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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  February 26, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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this is fox 5 news morning. ahead this morning a major cool-down in dc. gone are those spring-like temperatures and winter make as return. family and friends gather for an emotional anguishing, a young man killed a week ago today and his killer still on the loose. we will have the latest. after weeks of being closed because of a bed bugs and rodent problem, a didn't will finally open tomorrow. fox 5 news a 7:00 begins. thank you for waking up with his i'm annie yu >> i'm tom fitzgerald. we're going to check in w
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we have a lot going on. last 24 hours. we're going to start off with the recap of the while storm yesterday. leaving much of us with cooler temperatures this morning, we saw heavy rain, wind, lightening, even hail. these are some photos of the damage left behind in charles county where many trees were knocked down. >> check out this photo. the storm brought down an overhang on to a car in waldorf maryland. >> more on the storm. this is a photograph at the very end of all of this i know this because i took it myself. >> nice >> the rear window in the touch our staircase looking out yesterday afternoon as this passed over and the sun burst out from behind. >> that's gorgeous >> it's an amazing rainbow that popped out. and friends also snapped some other versions of this from other locales >>
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brightly >> quite amazing >> that is a gorgeous shot, no leaves on them this is pretty rare getting this type of weather in february. but winter is back as we take a look at temperatures outside. it's 36 in washington and many of us are freezing or below. 32 in frederick, 31 hagerstown, 31 marts putberg, 30 winchester, quantico 35 and annapolis 39. this is in contrast to temperatures that we woke up to yesterday in the upper 50's and the low 60's. dressing differently as you head out early pick you up the newspaper and walk the dogs. nice breeze out of the north too, wind sustained about ten to 15 miles an hour. continuing to gust over 20 miles an hour, it will stay pretty blustery through this afternoon, windchill is back because of the wind, feels like 28 that washington, teens further up up north and west, hagerstown and martinsberg feels
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for most of us. it is very chilly and cold enough for those lake effects snow showers to turn on. look at that cleveland state college, buffalo, upstate new york, western pennsylvania. pittsburgh getting snow last night. continuing to see those snow showers. don't think the flurries reach far south as washington. northwestern maryland i wouldn't rule it out. high temperatures 20 to 25 today, colder, it's much calmer, no storms expected as we'll have bright sunshine, gusty winds early afternoon and they will relax. sunny with a high of 50, but we warm right back up, i'll show you another case of entraining spring as we begin march coming up in your seven-day forecast. ♪. developing this morning, a story that we're still following, it has been one week since a manassas man was murder at a house party. >> michael gray was killed early last sunday in
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police still searching for the gunman. >> reporter: one week, michael gray spent his last day with his family. >> his family stood before hundreds who knew and loved people, not to mourn his death, but celebrate his life. >> before we
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many friends to count. >> finally turn to he was already kind of partial to james brown. and how many times, mom, did he come in the house singing. >> reporter: a week ago he was still a vibrant healthy 23-year-old. michael went to a house party in arlington saturday night. these are the last photos taken of him before he walked out of the home early sunday and was shot and killed. friends say by a man he gotten in an earlier dispute with. >> it will take one on your two of us to stop doing some of the things we're doing. or inspires one or two of us to stop start our relationship with jesus. that what we now look upon as a senseless act of violence will have
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they shareded their photos, their shirts read we are mike gray. >> thank you for loving him. >> that's lindsay watts reporting. arlington police say they know who killed michael. jason alan of dc, he stand about 5'5" and has a tattoo on the right side of his neck. police are investigating a murder in springdale, a woman's body was found near arrested wick ardwood road. they're trying to figure out who is responsible. we don't know the woman's identity or what led up to the shooting. police are asking anyone with information about this case to give them a call. prince george's county where police are looking for a gunman who shot and wounded two teenagers. the shooting happened around 2:00 yesterday morning. police tell us the teens were waiting for a bus at the metro
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place. teens were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. we're told that they're in stable condition, no word yet on what led up to the shooting. police trying to determine the motive. to montgomery county now, where the owners of a car dealership are picking up the pieces this morning after two weeks crashed their own building. this happened yesterday afternoon on rockville pike. police tell us an employee was driving a chevy tahoe and suffered a medical emergency. he crashed into a parked car. the force of that crash forced the parked car in a into an suv. fortunately no one was hurt and the oil was contained. a dc elementary school is dealing way rodent and bed bugs problem and now set to reopen tomorrow. crews have been cleaning the savoy elementary school in southeast. that
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down so the problem could be fixed. there will be an open house tomorrow so the public can see the classrooms themselves. john davis is also expected to speak is it the meeting 7:07. a driver crashs into a large crowd of people. the driver is now in custody. what caused the crash >> president trump says have a great evening, but he isn't going to the white house correspond dinner. details why coming up. our caitlin roth will have another look at today's weather coming up. stay with us. we'll see you on the other side of the break. ak. s
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developing 28 people injured new orleans after a car crash i do not parade. one person is in custody and being investigated for dui. when asked if it was terror related the police chief said it looked more like a case of dui. only 21 out of those hurt were hospitalized. southern california where a man wanted for stealing a car tried to get away from the los angeles police. by jumping over a fence running through back yards and hopping over on to the top of a roof and going from rooftop to rooftop. at one point you can then see the man trying to use this cell phone. eventually, he was captured by police. and luckily, no one was injured. >> dangerous up on the top of the rooftop. how are you? >> good. guys, busy day yesterday. you know,
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in one afternoon. >> for the lack of snow we've had this year, it's remarkable about how much different types of weather >> that is so true. i'm glad you said that, we have had weather, inch and a half of snow here, but these temperatures swings have just been wild. that keeps us busy anding everything we get as a result of it. including your weather effort. still cleaning up in charles county where we saw worst of the weather, there was tornado warning for a brief period of time. no confirmed. plenty of biden damage and makes it difficult to tell what exactly happened but for those of you in the charles county and warm front dover power, a lot without power for quite some time. trees up rooted. sing else and rooftops in some cases off of businesses and homes. wow, thew a wild ride. much colder air tryin
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through. winter making a come back with temperatures outside right now. much, much colder what we've been accustomed to in february. 36 that washington, 30 in gaithersburg, 30 manassas, 33 in dulles. probably need to put gloves on. let me tell you. it is a shock to your system when you step outside. at least it was to me. yesterday we were starting around 60 and took 20 to 25 to 30 degrees off of that for morning lows right now. much calmer day ahead. we have wind but sunshine and with the force of that cold air moving over the relatively warmer lakes which have not frozen. snow showers from cleveland down through pittsburgh up through new york and into new england and some trying to get into maryland. i believe you just see clouds
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today. but can't rule out flurries to the north r northern tier of maryland. it is possible you could get flurries. here in washington, i don't know if they make them here but wouldn't rule it out. otherwise just sunshine and gusty winds. looks at next week, cool today, it will be as well on monday with more clouds and sunshine high temperatures in the 50's. there's a warm front northward tuesday, we're right back into this welcome weather. pretty unbelievable but we can easily hit 70's here we go as the roller coaster ride continues. it's not the fun warmth. it is going to be accompanied by showers, and several showers on wednesday. here's what it looks like we're going to fast forward, more clouds and sunshine on monday. there you got the chance of late day shower, north of the i 70 corridor. everyone starts to see showers roll through late monday into early tuesday and that's just beginning what we're expecting. here's your seven-day forecast. 50 degrees feeling more like it's in the low 40's with the bug r gusty winds out on the north, that will
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we go back into the 30's. clouds increase, warm air moving in 58 and then really warm tuesday, 67 showers, better chance for showers for everyone wednesday, 72, that's very, very warm for the first day of march, notice we're back they don't cold weather, breezy and cooler by thursday. next friday and saturday only in the mid 40's, buckle you mean. another ride of while temperatures. >> we'll send it back to annie and tom. head on down to the yards park for ice yards. the only runs from 12:00 to 5:00 and features icy cocktails, local dc brews, ice activities, even live music and igloo, ponds. tickets are just $10 >> for anybody that wants to be a reminder what winter is >>
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i was freezing today. you know, tonight over the next couple of days, the big easy down in new orleans is going to be celebrating mart gra as we head towards fox tuesday tuesday >> fox ms. simonetti >>. explorer brought it to new england >> it doesn't cost any money, the parades are put on by crews. doesn't cost the city money, the participants money >> while the parades are paid for by private club, infrastructure needs do cost the city a pretty penny. the visitors bureau said the city see as huge return on its
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for city of new orleans. $840 million annually and about $5 million to host mart gras. >> some are called king indicates r cakes, rings of dough covered in sweet frosting >> we start eating king cakes on the 12th night the kickoff of carnival season >> they're sold each year and i have the another 50,000 are shipped out of state. you really have to be there to truly soak in the spirit of the holiday >> you come here and experience it you never forget it >> there are about 75 parades held in new england alone? that ads up to 134 miles of partying in the big easy. lauren system net si, fox business.
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beat rare cancers >> it's happening over the weekend. every single dollar raised goes to cancer with the latest research. >> reporter: good evening, we're at the equinox in bethesda, they're getting set up. it is going to be a packed room. they're expecting about 700 people to come through and cycle through the course of today. take a look at this cool video from friday and saturday in dc. where they had about 1200 people cycling to raise money for rare cancers. this includes brain casino, thyroid cancer, all kinds of childhood cancers, just a great event that got started back in 2007 raised about $130 million for kansas
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awesome think about cycle goes directly to cancer research. they don't keep any money raised for advertising or maintenance of the program or anything like that. every cent goes to saving cancer. they had these events in 15 cities and raised about 30 million dollars. this year it's expanded to 16. potentially raising more money. we're going to be here in bethesda at equinox waiting as people show up, start cycling and raising money for cancer. i'll send it back to you. >> fantastic >> i notice she wasn't on the bike he though. we'll check back with her again later. >> thanks so much. time now is 7:19. coming up >> there's a republican lawmaker who says he wants full investigation as to whether or not russia had anything
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with the 2016 presidential election. details coming up after break. ak.
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or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. time 7:22. president trump is making news over a tweet about the white house correspondence dinner, he announced on twitter that he
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year's dinner adding please wish everyone well and have a great evening. the annual dinner attracts both politicians and celebrities. blast has blasted media saying what it calls fake news. dinner is set to take place on april 29th, president trump will be the first president, 35 years, to miss the white house correspondence dinner. california house republican darryl thinks a special prosecutor is needed during the 2016 election, as well as contacts with the trump campaign, he is a trump support but jeff sessionses is too close to the president to oversee that kind of investigation. congress will be back in session this week, president trump is addressing a joints session of congress tuesday. >> over this past week, house and senate members returned to ho
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got an ear full, protesters disrupted a number of town hall gatherings >> lawmakers are outright avoiding the rowdy confrontational town halls altogether, like republican texas representative louie gober. others like new jersey representative are choosing to have telephone town halls instead. saturday morning, alabama republican representative gary palmer hosted a town hall at city hall. he spoke to the crowd overflowing to the outside, popular topics are obamacare, immigration, and climate change, just yesterday, a couple hundred protested outside a hotel where senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was meeting with republicans in his home state of kentucky. some constituents
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them themselves. where an empty suit stood in and a cardboard for a the senator in ohio. leonard lans is bracing people who didn't vote for him. >> this is the first in person town hall meeting i've held and i've never experienced the paid protesters and i don't think that was true the other night. >> reporter: a left leaning group called invisible is organizing activists to go to town halls giving step-by-step instructions on resisting president trump's agenda advising folks to be polite but persistent >> if you look at the guides, they won't have issues they want to discuss, it's orchestrated where they will sit. they will boond
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someone asks questions told not to give up the republicans >> the nation's most vulnerable democrats like clare mckaskle up for reelection in 2017 are avoiding town halls as well. in new york, brian llenas, fox news. . democrats met in atlanta to elect a new leader. tom perez was the first latino and hope to build on the president trump moment to back congress in 2018. after that intense scrutiny following internal controversies involving the two previous chairs. we want to remind you for more political coverage keep it here on fox 5, we'll take a closer look on fox 5 on the hill. also, dc's only live daily evening political talk show can
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every week night at 6:30 p.m. time now is 7:26. coming up. a texas teenager born a female and transitioning to male causing somewhat of a controversy in texas. we'll tell you about the sports controversy that is. having people take sides. r. caitlin is back with a look at today's weather. here's a live look for you. she's going to tell us what she can look forward to in the week ahead. fox 5 news morning will be right back.
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7:30, here's a live look on this you beautiful sunday morning. blue skies, and but it's definitely a difference from yesterday. >> yes, we woke up to blue skies yesterday but it was 60 degrees. now 30. >> 30 degree temperature. >> wild, i know >> i think everyone can agree weather has been a talker. whether it's been really warm or cold. it's been keeping you guys busy >> it entitlely has, we've had such a lack of snow and winter weather, but these swings very remarkable. severe weather yesterday. we know a lot of you dealing with wind damage especially in charles county. where we had a tornado warning, nothing confirm yet and i don't think
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waldorf and plate area. cold air was trying to come in and it was coming into those 70 degree temperatures building for days. reagan national 36. dulles 33, bwi 35, we're much colder on the order of 25230 degrees colder. elsewhere 30 in gaithersburg, 32 frederick, 31 martinsberg, 32 in winchester, it is cold and there's a brisk within out of the northwest sustained wind speeds about ten to 15 miles an hour but we've seen higher gusts, which makes it feel like you're only in the 20's out there. currently wind gustss from washington and points north about 20 to 25 miles an hour, we're going to stay blustery through the morning into the season, you got to dress the kids differently for playing outside today versus yesterday. snow showers showing up on the map right now, it is so cold, lake effects snow showers in new york, pennsylvania, and even trying to squeeze into the northern and west virginia and
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get a few sprinkles. that's certainly possible. just a few clouds north of washington. we got a lot of sunshine from here south. here's a some set up for your sunday. again, low pressure gone. that cold front brought the storms yesterday moved off somaform high pressure moving in. you got a lot of wind, chilly, 20 to 25 degrees colder compared to yesterday. but it is sunny and pretty nice looking. temperatures later today at average, about invest here in washington. we spent most of the day in the mid to upper 40's. this is a refresh my memory this is actually normal for this time of year, february of 26th today. low temperatures overnight. fall back to the 30's maybe not as cold, still chilly and it will be a cold beginning to your monday morning heat on in the car, you want to bundle up the kids. blue skies, 50, it is a beautiful looking day, but again, gusting over 20 miles an hour through most of the morning hours and into the mid afternoon, a lot more like winter. seven-day forecast, clouds increase, 58, got showers that
7:33 am
of the week, also the middle part of the week, here going to the pendulum is swinging back to the spring like temperature 67 too, few showers and wednesday, looks like it can be pretty unsettled through the much of the morning and afternoon, 72 degrees. breezy and cooler there on thursday and we're back to winter march begins wednesday it will feel makeup more like match thursday, friday and saturday as we're looking at a chilly and end to the work week and chilly beginning next weekend. that's your seven-day forecast. annie and tom back to you. let's take a look at some top stories at 7:33. jason alan johnson is accused of shooting and killing michael gray at a party in arlington one week ago today. yesterday's the family held a memorials is their final good-byes. the suspect may be arm and dangerous he stands about 5'5" and a distinct tattoo on his neck. a
7:34 am
springdale maryland. a woman's body was discovered yesterday. shooter is on the run, anyone with information asked to contact police. a dc school played with a rodent and bed bugs problem will reopen monday. it shutdown nearly three weeks ago so the crew could say get in and fix the problem. officials say there will be an open house monday so the public can see those classrooms and john davis is also expected to address the media. tile now is 7:34. we're less than 24 hours away from the biggest night in hollywood >> what if you were hosting an oscar party? we got you covered with how to make your party one of the best. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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time 7:37. roll out the red carpet. tonight is the 89th academy award >> shine light on some of the best film performance. and we have tips. if you're hosting a watch party.
7:38 am
>> reporter: we're in the throws of the hottest in hollywood will head for the oscars and we're excited to see who of course rocks the red carpet, who will take home the award for best picture, but hollywood can't have all the fun, if you'll be watching you want to have an awesome award worthy oscar viewing party. that's why we have brought in the best. this is anthony, an event planner and set up one heck of a party for us. >> yes, i have. >> i think people do get together and watch the oscars and so it would be fun to have like a little theme when people show up. >> you get together and people come in and out at different times, when they can get there, they get to your house, whatever, it's fun to be together and watch what's going on on the big screen while you're just talking and talking about who's wearing what and what movies you like. >> ready? >> party one.
7:39 am
what do we have first >> everyone arrives. so what we did here say red carpet arrival. give them the red carpet treatment. this is basic champagne, anything sparkling and if you just add a little bit of ginger, brings out a hint of ginger, it's a nice little flare >> makes a fancy drink a little fancier >> like the red carpet exactly >> we have the red carpet arrival. >> then over here >> party one take two. what's next? >> next, popcorn, popcorn bar, you probably seen other popcorn bars there's different types of popcorn, we have cheddar, and and get flavored salt and people can sort of help themselves. >> honestly i think this is brilliant, i've never seen a popcorn bar, i think it's awesome and i love all the different contains. you know what i'm saying? >> what's fun about this, do you see the
7:40 am
this one you have to use gold and silver together and made a little umbre effect. >> nobody wants silver on oscar night. >> want the gold, for sure >> part round take three. >> desserts. you can pick at while eating and watching, just pick away all that. you want to have finger foods stuff you can take with you >> not only is it easier for your guests but the person hosting. >> that's right because you don't want to just be the whole time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. you want to make it so everyone can sort of help themselves >> my favorite idea that you have here is >> the ballot. >> absolutely. >> this is brilliant. >> whoever gets the most wins gets the bottle of champagne, what you put stakes to it so people pay attention and actually play >> it makes it intect
7:41 am
you're not just sitting there. >> you're rooting for yourself . >> that's the thing. you need to cast your vote before and then see how you do. i like it. so for people that want to find out more, i know you obviously do awesome after parties but more in terms of event planning. >> my website, based in new york but travel all over. anywhere you need to go >> we only bring in the best. we had to have you come in from new york. if you had to say one thing the key to the perfect party >> key is having everythinging or odd ahead of time. otherwise, you're going to be running into road bumps and that's not what you want do. >> and the oscar goes to anthony. >> thank you. >> happy viewing party, everybody, i hope you all get a little oscar gold when watching. >> are you going to watch >> i am, because i have off monday. normally i can't stay up that late >> i'm not.
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>> i'll fill you in tomorrow. >> i stand with kevin mccarthy that dead pool should have been -- it was so great. dead pool was so great. time is 7:41. a touching story of a courageous woman breaking barriers in the fashion world. we're going to tell you about madeline stewart. first professional model with down syndrome. >> how much the tooth fairy is paying these days. first check in with caitlin. winter is making a come back out there. temperatures are what they're expected to be for late february. but we haven't had a typical february. it's a brief come back but it's come back nonetheless. 7:42. fox 5 news morning will be right back. ck.
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7:45. a rare december disease by a move taking place today in the dc area all with health at its core. >> it's called cycle for survival. every dollar raised goes to cancer research and clinton r clinical trials. alexandra limon is checking out how you can get involved.
7:46 am
cycles for survival at equinox in bethesda. they're expecting 700 people to cycle all day from 8:00 in the morning till 5:00 p.m. for all cancers, brain cancer, pediatric cancers. colleen fisher, how are you doing? i understand you put together this >> we have 80 people today riding, 37 of them are's brand new riders and our team has been here six years and we're excited, part of a big group of people. there's more than 100 bikes out here that will be riding all day, it will be a ton of fun >> you call it the rock star and there's an inspiration to why you personally put the story together. >> we were inspired by a little boy who had pediatric cancer who i discovered
7:47 am
i started who actually connected me in are a weird way amazing founder of this event we started as a maybe $10,000 raised in the first year and that year we raised $144,000 and we've been picking up ever since. >> reporter: i understand cycle for survival since it started in 2007. $130 million, every single dollar, every cent goes for awareness of cancer, last year they raised 30 million >> right this year 24 million and countying. we want to blow that record out of the water >> over the past two days, today it was in bethesda, we'll be here all morning long and we'll check in with you guys in a few minutes. annie, tom >> wonderful event >> good thing they're in doors >> that's a great thing to be doing for a great cause. but when people finally do venture outside today, they're going to be inor
7:48 am
>> they are, if you want to go on a bike ride yesterday, you'll have to dress differently. it did yesterday. as soon as the storms came through, i opened the window, that cold air was rushing in. >> instant. >> we had severe weather yesterday. we know some of you especially in southern maryland, charles county are still cleaning up from that. and it a put beautiful blue sky morning out there. that camera is shaking a bit. because there's gusty winds out of the north, as a result of winter making a comeback from what has been such a spring-like february, here we are february 26th and it is feeling more like winter out there this morning, it will be kind of brief. temperatures to start, winter coats needed 36 in washington, below freezing at 38 in gaithersburg, 32 frederick, 31 martinsberg, 35 fredericksberg. dramatic is the 24-hour temperature change, and usually, you see these swings in maybe
7:49 am
march or april, but it's been different this year, 23 colder in washington compared to yesterday morning, 30 degrees colder in hagerstown. also feeling like winter if you're a little bit further off towards the north where there's snow showers tpittsburgh, cleveland, buffalo seeing lake effects snow showers as the colder air goes over the relatively warming lakes, the lakes are warm. it's not just us that had a very warm february. closer to home, we got a cloud deck over northern maryland and may see sprinkles towards the mountains around hagerstown. flurries. for us, mainly just sunshine in the district points tunneling south. a warm front is approaching, as it does. we'll cloud up pretty quickly. showers likely by tuesday and temperatures will be jumping well into the 60's, 70's on tap for wednesday but these nice warm temperatures are going to be accompanied by showers and i know we got a healthy dose of rain last night. little too q
7:50 am
but we could still use showers it's been a dry winter. fox futurecast cast we're fast forwarding to monday morning, mostly cloudy but dry, can't rule out a shower towards the north main of i 70 late tomorrow afternoon and we're going to see that chance for showers to roll through late monday into early tuesday, you notice that badge of showers quickly went by during the overnight hours. look at the several rounds of showers. forecast for today, sunny and gusty. much more like the winter season, 58 tomorrow, mostly cloudy. showers jump into the 60's tuesday, but healthier rain wednesday, 72. yes, even despite the showers, it's that warm front well off towards the north we should be in the 70's. breezy and cooler on thursday, then back with winter like weather. 47 on friday, 45 ter
7:51 am
saturday. even friday, looks like there's a chance could be seeing flurries. here we go, drama continues. let's r that's a look at your seven-day forecast. tom and annie? new this morning, the tooth fairy is sharing the love. according to an annual survey found that the average amount given for lost tooth these days is a record $4.66. up 20% from last year. and kids do lose their first tooth really cleaning up getting an average of nearly $6. >> somebody out there getting 66 cents >> round that up >> $6 for the first >> that kid would be where is the five bucks? fitz junior has been saving all of them, and at some point we're going to be expected to pay up. we're going to have to write a check at some point because the
7:52 am
further and further. the time now is 7:51. coming up a transgender texas teen is surrounded in controversy. >> his undefeated records is causing backlash. we'll have that story and much more coming up. stays with. .
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he would gladly where he is he will male opponents but the league said they have to wrestle in the same category consistent with the gender on their birth certificate. australian model is making waves not just for the clothing line, she had a down syndrome >> they can a look more on madeline stewart. >> reporter: madeline stewart was born to stand out. her smile, confidence and her spirit make that pretty
7:56 am
>> work it. >> finally the world saw her how i always seen her >> the 20-year-old from australia is redefining beauty. >> how do you pose? let me see? >> reporter: madeline is the first professional super model with down syndrome. >> she's been working, i was around the world in two years. it's been an amazing ride. >> reporter: in the city for new york city fashion week 2017, madeline is breaking the mold once again. she's not just modelling. this time around, she's arising star among fashion designers >> you like being a designer too? >> yes. >> reporter: what's it like? >> it's cool. >> reporter: her clothing line 21 reasons why is named after her extra chromosome, upcoming birthday and the many reasons why we all need to be better people. the bold collection was featured on the runway. >> she is
7:57 am
just works it and i'm so proud of her. >> reporter: matty war some designs friday in central park with her new partnership with twill, ending stigma and building inclusion >> she has become so much more proud and strong. >> reporter: madeline has for mower stops to make including three fashion shows before returning to australia in mid april. when she leaves new york city on tuesday, she will head to paris where she will be the first model ever with down syndrome to walk the runway. fox 5 news. >> remarkable >> that's fantastic. you look at the clothes she designed. those look like clothes people wear. unlike a lot of the stuff you see at those fashion shows >> the high end >> what exactly is that? that looks like stuff anybody would go in the store and wear. good for her. >> that does
7:58 am
>> come and join us another hour at 8:00. fox 5 news morning sunday will can't in just a bit. since when did experience become something to hide? i say we own it. lose all that negativity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose those terrible black balloons they give you on your 50th. what's up with that? hey we hear you. that's why our members love aarp the magazine. it celebrates you. with fun and provocative content, from lifestyle and entertainment to in-depth reporting. and it's just one of the great benefits of membership. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at
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is this is fox 5 news morning. good morning, welcome back to fox 5 news morning on this sunday, i'm annie yu >> i'm tom fitzgerald. great to decide you, caitlin roth alongside with us, sunday february 26.
8:01 am
we've had blowing through our area in the past 24 hour. leaving us with much cooler temperatures today. we saw heavy rain, wind, lightening, even hail. these are some of the photos of the damage left behind in charles county, where many trees were knocked down the storm brought down an overhang on the side of a home ton a car in waldorf >> i wanted to share this with you, this is the scene outside my back window in bethesda maryland yesterday. brilliant rainbow broke out over the sky. sun peaked out as the storms made their way east and a brilliant colors. we saw out there in bethesda maryland. just putting on a show. >> mother nature did all afternoon long. such severe weather we had yesterday, and now such cold enters the area, by the way, so many great pictures, thank you for sending them to us, caitlin roth fox 5 and all the weather team. we saw your w
8:02 am
and when you got really cold air trying to move into what was warmer weather the past few days, that's what you get. 37 in washington. breezy in gaithersburg, 34 in frederick, 36 in fredericksberg and 36 in leonardtown. it was charles county and southern maryland that got hit the hardest with the severe weather including a tornado warning. wind speeds out of the north and west sustained about ten to 15 miles an hour, but higher guts over 20 in washington being record to do the airport, reagan national. and even flights briefly delayed yesterday because of this strength of these storms coming through, they were quick movies but certainly were here. windchills we had to bring back in, it's just that cold out there have not feels like 29 in washington. 25 in frederick. 24 in baltimore. you need the winter coat. if you're an our or two north you'll see
8:03 am
pittsburgh to cleveland and some drying to get down to extreme northwest maryland. don't be surprised to see flurries. for the set up, cold front is gone. chilly and windy about 20 to 25 degrees colder today. but you know, we're coming off a three days where well well into the mid 70, that is so unusual. we're kind of back to normal. 44 and sunny, by 11:00 the winds subside a little bit late in the day. a high temperature of 50 but we warm right back up and i'll have a look at the work coming up. a week ago, michael gray was killed early last sunday in arlington and police are still searching for the gunman. fox news lindsay watts has been following this story. >> reporter: it was just one week ago that michael gray spend his last day with his family.
8:04 am
his mom, dad and younger brother, roll land >> he went to all to the basketball games and michael took him extra work after the game. it was a perfect gift. we've again so thrilled that's how we got to spend our last day with him. >> reporter: family stood before hundreds of people, who knew and loved michael, not to mourn his death, but celebrate his life. >> he started high school, i was so worried about him, he made friends and. before we knew it. he had too many friends to count. >> he was already kind of partial to james brow
8:05 am
and how many times, mom, did he come in the house singing brand new day? >> just a week ago, he was still a vibrant healthy 23-year-old. michael went to a house party in arlington saturday night. these are the last photos taken of him before he walked out early sunday and was shot and killed. friends say by a man he gotten in an earlier dispute with >> stop doing some of the things we're doing. if it inspires one or two of us to stop neglecting our relationship with jesus, then what we now look upon as a system senseless act of violence will have meaning. >> reporter: friends and family share these photos, shirts read, we are mike gray. >> thank you for loving
8:06 am
>> reporter: that was lindsay watts reporting. arlington police say they know who killed michael. this is the guy, his name is jason alan johnson of dc. he may have shaved his beard and head, he's 5'5" and has a tattoo on the right side of his neck. if you have information, please call arlington police. police are investigating a murder in springdale in prince george's county, a woman's body was found near ardmore road and yellow wood lane, investigators say she was shot. they're still trying to find the person responsible for this. we don't know at this point the woman's identity or what led to the shooting. police are asking anyone with information about this cause to give them a call. in prince george's county, where police there are looking for a gunman who shot and wounded two teenager. the shooting happened around 2:00 yesterday morning, police tell us the teens were waiting for a plus at the naylor road metro station when the shooting took place, they were taken to a hospital for treatment and are in stable condition this morning. no word on what led up to the shooting a
8:07 am
trying to determine the motive. montgomery county now were where the owners of a car dealership are picking up the pieces after two vehicles crashed into the building. this happened yesterday afternoon at thes orman dealership on rockville pike. police tell us an employee driving a chevy tahoe suffered a medical emergency and smashed his car. the car also hit an oil drum inside that building. that oil spilled out in hazardous materials team had to be called in. no one was hurt in all of this and that oil was contained. a dc elementary school dealing with a rodent and bed bugs problem is set to reopen. the school was shut to force down nearly three weeks ago, so the problem could be fixed. officials say there will be an open house tomorrow so the public can see classrooms first hasn't. john davis is also expected to address the media.
8:08 am
terror on the streets of mardi gras. driver crashes into a large crowd of people. the driver now in custody. investigators still trying to figure out the cause of this crash. president trump says have a great evening. but he isn't going to the white house correspondence dinner, details why. just ahead. caitlin will be back with another look at today's weather. coming up after the break z29kvz zstz y29kvy ysty
8:09 am
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welcome back, time is 8:10. developing, 28 people injured in new or lands, one person in custody and being investigated for dui and when asked if the accident was terror related the police chief said it looked more like a case of dui. southern california where a man wanted for stealing a car trying to get away from a los angeles police by jumping over fences running through back yards and hopping on top of a roof and going from rooftop to rooftop. there you decide it. at one point you can see the man trying to actually use his cell phone. eventually he was captured by police. no one was injured in this incident. president trump is also making news over a tweet again about the white house correspondence dinner. he announced last evening on twitter that he will not be attending this year's dinner adding,
8:12 am
everyone well and have a great evening. annual dinner attracts both politicians and celebrities. the president blasted media coverage of his presidency saying what he calls fake news saying it is the enemy of american people. the dinner raises scholarship money for students is set to take place april 29th. president trump will be the first president in 35 years to not attend the white house correspondence dinner. california house republican darryl issays he thinks a special prosecutor is needed to very r investigate claims in the 2016 election as well as any contact the trump campaign may have had. he says attorney general jeff sessions is quote, too close to the president to oversee this type of investigation. i want to rhyme you more political coverage on fox 5 on the hill at 8:30
8:13 am
also political talk can be found right here at 5at630 every week night at 6:30 p.m. have not had a week where we didn't have any topics about. it's usually a question of what to leave out. >> i know. time is 8:13. raising money for cancer. >> you can see how you can join in and get to be part of this cause, we will be right back. stay with us, fox 5 news sunday continues after the break. reak
8:14 am
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he hav
8:16 am
. time 8:16. a great effort is being made this sunday morning as a museum to beat rare cancers >> cycle for survival over the weekend at equinox, every dollar raised goes directly to cancer research as well as clinical trials. we have the latest and alex, sounds like things are moving behind you. >>, yeah, we're at equinox in bethesda. the event is now underway. let me show you what we're talking about. take a look. throughout the course of the day, cycle for survival is expecting around 700 people to come through cycling hours at a time raising
8:17 am
cancers, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, pediatric cancers, things that don't get enough funding or attention compared to other cancers. just an amazing group of people. an amazing event. they go through all kinds of cities around the country. so cycle for survival got started back in 2007. and sewn they've raised $130 million, and as you guys mentioned every single dollar goes to cancer research. so really amazing. i'm told so far this year, they've raised 24 million and counting, they still have cities to go. they're in washington, dc all day friday and saturday. today, they're in bethesda. i'm told next weekend heading to la, this is just really an amazings effort. these are grass roots teams, people who out of their own will and wanting to get involved form their team and
8:18 am
after year. we met the earlier day, we were talking to their team leader. she's leading this class now and she's had a team going around six years. making $157,000 just an amazing grass roots effort. all kinds of people getting involved an awesome event. annie, tom, that's pretty amazing that's what we got for you out here. >> incredible crowd turned out for that today. >> hundreds of people. >> hats off to them. great effort. you see all the people out there. really going to make a difference. >> great cause. good for them. we head into another weekend, where things are not quite what they usually are. >> big changes. >> even from what we're dealing with, from hour to hour, day-to-day, have been so up and down. >> yesterday was so changeable. gorgeous morning, still warm, we hit the mid 70's, severe weather came through mid afternoon look a summer afternoon then got
8:19 am
dramatically colder quickly. >> looked like somebody threw a switch >> it was instant. incredibly strong cold front that came through yesterday. we know some are still kind of cleaning up from the damage. we had so many reports of hail and pictures, thank you for sending them to all of us. along with that we had plenty of wind damage across charles county, where they saw the sort of the severe weather, strong straight line wind damage. waldorf, we know you have cleaning up to do. winter making a comeback at least one day. temperatures cold, 37 in washington. 34 in gaithersburg, 35 manassas. 36 in culpeper and 32 in winchester, compared to yesterday morning, you're going to be dressing a lot differently as we turn sharply colder and on the order of 20 to 25 to close to 30 degrees colder this 24 hour temperature change shows that impressive difference in anywhere masses, it was like the middle of spring yesterday, a
8:20 am
and now we're back into late february weather. snow showe coming off the lakes, cleveland pittsburgh through new york and normally as the lakes are too colder or frozen over this time of year but not this winter, so some of those snow showers are going to try to make it down into extreme northern maryland right there. few flurries in hagerstown, cumberland, places like that. here's the upset. it's chilly but sunny today. tomorrow still kind of cool. warm front moving northward, we'll allow temperatures to jump and we're back into those spring like readings tuesday and wednesday. wednesday, probably into the 70's again. very warm but also unsettled. the warm front what will bring showers and then wednesday cold front will bring showers, and we'll be battling kind of the clouds in the not so nice weather while we have these warm temperatures. here's what it looks like on fox future cast. monday morning, chilly and cloudy, mainly dry, possibly a shower north of i 70 late in the day monday.
8:21 am
arriving overnight monday into tuesday, very early tuesday morning, we got rain out there and rain chances will continue through wednesday. high temperatures should briefly hit 50. otherwise we spend the day in the 40's. it's breezy and windchill values are in the 20's. it will feel like upper 30's to low 40's. to low temperatures overnight still cold as we're in the 30's. here's your forecast, 50, sunny and gusty more like winter. we see the temperature jump quickly in your seven-day forecast. 58 mostly cloudy there on monday. showers tuesday and look at that 72 on wednesday, don't get used to it, march begins wednesday but then we're back to some much colder weather for the end of the week, possibly flurries there. 47 degrees on friday. 45 sunny and chilly as we look towards next weekend. that's the way it looks in your seven-day forecast. send it back to annie and tom. >> that does it for me at this hour. >> we still got to look at fox news sunday at chris wallace and fox 5 on the hill coming
8:22 am
8:30. stick with us. we got a lot more to tell you about, come back. . z29kvz zstz y29kvy ysty
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last year, there was a very real concern that perhaps donald trump was not as conservative as he was presenting himself to be a history of being on the last and being liberal, in this first month, whatever you make of what donald trump has done, he has proven himself to be quite conservative and put forth a very conservative agenda that would undoubtedly excite a base that you would find as comp, >> there were b o os that came out last year, mention his name this year, you get cheers. of all of the corporate and business success, donald trump had over his career, perhaps his biggest take over ever so far has been the take over, what we saw this year is 180 degrees from what we saw just last year at this time. pretty remarkable. >> looking ahead to tuesday, i think it's interesting the wld
8:41 am
remarks will speak of a renewal of the american spirit. if you contrast that. many people thought was a quite a dark telling of what's going on. do you think the it shifted a month later? is that a reaction to maybe some of the negative push-back to what was said on inauguration day >> i think that if your a republican you understood what he was saying if you were a vote you understood what he was saying, he's looking to bring people back to work. and if you see him in some of the meetings inside of the white house, he's had meetings with business leaders talking about investment in the united states. going into 18 and 20, he'll have to achieved opening of factories and increasing the economy. markets surging of late. i think tax reform is a issue obviously for republicans and that's something of his agenda, he got paul ryan and folks >> ian
8:42 am
another issue. is that national security defense homeland security something that you specialize in from your seat on tuesday night, what do you want to hear from this president in regards to what he says needs to be done about military and is our military and our national security as in bad a shape as the president continually likes to say it is >> sequestration was an issue that really took hold in the 2009 and 2014 time period under obama and really led the defense department and homeland security another agencies in terms of spending and recap recapitulation. it went down when the priority was healthcare like it was during the obama administration, president trump will focus on spending and increasing military and talking about presence overseas, with homeland security immigration has been a
8:43 am
but there's cyber security, transportation, and other, you know, type issues that happen at the department, i think we're going to go see a lot of different things, general madison mattis are off to a pretty good start in terms of running the agencies >> let's talk about something that just broke on activity. i think this was saturday night. president trump he's breaking with decades of transition skipping the annual white house correspondence dinner. the decision comes just after his remarks with cpac where he again called fake news the enemy of the people. take a listen. >> i want you all to know that we're fighting the fake news. two days ago, i called fake news the enemy of the people and they are.
8:44 am
they are the enemy of the people. they have no sources. they just make them up >> that's a recap of something we've heard from the president before. when i listened to that, seems to me the president on friday tried to do something different. he tried to make the argument away do i say the word fake news. when he says they referring to fake news, president might want to take another look at that and say it. he tried to make the argument on friday. listen, it's not all of the media. it's not all of the press again. i'm against stories that in particular, and we've seen some of them in the "new york times" in particular, that rely solely on unnamed sources. if the president does want to make a point about particular items that
8:45 am
uncorroborated bright. how could he go to the white house correspondence dinner? after all that has been said and all that has happened over the past five weeks, he would be the height of hip patco si. people will give him criticism for that, people will not like him. parties will get cancelled. outside of the beltway. that plays pretty good. donald trump said one thing consistently and he said i'm not going to be part of washington and a big part of what goes on is that dinner, even though it's a great organization that raises lots of money, the president can't go to the dinner if he wants to really kind of be held to the fire on the statements he's been making against the media. >> i also look back though, it's very consistent with the trump that we know. donald trump didn't show up when it looked like he was going to do well. walked
8:46 am
he didn't show up at that fox news debate in iowa after all that happened. this is very characteristic trump to not show up when he feels that the reception isn't going to be even warm and fuzzy. he would never walk into this room for all of the reasons that tom mentioned and the fact that this is not a warm fuzzy crowd. >> well, i think that you can say a lot of things about donald trump but he's 110% authentic. we know exactly what's on his mind. we never had a president in our lifetime and maybe not after that we know -- you may not always like what he says but you know exactly what's going on, things like the washington correspondence dinner, there's a lot inside that you guys have mentioned flipping over the tables is to get here and kind of do things a little bit differently that's been down in the past >> what you said brings me back to our first topic. maybe we'll never
8:47 am
again. perez responded to what donald trump said about him winning the dnc, he said i'm going to be your worse nightmare and i thought how trumpesque of him to engage on that level of and i think both politicians see a lot of people respond to those 140 character messages to the public. >> what's no advice, in cpac when i was there, we had rare, appearance by steve bannon. steve bannon is not somebody that goes out and make as lot of public appearances. anybody surprised by this news about the white house correspondence dinner is not paying attention. steve bannon said it's going to get worse. if you don't like the relationship with the press right now, it's going to get worse and it's going to get worse every single day moving forward, because they do view the media as the
8:48 am
the media needs to stop complaining all we have to do is go back and do our jobs and that will take care of things. their job is to do their job, the media is to do media's job and both sides should just get to work. we thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you for join us. >> he runs play action strategies here in dc. we'll be looking forward to you take on the speech on tuesday night as well. will you be watching >> absolutely looking forward. on the hill coming right back but first here's chris wallace with a respective of fox news sunday >> this week on fox news sunday, president trump prepare as prime time address to congress, where he'll lay out his legislature agenda. we'll discuss the president's plan with former campaign manager corey lewandowski. then ask two leading governors, mcauliffe and scott walker how
8:49 am
the jump agenda will affect people. then how the new democratic party chair will affect the opposition. next week on fox news sunday.
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when the powerful use their position you to bully others we all lose. this brings me to the press. we need the principled press to
8:52 am
them on the carpet for every outrage. >> because i love this country, i'm horrified by its black men measures and this immigrant ban is a blemish and unamerican. >> we saw it is the go ahead end globes and sag awards. will the oscars get political? i think so. a new southern reveals a whooping 66% of trump supporters turn off award shows when speeches get political. joining us is stan. are you surprised by those results? clinton supporters some of them turn off the tv but not 94ly as many >> we've seen a bunch and it's disappointing when you think about it the folks in hollywood. the actors worship a
8:53 am
idle. we're traditional american values, faith, freedom, and that's the america i wish these actors and actresses will talk more about >> the soar losers is hollywood, not the people turning off the tv >> yes. >> who don't walk away with an oscar too. >> what's the problem with somebody who has access to a microphone that's going to be broadcast around the planet to using that time to express what is probably for somebody in a couple of these people who we'll never hear from again, a once in a lifetime to opportunity to get something off their chest. >> most of us enjoy entertainment because we get away from it all. you know, we have a little bit of escapism. we have troubles and technologist of our daily lives and we want to have fun want to be entertained and these folks actually spoil it and i think it's going to come back and bite them. i think it's going to make their
8:54 am
i think they should be -- they should be wise and stay away from the politics. >> it is interesting, we have this conversation i remember having it with tom before the inauguration, and certain celebrities and performers pulling out of performing at an inauguration. but i would argue that it is a difficult line to cross, because you are there to provide entertainment, politics is and i'm present part of the conversation at least today, you don't want to not participate. you want to show that you care about america and whatever that view is. isn't that a good thing? >> well, it's a good thing, if they keep the private -- for example, gary sin knees, clint eastwood. they have political views >> didn't eastwood do the republican chair thing at the republican national convention >> at the convention, no oscars >> your point is the menu not the
8:55 am
>> that's exactly right >> can we guarantee from this you're not going to be watching. >> i probably won't be watching. depends what my wife says we'll be doing. >> i can relate to that. thank you for joining us. >> pleasure. >> we'll be right back. z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
8:56 am
8:57 am
alec baldwin do his impression at the white house correspondence dinner. >>
8:58 am
he wasn't the only actor suggested he attend the dinner >> thank you for joining us next next is chrises wallace.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump reports on the press to conference. he will lay out his legislative agenda for year one. >> the era of empty talk is over. now is the time for action. >> chris: we will discuss the presidents times for obamacare and tax reform. and look ahead to other big decisions including a revised travel ban. then the nation's governors are in town. we will ask two leading figures of the trumpet agenda affecting people in their states. >> do what you said you were going to


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