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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and what they call actions against current administration. joe walden starts us off tonight. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden and sweden who would believe this. >> during a saturday night rally me melbourne florida president trump seemingly denounced terror attack in sweden which never happened triggering a fire storm on social media including tweet in the european nation former prime minister. sweden, terror attack, what has he been smoking? trying to clarify the confusion president trump tweeting himself and my statement as to what is happening sweden was in reference to a story broadcast on "fox" news concerning immigrants and sweden. as series of #s continue flooding social media vice-president pennsylvania was in brussels wrapping up first overseas trip and pence is sharing european leaders anxious about the administration and u.s. would continue
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economic support pledging to hold russia accountable for action news ukraine. >> for the sake of peace and for the sake of innocent human lives we're both sides to abide by cease-fire. >> over sea this weekend defense secretary james mattis visiting baghdad where forces launch aid new effort to ought isis frs western mosul. >> there will be more fight ahead and we'll look at the future and continue to standby iraqi army and people who are fighting this enemy. >> with president trump expected back at the white house later this evening, he first announced new pick for national security advisor lieutenant general hr mcmaster. at the white house. road waldman. fox news. >> and as you heard there president trump has chosen lieutenant hr mcmaster to replace ousted national security advisor michael flynn. he's a career army officer still serving
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positions of director of army capabilities integration center and deputy commanding general and mcmaster served in persian gulf wars and wars of afghanistan and iraq. he will take it at a time full of challenges including the ballistic missile launch and dealing with folout from the trump immigration order which has been blocked by the courts. >> and "fox5" of course is your station for politics. we invite to you join the conversation, tweet us your thoughts now and use 5@630 and look for your tweet on our political show up next at 6:0. "fox5" long time d.c. representative walter fauntroy is in danger of losing his home. this as i major effort being put together to. >> returned to our area last summer after spending five years overseas. he's overcome
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issues in recent years and earlier today several pastors gathered at a church in northeast to launch a fundraising effort to help faunt roy and his wife they're trying to raise 700,000 within a month sglim there's new information tonight in the case of metro transit officer accused of aiding isis and court records show attorneys representing nicholas young will climate trial he was entrapped and plan to hut him on the stand and young was arrested last august and accused of sending isis codes that could be used to communicate with the best. paul wagner joins us now with the story, paul. >> nicholas young has been locked up since lasts augusta caused of assisting isis by purchasing gift cards and sending codes on the back to someone he out was working with islamic state. he was indicted and face as i trial in the spring. his attorneys are putting up vigorous defense and filed to motions in rt court questioning the government's evidence. >> thi
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of nicholas young. it's a booking photo from northern neck jail where the former police officer has been locked up the last several months n recent court filings yng's attorney are fighting government claim it may use evidence obtained from fiza warrant tomorrow nreech trial and they write mr. young is not and never has been the agent of a foreign power and suggestion is ab suburb. the attorneys want to see the application for the warrant filed with the court and an application that may have something to do with young's 2011 travel to libya where he claimed to fight rebels. >>. at the time of his arrest the fbi said they had young under investigates for more than five years all while working as a cop. according to search warrant affidavit recently made public in the file be when agency arrested young they found a receipt for purchase of ten gift cards and when they asked for young's
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to power it off an attempt by officer the agents believes that could have kept them from seeing what is on it. when agencies searched his truck they fond a celtic 380 fire farm and pullet and $1065 in cash and what agency described as burner phone hid anyone trunk with clear tape over camera aperture. when young was first arrested the fbi said young as completed with someone he thought was working with isis and instead an undercover agent. young was actually communicating with undercover over who thanked him for the codes saying my allah reward you to gevrts and he replied glad it came through getting rid of device for reel going to eat the same card have a good day. new file documents
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thousands in guns and 18 rifles and picture tolls. >> and fisa court it was sets up to oversee requests for sauer illence warrants in spies across the united states and by federal law enforcement and they wants the seedy application to the kosht to see where the evidence against young. >> up in new jersey investigators are still looking into the cause of a small plane crash that happened in a residential naind. that crash happened yesterday morning in bayone and no one was seriously hurts and the pilot was in the hospital and look at the mangled mess of the plane and some take it's a miracle the pay lot survived. >> faa and ntsb are investigating. >> national museum of
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culture is among the hardest tickets to get in d.c. and in just a few months it's already reached a milestone. >> hot department list ring getting snacked up quickly how real estate brokeers are using snap chat to the move their inventory. >> a lot of people moving outside shawn and tony happy president's day to you guys we've had to deal with big storms on this date and few clouds coming in to end president's day and even should be fair full. all of this weets this weekend today along the tote path steve adams found more crocuses after hey temperatures once again into the mid -- and upper 60s. while it's fun to see and they're about to move on through. 9 degrees and head for and
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14th. it's a look at the screening planner. bought back my 9, 54 and 11 p.m. we're down love. not was arm as it has been the past three days. we'll have a look at the forecast in a few minutes, sony. >> if you have a story or idea call the "fox5" tip line or email them and send them to fox5tips@ we'll be right back.
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>> national museum of african-american history and culture has more than 1 million visitors since it opened in september and smithsonian said it ranks number ten amongst museums despite being on for a few months. museum's vawnt is it getting recognition the sweet home cafe has been nominated for james beard award. and the cafe culinary am bar door is celebrity chef carla
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>> apartment rents always in the snap. casually webster takes a closer look at how millennial as using social media to find homes. >> let's check out the space. >> checking out the new homes. >> and cooking for bay. >> and realtime. every day a new real estate agent takes snap chatters into palm of their happened and shows off their most desirable listings. and, occasionally a catwalk. >> people can hit me up on each individual snap i post so all they have to do is send me message and i can give them additional informationing about the listing or set up a showing. >> someone informed me about snap listing success story. >> it was crunch time for investment bank every whose apartment lease was winding down. and enter snap listings. >> i feel look i have the same experience as if i went and visited a
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but i deposit have -- i have the convenience factor of doing this any time of the day. >> snap listings was founded by two, 20-something social media marketers and noticed online places you can see homes in realtime and made bids and snap chats account features cheaper rent tools lex are you homes and real is agent john ben army of real new york properties the collaboration is a win win. >> i'm promoting myself and my own personal brand as well as helping people in realtime find apartments which i think is unbelievable and super cool. >> hey guys we're here in holly woods. >> it's based in new york and occasionally transports followers to other cities including washington d.c. and los angeles. in new york, ashley webster, fox business. >> and well fans want four more years but bao bao has just 24 hours left in d.c.. less than that i believe. >> yep. >> we'll head to the national
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rush to say good-bye.
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>> happy monday. i mean what a great weekend we had. >> beautiful. >> very nice president's day too. >> beautiful absolutely. >> everything is blooming. >> what did you guys do this weekend anything outside. >> just got out and enjoyed fresh air for sure sdmri was mostly indoors saturday. >> ah tony you'll have more chances coming up soon. you debt a do over. if you did not get enough time outside tomorrow not your favorite day today stuping and we'll increase clouds a little tomorrow it will be a little cooler and we're not done with the warm stuff yet. >> woo-hoo. >> them shorts today. >> yet you can still find people ice skating today and that is where we had gary mcgrady out and about in shorts. gary i'm flaber cast gaingtsed you don't have flip flops on.
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certainly right? >> yes, rockville town square. rockville town square we're supposed to say rockville town square. >> #. >> got it. >> and it's so great. >> so i'm a little bit shocked at tony perkins tat he didn't spend more time this weekend out that's perplexing to me it was so, so nice and we know how much tony likes the warm weather. so, it is president's day and last year president's day we got snow and everybody knows about the big president's day snowstorm. bottom line it's supposed to snow president's day washington d.c. and it's not doing it so we came out to square and found a lot of people enjoying great weather and that's what's happening and ended upsetling on ice skating range because it's like artificial winter if you will and found a lot of great people and i've been out for quite a long time and found the seeingman girls and i love the seeingman girl story here because they just moved here to the states from botswana. >>
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>> 12. >> 12. >> hannah. >> danika. >> they were fwhorn bostswana it's coldner d.c. >> yes. >> you were liking this. >> yes. >> and just show know, would you rather have a snowstorm on president's day which is obviously today or george washington's birthday whatever or weather like almost 7 0. i think sue said close to 70 today. which would you like. >> 70. >> 70. >> 70 yeah. >> was your name. >> what's your name. >> mica. >> what would you rather have warm weather president's day or cold stuff. >> i would say warm. >> you know what i've done unofficial poll out here and basically everybody likes the warm stuff. are you guys all having fun ice skating. >> yes. >> yes. >> so the general consensus is hold on a second. i have -- florence come here. florence. this is florence seeingman and i just found out about florence seeingman your daughters told me you're number one
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plan is yes i'm number one. >> do you know sue palka. >> yes. >> you do? >> yes. >> and in just a minute i'll let you toss back to sue palka how cool would that. >> so sglool she's on the other side of the camera. >> is she? >> it's not a joke. >> hi. >> talk to sue ask sue a question. >> how are you. >> hi florence you look fantastic i see you're out there without a coat and twin daughters are beautiful. >> we're having fun come out. >> i will. i don't live that far from there. >> you met her ai a year ago. >> i'll call you over the weekend. >> you live around the corner. >> does she. >> she does. >> oh, >> so anyoneway sue is asking if i know you and annie. that's everybody wants to know if i know you and annie. >> that's great. >> that's what they're talking about today. >> you're looking like you're having a lot of fun out there gary i'm glad to see that and glad florence and her girls are vaing a good time at rockville town square i won't forget. >> di say the wrong thing. >> no, i did. >> sayoo
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>> bye-bye. >> bye floor eps thank you for being out and about. >> you know what's cool it seems like everywhere i go i find the number one "fox5" fan. there's more than one out there apparently. say bye guys. >> bye. >> bye. >> bye everybody. >> you have to have a nice day on president's day and you might as well come out and do ice skating or hang out whatever. >> do we make it to 70. >> we got to 68. >> o. he thought maybe we would get to 70. >> feels like temperature is 70. >> i'll be back in the studio tomorrow. >> sounds good gary it's great to see they're keeping ice skating risks on longer i don't know when they close but how fun that must have been on this mild february day. it is surreal isn't it? to have that this kind of warmth for a prolonged period. in february. very unusual indeed and we're not done as mentioned and a little bit of a slip back just a bit. i won't call setback but slit slip back. slip back to the0s
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the first on tomorrow cloudier than today and as a result of that east wind. temperatures will leakly only get to mid 50s tomorrow. that is nothing to cry about. average is 4 degrees and then we're right back into the 60s after morning cloud on wednesday and so mild trend will continue. and yes we're not done with the 70s. they're in sight for late week. so that's why we given toy days off so he can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and what do you mean the boss said i can't do that. 59 is temperature now and you can see there's a little cooler air through pennsylvania and notice wind direction these arrows are going from north to south seen that frontal boundary is up there and going to bring in cooler day tomorrow at 56. nothing to complain about there. that's for sure. wednesday after morning clouds we should be able to get back to enough sunshine and pop rights back up to 67. here's our frontal boundary approaching tonight and moving through dropping temperatures later
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increase around the region. it will feel chilly to start the day tomorrow. 0s and 40s and drop to 41 in district and mid 30s dulles and martinsburg and 33 hagerstown frederick you're there as well and gaithersburg 34 and winchester will be about 34 as well and again with high pressure also set up shop just east clockwise flow means winds coming in off atlantic that loads us up with clouds. it's a dry take tomorrow. there will be another frontal boundary approaching a weak one late night bring us sprinkles and showers into the first part of wednesday and won't be a lot. tuesday night to pennsylvania. where surface tomorrow cooler auto 50s and will look a lot like what you see him the panels. 43, 8:00 in the morning and maybe more cloud cover by noon hour at 52. and it will feel cool compared you to today and 4:00, 56. it's hard to believe we're actually descr
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it's been so farm warm and mild it will probably feel a little different to you tomorrow. we'll head from mid 50s to the north and west and low 50s in gauge rzburg and 56 in the districts and cooler in annapolis and right off the water. quantico 53 and fredericksburg 58. later this week we're going to get another big bounce up. 15 to 25 above normal bring on spring and bringing on tree pollen. sorry allergy sufferers a prolonged season for you. windows on late this weekend and friday into the weekend. we're headed for 60 az es even 70s once again. check it out friday 67 actually 67 on wednesday and we're going on 7 thursday and friday and now interestingly might got a couple thunderstorms around on saturday at 68 and that's pretty significant front tat may pop through and into the weekend drop temperature on sunday back down 5 monday coming in 53. warmth this time
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towards thursday friday period. and even 6 on saturday that's incredible. >> absolutely. >> still towards the weekend. >> yes. >> everybody is like woohoo. >> even throw 50s still above average as we bring in march. >> all right stay with us we'll be right for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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>> a bittersweet day at the national zoo. heading back to an setting ral home of china tomorrow. bao bao was born at the zoo three and a half years ago and agreement with china requires all cubs born there to be september to china by the time they turn 4 years old and visitors say bao bao will
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>> pandas bring people from all walks of life together and there's a magic about them called panda power. it's hard to let's her go. we had to be here for the last day to say goodbye and see her in the fur for one last sglim ah, look at bao bao. bao bao by the way boards a federal express plane tomorrow leaving from dulles for the 16 hour flights from china where she'll live out the rest of her life. i know folks are stood see bao bao go but her brother. >> brother. >> brother baebae is still here. >> who knows hope fill fully they're working on a new up and down acub. >> they always are. >> i wonder if they can come one a deal for someone else and produce panda cubs and maybe they can be. >> we have face time we can face time with bao bao when she gets over there and her new home better be just as nice as at the national zoo. >> they have a nice setup over there. >> okay, good.
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>> tony is panda am bar door. >> my new gig. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 6. >> do keep it here 5@630 coming up after the break we'll see new a few minutes.
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>> across the country today chance khapts heard in streets, not my bez. >> meanwhile the president announced national security advisor today and these are the big stories at 6:30 we invite to you join the conversation of course today president's day use that 5@630 let us know what's on your mind. >> developing out of the white house president trump choosing lieutenant general hr mcmaster 4 year army officer still serving and will continue to do so. he's held po poings of director of army capabilities integration september erin deputy command are general and served in persian gulf wars and wars in afghanistan and iraq. he will take the helm of national security director position at a time full of challenges including of course north korea reported ballistic missile challenge and the white house is also dealing with fallout from the rocky rollout of the president's immigration executive


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