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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on fox news morning all night session a live look at the senate floor right now as democrats voice opposition to scott pruit nomination to be administrator of the epa. >> and live outside you're in for another cold morning and but there is silver lining warm air coming back and this weekend is expected to feel spring like we're saying we're hoping. >> fingers crossed. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> study friday day date february 17. >> we have erin there working traffic and mike looking so spivy in a brand
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weather. he's ready for the weekend. >> it's all that clean. >> exactly. >> if are you waking up at 5 a.m. let's go ahead and tell you what is developing overnight. two drivers are in the hospital that hour after a nasty two car crash last night in suitland, maryland. take a look at picture. dam to one of the vehicles incredible there and the driver of this white van went off of suitland parkway before crashing on suitland road and he was known to the hospital in critical condition and driver of other vehicle is in serious condition. >> other big story 5:01 an all nighter on senate hill over the appointment of epa advisor. mel has the latest. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys, as we told you several times in the past democrats said
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tactics for each and every nominee they feel was not properly vetted and that's of course what kept senate democrats on the floor all night long looking at live picture right now. there's a little bit of lull here while calling role. senator sheldon white house wrapped up and looks like healed happened over to tom carper right there of delaware who will pick up here for the next hour. now, democrats want to try toy delay this vote until next tuesday and that is the when scott pruitt must release thoyss of email changes he had with oil and gas executives child he was attorney general of oklahoma that under a court order from a lawsuit. pruit during time as attorney general sued epa more than a dozen times. he believes environmental regulations are burdensome and during his
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he told senators he disagreed with president trump past statements that climate change is a host. they fear he will put politics over science and gut the agency. earlier this morning tammy duck jrj worth iraq war veteran explained while she will vote against him. >> during confirmation hearing before environment and public works committee which i sit on mr. pruit gave vague, hollow and he vawsive answers it was cheer he does not support or understand the mission of the very agency he would like to lead. >> reporter: and so it does not appear at this point democrats have the votes to delay this nomination. or delay this vote. senator suess app collins of maine said she will vote against him and however joe man son a democrat
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son a democrat where cole miping is important says he will support i'm full steam ahead and we could have cop fer maition stlot afternoon. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:04 president trump has new nominee. he picked pickedtis department attorney alexander costa. and if confirmed as labor secretary acosta would be first hispanic member of the trump cabinet. >> and causing a legal fights over travelers band from 7 muslim maitions and they plan to on a sick kuv order. while you're administration and say in court documents that the revamped van would focus soley on foreigners that never entered the united states. >> mike pence defense secretary jim matt is and other
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berlin with top world leaders for the munich security conference it comes amid concerns of commitment to nato. president trump set off alarm bells calling nato obsolete and something secretary matt us ripped in a feech before nato. >> there is a he massive health care officer all during a closed meeting gop leaders described to range and pile republicans a broad rition of repeal and replacing obamacare but it lacks detail and cost estimate and they include federally subsidized by insurance. >> t minus four days and counting. bob barnard farewell celebration today. as we say good-bye to the pa
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cub you can watch her enjoy some of her first things. let's later today the zoo will live stream on facebook how you can make giant panda inspired crafts. the three-year-old papd awill move back february 1. >> giving everyone quite a show with shimmying dancing and scratch scratching belly i'm not sure awfully cute. >> she was having a good oiled day. it's cold this morning and she likes cooler temps. >> she loves cooler temps yesterday from the mountains of china and tends to be cold. there today is cold out to start the day the good news if there's anything we don't have extreme winds when he yesterday morning. windchill not nearly adds high. 27 gaithersburg and 27 quanitco and mannasas and chilly 23 for you one teen out there martinsburg checking in 9. whipped gust you can see there's really nothing going on right now. again good news wind are down and we're just looking at
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and we're just looking at calmer conditions as we head through the morning hours relatively chilly. >> satellite and radar showing you clear skies to start at least and you see the clouds creeping in from the west and we could have a period of cloudy conditions during the early morning hours and as you head to the second half of the morning and average hours up to 51 that's a cooler 51 and warmth olds off until the weekend. erin como is back with a look at traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> 5:07 friday morning i love what i'm seeing in the maps. looking fwraet vienna and cruising through tie sop's no problem 7 and good an other bridges at speed now wilson bridge, 1, key from rosalyn to georgetown if you travel through and clear and same torreyed in the beltway as
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and white house are at speed. we're not seeing con squekton yet. outer loop moving fine. 95 to george aat speed there. 95 northbound to bwi cruising. bw parkway in both directions quiet. if you happen top verbally morning flight reagan or dulles you're in the clear there now. pleasen't conditions. bundle up. colder start to friday need heavier jacket uk whating to metro. metro rail and buses on time except for impact redoing the. >> coming on "fox 5 news morning" a number of trump aids asked to leave the white the house after failing fbi background checks. >> and all pro cornerback is facing multiple fellly charge sfwlz heading to break this friday morning with live look across the d.c. region 5:08 and 30 degrees. yep, jamming with you on friday. hope are you jamming with us too. back after this
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>> 5:09 one day after a dadly attack in pakistan they carried out raids. pakistani officials say dozen
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dozens arrested in the overnight raids. >> former all pro new york jets cornerback derrell reves is facing felony charges from an assault in pittsburgh last weekend. someone spotted him walking into a popular neighborhood. and after reves confirmed he was nfl player the man recorded the interaction. reves grabbed the phone and tried to delete the visito before the men say he punched them. he was physically assaulted by the man and he was depending himself. >> an arrest warrant is out for pillon air heir air to samsung. he's accused of bribery and other charges an a corruption trial. >> prosecutors can detain his son 0 days before formally inindicting him. >> the def nation lawsuit against bill cosby after a
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74. she made allegations in 2014 in new york news article and then she wrote the paper dep eying claims and response to cosby request sued him for information. >> in alaska underwater pipeline is leaking natural gas for ten days. happening cook inlet and it's preventing drivers from getting the site because of ice. cause, up known. but thor thinks believe the risk to public helm and safety is small. >> new reports just ran off from heavy rain partly to blame for dam at california lake orville jam and the report says diverse of water after days of rain eroded and hillside that carried the hillside that in term causes serious event that led to nearly 2,000
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do well at the combine is now paped from the event. >> if you look for a new job take a look at your facebook feed. as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. ream don't. early friday morning 5:12, 0 degrees. februarylike out this morning. a warm-up is on the way ard coming to michael thomas we'll check in with him after the break. you're watching "fox5 news morning".
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>> all right we're back at 5:14 this friday morning take a look outside. traffic moving. cold, 30. mike thomas coming into the frame here to tell us what to expect the rest of friday. >> how about this for good news. holiday weekend warm-up you ready for spring like temps we have those on the way. not really today, more so tomorrow. and tomorrow morning on the
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tomorrow afternoon the warmth starts to arrive and 31 currently in d.c. ab and again chilly day and chilly start and make sure you take that into account. and 19 this morning and 7 frederick and 5 westminster is and we don't have wind that were kind of pesty yesterday morning. good you's there and get rid of the winds and we have clouds and spilling across d.c. early morning hours. by the time we get to 9, 0:00 clouds break up and sunshine this afternoon. all of this is what is left over from the big storm headed to halifax. and drag color along with it high fresh eyre moves in from the south and as it does so pushes in slowly and shirley. cloud and more sun as you get into the afternoon hours. we'll have 50s d.c. and south
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north. again a good amount of sunshine this afternoon. we'll have to feel more comfortable than it did yesterday and especially with lack of wind. lies today 51 washington and 53 fredericksburg an north of town on cool ur side of things. gaithersburg 47 nap lis 46 for day i'm high today. looking fantastic. happy bairj day and 60 saturday sun to start and we'll build clouds through the afternoon and surprised we may start with drizzle kind of shaping of guard to high pressure that means we could tweak out a shower or two early in the morning. second half of data we should get back to sunshine and get temperatures back up into the mid 60s and then monday looks georgous and just a touch cooler but newspaper of us will complain if you can't make it to the 60s in washington. 51 is your daytime
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and mix 60s saturday and sun and more cloud tuesday we keep it cooler 66 and mid 60 adds we get through the second half of the week. >> 5:17 keeping our option as live and camera around the district, maryland and virginia and right now 66. volume looking light and pleasant as you pass sutly road on eastbound side and getting 8 centerville is not an issue and as you pass by vienna metro and thil livrp story volume increasing you're going to start to see congestion build through sfav ford and 6 10 did he he pass fairfax county parkway. wide on past king love what we're seeing there from the beltway to the mixing bowl on 95 and 14 street bridge clear. i looked at speed and looked nice. we'll show
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maps and are are various various and metro is on time except for safe track sure up klooding the blue line. back to you holly and mature each. >> you're engaging the the most on social media. >> what's hot on the web. >> hey, wiz. >> six white house staffers were marched out of the building because they failed a national security background check. one of the staffer turned away president trump director of sketching. it is for anyone's job that railroads a security reference. and failing to exempt orping and he's about waiting to schedule a meeting until crafted a bill or the president to consider. also this morning mike pence's wife carp is aiming to raise awareness about arts therapy. she wan
5:19 am
mental helm profession and help change public perception on what art therapists actually do. our therapists use patient artwork to explain feels and manage behavior and addiction among other things according to american heart therapy association. university of mississippi water back be quad kelly and nfl scouting combine that take place later this month. nfl pand him from participating because he threat end to shoot up a bar during a fight in his hometown and finally, puppy parpt alleak. a craft beer company is offering staff members with new dogs a week of pawternitw leave. there you go. >> well, getting a new puppy is like having
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>> yes. right. you're right. >> if you do it right. >> i understand. >> i get it. >> thanks, wiz. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a major stroller recall you need to know about. >> and something travelers have not heard in a long time. free in-flight meals. >> stop it. >> they say it could happen. >> all right. >> we're headed to break. let's look live across the d.c. region, 5:20 now and 30 degrees started from the bottom now we're here.
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>> back 5:2 facebook getting into job market social media giant creatd tools for job hunting and it raivrped to mid and small businesses that typically find right people to hire particularly part time and hourly workers. >> free meals again on
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delta flights. starting next month the airline will give ow outcome mymentry meals between new york and la and new york and san fan sis owe or la to d.c.. delta plans to expand the programs to other flights in spring. menus include pancake breakfast, sandwiches, turk write and mediterranean wraps and fruit and cheese sglaits starting slowly. nothing fancy just basics. >> we have important stroller recall you need to know about with britax says 717,000 strollers need to be brought back because your child can fall out of the seat. a latch on side of stroller can break off causing infants to tople forward. both the bob motion and be agile models are those recalled. if you have any of those return the shoulder or you can call pribtax. >> we survived that's good. google home just rolled out another new feature
5:24 am
use voice activated speaker to buy items from retailser including wholesale, walgreens and costco. those can be delivered the same day or overnight. users need to begin a command that says okay googlele. payments can be set up through the gagp home app. >> endless appetizer are back for good. now you can eat all the mozarella spikz and buffalo rings and fried pickles all of it it. >> and po tate he skips. >> probably that as well. >> the move is part of largerest to escape the sinking casual dipping cat fore. >> it's friday. maybe we need to go to friday. >> i'm tell you can we make a call and have them bring some into the loft. >> maybe. >> now i'm thinking. >> i like how this woman thinks. >> only for $10. >> that's a bargain. >> that's a value. >> potato skins all the way. i love those loaded potato skips. >> you know what i love 6
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february. >> fantastic. >> tomorrow not today. we have one more cold day here and you're right in time for weekend nice warm-up coming our way if you want to get out and enjoy it saturday i'm worry about drizzle surprised morning. let's talk about current temperatures d.c., 31. notice winds are calm this morning and not gusty like they were yesterday. no wind chill out through it's a cold start to the day. partly cloudy skies to start and you see more clouds working way in south and west and mostly cloudy around sunrise in washington and things clear up quickly as we roll through the morning hours and more sunshine by the afternoon. partly sunny 10 a.m. 8, dry and cold by the time we get to 1:00, 45, chilly and we'll call it cool 50 with more sunshine as we work our we to the afternoon hours. get out of work, get out of school, probably not feeling that bad. that's a look and now let's get to erin como with a look
5:26 am
traffic. >>:5 happening now if you want to fwet to the national airport and taking metro as national on the yellow line that could show you down. through national airport delays expected both directions be mind full of that as you heat out on metro. that's anything to safe track surge twelve work we're doing impacting blue line no train services arlington pentagon there are free service available but on limit the basis and we're discaning using yellow or yellow rush plus in virginia keep in mind single tracking you have to transfer lamont plaza silver line if coming to maryland avoid the blue down shave track work. >> thing looking nice problem free. suitland parkway we're ruse ago long and in for the washington, brandy whine and clinton. any questions
5:27 am
twitter. back to you. >> 5:26 coming up the white house is looking for another new name to fill the role of national security advisor. >> a new health on the line as first up to refeeling at fordable care act. >> a live look across the same consider. >> 5:27 is the time and 30 degrees. don't go anywhere. nox news morning back after
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>> today on "fox" news morning all night sessions democrats are preparing for confirmation vote scott pruit of epa administrator and spending hours voicing their opposition and health law outline gop lawmakers unveiling their version of helm law to replace the affordable care act and farewell tour nationality zoo offering you itinerary to do before boaboa leaves forever china. fox news morning starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is friday, february 18. >> mike thomas talking weath
5:31 am
warmer weather in fact at some point and erin como talking about what's happening on the roads in a moment. >> right now if you are waking up at 5:30 here's what's been developing overnight and we had two drivers in the hospital this hour after a nasty two car crash last night in suitland, maryland. take a look at pictures. damage to one of the vehicles just incredible you can see for yourself there. >> the driver of this white van went off suitland parkway before crashing into suitland road and he was flown out to the hospital and is in critical condition and driver of the vehicle is in serious company. >> and one maryland community and string of armed robberies over the past month. >> those robberies could be connected with many happening right now. very early friday morning. "fox5" annie yu is live with what we need to know about this and what police are saying to you. good morning, annie. >> good morning, wisdom, holly. hyattsville city police are putting out a very important warningthon friday morning urging people not to walk alone
5:32 am
on mornings and be extra cautious they say a man is targeting people mostly on fridays between hours of 4 and 6 a.m. they say this goes back to december the first incident reported on third of december and since then there's a total of eight incident of armed robberies or attempted armed robberies in the city of hyattsville. let get to the map that shows you where and when the man is targeting victim. you can see there there's a clear pattern. it's all in the area of queens chapel road, and hamilton and edgar road. they're monitoring the area. the victims reported similar stories held at gunpoint early in the morning between 4 and 6 and if you notice friday the ninth robbed two people within 30 minutes two different locations that are about a mile apart from each other. detectives say there's a clear pattern and they believe this leads to the same map and also mentioned all of the victims so far are non
5:33 am
and so they believe that there could be more victims out there and they are urging everyone to call high atville city police if you have information. that's the latest. back to you. >> annie, thank you very much. 52 now "fox5" cop tips looking at the murder of a teen in northern virginia and ten people charged in the death of 15-year-old damaris reyes. there's de tapers on two suspects which means they're in the country illegally or violate the status. six were minors. >> and 5:33 trump administration is pausing the legal fights over a ban on travelers from seven predominantly muslim nations. and details are due out next week. lawyers for administration say in court documents the revamped ban would folk is on foreigners that never entered u.s. >> president trump h
5:34 am
nominee to be next labor secretary and picked former justice department attorney alexander acosta for that job if done firmed as labor secretary he will be the 23eu6r9 hisspanic member of the cabinet. >> white house looks to go elsewhere from nagal security. >> he declined tu to if many and family commitments. he would have replaced flynn that resigned earlier this week. acting national secure i can advisor keith kellogg and retired general they're in germ me for mupic security conference. meeting comes amid global concerns over trump administration commitment to nato. he set off alarm bells last month caughting nato obsolete and increased that they should all pay a good share of defense
5:35 am
all pay a good share of defense. >> top house returns have unveiled a rough sketch of a massive healthcare overall during the closed door meeting that happened yesterday. gop leaders to described to rank and file a broad vision to repeal and replace obamacare and ideas lack detail and coast sessment and revamped medicade program and tax breaks to help people pay doctors bills and federally subsaidizeed state pools to help people with costly medical conditions buy insurance. despite the long delays by democrats and approving tom price the repeal and replacement of obamacare is moving fast. . all right. 5:35 the time now. let's get over to michael thomas and talk about what is happening the month of february because i'm actually liking it. >> it's cries crazy. >> it's hard for me imagine 30 today and times two of that tomorrow. >> right it's going to be 50s but it's
5:36 am
30 now and tomorrow will be 60. >> you're right it's crazy to think of the ups and downs. roller coasters in febz up side mostly as opposed to down side. >> as long as we don't get hammered in march. >> we have snow lovers around the the ream don't and they were not happy this winter writing all over twitter how unhappy they are. hopefully we get something in march. but not in february. warm air for the weekends. 50s and 60s as we head to tomorrow and we will get clouds in the afternoon. keep that in mind. sunday may start with slight period of drizzle and get back to sunshineing in the afternoon and we'll warm it back up into the mid 60s. here's president day weekend forecast 65 saturday and sunday and sun to clouds tomorrow and cloud to sun with drizzle and monday lower 60s don't complain about that. let check the forecast and view traffic with erin como. >>
5:37 am
delays on yellow line. track problem national airport and single tracking yellow line through national airport. delays in both directions. something to keep in mind if you have early morning flight to catch aside from single track we have safe track surge twelve and no train service between pentagon and rail line. shuttle service is free but limited. and from the rails we'll go outside and take a live look around the rear. i'll show you how roads are shaping up. right now 270 southbound side volume from 70 to truck scales about a five minute show down once you get to this point by father hurley still heavy but you he's to beltway. no major delays there. leave house 5 minute early and southbound by 198 increased volume about the not terrible. any questions 5:37 is the time now. coming up new analysis say
5:38 am
nuclear waste at fukushima plant is still spilling into the ocean. >> and am bar door to un is couldn't viking her boss when it comes to peace deal in the middle east. >> across the region 5:7 and temperature 30. back in a moment z29kuz zstz
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news out of jap app amid the ongoing cleanup at the fukushima plant. robots sent into a contaminated vessel failed while searching through radioactive den reand impacted key information needed to determine how to best remove the debris from the reactor. cleanup from that plant damaged during the 2011 earthquake is expected to take decades. >> u.s. ambassador nikki haley says they support two state resolution to the pal stipulateian conflict. the solution has to toies lailyes and palestinians them sale and ves stresses they support a two state solution. >> in the black sea in response to russia nato will step up war games training and surveillance in the black sea. this comes after rush yap spy ship was spotted off the east coast and after russia
5:42 am
a missile in treaty onlyization. >> and new powerful defenders on capitol hill. >> and you'll never delay what two women were trying to bring through dulles airport. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region and everybody getting up and going on a friday. we're at 5:42, 30 degrees. we'll be back with a look at the president's day weekend forecast when we come back. don't go anywhere. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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>> there you go. >> moving on a friday morning. >>♪ >> he's doing a little twist today. >> little twist that's my friday twist. it's like my i play it non stop throughout the house all friday long friday tradition it's my alarm, my telephone ring tone. >> stop it. >> that's how you roll. >> i love the song. >> i love it. >> and i -- you look handsome today mike. >> thank you i'm poor but handsome. >> but he has a brand new suit, folks. >> feel good. >> let's do a couple warm headlines for you. today not as cold and breezy as yesterday was. we're cold to start the day. by afternoon hours we'll call it cool and pleasantly cool with temperatures above normal probably touching 50 in.c
5:46 am
weekend feels like springtime. 60s in the forecast and sun for majority of the weekend and we will have to dpeel with periods of cloud cover as well. more details on that in a minute and we have 60s in the forecast throughout the holiday weekend and president's day weekend looking rather non february like. more like march or april and heading into the second half of next week. we could get up near 70 if lucky on a few days. temperatures across the region nor near that number. 0 washington and 31 rather and 27 gaithersburg and dulles 20, 25 mannasas and martinsburg 19 and west mipster 27. cold start as you get out the dar and tracking cloud cover trying to sneak in from the south we turn mostly cloud write through morning hours and after commute time things clear up. it's all spilled from the storm system well norm and east and throwing wraparound clouds cover our way and we' g
5:47 am
back to the sun later this afternoon. future cast there's cloud cover moving in:00 in the among and fades quickly. by:00 in the afternoon future cast not showing anything but sunshine. again should be bright and beautiful blue afternoon headed into saturday and start with good amount of sun and cloud and average hours and future cast showing bringsle activity to linger into the early morning hours of sunday we'll be clear in those clearing clouds out. sunday morning is mild. low only 50 in washington. 40s and 50s around the region today. 50s d.c. south ward 40s off north. cool day. not as cold as yesterday and 60s arrived for that weekend. let's get straight to the "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast after i show you 51 today. 65 tomorrow. clouds roll in during the afternoon once again and maybe some early
5:48 am
early and president's day looks gorgeous as we head back to the 50s before the 60s come back wednesday, thursday and looks looks as we roll into next weekend time period. as well. all right. that's a look at weather. airport erin is back with sglavrk that's rite, 5:48 we're dealing with this now. metro single tracking on yellow line track problem to national airport that causes delays in both directions and something to keep help in mind. 66 eastbound before the belt okay way, huge the scene there welcomes like left lane squeezing by as you approach the upper an outer loop and all lanes blocked right now. a large police presence. several vehicles involved in this crash and we're starting to see huge backups picking up 50 towards beltway. be mindful of that and more information on this crash as you approach on 66 eastbound. back to you gu
5:49 am
county two police officers from separate cases of misconduct in office. one officer is accused of assaulting a homeless woman last year and second is member of department prostitution task force and helps aproviding them to arrest by alerting them would the tax force could weapon duct spip and bomingz are tuesday spended with a. >> more than 400 zika tests were considered offer a 6 month period. an they found 300 pregnant women may have been mistakenly told they had the viral up infection. 62 samples retested and two of the preing at that point women tested positive. they expect results for all retests within three for four weeks. >> local marijuana laws have new defenders own call toll hill for the first time ever a group of republican and democratic cropping
5:50 am
joined together to form a cannabis and they may inact laws that allow for recreation or medical. >> we'll do our part to continue the progress of making sure people have a right to live their lives and adults have a right of freedom and should have the freedom to basically consume cannabis for either medical purposes or otherwise if that's what they agree he to in the states in which they reside. >> majority of people we worked with thinks it is hip at gassy for if 50 state and not for sis diingt of columbia. >> eight states district of columbia legalized small amounts for aconsult recreational. >>.
5:51 am
news tracker. >> hi mature each. >> good morning to both of you members of the black caucus say they are baffled and displayed after trump set up a meeting with a black reporter and jim kliburn says there was element of disrespect to journalist april ryan during today's news conference and whether they asked if they was cbc members and set up a get together. mark reveals. zuckerberg says she want to develop a social infrastructure to people to build a global community and wants facebook to have civic engagements and return people. >> this is something you don't want to see at a app permanent them. were caught with 4 pounds of horse meat including animal parts after flying from mongolia. the meat was hidden in juice boxes. the horse's p
5:52 am
for medical purpose. >> parents listento up tore man 700 thois strollers. they can unexpectedly disengage and serve children. buy boy baby, target and other stores nation wiped and timely a 61-year-old woman from the twins are boy and girl and the woman became pregnant after seeking inveto fert sdaix here in the u.s.. congratss to mom on her bundles of joy. >> back to you guys. >> thanks, mo. >> liquid lunch used to be staple of american business world. over time that changed and change is coming to the financial district of london. financial giant vos of lon dan is late toast tell employees they cannot consume control during the hours of 9 to 35 people.
5:53 am
sdm many of the companies 800 employees expressed anger off the new rule. >> one of the original monopoly tokens is being replaced hasboro said it is time for the timble to go. 4 million people voted in token madness man openly i show the eight that should be part of the newest game and there were 50 new and the new came will be released in august. monopoly theorist that the in classic versus of popular board game. >> i'm relieved. if the themble is tossed out does that mean other 7 are from the original. >> i think if you stick with the classic whatever the classic is. >> all right. look at this these are facebook fans of the day. good friday morning to ray and bopy quinnland they've been watching "fox5" for over three years bonnie says g
5:54 am
a.m. was she is watching allison and steve and gets up 6:30. >> she has to sleep in a little while. >> the only way to wake up is "fox5" and morning crew and there's no better toen the day and evening with "fox5" evening crew. thank you, bonnie, ray, looking good. and appreciate the loyalty. >> i know, right. so nice to have long time loyal fans. love it love it it love it. >> i think a lot of people will love the holiday forecast. i mean if you like the warmer weather the snow nrovr lovers are not happy. i think so as well. i'm a snow lover. i'm not happy. by the wayfy was bonnie and retired i'm probably sleeping even later then 6:30. if she always used to get up over and you're right. she's slipping in. good for you you're fans of the day today. what's going oto
5:55 am
we have high pressure starting to take control a little to the south today. we'll start to get into a little southerly breeze and that will start to warm up up this afternoon and you won't feel it until tomorrow you'll notice it cold to start. clouds, by the afternoon we get to 50s and our northern suburbs hang out in the 40s most of the day and we should is have a good amount of sunshine second half of the day. starting mostly cloudy and kids at the bus stop with cold temperatures as well after school 45 to 54 and still on the cooler side of things and cooler 50s we'll kind of briefly touch them this afternoon. we're 51 here in washington. and for a daytime high just a few clouds later on this afternoon again we'll start with a little cloud cover this morning as we work into evening hours we turn mostly clear and it's chilly night once again tonight early part of saturday is chilly as well. afternoon hours look glorious. take a welcome at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 65 tomorrow afternoon start with sun
5:56 am
maybe a up to 65 once again. monday mostly sunny 61. looks like 60s roll through the end of next week. let's check the forecast with erin como. step on in and do a little traffic traffic. >> happening now huge crash scene in virginia 66 eastbound ramp to inner loop blocked and left lane getting through and you can access the outer loop. use caution there's several cars involved in the crash and large police presence. again just the left lane getting by right now. jammed to 12 with stand still traffic. factor in extra time. we're seeing morning congestion on sutly as well. we'll switch to a look at maps and show you what you are up against this morning 2 i can only see that yellow with volume increasing and see if we can take a look at metro yellow line single tracking
5:57 am
international airport because of a track problem. delays in both dreks. if you head out for early morning flight consider metro bus traffic way to bwi and dulles looking good and erin fox d.c. twitter we'll be back with 6:00 hour in a
5:58 am
z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at
6:00 am
george county community an alert a series of armed robberies all very similar lead police believe they could be connected. we're live with the latest. >> and plus another -- on the senate floor the senate pick to head epa. trump is up early and taking to twitter. >> live look outside on this friday morning. it's february 17. weather and traffic on the fives for you at 6:05. >> good friday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first up at 6 developing overnight in maryland a nasty crash in suitland leaves two drivers in the hospital. look at pictures. you can see the amount of damage to one of the vehicles. police tell us the driver of the white van went off suitland parkway before crashing to suitland road and he was flown to the hospital and is in critical condition this morning and driver of the other vehicle is in serious condition. >> a live look at capitol hill where senate democrats in midst of all nighter and this time pretoast


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