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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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recreationally. it's interesting to see where we're haded. >> ross eachs class once a week every spring and let's in 25 student and this way the conversation flow is in intimate setting and he says students think marijuana is cool topic until they learn about the tax setbacks and other implications that come from having a marijuana related business. >> you cannot take most of the diz business de suctions you take running ordinary business. you cannot take de ux dids for rents, salaries only coast of goods. >> and professor rob plans to keep teaching this class every spring for at long as hofstra will have him. after the semester started there's still a 40 person wait list to get into this class and the students we spoke with say their interest in learn about marijuana is only getting stronger. in heampstead, long island. dana, "fox 5 news". >> and thank you for joining
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lokay. >> i'm laura evans. >> we get things started with the forecast. it's been amazing weekend. everybody outdoors it felt like dmv kind of came alive. >> we saw that of course this is three day tweaked many people have tomorrow off. three day weekend for many people and one of the big attractions has been the national zoo. >> we talked about bao bao levering town shortly of course that's a big change and bao bao going back to china. as we talk about the forecast not just this week but once we get a look at next week you'll be amazed by it. nonetheless it's a rare february weekend we get the sun and temperatures approaching 70. >> lot of people as we said have off tomorrow and again we want to know how things are looking gore forward. >> we're looking good actually. tomorrow will be cooler than asked. i don't think anybody will explain because we actually have been some 20 to 25 warmer than seasonal average and we're supposed to be in the 40 s. you know what we've been
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right now 58 in d.c. an we have west north westerly wind and winds light and gusty winds today and look at the high's for today all three airports, upper 60 s. low 70s that was pretty much across the board at all our neighborhoods. it was really very pleasant. here's a look at the current temperatures elsewhere. 49 mannasas this hour and 54 gaithersburg and cooler culpeper 4. 54 frederick and 50 annapolis and 28 in the south. wind light. now sustained winds from to 1 miles an hour and we had northwesterly flee which is cooler today and air temperature-wise than it was yesterday. >> 46 for overnight low tonight partly cloudy quiz and lights runs form west and not bad and temperatures staying above average when we get in the 7 day forecast. i think you
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have that coming up in a minute. back to you. >> thank you, queb. >> light are back on at the washington monument this evening. as a live picture from the national mall. one side of your screen and then video from earlier tonight on the other side. and some type of problem knock the lights out for half hour and electricians were sent to the monument to figure it out and national park service doesn't know what caused out annual but this is the third time the monument as asen dark this year twice last month. >> go. 5 in montgomery country where fire visit herbs believe this mass every fire was sparkedly cigarette. it happened overnight clarksburg and police had to go door to door waking he everyone on the street because of fear fire would spread. here's fox's lindsay watts. >> a family of four lived here. they all got out safely. a couple and their two kids. they only just moved in here a few weeks ago and now this is what it left of their home. this damage caused
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smoking out on the back porch. >> you're kind of shocked and you just hope everyone is okay and everybody is out of that house. and you pray that your house doesn't go up in flames next. >> she snapped these photos of inferno at the house next door and like other neighbors on the block she only found out about it after a bang on the trail. >> get out now your house is not on fire yet but not safe. >> montgomery county police officer john row arch is fist on seen and he says the people that lived here were already out. >> he knew he had to evacuate everyone in surrounding homes. >> say thank you. great job and much appreciated am reports home did end up getting burned and she and other nate turz know how much worse it could have been. >> they were very close to those homes. kaing on fire, moments away. >> fire investigators say it's not uncommon for discarded cigarettes to skid marks major
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materials use in narcotic home. >> we've seen this it catches vinyl siding on fire and burns fast and hot and quickly. >> neighbors started a go fund me page for the family that lost everything. >> they only been here three weeks. so, obviously up set and distraught. it can be rebuild. they'll move forward. everybody will. >> neighbors say the family is saying in a hotel now and they're very grateful from all of this support from the community after this loss. >> in clarksburg lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> coming to arlington now where police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened overnight on 29th north. and it appears a couple people got into a fight at party and turned violent and someone got out of here and shot a man. he was taken to the hospital where he died. nobody is in custody but police
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allen johnson as the suspect. you should call pack police immediately. >> talk ear country a man jail and charged with murder. shave ivanka trump deputies where they find body of a man. >> they arrested richard maing done told fill no word for motive of killing and there will be an article saying how he died. >> mees are looking for the man that sexually assaulted a woman in northeast d.c. attack happening in the 700 block of calloway north east and vicktic says he was wacking down the street before 7 last night and he turned around and grabbed here and svrmly ault said her. police say the suspect then took off towards 7th street. and if you know anything about this give d.c. police a call rjts and a shooting is under investigation in the district tonight it happened shortly before:00 this afternoon on fourth street southeast an a woman was hit by the gunfire and taken to the hospital in critical
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police have a look out quor a couple of help in the area and one of the suspect was wearing a white baseball cap. >> and president trump supposed to sign orders. >> how the trump administration cuts down on border security and i will legal immigration. with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't.
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everything's on sale, now during havertys presidents day event. havertys. life looks good.
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>> president trump expected to sign a new executive order on immigration this week one of several steps administration plans to take to crackdown on illegal immigration and tighten countries borders. here's fox's garrett teny. >> today we're getting our first look at how the administration plans to carry out president trump's aggressive enforcement on immigration and border security and this comes from report of "washington post" who claims to obtained two travt home owes signed by john kelly the 19 page memo calls for hiring 10,000 ice agent and 5,000 more border control to enforce agencies. frl agencies will be given sdmraeter authority to obtain and de port those in the country illegally and calls for new procedures to speed up deportation hearings which can take months or years to run their course. and it grekts dhs to immediately return anyone caught cotion southern poureder back to mexico. and what's not inche
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the memos is also significant. there are currently no plans to overturn dca president obama orders protect hundreds of thousands of imgrant that came to the country illegally as children. >> and president trump talk about the issue in the press conference on thursday. >> we'll show great heart and doca is a very, very difficult sum for me i will tell you for me it's one of the most difficulty have because you have incredible kits in many cases not in all cases some cases having dorca and they're gang members and drug dealeders to but mostly they're good kid mostly they were brought in such a way -- it's a very, very touch sum. >> he has talked about sanctuary cities and talk to them and pub lsh a weekly list of where criminal ail yepz were arrested for commiting a crime and then released from custody. >> it's important to note mun
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post reports white house officials are reviewing draft memo anticipates looking to make changes before they're publicly released n washington, i'm garrett teny, fox news. >> and space x celebrating a successful lawn frch florida today and the launch made history and it was the first flight from nasa historic moon shot pad launch come policemen 39 a is space shuttle program ended six years ago. a crowd came out to watch the unmanned rocket head to space and it's carrying supplies for the space station and first liftoff from florida as soon as a wrok and sxloyngs last cher. >> she'll be back with the 7 day forecast. >> stay with us
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>> this week was amazing and you have me excited for the future. >> okay. >> that's a problem with lauren you give her a little bit an she want more. keep bringing it on. >> i'm tell you boy talk about person you're, right? >> bring it on. >> all right. let's see what do we got. president's day tomorrow. let's see what we can do to help everyone out. we didn't do to
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weekend sore far as she said it's absolutely fan fabulous dry conditions and sunshine and just wonderful warm. everybody out it was spring. they're out with the bicycles and walking dogs and out with kids and really, really great. the week starts sun next we'll keep this role going for awhile. temperatures stay above seasonal arm as well and few showers in the forecast. once we get to midweek tuesday and by the end of the week we're talking maybe even rumble of thunder with chance of thunderstorm in the forecast. so awful lot happening here this week. and let's start with where we were today. daytime highs in the low excuse me low 70s. upper 70s and those temperatures at 25 best of the surpriseal arm and we should be in the 40s and lower. we have been acing it out this weekend. right now 58 in
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call pep they are hour and aas we have 352 degrees at bullies and so we're talking 50 degrees over at annapolis. and the winds are another factor too. they're really gulingty today so northwesterly breeze coming in may have made it feel colder. this is where the colder air is, we benefit from at plan take -- see that mild part earn stick ago around and we'll head for the 60 s. that's nice tomorrow. we have a lots of sunshine to talk about as well. 24 hour temperature change on minuses and we were on the pluses yesterday. so it's a little cooler and as i said that norm westerly breeze and northerly will have tomorrow will make temperatures cooler than they have been over the past couple days. not much so is show you partly
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cloud i skies and property am system to keep an eye on. right here. this is a warm front that moved to the north over the past 24 hours. it heads south as a backyard cold front. 42 tonight and tomorrow sunny and mild. this will start to move south by the time we get to about monday night and tuesday, on the backside of this, we'll get some of that cooler air coming in. and tuesday will be our coolest day of the week and it's still going to be above it seasonable. so we'll look at seeing maybe a chance of light shower with that as well by us is night. in the meantime know showers 42 national capitol and your planner for tomorrow, by midday we're talking 58 just a few clouds and 61. wrapping it up. 46 tonight overnight low and partly cloudy skies and pleasant tomorrow with mostly sun smin at 62 degrees. heersz a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forect
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yeah, as i said the coolest day hitting the double fives on tuesday and rest of the week into the 60s and 70s and chance of few showers scattered here and there throughout the 7 day forecast and could see maybe a thunderstorm by end of week. how is it working for you. >> when did we move to florida. >> we need to get through march. >> to go back. >> we'll take at some point. >> it ain't so. >> let's hope that's not the case. >> one would thing last winter is our pen answer and he's being rewarded for it. >> i said class half empty. >> and the offense came in record numbers in the big easy and nba all star game was tonight if you like offense you'll like this. we'll be back after this
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>> basketball is say beautiful nuanceed game the nba is often core graphed waltz featuring most athletic in the world. movement without the ball watching a play take snaip half court. yes, you will see mun of that in an all nba all star game. wizards john wall making fourth straight apeernz looking good. 1st quarter former teammates russel westbrook and kevin durant. for the dunk. these back together it's so nice. westbrook 41 points. chest out wes bench when ross each rachel got together it's like, they're so excited. >> don't get on the plane. >> damage it. lebron james can provide for this everyment. self pass off the glass. he had 2. east led each watch steph curry. yes, good d there. he does
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on. >> wilt chamberlain record broken by davis. and all right real basketball. supposedly maryland and markturegent facing wisdom martin and interprets forcing turnover and had melo trip pl and zero step up four. time out for badgers, backbone. >> late first half trimble gathers past from way downtown. drapes it. 15 of 27 point and the break second half and all sconsin. 20 point maryland loses 71-62 road loose ever the season. >> jrj town 20th creighton. early going. blue jays getting a little sloppy. turn it over.
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lgbt beautiful lead pass and lay in 16. later first half prior spots wide on jessie way over. he had 12. hoys down at the break. extraton turns it over and then georgetown. they figured i'll give it right back. going the other way. hoyas loss 87-70 drop 5-9 big east play. >> and the big apple msg against rangers power play large to alec ovechkin. he is 27 pl. even things that won mid third period. rainingers win the face-off. then they win the game. pass to matt suck yn relo they lose 2-1 boys of summer aare back. it's spring training. nationals held first full workout
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thats join them to prepare for nrational league east title defense. nationals may have stayed in d.c. because weather has been february in florida and staying in d.c. is what nats fans hope bryce harper does when he freeze agent. >> being a washington national i love it and enjoy playing in the city of d.c. and enjoy the tanz and organization must have much. i'll play next two years out beyond that i don't care. i want to play two years and have fun and hopefully win and do everything we can for city of d.c. and bring back that frov he and it's very monumental town f we can do some things it will be fun. >> this is george washington university gymnastics meet this week where george himself needed valentine. 6-year-old chilly reneeri was first president. gave her flowers and candy. well, then after the candy he
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little extra. >> he's motioning somewhere. george, i think you have figured out that you have got a teddy bear that is being carried by chelsea's brother sergeant colin mcneary who flew back after serving i a year in the middle west to watch his baby sister compete one more many time. >> safer to say that's the best stuffed animal she ever received. >> all right. postgame interviews. often they're the worst. athletes are great at saying something and saying nothing. yesterday in the world pool masters japanese billiards player this man right here using only english words he knows gave postgame interview of all time. >> my name is anleke today very lucky! yeah! .
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no problem. only so. >> when the shot didn't go in did you think you might have blown it. >> i have -- i have apple. oh, ye apple bear. >> what? >> those are the only words he says. english is okay. >> wait here's the thin the interviewer still goes and asked a question. >> i hope it's something they have. >> i love his enthusiasm. >> he's the best. >> very confident. >>
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>> it was not bad today cooler than yesterday and tomorrow, however, we're headed to 60s. very very nice conditions for president's day you got the day off and want tone joy it and 7 day forecast looking good too we're still going to be above seasonal all week. >> enjoy it everybody. >> that does it for us. have a great week. >> morning crew is here 4:25 see you tomorrow
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announcer: today on "matter of fact." one month into the trump administration, do national security leaks merit scrutiny? >> does it feel like chaos? >> no. quite the contrary. announcer: hear the advice this california congressman gave the president about keeping america's confidence. plus -- the democrats endure an autopsy. >> republicans have been cleaning our clocks. announcer: do they only look dead? and president trump moves to eliminate rules that wall street might want. >> wall street wants seat belts. wall street wants speed limits. announcer: who's protecting your life savings? soledad: but first with a new administration in some chaos, what is the strategy for the republican-controlled congress? i'm soledad o'brien. this is at


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