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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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our cooler days, 58 degrees,gree february on track even witheven this very warm temperature of 58 degrees today, to be the second warmest month we've had so far, second warmest war february we've had so far, and boy oh, boy we've got some real spring fever weather headed your way. it is a spring fever alertg f that we're going to be telling you about, than is going to be rolling into town later this week. thursday and friday, in particular. are you sneezing and wheezing? well, that would not and surprise. because tree political send now high. very early for tree p that to be happening, and even a little bit of may he will is showing up, and if you think it is bad now, just wait until the ends of the week. so if you are allergic, if you're sensitive, want to to start getting the antihistamines in you right now, grass, weed, not a problem. here's what we're talking about, later this week we arere expect to go see some record highs challenge. forecasting 67 tomorrow, whichr, is more like april, today's more like late march, thursday, 75, friday, 76 degrees. we coulde
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records on those days, and that's with a we are gettingng you ready for. a check of temperatures right now, and it is still more like late march with temperatures coming in around 55 degrees. we'll let you know what to expect for the rest of this evening coming up in a little also, we could badly use ase a little bit of rain. i'll let you know if we havewe h any of that in the forecast well, jim. back to you. >> we are learning new details about a murder in the district d that's put elderly woman behind bars. seventy-six year owls thomas seen bennett met with officers last friday, someone called tol report trouble, on her home 21 street in northeast, prosecutors say bennett led officers to hernett boyfriend, o fell unconscious in a closet. court documents revealedled bennett told police she beat walter clark with a baseballebal bat over a two day period. when officers found the man, he was bloodied and his hands were tide. and told police clark made her smoke street love both andnd tired of the alleged woman and
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eyes err,. >> in alex andre, a four people in custody foralex allegedly scamming an elderly woman. sheriff deputies say crystal mole inches, pamela mcleod, posted as contractors, promised to make repairs on the woman's how the and do pest removal work. the woman paid the suspect more than $70,000 over a year's time. investigators say, once conspiracy was discovered, inspectors checked the woman's home and determined no work w was ever done. d the sheriff's offers is concerned. there could be more victims out there. they want to hear from anyonee who may have had business bus dealings with the suspects.s. police in fairfax county c need your help identifying the suspects, want in thewant connection with jewelry store robbery. this happened back on january 22, k jewelers springfield mall.ary surveillance video captured images of the two suspectance v inside the store.. police say they got away with w more than $4,200 worth of jewelry. if you recognize them pleaseas call police.e. >> developing in the district, e the search is
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vandalized four monuments ons on the national mall. lincoln memorial, world war ii memorial, washington monument, the dc war memorial all damaged by graffiti over the weekends. vandals scrawled in one case jacky shot jfk, in reference r to september 11 terror attacks, crews are youth there u now trying to clean the monuments. >> initial examination indicate that this was permanent marker nitica otef some kind, and the first treatment was w gun yesterday by the monumentt preservation crew.vati our goal to not only remove r the graffiti from the surface, but we also have to be very careful not to create moree mo damage or create long-term harm on the memorial as we do it. >> investigators think the messages may have been written by the same person. they're now looking at surveillance footage looking for any clues. >> new tonight, five more people are being charged in connection with that violence that broke out in d.c. on inauguration day. grand jury returned the charges of felony rioting against pain, alexis
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caitlin rock, matthew pink, and dane paul.and that bridges the total number of people charged with damaging businesses and property on inauguration day to 214. the violence broke out in a four block area near 13th andh o streets in 12th and l streets northwest. >> time for federal court upheld a stay on president trump's executive order for travel ban. administration expected to release new executive order related to immigration and travel this week. >> ronica cleary with more from thery w press briefing todb what we might expect from this new executive order wheneverhene it comes down, ronica? >> reporter: thanks, jim, sarah, yes, we areorter: waitinr that new executive order. the press secretary today hey he was very close about those details basically saying it is not out yet so we don't have all of those answers for you. now what he did say is that ultimately the new executive order related to immigration and potentially another temporary ban, it would
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identify deally work in conjunction with the previousrei one, because they believe they e will still win the legal battle ahead on the original temporary ban watch did the press secretary did share with us today in the briefing, basically, details on a ghs memo, the department of homeland security released the memo today about changes that will take place in reference to ice, the prioritization of deportation, and how that will be and budgeted and addressed. a take a listen to this. the memo, outlines the steps that dhs will take to securee the nation's southern border, prevent further illegal immigration, and to illegal immigrants quickly, swiftly, humanely, immediately identifying anal locating alll sources every availableable funding for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of a wall along our southern border.r. and hiring of additional personnel
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additional tv border agents. >> well, sean spicer, he noted that the details of thishis department of homeland security memo that will release today, he says, they're in accordance with everything that president trump has said on the campaign trail, and leading up to this point. now, the prioritization that he's talking becomes he says s it will focus on people who w are here, who represent a threat to public safety or have criminal records. now, he noted that the dhs memo now outlines exact procedures to be followed. >> the message from this white house, and from the dhs is that those people who are in this country and pose a threatrt to our public safety or have committed a crime will be the first to go and we will be aggressively making sure that that occurs. >> now, as i said, we are are still not sure when this new executive order will occur.ccur sometime this week is what
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are hearing.g. again, though, the press secretary really saying all that we saw unfold with that original executive order and temporary travel ban, even though that federal courter upheld the stay on that ban, ban right now, it is not being executed. the white house and the trump administration, they believe that they will win that suit and that this new ban will work in conjunction with the previous one that we saw. reporting live at the whitee house, ronica cleary, fox5 local news. >> president trump visited the national museum of african-american history andnd culture for the first time today. the president toured the museum in honores oidf black history month. joining him, his daughter ivanka, and housing urban development ben carson who has exhibit for his medical career. the president addressed recent r threat targeting jewish community centers across the country. >> this was meaningful reminder of why we have to
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hatred in all of its very ugly forms. the anti-semetic threat targeting/jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work thathat still must be done to root out o hate and prejudice and evil. >> trump is the second memoryor of his family to advice knit two weeks, first lady melania trump visited last week with the wife of benjamin netanyahu. >> sadness, grief, tremendous ankler. >> brother fighting for for justice seven years after hisr i sister was killed. >> there are times where ire want to wake up t and just call her, i want to hear her voice.. i want to go out and have aa drink with her.. we always went out and had our wine together, and can't. >> so what happened in the
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early morning hours after she talked to someone at the front f desk of her apartment. we rewind the crime coming up next. >> warning tonight for senior citizens, a phone scamm targeting the elderly who received medication through the mail. >> and yes we are saying good-bye to the panda we all came to know and love who is now on her way back to china fox5 behind the scenes look at what went into getting bao-bao o out of the national zoo and on board with what they call the panda express, final farewell coming up next. nex guy guy
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oh, we say bye bye to bao, bao bao bao, there she goes,we s taking off on the panda express, or taken off at dullos airport just before 2:00 this afternoon, with giant panda bao bao aboard, onn 60-dollar flight to china, chi head today her ancester homeland part of the multi-million dollar deal that bridges giant panda's here tos the u.s. u >> bob barnard with more on bao bao voyage to the national zoo. >> the last hours at the only home she's ever known started routinely this morning, bao bao horsing around the trees in her yard, satisfying random itches in those hard to reach places. >> she is like her dad, you know, when they're born, like
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right, like all parent. she has a lot of traits like her dad. she lovers to climb trees and she lovers to play in the snow. so that comes from him.. >> looked sad whether wer we stopped by his indoor pen.en. at for bao bao, she dined onined bamboo for her last breakfastast in washington, doctor brandybran smith, associate director of animal care sciences at the national zoo,al car agrees, it s fascinating to watch. >> i think that's why people peo love panda's, so cute, so full of joy, so playful. p that charles us about them. the she doing what she does everyvey day, and the reason we love her. >> much like she has practiced for weeks now, bao bao got into this specially designed crate around 10:00 this morning, close quarter home hom for this 16-hour flight to china. >> bao bao is really the restart of the giant panda program here at the nationall zoo. so she means so much, as an individual, but to all of us, our new beginning. >> fifty-five pawn of ba
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that will get bao bao and her supplies to dullos airport.irpo traveling to china with bao bao, panda keeper mardi deary, and vet doctor catherine hope. she'll come home right away. and he'll stay with bao bao in china for a few days, finally it is bao bao's farewell. she is in that crate, and will remain under quarantine for 30 days, after arriving in china. >> so, i'll take a moment today to be sad, and i'll miss l bao bao, andl tomorrow it is is back to work. >> three giant pandas remain at the zoo,ee g baby brother baa seems on belief just to it to all. >> anyone will agree he is equally board recall, we can focus on him, already getting ready for next year's breeding season? doctor smith says that's where may seaning came into play, soa, stay tuned at your national zoo in northwest washington, bob barnard, fox5 local news. >> stay with fed ex, great publicity out of this.his. >> they always do actually. they're always the kind of the
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panda over there. but it has been wonderful weather to send him glove i h think bao bao left because it is too cold todayba.o ba c comeol on, where are the 60s, 70s? >> i remember when they sent tae-shon, you could see himd se moving around in there and a looked a little frantic. so i think theyoked probably changed so we wouldn't have toun look at it, what the scheck this we're looking at? >> a renovation. r >> oh, rent a crate. >> and this is>> our sky shot.h. it looks a little bit like a thunderstorm to me for just a second. but don't worry, folks, we'veve got clear skies out there. and that sun is not going down until 5:53 tonight. you know whatun else i was justt checking on, daylight saving time when we set our clocks s forward, couple of weekends away, march 12. i thought i would start with beautiful picture from lloyd ferguson, the clouds that wereds around this t morning, made for a spectacular sunrise in the sun planes virginia, isn't that georgous, and if you get greatet shot like this, send it to me at sue palka fox5d
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a 53:00, i think we'll got great shots tonight. love to see what you get,, we'll show it tonight at 10:00 t it early enough. here's where the cloud cover will come from tonight.from mix of sun and clouds today, you can see some tantalizinglyaa close rain, that's probably pro not going to get in here, although we can't completely rule out sprinkle or shower, and in the next 24 hours, but most of us are going to be dry >> the heat continues, yesterday we hit>> t 68, or suny we hit 71, on into saturday. mid 50's, feels pretty goody for this time of year, certainly well above average. fifty-two right now in gaithersburg, 54 frederick, winchester, still 59 culpeper, and fredericksburg coming in at 58. notice it is cooler at annapolis, close to the water. that will makes, c difference fe this time of year. y but the winds direction has now shifted again,
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today, out of the northeast, and east, now we've got the south wind and that means we are on tap for a warm up tomorrow. just let me give you idea i while it is not about the wind speed, which is pretty light today, it is about the wind direction, and what is it able to tap? some warm air just down to the south, including mid 60s, for nashville, 64 atlanta, del rio r already up to 85 degrees, so here comes a lot of warmth that we see across the middledle part of the country, and tomorrow is just beginning as we climb right back up to the upper 60s, record challenging heat on thursday, and friday,y, as we soar into the 70s again. for this evening, it is kindning of cool. 7:00 temperatures should be right around tempe 53 degrees. and again, this is relative terms comparing the temperatures tonight to what teatur past several nights. 52 degrees at 9:00 and by 11:50. we're keeping clouds around,ds a we will likely start with some clouds tomorrow.ds and then we will see that kind of clear out for more sunshineuh tomorrow afternoon, on wednesday, which will get th
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temperature pumping right backgi up to 67 degrees.s. we'll have the seven day coming up in just a few minutes. jim, sarah, back to >> all right, thank you, sue. right now at 5:00 stabbing at a caught on camera. c >> break in the case, new details ahead. >> they didn't want to be mean, mom. but then again, i wanted to certainly teach a lesson.n. >> she look like somebody who will play dirty?dirt because this mom did. she sent her son a care package, filled with trash. tra >> oh, that's a nice mom. >> come see how she explains exp to fox5 why that punishment fits the crime. first, what's going on, gary? >> reporter: hey, thanks, jim. have youter: heard? this lovable little planet pluto, wait, i called it a planet. it is not a planet any morement tech nick will a dwarf planet of gigantic interest. but you know what, there is a i chance that pluto may be becoming a big boy planet again. more details, more news on that, live this evening from e the air and space museum here in d.c. we'll have more
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coming up on fox5 news at 5:00. stay with us. us.
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welcome back, it is anlc issue that's divided the scientificome th community. more than a decade ago, the international astronomicalstro union shocked a lot of people,tf remember this one, now the t group no longer considered pluto a planet. >> in fact, sarah and i were having intense discussion about it during the commercial break. we will pick it up a little later on, group of nasa scientists cents fightingight back. they want new definition thatito would once again recognize pluto as a planet. fox5's gary mcgrady live tonight at the smithsonian airan and space museum with more, hey, gary? >> in your toss you summed it up a little bit. all of the bickering about this, then that means, and i think you guys are kind
5:23 pm
bribing row cam of what really the viewership, and the space shuttle experts out there. and i think it is really a division on is pluto a planetlae or is pluto not a real planet?t? and so i came out to the air and space museum. wonderful exhibit.ibit covers all of the planets,, talks a lot about this. so just come out. not just pluto, but listen, i want to show this real quick. this is new horizon.izon >> this was launched, and itnd i is deep explorer. exp and it is pick up on a lot of o new pictures from pluto. and a lot of evidence out there. and you agree? they're thinking ofan nasa, that why in the world was pluto w ever givenas the distinction of a dwarf planet? like it has got to be -- it fits all of the parameters, so they come up with new definition, i'm telling you right now, most of the people p we talked to today, they're glad about that. >> what do you know about pluto the planet? pl dwarf planet? more we grew up with it, just wantg
5:24 pm
same, you know, the way they used to be. >> through all of the probes we sent out into space, the one that went off in the solar system it, actually saw pluto. and given that, i think it deserves to be called a planet too. plus i grew one it, it screwst up my whole thing of the solar system. it was a nine now a oh, my goodness.s. >> now they may add a tenth. >> i think it would be reallylly cool because pluto is like a planet. well, it was a planet. and i think that was really cool. but then it was sad when they took it away because now it matches up to everything. >> you know, really does, it was nine, number nine, now it i is not, now eight planets. now but again nasa, nasa really thinks it should be made a big boy planet again, back to number nine. the astronomers took the distinction of planet away, made it a dwarf planet.
5:25 pm
so actually the planetary scientists hold on, we are the ones who should make this distinction, so what they've done, i have to read this to you, okay? they came one new definition, now, listen to this, the new proposal is a planet in a substellar math body never undergone nuclear vision, and it has sufficient self graph takes to assume a shape absolutely and adequately described by triaxial, blah, blah, blah watch it means is this. it has to beah ws is round. it has to be smaller than a star. not a new tron star. not a black hole. so i'm sure, jim, sarah, these,h were the things that you guyss were debating. correct?co >> oh, intensely. >> so that means that's whatt' it means to be a dwarf planet? is that description?tion i'm lost here. >> no, no, no. they say it was a dwarf planet because it didn't have -- it didn't hold anything in its neighborhood. planetly didn't have or moons orbiting around it. and it was way too far away. and another thing, too, this
5:26 pm
it will take quite a while.hile but who knows. >> one thing that screws up remember growing up theyhingwing taught you the planets, it is pa my very excellent mother just served us nine pizzas, which is was -- >> oh,. >> without pluto now my mother served us nachos? who knows. >> it does mess everything up, , like the guy you talked tonight not right. >> thank you, guard. >> i needs to come back to thett planet. again. >> coming up at 5:30, what happened to nora mia after the t early morning hours after she talked with someone ing ho her apartment building. she was never seen again. we rewind to the crime. a warning tonight for people using atm machines after this skimming device was found inside a 7-eleven atm. finds out if you may have been a victim coming up. hey, fitz. >> reporter: sarah, good evening, air b andepor b a brave new world in how to stay in a city? but others say it might be simply that needs moree
5:27 pm
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prince georges countyin police making arrest at deadly stabbing. this happened two weeks ago incr the 6400 block of central avenue when police got therere they found jamal barnes suffering from stab wounds. wou maryland marshall of alexandria has been taken into custody, charged with first and second agree murder. police are still looking for acd seconds suspect. >> driver has been chargedharg with dui in a deadly crash in lowden county. investigators say andre glenn was going north on route 28 when he hit a traffic differ identifier passengers were thrown from theenrs wer vehicle, one of then died on the scene.
5:31 pm
survived that glenn charged with dui and driving with a suspended license. >> and in the district, this rict is all that's left after firee ripped through home in northwest. the flames broke out early ut e this morning, in the 3700 block of ninth street. no one was hurt, and the red cross helping five people displaced by the fire. f four pets in the home were saved. the cause, still under investigation. it is one of the district's most chilling unsolved crimes.ct's the 2009 murder of restauranteur mia.. >> thirty-eight year oldr described as free spirit byit b those who knew her. found strangled to death inside her northwest apartment. it is a case that has so far puzzled investigators and her family. fox5's paul wagner has tonight's rewind to the crime. c >> it is now been seven long years since carlos discoverediso the body of had is is her atis the inside her 16th street apartment. a shock that has left him with a swirl of emotions. enormous grief on top
5:32 pm
simmering anger. how could someone do this to nori? >> there are time i want to wake up and just call her, i want to hear her voice. voi i want to go out and have aa drink with her. we always went out and had our wine together. and can''t and there is nothing you can do. i completely understanding of u the fact thatnd she's gone, which i wasn't before. >> after his sister was killed, carlos struggled withith his emotions, he closed the restaurant on u street, and moved to houston, but didn't last. something was pulling him back. >> in a sense i felt i didn't d want to give up, but i needed a break. and it didn't work. i had to get back it dc. >> he reopened copi this time on connecticut avenue. and kept calling police and prosecutors. the's being done to close case?
5:33 pm
>> any update, where are we?e? any development? and it sort of kind of went w the same way for the last seven years. yea >> hon halloween night 2009, saturday, nori worked the early shift at the restaurant rs before slipping out for the evening. the self proclaimed salsa queen oflf pro dc wanted to dan. she went to the rhumba cafe on 18th street where she had beennn dating the owner. own before heading to the russia house, and then to bravo bravo, where she met one her regular dance partner, but she didn't stay long. and took a cab home. that's nori walking into the woodner lobby about 2:30 in the morning. she stops briefly to talk with someone at the front desk before checking her mail and walking down the hallway.ay when sunday goes by with no word from nori, carlos heads to the apartment monday morning, but gets
5:34 pm
and by monday afternoon, he aft feelser something is terribly wrong. that's carlos in his younger sister blanca checking in at the front desk.nca fr when carlos andon his sister made it inside nori11 floor apartment here, they found her in bed, wrapped in a comforter, still dress in thell her d underwear, but she had clearly been and when homicide investigators arrived, and a began to examine the body, they found something chilling. something that shook the veteran investigators.. they discovered all of her fingernails had been cut off. apparently in a attempt to keep police from getting any dna. >> to me just incredible to see and to really understand und that there is someone that can do that. that is unique. u >> what happened in thosen first couple of days? >> well, the first couple of days, we were able to definitely conduct numerous interviews. we just did not arrive at
5:35 pm
point of developing a true suspect in the case. so even today we're hopinge ho someone will come forward with any information relative to rel what happened.atpene the cause of death being affix owe agents, due to ligatures, the manner was homicide. >> the woodner apartment complex is huge and protected p by cameras focused on the front doors, side doors, back doors, but despite that investigators were able to come up with aator suspect. in part because so many peoplee were wearing halloween costumes. but as the investigation progressed, detective were able to foil the killer's wicked plan to cover his tracks. they were able to discover dna profile that has so far been used to rule number of people out. >> a lot of the friends who knew my sister wh oo werf eth me have also been tested, also have been eliminated. everyone that i know has given their dna. >> but so far no match has
5:36 pm
a match when made carlos believes will be someone his his sister new. >> oh, ya. oh, ya. >> so now seven years later,ears carlos and his younger sister, honor nori by running this cozy italian eatery wherever september 9th, her birthday,thda they invite friends in to celebrate her life. with fox5's rewind of the crime, i'm paul wagner. >> department says it hasar received two reports of suspicious phonecalls in the past 24 hours.tmenived t pho the callers claim they were medicare representatives, andntt asked the seniors for their medicare account information. medicare will not call and ask for your aou
5:37 pm
social security number or other sensitive sec informationr over the phone. and, a warning tonight, for people who live in laurell maryland. police found a skimming device, at a 7-eleven on route 197. they say it was attached to a atm inside the store.tore police want to remind people when you use a atm, check for obvious signs of tampering.peri if something looks different, such as different color, or material, do not use that atm am and call police. tonight dc council member hitting back hard against suggestions he's pushing regulation on air bnb under b influence from some big hotels. pulls up at dc council hearing this afternoon c whereou abnb renters showed up to oppose o new regulations, tom fitzgerald there, liver tonight at the wilson building w with more on. >> this we had kenya motorcycle did you have any here talking about this. what's thele didalki latest? >> reporter: well, jim, the question at the heart of all of this is one we've heard before, is the old way thathat governments regulatern businesses, getting in theme way
5:38 pm
economies. remember, this is an argument we heard when uber came to town, and now it is air bnb's turn. there is a proposed piece of legislation in the wilson w build that would limit air bnb host from renting out their homes for more than 15 days if they are not in those homes. so, listen to what matthew erred man says. he's one of the air bnb hoses. he says this would ruin him financially. >> we're currently renting our place 60 days a year.r. so that would be a lot of 75% of our air bnb income.e. that extra income that air bnb b provides allows knee stay home and take care of myows daughte. >> now, air bnb says the typical dc host earned about $5,800 from home sharing, last yearho alone,me they also claim that the company's pumped in
5:39 pm
merely $14.5 million into dc tax covers. now, they have launchedd aggressive advertising campaign throughout the district aimed directly at ward 5dc councilman kenjon mcduffy, who also rides these new proposed regulations, now,, he tells fox5 from his viewpoint, the way he sees things, these old school wayss that governments regulation businesses just don't fit these new kind of internet-based companies.ed c also he's concerned, thathat people could be forced out of their homes, and makeshift hotels could sprout out all over dc forcing people out of the place they live. he also made it very clear, as you're going to hear right now, he's none too fond ofd of these ads that are all over radio and television these days, claiming that the councilman is doing all ofall this because he's being pushed to do it by the hotel
5:40 pm
industry. >> i can't tur n on a radio rad without hearing an advertisement saying the hotel isn't makingt yousa do this. is the hotel industry making m you do this? why are you doing it? >> nobody is making me do this. i'm doing this because it is is the right thing to do. right now if you want to register your home on short-term rental, the process very ambiguous, and it is difficult for an ordinary o person who wants to do so to navigate the bureaucracy. >> so clear difference of opinion here. to give you some comparison, arlington county, they pass regulations last year. they put the limit at 185 days.. here in d.c., under the councilman's bill, that would be 15 we will hear a lot more about this. council president, fillent, mendelssohn announced today he'll hold hearings on april 24th on this new proposed regulation. we're live at the wilson
5:41 pm
building tonight. >> coming up: worth a small fortune. >> tom brady's superbowl jersey, it is still and now a police report reveals how much this jerseyy actually worth. and home schooled. a mom who sent herand college n a care package filled withh trash explains to fox5 why she did this, how she came up with this idea, and in order to teach her son a valuable lesson. back after this.
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>> ought to have spectacular sunset to match the sun today. d i love this, sent to us, landing at dullos arrival this morning, timed out beautifully with the sunrise, and barely can see his name under there, t next time i'm move that
5:45 pm
thank you for sending us your gorgeous picture, if you get a great picture like that one, o be sure to send it to me. i would love to see it. meanwhile, let me get caught c up what we can expect. we'll keep the clouds around, even spotty areas of drizzle d late tonight, tomorroworro morning. but if we have clouds or even little bit every drizzle. that will only last through t the morning hours, because sun will try to break back through t for wednesday afternoon, and as that happens, we will see our temperatures soaring into the 60satures tomorrow, but 70sa on the way for thursday,y, friday. we are talking about potentially record breakingg temperatures thursday, friday,ra and maybe a thunderstorm on saturday, and it could be a strong one, as well, becauseause if we're going to see things getting about 15, 20 degrees above normal between wednesday t and saturday day, with the warmest days being thursday and friday. so, windows open weatherer unless you're bothered by tree pollen. which was high today. t and will likely remain high all week. so, we're talking about possibly breaking records.. wednesday's high of 77, was w the record, n
5:46 pm
that one. i don't think. thursday, 78 degrees. friday, 78.. these are the current records. what is the possibility of hitting them? unlikely for wednesday, we will go 67 tomorrow. thursday, 75. friday, 76. 76. so we could challenge them thursday and friday. fri and we do have cloud cover cov around tonight. the bulk of the moisture you see here, is not going to get in. but we could have just littletle bit of patchy drizzle here and there, as high pressure is going to be singing down tosi the and might allow a little bit of light moisture to come in overcast for sure. better chance of seeing some more measurable rain with the south and west of dc. keeps us in the four's, again aa can't rule out the possibility after little bit of drizzle. we're at 55 degrees right now, we head for the 40's tonight, t should be pretty comfortable. but warmer air, showing up, u just down to the south and wells, and that's what we're going to be able to tap going so, let's tap in to the seven day t forecast, my accuweather, 75 degrees, thursday maybe couple of showers around, ies, think the showers thursday, t maybe some early morning drizzle would be later in the evening, 7:00, 8:00. dry friday,
5:47 pm
fantastic, if you have a day you need to burn, burn it on friday. maybe a thunderstorm on saturday with a temperature of 70. no wonder the storms are strong, we drop to 50 on sunday. fox5 news at 5:00 look right back.
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>> a story hot on the web, college student around from leonard town maryland getting m a lot of attention after his his mother sent him what het hi thought was a care package, that is until he opened it. >> connor thought his mom sending him necessities andcess good east, and said, the box was filled with garbage. >> connor's mom said she sentsad him the trash because he was too lays toy take it out when he was home for the toy t holidy break. >> he clearly understood, and thought he was getting away with leaving us, you know,w, with that mess. tha and i thought how can i teach him a lesson in terms of he needs to clean up after himself. aim goinpu
5:51 pm
going box and i'm mailing this backnd to him. thought right, pal, you're getting the box. and he said well, did you really mean to send me this box of trash? i said yes, i did. we laugh about it. i mean, mywe husband and i just thought it was really funny.ny. but we do those things here, i think, as the kids have gotten older a lot of our lessons are a in humor as opposed to negative consequences so to speak. they ends to remember the funny ones better. hey, budd, how are you?ud i love you.d, you got me into this mess. this is just all you, connor. >> and so connor posted the itt on social media, and it's gone viral. connor joining us now via skype.ype. connor, thanks for talkingks f with us, so what did you think when you opened up that box? >> i was obviously really surprised. i was expecting a lot of food
5:52 pm
and gifts and stuff that coy use. but nothing that i could really use, i guess, it is all trash. >> connor where are you at the school rightwher now? >> i'm at westminster college up in pennsylvania. >> i knowyl westminster veryster well. when you opened the box up, did you take it around? did you get any reaction from a anybody on yourny floor? >> my roommate was in there while i opened it up. because he was some smacks for him, too. >> he was pretty disappointed,ip and then i walked out and my neighbor and he thought it was hilarious, but i didn't thinkt it was that fun. >> i it leads me to the question i i assume you called your mom. with a was the conversation like? >> it was kind of, like humerous, but i was kind of like mom, really, i need some smacks up here. but she drilled the point home. and told me how i needed too stay responsible when i am home. i agree with. that will that's how it is. >> so ill satisfy this right now, did you learn your lesson here? >> ya, i did. i'm usually good with tin
5:53 pm
out, doing my chores and doing o everything i should do, but i thought i could get away with this one. obviously not.ot. >> so you'll n taking out the t trash from now on when you visit home? >> ya, for sure. >> connor, we appreciate t by the way if you're up at westminster, go down to promanny. >> i've already been there. >> then send your sandwich trash your mom. >> ahh. >> thanks, connor. >> good luck. >> a good sport. here, right, coming up retirement ceremony goesemon horribly wrong for a minor league honky team. >> and the nats big piece of the puzzle, won't be traveling too far, sports is next.
5:54 pm
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>> tom brady's superbowl b jersey still missing but the "newstonight" is what we'reralle seeing on the police report, obtained by "tmz," it values v it jersey worth a half million dollars. high price tag, the theft is considered a first deg
5:57 pm
felony which would likely carry jail time. t the jersey taken from lockerroom after the superbowl of the madness post celebration.brat nationals manager says this time ofon year it ials lika pulse ill, his job to take the e players and put the very beam -- best team together.eam the national signing, orioles, r catcher matt to two years, $21 million deal, and it doesoes include opt out klaus, will get 10 million this year, 11 million if he comes back next year, if only 30 years old and he's played his entire eight year career with the orioles, four time all-star,time last year 17 homers, 66 rbi's, most likely the new starter behind the plate, big pick up there no doubt about. that will meantime the redskins have week from today to slap the franchise tag on curt cousins, the sides have hav until july to work out long-term deal. we've told this before last year, but the reality, if they can't work out a deal because cousin would tag consecutivensec years get paid 20% more than t
5:58 pm
$19.9 million. about $24 million. so really if you do the math, four redskins players would account for significant part of ther si time $168 million mil salary cap, talking curt cousins, josh norman, trent williams, ryan kerrigan, together all of theirms, salars add up to $70.7 million, which is 42% of the cap itself for players, a lot of money. over the weekends, little minor league hockey, the fortt wayne comets held jersey retirement for colin, but look. it was upside down. dow he actually number 91, not number 16. un for the lip, they couldn't flip it in time so they had to raise it then after the first intermission they finally took it down, flipped it up the right way, afterward the arena apologized blaming the gap on his staff and not the team itself. >> thanks for being with us tonight. i'm jim lowe kay for sarah simmons, we appreciate youe tuning in. fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now.ri >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
president trump vow to combat bigotry and unite what he calledotry a divided countryy thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm sean >> i i'm tony perkins,, president trump made the remarks during visit. comes as the president is facing criticism that he's not come out strongly enough against recent threats directed at us jewish centers. fox5's ronica cleary starts us s off live tonight, near the white house. ronica? >> reporter: hey, sean, tony, well, to gave you a little backgrounds, there have beenre h reports there were nearly 60rly bomb threats of jewish community centers across the united states one comedian province in january. then just yesterday, 11 more reports of bomb threats of jewish community centers, now,, it wasn't until today after aera tour of the smithsonian african-american history museum had president trump addressed those bomb threats. take a listen.
6:00 pm
reminder of why we have to fight bigotry, intolerance, hatred in all of its very ugly forms. the anti-semetic threat targeting our jewish communityny and community centers are horrible and are painful, andd very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to don root out hate and prejudice and evil. >> now, just yesterday, ivanka a trump took to twitter, this t is the first time we heard from someone in the trump administration about these bomb threats.rati she tweeted: america is a nation built on the principal of religious tolerance, wewe must protect our houses of o worship and religious centers, hashtag jcc. now, in response to president trump remarks today, statement released by t


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