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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 18, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> >> right now at 1:00 our defense conducting raids on immigrant at a virginia church and what a pastor told "fox5". >> and plus is it a political problem? a local musician says his business took a hit all because of a wedding gig he took. >> my reaction for that was we were there for the client and not there for donald trump. >> and we're checking out the new app gaining popularity with high profile government officials. your news start right now. we'll begin tonight with developing story in prince william county virginia. police are investigating a deadly stabbing involveing a man and woman and it happened around 6:30 tonight
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lane in mannasas and we're told the woman diede hospital in cril condition and police say this appears to be a domestic incident. >> and also tonight, questions about immigration raids in virginia. two u.s. senators and governor of virginia want answers following several incidents involving immigrations and customs enforcement agents. >> one of those incident happened outside of app alexandria church. lauren demarco has the story. lauren. >> tony, shawn, ice official tells me it's officers that approached a group of men leaving rising hope church in alexandria and they were leaving the hypothermia shelter they stayed overnight and when officers approached they conducted consensual interviews about a potential target while they were talking with the men they realized two were here illegally and had criminal back ground and those two men were detained and will be de ported
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there's a different story of what happened that morning. >> i've seep drug raids not that big. >> they areman broughter says on february 8 he witnessed 7 latino men rounded up as they left for the day today. the men walked out of here and started walking towards the parking lot and many leaving to go to jobs or to look for jobs. a lot of them are day laborers and they were walking this way. as soon as they gotta cross the street they just swooped in on them and in all directions and. >> happened cuffed them at the brick wall. >> handcuffed them at the brick wall. >> one man was let go after proofing he had a green card and the rest. >> they put all sim of them in the van. >> six guys they took away you have seen any of them back here. >> no, no. don't know what happened to them. >> we went to the ice regional headqu
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and tried to meet with ice officials to find out who are the other people that they have is taken and let us know who they are and where have you taken them and what's happening to them. and they not only refused to talk with us when we tried to accepted a messenger up there they refused to give us names of anybody and refused to give us their names. >> senator time kaine isn't a let to ice saying he's concerned the khur. may have been targeted and it reads in part i would like to know how many people your officers detained and where ice brought them and whether they remain in custody and whether any of these individuals have a criminal record. virginia governor sent a similar letter and senator mark warner sent a lengthy message to the head of vice with specific questions about president trump executive order on enhancing public safety and he asks whether enforcements are happening at sensitive locations like schools and churches. >> it's hard not think they were not profiling these men an casing
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>> it's a terrible thing what isp having. for people to be fearful of coming to worship and people to be fearful of coming to get help and get out of the cold and winter months. >> we received a statement from ice today an want to read you part about locations like churches. it reads the ice sensitive locations policy had which remains in effect provides enforcement actions at sensitive locations should generally be avoided. and require i'm are prior approval from appropriate supervisory official or exigent circumstances substances needing immedediate action. ice has been writing about what is sees as false reporting of raid in other cities and calls reporting irresponsible. so far we've not seen any official response to the law-makers' letters. live in alexandria. lauren larn, "fox5 local news". >> a math teacher is behind bars tonight accused of sexually assaulting
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students at mary ellen ayhend daniel estrada of clifton virginia was removed on january 17 and charged with two counts of felony aggravated battery. and it's unclear when the alleged abuse happened earlier we spoke with interim school superintendent robert schiller. >> we do not know the full extent of whatever took place and again we have worked cooperatively and very on communications to child protective services as well as with our police department. >> and police want to know if there's more victim. if you have any information on the case call police. >> a loudoun county dance instructor is under arrest accused of having sex with teenage students police arrested chase pal coyesterday and fairfax country police say he was inappropriately communicating with a 13-year-old and two is 4-year-old girls last year and had sex with one of them. investigators found out after his employer at
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tipped them off and he also worked as stapling door in mannasas and police are concerned there may be more victim. if you have information call police. >> judgment day for a berks virginia man accused of prosecute rz say he used social media to promote isis propaganda. he was caught up in undercover sting where he met up inform apt that convinced him to buy gift cards to help isis and he took photos of landmarks that would be used for islamic state video he thought. >> let's take it outside. we're getting a break from february freeze. temperatures are on the rise. for how long? we wonder. "fox5" gwen it olbert has more on the warm-up. >> that is the question how long. this say treat this time of year. headed for the 60s. unbelievable. today we were in the low 50s. let's
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happening here. temperature-wise all three airports as i said low 50s. but these numbers are even above seasonal average and we'll do even better than that as we move into saturday sunday and president's day on monday. but right now it's chilly outside. we've got clearing skies and light winds. we're talking about a bit of radiational cooling. 7 right now quantico and 39 d.c. and 36 gaithersburg and cooler frederick at 28 this hour and 3 winchester and culpeper and same dulles and 34 degrees martinsburg. winds are light as well for tonight and they'll continue to be that way. southerly breeze but it is light and 38 we're talking about for overnight low. once we get into the weekend things will really change. take a look at my forecast. we'll be flirting with the 70 degree mark for tomorrow in some locations especially south of us by the time we get to sunday we'll be 66 degrees
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62 on monday on the backside of monday cooler air coming in and we'll talk about that in a second and not bad overall and fairly dry and just slight chance of maybe seeing a little sprinkle or two for saturday night. i'm certaining up nice companies on the weather buffet and we'll have the 7 day coming up in a bit. tony. >> maryland senate approved a measure for a metro safety program. this follows threat from the federal government to withhold about 9 million from the state through april. the bill now goes to the house. and the feds announced last week they would withhold funding from d.c., maryland and virginia until the injures dicks create a new safety commission. and the district is already approved the measure and legislation received is initial approval in both chambers of virginia general assembly and final bill has not been passed. president tlump pick forehead of epa scott pruit was sworn in tonight and the senate confirmed pruit despite objections
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groups. he had filed 14 lawsuits challenging epa regulations including limits on carbon emissions from coal fired power plants a local wedding singer says he's caught in trump backlash after performing at a wedding at the president d.c. owe hole and he says his band was booked long from the election and now he's concerned he will lose business. "fox5" tisha lewis has the story. >> despite concerns about personing here the wedding singer we interests viewed said business is business and he worried that entrepreneurs could be forced to turn down gigs due to this current political climate and controls online ready to pounce. >> i see trees of green. red roses too. i see them blue for me and you. >> erin is wedding singer based in fairfax, virginia, he was wookd to perform at the first wedding at trump international hotel just a few months ago and after the gig he did what many do he posted
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media. that's what the backlash started. comments from colleagues friends and even complete strangers asking how he could perform at the trump hotel. >> my first reaction to that was we were there for the client not for donald trump. >> so is that's separation in and of itself and also one of the things i say to my family and friends is when you take yourself out of the game and you remove yourself from the process you cannot nrups or make any changes. >> the group was also look booked to perform in inauguration an that gig was cancelled s singer chris michelle is facing backlash for performing at trump inauguration while even receiving death threats. actress troy mill is sporeed a make america great dress at grammys and gained popularity. there's no rhyme on reason it depend who are you.
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>> and up next an update on the russian spy ship off the coast of virginia. >> tonight a smart phone app gaining popularity among powerful poll intergity as city ricks pointing out security concerns. >> and this woman sank a half court shot to win big money. fantastic. wait until you see what happened next we're back after
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>> russian spy ship is still floating offer the coast of united states at about 19 miles off coast of norfolk, virginia but still considered in international waters. fox news was first to report sighting of ship off the coast of delaware. it is equipped with communications and signal intelligence gathering equipment. >> the graphic of where the ship was did not seem particularly precise. it's like a circle. you probably heard of apps like snap chat that claim they delete messages when read. one of those apz is getting popular with high profile government officials and politicians in washington. it's called confide and you can use it too. and "fox5" anjali anjali hemphill tells us more about it. >> when you wanted to
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secrets it used to be you met in a parking lot or other dark corner to discuss it now it's reported some members of congress, white house staffer and government officials are pulling out cell phones and sending encrypted text even if it continues sensitive information. >> confide app is around a few years and it helps people until business have more secure communicate kation as how it works someone accepted you a message app the text stays covered until the recipient drags finger area cross the words and app claim the message deletes once it's read. and if you try to take a screen shot the message will delete also. makers claim none of the data is served on a server. and there's been a spike in members of congress, national security staff and white house staff using encrypted messaging acts like confide to leak information to the press. "fox5" spoke to a text
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that allows government emicily.s to behavior unemi >> they're getting information out they don't want their fingerprint on. while relative to our democracy i think sometimes that's a good thing. relative to holding people account annual for communications that's challenge. >> if you're under oath you have only gaition to tell what you talked about. same things applies to you what you wrote in the app. i would say ethics still apply. and to be truthful and being holding up oath. all those things still apply regardless of application that exists. >> there are also there are scorety concerns with apps like confide and even though the app dlimz have
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repeat nothing on internet is 100% secure. on capitol hill anjali hemle hill "fox5 local news". >> and nice to see the sun out there today. we'll have more tomorrow and hopefully more warmth. >> we'll have more warmth i'm happy to say that. we'll be a lot warmer tomorrow and sunday than we were today and today we were even above seasonal average in low 50s. and and the forecast is not looking shape either. we had sunshine today and we'll get sunshine tomorrow and today today the eyes i said are in the low 50s. this is still even above the seasonal average this time of year. let's not forget we're in february one of the most unpredictable months and we've done fairly well so far and here's a look at the current temperatures we have cooler air tonight. radiation
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clearing skies and light winds. thatere. 28 in frederick this hour and we have 7 at quantico and 39 in the nation's cop toll and 36 fredericksburg and mannasas and 32 dulles. and so here's a look at overnight lows. we'll be in the 30s pretty much everywhere and in the city we'll be in the upper 0s and for burbs talking in the low 30s and same story up to north and northwest. a little on the cool side with those clearing skies. and speaking of clearing skies here's a look at satellite and radar. we don't have a lot to show you on here. that's because those clouds are very scattered in nature earlier today and this evening are now starting to move out of the picture and so tomorrow is going to just be really set one a lot of sunshine. with a few high clouds. other than that not much happening and we have a frontal system here. this will move north and as it does, it opens up the door for southerly flow to increase and that helps to boost our temperatures. so tomorrow will
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will see into the 60s. so pleasant in the 60s. mostly sunny skies and we have a weak disturbance that moves through and with it i cannot rule out maybe a light little passing shower by saturday night and we really have a 0% chance ever that even happening and as we head into sunday as a result of that frontal system and that disturbance we see more clouds and still it ill would be a nice day and still very much on the warm side and it's not until monday night into tuesday that we really start to cool down. we'll get more of a northeasterly flow kicking in. tomorrow afternoon temperatures into the 60s. very nice day. pleasant. great day to get out and enjoy it don't stay in tomorrow make sure you get out. cool start to the day. 41 by 8:00 hour and then by midday we're at 61 degrees and then double sixs by the time we hit the 4:00 hour and wrapping it up for you then 38 tonight and high tomorrow of 67 degrees and i'm going toel you that
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surprised if you see low 70s there and definitely expecting that to happen. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7 day forecast. nice day on president's day and by the time we get to tuesday that's what we start to see cooler air. we'll see that warm front become backdoor cold front and as it moves down cooler air north easterly flow coming in and warm back up again. take a look at wednesday, thursday, friday end of week and hump day slight chance of maybe a passing shower and as i said i cannot rule it out from saturday night into the early hours of sunday maybe just a very light shower and other than that great weekend and get out and enjoy while we can and as i said, once it's over that could be unpredictable. shawn. >> thank you, gwen. >> i don't know if you heard it's a girl. maryland zoo baltimore announced first birth of giraffe at zoo in more than 20 years the baby girl 6 feet 1 inches tall and weigh 125 pounds and the call of was able to stand on her own in 50 minute
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imagine if human apps could do that. now they have to come one a name for herill not be shop in public until sometime this spring. >> that's pretty -- 50 minutes she was standing up. >> amazing. >> you could imagine if our kids did that. >> no, that wouldn't be good. give us a little time. >> coming up next the woman hits an incredible half court shot and the
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>> the all star game in sunday and brady beihl should feel snub todd not be part of the new orleans proceedings. carmello anthony not beihl was select todd le place him. beihl is arming career high 22 points a game on 20% shooting for contender. melo is averaging 23-6 and doing so from bottom dwelling. and also starting ton't with rising star challenge and rising is exactly what the beihl and wizards are doing going
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wizard sitting inferencbeaming . john wall saide ver been this klais to winning this many games this early in my ceevrment beihl added it's tough to guard us we have so many threats. those tough to guard wizards fueled this run in the new year. 2017 has been a goodyear for wizards. 18-5 since ball dropped january 1 and scoring 111 points per game and average margin of victory 7 points per and going into the new year they were 500 team and now making a written two seed in the east and if you like missed these and alley-oops thrown out of town and the rising star challenge is you. usa versus the world jonathan simmons with the sweet reverse and alley-oop and then more simmons and nice one handed tomahawk slam. there he had 19 from team america starting for team world betty he'll from
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and team world put them second. world wins 150 to 132. >> this is best sports story of the day here. 2008 graduate erin was called ought for a half court shot. she hits is celebrating and everyone going wild including dunkin donuts cup there's a reason for that key keep an eye on the cup. the cup is off one knee. you're about to get proposed to by a cup of coffee. what could be better than hitting a half court shot yeah you get a fiancee in the process long time boyfriend steven duck set in the cup and he proposed and said yes. >> she said yes. >> great. >> good thing she made the shot, yeah, who knows. >> this was also a donut there. he looked dispointed. >> he was very for lorned. >> i liked that brody. >> love triangle there. >> that does it for us.
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because tmz is coming up next
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