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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  February 25, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.or. >> ahead this morning, getning,t ready everybody.ready ybod some wild storms will beorms wie rolling through our areathroughr today. we'll have details ahead onahea the rain and the strong winds we can expect in some areas.are. hikers make a frightenings a discovery along the potomac in i maryland and police found a woman's body along a popularpour trail. trail. details on that story ahead.hed. plus, dramatic cell phone ce video of the deadlyd police-involved shooting thatlvn happenedg in northeasterlyierrt this week. week two d.c. police officers shot.e. the suspect killed. we've got the latest on thattha incident as well. w good morning, and welcome to fox5 news morning on this o i saturday february 25th. i'm annie yu. i'm an >> and i'm caitlin goodnd i morning.rnin >> hi. i can't believe, what, three more days ofbe february.fe >> ino
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in some ways february hasn't sn felt like february.e february >> much more like april orh lik may. >> much more like april orre lir may. hard to believe that we'rebeliet turning a page on we it going to march and we are eventuallyventl going to go to march-like weather. her. shockingly we'll have someve ome changes. it can't stay like thislike thi forever. i wish it it cold. fox5 news morning on thisis february 25th, so just a fewfe more days left of thisis outstanding month when it's whet come to our weather. to our her big changes though today as much colder air arrives late tonight. tonight. as a result we'll getas springtime thunderstorms. it is still very warm out there right now. on but it bt ite a rngti ames l was hot in my place thise th morning. rning. >> oh, yeah, i had my windowswis opened >> which was probably smart but if you kept your windowsd opened you got a nice breezebr coming through. t if you didn't might be an't miga little stuffy in there with temperatures this morningeratur right aroundes t6hi0 degrees.0. 59 reagan national and dulles,du 53 at bwi marshall.arshl. all across the area we'rereae're seeing these very warmse very wm temperatures to start off. of. coming off a couple of daysf da well into the 70's and it's only 61 in hagerstown and
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frederick, 55 in annapolis and 55 in there is a line of showers sho moving through ohio and western pennsylvania.sylvania. it's moving northeast ward.rthet should arrive in our area byreay about late morning earlyly afternoon and then will intensify as it cuts into that t warm air that's been buildingeen for days.for day there's a look at the scope of f this cold front. very chilly air behind it asind evidenced by the snow moving mog across chicago and the greathico lakes. so, we will contend with thatit cold front later thister ts afternoon. afte chilly air behind it. t. very warm air out in front of it it and that's the recipe forr some thunderstorms.. storm prediction center put useu in a slight risk for severe sevr weather today. biggest concerns will be gustyn winds. heads up for any outdoorny outdo activities. stay off the water. water. it's tempting to go boatingbog but very gusty winds areery gusi possible and that water by thene way is still quite cold. 68 degrees by 11:00 a.m. its a a nice and mild morning p itp it will rise into the 70's before b thunderstorms whip through therp area between about 1:00 to
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5:00 p.m. and then as theyey pass by much colder airolir arrives. we'll take a look at that that changing sunday forecast asng s well as yourun seven-day still ahead. >> ♪♪ >> happening today, day three of the conservative politicalpoi action conference.onf president trump was given agive very warm welcome yesterday at a cpac. he addressed the crowd who crowo gave him a standing ovationova and he spoke on several on seral issues. our alexandria limon is live this morning from the national l harbor with the very latest ontn his speech yesterday. good morning,ye alex. >> reporter: hey, annie, a good morning and of course thesh biggest speaker of cpac, president trump, taking theg the stage yesterday.age ye now, as you mentioned heioned he received a very warm welcome we from the conservativevative attendees of this conference.onc still, though, he spent quiteen a bit of time going on theg onte offensive. take a look at this video from yesterday. yest the president started hisd hi speech and spent a good deal of time blasting what he called fake news and the t dishonest media.edia. the president also, though, t
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promised to destroy isis, take t better care our veterans andr vs reduce taxes on the middledle class and he spent a good dealdl of time talking aboutbout immigration this of courseour being one of the biggesthe biggt things we've seen him take tke action on since becomingbecming president with both that controversial travel ban as well as his expansion of whatf t ice has been doing in terms ofs arrests and deportations.port here's a little bit of whatt ofw the president had to say yesterday. >> oh, gee, that's so s we swe getting bad people out of thisus country, people that shouldn'tst be whether it's drugs orgs r murder or other things, we're, e getting bad ones out. ot. those are the ones that go first and i said it from day a one. basically all i've done isnes keep my >> reporter: now, theth president also talked aboutb his plans moving forward and specifically his plans to o
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much talked about border wall. w he said construction wouldoud start very soon and promisedrosd to start it "ahead of schedule." annie. >> thanks so much alex.nks so in the d mistrict this morning an investigation still under way to figure out who shot two police officerswo p thursday night in northeast.orh. police aren't saying how thew two officers got injured.inju we have a video from a f witnesses though and the it shows part of the altercationesn between the suspect andan police. a warning, this may bes may difficult to watch. fox5's lindsey watts takes it from here.m he >> reporter: you can hear ar someone yelling shots fired.s fe the suspect is already down on n the ground. then. [gunfire] >> reporter: three gunshots,gu one of the officers involved falls. fall more officers arrive running run toward their two injuredit colleagues and the wounded suspect. >> and it was crazy that ihati witnessed the whole thing.d th >> reporter: darre en watsonatsn recorded the video.vieo. he says before this he saw thew suspect walking down t
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street and police in an unmarked car showing up towing o arrest him. >> and he was fidgeting as hewa was walking as ndf he looked bab at me and then looked back atbat the officer 'cause that's whot's he was really looking >> reporter: he says theeporte suspect tried to get away andayd ended up in a struggle withugglh the two officers.cers >> they told him stop resisting. >> reporter: he says heter: he h heard the suspect fire off a gun, five to seven shots. ots police gave us this picture ofpf the semi automatic weapon.wepon. that's when he started started recording. he says the three gunshots inunn the video are from the officerer shooting the suspect. su >> he was on his stomach hetomae was still moving so they hadtheh to do what they had to do to 'cause i don't know if he hadonh the gun on e him or whether itht was der him.m. just glad that the police glatht officers was finehe and, youandu know, they had to do what they had to do. >> reporter: watson has beens interviewed by police aboutiewe what he sawd and chief peterf e newsham says this isn't thesn'tt only video. >> officers had both activatedcd their body worn cameras before e the foot pursuit began. beg >> reporter: it's up to the mayor to r
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>> it would be my my recommendation to her that weate should. >> reporter: lindsey watts fox5 local news. nws >> police have identified thed e suspect as timothy williams.. meanwhile a prince george'sile county woman isa facing firstcn degree murder this morning in the deathur deofr her teenaged. police say angelique chase anded her 17-year-old sonr-old christopher got into an argument over foul language ovel and video games in their their clinton home thursday night.y ng things got physical and that's when investigators say chase c grabbed a gun and shot her son once in the chest. he later died atonce the hospits >> during the course of the dispute there was foundute there evidence w that may indicateay that the suspect had in mind ind to engage in this activityti instead of being in the heate h of the moment typetype environment. meaning that it may have been premeditated. >> it may have been but that'sts still under investigationunder n right now. >> reporter: but that's theortet reasonha why you would changeou the charge from that second
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first? >> that's correct. >> perry was a>> senior at grace brethren christian school andhr more than a z do ofi his hi classmates stopped by hisstoppes house yesterday to leave flowers in his honor.h a frightening discoveryvery that hikers made along theikerse potomac river.potomac rir. police say they found ay woman's body near the popular billy goat trail. the discllovey ry was made yesterday and hikers found ahi body floating in the potomac.otc at first they thought it was a child but it turned out to beurt a woman. a wo the medical examiner's officemr is looking into the cause off death. time now is 7:08. 7:08. coming up a crocodile snatchesdt a family's dog and then dragsthe it into the canal in florida. f. a witness tried to come to the rescue but it was just toot was late. we'll have details on this on this story straight ahead and ofan of course caitlin will have willhae another look at your saturday sy forecast as we take you out touo break here's a live look outside. and we are off to a mild starts this morning but as caitlin mentioned we're due for rain fon possibly this afternoon soly grab that umbrella if y tou're ' headed out the door right now.ho we'll be right back. bak. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. time is 7:11. here's some other stories some headlines across the>> country this morning. to new jersey where that ars helicopter made a hard laeyndina in a parking lot of an n apartment complex last night.x g no word yet on what led to le to this rocky landing there. t to south florida where awh crocodile snatched and killed kd a pet dog the attack caught ontn a cell it happened in coral gables.abs. a personal trainer saw the saw e attack and started taping.tap. he hopes the video is aa reminder for people with petswis to keep them away from them he canals. very scary. >> terrifying. >> i was always afraid of>> coyotes. otes. >> yeah. >> there have been a lot of sightings in the county,, fairfax county as of
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>> any time you get a beara be sighting. sighti oh, i i know. >> be careful leaving youraving trash out i guess.tras >> the only thing i'm noti'm not afraid of are little rabbitsrai and squirrels. >> they're cute and harmlessan and everywhere so you get used u to them very quickly.uily. getting used to these warmse wam temperatures out there, myut the goodness. >> we are. >> tell me you were outside ato some point yestouerday. yes >> i was outside all week.wee. >> good. >> being out in the fieldng o i reporting, too, ifitel just maks the job so much more enjoyable. >> i know. because youbeca don't have to deal with theve t rain and wind and theo cold. c. >> yes, i think it's made lifeme easier for a lot of people.peo you are so welcome and the th amount of people in i've seenen out in droves last week and lase this week, you know, there's, te more traffic, the restaurantsta are more crowded.wded. >> right. >> everyone is downtown ownt o seeing pictures of cherrycherry blossom trees blooming.looming. it's still late february andaryd we still anticipate some some changes including going back b to a winter-like feel tomorrowoo and then again in the seven-day forecast.y forect. now, in order for that tot t happen you got to have a hav a sizable change in air mass and d that's what we'll have today toy as colder air cuts i
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very warm air, strongtrong afternoon thunderstorms are likely with some gusty windsso so heads up to anyomene whone wo wants to be outdoors all dayall long and you want to taketake advantage of these nice warmnicm temperatures that we have right nowatures between about 10 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. this wholewhe area under the rick for severe e storms.orms. temperatures right now 59 washington, 59 gaithersburg,ther 61 hagerstown.aerst these low temperatures arew well above normal forte a high g temperature this time of year. . but here's evidence of our or changes when you look at thisooh regional map of temperaturesf te we're in the 50's for boston, b, straight down to richmond andd d then you've got 40's in ohio oio where showers are movingers areg through. it's 25 degrees and snowing inin chicago. now, i don't think we see anye y snow here. her however, the mountains will bywy this time wait until you see thiss futurecast. futucast. major shock to the systemsystem courtesy of this cold frontis c that is now brolinging raing ran showers from toronto back down n to the western carolinas.aro. nothing severe right now,, nothing overly strong by thetroe way there's the snow showerssho moving through indianapolislis approaching western ohio. ohi. but as that cuts into our arear
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heating the instability willtabl increase and we have that that chance for some strong storms. . now, there's a line that isne tt very narrow.ry n you can see it through westhr virginia right now and as itasit whips through our area it willtl be very fast moving but t delivering that punch oft showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon hourss an and the highest risk rightrisk t around the 95 corridor isorridor going to be about 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.. that front exits, much colders,u air comes through beginnings thg tonight. so, if you're going out on ou your saturday night you didn't d need a jacket last night, yout,u will tonight, trust me. e. it's going to become increasingly windy and muchdy au colder each hour. each let's time out these showerse and storms for you.and orms we've got sunshine rig fht now,w beautiful morning.rning. by about noon here's some se showers and storms makings and r their way through the shenandoah valley east of theval 81 corridor includingin hagerstown down through frontwn royal. they'll see is the storms first. i don't think they'll be as strong but again each t hl oseue cut into some more more instability. by 1 o'clock getting into frederick county western montgomery county, loudounlodoun county and by2
7:15 am
fairfax county and gettingcountd inside the beltway rightayight there. reds indicate brieflyriey heavy rain and very gustyvery gy winds. not sure about hail but thatt th could certainly happen.rtainly we've got a very cold air massia moving in. moving in. then you see by 3:00 p.m.0m. there's the storms moving movin through baltimore, easterneas shore between four, 5:00 p.m. rapidly clear out.dly snow showers in the mountainsrs by this time late ton iight.n t. wow. all right, so for today today 73 degrees still very warm anda breezy with those afternoon thunderstorms.thun those thunderstorms end and wero turn much, much colder. seven-day forecast shows we shoe fall to a low of 37 tonight,ton, spend most of tomorrow in theron 40's with a stiff breeze outiffe of the north. however, we warm things righthi back up. ba up. tuesday, wednesday as we saywe y goodbye to february and hellondo to march but then it is muchmuch colder by next week.we all right, that's a look all lol right seven-day forecast. annie. >> ♪♪ >> happening today, the princeh george's county public schoolsc is showing some love to thee t e capitol area food bank.ank. today the school system isystem hosting a stop the bus eve -- e-
7:16 am
food items as well as schoolsch supplies and the event is atis the wegmans there on mchughn mch drive in lanham.n lanham. it runs from that 11 o'clock11 this afternoon to 3 o'clock.o'co the the event is opened to the public if you would like to stop by and stuffu the bus. b also happening today,so h there is a free communitapycommt event happening called kids inl the kitchen and it's takingtakng place in northwest d.c. .c the event is at the ymca on w ow street there from 9:00 this9:00t morning until about 1 o'clock1 o this the event will help kids andds n parents eat smart and learn toao make healthy lifestyle l choices. they are also going to hav e some games crafts hands onafts learning as well as exciting prizes. prizes. we have been watching ande e waiting foenr the bun in the oven. it is the internet's latest sensation. this is air, everybody, the, e giraffe and she could have herur baby any moment she's at the animal adventure park in harpersville new york. . we'll check back in on her a hea little later on.little time is 7:16.
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made recreational marijuanai legal but not the federalhe government and now the trumpump administration is hinting at a a crackdown. so what does this all mean? es we'll have details on that t tht story right after this break. ak.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. your time now is 7:19 and it e nofficial. is oisff calling the th terror group we've been b fighting for year isis, not, no isil. the pentagon made thethe announcement yesterday andday an isis is the common acronym for the islamic state. s meanwhile an intelligenceigence report by homeland security by shows people living in sevenhoos muslim majority countries intri president trump's temporarympora travel ban do not pose a terror threat to the u.s.t to t. according to a draft documentrau obtained by the associated press. pres a federal judge put the orderutr on hold.. president trump plans to issue a new etrxeumcutive ore there are signals coming c out of the white house that h the trump administration mayistm take enforcement of federal fe laws against recreationalcreatin marijuana use much moreo seriously than its predecessoreo but with recreational pott explodeing into a multibilliontn dollar industry some arestry soe asking is it too going jail.jail fox's alicia akuna has that that story. >> reporter: white houseep pressor secretary sean spicersen sent the marijuana industryindut and the states where recreational use h
7:21 am
legalized reeling when asked ree if the new administration plans to enforce fehe ndeewral a >> i think that's a questiona for the department of justice.ft i do believe you'll seell greater enforcement of it.r >> reporter:en in 2013 i president obama's doj said it st would take a hands offands approach to states' approvingppi recreational use. us. now questions abound.abou in california which recentlyecey passed recreational use, many, y medical marijuana dispensariess are making plans to expandas their customer days base. days >> if the federal governmente wants to take action afegainst t us, we've taken all thethe preparations that we possiblypob can and we're ready to face that music. mus >> reporter: recently in denver a cannabis industrybis iu representative said it's going o to be difficult for the feds to unwind these laws. >> if the federal governmente fe starts to pull the rug outrug ot from under these businesses, isn think you're going to see ee obviously business owners being very disrupted but alsotel you're going to see state and sd local leaders really speakingspe up and saying, you know what, w, our voters chose this.hose >> reporter: eight states in: ei the district of
7:22 am
legalized recreationaleation marijuana but it's only beingbe sold in colorado oregon or and d washington state.tate. last year those three states combined collected nearly halfol a billionl dollaecr in taxax revenues from recreationalcr weed. confusing matters commentsmattem made by then candidate trump on the campaignte trail.tra >> and then i really believee you should leave it up to theto statements it should be aementsa state situation.sit >> reporter: and during hister: senate confirmation hea arndingr attorney general jeff sessionses put the ball squarely in the th court of lawmakers. >> if that's something is not n desired any longer congress should pass a law tod any chan- change the routes. rout >> reporter: in a quinnipiac poll out thister: week 71 percep of americans said they opposeope the government enforcingenng federal laws against statesl that havelaws already legalizedl medical or recreational marijuana. when asked by fox news, thet department of justice declinedtd to comment on spires' spi statements. in denver, alicia akuna foxox news. >> for the first time we arehe hearing the 911 call f made md after a pilot was forced to make a hard landing in princei or
7:23 am
weeks ago.a gerald kempton had taken offken from the potomac air fieldr when that something went wrong with his somesingle engine plana he crashed into a wooded area aa and despite what happened toapp him, he remained calm when heal called for help. help. >> i'm in a plane crash. crsh. my plane went down. dn. i'm on the side of a hilla somewhere but i'm not surehere where i am b. >> okay, all right.kay, all rig. >> it's a small plane.e. >> initially rescuers haduers hd trouble finding kempton but hete was able to direct them to hisos location. he suffered cuts to his headsead and some trauma to his chest.i he was flown to a hospital forfr treatment and he is an n experienced pilot from rhodero island but was in maryland fornr a visit.a the d.c. elementary school closed for three weeks becausehr of a bed bugs and rodent aden problem is set to reopen on monday. savoy elementary in southeast was forced to shut down nearly n three weeks ago so that crews cs could clean it out.ean it out now, school officials sayals say there will be an open house on monday so that the public canthi see the classrooms.lassrooms. now to a fox5 stormy story foow
7:24 am
about last month. m a waitress at a restaurant inran ashburn claimed a customers stiffed her on a tip and left et a racist note on her biller bi because she was black.she now that customer has hired aa lawyer and says the server serv made the entire story up.y. the man's lawyer claimsclims someone in the restaurants forged his signature and thatisa he did in fact tuleavere a noteo the receipt that said terrible service. in documents sent to fox5 by sex the attorney, there is a copya y of the customer's receiptmer's r which they claim has a different time starch.ffertime s they say it's proof theroof t version with the racist notenote was reprinted later and thisands is what the waitress and ownerea told us last month when thet incident allegedly happened.a >> great spervice. servic don't tip black i'm like what? what? wha shocked. very, very shocked.hock i go wow. who would write this. >> i'm appalled.>> it's so disheartening anding and my -- my heart goes out tout t kell and her family and hr
7:25 am
friends. >> never happened.pp never happened in over 40 yes.s. >> the customers wants towants t remain anonymous.ano we also asked the restaurantre for a response but have not received one just yet time now is 7:24.s 7:24 it's been the perfect weathercta to start planning yournningour backyard oasis and coming up, u, how you can take drab to fabo fb and spruce up your yard thisrd s spring. we'll have tips on that plus p more plus another look atk a today's weather.e a live look outside on this tis beautiful saturday morning.ful we'll be right back.sal be rig . >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back everybody. everybody. a live look at the nationalnal harbor on this saturdayt morning. caitlin we're off to a prettya good start. i'm kind of bummed we mightbumm get rain welater. >> i know unfortunately thiselyi saturday is off to what looksw like a promising start. strt. just like the springlikeglike temperatures, springlikespglike thunderstorms some of whichrs may be pretty strong thistormbes afternoon. even though it's a great great morning, heads up that that later on today you at the veryer least need your umbrellas butut mostly don't want to beo be outdoors especially near thecial water as we have a strong squall line expected with somehe pretty gusty winds.pretty g so, ousutside right now it is aa beautiful springlike morning.kei 59 degrees at reagan national nl as well as dulles 53 at bwi marshall. marshall. wow, i was actually hot waking g up in my unair conditi
7:29 am
i mean,tmen incredible warmth.e. now, that being said, this t time of year it's fantastic.f you don't have the humidity toit go along with it, right? i'llig take 70's in february anyan time. time temperatures also around theo ae area well into the 50's and0's d 60's. 60's 59 westminster, 61 hagerstown,hg 59 in culpeper.p winds will be increasings wi through the day. we're pretty breezy out in theue south, winds about 10 to 15 miles an hour but as that th cold front approaches andnt appd those strong storms emergetor that's when we'll get the verye gusty winds in excess ofds 50 miles an hour at times are ae possible. now, it will be a brief movinga bri cold front as you take a look lk at satellite and radar rightlita now. this is it, this band ofnd o showers from toronto downonto d through the tennessee valleyval but back behind it much colder r air, cold enough to snow in i places like chicago, toledo tol ohio which by the way places plc off towards our north and west t like that in ohio, in indiana,a, michigan, wisconsin, illinois,l, shattering record highng rig temperatures yesterday.estrday shattering records forat february as they were wellte into thes th 70's and now it'sni snowing. that's pretty harsh.harsh. not any snow
7:30 am
ridge tops certainly k-thetops mountains in west virginia. cn . right now it's just rainus rain showers. as this cold front approachesros eastward it will take a fewt wiw hours. we're talking about early afternoon we'll see the firsthe showers in our area but some b of those storms as they gatheryg some of the instability thatth will be bue ilding from thisis morning could be quite here's the's the stup. still warm front well off towardsff ts our north. 70's are expected for justr about everyone.about ever clouds will be increasing late e morning as that cold frontd fro cuts into this area.cuts showers and, yes, thunderstorms are expected.are p in fact a slight risk for somere severe thunderstorms istorms i possible this afternoon.ible tho then by sunday, rapid fireay, change as we will be sunny, yes, but breezy and much, much,h colder. we're going from highs in theoht 70's to barely hitting htin 50 degrees and with the winds it will feel likean it's in theh upper 30's much of the day so do a harsh change meaning you'reng going to need to get those gt t jackets and those winteret jackets out especially as we head into lates ou sundat y nig, monday morning.ning. so, from spring to winterter here. 73 with afternoonterno thunderstorms, some of whichtorm may be severe. severe. sunday it is a gorgeousgorge
7:31 am
cooler with again spending most of the day in the 40's0 with a brisk wind out of the north. seven-day forecast, strongstrn thunderstorms today, breezytodar and colder tomorrow.ezd cold and then erwe warm things rightt back up. we're going to end february onbr tuesday on a very mild note. not showers are likely with w temperatures in the 60's so so pretty unsettled.etty u we coulnsd use the rain and it t looks like maybe on wednesday on we could get a decent dose ofec some rain, 68 degrees for thatr high temrature. now, yet again behind some ofd f those rain showers we turn turn much colder.cor. 53 and windy on thursday, thusd, probably still breezy onably stn friday with a high temperatureh of jhiust 45. 4. honestly looking further down the line into march it looks it like we could be pretty maybe even some snow maybe. ybe. annie, you knew -- you knew weyu would have to pay for this. >> no, i didn't know. i thought we had turn neo,d i te corner. [laughter] we're going ging back. i don't know about those firstbr couple weeks of march. march >> my gosh. >> they look pretty cold. co yikes. i know.s. sorry. >> i'm speechless.eeless. >> ♪♪ >> all right. time now is 7:31. happening tmeo ndaowy, is day f
7:32 am
the conservative politicaloliicl action conference gets under ger way and president trump wasent s given a very warm welcomecome yesterday at cpac.t he addressed the crowd whocrowd gave him a standing ovation.ova. he spoke on several issues andud our alexandria limon pickingpick things up from here from thefroh national harbor with the verythy latest on his speech yesterdayhr and what's ahead today. good morning, alex. a >> reporter: annie, goodnnie,ood morning. that's right t-the biggesthe big speaker here at cpac of coursep being president presid he took the stage yesterday asea you mentioned oh, got a verya vy warm welcome from the conservative crowd at the conference. still, though, he spent quitepen a bit of time going on theingthe offensive. ook at some of video vid from yeerday. now, the president started hisds speech and spent a good deal of time blasting what he calls fake news and the dishonest media. president trump, though t-alsolo talked about his policies, promised to destroy isis, takees better care of our veteransteran and reduce taxes on the middleie class. class. he, of course, also addressed extensively his immigrationgratn
7:33 am
seen from ice and also hissohi travel bat. here's a little more aboutmor what the presaident said yesterday. >> we will cut wasteful spending. spending. we will that promote ouril values. we will rebuild l ourur inner cities. we will bring back our jobs and our dreams.e >> reporter: and thend the president elaborated some more on his plans moving forwardorwa saying specifically [inaudible] and he thinks this will happenan ahead of schedule. annie.. >> thanks so much alex.h a time now is 7:33. 73 coming up on fox5 news thisews saturday morning, spring isningp less than a month away. awy. for many that means it's times to start planning our gardens. . when we return we'll get somet m help from the pros and findd fin out how to create a backyardd oasis. wish my backyard look likek lke that.
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7:37 am
capitol remodel and garden show at the dulles expo centerle but this morning we'rexpth bringing the tips to you.isto y. joining us is patrick carter owner of enlightenedlightened lightning. you'll show us tips on how towto make our backyard our own saartuary. >> yeah. >> which is life goals for most of us. is for those of us amo tight tight budget or have tight space spac that's pretty challenging.l >> it is but there are a lote of trends that are happeningth that allow ateven small backyards tom create thatrds toa little oasis that get away andwn a lot of trends happening thatst will go over such as creatingatg just an outdoor environmentoor that gives you a getaway.get >> a little get away a little sanctuary. i want to ask you every yeary this events gets bigger andbiggd better. it's been going on for many years. >> it is. >> what is the biggest twisti this year. yar. >> the trends that are goingnds on in your outdoor environmento from remodeling to theg to t gardening. that's the focus of what we'rewe really displaying all the different vendor and it is thee biggest outdoor show that
7:38 am
>> and i've been and it's i almost like every year there'sts just so much stuff going on. >> yeah. >> there's new trends, new's nen ideas, new gadgets and things an so let's get's what is this s here.h >> these are actually ourse are light products, our lightingghig products. pr so, you know, when we're goingwe through this, we look at the h biggest trends we start offtar with the creating that outdooru environment whether it's building a sunnm roenom, some of the bigger projects a deck or or a patio to create that little. l >> so nice.>> >> i think we all s spend enough time -- no one had a desire todr say i want to watch tv more oror spend more time on the couch.on it's getting outdoor andand enjoying your outdoorou environment. liettlelittleve a patch of grass that we canhat wc create that environment toat e entertain and relax so patiospas and decks that's somethingks tha that can be done and it alwaysaw doesn't have to be as to be a expensive as someone mayay think. you can have a small littlel patio that's that'qua. >> i have a small deck and a small backyard but i'm 'm intrigued by some of thedy things you brought in, the, he different colors textures and tn decor. what is this
7:39 am
>> you look at the differente f skies. rst one is the sound accident take place because t most of us live inake a city i where you hear neighbors noisere so first you want to drownn that that out.ut water is a great that's a small fountain. f so you can go from a small s fountain to a pond but t something where running water w is canceling out the noise wehe hear in the in ea >> good idea.idea. >> next big trend is thee speakers so putting out ut outdoor speaks so if you wantifw to relax put on a podcast relaxing music is the end ofthef the night that's something to do. >> what about something forabouo - the bestthebest - thing i think is living fences putting in shrubbery that canatn go to a height so you're notnot just staring at your neighbor a right next to you andgh screening can be done ast next w >> does this fall under thes fae lighting category. >> this is more creating the mor fire and the as fear so onceearc we get the sound created theated next thing is really the fireth that we're looking at so weo all love to sit around aund a campfire back in the old days d so same thing now.g no. there's a lot of products outlo there make it ofreal easy flipap the switch a firco
7:40 am
even the outdoor grilling andorl cooking areas so while entertaining rather than being in the kitchen to come out into the outdoo rr arateait chad actually cook and prepare foodpr for guests and family or just unwinding at the end of theg ate night with a nice camp fireca isn't that finally down heret fi what's this, nathe brick.bri. >> the brick that representsck t the patio and that's gettinggetg back into the final thing isthes really the so, you don't want to billnt tol this beautiful spot and notd ot have that be wonderful --nd you're sitting in the dark. creating that light scape oreor night scaping so lighting andg n making it look beautiful warm and well coming.well comi. lighting is really the numbernu one trend we're seeing in 2017n0 which happens to be what i do. >> looking at all this stuffuff this isn't big projectsn't g prc they're just little thingslittls that kind of tweak your backyard, the sounds, the kind lightingth ande untdshings, t could pretty much do ourselves. ou >> a lot of it is -- a lf >> that's the beauty of thesee expos, they go and there aree a tons of these vendors yourself included and we can interact.te. >> you get a lot of lot of inspiration. this is the number one intime oe year when people start looking at the honey-do
7:41 am
properties are decided in thedee next 30 to 60 days and getting e together with two to 300to 3 contractors that are showings te what they can do and gettingettg some inspiration some ideasme and then picking out those oneto or two things this year thats tr are really going have, youhaveyu know, that -- that's going to'sg make the biggest impact so youau can create that little space spe for yourself.foyo >> i know you've been a partyoue of this for over 16 years.s. >> yes. >> if you go there you'll see se our friend and what do we need n to know? tickets are veilreeil still. >> tickets are available.. matt blatshaw will be be speaking. it's a great event is.vent is. especially if it's rainy today y perfect time to get out there.e. >> perfect plug.>> okay, we'll be right backb everybody.
7:42 am
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z2a0gz zi0z y2a0gy yi0y >> ♪♪ >> welcome back.>> time now is 7:44. happening right now, we justtimi can't stt onopww,atching the internet's latest sensation. this is april the giraffe anda she could have her baby at anyay moment. she's at the animal adventure park in harpersville new yorkilk and just a little bit ago sheag was eating some grasso we wille continue to monitor this andhisd watch it all unfold.unf and here closer to home ae a giraffe in baltimore now has ata name. the maryland zoo revealed thevet name of its newest animals nel after an online contest where wh people could actually vote on ve it. the winner is the name willowmew and the baby giraffe was namedne after more than 30,000 peopleeol cast their votes.heir votes that's a lot of pe
7:45 am
weighed in.weig the new animated comedy co rock dog is out this weekend w and it is rocking theaters.heas. fox news correspondentnt jonathan hunts caught up with wi the voice actor luke wilson to o talk about it. >> ♪♪ to become ad music. >> reporter: the new r animatedeporte comedy rock dogoc follows a tibetan mastiff as he pursues his musical dreams.da famous voices helping to tell the storys he include luke wilsn eddie is sard and j. k. j. k simmons. wilson was surprised biteprid be challenges of working in therkie booth. >> it wasn't as easy as iwa thought snit woul'td a be.d be i would kid around with otherh r actors that had done it saying g it must be great you just getusg to show up in sweat pants and d just sit there but then, yeah, y you do realize that you wantu to do a good job and when it's s done well, you know, it does take effort. e >> answer the question of myiono life. wilson says his brother'sbroter
7:46 am
work also inspired him to give it a a try. >> i just know my brother owenen and he'd had a lot of fun n doing those cars movies butviest yeah, you want to kind of create a character because it does have an impression on kids. >> any advice. >> reporter: he says thisays film has a sweet message at the hastert it.the >> it takes effort to kind of hd make your odfreams come tome fruition and a lot of times,t you know, i mean it event een happens to us as adults, you know, where you have somethingym you want to accomplish and forcp whatever reason people sliay,sh, oh, you can't do that or it'sr not the right time or, you know, people -- when you- when u have -- when you have dreams, d, people aren't always encouraging.en >> i'm so sure this was thewas band. >> reporter: is so, did his his rock star character inspireins him to start singing in real life? >> i don't know about that butnb i wouldn't mind just doing oi voice overs so i can just wear my own clothes.n >> reporter: in hollywood
7:47 am
jonathan hunt, fox >> cute, very calm i love those kinds of movies.. >> i went into it a little l skeptical because there was so e much opinion about it. it's a good o pimovie. movie. >> you really did like . >> i d i enjoyed it but i did hear a woman walking out. ou she said oh, that was a was terrible >> oh, wow. >> i think it's either youithero love it or hate it.. there's really no in between.aly today might be a good day for nf ar movie.movi >> definitely this afternoon.y h i know it doesn't look like itit now but we do expect rainn later. >> i'm so glad you liked thatlit because kevin was raving about i it on thursday morning.orng. his first five out of five of fv stars of the year but i saw sa the trailer and i was likes like what. >> that's why i -- the trailertr doesn't give a whole -- you- ou think it gives away a lot butlob it really doesn't.oesn't >> okay. >> i don't want to give away too much but wan don't go on itt just off the trailer.trailer. reviews are high for a reason.e. >> that's -- don't judge a don'a book by its cover. >> yeah. >> don't go by just the go byt e trailer. get outside this morning butornt then you'll want to get insideie believe itr
7:48 am
fox5 news morning on thising on february 25th as we take atakea live look outside. beautiful sun dappledppl buildings there where i would iw guess would be somewhere someere around arlington or rosslyn.ros. but after this sunshine thissu morning we are looking at someae strong afternoonrong afteoon thunderstorms. i know, thunderstorms but it's like the price you pay this time of year for all of theth warmth. winter is not over yet. we've got some colerder i airs r that's trying to move in and as a result that clash in airi masses will cause pretty gustygy thunderstorms this afternoon tsa right now it's incredibly mildyd out, 59 in washington, 55 in annapolis, 59 in winchester wte coming off a remarkable couplekp of days.of days. we hit a high temperature ofera 77 here in the districtdict yesterday but the highhe temperatures were breaking wer records all across the northeast.northe most notably places far offably towards our north and west pd ws like in ohio, chicago wherewher look how cold they are right now, 39 columbus, 39 detroit, d 25 and snowing in chicago.hi rude awakening as w
7:49 am
50 in new york.york. 59 again here in d.c. d all right, here's the coldere'sd front that will deliver thativ change in air masses.s showers from toronto downnto through the tennessee valley.ale nothing strong just yet. yet. in fact not even anyn thunderstorms but as thist as ti moves eastward and as we get gt some more daytime heating more m instability we do expectwe do ee thunderstorms here.rstorms re. there's that snow testament toao how cold it is back across the upper midwest. zooming in closer sunshine nowsn cloude cover. coer. schenn dough wham valley willh h see showers first by late morning. rn then thunderstorms in our morere western counties.n let's time it ought for you.for. there's that cold frontold frot arriving this afternoon. the storm prediction centerm pr has put our whole area edin a in slight risk for severeev thunderstorms and the biggestbit concern is going to be wind gusts in excess of 50 miles ans hour its a fast moving squall mq line which means you don'tch mes really have that concern forthar heavy rain or hail, althought we could see some small hail hl but it is the gusty winds as s this thing blows through. b 8:00 a.m., nothing yet. nothing. by noon, there's the te beginnings of that squall linet from hagerstown down throughth front royal, strongest energygeg looks to be off towards ourour north. bu
7:50 am
strong energy by 2:00 p.m.,, fairfax county howard countycouy seeing the strongest of thestrof storms. south of d.c. along the 95 corridor towardstow fredericksburg maybe notybet seeing as much.muc. by 2 o'clock into the districtit baltimore seeing that line line which will sweep eastward eastwd approach the eastern shore by 3:00, 4:00 p.m. and then bye 5:00 p.m. the whole thingthng exits, skies clear.clear look at this cold enough forh fo some snow showers along theng he rich tops in that west tops in t virginia. in wow. all right, so here's the so hert forecast for today.o it is still very warm, 73 for3 r that high temperature ahead of f the thunderstorms.un it will become increasingcrasi windy gusting out of the southoh at 25 miles an hour at times. t. now, if you're goinging outtonight i would dress as little bit differentlyit dif compared to last nightfe rebeca it is not going to stay mild.mi. those thunderstorms comeundermse through, our temperatures dropmr very quickly.y. 37 is the low temperature.mpure. tomorrow's much colder.l we spend most of the day ine dan the 40's with that highhat temperature of just 50, wind0, chills in the 30's.. so, it feels like winter.winter. temperatures slowly climb,ures , though, as we end february andfu begin march. look at this, we
7:51 am
again on wednesday.wednesday. if it weren't for the rain. rn. i do think we could get ata decent round of showers whichwec we actually could use tuesday,t, wednesday, it's been very dryryr and then much colder by ther bth end of the week a higha h temperature of onlye of onl 45 degrees. march looks chilly, just just saying it right now first twoiro weeks look pretty cold.look pre that's a look at ycoourlook at seven-day forecast.or let's send it back to annie anne now. >> thank you so much caitlin.ain well, hollywood takingta center stage tomorrow as theow e stars hit the red carpet for c f the 89th annual academy awards. ards comedian jimmy kimmel will will host the big ceremony.ceremo an estimated 1.2 billiond 1.2 bl people around the world are expected to tune in sundayd night. crews have been hard at workto t getting the dolby theaterhe d ready for the big eventol banded this year's best pictureicture nominees include "la-la land" la manchester by the sea "moonlight" fens and "hiddens an figures." figu all very great movies. time now is 7:51. 7:5 still ahead the touching waychiy that children from our area aea are remembering dr. martin d luther king jr. during blackng l history month.history mo we'll have that coming untp.t cp we'll be right back. k.
7:52 am
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rooster sounds
7:54 am
watching a cow. oh what's it doing? rooster sound impressions. rooster sound power up your morning with a 300-calorie egg white grill. only at chick-fil-a. >> ♪♪ >> welcome back. ,63august 28th, 1963 dr. martin luther king stood on the steps of thethe lincoln memorial and deliveredld his famous ""i have a dream" speech." yester
7:55 am
school students did the exact same thing and it's the 13thude3 year in a row that d.c. publicpc school kids have honoredonoed dr. king's legacy like this. th >> in so many ways, dr. king's.n dream has come true. te. but we realize our work is not yet complete.omplete. >> now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of o racial injustice to the solidjut rock of a brotherhood.rho >> now is the time to makeo make justice a reality for all of god's >> i have a dream that one day y this nation will rise up withup the true meaning of its >> i have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia geoa the sons of former slaves andved the sons of former slavef owners will be able to sito st down together at the table of >> i have a dream that one dayey even the state of mississippissi a state with the heat of o injustice with the heat of oppression will be transformeder into an oasis of freedom and justice.
7:56 am
my four little children will chi live in a nation where theye th will not be judged by they color of their skin but by thebe content of their character.cha >> i have a dream today.oda >> let freedom read from theom to california. californi >> free at last, free at last, , thank god almighty we're free fe at last. l [cheers and applause] >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
7:57 am
[cheers and applause]ap >> that is alml right. r photographer nelson jones shothe and put thatr ne entire piecetie together. so, great job, grea and that t does it for us hereto at 7:00 buest there's much moree ahead at 8 o'clock.8 o i hope you stick with us.tick wh we'll be right back. ck.
7:58 am
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y29kuy ysty >> ♪♪ this is f5
8:00 am
morning. >> welcome back to fox5 newsox5s morning. here's a live look outside ontso this saturday.turd. boy, isn't that prett. >> pretty, very pretty.p >> it is february the 25th,25h, 2017. and the time right now is 8 o'clock on the dot and wen are off to yet another mild mild start and look, the sun looksunl like it's shining out thereing e caitlin. >> it is. >> what are those mini mni flowers? are those berries. be. >> yeah, berries.eah, >> good morning, i'm annie yu.n. thanks so much for waking upwakp wi us.s. caitlin joining us for a first f check of our forecast.orec looks like things are going ton change for us.change for >> they are. beautifulauula gorgeous sunny morning again,ag, another warm day in the 70's.70. the past two days have been phenomenal, just off the charts. >> i think we needed this. nk w how you get in winter wi slump. >> absolutely. >> it was like the perfect time to revive our i know it's going to get t colder so we'll be okay foror this round i think.thi >> if only we could count onon that every winter like thereint would be a few daliys in a row where you take a break and an it's in the 7
8:01 am
you went to florida or or something. that would be often annie.ane. i love that idea.idea. still very warm out there thists morning, 62 at reagan national, 61 at dulles and 57 a7 at bwi. bi. these temperatures right now,ht, these morning lows are higherigr than a normal high temperature m this time of it's been an incredible month mn and what i think will shakell out to be the warmest february r in history in d.c. and youn d. know what, it makes sense sese because i grew up in theew up ie midatlantic, you did, annie,c, d so man, y of us can never ner remember a february like this. h >> not at all.>> nott all. >> and so it is one for the te record books but it is still stl late february after all ander a there are some changessome chans beginning today. you can see that line ofbee o showers across west virginia that will progress east of the e mountains and move into the washington, d.c. area by about early afternoon. first chance of showers andsho thunderstorms in our area our would be noon. d be it's a cold air mass cutting cu into the 70's and buildinguiling warmth that's been around forror a few days so we do expectpect stronger showers and ad thunderstorms with someth some briefly gusty winds so if youo do have plans to golf, you're
8:02 am
fine this morning.orning later this afternoon heads uperp july to run inside as soon asass you see the clouds thickeningc and stay off the water today without a doubt very gustyoubt winds out there. we'll be wisignificantly colderr tomorrow. to those thunderstorms will allowmm much cooler weathers wi to movee through. but for today 68 degrees byy 11:00 a.m., 6 lots of sunshine.. that will give way to thunderstorms. best chance to see it arunounden 3 o'clock and then they moveov out after 5:00 p.m. m it will be a lot chillier chillr tonight. more on that and yourre o seven-day forecast that isn y t still ahead. annie. >> ♪♪ >> all right, your time now is 8:02. it's day three of the conservative political actionacn conference and trump was givengn a very warm welcome yesterdaysty at cpac. c he add drove the crowd who o gave him a standing ovation. ov. our alexandria limon is live l this morning from the fashion f mash with the very latest onthe his speech and what'sch a happening today. good morning,ha alex.a >> reporter: hey, annie, good morning, that's right,rig, the biggest speaker of cpac of course president trump takingmpg the stage
8:03 am
as you mentioned he got a very r warm welcome from thehe conservative crowd here at the conference. still, though, he spent quite a bit of time going on then e offensive. take a look at this video fromdm yesterday. ye now, the president started his s speech and spent a good deal of time blasting what he calls a fake news and the dishonestshont media. mea. now, president trump also promised to destroy isis, takeoe better care of veterans and nd reduce taxes on the middle mi cls.s. so, also spending some timee tie talking about his agenda asas president. pres he talked about his -- reinforced his top agenda itemae and what he calls new actionw a to prevent terrorists fromerrorm entering the country.otry. here's some of what he had to say.. >> we are getting bad people out of this country.oury people that shouldn't beldn't be whether it's drugs or murderm or other things, we're gettinggg bad ones out. those are thet. ones that goat first and i said it from dayy one. one. basically all i've done i
8:04 am
keep my >> reporter: now, the h president also talked about abou his plans moving forward onorw the topic of immigration, illegal immigrationgal immi specifically. plans to startstrt construction of the borderborer wall very soon and said itait would happen way ahead of schedule. annie. > ♪♪ >> well, new this morning, mor prince george's county policerg are invescotigating a homicideoe that happened police went to a home on o ardwick ardmore lane for a welfare check.check. that's where they found a wheree woman shot to death.y foshot to no word on a suspect.deatsuspec. in the district antan investigation is under way ton r figure out who w shot two polict officers thursday ni ght in northeast. police are not saying how the two officers got hurt.ot h we have a video from a witnesswi that shows part of the altercation between theation be suspect and police andtw a warning before you watch thish that this video may bey b difficult to watch.icult to wch. fox5's lindsey watts picksts it up from here. he >> reporter: you
8:05 am
someone yelling shots fired.fir the suspect is already down on n the ground. then. [gunfire] >> reporter: three gunshots,un one of the officers involved falls. s. more officers arrive runningrung toward their two injured two colleagues and the wounded suspect. >> and it was crazy that i satt there and i witnessed thesed the whole thing. tsoneporter: darren watson recorded the video. vido. he says before this he saw the e suspect walking down the te street and police in ann a unmarked car showing up toupto arrest him. >> and he was fidgeting as hegee was walking and he looked backok at me and then looked back atack the officer 'cause that's whoha he was really looking at. >> reporter: he says ther: he ss suspect tried to get away andyd ended up in a struggle withruggh the two officers.two of. >> they told him stopim sto resisting, stop resisting.res >> reporter: he says her: he sae heard the suspect fire off aa gun, five to seven shots. shos. police gave us this picture ofcf the semi automatic weapon.eaon. that's when he started he staed recording. he says the three gunshots inotn the video are from the officerir shooting the suspect.suspct. >> when he was on his
8:06 am
he was still moving so they movt had to do what they had to do td 'cause i don't know if he hadont the gun on khnoiw m or whethere was under him. just glad that the police officers was >> reporter: watson has been ben interviewed by police aboutwe what he saw andd by chief peterr newsham says this isn't theys th only video. >> officers had both activatedcv their body worn cameras beforeer the foot pursuit began.b >> reporter: it's up to thet mayor to release that footage.f. >> it would be my my recommendation to her that --th- that we should. w >> reporter: lindsey wattse terw fox5at local news.nes >> police identified the he suspect as timothy williams. meanwhile, a prince george'sa cg county woman is facing first degree murder this morning inert the death of her teenaged son. . police say angelique chase andqd her 17-year-old son son christopher got into an argument over foul language ovee and video games in their their clinton home thursday night. nit things got physical and that'sad when investigators say chasehase grabbed a gun and shot her son once in the chest. he later died at the hospital.l.
8:07 am
frightening discovery along> ani the potomaonc in maryland.arynd. police say a woman's body was bd that found near the popularopulr billy goat trail yesterday.s hikers found the body floatingd in the potomacth.e mac. at first they thought it wasughw child but it turned out to be ou a woman.a woman. the medical examiner'sminer's officers is looking into the the cause of death. deat and in the district, theict, d.c. elementary school closedool for three weeks now because of a bed bug and rodent problemrodo is set to reopen on monday.m savoy elementary school inol in southeast was forced to shuto down nearly three weeks ago soao that crews could clean it. it. school officials say thereh will be an open house onuse on monday so the public can see the classrooms.asrooms. time now is 8:07.8:7. cat calls on city streets byrees district workers could soon beb a thing of the past. theaters are reviewingeviewin legislation that would mandateoe all city employees to undergoeso street harassment training andsm if theyen got caught harassinghn other people in public they'dd have to face consequences. fox5's tisha lewis has the story. >> reporter: city streets str are filled with familiar sounds. cat calls may not be one ofbe one
8:08 am
them. >> i don't do that but i meano i i do feel lik me, you know, knw people do especially workersores that do construction do need ned more training.ra >> reporter: in the inn arter district council member hasounc her way haall workers will undergo extensive trainingraiing about harassment including catng calls in public. pubc. >> and if we can train all of them on what's appropriateppr conduct and how to be good good helpful bystanders, then wethenw have an army of people in thelee city looking out and helping create our safe spaces. >> saf reporter: brianne nadeau introduced the proposal thisalts week. her personal experiences are ar fueling the legislation.slation. >> walking down 16th street6th t and being harassed by aa government work on duty iny i uniform and when i washen commuting every day on the metro, every block i would beb harassed. one day i was walking to work wk in my professional attire,nal somebody commented and i asked a them not to do that and theth response was well if you don't t want us to comment why do you u dress like that? i was on the metro one day standing on the te platform and a man asked mesked for my number and i said noid
8:09 am
>> reporter: nadeau says women minorities and the lgbtqeq community is most vulnerableu to the harassment.hara >> i've lived in d.c. for thed e past 15 years and since isince moved here i've had thed t experience of being harassedein on the streets pretty muchrettyh everywhere i go and i know i'm not alone. >> that was our tisha lewisewis reporting. now the proposed streetose harassment legislation was introduced to the districte dist council on tuesday.on tuesday. right now nadeau is waitingeau s for a he aring on the bill. bi once that happens it goes toe the full council for a vote and nadeau hopes it all takesesa place this year. an organization is using shoes to help the homeless.h we'll have more on that comingci up next. up n plus, it is a nice weekended to enjoy some time outside but you'll need tur umbrella sorells grab that if you're headed out for the late afternoon hours.ho. caitlin will be back to telle bk us what we need to know foro knf the rest of the we'll be right back.k. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
8:10 am
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. 8:12 a.m. on a gorgeous saturday morning. take a live12 a l.mooksatu at nl harbor, that ferris wheeliswheel makes you want to hop on and enjoy what has been such a has a gorgeous string of warmrgeous s weather daystr in late februaryu oh, it's just shocking.king however, it is still latetill lt february so we've got biggot big changes on the way. the wa. much colder by tomorrow andomora before we can get to that tat colder air we've got someom thunderstorms rumbling through this afternoon, some of whichf will be strong to severe. a short lived squall line butd that's packing some punch asc
8:13 am
show you that in th just one one minute.nute. first if you have a tee timete e perfect golfing weather thisgolf morning, 62 degrees ining, 62 dn washington, 61 in gaithersburg, 61 out at dulles, 65 annapolis, 57 in in baltimore. you don't want to be on the ohe water because we've got some go very gusty winds and that isty a still some pretty cold weather -- cold water. wter. there's also cold weather weath showing up on this map too.. huge change in temperatures,te coming off of days of recordrerd warmth shattering februaryeringb records well the cold airir arrived there 39 columbus 23lu in chicago where it's ahead of it still very warm. 51 in new york, 53 boston,ton boston also shattering atterig a february high temperaturegh temu record, too that was yesterday with that unprecedentedprecedend warmth. we didn't hit a record hered but it was 77 for a high ahigh temperature. it was pretty amazing.retty satellite and radar amwe've gott sunshine now clouds increasingir towards our west.rds our we here's the cold front bringingin some showers to the shenandoahhh valley.
8:14 am
see that cold front stretchesld from canada back down to then t tennessee valley.te there is that snow i mentioneded moving through indianapolisdians and pressing into portions ofpof ohio. that's along this cold front frn which has some very cold air cor behind it. cold enough to snow cuttingcu into our area and that means thunderstorms.thundetorms. that clash of different airlashi masses.ff so, as a result we arema under d slight risk for severer thunderstorms and the biggestbig concern i think with theseh thse storms will be very gusty wilbeu winds. straight line winds but easilyey could see them skied 50 milesie an ho fox futurecast shows by 1:00 by0 p.m. this is the line that tat will reintensify as it movesoves across the mountains and we moud could see strong storms srms anywhere from hagerstown backtoc down through northern sectionc center city of montgomery county, eastern secterion cs itf loudoun county western fairfax county so all of our westernwetn suburbs between about 12:00n ab0 and 2:00 p.m. i'd say probablyrl between about 1:00 and 3:00nd 30 p.m. for the district and thattt includes up towards then those storms moves e eastward approaching theing th eastern shore after 3 o'clock.o. by four, 5:00 p.m. they move through the delmarva and thend e off shore. skies clear. skies clear. look at those snow showerst th
8:15 am
so here's your forecast for for later 73, warm and breezy, strong str south wind out ahead of thatf ta front which will deliverill strong wind gusts with that wint line of thuns derstwiorms.derst. much, much colder tomorrow. col. so, see that low temperature loe of 37? it's going to be to be chilly out there tonight inonihn contrast to last night.nigh so you're going to need a ned a jacket and you'll need aeed a winter jacket throughout the day sunday with a high temperature ofacket y su just 5. it's windy.wi monday morning back to work wo and school, temperatures arep in the 30's. 30's. freezing or below in ourin suburbs. and then we s lowly warm things t ght back u up. march begins on a mild note te but look how cold we turn by tun next friday with a high ofwith f just 45. that's a look at yourook at y seven-day forecast.foret. now let's send it back tosend io annie. e. >> thanks so much caitlin.nk a pair of sneas kers can an definitely be expensive but anan organization called it's fromt'm the sole is giving them awaygivy for free to help the homeless t in d.c.he in d.c joining us now is. andre mcdonald founder and ceo of it's from the sole and nicoleni wright who is helping out toingo pass out shoes today ands todayd thanks so much to the both ofo you for joining us.the nicole i know you worked h
8:16 am
legally in d.c.u as a clinicali therapist so you've linked up with andre for this specificthic project. andre you know they say ity say takes one person to make a to ma difference and your living y proof of that.oof of t you have taken this projectakeni and just ran with it. t. take us back five years agoars a how this started.tart. >> basically one day me and my friends were playingaying basketball in new york city. in. i saw a homeless guy with knowi shoes on. shoe i took off my and brand newy ann sneakers and offered him thosese sneakers. from that day we've given awayna more than 15,000 sneakers15,000a around the country and country d internationally to thetern homeless. we see there's a big problemg with the homeless inmel washington, d.c. so we have a a thousand pairs of sneakersir with us today. us today we're going to cc shelter andltd we're going to provide for thede less fortunate of d.c. making. k sure that d.c.'s homeless arelee walking more comfortable.mforta. >> wow. so, it all beg an that one day one day and you don't work with theth he homeless, you were juste just playing but you saw this man without i shoes and started a t conversation and now as youand u mentioned before we went o
8:17 am
air, in the five years you've raised 15,000 pairs of0 pa sneakers and you've goneou've oe nationwide with this.ith thi nicole has now partnered with you for the local project.rojt. nicole, what is your role inwhar all of this?thi >> so, an day and i are i re friends and my husband and ihusb we own a small business and an that gets hard sometimes, butbu we always want to rememberr that it's harder for other other people and so i think it wash ws around in january we just we j called him up, we said we wantw to get involved, how do wedo we bring this to d.c. and he saided i'm the.e. >> that's what it's aboutat it't inspiring others, right?t? >> uh-huh. >> and so these -- those areare some big shoes by the way.the y. what size are they. they >> these are size 18 sneakerse s that carmello anthony gave usnyu to give away to the homeless hos today. there's a lot of people who wear 15 or 16 but their feet are so swollen they can't fit their size.their ze. >> unbelievable. me they sometimes have to go a full sizetime s ohar two sizes r than what they wear. >> so, this has reachedrehed carmello anthony to get g involved as well.ed as . those are his shoes? >> yes.
8:18 am
that's great. and then you also have a ecare package. are you giving away careay packages as well to them.the. >> absolutely. so, we've reached out to a to couple of local schools in maryland and d.c. and abcoupleoe of churches as well as some --s- that andre brought down and inna the package we're hoping to t give away new wash cloths, new n pair of socks, toothbrush,toothu tootte.ste. >> basic necessities.sits. >> basic necessities. >> they that we all take for granted. >> that's right. >> there's so many people that don't even have the basic necessities and i know so someo people watching might want toati get invoghlved.get invo so how can they do that. >> today you can do you meann ccnv, that's on 4,252nd street northwest and from 12:00 to:00 could 2 o'clock is organizedk ii hours where we're going g organize the sneakers the the toiletries and then fromthen frm 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock we'll'cll be receiving hours, we'll bes, e giving all this to the lessto ts fortunate of that sheltert which is thesh biggest shelterhr in america and very, very, very, very in need of -- it's from
8:19 am
>> wonderful. alking're not just t about male sneakers we'ree talking females, kids, sizes, se of all, right, all sizes thatzes are needed and so are these new or gently used sneakers sn own that people should donate.l. >> yes. we asking you for your new or no gently used or look into yourtor closet and all the things that t you knowhi that you don't need, let's give them to the people pe who need it.t. >> i love it andre.ndre thank you. >> oh thank you so much for having us.thank ng >> thank you nicole.hank youi both of you respect wonderfulw and before we let you guys go, g what is the web site that wee th should give out?? >> it's from the sole is s-o-l-e, it's from theoe and we also have instagram, facebook, twitter, t, it's from the sole, also. ao. >> awesome. thank you. i love>> your new york accent by the way. the wa welcome to d.c.y.ome >> thank you very much.y much. we all know there's aere's a saying there's an app for's an r that. we've heard it but did youb know that there's one for yourf boss to let them know how longth you've been in theem all ritght, coming up we'llng have details on that app and other strange
8:20 am
of course no one other thanthan guy lambert bringing it to usit this time right now is 8:19. we'll be right back.
8:21 am
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back everybody.come time now is 8:22. theti saying there'sying t an app for that and our goodur d friend guy lambert joining usins this week with some unusualunu apps that some of you might mi find intriguing. intrigu i do. i do. this first one the bathroom bthm app. >> got to love it. nowadays there's an app for an a just about everything.
8:23 am
>> there real is. there rea kind of annoying guy. gu i wish some of it would stop.ld. >> really. >> at some point --t so point -- >> no, i love the apps.ov the i need them. i'm want a hot cup of >> you don't be honest.'t be hoe >> i kind of do and you'llind o hear why. so this zap somewhat intrusivein out of japan.jaan. japan company is actuallytual making this app right now. no what will happen is they willen be able to monitor your bathom usagege. they being your boss, your managers. why is that important? why isr? that a big deal? well, as of late, a lot of folks happen toa be spending a lot of time in a t the bathroom doing anything an but using the bathroom.b so what ends up happening isha you got to getaway from workaway every now and then you want a wa break but you still want towanto remain in the office so you'll y sneak away to the bathroom hop on your cell phhone maybe makeee a couple of calls hang outout and, well, guess what? thet? t company is paying you to work rk and you're in the bathroom. >> i totally get that and i andi don't think you should abuseu se the company and all that andat d whatever but i just think theine bathroom thing is a littleing ie excessive. >> well... >> how does it work.
8:24 am
it will actually>> hs real monin long you're spending in thee bathroom. it will then send a message toessa your boss. that's bad news for you. y here's the good news.'s thenews >> okay. >> let's say you have to go to the bathroom really baday y anne you want to run to the ladies'h room andla well oh my gosh ever stall is filled at that current so what are you going to do? cu check the app prior to going. it will tell you as to whether or not --no-- >> no, get out. u >> every stall is filled.led. go figure. >> is it that big of a problempb in >> you'll love this next app. this is cool.this is cool spring is upon us. u. >> yes. >> i've been working out inng on the gym and i'm trying to looknk good but well guess what,guess , okay, i'm lying.okay, i haven't been working out but i still want to look good.lo so i takoke a selfie of my belly. notice i said my belly because b i don't have any abs.e any with a quick press of a button b voila i now have abs. check this out. it's calledec k the selfie gymf photo editor one of the newesthe apps that happen to hit thethe market and do you see that? d can you imagine thdoat.tht. >> w
8:25 am
>> it looks beyond real.looks br here's the problem.he a lot of friends that followendw you happen to live in this ts area, so you're going to takeoae a selfie like that and they'llnl see you and then you see themeet tomorrow and guess what? yout?u have that big belly back. ba. >> it falls under don'td believe everything you see.e ev >> >> more and more we're becoming a society where we see photo shopping and these the filters, it's like -- it's tougher to believe things now. n >> very much so but i got to got tell you i'm going to try it. [laughter] don't jump me, all right. >> don't put it on yourt jump iy instagram. share with your family iamly i suppose. >> the last app happens to beas the cool left my favorite.avrit. remember pokèmon go, the pokèmon go app. >> mike thomas lovers it.loverst >> he's single right.rig >> yes. s fas far as we know. >> this zap just forr you.ou. tinder now looking to use the ue same technology that pokèmonoken go uses. what they're going to do in do i the near future is you will have the ability to literallylit be walking down the street ife t you're single, your app willppwl be
8:26 am
somebody is single walking byal you as well itological immediately ping you to sayateli hey we're both sngingle, howingw about we hook up on a day. y but wait there's more annie. ann not only will it do that, it th will that then tell you, let'sys say you love coffee where the t closest coffee shop is so thesoe both of you can sit down andn have a cup of coffee. instant gratification in an instant gratification world. >> all right, guy, look -- [laughter] i've never used the tindertr app. >> okay. >> but whatever happened to t just, hey, i'm annie, nice toict meet you. >> not happening nowadays.noaday >> why do we need these toolsthe to network and meet people. i don't get it.tit maybe somebody out there willrel appreciate it.appreciate i >> happy dating everybody.v >> all right, i want to see s those abs later. all right, time now iths 8:26. we'll be right back with much wh more coming up. >> ♪♪
8:27 am
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>> welcome back and happeningom today, day three of te heof th conservative political actiontin conference and president trumpcd was given a very warm welcome w yesterday at cpac. he addressed the crowd whohe owo gave him a standing ovation and he spoke on several issuese and it continues our today and a our alexandria limon is liveis this morning from the nationalnl harbor with the latest on hissth speech from yesterday andch froe what's happening today.wh good morning, alex. goeporteter: good morning,at's annie.r:d morn of course president trump the rse pr biggestesident name at cpac toe stage yesterday as yourday a
8:30 am
mentioned, he got a very warmwam welcome from the conservativeont crowd. here at the conference still,fe, though, he spent a bit of timefm going on the offensive. offe take a look at this video fromer him at the conferenceco yesterday. sterday. now, the president started hishs speech and spent a good deal of time blasting what he calls fake news and the dishonest media. president trump also talkedident about other topics.alout othe her promised to destroy isis, take better care of our ou veterans and reduce taxes on the middle he reinforced his top agendagnda items and specifically talkedecd about his immigration policyn py and what he calls new actionactn to prevent terrorists fromrrostm entering the country.ente here's a little bit of what heri had to say. >> we will cut wastefulwastef spending. promote our values. vales. we will rebuild our innerer cities. we will bring back our jobs
8:31 am
ter: and tr: and the president as i mentioned spente quite a bit of time talkingking about immigration, illegal immigration specifically andican his plans for a border wall wll which continue to move forward. he said that the construction,os the starting of theg of the construction should happen very soon. in fact, he expected it tocted o happen ahead of schedule. >> thanks so much alex and aex d meanwhile here at 8:31 vice8: president mike pence gave ace gv keynote address at the jewishjeh coalition annual meeting inetin las vegas yesterday.yesterd it's an annual gathering of prominent jewish republicans. during his speech he thanked thn them for endorsing presidentorse trump during the election and to also talked about the replacethe and repeal of the affordable afl care and act. a the white house blockedthe h several news outlets fromit attending a closed doortendinlo briefing yesterday afternoonng y with press secretary seanetaryen spicer. the new york times and cnnc were prohibited from attending. the huffington post was also wao denied entry.denied en both the associated press and time magazine which were allowed to enter but boycotted o
8:32 am
news organizations kept out. ut and this morning democrats i are getting ared to pics k a ne chair party or party chair.part they're meeting in atlanta to ao rebuild their party afteraft stinging defeats in november'sno presidential election.esiden there tiare seven candidatesn vying to replace interim democratic national committeemme chair donna brazil and some ofaf the top contenders include tomcm perez and minnesotaneso congressman keith ellison.lison. and there is controversy surrounding a schoolschool district's wrestlingdistring championship in texas.teas a transgender boy and begsd eg family says he would rather ratr wrestle boys than girls butlsb under the state's governingat body for athletics students must wrestle against >> time is 8:32 and
8:33 am
have to look forward to today. y >> nice warm morning still.orni. we've had a phenomenal couplecoe of days outside.out 77 was the high i tshink it was somewhere likeoe 75 the day before that sothat so incredible. still warm today butaybut thunderstorms this afternoon.te. so, outdoor plans got to bring t them inside in the afternoon.f you know you get those tho springlike t then you'll get those tose springlike thunderstorms as wehd take a live look outside blue bu skies, beautiful view of thevie monument there and no leaves l on the trees. that's the one big give awayaw that here we are in february fer with this unprecedented warmecet soon to turn much cooler forr or tomorrow. morrow but right now all of our areaura airports off to a very mild start. 62 reagan national, 61 dulles. . 57 bwi we are all well intoll l the 50's and 60's.60's 57 in annapolis, 63 here in manassas, 61 in martinsburg and 54 in cumberland.mbrland. watching on a cold front thatcot will bring some showers andhowed thunderstorms later today. right now it's just rain's justn showers across the shenandoahsho valley. our most western
8:34 am
hagerstown down through fronttho royal you'll see some showers sw by noon but as we get lateret l into the afternoon hours, the te heating increases, wee destabilize, that's when weiliz' have thes chance for some s stronger thunderstorms here and in washington and most ofaso our surrounding suburbs. subur very cold air mass behind this s front as you can tell, snow, sn moving through chicago,hicago indianapolis, western ohio. oi they're also coming off a day ay of incredible warmth yesterdaymt so bigh shock to the system. still warm today. t warm front well off towards o our north. we'll see 70's by earlyrly afternoon but then by about 2, a 3 o'clock thunderstorms on our o doorstep here in some of which may be severewhica and the biggest concern withh the thunderstorms will be windbn gusts. you could see some very high wind gusts over 50 miles anr 50i hour. 20 to 25 degrees colder on sunday. sund whoa. we will struggle to hitto 50 degrees. there will be a brisk wind outll of the north. be itof will feel sharply colder. o 73 for today.ay. again, scattered strong strong afternoon thunderstorms.tern tomorrow sunday much cooler.y m we'll have beautiful brightifu sunshine but it's going toing to feel more like february withruay that wind making it feel liket i we're in the upper 30's to the'
8:35 am
that's a look at the weekend thn forecast. your seven day still ahead. sevl we'll stick around for that attt about 8:from time to time foror now let's send it back tobackto annie. >> thanks caitlin.hanks lin. time now 8:34. 8:4. tomorrow it's about the glitz g glam and oscar. and os the academy awards will be held at the dolby theater in the heart of hollywood.ho final preps are under way ass the red carpet was rolled outast yesterday for the stars ands an this year many expect thet the awards show will take on a political tone.po very exciting night. sara borelis set to honor. she will perform for the perform tribute to the stars. more than 200 film makers artists and executives will be l recognized during the show ands on the oscars web site.scars now among those to be honored include prince gene wilderude pn david bowie alan ricket manank george michael debbie reynoldsns and carrie fisher. fis can't speak right now.ght
8:36 am
here in d.c., the atlash intersection festival is honoring the arts by featuringeg plays films and music andays fiu coming usip we'll chat with a w playwright who is debuting her play at the festival. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> ♪♪ >> welcome back here at 8:38. b these actors are getting ready for the debut ofack aare play "for the love of oscar" aboutab a middle aged woman who foundd love on a datinwog web site
8:39 am
there's a twist to i of course there is.of coursere the plaisy is premiere at the atlas intersections festival.s . joining us to talk more about a it is is hope price lindseyn playwright artistic directordire of the new millennium howardhowd players theater company that's a mouthful and cast members antoinette green and shwanda chakata.akata. antoinette works here.h i didn't know you were in thisow thing miss thing. youthing hing >> hey.. >> let's begin with you. what is this beg about? >> well, it's -- it's about --au it's a love -- it's about love and loss and mortality. it's a middle aged divorceedv meets a widower on dating webtiw site and you know, she has toas deal with all of the baggage that he brings and that alonght with the fact that she'ss clairvoyt
8:40 am
have some encounters with the th ghost of his deceased wife.wif >> ooh. of gives voiceve to someone in her position, lilly, the divorcee but also it gives voice to someone who has, you know, left the earththh before they feel like theyhe were ready y to go. go. you know, like how do -- how- h do they --they >> she's hanging around 'cause'e she's got some unresolvedreved issues and me i'm just likelie the dumb boyfriend, i don't --do i can't see her.e he >> what do you play. ply. >> i'm oscar.. >>scar.r. >> yes. >> yes. >> so, i can't see my dead wife but she can and that's canh just where the comedy comes in. >> this is dramedy.>> t >> dmedy.y.hi >> it's a marriage of dramare and comedy but it sounds like this is something that would make you ponder about love,love life and loss, right. >> exactly. >> and so, yeah, so thato tht sounds really intriguing. >> a comic relief.
8:41 am
>> comedy relief around so, of course it's fitting for n you. talk about your character. >> well, i am marguerite.arg >> marguerite. >> i am the jamaican woman whono comes to help her rid therid t spirit. spir [laughter] er >> okay. >> a spiritual cleansing. >> cleansed of spirits.ansed of >> you guys are go sing to do aa little act here. he >> oh, no, no. n who told that you? >> well -- >> that's what i heard. ea >> later on this afternoon. >> a little snippet or something? no. >> well -- >> we could.e cou >> never mind.. >> go see it at the atlas atlas center. tickets are still available.vai. >> it's at the atlas today at 3 o'clock, one performance owne orange it's part ofor the at nasat nas intersections festival whichs fw is a big festival.estil. >> oh, yes, i've been there. t >> its a great show. its a gho tickets are going fast.ets you canar go online to atlas ats
8:42 am
can get them from the box ox office and don't wait untiln five minutes to 3:00 . >> [laughter] >> there will be a line. lin >> it's a really fun show and it -- it's very compelling andll i think it's especially greatpei for and people who have experienced loss, the loss ofe f a loved one.. >> it's being directed by beer r cat of howard university --- vera katz. >> professor emeritus.eme >> the plot is something a lotis of people can relate to,t middle aged woman.ed woman. >> yeah. on >> yes. >> >> there's a twist, you know, a love, life, loss, all that. tht. >> yeah. >> so, sounds intriguing.ounds r >> everybody is looking forigui love, you knolowin.g foru know. everybody's looking for love. >> and if you lucky you find fid it. thanks to all of you. of course fox5ly is course celebrating black history month and coming up you don't y want to miss this.miss thi we're going to tell you aboutg a woman who toi ts sharing historical stories throughi quilts. this is a story you don't want you d to
8:43 am
let's take a live look outside o this saturday morning.y mo it is pretty now and it is ind i the 50's but it is going tong to change. some rain is expected in the e forecast. of course caitlin will be backa with more on your weekend wk forecast and what we have tond e look forward to later on this ts week. be right rightack. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
8:44 am
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>> fox5 is recognizing black history month by exploring thele ridge avenue american historyen in the state of maryland and this morning we want toue atateg introduce you to a woman w wawhw calls herself a documentaryc story quilter and after seeingrs her work you'll agree. fox5's allison seymour has ha the story.stoy. >> yes,. [laughter] >> reporter: dr. joanter: dr gaither is sewing up somethingog big. >> it's important that they're monumental. >> reporter: she's creatingcr another quilt. >> each time you do, you say say don't put anything on it on it that's not important to thee story. >> reporter: but she's not doing it alone.orte >> betty sent out, the possethe is needed. [laughter] >> reporter: inside a small sma house on the side of a busy busy road in anne arrundel county. cu >> here you go with thoseth scissors put them away.isso >>rs reporter: dr. gaither andg her posse. >> i'm going to cut it right there and we can squish --sq >> reporter: are telling thetert story. story. >> there's a joy to be able to see this started with nothingnog and just layering these piecesge and fabricce and t
8:47 am
story that it tells, you know, afterwards. >> reporter: this quilt is almost doorne.teal it will soonmo be featured in a play before going on displayd at hood college in frederickcoe maryland and the quilt speaksi volumes. i put pins in so whensohen you see like around here therehe are pins that will stay in here, they anchor the quilt att the same time but these symbolize for me the pain of being pulled from your y homeland and this continuedonind identification of who i. i by the color of my skin.y >> reporter: and she's very's vy honest about what goes into it. >> every 10 years, every decade a word that is used to us describe folks who look likelike us, it's different and int and decided that no one had thed the right to define who i am. i >> reporter: after 172r 172 quilts, the journey is just jt getting started.g started. >> i'm trying to sort of fill in the gaps, get
8:48 am
the actual fact is out through g the work and make it beautifulel and invite people at the samet e time. >> that was our allison seymour reporting andd dr. gaither frequently doesher e artist talks at hood college hod in frederick maryland. cck m she also has a rotatingo exhibit at the school in the gallery. all right, time now isime n 8:48. 8:48. caitlin is back with us.k with u >> good morning. >> i don't like the>> headline.. strong afternoon storms. st >> i know. >> don't like it one bit. one b >> i'm so sorry. i'm so we areso paying for days of just unbelievable warmth out theremt today included.luded >> this might be good becauseoob of the allergy sufferers out su there. with all this like hot and hot n cold, hot and cold, the te allergies are at an all time ti high. >> the allergies are high.i a lot of people have been getting sick and it's hards r when you're sick and you're look, at that outside as we as e take a live view of gorgeousgogs blue skies, things are e blooming. yes, when you get this warm war the flowers don't know, theyn'ty start blooming, they thinkey thk it's's >> they' c
8:49 am
>> they're confused as much asou we are and the animals are,sels, too. birds are chirping everyg e morning. oh, my any weighs, yes, all these th plans release the pollen intopl the allergy sufferers i know it's is been tough. to these strong afternoonteron thunderstorms that comeunderstom through will brings th a brief a round of rain that will help hel and then following that a muchac cold air mass which will alsoh o help. now meantime though you've gotut some concern with severee weather later today.weat so, if you're out up -- up and d out early this morning bening be outside until about noon, it'sns a wonderful morning,orn temperatures are in the 50'sur and 60's.es60's. it's great for golf. go great to be walking aroundg arod your neighborhood, 63 ind, 63 gaithersburg, excel in westminster, 61 at dulles andt 59 in winchester but those tos skies will darken as these clouds rumble in by about 12:00, 1 o'clock: it's also's a 54 in new york, 55 in boston and unprecedented warmth inrmth new england and upstate newpst n york yesterday as well as the ohio valley. 39 though now in columbus. it's 23 in chicago and it'sn snowing. so, much colder air movin
8:50 am
arriving in our neighborhoodnego by tomorrow morning.morning showers are still far away.stil. they're moving through westng tt virginia. virginia. nothing imminent right now andmi these are jusnet rain showersaih but as that line makes its ways across the mountains i think t it intensifies and that's whenas we can get the chance forchace r thunderstorms. look at that chicago, indianapolis movingmoig into northwest ohiohi unbelievable change of airofair masses occurring. here's the setup forma this h saturday afternoon.fter our cold front bringingld front showers and b storms. storm prediction center hasredi highlighted our whole area for a slight risk of severeisk of se weather with the biggest big concern being straight linene winds its a squall line movingl through meaning it's very's v short lived no risk ofk of flooding brief heavy rain in possible hail but wind gustsus could be very very fi. by about noon we're starting'reg to see that line form in ourour most western suburbs.u hagerstown down through front dt getting into loudoun countynty frederick county northernounty montgomery county by aboutny byt one, 2:00 p.m., two to 3:00, tw0 p.m. to the district up and along 95 by about 4:00 you've got those showers and stormssho moving into the eastern shorent and then we clear out afterth at
8:51 am
winds incr we clease.s we arein muchcr colder tomorrowo spending most of the day inng the 40's, mos low temperatures r the 30's.the 30's. a cold monday morning to getornt back to work and school. sh temperatures warm up as we get e some midweek rain which willhic also help with any pollen pl that's still around and then ten we turn much colder.we turn mu march is here onch wednesday.d i'm telling you right now march looks chilly.rch oks in fact even in the long rangele perhaps the chance of some of snow showers.ow showe 45 degrees is it for that high next friday. all right, that's your veryu changeable seven-day enjoy this morning.enjoy is mor. watch out for those stormsthosem later today. late annie. >> yes, caitlin changeable isang the key word there, changeablere forecast. thank you so much. thank coming up there isyo apparently a mysteryu so> coysty surrounding richard simmonssimos and a podcaster is trying toingt solve it. our good friends to the show sarah fraser will be back tokto join us and explain all this coming up. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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z2a0gz zi0z
8:54 am
y2a0gy yi0y >> welcome back.>> the big question is where is iss richard >> i know. so intrigued by this. th the celebrity personal traineryt is still alive but has beens ben out of the spotlight for spotlhr years. now there's a podcast that's t searching for him and sarahd sah fraser joining us now to givenoe us the lowdown and -- i was- i s like all ears during theears dug commercial break.. so, who is this podcaster.dcer. >> so a guy named dan taberskyta is the guy who is narratingaratg doing the research who put p this podcast out called caled missing richard three years ago ric
8:55 am
simmons sort of fell off the face of the earth.ce o >> he sure did. >> he was teaching at his hi health studio in l.a. stoppedped teaching classes completelycomp went missing so over the years s there's been a lot ofot of speculation and rumor thatr that maybe he is suffering elderferi abuse by his housekeep and if i you recall about a year ago here put out a video and said, no,ai i'm fine, you know, i just -- j- i needed to slow down, butbut that video has even promptedro mo rumor.r. >> generated more talk about ta the hostage, situation.tuaon. >> right, maybe he's being b held hostage by his housekeeper. she put out the video to tryto y and calm the rumors. so, dan, this guy dan, is aan, a daily show -- former daily d show writer and was also awas ao friend of richard's so he's h trying to get to the bottom of where is richard, why did herd, sort of fall off the face offa the earth, is he okay. okay. >> that's what we want tot's know. are you okay, richard simmons? because you know what, he usedus to be on the morning showing shw before because he does a lot of out
8:56 am
he has a buoyant personality.o he loves the light. ligh he's richard simmons. that's why he wears those sparkly outfits and then hehen e just fell off the radar andar an there's a lot of peoplee's a including myself that want to to know are you okay, richard simmons. >> here's the controversy sotheo with this podcast. like i was telling you he cameh out about a year ago and said sd look i want to be left aloneal there's nothing going on i'mon m completely fine i just need to d slow down.slow down. so a lot of people have said id that really dan is exploitingplg richard because richard hasrich come out and asked to step away from the >> does he even knowm richardrd simmons. >> he does. and this is the first time ever a podc ithast -- yoe ufi kf course there's a lot of true tr crime podcast serial lookedial into if someone is innocent oror guilty but this is the firstis h time someone has looked intoloo someone who has said i want tono go missing and then thisen his podcast is all about -- >> probably because there's so s much interest in where richard simmons is. i >> there is a lot of interest.ns >> he's inspired millions, youlu kn
8:57 am
make an announcement -- likeceme to just -- what was so bizarreze is just to stop, stop thestop t hospital visits, the calls to to fans, to just stop showing upowg to teaching your classes so abruptly i think has reallyre spawned a lot of questions.esns. >> wow. >> w so, this podcast has taken taken off, hm. off, h >> it's taken off.take you can get it on itunesunes google play almost anywhereny where you find podcast butodcasb itunes is the big one and it's called missing richard rard simmons. there's only three episodesy the and there's going to be six e bx total. to i'm addicted already. already it's fascinating. then also is it exploitingexng him. >> real quickly speaking ofing pod casts what are you up toupto these days with yours?urs? >> oh, i know, more to come. you can download our keycardkecd podcast that we have which,th you know, you've beenat w on.een >> yeah. >> you need to check out need e annie'cks episode but we're also working on a new podcastw podc series so we're going to beo web making that announcement soon sn and it's -- there's.he >> thank you sarah.sarah. >> yeah. >> tha
8:58 am
had does it for us this morning but we'll see you backd here tomorrow atsee yo u 7 o'cl. bye. have a great weekend. greateken. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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