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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 21, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead, terriblerre traffic tuesday. the back to work rush brought to standstill after deadly crash on route 28.ute metro riders, not much betterte off. we'll have all the details. another busy day for president trump.rump. today he could issue anotherther executive order limiting travela from certain muslim but there will be some changes a from the last version.ersi plus, the commander in chiefin i names a new national securityy adviser. we'll have the latest from the first 100 days. ♪♪ >> bye-bye bao bao. today the panda cub that stole washington's
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china.china we'll take you live to the to t special send off ceremony. ♪♪ and later, a shocking shock confession from a former teen heart throb.hear david cassidy opening up about t his battle with dementia.tia good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ we got a lot to get to on aet t tuesday everyone.tuesday back at it after the long lon holiday weekend.eend we say good day d.c. tuesday february 21st is the date. i'm holly morris alongside allison and steve.teve maureen has the morning off. of. >> we'll have much more from tht national zoo. panda express has arrived.rr the panda first is just chillin right now. >> she's sleepy.he's >> resting up for the big journey she'll gtio fromng uo washington all the way halfway h
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touchup in a and bob barnard isa there for the special zen off zf ceremony. so we'll check in with breob inb just a couple of minutes keeping very close eye on bao bao. >> she needs to be active now n she sleeps on the plane.pla >> right. right.. >> that's a long ride.ide. >> exactly. first before we get to any of af that normally we'll check inheck with tucker barnes but first wew have to talk about traffic tff because that's an issue. i. first day back from holidayolid weekend came to crawl inawl i northern virginia after a deadly one-car crash along route 28 overnight.nit a woman in the car involved was thrown from the vehicle.ic a man was also hurt. hur he is now facing dui charges.rg. the road is now open but thehe backup lingering for hours thisi morning.. not much better on there were major delays on thest red line this morning after aftr work car derailed overnight. that left trains single trackinn about judiciary square and noma gallon lou yet university until just about an hour ago much nowh that that's out of the way let'y talk about the weather because b that is definitely one brighty e spot that's out there. th
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today. little less sun, temperaturespee might feel a little warm but definitely doesn't feel like our normal february.ruar tucker is back with a check ofhf the forecast.cast. hey, tuck.uck >> hey, guys.ey, bao bao it's like she's going tt disney land.disney all she's known is family.y she's going to get there and bed like, hey, panda man. >> hey, hey.ey >> that's the whole reason she'e going back. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> to be on the prowl. if that's pretty gross.. >> i'm just saying.g [ laughter ] >> 44 in thanks allison for breaking itt down. >> winds out of the eastutf thet southeast at five.soheas wind chill 42.nd chi2. yeah, it's not of course the t february cold we're used to,d t, although it has been a little le cool out this morning and cloudc cover making for beautifuleautul sunrise it will be a partly too mostly cloudy day. day you can see the clouds we have e across the mid atlantic we'll hold temperatures down justnus little bit from where we wereree yesterday and the day before. more like upper 50s to 60s today. should be dry day even with with cloud cover and winds out of tht east here lock
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cooler than yesterday.te here's quick look at youruick ly tuesday forecast.ouy fore and we'll go 50s, upper 50s to0o about 60 here in the city withiy mostly cloudy skies. dry today.oday. i'll be back momentarily withtaw the seven day and we've got lots and lots of spring on it.ring oi so if you love the 70s, we had a couple days ago, they'll be back. >> i do. thanks, tuck. happening right now president trump is at the national museum ofent tr african-american history and culture this morning.or >> this comes as the presidentsi enters his second month inonth i office and developing overnightg he filled another cabinetet sitition. our melanie alnwick is live from the national mall with thelith latest this morning. mng good morning. >> reporter: the presidentside trump has spent his first monthm fulfilling his promises to theo american people and one of thoso is a visit here to the nationala museum of african-americanri history and culture. large contingent of security here. here. dc police as well as all those snowplows forming a securityity barrier all the way around thedt mu
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after this visit, of course,, there's some lunches and other meetings that president trumpntu will take part in includingnclug later this afternoon meeting meg with the national securityity council and his new nationalio security adviser.. now in florida yesterday it wasa a typical surprise announcement that president trump is known tw for a hastily called potty towpw op to reveal this pick for f national security adviser adv lieutenant general h mcmaster. mcmaster fought in both iraq war wars as chant of the army's integration capability center but mcmaster's job was ton capat predict future threats and and america's capability to meetilyo them. he also wrote a book that calle out the us governmena bot for wt he called lies that led to the vietnam war. war general mcmaster will remain onn active duty while leading thedit national security council. >> a man of tremendous talents n and tremendous experience.nce i watched and read a lot overve the last two days.ay he is highly respected byct ever
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we're very honored to have him. >> i'd like to what privilege it is to continue serving our our nation. i'm grateful to you for that tha opportunity. >> reporter: and there's also action expectedr: t andoday onoy homeland security the whitete house expect to do sign off on new orders that would hire 10,000 more ice agents and put 5,000 more border patrol agentse in the feel. hospital priority now for dhs as written out in these new memosem the removal of criminal aliens focusing on those charged with w or convicted of crimes including abusing public benefit programsr and so back out here live here on the national mall, again wege saw early this morning presidene trump arriving with his daughtee ivanka, they're being shownho around the museum by director do lonnie bunch, dr. ben carson c along with them as well.with tm we know there are four floors ii euis museum. lots to see no indication yetioy how much time they'll spend herr on the national mall. back to you gu
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very much., th 9:06 isve the time. time. developing overnight, bombom threats were called in to at least 11 jewish communityom centers across the country cou yesterday including centers inrs tam park houston and chicago. since the start of the yearr nearly 60 jewish centers haveav received threats.ts the fbi is investigating. ivanka trump who converted toedt jew dee i released thissed thi statement on twitter last night. . meanwhile some more bad newo forme mile low yann populous. he's been diss invited from fro appearing at the ace they are uses conservative political polc action conference. cpac chairman says he was disss invited because in a video he is seen condoning pedophilia.ophil. his comments have also caused ac him to lose his 205 tee thousann book deal with shy simon and a schuster of >> the capitol could be at risks of losing $1 billion in federall funding a cut in mon
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sanctuary cities like d.c. so how is d.c. preparing? paring earlier this morning allison haha chance to speak with theh t city's administrator forat f insight.t. >> what you have to realize is,z in terms of what can be withhele or what the impact is, it row ir reel deal pence on what thiss administration does. does there's some grants we get as a any other state gets across thee country formula grants set ins e law and sot we think that thehe administration may have a tought time removing those kinds off dollars.llars. exactly what the fiscal impactlt will be and then what the resulting cuts might be or impacts to programs it's toos early to see. what we're focused on is makingk sure that we live up to the values that are important to our residents. >> it is still unclear exactlyle which dc agencies could beou be affect the by a cut in funds.un >> he said it was too earl totot see a dollar amount and what anw agencies as he mentioned. as mn all right. you see it on the screen now.ow there's no turning back.ack. it's happening, folks. clock is winding down on bao
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and just about an hour she willl go to dulles airport where a private plain waits to carry her to her new home in china. fox5's bob barnard wanted to see her topple that top tier.ier bob barnard is live at the a t national zoo with the detailsai much she's taking a little restr now. good morning. >> reporter: heygood, allison ad gang. good morning.. yeah, she can sleep on the plane so i don't know why she's not uu and about but she has been. b in that video you showed thatd t was like a seven teared ice cake they gave her yesterday.stday that was yesterday at the zoo in the shape of chinese pagoda anda she wowed the crowd as she as played with it, knock it apart and ate it and her face got alll red when she was licking the dye colored ice now as you see thisi is live picture of her here. she's just chilling out we'rechl told by zoo officials in about 15, 20 minutes they're going too take her inside. ins they will get her in the cratenr and move us out of this panda exhibit area to where at about
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the crate on a forklift headingt to the truck i can show i washo picture of the truck that awaiti her out front.t this is the video.ths th they've been training her.been a this is bao bao.inthiss bao this is video of her gettingti used to the crate that she'ste t going to be in for the 16-hour o flight that leaves around 1:30 this afternoon from dullesulles directly to china which is in central china.ral ch she'll have about a two-hour t-h truck ride when she gets toso china. so this is it.sos is and this is a fascinating shotho right up close. clo this is the crate that will take her to china you'll see as they hand crank the gate open she'll go in there and through theere h holes in the background theree,e they have been able to feed herr she will have inside this cratee we're told 55 pounds of bamboo,o some apples and sweet potatoesot and they'll be able to feed her water through those holes.rougho you can see her that's what the zoo -- the zookeeper and then there's ahers veterinarian who are going fly f with her and they'll be able toe kind of give her nourishment
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water through the holes and through the greats there but but then she'll have the bamboo andn apples and sweet potatoes with her in the crate.te there's a photo of the trucko ou that will take her downn connecticut avenue throughugh woodley park on her way out toyt dulles airport leaving here her again at about 10:15 thishis morning, we plan to have a car following her and skyfox will be up aboveo and there she is much she's juss chilling out. probably has no idea after threr and a half years she'll be'l leaving today the only homey hoe she's ever known and some peoplo on our facebook life have beene saying does she get a chance too say goodbye to her mother andotr father who are in adjacent compounds.nds. the answer is no. she'll be put in the crate. mei xiang and tan didn't hern'th father and mother have no idea i they're daughter born three andd a half years ago at the zoo is o going to leave.ea staying behind will be bei bei b who is about 18 months old and d we are told that bei bei iss already begun -- has beg
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weaning process and will move into this compound which hasco been bao bao'smpou alone.. this will be bei bei's home anda they'll have the three pandaan bears remaining here in three tr different yards.. guys, and there she is gettingsg ready to say goodbye to washington, d.c.. bao bao leaving for china laterr today. >> hopefully not having travelge remorse right there. contemplating. bob, you know, it sounds kind of cold not being able to, you knoo v that last contact with her mom and dad. but has she really had a lot ofo interaction with them since sin she's been in this separate enclosure? do they really hangg out together?he >> reporter: not at all. they have separate yards andar a separate indoor spaces. bei bei is still with mei xiangg his mom but he's 18 months oldnd and we're told very soon will be separated. it's been about two years sinces bao bao has seen her mother anda father who are right here at the zoo. >> wow. >> but they just do not interacr at all they're right next door. door and the compounds are veryre vy similar. these outdoormi yards and then t
9:13 am
indoor pens if you come here her later this afternoon the zoo is closed till if you come here thisos afternon and bao bao is gone, you will see tian tian, may junk and bei bei he's a lot smaller but growing and already weaning frog his mother.s er again will take over this pen any day now basically.. >> i'm pretty sure i think thata the babies are actually takeny n away from the father right aftea birth and they're just with thet mom. mo that's just the nature o things. >> reporter: that's right.thin >> now shete hr:as to get used o social interaction when she goes to china she'll be in the midst of a whole bunch of pandas, pda right, bob.right, b >> reporter: yes, that's true. . there's a chance we're told that she'll meet her older brother br tyshon who left here in 2010.01 >> that's funny.>> that's fu >> the last one to leave here. . and they will start breeding her so bao bao will become a motherr herself but in china. not here. he. she'll never come back basically.sica but she'll have what we're toldl is a good live in china, and inn fact the chi
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be here as she leaves the national zoo. so the top representative fromam the government of china will bel here at the zoo this morning too say goodbye to bao bao as well.l >> i was hearing one report that they said where she's going it's the best bamboo in the world. >> she'll be okay then. the [ laughter ][ >> thanks so much, m bob >> thanks, bob. thanks, bob >> in the meantime other newsthw this morning. d.c. self proclaimed salsa queen found dead in her bed afteredft night out on theown.ow we'll row wine to the crime. nora brother seeking justice fof his sister a decade after thatea murder. >> the tabloids are calling it a star mangled banner. mangled ban we'll show you the bigne mistakm behind the vice-president durinn his visit to brussels.russels. stay with us much it's 9:14.4. ♪♪ ♪
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>> it is one of the district's s most chilling unsolved crimes. 2009 murder of u street rent all right nori amiri. 38-year-old free spirit foundnd strangled to death inside her hr northwest apartment. it's a case that puzzlede thatzl investigators and her family. fm paul wagner has today's rewindew to the crime. ♪♪ >> reporter: it's now been now e seven long years since carlos,l, discover the body of his sistere inside her 16th street
9:18 am
a shock that's left him with a t swirl of emotions. enormous grief on top off simmering anger. how could someone do this to nori?nori >> there's times i want to wakeo up and just call her. i want to hear her voice. vce i want to go out and have a h drink with we always went out and had our o wine together. and you can't.'t and there's nothing you can do. i completely understanding ofano the facthat she's gone. which i wasn't before. bor >> reporter: after his sisteris was killed, carlos struggleded with his emotions he closed the restaurant on u street and movev to houston but it didn't something was pulling him back.. >> in a sense i felt i didn't d' want to give up but i needed ada break and it didn't work.idn' w. i had to get back to d.c. >> reporter: he reopened thehe restaurant on connecticut avenue.
9:19 am
and kept calling police and prosecutors.osec what's being done to close the case? case? >> any updates? where are we? any developments? and it sort of kind of went the same way fof the last seven years. years >> reporter: on halloweenloween night 2009 a saturday nori workr the early shift at the at restaurant before slipping outsp for the evening. the self proclaimed salsa queenn of d.c. wanted to dance. ♪♪ >> reporter: she went to the toe rum ba cafe on 18th street stree where she had been dating the owner. before heading to the russia house and then to bravo bravo.ra where she met up with herit h regular dance partner, but she t didn't stay long.on and took a cab home. that's nori walking into the woodener lobby 2:30 in the0 he morning.morning. she stops brief toll talk with t someone at the front desk before checking her male and walking wi down the hallway.. wh
9:20 am
from nori, carlos heads to the apartment monday morning butng b gets no answer.wer. and by monday afternoon, he, he feels something is terribly wrong. that's carlos and his younger sister blanca checking in at the front desk when carlos and hisss sister made it inside her 11thet floor apartment here at theat t woodener, they found her in bed wrapped in a comforter she was w still dressed in her underwearer but she had clearly been murdered.. when homicide investigatorsto arrived and began to examine the body, they found somethingomethg chilling. something that shook the veteran investigators. they discovered all of herall h fingernails had been cut off apparently in attempt to keep k police have getting any dna. to me it's just incredible to see and to really understanderad that there's someone that can do that. that is unique. >> reporter: what happened inppi those first couple of days?coupa >> well, the first couple ofir u days, we were able to definitelt
9:21 am
conduct numerous interviews. we just did not arrive at the t point of developing a truee suspect in the case.ase so even today, we're hoping that someone will come forward with any information relative to what happened.happ the cause of death being a fixation due to strangulation and the manner with homicide. >> reporter: the woodenerdener apartment complex is huge and is protected by cameras focused onn the front doors, side doors anda back doors, but despite that investigators were up able to ue come up with a suspect.ct in part because so many peopleel were wearing halloween costumes. but as the investigationtion progressed, detectives were abll to foil the killer's wicked plaa to cover his tracks. ts. they were able to discover a dna profile that so far been used tt rule a number of people out. out >> a lot of the friends who knee my sister who are male have alss been tested. also have been eliminated.te
9:22 am
their dna willingly. willing >> reporter: but so far no n match has been found.. a match when made carloss believes will be someone his sister new. >> oh, yeah. y oh, yeah.eah >> reporter: seven years laterrs carlos and his younger sisterter honor nori by running this cozy italian eatery in cleveland park where every september 9th, her,r birthday, they invite friends in to celebrate her life. ♪♪ ♪ >> with fox5's rewind of the crime, i'm paul wagner. ♪♪ >> have a case you want to to revisit zen us message on our fox5 dc facebook page or tweetwe us including the hash tag rewind to the crime. ♪♪ um-hmm.> um-h. intriguing to say the least.. >> chilling.>> chi >> and chilling.g. >> hope somebody knows somethinm and comes >> 9:22. let's go ahead and che 9ck whatt headlines making next.g nex erin what you got. got. >> coming up security breach at a major us airport.. uber l
9:23 am
investigation and turning to the nation's former top cop for help plus new world record. ror we're not talking about an app n on your phone. your phone it's a video you have to see tot believe next.believnext. >> ♪♪ >> tale that is old as time. kevin has a sneak peek from livm act beauty and the beast. bst ♪♪ ♪♪ i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it
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♪♪ back right now r foliglowing breaking news coming out of philadelphia look at that. obviously is not right. a train incident involving sept commuter s train. tra fortunately no passengers onngs board any of the trains but wee do upped there are some minorrer injuries for crews crew. cre one of the train cars there is i little crooked on the tracks. it's unclear how the crashrash happened but we'll stay on top of it and share moreha information. a couple of minor crew injuriese no passengers on board.rd septa train obviously involvedll in some type of a collision coln there on that curve.ur. >> 9:26 right now. n. erin is back with a check of tht other story making headlineseadl this morning.ning hey, erin. >> holly good morning to you.. right now 9:26. first up law enforcementnfor community is mourning the losshl of one of their own.wn last night hundreds gathered att a candlelight vigil to remembere a california police officer oicr gunned down while responding ton a car crash. investigators say a gang memberm killed his relative stole histoh car and got into a traffico tra when officers tried to searcheac the suspect he opened fire
9:27 am
another officer and suspect area in stable condition. the tsa now investigate a security breach at jfk airport. several passengers slipped through security after securityy agents left a lane at the jet blue terminal unattended a totat of left people were not properly screened. three even set off alarms. port authority police reviewedid security video and identifiedntd three of the passengers who who boarded a flight to california. eight others are believed toieve have boarded various flights. happening today, d.c. mayorr muriel bowser is introducing new incentives for d.c. governmenton workers. one of those incentives is student loan repayment forent select mayor bowser wants to hire more dc residents for open positionss right now dc residents who applied for job get residency rd preference points.prence added to their application just for living in the district. half ongf in all the employees. government hired last year werew d.c.
9:28 am
uber they've been announcedn that former u.s. attorneyttne general eric holder will spearhead the independent investigation into claims ofimsf sexual harassment and genderndde discrimination alleged by former employee.oy former uber engineer susan fowler claims to have experienc sexual harassment during hexperr year with uber.uber. uber ceo travis says the compana is launching an urgentt investigation. and finally, this last story is one for the record books. literally. take a look. l that's right.'s right. japanese student setting the guiness world record for most mt finger snaps in one minute. yes, it is really a thing.. his record, 296 snaps in one mite.e. the competition even includes aa judge and two sound engineers ts
9:29 am
between his thumb and middlend l finger were counted.ed i don't even think i can snap sa that loud for more than 20 seconds. maybe ten snaps.aps. >> i'm not audibly -- i'm notmot audibly hearing the >> i got to start over.ver. >> i'd be >> it is hard. >> there you go. t >> and he was doing one hand. >> yes. y. >> and he was doing the little --little -- >> i'll perform on his behalf. >> he's mazing. >> we'll bring him on and do aia showdown.down >> a snap off.f. >> i like it. i lik >> you'll lose. >> thanks erin. thank you>>. >> a glimpse into the future just a glaring oversight? coming up next why the flag fg behind the vice-president durinn the press conference is gettingt so much attention online.ine >> first though if you think thk it's feeling like spring here, r how about spring training.rainin look who came in to today tood t help us out. hi denny. den >> also this morning fresh atnga 10a a horror movie with a message.age. kevin sits down with get out g o writer and director jordan peel.
9:30 am
from emmy award winning hairstylist lavette slater and s fresh off her eastern on the late show with james corden, singer bibi bourelle joins us live in the loft with a speciali that's at 10:50. 150 right now, 9:30 is the back in a moment. z2a0gz zi0z y2a0gy yi0y
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♪♪ and there's our beloved bao baoe's ou
9:33 am
now, around 9:30 when we werewee supposed to start seeing thingst happen. there's supposed to starts supp getting her, you know, in placea moving on into the cage that they're -- crate i guess i i gus should say. >> cage sounds so harsh. >> her crate.>> h that she has been learning howin to walk into.nt someone is going to seriously sr wake her up before she walks into that crate and heads on too the truck to dullesulles international airport.rnationa we've following this throughoutt good day. of course we'll bring you it all as it happens. >> um-hmm. >> right now catching a few rayr >> she's staging a sit in. i >> maybe so. >> doesn't want to go.oe >> and i'm telling you --- >> not ready to go yet. yet. >> i'm not going.ot g >> keep you posted. 9:33. star spangled banner lookingnn g more starry this morning atornit least from germany it is.t i >> during vice-president mikeesi pence's visit to brussels yesterday, he spoke alongside eu leader donald tusk closer looklk at the stage specifically thelly american flag behind him shows a patriotic error. it has 51 stars instead
9:34 am
of course the stars represent each of the 50 states.. the version had thee rows of roo nine stars and thee rows withoww eight stars each. each american flags typically have aa total of nine alternating rows of five or sick the eu council hasn't commentedd on the error i'm sure dv is is saying, yes, that's for us. for. >> that's it.i right. >> but i think it might have just been a little errhiornk. >> only that simple to add add another star to the flag.r star >> you made it. >> who notice that is?>> who ii watching that and goes, hmm, le me count the stars.ta >> maybe it's just likest lik something is off.g isff. what is it? and then, oh. o >> one too many. >> i think it's an accident,ent, right? >> right.ig >> okay. hmm. the it i is. >> that's what we say.what any way.y wa >> let's go ahead and check inhk with tucker now, and see how our spring weather is continuing to shine upon us.shinon u >> right. it feel like it should be like i opening day for baseball, right. >> yeah. >> temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we got some cloud cover today.rd it's still going to be a mild td day but it won't be thehe 68 degrees w
9:35 am
71 we had on sunday.un little less sun out there. the. so it will feel cooler to you but still when we put it in thet record books later thisooks lats afternoon it will turn into mill afternoon with highs in thehsn h upper 50s to about 60. 44 degrees in washington this morning. 43 in quantico.. a few spots off to the west gott down into the low 30s this morning. places like frederick andk and manassas hit the freezing markrk so it was a chilly start to thet day. 43 in leonardtown.. it will feel cooler today withow the cloud cover across the areae you can see all the cloudshe cls spilling in from the west, and what's happening here, we haveeh high pressure off to our north h and east, and northeasterly flow today, low level moisture off of the ocean helping create some of these clouds, and we'll be again part toll partly cloudy today.od no rain expected locally.ocly. rain showers out to the westrswe this morning and places like ple chicago getting -- chickinghickn getting rain if the middle ofin february. chicago hasn't seen an incfeh oi snow since the middle off december.deceer longest streak ever in the the winter without an inch of snowfo in chicago they're add to go tho record numbers.bers
9:36 am
little drizzle overnight tonighn early tomorrow but that's realla our only chance for rain for tht next couple of days.xtpl our next chance for rain afterrn that this weekend maybe some se thunderstorms. cool this afternoon. relatively speaking. spein compared to yesterday the dayrdy before.bere. really these temperatures still about 10 degrees above normal a and it will be pleasant. temperatures check it out. y and friday. temperatures in the 70s.. as we get a return to springing around here should be beautifull afternoon on friday if you wantw to hit happy hour could be ad be thunderstorm on saturday.atda before we cool it down on sundaa and monday. all right.. guys.guys earlier i gave my own personall little tribute to bao bao. i got, look, this nice tweet from the mayor from muriel bowser saying i'm with youith y tucker it's a sad to bid to b farewell to bao bao.rewell we're not the only ones huring r here at fox5 this morning. all right, guys, back to you.tou >> since it's feeling likee spring threats talk about sprinl training. first game of spring training for the nats just of daysps aw.
9:37 am
saturday.rd 1:05 facing the mets in port st. lucie the old manager in then te majors terry collins facing offf against the second oldest guy named dusty baker.ak he's if the final year of hisyef two year contract.two year c is the contract extension in the works? that's the big question. >> you like to do it sooner rather than later, because iecau don't want to be distraction tot my team. and, you know, the team -- i'm a team man. m. always been a team man. m the team is number one and, you know, if do you the job, um, i see my importance in the the organization has grown since sce i've been here, you know, i meaa that's worth something. som >> there's big reason why i reai can't get to you right now, rhtn wisdom. wisd does why is >> shielded by the one and onlyy teddy right now. toss to in just a second. ballpark in pamly beach the newn training for the nationals. nat it includes 6500 seat stadium multiple fields rec park so muco more first game will be p
9:38 am
next tuesday with the nats takes on the houston teddy was with us today. tay. he's completely blocking me from getting to you wisdom right noww i'm trying to work my way >> one of those racingthose in presidents, steve.presidents, sv it's just part of his dna. dna every president for himself. hif that's the way it goes. wt go you excited about baseball? >> it feels hike spring.hike spn >> it does feel like spring. spn >> might as well bring out theri boys of summer. >> principle shirt you'll wear i this to florida? florida >> is that what's going on? le me fix your collar in the back. go ahead, i'm fixing his collar before her goes down. >> wisdom is the fashion expert. >> you're good to go. to g e's got you.ou i got him. h it's a team effort.ffort. >> he pays it forward.or >> that's how we do it. d here's the deal witness news n stadium. principle training tickets areai available you can get tickets t the first game which is nextext tuesday at the new ballpark.lpar this is something that i knowt k that the nationals and the and e lerner family has been excitedxc about for a long time to have ae ballpark closer to all the otheh teams. >> right. >> less travel time.s travime. wisdom, they have like a full fl swimming pool. >> okay. >> lap pool there
9:39 am
>> work out facility.ily. >> swimming pool at the park.g l country club south right now.. >> what?t? >> nationals park. so teddy is g>>oi nng to be in t best shape of his >> is that right?ig >> so we're expecting to you wie all the races thisct year? >> is that right? you'll be tht champ?chp? >> championship belt. c ready to wear it.hampr it. >> okay. >> all right. teams thateams that you're playing down therengther yankees are red socks, cardinals, marlins mets, tips,ip braves, tigers which one do youu hate the most? >> all of them!he >> all of them! them! >> anybody who is not a nat we hate. hate. >> that's great answer.ha >> good answer. >> there you go.t's >>o. >> some of the folks back herehe will make it happen f.. pun pursuit and this will be the year for your washington w nationals. teddy takes us right down the dw line right there.ighthere. the big man here.n re. >> right. >> i think it's awesome.>>hink i know it'saw greatesom for folo have gone down to springg training in the in always been a great facility.. >> yup. yup >> admittedly not a ton of stufu to do in the immediate area.a. >> now right down there westre t palm. a lot of go down there and take theehe family enjoy a work in a little baseball asebl well. ll
9:40 am
>> work on your tan.n >> that's right.t's right. >> break out your best tropicali shirt. >> right. right. >> teddy, i'm not hating but i'i just saying this doesn't look'to like florida wear right here. he you might have to get tropical pants. >> no? >> next time you go to florida, i'm just saying, you might see t that a little more than you tha think.thin >> that's true. that's true. focus on baseball.all we're wishing the nats best of luck this season. sso tickets available if you makeify the trip down to florida.lori you know what i think. tnk >> what's that.>> >> we shall accompany teddy down to florida. flori >> teddy, can you make that tt happen.ppen. >> can hang together and be bess friends and watch baseball? >> no? >> it's a dream come true.a dr i'm all about going to floridara especially on somebody else'sy s dime. let's make it happen.t's make i we should just go now.happenhod >> let's go,ju teddy. ted >> take us to florida.ri >> see ya'll later. later. >> we're going to florida. g come on, teddyoi. oed t's s go. we're out of tahir. t see ya. >> let me see. let m let's see the president has aa a place down the nats are down there. are dnh clearly we need a bureau downaud there.e. there's lot going on in west wt palm beach. b >> we're good to go. >> how much more do
9:41 am
morning we are getting a new n look. coming up next kevin has a sneae peek at the live action beautyut and the beast, plus, which hollywood star is going public with her plea to star in the next life action musical? 941st time right now.. we're having a good day d.c. d d. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years, we have received 6 times more awards than cable, including the jd power award for highest customer satisfaction r the fourth year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet, on the most awarded network. get this amazing offer: 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year.
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9:44 am
♪♪ beauty and the beast ♪♪st ♪ >> excitement keeps growing forw the new life action beainuty and the beast remake.ak disney giving fans what theyns y want with a brand new look at the tale as old as time. tim i just want to sing it and you y can't say it. say it. you want to sing i that's nott's the only disney classic get acet second life.seif kevin has more with else is on s tap. t >> i think she sounds great. s u i love emma watson she was great in the harry potter films muchuh she's perfect for the roll. dan stevens is playing the beeff this is a we've heard bits and pieces of her singing but thisbits has beb actual nice clip of her singingg solo which has been kind off disney live action remakes havev been so successful. beyond belief that you could hee have even imagine the money thee made so far.o fa. disney so great any ways but thb amount of money these lifeif action remakes made has beenak
9:45 am
we have more trailer of there tl beauty and the beast.nd the film opens on march 17thch i'm sitting down with the cast. josh gad is in the film, emma thompson.. i danced with my moms a tale as old at time at my wedding. >> i love that song.. >> ariana grande and john legenn singing this song. >> yes. >> this is awesome. i love the remake>> thi of it sr couple things to note. note live action remake so lindsay lohan is out in the news rightst now. a planned sequel for -- plannedn live action remake for the little mermaid.erma now, classic move obviously. this was poe to do lindsayinay lohan's instagram the other dayd and this is her kind of pleaing for a role as little mermaid.era keep in mind, this instagramam post was edited so the caption i she has now is little mermaid ma but originally it said somethins about i will sing again. a it had some comments about a abo specific director.r. she even mentioned bill con
9:46 am
beast rem so i don't know if she's tryingg to get the role or she knows sho something about getting th roll. khloe, originally cast in this t role dropped out in september of 2016. 2016 so right now, there's no one officially cast that we know of. >> okay. >> for the little mermaid.erid >> amy adams wasn't >> she'd be perfect. s'd b >> i know right.w rig >> showed you the original movie. >> exactly.. >> is she just tolling trying to get a position.itn. >> i think lindsay lohan, listen, mean girls was amazing i think she needs some type of of like resurgence. >> she cannot be ariel.ri i'm sorry.r i can -- >> why. >> because her past is too>> soared i'm sorry h.ared i'm sor i can't see her transcendnscend herself and when i see her in in live action on screen i can'tcrt see her as ariel. ael >> that's just me. m >> holly i'll add on like thehe elephant in the room i thinki ti she's too old to play ariel.l. >> i agree.gree here's the amazing thing.. >> i didn't think of o. >> she's supposed to be a youngo girl. let a young girl do it. it.
9:47 am
make, though, what they're doina they're combining cgit and life action so for example the other day john treat tweeted these twt tweets out. he's doing live action remake of the lion king. >> yes. >> he confirmed that donaldt don glover will be playing simba. sa >> yeah.>> yeah. >> awesome. >> and that james earl jones t ja mufasa.ufasa here's the thing. thi when he did the jungle book,ook, remember that little boy was b s really the only live action actn actor in the in >> right. bill murray did ballou. blo i have a question.n >> i don't think earl jones anda glover are going to be on stagea >> or will they be like theike beast? do you see what i'm you saying? because the beast is -- >> james earl jones face. isn't she shoot him. y yeah. >> totally. o and they havend te the ability to do this somethinm called performance capture.. put the actor in suit with dotss all over their bodies have theme perform the scene and then makem a digital creation out of their character.arter the footage you were seeing was the jungle book.
9:48 am
cinderella was a big one as a oe well. here the interesting thing. inti jungngle book made $966 milliono worldwide. the cinderella remake -- liveive action remake $543 millionllion worldwide. allison in wonder lapped appe $1 billion.illion. clearly they know what they're e doing here.doin it will just be a question of o which ones they want to bringori back to the big screen.scn. beauty and the beast is great is one. people are really excited abouto it that trailer alone breakingg records in regards to views ands everything.ev >> let me tell you my niece --i- my nephew who's 25 and recentlyy married when i was just home he was like, march 17th on our calendar going to see beauty and the >> everyone knows.>> eve march will be a big.rcll b logan is coming out in march.n m you have that coming out in you have new ryan reynoldsnolds coming out in march.ming out i march has become the new startta of the summer kind of in april.l so i'm interested to see how bib this is going to be.going to be. i think it will be billionbe bil dollars. >> because it doesn't feel likeo we've had a suesmmer blockbustet in a long time.gim will smith used to be the king e of the summer blockbuster. >> allison and i have a date
9:49 am
>> yes, we do. >> we're going to the moviesoing together. more on that coming up in the 10ah hour. >> i can't wait for wisdom andoa kevin to did he bite beauty anda beast. beast. >> that will be awesome.t i'm up for thatwi. >> kevin, hangs for the invite.. >> i'm excited to hang out with you to tonight. tonight. >> you will become the beast ift you bad mouth beauty and thehe >> we're getting pretzel biteses and blue and red icy. >> you said sour patch kids, too. >> i'll bring you snacks, steve. >> we're still on the air.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
there's the truck right there. back's open. they're ready to put the crate a in and in fact we just heardt ad they just pulled something out of the truck that is a special l delivery truck fed ex with theit big picture of bao bao on thenhe side there.he of course, today is the final day. y. yes she's actually china boundod today. >> we'll be watching it allg i a happen. this is live just outside the national zoo, ofve jus course, h woodley >> we'll show you every step of the journey. >> i know.e >> unfortunately this is the say part. fun part was watching her just t play this morning last couple oo days. >> it's been a good week.oo
9:53 am
>> pretty mazing. maz >> it's been amazing. amazi now unfortunately we have tolyo watch her get in the truck whicw will take her to the plane and a her life will continue in china. >> yeah. it will be interest to go me ase she's driving to dulles airportt people like be honking anding waving at the truck? tru >> yeah. >> do people -- i mean there is a big panda on the -- si ide.. >> we've been talking about it.t >> i know. >> this week. >> i know. ht? so bob is is there. he'll continue to help us coverc her departure live throughoutouu the rest of good day. you can say a child's dreamm has come true and it's takenak shape in the big apple. this as a large toy fair getset under way at the satisfy jets center this week.week erika stopped by and got insided look at the new and cool gadgets hitting store shelves soon. >> reporter: toy fair in newne york brings toys from all overr the world under the same roof.o. we're getting a sneak peek atee the hottest trends.hottestrends. they take innovation throughgh technology to a whole anotherer vevel.
9:54 am
flight and smart toys likeoys you've never seen them before.nb >> reporter: we've seen connected hopping up recentp ren years like seekers bring those e figurines to life.ris to l all through your tablet.ablet. >> each and every card can be scanned into the game to play alongside give you benefits andd rewards inside the t gam >> reporter: your toy is yourr controller.ll the character offering you inoui game tips and making the gaminin experience as engaging as ever. >> gaming isn't your thing,ur tg there will be plenty of other oh new toys hitting the market thit year.. >> oh, my gosh. gosh >> reporter: a littleit something in store for everyone. >> you're having oxygen at tom. hydrogen at tom connect themnect together to simply like thatha with magnets.nets. now you see we've made a happyep at tom. >> reporter: stem productsrodu like happy atoms are once again on thence rise this season likek seekers tablet apps are part of the >> recognizes there's fours the' hydrogens and one carbon i'lll press synthesize.ese. let's see what we. may we made they know thane gas. >> reporter: watch that wch t
9:55 am
>> first time i built this ithis took me ten minutes.inutes. any time you crash it into at to wall and some of the pieces fall apart, it takes you a couple off minutes once you get the hang og it. >> reporter: ever popularr popur drone is advancing. making it simpler than ever toet build your own flying machine.. >> easy to ease city build. easy to flip. w wow! >> reporter: all of thesehe innovations will flip your toy experience upside down. from the satisfy jets center,cet erika, fox5 news.. i like the easier to fly to drones because we were trying to find one hayden wanted oneted on they're all so advanced you knoo what i mean? you need the basic. >> simple. >> what's the difference betweef those and the ones that we used to have thate ones you just dide remote control. c >> not much. >> not much. m>> muc >> we got those too.. >> now we call them drones.s. >> now we call them drones.em d. >> higher price tag. higpric >> exactly.>> e >> you can attach your phone ana take pictures and stuff. stuff >> right. >> okay. i got it. >> you can see there on the ee tre on bottom part of your screen we'v' got live picture the
9:56 am
national zoo as bao bao isaos getting ready to head out to the airport and fly 16 hours home tt the homeland of china. we'll follow her journey jouey throughout the next hour.r >> i'm super excited. because i mean up and comer weor can say that but she's already y on the charts.he charts. bibi bourelle she's amazing wasw on james corden recently wrote e all these songs that you knowyou anyou u love. she's perform in the loft for lf us. first though it is coffee time i on good day d.c. and if you'vefu been eyeing our good day mug ana we know you have, listen up.n u we have a new good day dc dunkin' donuts mug to give awayy the perfect cup for that greattg dunkin' donuts coffee so head tt fox5 or our facebook page or fox facebookacb fox5 d.c. on facebook to enter t our mug contest.our mucont one lucky winner i think we havh one to show will be selected byb random >> yes. >> you have from now until>> 11m and don't forget if you win takk a selfie with your mug shot andd post it on our facebook oroo o twte
9:57 am
clara covington.on just use the good day dc hash tag.ta it is 9:56.:5 you're looking good and we're w' watching the departure of bao bao today.ay. ightight back. ♪♪ ♪♪ mmm... i can't believe it's so delicious. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. go ahead, enjoy. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. mu-um dinosaurs only eat meat! actually, the biggest dinos only ate plants! and country crock is made with plants. country crock has always been made with the goodness of plants. it has real, simple ingredients... and the same country fresh taste you love. welcome to crock country.
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10:00 am
>> live at 10a we continue to 1a say bye-bye to bao bao w. the prized panda beginning hisns journey to we track his bittersweetterset >> also at 10a the hottest talkers. blue ivy's dress costs how much angelina jolie was eating what?a and hmm, the katie perry songryn you just have to hear. hea >> live in the loft, she's s written hit songs for rihanna,, usher, selena gomez, kanye
10:01 am
and at 10a she's we he debutingn her own song.g. >> jordan peel has a new horroro movie not your typical screenee fest. the comedian tells kevin allev about it. about >> and she's won three emmys fof hair so how to you rock celebrity locks.oc the stylist to the stars. >> let's do it. the 10a starts right now.a star ♪♪ >> aww.. >> and so it comes to an end. >> yeah. yeah. >> magical journey in the back of a truck then to a plane 16 1 hours later.ater. >> then back into a truck.nto au >> then back into a truck for fr two more hours. hours. >> couple more hours. cou >> to her mountain retreatpl. >> yes.>> all the bamboo you can eat. >> high-end bamboo. >> best bamboo in the world thed say. >> wow. >> that's good. good. is way she deserves.erve >> exactly.xaly. baby bao bao she can run free fe and frolic.d >> that's nice. bette>>r. betfeel >> yeah. exactly. it will gall bladder. we'll be following her journey r th jouroughout the hour here bee this the time she's actually acl supposed to be departing fromtim the n
10:02 am
so we'll see how it all happens. all goes down. >> meanwhile, her brother i think moves into her space overe at the zoo. >> bei bei is like, finally.. >> he's in. in this is my crib now. now >> um-hmm. >> mine. >> do a little redecorate maybey she which rock he likes in which where is the hammock going to go. >> can you deliver my ice pops p over here instead of over theree >> thanks for staying with us. u >> i have a question. quest i was trying to think in my mine. tyshon is the only cub we said goodbye to before.e ongoodby >> um-hmm. >> this is our second cub. >> it's interestingis o becausee of my first really big stories s covered when i first moved herer to washington was, um, the death of sing sing. sin i was on death watch at the zoo. >> right.>> r >> for sing sink which was thesw one of the original pair that ta nixon got back in the day.. so the pandas have always beensb just such a really really bigllb deal.
10:03 am
>> do you remember when we talk to maury pmemboe verb that oneet he was talking about when he was here he was doing stories theto clip we ran about the pandas.s. >> right. >> panda at the zoo. pan >> that's right.t' >> part of our culture here.ture >> it is. that's why we have all got our o tissues today.. as we are saying goodbye to yet another beloved panda. panda bao bao is leaving for, leaving d.c. for china. china >> i was instructed that, um,t, the boss wanted me to put this i on. this will be my act ofct o resistance i'm not putting thisi hat on. ha but let me just say, here it isi right here, this is tucker hat.t bob is joining us now he's goini to pitt on. there you go. bob is joining us now withit what's going on.n. the moment we've kind of new was coming and now it's finallyinaly here, bob. >> reporter: it is.t is this is the hour allison and and gang. behind us there's the fed he ca truck. i know you've been looking altel it pooreviously.ou there it is. it's backed up here and this iss one of the main path ways here at the zoo. z. the panda cafe, this way and the
10:04 am
you can pan over there. the. we just moments ago saw the a sw chinese ambassador who was basically handed by dennis kelll the zoo director a box that hadh all those post cards that people were signing recently in whichhi you're looking at the pathwayay that very soon we are going to t see initially the food that's ts going to be traveling with baoo bao.o. they're going to have some 55 pounds of some apples and sweet potatoes e we'll see that coming down theoe path very shorely here. and then we're told in about 15, 20 minutes in the crate thatratt she'll be traveling to china in with a forklift actually movingg the crate from -- from you seeoe on the left here that's video oo bao bao getting used to this ts crate. it's been for about three weeksw they've been having her spend ip time in there. in they've been feeding her iner in there. she'll be in
10:05 am
about 16 hours. hou more than that because it's a 16-hour 45 minute drive from here to t dulles airport. airport. you can see as they hand crankak the gate open on the right the r there, she'll crawl in and thisi is what she'll be in from now until she gets to china. it's about 45 minute drive.e dve she'll be under national zoooo police escort from here at theae zoo to dulles, and on the rightg hand you see some of the zookeepers have their belongings. we believe those are the twowo that's the zookeeper on thenhe left, um, and marty deary who wo has been with bao bao all alongg and on the left there that is dr. catherine hope she's the veterinarian.rina so those two as they go passedd me now they are actually goingng on the flight. fght. marty will stay a few days we'r told and dr. hope will come bacb almost immediately.iate. so they're going and then shortly you see they're gettingg their stuff on, ready
10:06 am
i don't believe they'll bebeli riding in the truck necessarilyy but then, um, soon we'll see all the food, the bamboo, sweet set potatoes and apples will bes llb taken from the -- down there that's the panda exhibit passede our cameras on to the truck, ana then we're told about 10:15, 10:20 bao bao will come by it's' a 45 minute ride to dulles. dle the flight is due to leave at 1:30 this afternoon from dulless fed ex panda courtesy fed ex. it's a 16 hour flight and whenhe she lands in china it's we're w told another two hour drive to d the center where shell live. le and we were showing you theshow video. they've gotten her used to being in that crate she will not be nt sedated but she'll have plenty t of food and water, and, yound, know, a sad day but don't forget, guys, bao bao's parentss and little brother bei bei willl be here at the zoo and so and s there's still a lot to look look forward to as we say goodbye to bao bao and we're told maybe at least initially we'll get some
10:07 am
updates from the folks in chinaa on how she's doing butng b eventually you'll have to go to basically the chinese websiteseb to find out how bao bao iss doing, and the folks here at the zoo will concentrate on little brother bei bei and mei xiangia and tian tian mom and dad dad each will be individualivual compounds. very soon bei bei will move from the center compound now with hii mom to bao bao's compound very soon here.e. >> i mean, it's sad to say goodbye, but we've had two panda cubs in the last three and a half years. ha >> exactly. cong danother one coming down the road as well that -- that - >> two in the last two and a half years three total betweenhn tyshon, bao bao they've been bee prolific breeders that pair.dera >> yes, they have. time for them to retire and rest. >> all right. bob.s so much,re let's see what's trendingwht now at 10:07. 107 first up sad news.ew for former teenage heart throb.. singer david cassidy revealing he's got dementia.entia he made announce many after hee recently appeared confused at ae concert.
10:08 am
keith partridge in the hit '70's tv show the partridge family.y he gantoring the world singingng his hit songs like i think i love you, filling concert hallsl with screaming teenage girls and at the time his fan club was actually bigger than he wille wl vase and but this was david cassidy thisy past weekend. ♪♪ >> tmz releasing this video.ideo you can see he's slurring hisngs words there.words e. struggling to remember the lyrir at one important he actuallyorta fell off the stage.. yesterday in an articlen art published in people magazinein david cassidy revealed he's he' fighting dementia. former teenaged heart throb whoo watch both his grandmother and his mother battle the memoryemor loss disease told the magazine regarding his diagnosis "i was in denial but a part of me always new this was coming. comn
10:09 am
his condition, he decide to doed step back from touring toring t concentrate on his health andisa happiness.ess. clearly it's not been an easy es decision for him. he wrote on facebook retirementn was looming but he wasn't quitee the yeyet. on february 3rd he wrote, i've spent months contemplating thisi decision to retire at the end od the this year i will still do ao number of concerts this year in 2017. i believe i owe to that my fanss and my second family the membere of my band. this has been very difficultiffi decision for me nobody cane nobn possibly understand, 49 years oa doing concerts.s. then on the seventh afterth aftr reading messages sent to him to david wrote this to his fans. f. "i will always be eternally ern grateful for the love and l and support you've shown me.t you've i still love very much to play a and perform live but it's muchsh more difficult for me now.ow i'm not going to vanish orsh disappear forever. truthfully the most difficult te decision i have ever made in my entire life.ever mtire le. i'm going to play lifela everywhere around north americai threw 2017. nd a woyou will find a way to come and be a part of my m celebration ".. cass
10:10 am
diagnosed six months ago and hea wanted to make the news public as it was also widely known thaa he battled addiction in his and he wanted to makfee sure heh set the record straight.trgh there's words when that videot d first surfaced that maybe he hah fallen off the wagon and he wanted people to know he truly is fighting degenerative brain n disease. >> so if i read that correctlyry then the last communication was he will still do shows.catistilo >> i think the lastnk the communication is like those aree like february 3rd and 7th3rd a 7 i'm going to tried to shows this happen. he might be stepping back aping little more. it hasn't totally said i'm not t going to tour at all but obviously he was diagnosed sixos months ago. a he's been grappling with do i i going, do i not? he's just comm to go terms with what his futurt is. >> incredibly sad.>> i >> it is. >> incredibly sad. >> i>> it's also hard when peopl are dealing with things like this and it affects somethingomg they love so much something they want to keep doing because theyt want to keep going. gng >> 49 years. >> they want to be active but it's hard when
10:11 am
with something as debilitatingln as this. >> right. i would think you would want to bek you remembered before, youk when you knew the words and. an. >> right. yourselfelou just were but i'm not in his shoes.. >> you're an artist. artist. if you're going to do it youtou want to do it ight. >> right. >> you have that all internale l struggle f i can't d iont this e way i've always done it, then te what do you do? do you stepu d backr not.t.yo >> at the same time how scary tt know what is hisim future becauu he watched his grandfather andea his mom. >> >> so -- verery sad. >> yeah it is. is. 10:11 is the time right now. let's switch gears and talkars about this. how about a college s roment f leonardtown, maryland, is getting a lot of attentiondtow e days after his mother sent himsm what he thought was a care package that is until he openedd it. all right. he thought he was getting a care package of necessities and a goodies instead of it was a boxx filled with garbage. this what college student in eastern pennsylvania received aa box of trash, that's right, rht connor says his mother sent himm the trash package because he was too lazy to take it when he wase home for the the
10:12 am
the pick of his package filled l with trash and the mom says, she took the drastic actions becausb quote i have raised an andd a a taught my son better than thishi and his actions deserveeser consequences even if they are humidity russ.midity r bro, m mom. [ applause ] >> wow.ow >> boo. >> let me tell you something. dishetells y have beeneee left in the sink -- sk >> are you going to take time tt male dishes to your kids.ishe >> i'm not going to mail thems . >> that made him internet famous. >> what i've done dishes theyshes t left after i told them to pick k them up and taken the dishes to their room and put them on theie bed. i've said i told you to do thisi now they're in your room.oo fix it.. >> that i can see. s that i can see. but this is just -- it's becomem like a joke.oke it's made him famous.amous. >> that's right. >> put trash in the mail.e m >> she had to actually pay tolyy mail it. what consequence did he suffer?? >> he got trash in the >> now he's internet >> now he's famous. >> shout out to your family if y your watching from leonardtown
10:13 am
>> one correct. if it is west minster college for the familyest wmiestern wee pennsylvania because that's in c my hometown.own we like to separate ourselvese e from eastern >> oh.. >> big rivalry there. there something going on.methg go >> there we go. >> producer chris can claim the eastern half of the state. ste i'm taking the western. wes >> i didn't realize there was al rivalry there. >> it's going down. >> so would you put trash in tha male and send it.t. >> pay the extra postage. postae >> i would. a little box of trash>>.sh. >> right. >> you forget the snickerss wrapper.. >> boxes all you can fit in forr four bucks. initel tld definitely do that. >> jordan peel might be best b known for 67 comedy on key and peel his new movie marks a mks dramatic genre sft kevin sits down it director anda writer of all the new horror hor flicks get out for more on the t message behind the >> blue ivy stealing the showho with her fashion sense. angeline noel jolie grossing gin fans out with a new video. 10:13. celebrity dish coming up next. ♪♪
10:14 am
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i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks
10:16 am
♪♪ >> in addition to celebrity dish this is a little extra today because we got the bao bao cam down here in the bottom right ot your screen. thetom bao bao gettingrighyo ready to o that's not bao's nao but this is bao bao cam >> there's no really no bigger,, no bigger celebrity in d.c. that bao bao right now.ow >> right. >> that's the zoo director and the ambassador fromthe china,
10:17 am
believe. >> standing there waiting to say bye-bye to bao bao themselves.he >> time for the good dayfor e go celebrity dish now.ity dish now. >> let's serve it up. okay.>> l here's a question foret. you. for y when does a child's dress cost c more than people's monthly rentn >> hmm. hmm >> when the child wearing isring blue >> he is cored by her power p couple parents beyonce' and jay-z blue ivy attended the 2017nba all star game in new orleans clad in lime greengreen embellished with lace, act accepts a big black bow. bow the designer gucci. the cost $1,799. $79 >> oh, boy. >> as in almost 1800.0. she finished the ensemble with h sports cap, a denim jacket and chucks. now while the look might have h been lucks it was all thes althe perfect mommy and me momentom because just like her daughter,e beyonce' who is pregnant withant twins, of course, also chose c gucci for the outing. the printed robe that bundledtul her baby bump
10:18 am
just under 22 grand. g >> are you serious.ious [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh.h >> 22 grand. gnd >> i think of what i can do witw the money. >> $1,800 child's dress.. >> oh, i could do so much with h my house. hse >> i know. i kno [ laughter ] la >> right. >> you could purchase bige big things.thgs >> yeah. >> breaking news. ns. panda cam. bao bao is on the move. >> aww. >> i think -- we'll interrupt it celebrity dish for bao bao. foro >> for the biggest celebrity ofo all in d.c. right there's the crate you can seeou there they're he is coring herg driving slowly.lowly. i guess she got in without -- -- ea yeah. >> -- any problem. aroblem is enjoying her ride there. the i wonder if she's still asleep. >> i'm going to go on limb and say yes. i think so. she look like she was sleeping sleepin so hard there. hd there. >> yeah. >> now do you think if you're the forklift driver you're nervous? make sure i don't -- t >> maybe bob saw everything. >> bob, did you s
10:19 am
in the crate? cra >> reporter: we did not. we not we did not see the transfer. after we were taken out here away from the exhibit we couldxh still watch on panda cam one fof hill bit but we did not see her actually going into the crate.oa this time although we've watcheh on the video zoo providedd recently where they happenedy h cranked the gate open and she as goes on in there and she is fed through the holes you see theset hole in the front. in thfron they'll put a little bottle and squirt water in with her but heb we're told she's not being seted.d. she was very playful early thisi morning when we were on at like the top of 9:00 she was chilling out. we'll see if we can see there'ss some greats i don't know ifi do we'll be able to see whether she's up and about. i have a feeling she's not she sleeping right now.sleepi she's wondering what the heck n going on.n. and here she is about to pass p right past us in this crate thie she'll spend probably the nextre 20 hours or so. 16 hour two hour drive on the other end about 45 minute drive here ander that's her, guys,
10:20 am
goodbye to bao bao as she ishe going to make her way passing ug a you mentioned the chinesenese ambassador and dennis kelly thee zoo director as they watch like we do forklift take -- you can see -- >> bob is that just all zooll staff and media that's allowed there? >> reporter: exactly. exaly you see the zookeepers here.epeh i don't know if we were onn facebook earlier the zookeeperss carried all the bamboo about ten minutes ago. the back -- the man on the right in blue blazer is the chinese ci ambassador the gentleman in the black fleece to his left that ii dennis kelly the zoo directorir and those are the zookeeperss that are escorting bao bao up to the fed ex truck and earlierar when we were live at the top of 10:00 you did see panda keeper marty deary and veterinarian dri on ahead and are going to be
10:21 am
today. to and, yes, so it's right now zoo staff, chinese ambassador, zoo director and a bunch of mediaf m here watching and you can see here's on top of the forklift. f ears and white tail as they takt her up to the fed ex truck wolfw trucks. one truck is going to have all the food stuff that's the truckk you see se i believe she's going to roundiu the corner and she's going to go into a different truck in frontt and the two fed ex trucks will i be he is cored by zoo police ouc to the zoo. guys. gu other journalists here who areeh jumping up in front there the te chinese media they explain us ea they wanted us to stay put but obviously some in the mediaheed didn't get the word and therendt she goes, guys. g the end of an err era here in h washington, d.c. >> but like you said we stillu t got three other pandas we canann still visit every day at the zoo. >> look at the ears.>> loo >> did we see the ears.e thear >> he said panda ears on thes on forklift and little tale ontle n there, too. >> that's precious. p
10:22 am
the you know, i was just going tong say, guys, zoo officials here he say that bei bei who was born 18 months ago already starting toi wean from mei xiang the motherx so pretty soon bei bei will take over the yard where bao bao haso been living and then the three t pandas who remain here, theain t parents and their son will eachl have their own compound. compoun >> bei bei has been sharing oneg with his mother up follow now. n >> bob, do you think that sped u up the process because i knowro that bao bao could havceess b sd here until four i believe theelt agreement with china he would gd back to china before his fourtht birthday.birthd but you think because bei bei is now old enough to live on his h own that might have sped up thii process? >> reporter: yeah, becauseau there are only 3-yards so, yes,y i would say that, you know, anya time up until you're fourthfour birthday, and if bei bei is will be needing his own space soon,n, why not do it now? yeah. yea and we lucked out. o
10:23 am
they could be doing this in the middle avenue snowstorm here h middle to late february but it'b a gorgeous day.goeous it's been great weather.. and so logistic klee it will w work out just fine.t fine. yeah, it works out for the zoo folks here to move bei bei overo into bao bao's yard and just at the right time. te. so actually does time out fairli well as far as logistic klee foo the national zoo folks. fks >> real quick, bob.k, bob when bei bei moves into the newe digs there's no more interaction with mom and dad, right? no? more, he's on his own?wn >> reporter: that is that's right. it's been about two years so so that bao bao hasn't interacted with her parents who are still s here. he bei bei's parents.paren. yes.yes. that will be it. and then in about two years y time, he's 18 months old.nt o in about two years time we'll dd the same thing over again and, you know, we'll have to saye t goodbye to bei bei who will be here playfully as all get upet when we were here yesterday, he was up in a tree chilling out on friday he was playing with his mom they were kind of like rough
10:24 am
entertainment panda wise here ir ze zoo. at least for the next couple ofo years with bei bei.s wi bei >> thanks so much, bob. we appreciate it. >> thinking of the handlers hdlr today or the people who have w h liked watched her --- >> family.ily. >> like family. >> sure. >> hard to say goodbye. >> okay. hard >> it is 10:24. coming up create agnew you.ou. we're showing you some celebrity inspired makeover moves with some help from emmy award winning hairstylist had vet had slater. >> very cool. rote of rshe wrote one of rei nan's biggest hits and just madm her late late show debut performing on the national stag now this morning singer bibi bib bourelle joins us live in thevet loft with a very special speci performance. do you not want to miss. ♪♪
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
♪♪ all right. 10:27 is the time. time. we got up during our celebrityei dish. we're back at the table. with more. >> as we watch the panda cam. >> nothing beats a good spider e snack at heat when you'rehen angelina jolie's kids. cambodia film a project actresse and her children got into locall cuisine.ise. angelina showed her kids how to throw spiders in skillet andskil cook them up. up. the kids were all in. in. how did the bugs taste? well according to little noq liked dry chips, flavored chips.hi >> flavor less >> yeah.>> >> what a big old spider? >> yeah. i think -- i actually was reading about that she actuallyl moved on up to like
10:28 am
las and stuff. >> for what reason.reason >> and scorpions i think she said were a little harrpdio to e >> when in rome do as the romance. >> they do it over there.y do i so, you know. >> probably good >> probably. probably. >> i don't know.>> >> good protein for you.ein foou >> okay.kay. her kids aren't picky eaters is guess. >> um-um. >> maybe -- with the leg you cac floss your teeth and eat tame, , you think.u t >> or the hair onnk the tarantua legs. legs. >> maybe that. what do you think? [ laughter ]what[ laught >> wisdom has to excuse himselfe he's going get sick. sic >> yeah.eah >> all right.llht this next story will make usak s feel really good about our crazy off key in the lot of karaoke renditions of whatever musical l guests we have coming in here. some online troublemaker, taylor swift maybe, has leaked theked e isolated life vocals from popm p tar katie perry's on stage performance at last week's grammys and the results are warw to say the least.ea take a listen. >> ♪♪
10:29 am
>> i don't think it sounds bad.s >> it's not as bad as they weree made out to be i don't think. >> some are worse. wse >> pop star long crit sided forf her lack of vocal range actualll took the stage at the grammyst g you probably recall with bob b marley's grandson skip foreign f addition of her anticipated comm back single chain to the rhythm performance however coming merem minutes after beyonce' extendedd owed to motherhood.rhood it was panned by viewers both for shaky delivery and vague ane political jabs. p.m. saying she's definitely noo lady gaga.. >> did she say she was?? >> here the thing. thing. >> i think it's because lady it' gaga's track was just releasedee remember from the super bowl.ow. just the vocals and everybody sy was
10:30 am
>> who cares.ho >> thank you wisdom good c if yu vocals down sound good. who cares?wh >> i actually thought she ded ded good. i was expecting it to be worse. yeaeah. >> i mean britney spears can'tan sing a lick and she smells smels million. >> and got her own show in vegas. who cares really? >> does she eat tar ran hewell las and that's how you wrap itw itup. >> all right. ourh that -- that's your celebrity dish. served up on tuesday.uesd. more good day at 10a on the the other side.heide. don't go anywhere. anywhe. ♪♪
10:31 am
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10:33 am
♪♪ it is the start of awardthe season which means our hair envy is ateans all-time high. stars like taraji p. henson rocking that chin link bob witht slick back finish, and then others like dem my lovato marror morris going for the extraxt length so this morning we called it in pro to help us a chief the hottest looks we've seen and sea will continue to see on the redd joining us this morning is three time emmy award winningng hairstylist lavette slater.r. lavette, welcome back to the bko loft. it's so good to to see you.eeou >> thank you. >> so i know of course on sunday everyone eyes will be on thee t oscars.osca >> yes. >> so what do you think we'll do see? >> well, everybody is goings gon long. long. >> um-hmm. >> everybody is going extra extra long. and that'sbody i why 've teamed upam with ghd and they have this curr wand and it's not your you traditional curl wand where it'i just like this round.s round it has a different shape to it.i so that's what i
10:34 am
taniri's hair. i used the girl spray.. >> the curl spray, this >> the curl spray, and what happens you spray it twice on each -- on each peace and you y smooth it makes sure you smootht it in first and then you take t the curl wand. >> okay. >> classic curl wand unjust wrad it. u that's it.nj p it.p i wra >> does it matter whichoes direction you wrap it?itct >> you need to wiorap all in the same direction.ti >> sometimes it's better to go i back and forth you'll get a full look. >> is this her real hair.ereal . >> this is her real hair.eal ha. isn't it gorgeous. >> oh, my gosh.os >> oh, my gosh. that is amazing>>. is a it is amamazing but i mean sometimes we do i always likeaye when i see the celebrities witht super long hair. hr. those are extensions. they are but you can rock them.e to join the party.oin e pa >> super super lg. that way you can do up do's andd whatever, right.ight. >> um-hmm. >> the long beach chi waves --a- >> beach waves now.>> b seems to be the big thing. thi >> bone straight and beach wave now. before everybody was doing, you
10:35 am
know, just classic bobs. longer bobs that's what it wast now everybody is going they want to have fun. >> there is something sexy andse fun about long hair for sure. >> extra long 30-inches of hair. >> not just long.uslong. we want extra long. lon >> extra long.>> era l 30-inches of hair.of hair. >> you want to sit on it almost. >> right. >> yeah. that's what it is. what is >> but that's not to say thatha the chic bob is not also hot h right now because people likee taraji p. henson are rocking the bob. bo >> i love the clack bob.ob all about face.fac it's all about face. fac look how gorgeous she is. is. it shows her neck line. le. she just looks gorgeous gives uu a little shake.hake >> hair is gorgeous.r is gorgeou >> what i love about that, too,o this doesn't look so sprayed an staged. >> it's all about the movement. you want the hair t oabout move. mov that's why i used the -- this ii what you're using on this. ts. >> yes. y. >> now, this is -- this is professional styler, and i use -- the, i'm sorry the serumm finish serum this great by ghd g it make t
10:36 am
weight. the really light weight.t. it's shiny and moveable. movbl you just got to love it.lov it. >> you put the serum on after you flat iron it?ron i >> yeah. yeah just to smooth the fly aways. and to, um, it eliminates just for the moment for end if just u too cute for words.. here's my question.rey qu how important is it to have really good styling productsdus because some of these irons youy know buy them for 19.99 or you o can buy them for you know what i'm saying?hat i'g >> well, the most importantnt thing is ghd is a really good line, that's number one. one protect your hair with the serur and also own the spray. say that spray has protectant it inn much that's what i love aboutt ghd.d. but this is --is >> are you sponsored by ghd? >> no. we just teamed up on this. this. >> right. they have ceramic this is ceramic plates and that's whys it's easy on the hair. hair. >> that's was want to look for.. >> ceramic. cic. >> ceramic plates.
10:37 am
>> now also is it something toht should you do every day oray should you give your hair ahair break.ea. >> i couldn't flat iron everyn day you definitely have to deficondition. condition and protect tan that's why this has protectant before b you curl each piece you want too put on the protectant first anda put the serum you want to flatt .ron. >> whoo! >> a lot of work.>> a that's why you hire someone likk her three time emmy award winning hairstylist lavette let >> i try. >> thank you very much.ha thank you loverly models. we'll see if she's styles comnkc down the red carpet on sunday at the oscars.oscars have i no doubt they will. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. ll rback officer on over to guys. >> what do you do if you have to flat iron of do day? >> protectant or we've. wve try it. try you might like it.yo >> you don't every day.. >> not on the >> you don't on the weekend.nd >> you have to.. >> i'm going for the second option.op >> i can't'tai >> guess what we're going to to check in with bao bao the journey continues.ti we know aww
10:38 am
so we'll check in with the wit t latest step of her journey next. >> be right back. ♪♪ sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. z29pgz z16fz
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this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. ♪♪ road trip bao bao is headed from d.c. too dulles right now.ow for the neck leg in her journeyy bob barnard our crews are following behind. >> they've pull up next to theuo truck
10:41 am
they're the big truck on the right there.trthe ikrighe that banner heading homh it makes it -- i'm going home. >> it's better suite but it's eeeet. >> that's the song we shoulds e play. >> she's going to her foreverevr home. >> do you think she's in the back going, are we there yet? u arthe w, aree there yet? are e yet? >> don't make me turn this car around. bob you guys are trailing thein fed ex express.. panda express. expre >> reporter: dave risak is. panda express i'm still here atl the zoo with dr. brandy smithy s who said this was emotional tell me -- our viewers, so concentrated on the logistics os what was going to happen today,y that the emotional part of it.t >> it was. everything has been prepared onr the move making sureepar she get the crate and the crate getsteet safely on the truck it wasn'ttas until i could relax and then i realized she's so, you know, i had -- high aigh little moment when she washen sw loaded on to the truck.aded on t >> reporter: i can see ihet in your eyes. tell me how tough is it? yous u know it's coming when they'renge born. it's such a miracle that theyt
10:42 am
grow. but then he do you have to say goodbye. >> you know, um, after tyshon in had been a decade before we had another panda here at the zoo. e bao bao is really the restart ot the giant panda program here at the national zoo she means so much not to me not just as ann individual to all of us she'salu our new beginning.beginning >> reporter: but thankfully she's got a little brother here, right.right. >> yeah, she d i think anyone ae who has seen bei bei will agreer he's equally adorable. so we can focus on him.n him we are already getting ready foy neck year's breeding season. sen so i'll take a moment today tood be sad and i'll miss ba ba and a tomorrow it's back to work.k t >> reporter: ask. we see the motorcade with national zooio police escort heading out tong o dulles for this 1:30 p.m.:3p. flight.fl 16 hour flight to china. c she's going to be in that cratet for while. for while. when we were here at the zoo on thursday there were snowe flurries it was nice and coldt d and she was was doing d somersaults you just mentionen dunkin' donuts me dr. brandyme smith here, that's her nature and who does they get that fromf ad her dad. when they're bor
10:43 am
they like their mom or dad? ad? like all parents. pen she's a lot of traits like herer dad. she loves to climb trees and shs loves to play in the snow. that comes from tian t >> and we were watching her this morning even scratching her bacc against the trees.agnst th i mean that's fascinate to gocie watch. >> it is. we're actually glad you got a nice play session in before shee left she tired her civil out shs can sleep on the plane. >> people here watching ourhere facebook live feed were saying e it look like she's alreadylr performing for the cameras.amers knowing she was leaving. obviously she probably didn't d know she was leaving.know s was she just that wayhe eve wryd in the morning having her hg breakfast or bamboo breakfast ba and entertaining whoeverhoever happened to be there watching? t >> i think that's why people pel love pandas they're so cute, soo full of joy.ll ojoy. they're so that's what charms us about whah them. so she was doing what she doeshe every day the reason why we love her. >> some people were saying looke at her paws the way she w holds the bamboo almost human like. >> it is. they have people talk about the panda thumb how they can actually hold on to bamboo likee a primate.a ate. right. it is
10:44 am
children.ildren. >> and bao bao is not gone yet y from d.c.. on her way but the next step i guess i've heard that bei bei ii already starting to wean himsels from his mother and he will takt over bao bao's yard and we'll w still have three giant pandant p sears here. e we will. he's at the age he would weanlda naturally so we'll take this ths queue from him and his mom whenm he's ready he'll move into baoin bao's area, and then the wholeho thing will begin again. ain get ready and hopefully havelyav cubs again this august. >> finger crossed.r cr >> thank you. >> brandy, thank you very much.a thanks for sharing with us emotional time.nk we really forem appreciate it. >> dr. brandy smith who is, um,, a goddess here for all of us. going yes. >> can i give you -- can you puy that on my business >> yes. thanks for the time this mornine guy as we say tim so long to o bao. we'll have camera like behindken the motorcade and sky fox will l pick up maybe at the beltway and we'll follow her all the way ouy to dulles, guys. >> dr. smith answered myre question when we might see
10:45 am
next baby pan today.n da looking forward to next season'' breeding season. >> >> might not be long. lg. >> hopefully. >> thanks bob. >> fingers crossed.>> we'll have another little baby> panda. >> um-hmm. we'll keep an eye on the journee on the bottom of the screen. s take a short break at 10:45. 105 fresh off her appearance on the late late show with james cordee singer bibi bourelle joins us js live in the loft to perform her brand new single. that's next.ext. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ “turn around...
10:46 am
and there's nothing really good around. turn around... every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air... turn around, barry. i finally found the right snack.”♪ “each with one hundred fifty calories or less, try our chocolaty brownies, tangy lemon bars, and creamy cheesecakes. fiber one,
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our next guest is a talented gue singer song writer she may have been born in germany but wasg ws raised right here in the her name is bibi bourelle she'se only 21 years old but she isuthe already making a big mark onn music scene. scene she's written hit songs forongsf rihanna, usher, selena gomez ana more and now she has hit single of her own called ball lynn. lyn she just perform it for seth s myers and james corden muchd ja she's here to perform it liverfl for you on good day. please welcome bi
10:49 am
♪♪ ♪♪ >> i got fired from old navy, landlord keeps knocking, swearar to god he hates me, sleeping ono this old couch with men i'm not -- man i'm not complainingai because i'm still a -- i ain't never ever been rich ever. i don't even make all that muchh dough, ask mother for a blood b pressure now she got me workingg at the corner store ♪♪ >> ♪♪ but i'm ballin', ballin', so i'm freaking awesome, boom,m, boom, yeah, that's my camry, the
10:50 am
engine light came off now i got to walk to my apartment.nt. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:51 am
10:52 am
♪♪ [ applause ] >> all right. bibi bourelly.oull .reat job. how are you. e >> how are you. >> welcome to the loft. grea welcot to have you here.t o >> thank you very much. you did few other shows like tht fallr onsh and james corden butw you're on good're >> i love it and d.c. man. dmv. >> this is home for you. he fo >> yeah. >> it's really cool. so you were born overseas>> i bb you actually grew up went t
10:53 am
high school here in the area. t >> where did you go.>> w did >> i went to >> awesome. >> how did you get involved in y the music scene growingou up her in the dmv how did you get elevated to the point you're yoe with all these other celebrities and you're on the late night ona shows. where did that all come fromomef here in the washington area.wase >> initially i just pack mytials stuff and left.uff and le >> really. >> you took a chance.ook this is what i'm going to >> yeah.>> yea. i did what i was born to do.or >> let me ask you about that.e so i likeask to play game how accurate is your wick key whenck it comes to wickipedia.kipea your dad was mew zig. mew guitar yes. >> i know that you learned fromo him. now, did you or did you notu n attend concerts and write music as young as the age of four.r. >> probably younger.ouer i was born night. night. >> do you remember what you wrote when you were four years old? >> yeah. a song calledyou greirls youeas rules.ul should we tell you what the what girls rules no boys allowed.llow >> you wrote that when you were four. >> performing that's so awesome you toured with your dad when dd you were 11 years old. >> yes. >> how did it go working withid it dad. >> it was awesome. it i didn't work with him i went on
10:54 am
what it was le. i got to like announce the showe like ladies and gentlemen,eneme, here's john paul bourelly.ll >> that's so cool.s so did that help you now feel likel this is what i'm going to do noo i'm going to take this and makem it my career.arr. >> i knew the whole time devile exposed me.e and educated me.d >> all right. >> you know what i mean? all o a sudden things below up noww uw here's another question.stion. from how accurate is your wiki you wrote ian in a's higher inie 30 minutes.utes. >> um-hmm. that's accurate. >> where did it come from?ccrei >> i don't know.>> i dnow the soul. th the heart. >> you sat down and you wereown just like --just l >> the [ laughter ]oh >> it's true. >> when you write and dan greate job on the a queue tick guitar by the way. do you write with guitar? gta because this is a great stripped down version right now.wn do you ver like to stript down you write or do you have theo yt vision of the whole production p in your >> i definitely strip it down.y. i definitely write the guitarrii first and build it up sometimes piano. piano. i think it's better when theit't song is completetely naked becau you can make it whatever youmake want to make i it. >> sounds so romantic. one morey anna question
10:55 am
she heard your song better havev my money and said she want dunkin' donuts make it yours. true or notdonuts true? >> well she heard better have me money and she was like let get that.that. okay.ok change my life real >> wow.>> >> look you've worked with -- w- mentioned rihanna you work withw so many people already.y peoplr >> yeah. >> what do you want? what do>>o you want to be like whe youn i e over the world this is what it'i going to be, where do you want n to go. >> inspire people to be who the are. you know what i mean? i want tt unite people and up lift people and heal them with music.with m. aww. >> aww.ww. >> aww. >> this particular song anybodyy in particular that you're'r singing about here? >> myself just being broke and a 19 and in la not having anyg any money. >> what did you learn from thato process? it's stamndard storyar lost people deal wit chase your dreams and follow all of that and start at the bottom anwork u up. what did you learn from that ana how is that going to make youg e now a better person as you climb laddladder? >> just to work hard. j w you know, and to be dedicatedic and to, um, pursue the things
10:56 am >> the single is out now you'vee been doing the late night shows can folks more of your musicr m coming up soon. >> more music york. i'm working on my album rightlbr now. >> when will it be it. it be it. >> i don't know. soon. >> all right. .ingle is out >> 2017 though.7 thoug >> go get ballin' seriously.erio >> i love it the arrangement. many dan great job.reat great to see you.t to sou >> thank you awesome.ouweso >> welcome home! hom >> thank you. >> i love it. i le it bibi bourelly check out theck ot music online.muc on they're the information if youe want to check out morein info fi her you can do it right there.he thanks so much. so mh. awesome, awesome.. she toured with rihanna, isn't that awesome, >> big time.ig t she's ballin' exactly. >> listen no flight delays fortf bao bao though, right?ig >> good weather out there.atout. >> weather wise. cloud cover but not enough toug slow that flight unfortunately.. awaww. >> right.'s your seven day. >> we got more springtime on tho way look at thursday and fridayi back in the 70s around here we may even have thunderstorm onorm saturday w did winter wte >> wow.>> wow. >> bye-bye winter. >> did winter ever happen. win >> rightte.
10:57 am
>> was winter even a thing thisi year. >> exactly. it was so last year.t y >> thanks tuck.nk. >> winter. w >> i'm good with that. thanks for joining u is'm. we sure appreciate it on this tuesday. we'll see you on wednesday. have a good day, d.c.
10:58 am
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." we're not judging. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah! ♪ ♪ welcome to our show! [ cheers and applause ] please say hello to my cohosts, my studio


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