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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now, less than a month after a missing girl from montgomery county was found murder murdered her cousin has disappeared. tonight an exclusive look at the moment before the teen van itched. > while president trump hosts governors from around the coun
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in with a shotgun and holds up a conveniencence store. fox5 local news news start now. >> thanks for joining u.s., i'm lauren he demarco and i'm jim lokay.lo > a teen who has been reported missing in montgomery county isn the mon cousin of another girl o was found dead earlier this month in virginia. >> 18 year old angelica was last seen leaving workaround 9.ork she was the cousin of reyes. reyes' body was found in fo springfield earlier t this month. ten people have now been charged in her murder and police say it was gang related. reyes' mother is now worried her niece is involved, too. marina maracco is live in gaithersburg with details.hers >>reporter: when they are body later turned up found dead in virginia, her mother told fox 5
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feared for her family's safety, and now her niece h which also s lives under her same roof is missing. this is 18 year old angelica bear own a. she's been missing since last night. both girls lived with damaris mother in gaithersburg. her aunt would not go on camera and said it was too risky to speak, but she worries about hee niece may be with the wrongron people. just two weeks ago her ownwn daughter was found dead in virginia. she believes this happened at at the hands of ms13. just last night, angelica gelngl contact bar own a was working at the walk express in gaithersburg. this was the third time she was ever showed up for work. she was texted on her phone ande at about 10:00 she walked out ot without giving any sort of explanation and walked down this sidewalk and it was r
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next door where the surveillance cameras captured her on video. you saw you her walking down the plaza plaza. there's concern for her well-being, so much so that desmarais reyes' mother who report $2 her daughter missingdg earlier this month also reported her niece missing last night.igh they believe she may be in the new jersey area, but would give no other specifics about the case. live tonight in gaithersburg, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > a strong showing at a a political town haul in mountoun tonight. hundreds of people gathered inth silver springs tero meet with their us senators and congress members. fox5's lindsay watts is there. we've seen some town hauls across the country that were very vocal and angry. what was this one like. we have of co
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combative town haul meetings. this one, though, was not likeie that. there was a loft energy out out here, but these were dramatic law makers who were greeted by a crowd of largely if not entireli their supporters. su people came here to the silverhs springs civic center to oppose donald trump and hustle policies. i want to give you a look atook crowd now a the look of people came out for this, such a big crowd that it was held in h twol different areas. people were inside and then ins mr. was a room inside as well. the speakers rotated inside to outside. four maryland congressional representatives were here andnd both us senators along with montgomery county leaders. cou there was a lot of talk tonight about opposing the president'ss agenda, but we've seen that that's proven extremely l difficult for democrats when republicans controlled both thet white house and congress. a i wasnd able to speak one on one with senators chris van
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ground or will they oppose thiss president at every turn. >> are there any clear areas where you think you could workod with him? hi >> we hope we can work together on building the roads, bridges. he's indicateed a proposal thath we've seen. i hope we can get together on a budget. i believe that we need tomorrow we need to have a budget that wt makes sense for this country.oun we need a tax code thathat hopefully makes sense. we're going to hopefully workope together in many areas, but soo far we haven't seen the type of leadership that brings america together. the democrats in the senate putu together right away a plan to modernize our national infrastructure. we put put forward a plan. donald trump talked about that during campaign. unfortunately he's leading with advicive issues like trying to undo the affordable care act.ct.
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try to block him f neither one a for sure. sur but they did both concerns about judge neil gorsuch. eju to people who came out for this event about what it was actually that brought themrg here. we got a variety of responseespo owes. take a listen. >> why are we turning away refugees this is wrong. it's just wrong. climate change.chan we just have to stand up and show up. i wanted to be here because i have two sons that have dioceses. i just feel it's really important that we keep the affordable care account.le c i think it's important to race awareness about all sorts of issues that involve hate and it's just important because you have to support people. i'm here to support my representatives to basicallyasic show hey, look, i'm here. we want you to fight for us. > this is organized by
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called a tacoma park mobilization and they say that prior to the event they distributed more than 2,000 free tickets online.nli difficult to put an exact number on how am people showed up me,pe but as youop saw certainly a lae audience here in silver springs tonight. reporting live, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > 106789. 07 on your sunday night. time to take a look on the outside. key had a nice couple of days, but starting to feel like february. cold weather came on through the storms. we've got another week of rollee coaster temperatures. up, down, all over the place once again. daytime highs a far cry from cr where we were yesterday when our highs were in the upper 70s to the mid 7 10, but today we to reached 50-degrees a at reagan national airport, 48 at dulles, and 46 at bwi thurgood marshal. ri
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28-degrees at manassas. 37 at quantico, only 28 at at gaithersburg and at frederick, 42 at d.c., 38 at annapolis and 32 at culpeper. winds are finally calm. we hadm. some pretty gusty winds in the last 4 hours or so and pretty pretty brisk for thehe earlier part of today and but that has all died down. satellite radar showing we have not much happening in terms of crowds. for monday we're talking mostly cloudy skies with a high of only 58-degrees and then take a look at tuesday, the temperaturehe starts to climb all over againgi we're headed for the upper 60s, but we also have some rain showers in the forecast.orec mere details coming up a littlei late he. > lauren. thank you, gwen. a fox5 followup. a d.c. elementary dealing with a rodent and bed bug problem is set to reopen top. r the school was forced to to shutdown nearly three weeks ago so they could fix the problem. officials sa
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open house so the public can see the classrooms. chief of schools john davis isas also expected to address the media. straight ahead at 10, a truck a drives right into a crowd at the mardi gras parade. we have the latest into the investigation of theto crash. > the lunt forth robber who wao caught on camera using a shotgun to hold up a convenience so. we'll be right back. back.
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immigration unlike the past few weeks p p president trump expectancy his weekend at the whitea housest.u this evening he hosted the nations governors who were in town forth president's weekend. the president has a busy weeksyw planned. on tuesday he'll host a joint session of congress. we have more now from fox'ss christian fisher everybody. >>reporter:rter >>reporter: reporter tonight at the white house,
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special event, the governor'srnr problem. the obama administration has had tremendous problems.em iten doesn't work. but we're going to have it fixed and we're going to repeal and replace and i think you're going to see something very, very special. tuesday will be mr. trump's first address to congress. it's expected to include most on his efforts to repeal and ohd place obama care, jobs and taxx reforms the p president is p expected to sign a revised ordee of the executive order on wednesday:secretary and security john kelly informs that they were focusing on their effort solely on illegal immigrants and criminals. he made it very clear that the only folks that they were going after, is agents were those to e had come into the country illegally and had been involved in a criminal enterprise.terp if you were just here juicy
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legally then they're pot going after you. president obama and congressob clearlyam identified that these were at least seven nationsons where this federal government f under theeder previous administration didn't feel feel confident that they could getd e accurate information coming in from from the countries. the white house is continuing to search for the source of leakss to the press even going so far to demand access of government issued cellphones. at the white house, kristin fisher, fox news. > the man suspected of plug hip truck into a crowd of people into new orleans during a mardi gras parade is due in court this week. row pseudo was drunk when his truck crashed into a group ofp people last night.t 28 were hurt, 21 ended up in hospitals. they were concerns that this was aer terror acansn that at firstt investigators say it turned outu to be a case of drunk driving. we are
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not drinking and driving and making smart decision, a number of these people are being treated right now and i'm going to thank all of our first responders.resp row pseudo blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit. if he does make bale he'll go under house arrest and of course he'll be prohibited from driving.ivin > the people's court is p burlington county every morning the deatheopounty of judge jose inner. he died at his home. he was hospitalized a week ago with breathing the people's court began in 1988 and judge wap inner presided foe more than a dozen years. before the people's court he p served aseop a judge in los angeles. holly wood is morning the losss of bill baxton. he is known for his rolls in playing
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baxton's family issued a statement today that reads bill's passing forth arts was felt by all who knew him. he was just 61 years on. by the way, you mentioned twistier, in the midwest and storm caser formed a bp in his honor. > honoring an officer who made the ultimate sac wrist.t. it has been a year since officer georgia done died in the line of duty.
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fox5 is remembering fallen prince william police officer officer ash gwen shot and killed his wife crystal
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thehile home t. then he opened fire on then police officers who responded killing gwen done. officer gwen done and crystal hamilton were killed.led. she spoke with the family about how they're keeping her memory alive. in the days leading up to the one year anniversary of officer ashley again done's unfinally death her family watchedvúv fooe from from funeral. it was quite a site. as they are aunts and uncles look back, they say the tragedy of losing one family member gained them an entirely new familism it's the prince william police department. we lost apo family member, but o did they.hey. that was the whole thing h. who she wa
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the shooting affected many lives and the tragedy has become the glue bonding them together.toge having to deal with ashley's death and then also having too deal with two injured officers and one of them to the extent of dave magian we keep lookingagia aftern him, we keep looking afr jessie. jessie has returned back to work. daverk has not yet. so we do things to make suree that they're okay. we keep looking after mrs. gwen. she's now a part of our family. it's been so hard for sharon anyway that to relive what happened that night is way toooo painful for her. but they sashes ' incrediblyredi greatful for all the support she's received from the prince william county community. they've raised more than $50,000
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the money to good causes. our goal is to provide funding for kind of body armor. the situation where she was shot, the bullet went under thee body armor, went p through ande cament out the back. b she's looking to donate some of this money to hopefully device a piece of body armor. the family and police force are holding a private memorial to honor the 28 years old policeye officer thisar week. but they're planning more public events during police week in may. her mom and aunt have a unitedut ride. it's a 225-mile ride from cheese peak, virginia to washington, d.c. for now rather than focus on sadness. that was good. the family focuses on the positive. so ash is our happies right now. ash is part of a liter
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purposes that operation cause for homes named after fallen officers and was named the night that ashley was killed. k born just two days before officer again done was shot,shot this happy dog was originally called again done. once stephanie knew the story she n they had to have her.her. their pedis now a daily reminder of what -- everybody is proud of ashley had i don't think she would have done anything different. > alexanderly monday, fox5 local, the trial of the accused killers set to start in july. your many acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy has been of great comfort to me and my family during this past year. on behalf a of all of us on
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we thank officer gwen done for making the ultimate sacrifice. rest in piece.
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there are words to describe every step we take. words for the joy... and the sorrow. ♪ but through all of life's journey...
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the ultimate heights you can attain. your full potential. ♪
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. since taking office presidentngo trump andff admitted reply a political novice has admitted frustration with some of the ways of washington. while he's taking ames at the media and snail link. half of his nominees are stillil waiting for senate approval.oval here is fox's lauren blanchard. >>reporter: the president iss setting a record he likelykely doesn't want. his cabinet is taking farng licensinger to be confirmed than the last six administrations.mii for context, president bush had his entire cabinet confirmed in two weeks.two now we're five weeks out and atd members are hanging in limbo. our administration is running with great he
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though i still don't my cabinet approved. nobody mentions that. it's just abody m delay, delay,. it's really sad.. here's a look at the nomineesmie still waiting for full senate nomination. berry have passed through committee and needs a full senate vote. coats awaiting a full senate hearing. and acosta has no hearing at all. the senate has been out but the labor secretary will murrse ross is scheduled forcr aet vote tomorrow democrats have been dragging their feet on nearly every nominee. majority of the votes have beene party line and they have continued to continue the slow down because they say thee cabinet doesn't have the averagg american's best interest in mind. president trump has talks abouta the party ofs working people, e has put together a party of working people. he has more bills than anyn president in history.stor we're going to decimate thema
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and the more. along with the will beer ross vote tomorrow night we alsoso expect a filibuster. well, what a change we have seen with the weather. we had a spring, even some summer-like temperatures it felr like and then the storm came through. >> yes. doesn't feel likeike february. >> not at all. doesn't. we're getting a little closer to where we should be temperature wise and you will feel it tonight. bundle up.bund but things are going to change. we have the roller coaster thin going on as far as temperatures are concerned and i've got an update for you in my forecast to talk about the storm on saturday as well because we were talking about the tornado warning that we had down in charles county.n. in the meantime we have a few clouds rolling in tonight across our area and i want to tell you that temperature wise we are ar going to be all over the place. another cold night tonight as
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roller coaster temps continue right through the seven day forecast and unsettled once we get to about mid-week could see a chance of some more thunderstorm. highs today a far cry from the 70s that we had yesterday. in fact, we were at 77-degrees yesterday. so really a far cry.r this is a little closer to where we should be temperature wise as far as today's temperatures aree concerned. but right now it is reallyy cooling down.wn. so a very cold night ahead for you, folks. 37-degrees right now at quantico, only 28 at manassas. we've got 30 at dulles, 42 righe now in the nation's cap l toll, 27 at frederick and 30 at winchester. we've had some pretty gusty winds in the last 24 hours or so. the winds finally calming downna and giving us a bit ofll a brea. it won't be even windy as far ar tomorrow goes, either. you're going to see a little bit of southerly wind no. we'll see some clouds increasing. this is very calm
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to where we were on s. i know o that in had told you saturday that the weather service had to go out and survey. we got the update from them and it was confirmed that an ef1 tornado. it was neurula plat a in charles county and that's where we saw all the damage there that we had showed you pictures of with power outages and tree down. the damage path was 125 yards wide by 8.4 miles in length. the time period was from 3. 06 to 36789.. 17. that's the update officially from the national weather service. i had ahe nat lot of people wonderingde whether it was officially a tornado or no. until thee national weather service goesth out anerd surveys it and does their investigation we wouldn'te even officially tells you
10:32 pm
but now this is the officialial word.wo colder air coming our way, yes. temperatures as i said into thei 20s and the 30s. a pretty night ahead.. temperatures will be into the 30s, but for tomorrow we're going to head into the 50s, the upper 50s. once we get monday, though, we have a frontal system to deal with, we're going to talk aboutt some showers on tuesday and then we're heading back up again tono the upper 60s. flirting with that 70-degree mark all again. not so tomorrow, by midway 5 did degrees at the 5:00 cool at 56. 56-degrees for tonight. we'll see some clouds rolling in and for tomorrow mostly cloudy skies all associated with that the frontal system that is going to start to head our way by the time we get to tuesday, wednesday and that's when we're going to see a little bit of precipitation. by tuesday night looking at some sure, thunder storms possible bt wednesday, but look at theor temperature, 74-degrees, then the roller
10:33 pm
again into the 50s and the 40s, by the end of the week we're into the 60s and the temperaturp doesn't want to stay where it should be. i'll have more details a littled bit latere as well. jim. thank you, gwen. developing tonight police are looking for a roar who pulled a shotgun on customers and workers at a convenience store.stor they're still trying to track the suspect down. marina maracco reports from northeast. >>reporter: it was brazen armed robbery at t this 7/eleven store here at exxon gas station in the forth tauton northeasthe washingtonas d.c. and watch this man whos has no mask over his face walks into the 7/elevenelev holding a shotgun he approaches the front customer. he forces one of customers downs to the ground and then he firesh a single shot from the shotgun. the ceiling tile now waiting to be repaired. we spoke to residents out here to say
10:34 pm
surprised by the up tick in crime in their neighborhood.ighb that's a blazing. oh, my god. he had a shotgun. no mask or anything. he fires it? >> yep. the shotgun surprises, but not the robbery.ery. that just happens so much now. the incident happened roughly a week ago. police putting out this video in hopes that you recognize this man and you give them a call. if you're wondering what exactly this man got away with, a couple packs of cigarettes and 80 bucks. > straight ahead.. i is sunday and that means it's time forth top five of the week. .
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if you were around the ttvhe t today, a good chance your h usual ' watching right here on fox5 for the daytona. >> there was a lot of that, some people are blaming the rule changes. that's one thing that dan a kirk pattic said after they was knocked out of the race.e >> if you were looking for fox5 news a at 6 you didn't see it because the race went wrong. yes. in an effort to get millenials to get off their phones andd watching their races nascar'sars changed the rules before this year's daytona 500 dividing the race into]3
10:39 pm
cars in this one.e. kevin heart the defending 500 clamp. end of the day for joceyln. dan a kirk patrick was knocked out. 59 lapse to go, let's keep it going. mack murray gets into the back.. elliott gets loss. ten cars in this one.e. they're tearing up the grass. the grounds keepers are likee come on, man.n. the final lap kirk bush who had not led a lap blows past kyle larson who unfortunately ran out
10:40 pm
bush, the 2004 series clamp wins his first daytona in his 17th tries, like susan loch i:bushsh getting mobbed by his crew afterward on the infield there. he explained his game plan for finding the withinner's circle l this year. there were carses completelyplet crashed. there's in the a straight panel on it. the strategy, who knew what. everybody's record as soon as we were done with the second sentiment segment, the more that i've run this race, the more i threw caution to the wind and elbows out. throw caution to the wind, letn, her rip. love it. you may have heard giving out awards for lame categories likeo sound, editing, custom design and best board buddy double in l love se
10:41 pm
categories. number five best of the fifth in a fan contest, a fan rolling balls into fans with dollar values. she's not even getting it on the ramp here. she's going for the $100, double on the gold ball. steve curry. do they let that count. >> it was the golden ball.. so that gets her 5 a thousandth dollars. the judges say we're going to count it.un how cool is that? i looked atke it and it came out in the middle of the -- we don't even need to help this lady. the best self nut meg kyles to keyly miller. look at her in front of the goal i. between her legs, between the goal i's legs, in for the goal. look at this. she has four goals, three
10:42 pm
none more impressive this one. the best adapted use of armstrong arms goes to freshmannier i al an. all over west virginia.inia the state of west virginia, you all got dumped on. are you saying he in exchangen got dunked on. >> mr. furnishly.>> m >> yes. > he's from west virginia:number two, the award for the best use of a bar game goes to floor and kohl'ser.ser. here through a moving target. then, yes, knocks in. here's the best one. they call kohl's, snaking thisng one over two and then six balls
10:43 pm
this is one of those where i have to question how many times they did this to get this. >> one take. number one, best performancerfor goes to or l val rogers competing in the 60 meters. hem l hill is 9 years old. photo orville by a nose. he wins by 5,100th ofs. that made me feel horriblyrrib guilty. these guys are dog it. you have no excuse.e. i'm going to run in place.ce good for them.em. as always, best segment of the week. thank you, brody. > coming up next, the new art exhibits to mardi gras. we're breaking down exhibits coming up in the district this morning. tomorrow, actress jennifebe
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> if you were looking foru something fun to do in the wweek ahead you have plenty of options starting off in the music scene. tomorrow night, aranea grand day at the verizon center. elsewhere around town, john rul, will be at the howard theatre and the flaming lips are performing for several daysys starting on sunday.ay. when it comes to art by now youu have likely
10:48 pm
smithsonian exhibit.iths it is free to get in, of course. there are a limited number of same day what canup passes, butt advanced passes will be release every monday at noon for theon week ahead. here is your heads up, tomorroww at noon you can secure passesses online forth week of march 7 through the suggest. the exhibit is here through mid may. you may here some jinxing. i have some people with me. there will be a the look of celebrations this week. this this tuesday is fat tuesdaa so we're highlighting two bigg events. i want to start here with mattth and alexas, from the lsu association. what is going to be going on for klehr done.e. we've for the last 20 years done a mardi gras parade and it's's happening once again on this tuesday. it is the big mid
10:49 pm
parade. >> that's what we think.e we have people coming down from baltimore to participate.icip there's a fun run before. >> yeah. we're doing something new. s there's a one mile fun run starting at 6:30 and registration starts at 5679. 30. the parade starts at the other end at north barton street. > familiarly friendly. >> the parade is family friendly. the ball is of age.e. the klehr done >> that's seven to eleven. that's ticketed event.'s t >> that's a ticketed event. yeah, actually the run is going to be a lot of fun. the ball is going to be a lot of fun. all of this going on in the d.c. area. wait, we got a story. every girl in knew or lens during mardi gras, they like to get the perils. it's my gesture to you. what is going on in d.c.? >> w
10:50 pm
mardi gras staff began a at union 5. it starts at 5:00 and it's all you can ethan drink.. it's ticketed.kete >> it's ticketed, $65 and three bands, three different brass bands, last affair, dup upon thp brass fans. we are having a hurricaneican contest. would you like to have a sip of a hurricane? >> well. they have king cakes. we have 18 different restaurants participating. i mean from veggie -- it's restaurants you've heard of. good stuff. eatery. we have lock land barbeque,. a lot of well known chefs. and then we have the colombiabia rum doing cocktails. we have from the ef
10:51 pm
cotton and read. we even have a vodka luge, the d big thing for people, you getu tickets ahead of time. tim mardi gras staff began a and it benefits -- d.c. kitchen. and also bernard projects inojec knew or orleans. the celebrating doesn't end there. st. patrick's day is march 17, but there's also some celebrations taking place during the week. it sunday downtown annapolis, 1:00 p.m. they will have ae parade there as well. all the stuff going on, a bigg week. lots to celebrate. thank you, guys. > come on. i'm going to have some hurricane and we'll be right back. .
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> a little incentive to go live on facebook.face it. if you have more than 2,000 followers and can get at least 300 people to watch, facebook will share 55 percent of its ad rev ewing news with ill.ll youtube has offered the samesame deal for years. that's smart.smar that's the thing, they've beenev paying a lot of celebrities to do that. there's been controversy when he went live and recorded headcord coach after the you're talking like i know what you mean. i'm just explaining. this is something you're going to have about
10:56 pm
soon. the tooth fairy.fair all time payouts. 4.66 cents. that it's an increase from 2016. tooth fairy generosity has been a good indicator of the economy. the tooth fairy is also known to occasionally give gifts like paste or toothbrushes. >> most kids say i've been gypped. what did the tooth fairy give f you back in your day. >> about a dollar.doll every now and then the toothtoot fairy would put a book underbo there.ther that's l cool.oo the toothbrush and toothpaste would be cool maybe with a dollar. >> that's true.t's > let's talk about mcdonald's. they're making a change. they will offer one dollar sodas which is perfect for the toothpaste from the tooth fairy. mcdonald's says the deal willl i start in april and will be on
10:57 pm
they'll offer smooth is, shakes. it comes as the company fights declines in busier locations will get thethe kiosk which is somethingg mcdonald's has been rolling out. the company has been testing technology at several of its home bases. customers with stores with kiosk will be able to order the at the counter. this will reduce labor costs and reduce long lines. that was talked about, i do believe the labor cuts.cuts >> it's hard to staff an entiret shift where you just need the n extra help for the hour or two during the major rush.rush >> yes. you have to worry about people using those things, ordering a hundred burgess. >> then what happens? is that a problem. you're giving kids ideas. > you didn't hear itfr
10:58 pm
the british food company, the rotary is serving up a burgerrgr that has never been before been seen. it's named after the world's tallest building. it features four meet patties along with satisfy ron mayonnaise all topped with a gold burger bun. the newburgher was unvailed thih week during the eat the world dxv festival in due buy and if you want one -- how much do you think it costs? you can see itn in the prompter. >> it doesn't even look good too me. i would have thought it was area a hundred dollars. >> no, 62 bucks. that's not that bad.ha >> it's a org abouter did youyou sigh all that meet? you couldcl probably eat that for a >> you can get that far much than $62, there's a good chance if you are ordering that you're
10:59 pm
your diet. fox's brew top says why youyo should get ten servings a day. >> for years we've been told to eat our fruits and vegetables, but a new study ups the antianti finding that we can significantly reduce our risk of disease if we consume ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day. so how easy is it to get to ten. >> in the stud ticketed eventd i from the school of public health at the college of london eating the ten servings letters yoursev risk ofin heart disease by 30 percent annulars your risk of stroke by 33 percent. getting to ten is easier than you may think. here's what ten servings of fruits and vegetables lookslook like. start aing with breakfast. this is one cup of beeries. this would be great to add to a smooth i. h is one
11:00 pm
what about a snack? have an apple for lunch.ap this is really easy. what you're looking at right no here is actually two servings of vegetables. maybe we are in the mood for mo another snack, what do youod think? >> how about a serving of dried fruit. that is just one quarter of a cup. > that is an entire serving off dried fruit.dr do you see where it's not so hard to get p ten servings. so now we're onto dinner. this might be a good vegetableeb side. and what we're looking at here is a half a cup of steamed or baked broccoli and some raw peepers. ten servings and we're done.done so get to ten and bon appetite. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now, less than a month after a missing girl from montgomery county was foundd murdered, her cousin has


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