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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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christian sosa rivas was murdered. his death part of a string ofstf incidents that police say areaya gang related and also includesns the murder of a 15-year-old girl. this newest development avelopm crucial piece of a pull in a troubling time line of deaths disappearances and and. >> december 10th damaris rivas s went missing january 12th is when christian rivas' body' bo washed up on the potomac. lizzy cal linda's wents wt missing. nearly a month later whener when lizzy and her baby returned home, it was determined intermi case she left against her he will. the next morning the remains of the first missing teen damaris reyes rivas was found february 14th venus febr
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connected.ay allected. fox5's alexandria limon isimo that in prince william countyco with new developments tonight. alex. >> reporter: christian sosa sosa rivas' body washed up washed somewhere along this beach inchi mid january here in dumfries.mfe now police say an internalan in power struggle within ms-13 m may be the reason he wass killed. killed. >> apparently he claimed aen role that he didn'ttl even havee is what my understanding of itt was. now whether that was thethat was motivation for his killing, iki, know that was an issue that'se s been brought up.been b whether that was theroher that e motivating factor in his death d i don't know.i >> reporter: police say the murder investigation inton ito members of ms-13 were notnot happy sosa rivas claimed to bele the leader of ms-13 in then he area but they add there couldheo be other factors in his murder. david wright works just yards awayht wor from where the bodyte washed up. up. he says he spoke with investigators on the scene sce that day.that day. >> they just said he had a lotdt of tattoos and he was cut up up pretty bad and maybe a bulle
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in the head or something likeomg that and a lot of trauma tof tro the body. >> reporter: nearly sixrly six weeks after the murder, princerc william county police announced three people are ae facing murder charges and were arrested in pennsylvania.sylva. >> the victim was lured downs to that area. down where he was found inundin dumfries. >> reporter: two others areheare facing charges for conspiracyge and were arrested backs on february 12th.febru. 19-year-old angelica blank b cone 18-year-old khayree gonzalez.gonza >> the two women wereen wer identified pretty quickly as co-conspirators and they wereate arrested in >> reporter: in fact, thosedefa two arrests happened just oneusn day after the body of damaris reyes rivas was discovered byvey fairfax county police in in springfield. police confirmed both casescases are linked to the violentiolent salvadorian gang ms-13.. court documents in the murderts investigation here in princen pi william county are still s sealed so it's likely whenlikelw this case goes to court, we we
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information about this murder mr as well as how it's linked tokeo the murder of damaris reyes ree rivas. rivas. reporting in dumfriesdumes alexandria limon fox5 local locl news. >> and just a short time agoe police arrested al sixth sith person in connection with thethe death of christian rivas, rivas, samuel enrique sanchez wasz wa charged with murder.urder. we'll of course stay on top ofaf this developing story andy ad bring put the latest as that tt information becomes available. >> now to new informationw in tonight about the zika zika retest results are backts at the departarment of forensic sciences. out of nine samples thatthat originally came back negative, one of them is 100 percent positive. while eight others couldght othd possibly be the zika virus. fox5's matt ackland brokeand ok the news on twitter thiswitis afternoon and so far more thandr 200 of 400 zika samples havea sh been retested.ret an internal review of theerna department foundl nearly 300e pregnant women may have mistakenly been told they didy d not have the mosquito bornebor virus. we're told all of the retestsret should be complete by next
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week. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser has made her choicema for tyohee next police chief and now d.c. council will hold a confirmation hearing.e peter newsham has been interimnm chief since chief cathy lanierla depthd to lead the nflthenfl security matt ackland live on this nomination of peter newsham.ews. hey, matt. >> reporter: hey, jim.he hey, j. i asked the mayor today whyr toy did it take her so long tolon make this permanent announcement she's known chief e newsham for a very long time. t. she announced him to theth interim post before cathyfore lanier left. she said i wanted to get through the presidentialresidenl inauguration and then realized e that chief newsham was theam w e right person for the job. [applause] >> reporter: interim chief int peter newsham received loudd ld applause as he entered the the room with mayor bowser.ayor wse. >> it brings me great pleasure e to announce my appointment ofoin peter newsham as the next e chief of police.
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>> reporter: bowser says the sah search for a new leader wasw internal and nationwide. about 100 candidates newsham nem will have big shoes to serving many years in chief ch cathy lanier's shadow. >> i amsh not chief lanier . >> [laughter]>> i don't intend to be chiefoh lanier in any way shape orape or form, although i did admireadme and respect her as a leader lead and i learned a lot from her. hr if i'm going to be the chief th of police i have te o run it inn a way that i think is in thethe best interests of washington,st d.c. and the folks who live here. >> reporter: newsham saysews trust with the community will te be a ctop priority. his focus will be communityity policing. po he also spoke up for the ranknk and file saying most deserveng s praise. >> these ar e good people doingdo good things and they need to nee be recognized for that.for we need to inspire them andd make them recognize that law enforcement is a noble nob profession. >> reporter: the police eporte stateme statement backing this decision by they te mayor. also former police chief cathy
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the mayor's choice today to beae the next police chief.chie it's not over.. the judiciary committee they will have to take oan ry cthists nomination. to one council member who sits on that judiciaryju committee today.e today. that council member told me tolm all questions that are raisedra by the public, raised by the media, they will be askedasked during that that foru so, it's still up to the e judiciary committee to confirmcr all of that. th we'll keep you updated.pd at the wilson building, matt ackland fox5 local newsily.ewsi. >> ♪♪ >> he's coming, he's coming. >> incredible video here of a maryland man, he is sending seng special thanks tonight to theghe d.c. police officers whoolice of pulled him from that burningfirg car. ca michael smith remains inin intensive care where he ishe recovering from a fractured frae leg and pelvis.and pelvs. >> the 58-year-old hit a lighti pole on bladensburg road andad d his rescue was captured on the
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fox5's paul wagner has a has special message from smith andsh his wife. he's live now tonight with the h story. hey, paul. >> reporter: yeah, guys weuys we spoke with michael smith'ssmth' wife today exclusively outsideoe the washington hospital center where he's hospitalized.s he cannot get out of bed righttf now. he's still in intensive care cre so he's asked us to pass on a oa message he recorded for theorded cops who saved f his life.fe. >> i want to say thank younk from the deep within my hearthit and i will be contacting you when i'm better to thank you ou in person for being there andred saving my life.saving m >> reporter: a fiftha f district officer was on his off way back to the station onionon bladensburg road when he saw michael smith's wrecked carckedr with flames and smoke coming co from the hood.ood >> i believe there's onere'sone inside. i'm going to break the windowwid right now. >> reporter: smith was conscious but his wife now ow says has no recollection ofre what happened just before or after the wreck. wr >> can you open the door? doo? open
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get your seat belt off. bel >> reporter: the flames from the hood are beginning tor: t a build along the ofreficer beg ps smith from the car. cr. and after being removed, thee officers ask him if anyoneanyne else is inside. >> is anyone else in there. >> reporter: michael smithyone a is a el58 s-yemar-old truck drir who lives with his wife and three teenaged sons inna montgomery county.mery tonya smith met up with usith us outside the hospital today where she had a message forss fr the officers as well. wel >> they're angels in uniforms.ur i mean, there's no words for -- for the heroism and the h bravery that they displayed insa saving him. >> he's coming, he's coming.c >> reporter: sonia smithorte says she had no idea a video v of the rescue even existedven until she started gettinggetting calls from friends and familyfal early yesterday morning.. when she was at the hospitalospi she showed it to her husband.. >> thank you jesus. t thank you to the police
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it was overwhelming.v he was very emotional watchingtg it. >> reporter: smith says sheter: and her husband can't wait to thank the officers in >> we're so grateful for allor l that you do every day andy ad especially on that day, yes., y >> reporter: michael smith s has a long road to recovery inor front of him.. it will be >> tonya smith says herth says e husband doesn't know why he e crashed that night but she e says he is a diabetic and thatdh may have had something to doomed with it. with we now know the names of the th officers who helped get himg out of the car. a they are sergeant nicoleant nole brown, officer steven hines, officer roberto adams officerof john hines and officer jacobyery taylor. paul wagner, fox5 local news. new. >> it's amazing though. cameras everywhere to sees ev exactly what ourer people do ouo there will, our men and womend w in blue. >> always good to showhow gratitude. goes a long way. all right.go 5:00 an altercation betweenonen a group of teens and an offff duty police off
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gunfire. >> leave him alone. >> he's a >> (bleep). >> the scene caught on cellt one phone deo.o. what sparked the scuffle anduffn the response to the video that's now going viral.'s n >> and the mas sieve seaowrch ss for a man wanted for ann attempted abduction has ended ed tonight. to where police caught up withght the suspect who they believe to be armed abnd dangerous.g sue. su >> hey there sarah and jim. feast your eyes on the numberses behind me. o hi unbelievable heat tond mday, mo, like the middle of may and ad 77 degrees at dulles today, toda that is a new record.reco we shattered the previoused the record by 4 degrees.4 de i don't know about you but ut this makes memorial want toemort work on my golf swing and ilf don't even golf. golf. but i know somebody who does. do hey, gary, you got the longlo straw today.d >> you know, this is whathisat happens when they say it's at's great day, get a photographerhoo and go find something to do. do. and i think we d we managed toa get out to loudoun county toptyp golf loudoun and we're goingwe'e to work on our game just a jua little bit because it's it's february. i
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dulles, which is like rightis lr down the street. so basically what would youould rather be doing than workingo on your game yes these peoplep they want to be on tv.ant to be. say, hi. hi. we'll come back see if i can i n hit a golf ball into a target.a. fox5 local news at 5:00 will continue. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> a little katrina 5 o'clock on this thursday.sday. >> why not. >> there is a lot of sunshinet e and i cannot believe i was actually sweating today in the car. that tells you how long it is or i have a problem, i don't know. >> meanwhile i still have myavem seat warmer on. >> what. >> i'm joking.joking >> which i wouldn't put it i wou past you. i know people who run those space heaters when it's i 85 degrees o >> exactly right but you knowigy what, we are going to feel fel like it's that warm.w this is unbelievable, isn'tli it, jim and sarah? 77 degrees e at dulles and bwi, 75 for f reagan and we're going to begoio right back there tomorrow.m let's check on temperatureson tu right now because as you knowasy we are in the record books bo only at dulles but it's stillll 75 degrees. cumberland you're 77.u're it is 76 in hagerstown.hagerown. annapolis the cooler spot at 63 and quantico i guess i'mgu not sure why they're so cool, co i likely would suspect
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proximity to the river there t with the south wind 72 at leonardtown, 66 at cambridge car so a little cooler near water we and we are as you know in thew e record books at dulles.du we could do this again agan tomorrow. 73 here. look at boston at 62 degrees. deges. buffalo happy they've had ahad crazy winter, too, not as much h snow as usual, 78 degrees ateest little rock saint louis is 71 7 and now it's 93 in del rio andn already hot in dallas at 87 degrees. 87 cold shot on the map.on the mp. this cold front willd front eventually approach us overh usr the weekend and knock things ths back down into februaryebrry reality but for the short short term, want you to see that that we're going 69 degrees atrees t 7 o'clock, so mild, hope youope get a chance to spend somespende time outside this evening,is ev, it's go to be very pleasantple and even by 9 o'clock it'sck i' 64 degrees and you think aboutou the fact that our average higheh is 50, we're going to be wellng above it even as late as 9 o'clock. by 11 o'clock, 61 degrees andd we're going to keep ourp or temperatures overnight in theige 50's. 50's. so, we have another warm dayay coming tomorrow but we willell have some changes to talkchan
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weekend. so we'll fill you in on all of o that coming up in just a few minutes with the full weather wr report. jim. >> thank you, sue.rt.e. but you know not everyone ne is excited about this muchit this is a liveed look for you right now at wisp. wi ski resorts taking a big hitig t this winter. these are mountain came over at wisp whichca is in westernesn maryland. maryland as we spin it around barely bar any snow out there and a lotnd of green patches. it's a rough go ifof you like yo the slopes. >> i think i saw one person that was going down the slope t before they moved the >> yeah. >> that was it, just one. on >> a hearty soul.ty >> i know. wow. t'snow. hitting themng e pretty hard that's for sure.r s. >> we talked about what ae ta great day it >> yeah. you can't deny can' perfect for going for a run,t r, playing some tennis evenennisn hitting the green and fox5's f gary mcgrady is out soakingt oag up some of that sunshine inne loudoun county atop golf inf in ashburn. how you got away with calling an this work i have no idea butut gary, please tell us. u >> reporter: i know. kn it's almost like you have to h pinch me to tell me that thisto is what my assignment wasg
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people have to do do it. somebody's got to do it.t the whole deal here is -- anda by the way, young ju is with t me and he's the pga professional for top golf.op gl. in february its so nice, youiceu can already get out and startart knocking the dust off yourdust r golf game. what are some of the thingshin young that people want to peo start off.ff. they haven't swung the club inun several months like me. what are some of the basicsic things. >> start off with goodith stretches first. take a club right over yourovery shoulder and get into that golf posture, turn, hold, makeoe sure you don't pull anything,y hurt your back or anythinga like that. and then. >> reporter: what about if your back is already hurting. orte >> then probably chiropractorhr would probably be the besthee thing. >> reporter: i understand. now, listen, i'm going to takeoe advantage of this.e of this. it's not often i hang out withoh a pga professional but i'mofess going to ask you to look at my t game just a little bit. >> sure. >> >> reporter: truth be heep already looked at it just aoroks little bt it.le b you can tell me what to do.
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we probably should have gotten a ball ready.eady it's open year round, right? >> we got two heated bays. two e >> reporter: i got to haveo hav this. this when it's snowing you can comesn out here and work on your game m and it's heated.'s there's a lot of food andd drink. drin settle. se >> settle is>> >> reporter: how about my my grip. >> grip is excellent actually.. >> reporter: lights see whatterh happens. >> very nice. just a little pull there. the so go ad had and set up one one more time. >> reporter: what do i needdo id to work on? n? >> just make sure that you getog those hands just a little bite t in front and we want to get want back to that position at impact. hands left. very nice. n >> reporter: get in theet in the hole. >> right in the target. in the g very good. >> reporter: all right. that's pretty good. so, all in
5:19 pm
what's the one things yoidu seee that's bad about my swing.ut >> just consistency is always aw an issue that everyone has, soao with that, just you hit it,hit i try to hit it more towards the t center of the club base,e, that's the biggest cue.ggest cu. you guest more consistent. >> reporter: i've been hereen he like 15 minutes and joe is my photographer and we realizede re that golf is not necessarilyec the prime activity out here.acti >> no, no, no.. but, you know, it's theres there especially on a beautiful dayuty like today t-you know, weknow, e could enjoy it and get someg targets, hit some shots grab some food and drinks. >> reporter: speaking ofoodepor food and drink.ter: spend d look at this. there's a whole lot of ladieso over here enjoying their food tr and drink.and ink. guys, i'm out of time but i'mebm going sit down with you you because i'm sure you'll haveou'l something for me to drink,rink, right? are you having fun. >> absolutely. >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: back to you guys in the>> yepor studio. [laughter] >> they are crushing theare crue margaritas there tay. >> oh, yeah and wine,ah whatever. there's a lot going on at thatnt table, that's for sure.e. they look like they're havingy'n fun, though. >> we'll see gary on tuesday.ue
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all right. switching gears ahead atchi 5:00 a robbery at a winea wine store. >> the suspect seen stholding aa knife up to the clerk's throatt and the why police believe belie this bandit may be behind be another crime, too.e, too. >> and a fifth grader hits up a police facebook page force fab some emergency homework help. we'll tell you will thel tel response shel yo received and id it was any good. god >> each time you do, you sayousy don't put anything on it it that's not important to the story. story. >> stitching together a tapestry of hardships andhips ad triumph. triump one educator shows us how shew e is using a of the to tell atella very important story about our nation's history. >> ♪♪
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>> fox5 recognizing blackox5 re history month by exploring thegt ridge avenue american history in the state of maenrylandue. a. >> we want to introduce you tort
5:24 pm
documentary quilter.i allison seymour has the story.t. yes,.,. [laughter] >> reporter: dr. joan. gaither is sewing up something g big. >> it's important that they'rete monumental. >> reporter: she's creatingcrtig another quilt. >> each time you do, you sayou y don't put anything on itnit that's not important to theortae story. >> reporter: but she's notorte's doing it alone.alo. >> betty sent out the posse is needed. [laughter] >> reporter: inside a small house on the side of a busy by road in anne arrundell county -- >> here you go with them them scissors. get away. >> no, no, before you sew itu sew down look. >> reporter: dr. gaither and gad her posse. >> i'm going to cut it rightright there and we can squish then sq bar. >> reporter: are telling aortera t >> there's a joy to be able tsto see this started with nothingnot and just layering these pieces of fab bring the joy of thee j story that it tells, you know, afterwards. afterwar >> reporter: this quilt is almost done. it will soon bdseorte featured in a in a play before going on display i
5:25 pm
maryland, the quilt speakst volumes. >> so, i put pins in so whenso n you see like around here thereee are pins that will stay in stayn here, they anchor the quilt atth the same time but these symbolize for me the pain off being pulled from yourou homeland and this continuedontin identification of who i.i. by the color of my skin.y >> reporter: and she's very ver honest about what goes into it. >> every 10 years, every decade, a word that is used tous describe folks who look like ke us is, it's different and int ad decided that no one had thead te right to define who i am. >> reporter: after 1727 quilts the journey is justs just getting started.getting started. >> i'm trying to sort of fill in the gaps, get the -- whathe t the actual fact is out throughtr the work and make it beautifulel and invite people at the sameope time. s >> reporter:. >> beautiful.
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reporting.ison dr. gaither and frequentlyithern does artdist f talks at hoodak college in frederick,colleg free maryland. >> she also has a rotatingrot exhibit at the school in the gallery so check it out. out. >> day two of the conservative political action conference.nfe. >> tom fitzgerald covering all things cpac at nationalnaonal harbor. >> reporter: red meat for the red state republican crowdtl here at national harbor.ican ci coming up we'll tell was twowas top white house officials hade l to say that brought this crowd to its feet. ronica. >> thanks, fitz.>> th, fitz. well, we know that the trump knu administration they like tohey t attack the press. pr is it all just a strategy? doao they really believe it? we? we went inside the white house tohe get you the answers after thes e break. break. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> happy ending for a missing ed prince william county w we'll tell you where tetenhere h 15-year-old was located afterd f ate massive search. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> police in montgomery countyim are investigating two armeding d robberies at the same place pc and believed to be committeded d by the same suspect.uspect. both happened at middlebrookdbrk discount wine and beer iner in germantown. in each incident the suspectsu went into the store andor and displayed a knife andlayed a knd threatened the cashier beforee o running out. if you recognize the person in this video, you can see himn seh right there, give montgomery county police a a cal >> the search is on for the driver who rammed his vehiclehi into ave u.s. park policeparpo officer during a traffic stop.s. it happened this morning near n talbert terrace in southeast.ou. the officer fired his weapon we at the driver as he took offff and what is -- in what iswhatis described as an older model old black dodge charger.k dodge cha the officer injured his leg inse the accident but is expecting e to be okay. oay >> crews were called out to a
5:31 pm
house fire in prince george'srei county. this was the scene at the hn oms onne at the 9,000 block of kiso road in fort washington.ashi no injuries were reported.p officials estimate $300,000 inan damage. that fire reportedly started sed outside of the home but it's hou still not known what may havemae caused it.ed it. >> tonight the trump administration seniorministratin officials are not pusellingllig punches with either theirth eitr political opponents or the media. >> at the annual conservative political action conferenceconfe they're out in force.out in fo they did not hold back today, to fitz. >> reporter: no, they did not, jim.. steve bannon lived up to everyoe inch of his reputation as a a take no prisoners bold brash defender of both the trump administration and the alt right conservative movement mov that helped elect donald trumpt to the white house.ouse appearing today along whiteonite house chief of staff reincetafre priebu
5:32 pm
was asked if he thought trump administration's relationshiplao with the media who bannon hasnos called an opposition partyosit would improve and the answer, well, the cpac crowd here atewde it up. up >> here's where it's going togoo get worse because he's goingoing to continue to press his agenda.agend and as economic conditions getot better as more jobs get better e they're going to continue tong o fight. ifnt you think they're going tog give you your country backntry k without a fight you are sadlysay mistaken. >> reporter: well, thiswe joint appearance with reincece i priebus comes as a way to easet concerns in some circles thats t there has been discord in this white house. both men are facing a flurrylury of reports of feuding between bn the two in the white house in hn this first month in office. reince priebus says if theresaye was anything that the mediaedia has gotten the most wrong henghe says "just about everythinge that has to do with me and steve." priebus also
5:33 pm
any concerns among thisy co conservative crowd -- remembencm last year the cpac straw pollctr donald trump came in thirdinhird behind ted cruz and behindd b marco rubio.rubi in fact, reince priebus todayeby said that in fact, donald trump was more like one of thee lions of the conservative movement, the president ronald d reagan >> we have to stick togetherk to as a a t i think that what you've gotu'vt is an incredibleredibl opportunity -- you've got an'ven incredible opportunity to usee this victory that presidentt trump and all of us and you you and everyone that's made thiss happen put together and -- andd- work together, continue to communicate. comm it's veryun similar -- some of f the core principles ofr president trump are very similar to those ofiden ronald reagan. >> reporter: and in fact,act, this white house will continueoe these efforts here as this conference continues.n at the bottom of this hour we h are expecting that mike penceene the vice president will beidentl
5:34 pm
the next few minutes and tomorrow the big speech,sp president donald trump willt speak speahere. it will be the first time that t a president of the unitedf t states has spoken to cpac inn i his first year in office since ronald reagan did it back inin 1981. we're live here at nationalatnan harbor tonight, tom fitzgerald. let's send it over tofi ronica cleary.. >> reporter: thanks, fitz.ft you're there at national a nati harbor but even if you're note t your twitter feed undoubtedlyuby exploded with tweets andets nd updates about what was being beg said today by this meeting that's so many anticipated,tiip, these remarks from stevetev bannon and reince priebus ands d in those remarks, one pointrks came out, that steve bannon bano called us the oppositionpption party, that is, the media and ad that happened just before the press briefings today insidedaye the white house. so, when i had the opportunityh to ask a question of seann of spicer is, i said are these tese tactics of calling us the opposition party the fake newsye from within the
5:35 pm
administration, is it ait branding strategy or do they tey really believe it? take a li.ten. steve bannon today called the ce media the opposition party. par last week there was lots of conversation about the faketh news. some have said this is really ra just a branding of the media mdi where he did that in then the primaries, branding littlendinge marco, lying ted. >> that was tihe president.r >> reporter: right, ofeorter: rf course. but is this a brandingbraing strategy. st >> i think that's what het's whe believes, absolutely.ab of course it's regent i don'tegt think he'd go out -- steve has-s been very clear about hisabout s position on the media and howanw he believes and distortsnd things. >> reporter: the whole administration. >> i just said that that is is what steve's view s he's mades d it several times and i thinki t he's very clear on that.n >> reporter: well, another major topic of questioning in today's press briefing, it hadt to do with that decision that dn came out last night. night the trum
5:36 pm
decision to revoke thosere federal guidelines that allowhaw students in public schools toolo use the bathroom of the gendermo with which they f identify.dent now, during those questions,qu sean spicer, he stressed theed e fact that this is really about t what they believe is a state'sss rights issue unwilling to really get into the weeds of how president trumpo t feels specifically about whether or not transgender studentsy trsgen should usede the bathroom, howrw he feels about it personallyes always going back to the idea that this is a states rights rgs issue. so, i asked a question aboutueso al tweet that you may have seen that came out last night. i jackie evancho, if that name sounds familiar she's the girlsl who sang the national anthema at the inauguration.nauat she tweeted to the president and she said you gave me the honor to sing at your yor inauguration. pleasein give me and my sister r the honor to meet with you to to talk transgender rights.gender . now, jackie's sister isis tranender.r. well, i asked spicer aboutspiceb that as well: is he going
5:37 pm
anyone from the transgenderan community during thisduri conversation. >> i think the president would be welcome to meet the with her.w >> reporter: we'll certainlyert keep an eye out for whether or e not that meeting occurs. oc reporting live at the whiteing house, ronica cleary, fox5fo local news. ne >> as the search continues forsn a mistising montgomery county man a hearing was held today for the woman wldho used his hs credit ca charges of credit card fraud were dropped against sheriff.he she was captured onuredn surveillance cameras using usin john donahoe's card to buytobuy several items in the weeksl ite after he was reportedin missings but sheriff has not beent e charged in connection withn with donahoe's disappearance.sappean. the 36-year-old donahoe was last seendona back in december e leaving his parents' home.ome. still, montgomery county mon police are looking fotr anyonenn with information.nformation. meantime police in fairfaxif county have arrested this man curtis watson.wason. he turned himself in after an attempted abduction this morning. skyfox over the scene on the t 3400 block of little huntingtleg creek. police say watson waited forait the mother of his child tochildo return home, then tried
5:38 pm
abduct her but she was able to escape and called police.p >> we have a happy ending forvea a missing h were prince williamw county teenager nearly oneary oe week after she was first was fir reported missing, makayla mattei was found this morningisg in harrison burg.on urg. the 15-year-old was discovered with 21-year-old meiti metsla.m. detectives say they learned of inappropriate conversationsonves between the two during theirurii investigation into her disappearance. metsla is charged with using asa communication device to solicit a mine. no mattei's mother toldi's d fox5 they are focusing onsing healing their their >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe has signed a setset of bills aimed at combatingcombg the state's opioid epidemic.oid. legislation includes limitingn s the number lim oitf days someonm could be prescribed opioid.. >> these are not just just statistics. they arest mothers fathers sonsh and daughters.and d thisug epi
5:39 pm
families and destroying entireag communities. that is why i've made a ita priority to take urgent actionet that's needed so that we cant wn address this issue. is ahead of this year's generalgenl assembly session, we focused our efforts in helping peopleeoe toward recovery and assisting healthcare. >> the state health heth commissioner declared theissi issue a publicon health crisis.s >> new billboard in one northn h carolina town is raising someise eyebrows. take a look at this. take a l the controversial bilhilboard on the side of a highway in in wynton salem reads real menads n provide real women appreciate aa it. the sign has left many in theane community outraged whiledwhile others say it's fairly accurate. right now at 5:00,w at 500, hundreds of protesters take toto the streets after anthe street altercation between an offerbetr duty police officer and a teen n ends in gunfire. >> ♪♪ >> what sparked the incidentspar in the first place andked the e consequences both the officerofr and teen are
5:40 pm
>> and a fifth grader hits upu a police facebook paper fork p emergency homework help.mework . hey, sue. >> hey, sarah and jim. you know we had the mid 70's today as you know upper 70's 7' in some spots. spot you know who else isu knowho els complaining about this heat,ingh though? allergy suffererse because all of this warm airalli has really brought on the treete pollen once again today it wasod in the highay range. not seeing the grasses showingga up today but the mold is lowlo and expect to keep those antihistamines handy becauseamin we've got two more warm dayst to to get through and thenre ween e bring in some changes for thengt weekend that will involve awill little bit of rain.ttle bit oin we'll have that forecastl ha coming up in just a few minutes. we'll be right back. >> ♪♪
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
>> what do we want?>> >> justice. want i do we wwant it?ha >> now. we janet.e jan >> us ious. >> protesters filled thetest streets in anaheim california co last night after an off duty d police officer fired hisis weapon outside his home during d an altercation with severalsevl teens just one day earlier.
5:44 pm
were arrested during the protest.. police also say thelso altercation was the result of ro the officer being upset withups the teens walking across his propty.y. a 13 and 15-year-old wereear-ole arrested following thatstedollog incident. t the officer involved has beens placed on administrative on leave. ere we g go. well, it is safe to say that police officers are facedr with some pretty seriouse pretts problems in the line of duty. du >> a math quiz sent by a sent by student, this could be at,his co first, take a look at this. t this is lieutenant bj gruber.gru he was updating mer ron ohioer police department's facebookentk paper when this message poppedss up from fifth grader lena len draper. she said i'm having troubleg trb with my homework can you help me. the lieutenant decides to help hernt d out. ot. she needs help with the equation. elementary math we all learn m that early oatn. n. her next equation was a littlelt
5:45 pm
time we're talking in parentheses 90 plus 27 plusus more paren these 29 plus 15pl out of paren these times two.mes gruber mistakenly told her tod h add the numbers in both parenthn these then multiply the sum byhm two. however, if the lieutenant li remembered the order ofhe ordero operations known as pemdas ispe he would have known. wouldkn >> oh, pemdas. >> parentheses and midatlantic m application come before addition so there you go.ication >> wow, i haven't seen sther the equations in awhile.awhile. dusting off, you know, theth brain there. there. th >> i'm having anxiety from it. >> i was not good at any ofd atf it. that's why i'm here. [laughter] >> we like language.lanuage. >> yes. we e like to talk and don't like numbers.ers. [laughter] >> we like to talk. y yeah. >> well, we certainly like toe t talk about this weather that'swe for sure. >> i know. >> it's incredible.>> >> this is so incredible. and look at it's is s this gorgs sunset tonight.onight. we're not that far away fromwy daylight saving time, too. second sunday in march mar "eyewitness news" stunninges colors. makes me feel s lineke
5:46 pm
firenza and i kind of get thatta sense tonight for us, too. to. i bet everybody is going to beoe out and about and guess what? a tomorrow to finish off thef t week we do it all over here are your weatherre a headlines and of course we're in the record books todayre.andf we'll get to thatbook in a momem we'll be mild overnight and an there could be a patch or two oo of fog and by the way don't bebe surprised if there are ased if a couple of light sprinkles orrinr showers closer to the bluee ridge later tonight.ght. we saw some cumulus clouds.c we'll be warm again and likelyky breaking records on friday.rds r we change things up a littleth bit saturday is still a wart m daym but there is going to be a goina line of showers and some s rumble of thunder comingming through between about noon andad 3 o'clock, maybe earlier iff you live in the northern andnore western suburbs and that willrbu bring inrb s aan colder and bree sunday but even that, which is s probably going to end up being g about 50 or 52 degrees, it'seesi still above average for thisfor time of year. all right, 75 at reagan.reaan. we did not break the reco
5:47 pm
there. was 78. dulles did break the record bydy 4 degrees and bwi 77, so we continue to hang onto the heat e eveningning. dulles is still 75.l 73 for d.c.c. 73 for frederick, 63 forick, 63r annapolis. what a great evening and by the way, just want to mentiono n this. i know this will not come as aas big surprise to you but rightrt now, the winter of 2016-201701 is the fifth warmest we'veweve ever had and we're quite q expect of expecting this monthmt move up the line just a littlele bit. mike thomas did the researchdir on this and he says this mays ty be our warmest winter in 85 years here in d.c. d that's something else.ething els here's what we're also watching. the warm surge continuesoinue tomorrow but notice there is aeh frontal boundary coming.omi snow on the backside of it. . in fact some substantial snows for the middle part of thele pa country but as that frontha snowplows in this direction,recn it brings in more 70's and and that's why we're going have ha another very warvm day tomorrowy and the for part of the day on o saturday. sa so, preparing for the kids athei the bus stop tomorrow morning,mo t
5:48 pm
sune.ine. after school, 71 to to 76 degrees. you think they're going to be76e anxious to get out? i'm sure se they will.ill. and our temperature trendre d average high being 50, let me50e show you where things arengs ar going to trend as we continuecn to spike into the 70's friday,ia saturday, actually i thinkuallyk that might be a little warmwam for saturday.for saturd these numbers didn't getdidn't g updated but we're going to be t 52 on so, we'll fix that for you for o the 6 o'clock show. show. also just wanted to show youhow that we've got clear skies now but a little bit of cloudofoud cover bubbling up out to our too north and west and maybed maybe through the shenandoah valleyoay there will be a quick sprinklepk and this is the frontalth boundary producing the snow sno out through the central u.s. and that colder air will comeile in our direction by sunday. sun let me show that you fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast.reas. two more warm days, then then dropping to 52 which isn't i't bad. monday's not bad, either, with h a few showers in the forecast ft monday and tuesday.uesda look at this, tuesday 63 63 again. again. wednesday 68.ay . and thursday 57 degrees. degree so, we're rolling into marchto c on a warm note.mno i guess it's going to come
5:49 pm
like a lamb since februaryebr stayed very lamby, too.ed very jim and sarahlay, back to you. >> is lamby an actual word. wo >> it is now. >> yes, it 5:005:0ight, ahead at google on the search for another top doodler. this time a student inn culpeper virginia is a >> brody what do you havedy coming up in wha sports.po >> nothing lamby.>> nothi ahead in sports i talk toa lamont peterson about hisbo latest title belt and who's next to catch his hands. >> ♪♪
5:50 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> we are another day closer to the nfl franchise tage anhe deadline and another nfl fbitrf speculation today about thetione status of kirk cousins. former nfl scout daniel nfl scoe jeremiah says there is a "50-50 chance cousins returnsres to washington next year." y he'll be tagged to facilitate fa a trade to san f
5:53 pm
one pro bowl quarterback who won't be moving is jaemis win son. shoplifting crab legs andfting d allegations of sexual assault.xu yesterday he was invited toitedt speak to a group of elementaryem school kids and this was thethit result when he saw some boys in the class falling asleep.. >> all my young boys stand up man. the ladies sit down.the ladi sit down.essit dow eye but all my boys stand up.anu stand up. stand up. we strong, right? but thet ladies they don't -- they tey supposed to be silent, polite, gentle, but my men now, my men n supposed to be strong.stro >> just stop, jaemis.jaem >> quite while you're ahead. why >> i know it's hard for the beleaguered sports fan to bean e believe there's a champion inchm the district but yes there isers a champion in the lamont peterson won a decision to win the wba welterweighteltrg title. the win at 147 puts peterson7 pn in line to fight
5:54 pm
manny pacquiao. i asked the man they calledy cld havoc what's next after theter e jump in weight.n we >> it's getting tough theug older you get the tougher that weight gets. >> i know what you mean. k >> i've beennow fwhighting at weight for -- since i was 17was7 years old and that's 16 yearst'6 of fighting at one weight andne that's a long time and my bodyyd was telling me that it was me ti time to move upt and we we listened. listene >> you see all these beltsll th here, after getting another a belt what is the thinkingt is tg looking forward?orwa >> basically winning that beltnt it's going to make me the the mandatory challenger for ther te winner of danny garcia andcia keith thurmond and they'll'll fight next weekend. i'll be there in the building bg trying to see who wins thats tht fight and see if one of them really want to fight me. >> amir can recently on ami twitter r called out peter s maybe there's something to beete made there. this saturdayis s night premiere boxing returns to fox the carded had lianoid boo by dante wilder puttingputtg his title on th
5:55 pm
great choice of music here.ere. coverage begins 8:00 p.m..m. homer simpson systemmpsonm headed to the hall of fame. yes, the simpsons characterh will be honored by the t baseball hall of fame thisme ts spring, yes, whoo-hoo! indeed! in a ceremony celebrate thee th 25th anniversary of homer athoma the bat episode.the bat ep the episodeis featured homered m trying out for the nuclear n power plant softball team. tam. the ceremony will be held at hed the major league baseball hallae of fame in coop percent townpert on may 27th.7th. interesting multiple allegedged steroid users on mr. burns'. bu' team. >> thanks brody.>>ha >> high school student in virginia is a google for doodle finalist. we'll show you the creative artwork next. >> ♪♪
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> tonight the talented high school student in culpeper t virginia in one of 53hetudent i finalists inof 53 the doodle for google contest.ntest. bailey wilson is
5:59 pm
grader at culpeper countyunt high. bailey created a doodle called stronger together. >> doodle selected fromdle thousands out of entries andouoi public voting opens today toenso determine five national finalists. you can vote for him doodles do the >> tonight multiple peoplele pee under arrest changed in thech death of aan man whose bodye washed up along the potomac river. i'm shawn yancy.i' >> and i'm tony perkins.erkins. tonight we're learning thearnine murder may be gang relater. fox5's alexandria limonlin starts us off from prince prie william county. alexandria. an >> reporter: christian sosar: ca reeva's body washed upashed u somewhere along this beach inchn mid january here in now police say an internala power struggle within ms-13m may be the reason he wass killed. lled. >> apparently he claimed aen role that he didn'ttl
6:00 pm
is what my understanding of itat was. now whether that was theethethaw motivation for his killing iill know that was an issue that's tt been brought up.been bro whether that was theat was the motivating factor in his deathde i don't know. >> reporter: prince williamwilli county police said their murder investigation into io members of ms-13 were nott happy sosa rivas claimed to best the leader ofo ms-13 in the3 it area but they add there coulderc be other factors in his murder. david wright works just yards away from whereht wor the body n washed up.wash up. he says he spoke with investigators on the scenescene that day. day. >> eye they just said he had a a lot of tattoos and he was hews cut up pretty bad and maybe ayba bullet in the head oror something like that and a lotd t of trauma to the body. b >> reporter: nearly sixrly ix weeks after the murder, princepi william county policeice announced four people are now facing murder charges and were e arrested in pennsylvania. 24-year-old edgar blanco torres, 20-year-old josé larios espenal, 18-year-old-ye henrik covey yo' lobe bows lobew sanchez and a 1


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