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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.or. >> today on fox5 news morning,o, a violent night in the in he district ends with two d.c.o police officers being rushedicer to the hospital shot aftert ater returning fire on an on an orthopedic suspect.orth this morning we have an update on the officers' conditions.op >> and there's w e nicoer nees'o about the weather.ab all you needou tot know are tht two words, 70 degrees. degrees. say what now? good morning tono you. thank you for joining us. us. i'm maureen umeh.ureen ume >> and i'm holly morris.morris. today is friday, february >> mike thomas is going to talk about this weather.wa glorious weather i should erin como has got traffic.tra that's all coming up on theup 5s. first let's tell you what'stells happening in the news ating in 5 o'clock straight up thisk strg morning. we continue to follow developing news outof
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northeast d.c. where twohe police officers were shot offict overnight.night >> thankfully both arehanky both expected to survive.e. fox5's melanie alnwick al though live on the scene withneh what we need to know this know s morning. good morning, mel. m >> reporter: good morning.rning. and still a lot of blanks to bo be filled in here which wech e hope we'll get more of later ltr today as the investigationv goes on. gon. but you can see here crime cr tape still blocking off a goodff five blocks or so from where w we are standing at staple street northeast all the way w downpours street and holed brook where we were told isere about where the shootingwee shoi happened is about another anoth block or so down the way anday d where you're seeing this ti police car sort of on thef sidewalk here, that is whatt appears to be an alley betweenbe staple street and hole brookholk street. it's still not clear whatear what happened just moments before the shooting.sho sources tell fox5 that5 tht officers were making arrestsarrs when they were sho they were in uniform and part pr of what was described as a crime suppression team. s theyup apparently returned firef
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police say that a weapon was w recovered from the scene that appears to belong to theelo suspect. now, this happened just hours hour after mayor bowser announcedannd that interim chief peter hief pt newsham would get the job as chief. both arrived on the scenerrived aroundsc midnight.i >> i can tell you that we havet had a number of shootingsho across the city over the last a couple of days.das. our officers have beenficers han responding to that veryy aggressively as you can see we had gunshots here earlier this evening. ev we had patrols in the area andlh unfortunately as a result ofe ar this incident tonight we haveh two of our officers sufferinguff gunshot wounds at a local loca hospital. >> reporter: now, not waiting for d.c. ambulances to o arrive, the officers were andwed rushed in police cruisers tocr the hospital. that one had surgery,urg the other treated for those th gunshot wounds.wou again we're told those windse to and injuries are nonlife-threatening.nlife-then outside medstar washington washn hospital center a crowd oferwd police cars and fellow officers. mayor bowser arrived shortlysort after addr
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the scene and acting chiefef newsham joined once he left lf the scene here in the trinidad i neighborhood. that d.c. police unit alsoalso tweeting out just a short time ago thanking mayor bowser andord acting chief newsham for their attentiveness and also sayings s that those two officers areicere now in stable condition livendil in northeast, i'm melanie i'm ne alnwick, fox5 local news. >> and that shooting came just j hours after several shootingsos earlier in the night in southeast. there were three shootings inotn less than two hours with ah a total of four separatefour sepae victims. vict they happened along wheeleralone road in the congress heightsesss area. all of the victims suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. so far, ninong i arrests have bn made and at this point policei aren't saying if the shootingsos are indeed connected. conted. now, be sure to keep it right it whoer to fox5 because comingause up in our 8 o'clock hourk hou architecting chief newshamef neh will join us live for more onmon the violence throughout the te city and his hopes movings oving forward in leading the d.c. d police department.artm >> ♪♪ >> turning to politics now, n dap president trump will beideni heading to the
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for the conservative politicalpi action conference also knownkno as cpac. he's expected to speak atd 10:00to a.m. a. investor vice president mike pence spoke and he cicompe aredd president trump to mr. trump's inspiration, president reagan. pence told the crowd that heha believes president trump has ha given voice to the aspirationsat and frustrations of thefrus american people like notrat othr leader since reagan. meanwhile department ofa homeland security secretary s john kelly and secretaryecur off state rex tillerson met with tit mexico's president to try totryt smooth out their relationship.l. the u.s. government angeredrnmea mexico this week by saying it st was seeking to deport illegalal immigrants to mexico if theyif entered the united states fromut there regardless of their nationality.nati and also happening today,ap president trump will hostpe his first latin american leader at e the white house.rithe whit the president of peru pedro is expected to talk to thee he's a many four wall street t banger who has taken a strongst stance against trump's americaa first agenda.agenda. >> a maryland bill which would h require employers to provide many of their worikchersploy w
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paid sick leave has cleared aara major hurdle in the state's general assembly.nera yesterday a house ofl delegatese committee voted to send the sene measure to the full chamberl which means the house coulds th take it up next week. week. the bill would requirequi companies with at least 15s wit employees to offer seven days ds of paid sick leave toe t full-time workers every year. smaller companies would have to offer unpaid sick leave.eave. >> ♪♪ >> new this morning, a long wait on the report the future r of pimlico is expected to cometo out today. the report is part of a larger study about the viability of the site and i tsvi ability tost continue to host theue to ho preakness. the study is expected to include estimates for how much w it would cost t o make the the baltimore track moree competitive with the sites ofhef other triple crown races butwn a the report will not maket make suggestions on how to achieveace that goal.. >> ♪♪ >> well, the preakness is runpra in may and it feels like may. >> yes, it does the. y >> may in, ay in fea >> unrybelievable yesterdayli being out and about.evin it felt g likeout summertime me so than springtime to berime toe
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>> late, late spring, early eary summer. y summerummrng, earl yesterday. we'll be right back there later this afternoon. bacthis a. temperatures could be nearur records here in i. 58 degrees the current number te so a very milntd start to theart day here in the city. city. 54 at quantico, 54 atco, 54t leonardtown.onar we'll call it pleasantly cool elsewhere.elsewhere. frederick one cool spots at at 48 degrees this mo satellite and radar, guess what, there's not much on itch i just a few clouds coming across. we'll have that from time to time today a mix of clouds and sun but i think more sunshine tx than clouds as we roll throughto those afternoon hours.ternoon hr here's a look at your forecast for the day today.oday. up to 77 degrees, yes, it is february, everybody.ver partly cloudy skies.rtly again, temperatures near tperatu records later on thisrelater his afternoon. we'll take a look at weekend coming up in just a fewa fw minutes.minu could be some thunderstorms.rst. all this warmth puts a littlets bit of energy in thethe atmosphere and that could endatn with some sparks and somes lightning and thunder as we and roll through saturday.ough satur more details on that forecast fo coming up in just a few w minutes here.e let's get on over there for a look at traffic.ta >> on-time traffic brought toou you by toyta. visit buy a
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special >> 5:06 already a busy starttrt to our friday morning commute. m behind me this is the inner then loop at gw parkway.paray. crash blocking the right lane. . one left lane getting by.g by. no major delays just yet ast as you come up from tysons. i'll let you know if thatif starts to slow down so far volume is light enoughigh that it's not causing any ny major delays.d outer loop at speed. sp we have another crash on theh on beltway in maryland on theland n outer loop at route one.oe. the right lane is blocked.s blo. so we're starting to see someee delays pick up as you head from route one to 95.95. aside from that we also have aoa another crash on the and and southbound side ofide o baltimore-washington parkway.war the right lane is blocked at a 197. traffic backing up to 198. to8. so give yourself about fivebou extra minutes to get through thh that area. aside from that you can alwaysy keep it to 95 and southbound.ut that is wide opened as youyo head from the baltimoretimore beltway to the cant this capital this morning. gw parkway northbound and 95nd5 northbound moving along atnd m speed without any delays.l also looking good on the way way to reagan national and dulles. u if you're keeping it to the rails this morni
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except for safe track impacting the blue line. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we'll keep you updated ontiond.y those crashes as well.ou updatel holly and maureen back to you. y >> coming up on fox5 newsn fox5w morning crews work overnightht to dee contaminate the airport in kuala lumpur. >> protesters gather outsideers the iconic stone wall inn ininnn manhattan to show oppositionposn to president trump's stance onon transgender students.stud >> heading to break right now,g, a live look across the d.c. region. 5:08 on this friday morning, 57 degrees already.alr. man. and that mercury is just goingjg to keep on climbing.lim you're going to way the day da eakaks out. traffic on the 5s and fox5 fox morning news coming rightminrigt back. back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> back at 5:09 with new details about the deacak th of i jong nam the half brother of o kim jong un officials injon offi malaysia say they are certaine that the poison to kill nam ki was a bx nerve agent.ner agent. two women are under arrestarest accused of carrying out the the attack. police add that one of themof tm got sick after carrying outg out the attack further indicatingr that the deadly agent wasent was used. several others are also under ur arrest in connection with thecoh case. >> israeli authorities israe rejected a requestli from humans watch right to grant a work w permit to its regionalermit toto isra
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in engaging in pro israel propaganda. it accused of country of human a rights allegation and how it treats prisoners ats prisoners >> taking to you syria whereou e peace talks are delayedare de following disputes of thewi participation of the syrian oppn.ition.ngipatio the un led negotiations cameons to my halt yesterday afterhalt opposition representativesresens arrived late to the peace talk h because of a disagreement onagrn the format of the session ines switzerland. the talks are the latestthe la political initiative to bringto an end to the six year civil cii in syria which has killed kille nearly half a million >> people protested outside the stone wall inn in inn in manhattan yesterday over their displeasure for thefor the president's guidelines onnes on transgender students.nsgendde the new policy aims to get ridg of an obama era federale guideline that allowed al students in public schools to so use the bathroom of the gender they identify
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president trump believes thist decision should be up to thetrut states. >> the most decorated u.s. u.s. olympic athlete of all time will be in the district next week. michael phelps he plans to testify at an anti-dopingn an hearing on capitol hill. he's one of five witnessesfi scheduled to speak about howd to imprtoove the problem in in international sports.po the hearing will be held ond on tuesday by the subcommittee ontn oversight and investigations.v >> coming up on fox5 news morning, attorney general jeffyf sessions is planning to once again use private prisons.p >> and the producers of the 24h4 legacy they're coming under und fire for questionable decisionei about a very real terrorerror attack. >> as we head to break nowak let's go ahead and take a live e look across the d.c. region.ion. 5:11 is the time right now, w, 57 degrees and it is just the beginning of what promises toomo be a spectacular friday. you f know what, everybody will be doing the butt outside. oue. >> not that warm yet.hat warm >> not that warm. >> dance on the rooftop kindt of day. that's what itd is.s. >> ye
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>> ♪♪ z29kuz zstz
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y29kuy ysty
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>> there's a live picture of a the scene where it happened in n northeast on morse street. police still there working the h >> on the right you're looking at medstarght in northeast d.c. that's where the officers werehe taken for their injuries.jes. both are nonlife-threateningthrn injuries. expected to be okay. flesh wounds we're hearing. we're keeping an eye on botunhdw situations. again two officers shot in theht overnight hours on morse street in d.c. the suspects in this case shot dead. de we understand from police sources two officers shot, ata suspect dead. de the scenes there both therh unfolding on the right withht wh the hospital situation on the se left there with the actualactal scene. scen
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we're at a very mild m 58 degrees and you know what any actually struck meou thisk me ts morning the most, mike, i know w it's been beautiful in thehe afternoon but was how warm itrmt is right now. >> totally. >> 'cause even in the 'ca summertime susoe evmetimes enite cool overnight. >> right. >> confession. i turned on the air conditioner in the cari turnedic >> no, you did not. >> did you really. >> i had to. he>> teoodness, i >>had no,>> dt windows down but i didn't do bud the ac >> it is sometimes almost morese noticeable, you're used to you this time of year getting upting and putting on the heavy coat c and the jacket.jac you're not doing that becausebee it's near 60 degrees outsideeesu to start the day here in february. feb and these numbers kind ofmbers o speak for themselves.hem reagan national 75 degrees5 dgrs yesterday, dulles that was a record. bwi 77 as well. we. normal highs should be in the 40's. you did not go to sleep andsle wake up in may. this is whatwa we hit yesterday afternoon in february here inar washington, d.c.waon, d.c. just yesterday alone helpedone boost our winter weather from kind of fifth warm midwest all l time up to third place now. no if you are below the age off 85, you're already alread
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winter we've ever seen here inhn washington and we'll probably ao do a little better than thattert as we work our way through there next two days with more 70's 7's expected today and tomorrow.orrw 58 degrees your current numbernr here in washington once again,ag 58 even for pittsburgh.tsbur look at these places thatplac should be starting thees days dy off in the 20's.0 lex ton is at 59, columbus 56.u. just tells you how warm thisarms air mass is and as we work our r way into the afternoon againften 70's back in the forecast.o we'll be partly to mostlyto tly sunny later this afternoon.erno. big storm system working itsem g way up thr iough the where is your snow ande blizzard conditions? upistionsu towards minneapolis.minnea but here in d.c. we're well uprl ahead of the storm so we'll get some thunderstorms as we e work our way into the dayto they tomorrow. today is dry, partly cloudy,ry,c yes, moreloud 70's near recordro levels on the way. on the way. quick look at that weekendweeked forecast i'll focus on becausebc we do have to watch saturday afternoon for the chance fore r stronger thunderstorms rollingns through the region. rthe gi this heat is not g
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break quietly.uiet by sunday lots of sun more more seasonable 52 degrees cominggrec your way. there's a quick look at your fox5 accuweather 7-dayuweat7-day forecast. focast. getting cool start next weekol but then we warm itwe right back up, 65 on tuesday, 68 on on wednesday. all right, that's a check of tha the ft'orecast.e f erin como is back this morningon feeling better we hope. h >> so much better. crazy what antibiotics can 5:17 right now. now taking a look at your this has been a problem formor quite some time this morning.n inner loop crash at gw parkway r headlights coming towards usng r just the left lane getting by. y right lane right shoulderright blocked. we'll keep you updated on thisat if you come up from tysons t passing gw parkway watch for a tap of the brakes. outer loop quiet at thatloet point. that's not the only crashcrash we're tracking.'re tracking. if you're heading throughadi laurel this morning southbound m bw parkway a crash moved toor the shoulderniay a c at . so you're still backed up fromil south of 32 asl you pass a few miles of backed upbacked p traffic there.affic ther 95 and southbound route onee o southbound better bets to getteg you towards the capitalhecapital beltway this morning.ning. as we switch it over from the fo top of the beltway earliertway i
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between route one aonnd 95and cleared so as you can see se we're at speed from route one all the wayu through kensingtons this inner loop through spring --pri silver spring also very quiety t and pleasant right now. right n i'll let you know if that know t changes. aside from that as you take tak 270 traffic at speed butd volume starting to kind ofndof build out by 70. 7 any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. right now metrostionsd. is on t except for safe track. maureen andpt f hollily.olily. >> ♪♪ 18.s 5: 5: let's take a look at theok at th stories you're engaging withre h the most this morning onrn social media with our reainltimt news >> yeah, let's check in with wisdom on the top five things t that are hot on the web rightrih now. >> all right. good morning to you.odorni first up every passenger thatsse that landedr at new york yk airport from san francisco was n asked for their i. by agentsent from u.s. customs and borderandr protection. cy says ey says they were looking for an were illegallega immigrant who had received a deportation order from then orde united states.r now, that person wedas not onot the flight.the flight many passengers questioned ifstf the request to show their i.d. . was linked to the current lawt w enforcement efforts to locaterts detain and deport undocumentedtd immigrants. immigrants meanwhile e
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department will once again use private prisons to houseisons tu federal inmates.deral inmates. the obama administration wants to stop using the facilitiese fs which and officials had thend tn deemed less safe and lessess sas effective than those run bye thr the gunovernment.ver now n-a memo, attorney generalgn jeff sessions rescinded theci te previous directive to the d bureau of prisonsir to eatery dues or decline to a renew re private prison contracts as they came due. d. here's a question for could there be a cure forcu for aids? 5hiv patients are virusas free seven months after takingte a new vaccine. the treatment was developed by researchers in spain.archers scientists have yet to test tt the results in a large scale clinical trial but they say tri the vaccine may b be aa functional cure.functionalure. also this morning,al producers of the tvso show 24 legacy apologized for using usng real footage of the 2013 kenya 1 mall massacre to depicteict fictional terrorist attacks int egypt. the show's fourth episodeepide which aired monday includedndayc real footage from the attack on west gate mall in nairobinaii which killed 67 peo
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critics slammed the show for for being insensitive and disrespectful.sres and finally twitter users ue hal field day when outfielderut colby rasmus showed up to theuph tampa rays spring trainingtraing camp sporting a little bit of a unique chin fluff.uf. look at this. all righlot.rig he was pictured with his newis n beard for the tampa rays and official feet feetor rasmus says he's srourprised byy the twitter hate he's getting for his chin beard he said heai grew for absolutely no >> yeah. >> well then maybe he can shave it for absolutely noo reason. ayers arell players are superstitious. once they get into the beardo thing and they start playing pl well that thing will be therethe forever. >> the good news is it's spring trag. maybe it will be over quick. qu. >> thanks whiz. coming up a bad week>> for r uber may have just gotten ast gn lot worse. the company is now facing aw fac lawsuit from a silicon valley giant. >> and american airlines a planning to changeme trihe way u prepare for a flight.fliht. >> you're heading to break ong this friday morning with aday ma live look across the region.reg. noin
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today. it is 58 degrees and climbing cm to the 70's: fox news morningoi back after this.this >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> welcome back at 5:23. the ongoing uber versus googleoe battle the search engine is suing the ride sharing company. on the lawsuit was filed by google's owner and is against a otto. the lawsuit accuse the managermr of stealing trade secrets ands d technology from google when heo left googlgle to work on developing otto. o >> did you know the voiceid activated you amazon echo can ss your life.if the american heart associationah says the device will givel give instructions for performingng cpr and will also give warningeg signs for a heart attack orta stroke. now, to access this this information, people can simplyno ask a question such as, alexa, , ask american heart how do i perform cpr. it will then offer the steps s to perform t
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>> great idea. >> uh-huh. >> sean carter aka jay-z usingy- some of his money to help of people trying to make ahi name e for themselves in the businessel world. he recveentls ys announced plano create his own venture capitolne firm. he plans to cr ceate the new firm with his long time partner jay brown. bro >> who says less is more? more? american airlines is ditchings g its traditional four group group boarding system. the company is launching a newne system it claims will simplifyly its boarding process. this one includes nineles nine boarding categories, the first i four groups -- i think they t already do this.ready dohis. the first four groups aregroupse priority passengers.assengers. first class, u.s. military and the loyalty member passengersty and then m the other five groupe are nonpriorities, passengers pe in the main boarding lane andnd basic economy. ec >> you're right. >> the loyalty program they goar through and if you're a y sapphire member an emeraldan diamond member. it's likediam ridiculous.culous >> southwest. >> okay, so if you are s in love with taco bell's new
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shell chalupa.cha they're pulling it from the menu. menu. a spokes men says it wasen says always planned to be a limitedid time project. proct. unfortunately your heart at knack a little shell ain'ttl happening any moe re. mo >> if you did have that heart ht attack ask alexa how to t perform cpr. cp. >> anyone offended we'rere sorry. we're just kidding.kiing. >> we're kidding because it's kb the most amazing friday onidy on tap. >> whoo-hoo! >> this is the kind of day s thisis shift paysh off. >> right. andoonut of here at noon we get to enjoy the afternoon.t. >> exactly. are you really glad aboutlly glu this. >> no, i hate this weather. >> aww. >> i'd much rather it be be snowing. but to each their own. if you enjoyed this weather --e- >> you're happy for us. you >> i'm h'rappy for you. y i could always move to alaska.a. all right. hey, yeah, weather outsideouside right now, if you like spring weather, you have the forecastf of your dreams here in latelate february with te
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expected once again today midd to upper 70's. 7 washington, d.c. right nowht just looking at a few cloudsds trying to spill out of the to s mountains much that's aboutthmu the only concern fchor today is just how much sunshine will wene get. i think we get a decent amountnt of it. of temperatures outside to start i the day are not urbades at o all 58 degrees here in that's well above even whereever our average high should be high this time of year. year 56 dulles, 55 degrees atees at winchester. hagerstown good morning torninto you, 60 degrees to start yoursto day. quick look at the planner. pler 66 by 10:00 a.m. and then off tf we go into the 70's this 70' ths afternoon. if you're able to do so, get, et outside and enjoy it. it. that's a look at the weather. w erin como is back withak wit traffic. >> 5:26 right now keeping ourin eyes on the rails and therails h roads starting off with a livea look outside. out. this crash has been out there th for sometime now.r inner loop at gw s parkwaypak several lanes blocked.l la left lane getting by.e gettinby. we're starting to see some sme volume build towards gwards w parkway so please allow forow extra time once you pass through tight sons.thro outer loop until great shape. let's show you a look at ourop u maps. if you are taking the rails we are
5:27 am
surge 12 on the blue line.h sue. no train service rosslyn toos the pentagon arlingtonlin cemetery station remainsreains closed. the rest of our rail on time.ti you can always use the yellowyel from virginia or silver from fom maryland. we'll keep you updated 'll throughout thekeep y morning.mon any questions at erin fox5es d.c. on twitter. aureen. mau holly and tim >> all righty. thank you eirin.k you r >> coming up on fox5 news5 ne morning, the head of homelandf o security says the militarythe my will not be used for deportations but hist statements contradict a previous one made by theemenioum presidenadt.e >> and a number of people out ou west they're forced torcedto continue living in sheltersshelt after a round of severeseere flooding. >> live look outside as we go ae to break right now, 5:27 is:27 s our time right now,, 58 degrees. it is just going to be aoing toe gorgeous friday.gorg we can't say it eoenough.enough start making your plans now toso be outside.side. fox5 news morning continuesningu right after the break.t after ea don't gok anywhere.nyhere. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morning,f, police shootings.sho two d.c. police officers are ofi recovering after being shoter bt during a shootout. cpac 2017. today president trump will travel to the national harbor to addry pres tso ththe consere base of the republican party. p. and lab testing error. erro. a number of pregnant women arero now learning they received thece wrong results when they were checked for the zika fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> thank you very much forery mr joining us. wisdom martmartin. >> and i'm hollyi mr
5:31 am
>> mike thomas talking aboutlkit the great weather erin comogream talking about the rooads.about following developing news outeli of washington, d.c. ngwhere two officers, two police officersrs are recovering poafter beingtein shot late last night inhtn northeast. your outhe left of screen is a live picture fromctm that scene along morse andng moe holbrook streets. the shooting happenelbdro around 10:40 last night and you cand see it's still an active sceneve this morning. both officers are said to b ee said to e in stable condition at medstar and washington hospital centerpr and you can see a live picture p from the right of your screen.rf now, the suspect was also shots and later died but it's still unclear what led to thatto that shooting. >> i can tell you that we haveel had a number ofl shootings sh across the city over the last la couple of days. dys our officers have beenen responding to that very aggressively as you can see we e had gunshots here earlier this evening. we have patrols in the area and unavfortunately as ae pa ret of this incident tonight we had two of our officersr oicers su
5:32 am
local hospital. >> the shooting camns amid ad a violent night in d.c. afterc. at chief peter newsham was nameds e acting police chief. cief. >> one council member isncil mes calling it a state ofca emergency. annie yu live at policeve at poi headquarters with the latestarte on this story. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, wisdom and holly. ory.>> rholly. yeah, it was another violenthern night in ward we had a total of three shootings, four separateootingfp victims and the we're told bys n d.c. police d that all four are expected to recover.pec i want to show you some video io that our fox5 cameras shot att two of the locations from the te shootings last night. n you can tell it was veryery active at those locations.ocati. the shootings happened in a two-hour time span about halfe s a mile apart all along wheeler r road in the congress heightsongi section and the first callrst came in at 6:00 p.m., were the.e last one coming in just before 8 o'clock and you have the mpd p chopper up, multiple units arriving as well as k-9 unitsnis searching for evidence as wellsl as suspects. now, as of this morning d.c. mo. police are not saying whett sa
5:33 am
connected. conn you heard the sound bite fromun peter newsham saying officersino have responded very aggressively. ward eight council member m trayon white says he's highly hh concerned about the crime andne tells usab on wednesday nightwd there were a total of sixre a tx shootings in the same >> the city is pretty much inchn a state of emergency with thee f crime. i think we had at least six ethh peoplead ashot in ward eighteit yesterday. we have begun this safe waysafea home act and a initiative toiatt get the community morecommun involved and it's just at aust a level of critical mass right now. >> reporter: now, d.c.r police tells us that they will be redeploying more officers ofi in that section of town andtownd they also tell us that theyus t have made no arrests so far.ts r that's the very latest here her from d.c. police headquarters,ea annie yu, fox5 local news. >> all right annie, thanks.thank 5:33 is the time.e te. all this violence in southeast it happened on the same dayamey that mayor bowser named peter b newsham as permanent police polc chief. ch newsham had been serving as interim chief since
5:34 am
the d.c. council.c peter newsham will be joining ji us live at 8:00 a.m. for hisr first morning show interview as acting chief. >> 5:33. white house chief of stafff reince priebus is asking top fbi officials to dispute media a reports that president trump's's campaign advisers weregn advisee frequently in touch with russian intelligence agents a during the election.elec a white house official saysit the request was made after theeh fbi told the white house it hout believed a new york times times report last week describingdesig those contacts was not accute.e. u.s. homeland securityu.s. secretary john kelly is trying t to ease down the tensionthe between the u.s. and latin latin america by pledging the u.s.. won't enlist its military tolito enforce immigration laws andgrat there will be no masss deportations. only hours earlier, though, t president donald trumppr suggested the oppeosite.sioposi. he told ceo's at the whitethe we house the deportation push wasp a military operation.operation >> turning to the growingning number t of women affected by faulty zeka testing in theing e district. more than 400 patients wereiente
5:35 am
of the disease. t inhe december the lab that didab the test noticed a problem andld started retesting.ret new results show one of them ofh is positive for zika.zika. another eight are positive for r what could be zika virus or denga fever. >> we want everybody to knowrybw that our scientists and our department of forensics are working night and day to make te sure we have the testingt correct and if there are any problems, identified to havehave them fixed but we wanted to bete the ones to let the providerro community know that we that identified a problem, we'reblw going review it and then we'll let them know.t them k >> there are still dozens of dof samples that need to be retested. the cdc says they will expect t to have all the results within w two weeks. >> ♪♪ >> >> last night my family atefam outside at a restaurant inin georgetown. it was so gorgeous but mymy five-year-old kept askingr-olptg mommy why is it not cold in coln the night? and i'm likem like that's a great question and i a failed miserably at trying to t ex
5:36 am
>> right. [laughter] >> it's just one of thoses justs funny things and a lot ofy th times you do notice it more at t night than during the day.e d sun goes down, you're like shorts and t-shirts. >> right. >> it's february and why is itfr not cold in the light.uald in t. i'm like well... we >> were you outside just now.e o >> oh, yeah. >> it didn't feel warm, it felt ot it felt hot yesterdayerday afternoon and we'll be right be back there toy. check out your temperaturest around the region.ound the rion. actually you know what i know wi forgot i'm going to focus on fon the weekend this block. blc >> okay. nothing wrong with >> guess what, we still haveinge 70's in the forecast for tomorrow, so if you want toow, get out and about tomorrow, you should do so early because during the afternoon it doesit that look like as i go back g we'll have some thunderstormshud ruling t through. like 2, 3, 4 o'clock in the in e afternoon will be the bestwill t chance of those here in little earlier to the west, west little later to the east. there is the chance and we are e outlooked for the chance for r some severe thunderstorms onhunn saturday afternoon, just one or two with gusty winds beingusi the main threat threae so, here's a look at your your weekend forecast if you haveha outdoor plans. one thing i do
5:37 am
mention is that if you plan on n taking the boat out tomorrow,tor 'cause some people are'cauop considering it, know thatiderint water temperatures are stille st very cold and some of thosehoe thunderstorms could have gustyrt winds. we are concerned with, you know, boats tipping and stuff.a more on that in just a bit. a let's head over to erin como m now with some traffic. >> 5:37 right now.>> 5:37 ri we're going to take a live aliv look around the district maryland and virginia.maryla this is as you pass the gw gw parkway on the inner loop. loo crash still very active scene, s a lot of flashing lightsg ghts blocking the right shoulderholdr and right lanes. make sure you keep it to the t left lane and watch for about ao a four minute slow down. mi things are startingnu to pick up causing delays. d outer loop flowing freely. this is 95 onlowi the northboune side as you come throughmethrouh lorton trying to get to me e newington as you get to thengtos mixing bowl there, heavyre heavy volume slowing us down a bit. at south that of point you'reoint ' crowded in stafford bytaffor courthouse road and in road ann fredericksburg some volume as well. if you have any questions at hav erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we're also fseeoxing some delas picking up on 66 eastbound past 28. from 234 to sudley road to 28o about a
5:38 am
delay because of volumedelay westbound side looking prettyd e go 270 southbound also dealing d with some heavier volume byolumy the truck scales and again asucl you make your wesay down to thee spur. back to you guys. >> all right. 5:37 is the time a. is th. coming up on fox5 news morning, iraqi forces retake mosul airport in an ongoing ongo against isis.against is >> and a number of people outplt west are returning home torning severely damaged and floodedoodd homes. >> as we head to break rightd tt now, live look outside acrosse a the region, 58 degrees, fox5, f5 news morning back after this.r . >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> we're back now at 5:41. new developments in the fighte't against isis in iraq where where u.s. and iraqi forces areces are cautiously celebrating anusly cn attack taking back control ofba the runway at the city's city airport. airpor now the three pronged attacknged began yesterday with iraqiw forces joining federal police fl as part of an assault to drive i isis from the western part of pt mosul. officials say the attacke att "broke the first line of isiss defense." >> man accused of opening fire at a kansas city bar that that killed one man and injured twono others has been charged with ith murder and attempted murder. witnesses say the shooting was racially motivated.motivated. authorities however have notiesa called it a hate crime. crime the bartender who witnessd thehe shooting says the gunman usedmau racial slurs before shooting.otg >> california officials andalifi farmers are workinga ofaround e clock to keep levies fromviesfrm floodi i
5:42 am
of the state.of the hundreds of workers werewor scrambling again yesterday togas lay down more rock and earthoreh on levies where flood waterere l was threatening to burstening through saturated berms. er once the waters ease sometime this summer californiacalifornia lawmakers will look at releasing $500 million toas patch and upgradein the state'sh strained flood control system. s >> coming up on fox5 newsup on s morning a happy ending to ato missing child report.ld r >> and you now have less thanss 24 hours to get a flight toligh europe for less than $100.n $10. we're going to tell you howl yoo when we return. retu >> one with a pilot. with >> i think you have to driveto your own plane and put gas ingan it. >> as we head to break let's take a live look across thecrsse d.c. region on this friday.ida 5:42 is the time.ime. we're at a very pleasant ple 58 degrees. fox5 news morning back rightbacr after this. after this. >> ♪♪
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in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium
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mbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. >> breaking news overnight.akin 5:45 is our timeg . is if you are just waking up wep want to make sure you know this is what's going on.oing on. we've been following thisllowin story all morning long. l two police officers recoveringef after being shot last night infn northeast. nort now, on the left of your screen is a live picture fromctm the scene along morse andg morsd holbrook streets.ok stets. both officers are said to besaie in stable condition at medstarmd washington hospital center.gtoni that's the livetal picture on e right side of your screen.scree the suspect was also shot andota later died. died. now, it is still unclear whatat led to these shooting is.hooti we plan to ask, though, actingtn police chief peter about thishif case and others p
5:46 am
morning because he's going tocas join us live at 8:00 a.m.m. so don't miss that. >> all right. e time right now. let's get over to mike thomas and talk weather. >> oh, yeah. y >> oh, yeah. ye >> coming into friday, smoothdah landing at the airport.irp >> this is the music you hearu h as you sashay to the rooftopy te bar. >> on a friday night.frid >> on a friday.>> o i was thinking afternoon happy p hour but it could be nice.e. >> with temps -- >> it's going to be>> pleasantpt any time right.ri >> somehow this makes me thinki about a beach. i don't know why. wh >> i can see that. th >> models and bottles withs wit mike thomas.oms. >> models and bottles, i love it. the word of the day.the da >> new segment starting ong n monday. monday [laughter] >> reagan national 75 degrees, , dulles 77 yesterday.du that was a record.ll bwi 77 as well. temperatures right back atures t these levels later on thislels r afternoon. so, if you missed yesterday,yese don't worry, you have another ar day today. today. all this warmth has set ou
5:47 am
should be. shou we're number three allld time for warmest winter everter eve recorded in d.c., warmest since the 1930's. we may put a little more onle mr that number as we head throughar the next couple days with 70'sw7 still in the forecast.ret. temperatures outside right nowio very mild start, 58 degreesdegrs here in washington.shingto 54 for gaithersburg, 54 forrsbur quantico. we'll call that comfortablyt coy cool. 56 there at dulles.dules. frederick one of the coolere co spots down there in the he valley, 45 degrees but it's it's still 60 just off to youroff tou north and west in hagerstown.ha satellite and radar around the region just a farew cloudsclouds sliding across the mountainsouns early this morning.rly this we'll be kind of partly cloudy but we'll have periods ofer mostly sunny conditions thisditt afternoon as well.rnoon asell. just a gorgeous friday comingay up here if you like warmike rm weather here in february.februa. big surge of southern warmth wa once again continues to come toc up just like it did yesterdayyes and by this afternoon, yup, you got it, more 70's in thein forecast for you so again getint outside enjoy your fridayurfridy afternoon. the one hiccup we have toone watch is tomorrow.hiorrow. we'll start tomorrow off inart n the 70's but mostly cloudy andu then here comes
5:48 am
cold front that's going torohat bring us chance for someme thunderstorms, some of whicht could be strong hereor as we we work our way into thento afternoon hours of saturday sooa that's kind of the onet thing ot we're keeping our eye on hereon as we look at your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. 77 degrees unbelievable later on this afternoon.te saturday starting off warm andam then we get the storms intoin during the afternoon hours.ho that will knock temperaturesknoc back and it wk ill get windy wiy tomorrow night as as wel sunday breezy and cool, cool, 52 degrees for a daytime high. g we will warm it up again, gain though, next, all right, that's a check of ch the fork. forecast. erin como is back feelingk fee better and doing some traffic. >> i don't know if anyone else out there is dealing with any di kind of illness from theess froe weather. cold and warm. mplainincomplaining though. i love theg tho warmer weather. taking the rails and skippings the roads earlier train tin malfunction at addison road a watch for delays to wiehle rest.n. tracking safe track that willa be in placefe throughrough february 28th. no train service on the blufeeeb line roslyn to
5:49 am
arlington cemetary stationmetar remains closed from virginiam you can takevi the yellow linewl and from maryland you canfroman always use the silver line but watch for those silver line lie delays. we have his inner loop crash out therehis for most of theose morning right lane still blocked at gw parinkg way.rky. starting to see delays pickingpg up from 277 to gw parkwayarkway there. i would say leave house about a five minutes early. earl once you pass the legion legio bridge the inner loop is backs c to normal speeds right now.eedsw not seeing any delays on 270on 0 yet and taking a wide view through college park you'recoll until good shape.hape. earlier crash in laurel bwn la crash southbound did clear by 197. delays picking up on 95king up 5 southbound as you make yourke yr way through dale city.ugh dale t traffic again still at speedat through montgomery county.gory u any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter. t back to you holly and >> 5:49 is the time right now.h. we continue to follow a suspected gang land murder.gang police have charged four menrgen including a 17-year-old withyeah the murder of christian rivas. . his body was found last monthst on the bank of the potomacpotomc river near dumfries, virginia.v. police believe the murder wasved the result of an internal an
5:50 am
ms-13. two women, ages 18 and 19 also a face conspiracy charges in theih case. police say the murder isurders connected to the killing ofto to 15-year-old damaris reyes r rivas of gaithersburg.aithe her body was found this month mo in springfield.ingfeld. 10 people face charges inrgein case. case. >> police found a missingolic prince william countye teenager makayla mattei was reportedportd nearly week a weak ago.wea police found her in harrison h burg she was discovered with as disca 21-year-old man.21-yeaold ma he's now fn.acing felony fe charges. the girl's mother told fox5 fx5 her family is focused oncused healing their daughter.aling th >> 5:50. let's take a look at theke a loe stories you're engaging withyo the most this morning on social media with our realtimeuw news tracker.ith our renews tra >> maureen is back withker w.haa hot on the web.on the w. >> hey, good morning again togod both of m you. white house chief strategistef i steve bannon taking centerng cet stage at cpac yesterday.c y he used his first speaking appearance since presidentce s trump took officers to vows that the president would honorsr all of his pledges on hiss pleds campaign. ca bannon also talked
5:51 am
making changes to the economycoy and u.s. trade policy.poicy he also attacked the media media saying media outlets arere portraying the administrationmin wrongly. gl the white house is hintingit that the justice departmente ust will set up end -- step upep up rather enforcement of federalf e laws against recreational marijuana. white house press secretaryecrey sean spicer didn't offer didn'tf details about what the enforcement would entail butent president trump is for medical l marijuana. this news comes as polls show p a majority of americansmicans believe marijuana both medical l and recreational should be legal. legal. transgender advocate caitlyn jenner breaks her silence. she called the move "a disaster" in a video she addressed to president trumpesip jenner said from one troopm another you made a promise to protect the lgbtq community. jenner end invited presidentt trump to speak with her. beyoncé will not bencé wille performing at she's pregnant with twins andegn her doctor advised her to ta
5:52 am
queen bey was due to headline ha the owow. she promised her fans that she e will perform at coachella nextl year. get ready to take flight flt from new york city to the uk for about $87. $8 yup. you can thank norwegianthank noe airlines for that.rlines for that low price is awesome.aweom. the fare is only one way is only though and you have untile 11:00 p.m. tonight to purchase p your particular. also there are only a veryvery limited number of seats atd num this price and you can fly fly between july 2007 and february -- 2017 and february 2018. closing that gap just aosin little.g a back to you guylistt.leu g >> thanks mo. >> uh-huh. >> let's talk about today's health watch at's t5al:52. 5: this is a heads up for those fot of you who love suites wisdomuim martin. a new study found a linka l between excess sugar andar alzheimer's disease.dis researchers examined brainrche samples from that peorsple with and without alzheimer's.lzh they found that in the early stages excess sugar can damageaa an enzyme that would normal n technological limit thenologil progression of the disease.ssiot according to thehe study t-evenn nondiabe
5:53 am
developing alzheimer's.velopings >> speaking of diabetes, someia, good news for those battlingbat the disease. the ea a temporary diet could helpouldl you get your blood sugar underdr control. it mimics fasting and so fartinf it's only been tested on mice. c researchers found mice whoice consumed a fasting diet det developed insulin producinglin cells in the they also had more stable stable blood sugar levels.. >> we're now using it to treat t the disease.disease. looks very promise somethingse those who tried s the fasting mimicking diet will get a box of approved foods with soups so nutrients bars and veggiee chips. the diet can be implementedmpl for five days a month overth o four months.s. >> turning to the world of to t sports now. orts now. something you should not do. division two college softballwoc he we go.o. the batter is bailey browningily of erskine.ers she decides to try to beat the t throw to first with aheadah first slide. slide it goes horribly wrong.rribly hard to watch t
5:54 am
she does a complete head over ov heels flip. >> wow. >> yowza. making matters worse, she was actually called out.. hello back spin.k in. >> i'm surprised she wasn't sur hurt on that. >> good >>d i'nem glad that she wasn't butht that's -- woo. just get out.u don't risk yourself.don't risk u >> yeah. here's a question for you. are are you passionate sports ff you can enter to see thee the washington wizards take on the orlando magic live. all right.r >> one viewer could win fourd w tickets in fact to the wizardsew game on march fifth at the fifte verizon prize has an approximaten ap retail value of $320 providedprd by monumental sports.por go to fox5 d.c. web site oror our fox5 d.c. facebook pageage starting right now throughugh 11:59 tonight.nht. that's how you enter for aor chance to win.chanceo win. one winner will be selected byey random drawing. that will happnden on february 27th. all entrants must
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older. complete rules can be found at >> ♪♪ >> all right. six minutes before the hour. tes sale it's time to hello, good morning to our t facebook fan of the day.f the da what a nice picture that is the very handsome joseph joeph joyner. joseph says he's been a fan offf fox5 since the maury povichmaurv days. >> back in the old the . he says he loves waking upingp with us every single morningngli and says he loves allison's girly girl charm.l cha. joseph also calls tuckercal tuce barnes "the man, the myth, the legend." as for me and steve he says ays we're the best dressed guys indn town. anank you joseph. that's very nice of you the.f ye we appreciate that.we app love the salt and pepper p style. i love it. it. >> i love the sunrise behindse him or maybe it's a sunset insei guess it could be either one.r . >> nicely done, joseph.o >> thanks for watching.watching. wisdom and i are greatlygrtly appreciating this weather.ther. >> weather is greatly.gre >> snow bird lovers over thererv not so >> no but you know i'll get e over it
5:56 am
whether you have it and you'llal have it for dan the first half of your saturday as well.wel. today will be our best chance ce to break a record high here ingh washington, d.c. we brokewa one at dullesulles yesterday. 46 to 57 as kids get off togetto the bus stop this morning.morin then after school, shorts and ad t's even by recess time, shorts and t-shirt weather ishes back with temps in the 60's. 60' if you're near the water toh the 70's if you're away fromyfrm it. 77 degrees is what we'll callwel it here in d.c. we get enough sunshine we'll'll t 7878. that would tie a record hereecoe in washington.ash watch out for a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow sometime after 2 o'clock. that's a check of the forecast.r erin como is back stwittihme trs this morning. >> that's right, 5:56 and trm more problems on the inner loop. we have two today's right nowtwi we have been telling you about the one blocking the right lane at gwght noen te bl parkwaa in the backup in mcleanlean leading to that crash scene wese have two right lanes blocked by a new crash at georgetowno rc at ge so as soon as you pass 267 pss 267 you're going to hit stopped topd traffic. but once you pass gw parkwaypawy across the legion bridge br things open up. you updated onon those slowdowns much giveuch ive yourself about 15 extraout 1 minutes right now.minutes no if y'r
5:57 am
earlier train malfunction at addison road r silver lined r sl delays to wheel rereston.reeston we'll keep you updated ondatedn fox5. we'll be back with yourith your 6 o'clock hour in just a few. e. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news
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>> breaking right now. now a violent night in the district. two police officers recovering r in the hospital this morningospi after a tashootout in northeastt the scene still very active atca this hour.this ho this was just one of severalseva crime scenes overnight.e sces we have team coverage ahead.d. >> plus, the president set tot take center stage at cpacatpac today. this comes one day after the aft vice president's apperearance ap there vowing top put an end to o the affordable care act. this morning we're learningleang why that task might not be soo easy. >> and a live look outside.ou it's friday morning, february 24th, 2017.febr weather and traffic for you on the 5's atd tr 6:05. 6 good morning, i'm allisoninn seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm e welcome to fox5 che nenews mornn and right off the top at 6:00 60 more on that breaking news outis of d.c. dc two police officers recovering f after being shot late lastot tet night in northeast.o this morning the officers at aia d.c. hospital.d.c. they are expected to survive.ur. >> fox5's melanie alnwick islanw live at the shooting scene with the latest.atest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodod m ror morning,ter: guys. g no identificatn


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