco joins usi now with the latest. there have been a total of ten arrests made in connection withn this case which has culminated in the deaths of two people,eopl including the missing 5 year old damaris reyes from gaithersburg, maryland. these are the thre e charged with murder, the two men are adults and venous saturday yeah is 17 year old. they confirmed the two adults now have ice defeigners whichein means they're either in the country illegal or they violated the terms of their legal status. as for right yeah her motherer confirmed she was in the country for nearly 10 years illegally. there others that have been charged with abduction and gang participat
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this group and they, too, have t ice detainers. this criminal saga dates back to early december of 2016 and this is what we know so pharmaceutical december 10, 2016 damaris reyes 15 years old living in gaithersburg is reported missing to montgomeryog county police, roughly the month late the body of 20 year old christian ream as washed up in dumfries, virginia. two days later list i and her five month old baby go missing from their springfield home, that next day, january 1517 year old venous right yeah is reported missing from herfrom alexandria home.e. fast forward to february 11, venous and her baby return homeu late into the night. police confirm this was not a runaway case as the 16 left against her
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the next morning human remains of damaris turn up in an industrial area. two days jose contact still owe rivas is arrested for violatingi a stay away order and police confirm his involvement in thes murder of the gaithersburgin te. on valentine's day, the 14th, venous, the third and final of the missing girls returns home. she's later taken into police custody and also charged inin connection with reyes' death. in addition there were ninewe other arrests made, four of them adults. all ten arrested are now charged in connection with reyes' > now of those ten arrested, six are minors, they remain in custody in connection with the murder of desmarais reyes.reye they cannot comment on theiron gang affiliation, but this stretches out of the united states. > family members confirmed tos us that ms13 is th
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behind these murders. in northern virginia there is ae task force that specifically tracks gangs like ms13. we actually spoke with awith director who i says they're seeing ansa increase in violent crime related to these gangs and they're recruiting as young asng children in elementary school. theyol say they lure them throuh social media as well as partiess where they offer them drugs, alcohol and sex.. > there are many different cliques in the areas and theyy have their own local leaders, but yes they get a lot of guidance and orders that come out of el salvador.salv of course, a lot of these individuals are from el salvador and were involved in h the gango life down therlve before they co to there us. their weapons of choice are handguns, knives and ma set 's and that's been that way for a a long time.e. sometimes their homicides orhomi their murders tend to be very brutal. you can imagine someone using a ma sheet ' on another
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so no, i don't think we seese anything along the lines of a ritual. sometimes --some > the director of the northernr virginia regional gang taskal force adds for the most part the crimes committed by these gangss tend to be within their cliques or gang on gang crime. > tony. fox5 is in prince george'sin p county where three people remain hospitalized tonight after the n car they were riding in was hit by gunfire. it happened this afternoon along route 50 in maryland.ryla lauren demarco has been following the story and joins un live from the spot where itit happened in hyattsville.hyat lauren. >>reporter: tone initial routel 350 moving okay right now. everything has been reopened, but around 3:00 p.m. in the middle of the day today a car was shot up in the eastboundeast lanes. it happened just east of 295.f take a look at the scene. there was a gray kia, a sedan. there were three men inside of it. the three of them were shott outside you can see about 13 bullet holes on the car.the the men were taken to
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hospital. they are all expected to survive. the prince george's county police tell us they doince notno believe this was random. so somebody targeted the car likely in a vehicle also heading in the same direction on route 50. shell case were found as far as 100 yards away from where the kia stopped.topp the other vehicle also that youa see at thet scene belong toong police and witnesses. the suspect or suspects took of on. right now police are still are working to provide us with a description.n. eastbound route 50 traffic was diverted onto 295 for more thanf four hours, but several dozenen cars near the scene were trapped as investigators, k9 units combed for clues. one man who was caught up in it all tells us he drives thisdriv route every i didn't see much. i just saw the cars just coming to a stop and then everybodythen just stopping, the police pol getting on the scene, shutting everything down. i kind of n something went down. the way the cops were going upp and down the road, did you hear gun shots on.
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a little too far back. even the police close, 60 milesm an hour probably won't hearar much. do you drive this road a lot. a >> every day.>> e > this is a very busy highway.a there may have been some people who may have seen something who drove -- may have thought it wah an accident or something else. if you could call us or text us we'd appreciate it. you could remain anonymous withi our crime solvers tip line,- 86641 tips.86 > the kia was toed aawant the eastbound lanes were then reopened to traffic. we are still waiting on a suspect description, but because replies believe this was not a random attack they tell us that they don't think there is any further threat to the public. pu lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > two prince george's countyric police officerse could face jal time after both of them were t died of separate cases ofhe misconduct in office corporal
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with second degree assault. meanwhile officer william diaz a member of the department's pross tie tuesday task force is accused of alerting them wheretm they are conducting stings. investigators say in both caseh he it was other officers who notified their superiors thatsue something was going on. both officers have been sus penned with pay. bed bugs pupped at another d.c.r public school, this time at mine o elementary in northeast.orth this comes after they first reported about buts at savoy elementary.. a school spokesperson confirms there were bed bugs found on individual students' clothing. the cases were reported from february 9, 14 and 15 here at minor elementary school. now, we also spoke with a spokesperson who says that the custodians continue to verify spots in the
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additional cleaning is needed, but when we did arrive here earlier this evening atrazine minor we did notice there was a pest control service vehicle parked in the parking lot. d.c. ps maintains best are not a widespread problem at minor and at this point the school has not been shutdown.shut savoy elementary in northeast was shutdown for a few days last week after bed bugs, rodents ans other animals were discovered ie the that school has since reopened.e we spoke with a kind garden teacher from minor elementary tonight who says she isn't worried after speaking to someone she says is a bed bug expert. she was told bed bugs are nocturnal and wouldn't be movino around in thule day.. you're not skin to skin. they're not moving from person to person. and i understood that to
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situation like this when when there are not rodents running around spreading it, you know, big rats and stuff we're in a save environment.iron > d.c. ps release a statement today that says in part we are continuing to monitor the situation, but we don't believe this is a widespread infestatioo staff members at minor elementary school tell aell different story. they say they had been issues with bed bugs here since januarc and teachers are being told if bed bugs were discovered in their classroom since the news broke today about minor elementary fox5 was contacted by a parent at stat and elementarye school. they say there has been a report about a bed bugs issue there.thr we once again reached out toto d.c. ps. they say they are not confirming that there is a case at stanton elementary school, they only say
11:11 pm that's the latest here in northeast. sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > and internal review of thehe d.c. department of forensic sciences found major issues wits lab testing for the zika industry us last year.year over a six-month period.riod the review found nearly 300arly pregnant women may have been mistakenly told they did not have the mosquito borne 62 of samples have been retested with two of the pregnant womeneg nonaw testing as positive.osi they expect to have all the reteenage girls coming up in th next few weeks good coming up,ng the latest in the freud betweenr president trump and the itp an was an intense scene insi the white house as the presidens held nothing back while taking questions from reporters. > dozens of businesses across the district were closed as a day of support for > how is the forecast.or >> it is mighty cold.
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we had the blustery winds allus day and itte was a chilly day in the upper 30s to near 406789 but now tonight manassas has90 dropo down to 21-degrees. it is 33 in the district. it is a cold start for you on friday morning, but a very nice finish and an even bigger warmup as we head on into the weekend.d we'll be talking about that in a few minutes. we'll be right back.
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> we reject the president elect. we reject the president elect. > today was a day without immigrants. impacted dozens of businesses across the districtdt and the d.c. region today.ay. in fact, 100 restaurants were either closed, did not serve n food or hadot a limited menu.u. the protest was a response to r president trump's immigration policies and a way to highlight the daily contributions that immigrants make here in the us. similar protests were held in cities nationwide. > president trump held an impromptu and at times heated press conference it waser supposed to be centered around his new pick for laboror secretary,
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change once he started takingare questions from the media.dia. fox's lauren blanchard has more. >>reporter: the nominee for secretary of the department of labor will be mr. alex acosta. what was supposed to be an announcement of his new labor secretary pick quickly turnedrnd into a marathon press conferencn with the president repeatedly bar raiding reporters. >> the news is fake. we are doing a tremendous disservice to the americanrica people. the president saying his whiteyi house is running well, despite the mess as he says he inherited from the last administration.nit the middle east, a disaster, north korea, we'll take care of it. we're going to take it all. i just want to let you know i inherited a mess. mr. trump blasted the cabinetet for slow down his nomination. that's all
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delaying. and later the president clarifying on where he stands on us relations with russia.sia. i have nothing to do with russia. to the best of my knowledge, no person that ideal with -- the -- tougher i am on russia, the better. you know what, i want to do the right thing for the american people and to be honest, secondarily i want to do the right thing for the world. the president spending 80 minutes answering questions on a variety of topics, including news that next week he plans to unveil a new executive order on immigration likely to replace his last order held up by the court. > all right. people are still bundled up, a little chilly out there. seeing her in the scarf and the jacket and by the weekende everybody will be out in their short sleeves again. the wind is persistent. the wind is so highly annoying and damaging. they're finally light again and we're going to get a break from the big winds for
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the cold, but not until we get through tomorrow morning. it is chilly out there. today, as we mentioned, dulles didn't get above 38-degrees and3 a the look of places down into the 20s now. the winds have lightened up, the skies are clear and we are going to have a chilly night tonightht and a very cold start tomorrow morning, but it will not be as cold once weigert get into therg afternoon. it looks like we might be able to get to 50-degrees. dulles only hit 39 for a high. bwi40 and of course most the day it felt like it was in the 20s because of the strong winds all day long. here's what temperatures are, wentz every winds are much lighter. we are down to 22 again at manassas, culpeper you have joined them at 22-degrees. 26 for fredericksburg. d.c. at 33, gaithersburg and martinsburg coming in at 27. winchester 256789 we're headed for the low 20s in the suburbs.
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notice this, the winds out of the northwest at five to ten instead of 30 like they were so much of the day. tomorrow should be a pretty nice day. there could be a few clouds around in the morning, maybe aea few in the afternoon. we might describe it as partly sunny. we're going to have a milder afternoon and we're thinkingin it's going to feel a whole lot better. after l school bus stop, 42. as we h head into the afternoon, 45, 51 for d.c., 50 for dulles, 51 for manassas and while we start out on a cool note, those 50s will feel good in the afternoon. saturday we start out with a lot of sunshine.of temperatures should be able to climb to the mid 50s. a little cloud cover in saturday and there may be just enough moisture around sunday morningu for a couple of light spring also or a little bit of drizzle. temperatures will continue to go even higher on saturday
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looks like we'll deal with a little bit more cloud cover early on sunday, but then just as warm and we'll brighten up. a fan as particular weekendeken coming. we're going 65 on saturday and sun. we reverse the order with sun to clouds on saturday and sunday we start with clouds and end with sunshine and a very nice president's monday coming.s imo wanted to just show you on r futurecast that we have a few clouds that may be aroundnd tomorrow morning.rnin high, thin clouds, no moist tur no surprise snow showers comingo through. but then as wsneow s head into saturday while we start out wito sunshineut clouds will be coming in and maybe again a couple ofpl spring also before we head out to sunday morning. we've got a run of really warmly weather days it begins tomorrow, gradually at 51-degrees. our 60s forth weekend. we dip down only briefly on tuesday to 58-degrees as a back door front gets closer, 62 on wednesday with some
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thursday 64-degrees.-deg february has been taking it easy on us in the cold department ant definitely in the snow department. > shawn. >> we appreciate it. > a new brewery set to open in ohio is giving employees with new dogs one week of what it calls puppy parental leave. the founders of a scottish inspired brewing company want to give people p enough time to bond with their pups. they are now filled with as many as 50 dogs at a type. >> that's good thinking.t's i'm going to work there and get a dog every month. > that would be an abuse of the system. then they'll take it away. > coming up in sports as the nats prepare to begin spring training could they do so without the raining national league sigh youngish. >> good day d.c. tracey morganay will be talking about
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film fistfight. > that movie looks funny. >> you think so. > you think it looks stupp i, right? >> the music sole child will perform live in the loft. that's all tomorrow morning right here on fox5. i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door,
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know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management® team. last game for the all star break for the wizards tonight. the end of a great first off. for one otto porter leading the wizards. circle city. early first quarter, porter hot to give the wizards a 10-point league.leag porter banks it for his fifth fi three pointer the quarter. count it. the second quarter, porter throws it up, falls, a game high 25 points for porter, the wizards win
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they head to the all star break wins their last 11 games.. the pitchers and catchers, there's already some talk aboutt injuries. a lot of attention paid to steven strasburg and his rehab, but there could be some bad news for max sheers jeremy not be be ready for opening day. he had a stress fracture that heeled itself but this is a problem that came up at the end of season. shawn, you're the native. if you're from independent napee list you can say nap down. inspired by washington, d.c. >> i was not aware of that. that is wild stuff. no one knows what we're
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> see you tomorrow.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: last remaining beatles at the same dinner table last night with huge stars. >> paul mccartney, ringo starr, joe walsh from the eagles and dave grohl had dinner together and just for fun, tom hanks was with them. harvey: i swear if i was at that restaurant, i would do an "i love lucy" go in the back and go out there and say, i will do this for you. >> can you imagine if harvey levin walked up to that table? [laughter] >> hannah jeter, we ask her who is your girl crush? >> who is your girl crush? >> anna kournikova. is >> sar poefshia? >> no. >> navratilova? >> no.


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