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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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was reported. that was back on january 17th. tonight, authorities believe there is a possibility there could be other victims out there and they want students to come forward if they had inappropriate actions with this teacher. 36-year-old jose daniel estrada of clifton virginia is charged with two counts felony aggravated battery. authorities aren't saying when the abuse took place but as soon as it was reported falls church city police and child protective services were brought in. the school interim superintendent said counsellors have been brought in to speak with students and parents and he called staff together to address this alleged crime. >> we do not know the full extent of whatever took place. again, we have worked cooperatively and open communications with child protective services as well as with our police
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and it's been a very good cooperative endeavor. clearly, the police department are primary in this, and as we have agreed to, they're the ones who will continue doing the investigation, and that any student or parent or anyone who has any other information they need to be able to interface directly with the police department >> daniel is being heard in the arlington county jail tonight. once again, authorities believe there is a possibility there could be other victims here and they're asking students to come forward if there was any inappropriate behavior with this math teacher. in falls church, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. a dance instructor is under arrest accused of having sex with teenager students. fairfax county police say he was inappropriately communicating with a 14 and 14-year-old girls last year and had sex with one of them. investigators found out t
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studio tipped them off. he also worked at stage door in manassas of detectives are concerned there may be more victims. >> we have three victims, we're trying to make sure that there are no more and if there are, we can, you know, have them come forward and we can place charges accordingly. we want parents to talk to children, go over with them what's appropriate and inappropriate with an adult >> he's charged with several child pornography offenses. a virginia man convicted of trying to help the islamic state was sentenced to eight and a half years today. a federal judge sentenced harris comar. he used social media to promote isis propaganda. he was caught in an fbi undercover sting. he met with an fbi informant last year who convinced of him to buy gift cards that would be used to help isis. he took photos of dc area landmarks he thought would be used for islamic state video.
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of death of the murdered gaithersburg teenager. fairfax county police say the cause of death of death for demaris reyes rivas was multiple forms of trauma to the teen's upper body. yesterday, immigration and customs african confirmed to fox 5 they have detainers on the four adult that is police say are involved in her murder. with the recent ice raised we've seen, it begs the question, are those raised helping to get hardened criminals and gang members out or are they target people looking for a better life? >> tony, the topic of who exactly is being targeted by these ice raised can be polarizing and divisive and answers can vary but the fact is data from immigration and custom enforcement gives us those answer >> the day is over when they can stay and wreak havoc, we're going to get
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>> president trump made it clear he's taking a hard stance on illegal immigration. recent ice raised around the country spurred protests as well as praise. and the president's message has always been this. >> we have some bad umbres here and we're going to get them out >> how many are hardened criminals? we reached out to ice, but we're told because the administration is so new, the number to say they have only reflect a specific raid or week. however, a look back gives us a clear idea of the breakdown of exactly who is being deported from the united states. according to ice data from immigration removal in 2016, 240,255 people total were deported which includes people arrested in ice raised and arrested by other law enforcement agencies and handed over to ice. that was a
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2015. and of those, 58 percent or 138,669 people were previously convicted of a crime. 2,057 were classified as suspected or confirmed gang members. that means less than 1% of the total people deported were associated with gangs, on the other hand, 42% or 1,1586 people were not previously convicted of any crime. another big question is about reentry. how many convicted criminals are are deported after serving the sentences end upcoming right back illegally? the answer is we don't really know. immigrations and customs enforcement said it's heart to track and the agency doesn't have data to answer
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question. let's continue talking about immigration and ice raised, lauren demarco is live in alexandria with information on a group of people detained by ice in our region. lauren? >> reporter: hey there, alex, i just got a statement from ice and i want to read you, compliance with federal law and agency policy, ice does not conduct sweeps or raised that target aliens indiscriminationly >> on february 8th, people were leaving an overnight hypothermia shelter and as some of the men walked across the street, a swarm of ice agents in several cars, six vehicles came up, put the men in handcuffs, questioning them and cart add number of them off.
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ice tells me that they were here conducting consensual interviews about a potential target and in the process of conducting those interviews with people here, they identified two criminals that were here illegally and sounds like will go on to likely be removed from the country or can be removed from the country. the pastor here insists there were more people taken, he says he had spoken to one of the men but let go because he had the green card and i want to let you know what the pastor had to say a few minutes ago >> ice told the public only two were taken, we have witnesses that six or seven were taken. we went to the ice regional headquarters today in fairfax and we tried to meet with ice officials to find out who are those other people? let us know who they are. where have you taken them? what's happening to them? they not only refused to
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with us when we tried to send a messenger, they refused to give us the names of anybody and refused to give us their names. >> reporter: virginia senator tim kane sent a letter to the washington field office for ice saying this incident is of great concern to me because members of this congregation believe this church was targeted by your agency. i would like to know how many people your officer detained, where ice brought them, whether they remain in custody, and whether any of these individuals have a criminal record. the virginia governor sent a similar letter, and senator mark warner also sent a letter to the head of ice today. his was more in response to the january 25th, presidential executive order that president trump put out about enhancing public safety. he asked a lot of specific questions. i don't want to get into all of them but one thing that would apply, he asked about enforcement actions around sensitive locations. that would be schools, churches. ice did provide m
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official from ice told me that ice still adheres to their sensitive location policy but that remains in effect and that provides that enforcement actions at sensitive locations should generally be avoided. it went on to say that the department of home land security is committed to insuring that people seeking to participate in activities or use services provided at any sensitive location are free to do so without fear or hesitation. that's exactly what the pastor here is saying is not happening. he's saying people are now afraid to come here, they're afraid to use hypothermia shelter. there's two sides of the story i hear in alexandria. back to you in the studio. the maryland senate has approved a measure for a metro safety program. this follows a threat from the federal government to withhold about $9 milon
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through april. the senate voted 45-0 for the bill. which now goes to the house. federal officials announced last week they would withhold funding from dc, maryland and virginia until they create a new metro safety commission. the district already has approved the measure. the legislation received initial approval in both chambers of the virginia general assembly. a final bill has not yet been passed. president trump headed to his mar largo estate for the weekend. he made a stop in south carolina. we'll tell you what he did. >> the heavy rains in the forecast out west slow repairs of the orville damn. we'll have more on that. first what about our weather? >> nothing like that. it's hard to believe over the next several days it's actually february. february has gone on vacation somewhere. we'll have the full holiday forecast weekend coming up stay with us. us.
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president trump back in his element. ropeing you have up a running up a large crowd in south carolina. a new tone from the president after publicly criticizing boeing in the past for overpricing their contract for a new air force 1. >> we want products made by our workers in our factories stamped with those four magnificent words, made in the usa. >> reporter: big business and jobs, president trump says it's part of fulfilling a campaign promise. >> i don't want companies
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leaving our country. making their product, selling it back, no tax, no nothing. >> reporter: following the stop at boeing, the president heads to florida, spending his third consecutive weekend working out of his winter white house. and those questions still linger on what is to become of his national security council? another cabinet pick is approved by the senate. the new instructor of the epa scott pruitt republicans blaming the other side of the aisle for dragging on the process. as democrats remain fiercely critical of the president's choices >> it's pretty clear what's happening. they want to move them as slowly as possible >> why do they want to rush through this cabinet? they're ashamed of them >> as vice president pence heads to germany will he will join james mattis and john kelly for the munich security conference. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. today, oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt was
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of the environmental protection agency, they rallied all night in opposition and urged senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to delay on tuesday when pruitt is ordered to release thousands of e-mails related to communications with people in the fossil fuel industry. a russian spy ship still off the coast of the united states, about 19 miles off of norfolk virginia but still in international waters. fox news was the first to sight it. it's equipped with communications and signal intelligence gathering equipment. coming up, gary is back with a full look at your forecast. >> he's excited about the forecast. he was just over here a second ago. popping up and down. he'll have the details when we come back.
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200,000 people on edge in california. just returned home after being evacuated earlier because of a failing damn >> they've been warned another evacuation order could still be issued at any time. fox's claudia cohen is monitoring the latest. >> reporter: braces for more wet weather officials are working to reduce the water level at lake orville behind the tallest damn in the united states. they've been working to shore up the emergency spill way using helicopters to deliver heavy rock and bolders >> we've concluded it is safe to reduce the immediate evacuation order currently in place to an evacuation warning. >> reporter: heavy rains caused that spill way to erode. over the weekend, officials feared it could fail and unleash
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so-and-so a sudden evacuation order was issued for communities downstream >> this allows evacuated residents to return to their homes and for businesses to resume operations. residents need to be prepared to maintain situational awareness >> the president has been keeping a close eye on the orville damn situation. it's a textbook example of why we need to pursue a major infrastructure package in congress >> environmental groups say they were ignored when years ago they warned government regulators the backup spill way needed to be reenforced >> this is one of the great could have, should have but didn't. so that issue is still out there. i will tell you going forward, going to spend a quarter billion dollars probably on this. >> reporter: police say a number of homes and businesses in the evacuation zone have been burials and they're stepping up
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patrol, and this helicopter air lift continues around the clock at the orville damn in northern california. claudia, fox news. let's bring it back here home and talk about good weather. >> part of the reason why we're having good weather is because they're not having such good weather. seems to be that's the way it works big trough out west. ton of rain and we get unfebruary like weather >> i think we're going to get through this without a major snow storm. >> definitely february. i believe either. whether something comes back and kicks us in the you know what in march? that's my gut. i just sent out a tweet with the seven-day forecast. i said where did february go? it's hiding, it's not on the seven-day forecast. a lot of response from that tweet, too. listen, that is gorgeous out there. you all the way to the west. the elevations out there. high today was 51. 52 for dulles. it was a little warmer out t
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was up to 53. tomorrow and sunday and you'll he wanted up with your high temperatures, 49 now. it's gorgeous evening out there. the winds are blowing. skies are clear. just showed you that shot. culpeper is 50. manassas is 47. they were up in the upper 50's for culpeper and manassas. it really warmed up nicely. clear skies, lid winds. it will allow temperatures to get real cold, 38 in town. still expect lower 30's in the suburbs but they will bounce up quickly tomorrow, indicative of a dry atmosphere. we'll warm right up into the -- some of you will be touching 70 degrees. fredericksburg 69. 68 for culpeper. manassas 63. maybe a little bit warmer. dulles 65. here in town, we'll go 67 for a high temperature. there will be some high clouds coming across in the afternoon. it's not going to be completely sunny all day. but we should wake up tomorrow morning with a good amount of sunshine. here's the deal. temperatures on the rise. a lot of warm air bac o
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the west and southwest. you see this red line? that's the warm front and these are the types of we like to see. sunday, we're going to be warm again but looks like we'll have morning clouds, maybe -- this is a slight chance, sprinkle early sunday morning, hopefully it all gets out before sunrise and there could be a little drizzle in spots. but we should get good sunshine on sunday. and that's going to help to warm things up. here's the holiday weekend forecast. sunday clouds tomorrow, temperature of about 67. i want to say 70 so bad. early clouds on sunday, 66, we'll have a little weak front move through i think we'll be a little cooler on president's day. so on president's day, upper 50's to low 60's, still very, very nice out there. lots of sunshine, couple of clouds, no big deal. satellite and radar nothing to look at.
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j there. bushes will be in the low 30's, wind out of the south about five miles per hour nearly calm i believe with the winds tonight. throws in town will be down to about 38. how about tomorrow? well, again, a sunny start, the clouds will start filling in by late afternoon, we'll stay dry. temperatures gets up to 67, some of your real close to 70, you know, you might just touch it. and here's the unfebruary-like seven-day forecast, you can just, you know, 60's for the next several days. i did the forecast. and i wrote all this up and look at it and i said my goodness, out of the seven-day forecast, there's only one day that's not in the 60's. we're talking some of those 60's are getting close to 70. and even into next week, latter part of next week, wednesday, thursday, another system coming in that could get us to 70. >> it's hard to put it down in february. >> perfect for the weekend. a lot of people are off. good holiday weekend. >> you got my list >> you have a new list
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and sunday as well. >> he knows i have a list >> it's very important. all honeys should have a do list. >> glad to be a honey. leg wheverhoose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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eating serial could soon be as easy as a cup of coffee. one lets you eat your rice crispies on the go. jesse came up with the idea ten years ago when driving in the middle of the night and saw nothing but fast food options. gave us a look at how it work works. >> squeeze the handle, milk goes into the bowl
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you can eat a bowl of cereal or with two. cereal a go is the world's only package that can combine a liquid and solid in one ready to go anywhere where otherwise a meal would not be provided >> fairchild said he met with several cereal companies and hopes his invention will become a reality >> what i would have to say if this was shark tank? i'm out. that's ridiculous. it's a nice idea, i'm sorry. but it's not really practical. >> i don't think it's necessary >> mr. wonderful would be like >> what do you think >> i'm out. >> you're in, tony? >> no. >> i'm out. >> if he can make texting and driving safe, that would be interesting, but that won't happen. >> dwoupt tell us about the weather >> i think it's great. we got 60's for the weekend. and you know, who would want
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anything more than that. >> we got to next, everybody. at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road.
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it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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