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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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southern california a small plane carrying a family of five crashes into a neighborhood shortly after take-off. three people died miraculously there are survivors, details ahead. now. gunshots in an ally leaves man dead and neighbor and friends stop the violence s president trump prepares for the first address to the joints session of congress. what will the message be, this morning we get the inside scoop. good tuesday morning, i'm allison see. >> i've steve. >> if you're waking up here's a live look. 49 let's get a quick check of weather. we'll start with i >> near 70 this afternoon with a
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erin >> 7:00. a lot of volume, take a look at 66, prince william parkway, not the only air area with major congestion, big problems on 210 as well. we'll take a closer look at that, allison and steve. is starting off with headlines in california. crews still investigating the cause of a deadly plane crash. a family of five, man, wife and three children. authorities say three people dead, two survived. the family took off from riverside headed home to san jose after a cheerleading competition. it crashed into a residential area. two homes were destroyed. minor damage to other homes. nobody on the ground hurt. police investigating a deadly shooting. gunshots rang out. melanie is all over this one. she's live for this one. >> reporter: what we're hearing from neighbors they're saying 30 to 40
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heard. so frightened by the sound, they grabbed their family, and loved ones and just went to safety in the back of their homes, here's the ally right here and as the sun is coming up, you can see even more of those evidence markers, all across the ally, where you see the officers in the center, that's hanover place. we talked to a man a friend of the victim. witnessed his friend being, being worked on in the street, suffering from a gunshot wound to the back and was taken away in the ambulance, learned a short time later his friend had died. >> get you get one life, you don't come back. and people shooting weapon cars and homes, hit innocent people. i've lost family members in stray bullets and things of that nature. this has to stop now, please, people got to find a way to
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digress, mediate and walk away. it's not worth it. >> reporter: this happened around 11:00 last night. you can see the investigation still going on at this point, dc police have my given us suspect information and they have not positively identified the victim. live in northwest, melanie alnwick, fox 5 local news president trump preparing to deliver his first address to a joint session of congress, it will have all of the trappings of a state of union address cas doug luzader, we're learning more about the agenda. >> reporter: good morning, states of the union addresses begin in the president's second year in office. this will have all the formalities of a typical state of the union and look it's an opportunity for the president to address the nation in prime time. >> the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: we know how
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entrance, the packed house chamber. but president trump brings a new factor to the mix. an exclusive respective, he suggested his approach would be rather simple >> i can speak from the heart. and say what i want to do. >> reporter: president is expected to talk about taxes, obamacare and some of the initiatives he's taken in his few short weeks in office. look for a real focus on immigration. >> i'll be talking about the border and remember this. on the border, and through the our country, we're getting the bad ones out. the bad people gang members, drug lords. in some cases murders. >> reporter: to that end three of the president's guests sitting with the first lady in the audience will be family members of individuals killed by illegal immigrants. democrats will counter with guests of their own, illegal immigrants to back their argument that trump has gone too far. >> launched a, cruel
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that will tear families apart and law abiding immigrants out of church shelters, courtrooms and schools. >> reporter: there may be a bit of common ground, expect to call for more infrastructure spending. but much of this will be a question of tone. we're used to seeing one side offer applause while the other side sits on their hands during the speeches. in the trump era will the president's opponents take on that opposition further >> he'll talk about building up the military up to $54 billion. >> as doug mentioned he's blaming president obama for protesters against him. however, so far no evidence to support those claims. we're going to be talking with a special assistant to president trump coming up at 8:00 this morning, we'll get more on the
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union address tonight. 7:05. >> weather is going to be while this week, up and down. we're on the way up today. about 70 this afternoon, going to be very quiet, morning here with lots of sunshine and -- what's that? that's so sweet >> little baby lamb. february like a lamb. we're looking at daytime highs about 70. should be a quiet morning, we have showers in the afternoon forecast. 47 mild degrees at this hour. everybody is about ten degrees warmer than where we were 24 hours ago, 43 in leonardtown. there's a look at your satellite and radar and i do want to mention for cloudiness early. see the rain showers out into kentucky and ohio. that's warmer air which will arrive late this afternoon 10 tonight. it will arrive in the form of cloud cover and few showers around here later this afternoon and evening's keep that in mind, we're going to have showers
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thunderstorm threat could be near 80. we'll have the details coming up. and in addition. at 7:30 we'll have a great talk about what happened to winter. >> from the national weather service >> bringing in the big gun >> today is the last day of meteorologist winter. game over. >> we have next year. >> so sad. i'll pay attention i'm curious. i'm not sad about the warmer weather, skyfox over 95 northbound, jammed at prince william parkway, average speed under ten miles per hour, delays back to dale city from very slow moving conditions in stafford and fredericksberg. we have jam-ups about 35 extra minutes to get from fredericksberg to the beltway, skyfox we'll take a look at 66, eastbound side. sluggish as you pa
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william parkway and more stop and go traffic, getting to the beltway, you need to leave the how about 30 minutes early to get into the arlington area, 295 southbound moving along ok, a lot of stop and go traffic from maryland 410 past 50 as you get to pennsylvania avenue. northbound looking good, just a little bit of a jam-up the bottom side of the beltway, 295 belt after from the missing bowl to the pentagon. allison and steve the fbi said a missing four-year-old from maryland may have been spotted near the weekend in birmingham alabama. matthew carington may have been seen on saturday. the boy is with dangerous people. caring ton was reported missing october 1st 2016 from maryland. he is again, just a boy. he stand three feet tall, about 30 pounds with black hair and brown
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police investigating more bomb threats made against jewish community centers and schools >> threats forced evacuations nationwide. bob barnard live in fairfax county with the story, bob? >> the jewish day school in fairfax county one of eight schools, 13 jewish community centers in a dozen states yesterday that had bomb threats called into them. here at gesher, this happened around 9:20. we're told 143 students and staff members were sent out. they were evacuated very frightening morning for them. took about 90 minutes to get the all clearly around 9:30 yesterday morning, at the charles e smith jewish day school in rockville, same thing, a bomb threat called in there, they did not evacuate and eventually they were given the all clear, nothing found. but the jewish community leaders across the country, in fact, are calling on the white house, congress,
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speak out against this wave of antisemitism. basically the fifth round since january. the fbi and justice department are investigating. sean spicer says the trump administration con dems the threat as does the benderj cc of greater washington >> the president continues to condemn these acts in the strongest terms. no one in america should feel afraid to follow the religion of their choosing freely and openly. >> my understanding is there have been a lot of resources that have been put towards this investigation. the president has condemned the anti-semitism. i would like to see more resources towards putting an end to this. >> reporter: what you're seeing there is jewish cemetery in philadelphia that was attacked basically over the weekend.
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head stones toppled. similar in missouri last week. a lot of people have questions, school resumes here at gesher damage but it's going to be top of mind of people here and at jewish community centers and schools all around not only our region but the country again today. guys. >> thank you it's really disturbing. >> no doubt about it. 7:11. thousands of people flooding the streets for mardi, gras. >> there will be parades, lots of festivities, police on horseback will do a ceremonial clearing of party goers on bourban street to mark the end before lent begins tomorrow. cigar lovers around the world flocking to havana
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cigar festival. >> the big debacle still being talked about this morning, we're learning more about what really happened back stage. details after the break. 7:11 now.
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welcome back. looking over at the area, washington monument, 47 nice degrees and it's going to warm up to be nicer later today. meantime, not so lucky elsewhere in our country, several homeowners in massachusetts devastated after a twisted hit the homes, a state of emergency is declared. a powerful tornado swept through
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central massachusetts amid unusually warm winter weather. while the tornado left a five mile path of destruction, thankfully no one was seriously injured, no one was killed. >> amazing for massachusetts. . we had a tornado here on saturday. very concerned tomorrow we got strong thunderstorms. lot going on weather, wise >> after the mid late afternoon? >> yeah. >> we'll talk more about it. but no signs of winter, and coming up we're going to be talking about what happened to winter, the demise of winter >> bye-bye winter >> springtime is the theme today. daytime highs expected to get close to 70 degrees. so just your run of the mill 20 degrees above average. 47 in washington. new york is 47. arrows you see, that's your wind direction out of the south, and we're just going to pump in milder temperatures always a tropical feel by tomorrow morning, as temperatures tomorrow before the thunderstorms
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approach 80 believe it or not. clouds out to the west. rain showers. ohio, kentucky, those will arrive late this afternoon and evening. i want to mention sunshine first half of today, cloud up later, and 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, there may be showers around through 9., 10:00 tonight. there's your seven-day. 78 today and cooler end over the week. >> amazing, thank you. good morning. >> good morning, 7:16, new crash 95 southbound. 95 quantico across the wilson bridge, 395, slow moving traffic from mixing bowl to the pentagon. annondale, a new crash on the express lanes through annondale, southbound george washington parkway a crash at 123, delays back to the beltway. once you pass 123, you open up a bit with more volume across the key bridge from rosslyn into
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georgia town, clare barton, river road, signal 270 southbound heavier volume clearing from 70 through the truck scales, a little bit of a slowdown through urbana and in maryland, the outer loop remains heavy with a 15-minute slowdown, volume gun to pick up through south of the icc down to the beltway and if your taking metro, to train as far as on the blue line, arlington cemetery station closed the last day of safetrack surge 12 impacting the blue line. next, allison? >>. new this morning, two people involved in a racially charged confrontation in georgia, back in 2015, at a child's birthday party. facing serious prison time >> a judge said kayla ray norton to 15 years in prison with six to year, and jose got 20 years with 13 to serve in prison. these two are among a dozen people who
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dougville in 2015 hustling racist threats at african-american children. men had confederate flags. they made threats against a mother and her son, this happened weeks after the charleston church massacre >> the judge had harsh words for the defendant. if you drive around town with a confederate flag using it is unexplainable to me that you weren't arrested by the police that day. officials in melee shay say the two women accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader. two other suspects have been arrested. one is out on bail, another remains in custody. japanese auto maker takata plead guilty to fraud following a scheme to conceal a deadly defect in
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airbags. it admits to hiding problem that is can cause the inflaters to explode with deadly force. more than $100 million will go out r out to families. cuba kicked off its annual cigar festival. they flocked to havana to check out the latest, cigar sales gone up 12% since the increase in tourist visits and the fact that you can take some out of the country doesn't hurt. it's the oops heard around the world at the end of the oscars ceremony. jimmy kimmel responded last night >> now there's mass confusion. the audience is confused, standing around me is confused and i'm probably supposed to do something because no one is doing anything. and then
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>> he gave more details about what really happened. he said the plan had been for him to end the show in the audience next to matt damon. kimmel went up on stage and just wasn't sure what to do after that. kimmel was able to give the directive so he could make his acceptance speech. kimmel said thank god denzel was there to make sense. we're learning more about what was going on back stage leading up to the bulletinder from the academy's facebook account shows chaos back stage moments before the oscars oops and six minutes before, price water cooperer house tweeted out a picture of actress emma stone with her oscar for best actress award. he was the one who handed warner the wrong
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>> he was sitting with matt damon and he said the host will clear this up, let's go take care of this. 7:20. would you go on a week long vacation to the moon, that's what people are prepared to do as early as next year >> space x said they paid a significant deposit to take two passengers on a trip around the moon. how much does that cost? the answer when we come back. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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♪ ♪. two people are set to make the trip of a lifetime. around the moon on a space x rocket next year. ceo elan said two people approached the company about going on a week-long flight >> the mission would not involve a landing but it's expected to loop around the moon and quote, unquote skim thes surface. the unidentified space tourists are aware of the risks and paid a significant deposit, they will have to go through rigorous training, which you can imagine and supposedly according to lauren simonetti that significant deposit is 200 million dollars >> who has that cash to burn >> and who has the time to train for a mission to the moon >> who wants to go? >> i wan
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a little more detail, i'm a little bumped there's no landing >> you're just flying around >> you're just doing a fly by. i want to go set foot on there. leave the footprint. tucker now we're not going >> i was never going to go. i wouldn't pay $2 to do that. >> boy. >> put my money into parking in dc. mild day. 20 degrees above normal. up near 70 this afternoon, beautiful sunrise out there with a cloud cover early. and i think most of the sun we're going to go see will be the first half. afternoon hour, more air working in, you can see out to the west. i do want to mention a threat of few showers later this afternoon and during the early evening, we do have a few showers in the forecast. i want to fast forward quick to tomorrow. look at your daytime high, 80 degrees, near record high temperatures and we could do
7:26 am
round the thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, maybe few flurries friday, action packed weather weeked. >> guess what time it is? oh, i forget. jam cam. >> right now, the worse part post morning i would like to nominate for you is 66 on the eastbound side from gainsville through centerville, looking pretty parked and no crash, just a whole lot of trashes trying to get toward the beltway. turn that green light red and you can see big problems there. leave early, not the only jammed area, we'll take a look at some of the other problems next, allison and steve. when we come back search for winter, where has it gone? missing this year, it's been a mild season, we'll tell you why and what it may mean in the future. have you ever made reservations at a restaurant and didn't show up? no phone calls? nothing? you just go sit on the restaurant? next time you could get black listed. we'll tell you
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coming up. z29kwz zstz
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♪♪ >> so many weather songs. where are the news songs, steve. >> good question. >> so unfair. uesday morning..ews>> g t and good looking day out there.. going to warm up so nicely today. it feels like spring.ike spng. but technically spring is almoss here and if you need more proofo the national park service saysvy it will announce peak bloom for cherry blossoms tomorrow.w. the recent warm weather, though, could trigger an early bloomly b season for the flowers.we i've seen some around town. tow of course, we will keep you you posted on peak bloom right heree on the might tow fox5.. >> cherry blossoms not the onlyo evidence spring practically hass already sprung. take a look at this.alhis. we mentioned yesterday whisk skw resort had to
7:30 am
to close not getting a lot of snow andnd it's just not cold enough toh even make the fake stuff. stuff it's a live look at whisk thishs morning you can see more greenca thann white.hite. liberty says it could reopen ifn the weather gets cold enoughd eh again. is that going to happen. >> forecasters mark the end of meteorological winter today, we can't help but wonder whatonwh happened to you, winter? is winter as we know eight thing o the past now. >> where have you hav >> let's get to experts to brea it all down.exown. very familiar with tucker tke barnes.barnes. joined by his fellow scientistct chris strong from the national a weather service.weat weather boys, what happened toso winter. >> all right. time fort round table . let me -- allison, let me mention.ntio allergy sufferers are start to t getting too.oo. chris, let's get to it.t. >> starting to get allergies, g too. >> r,ight. >> to it.o >> let's start i think i owe ana apology and ice you do too foror all of our area school childrene and teachers that didn't getn't snow days this year.s >> lack of snow. >> right. >> craze seem they'll get out ih
7:31 am
>> they'll thank us in june.s in let's get it to give you a couple numbers here.. this has been incredible year,ea >> yes.. off the charts as far a unusually warm and snow free. f >> february in particular numbrr one both in lack of snow andnd warmth. >> tears our least snowy years a and this data points go back over 100 years. third least snowy year.ea >> yeah. all the sights around washingtog they've had an inch and inch and a half. h remember that year of '97-'98 ww had a tenth an inch. i i didn't think we'd get close to that again. >> warmest february we're doingd it this way.ay >> blues away 1976. 16. >> i want to helping we're on track officially is not over fof few more weeks.w more weeks right now on track for the third warmest winter in you get the idea here that -- >> our 7:30 segment talkingalki about winter unless it wasntere pretty significa
7:32 am
>> cold air has been trapped up anada.ada. i mean the jet stream which usually, you know, buckles andkd moves as the winter goes on ansn laos that cold air to sweep doww south over us and it's just really been lacking for that.ha every now and again we'll getllg the winds to go around to theroo northwest and they'll draw downw some of the air off the ice cubc but the ice cube itself has never moved down over >> and that's very unusual. u what else has been unusual isnui we've been talking about in then news all the crazy weather outeo the west.t. that's really where winter iss arriving.ring. unseasonably cold winter outout there. and so sort of counter balanceee to that is we get into a warm pattern, and mention the dryhe y conditions around here a lot off agricultural interests anderes people like to get out andnd garden it's not rained much.d >> big national story withatio california roughly largely fromm their drought with all this rain they have. we'll have the opposite problemh oite over here withpr it being so dr. we don't get our rain and snow o in the winter season in the springtime when it gets to bee summer and hot you don't have a lot ofot precipi ytaoution systs moving through.hrough very easy to slip into drought. >> all right. r
7:33 am
this winter looks like we'll beb snow free. is this sort of one year and then next year we could be cou totally different or is thisffor going to be pattern we'll seen e over and over again? over aga >> you can definitely have veryr big swings on what winter isinrs from season to season.son toso a year and a half month ago iono was in here talking about the big blizzard we were about to t get and did one season isn't going to play too much of a factor in thehe next. >> let's get to it. you guys>> a lreet welcome to t interrupt at any point.rrup >> i have two questions.t ave >>tw yes.o >> first question for chris thii dove tails off what tucker justt said. when you look at the warmest februaries andook the least ama of snow, it's not like it's 2014, 15 and 16 are the worst three. 1880s. 30s.s. 19 teens was this anomaly thislt year it just happened to be soe warm or is it part of a pattern? >> it's really an anomaly it's s this warm.thisar certainly if you look at thehe long-term pattern things arehing gradually getting warmer overmer time for a number of reasons but, you know, weather can definitely do wild things fromso one season to the next, ad
7:34 am
extreme as it is is really justt nature taking a big up swing usg this winter. >> that brings up my secondbrin question much this quegsstion ii for chris. cis [ laughter ][ la >> i see it on the behind you. because we had very warm wintern are we going to see 110 degrees. >> or cool. coo >> or too cool in june? that'sa my f >> winter is not going to say aa what summer is going to be if ww stick in the weather patternattn we're in when we're gettingng severe outbreaks and tornadoes in la plata on sunday and another severe episode cominging this wednesday, we stick withi w that pattern it starts gettingeg warmer and more humid in the springtime we could be lookingui at severe weather.e ather >> as in heat or as in storms? >> storms. s severe storms and those frontss coming through and hot juicy air in the springtime. >> warm winter doesn't meanoe super hot summer.r. >> no, it doesn' >> steve has asked too many h a n your turn. turn. >> what week should i go to thel beach then?h then >> personalized forecast. >> i'm sorry. >> wednesday it will be very bey nice. [ laughter ] >
7:35 am
thing.thg. severe weather you touched on ii severe weather saturday.da increasely concerned aboutly tomorrow. there could be another out broke of severe thunderstorms and isolated tour made dork right?ak >> yup. >> >> would this pattern startingrg emerge here earl until springprg late winter, i guess we have to be more concerned we'll see more of these storms, right? >> yeah. past few seasons hasn't been too bad but we get a lot of these o fronts through with being asou warm as it is we cangh get sevee weather even tornadoes it's beee quite a long time since we'vece' had big tornado i'm worriedor about that in the few next nex years. >> does a warm winter mean a hoh summer? does it mean anything at all about the spring and a summer months?on no you can't really connectan't those two. r >> all right. eason as on hurricane s lot of us feel like we've gone e long time without a major hurricane in the mid atlantic.. i guess going to get back isabel and we had irene and few othersr sandy. sa are we due for hurricane thishi summer. >> i don't know if we're due.. hurricane season plays a lot on the el nino la nina cycle we'vee
7:36 am
over thefr winter was la nina ad getting more neutral. we'll have to see wait look lik for especially the later part of summer and early fall which ish the core hurricane season seeean how that goes. goes. >> return of el nino a possibility. >> definitely a possibility.elao i mean we've pretty much closed the bork on in a lena. slipping back that way. back atw >> last question for chris.quesn [ laughter ] >> why tornadoes find la plata?a >> i tell you, there's been a lot of tornadoes have gone gon through right near la plata. pla a lot of bad one. o big one back in 2002. that 2002 la plata tornado the last big tornado that we had inn this area and it's having thatit long a period of time between, e you know, just passed the smaller tornadoes to get more mod mat or strong tornado a lot period of time to have a break.e got to keep an eye on that. >> we really appreciate you join us.c where can people get morele g mr information from you guy online? >> certainly weather.g
7:37 am
place to get through thegh the national weather servicevi information the big thing keep e the orlando national weatherer service warnings as they come ii as we get into severe season. s. get those warnings fast.ast. if it's not it will be minutesin spent --spt >> access on your phoneeson y immediately. >> yeah. have some way to get the phonehe warnings, weather radio all rada these things you can get weathew warnings to you. >> all right.ig that's it. no more snow.noe snow. i think we're done for the yeara [ laughter ][ >> that's my prediction.ion can't began tight. quick look at that seven day. a 70 todt ayth. 78 tomorrow.omor we could do severe weathereather tomorrow, guys. severe thundertostorms.hunderst keep an eye out for that andhand then maybe a few flurries onsn friday. doesn't look wintry to me thatot seven day. >> that's okay. chris, thank you.>>chri hatucker thank you too. >> thank you, guys. still ahead eating oranges in the shower sounds weird but d more people are doing thathat apparently. yes.yes. >> go to erin first.n first. t's s do that. >> hi, erin, good morning.ornin. >> good morning. 7:37. 37 now i want
7:38 am
we'll talk about the commute.boc d.c. police traffic letting usti know melanie alnwick as been mom need investigation in northweste southbound north capitol streete the service road to new yorkwor avenue is blocked.locked extra traffic there. the aside from that southboundthboud georgia avenue there's a crash in norbeck road in montgomeryn o county, maryland, jammed all the baltimore road big delays thered investigating in big aspen hilld gw parkway southbound crash at 123. delays back to the beltway andtl then they extend from 123 to tht key bridge heavy from rosslyn rl into georgetown this morning fog the rema finder of your tuesdayy morning ride, heavy traffic t college park, 95 over to georgia avenue, 15 minute slow down.own. 295 remains heavy inner loop remains jammed from bridge bri avenue to the wilson bridge.lsd. metro on time except for for safetrack impacting the blue the allison and steve.n and teve >> thanks, erin.>> next the orange in the shower se sounds weird.ds wei >> really weird. >> we'll talk about it and the smart testk sabee in america ww does it mean and more m importantly where is it? that'' after the break. after the break.
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7:42 am
virtual home button, longon lasting battery and a thousand d dollar price tag. but iphone fans will have to hat wait until september to find ouo for sure. in the meantime at&t cut tht cost of unlimited data plan ton $90 a month. it gives subscribers to tv services $25 a month credit.. despite the cost cut it is stils the most expensive of the of the carriers. at&t offering even cheaper plann at 60 bucks a month calledth cae unlimited but that tops out at maximum mam data speed of three mega bitesei it's unlimit to do a point. >> isn't it always.s. >> not quite unlimited.ed speaking of at&t teaming upu with general electric to t transform areas of san diego into a smart city this year. cameras, microphones, sensors will be added to more than 3,000 street lights. lht the technology will be used toso monitor traffic, crowd sizes,es, weather, even detect gunshots and what you say might be pickec up, too.oo >> right. let's just be honest.s be ho it will also add a $30 million i ge lighting
7:43 am
street lights.reet lights. >> all right. .ery cool >> very nice. >> have you ever madeyoever reservations at a restaurant and then you don't show up but you u didn't call? you didn't write?i you didn't text? you didn't let them know you were coming.oming. >> sometimes you get busy. >> reservation ghosting. ghosti. >> next time you could get blacb listed. we'll tell you where after thehe break.break. ♪♪
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>> look what arrives in theoo afternoon at 4:30. what? >> looks like we could have round of thunderstorms tomorrow ternrnoon.ooks l thund oon.very reminiscent of the sete what we had on saturday withy wh potential for gusty winds. hail, even the possibility of isolated tornado tomorrowomor afternoon. so we're under a slight risk for severe weather. weather. really got watch tomorrowot wcht afternoon carefully. 78 degrees. much cooler behind it. coolebehi maybe a few flurries on friday. how is it looking? >> we're not doing the jam cam t now. >> okay. >> i do have plenty of problemsl to get through tucker. throu tu. >> take a look behind me throug the trees. this is a look in montgomeryomer county aspen hill area georgia of a southbound jam backed to old baltimore road we have aoade crash blocking the r
7:49 am
by norbeck road.beck roa caution there again causing bigg problems you can see cars puller over with their flashers on. o big scene both directions soires watch for rubberneck delay, too. we'll take look at the maphe exactly where that is agains gan georgia of a southbound at a norbeck road big delays in thatn area. area. moving over for look southboundn 295 we had earlier crash bysh b benning road that quicklyhat qui cleared but look at thosetho delays. well north of 50 you're jammed m from maryland 410 all the wayllw down to the 11th stre bridge. eleventh street bridge inboundbd coming from 295 northbound alsos very sluggish traffic and 500 inbound remains slow throughthuh landover hills into cheverlyhevl this morning.orning from about 202 to 295 jam packec new york avenue super slow slo passed bladensburg road. road. inbound delays in southernnou married lingering five rat three sorry one slit through brandywine. 301 through rosaryville slow. 210 northbound from fort ft washington dealing with heavyngw traffic.affi 395 northbound look at that frof edsall road to the 14th street e bridge. bridge it's about 15 minute delay. d the freeway east and westboundtu also v
7:50 am
and then through annandale parkr from the springfield interchange up through about 66 need 66 patience there as ael we'll take look at 270 next. n steve and allison.. >> erin, thanks very.nk v here's a question for you 2ojyo2 simpson be out of jail some point in 2017? board is expected to recommend hiso recom release from prison based onbasd good behavior. go hearing is scheduled to beginuln the week of july 3rd andy 3rd experts do believe the boardve t will vote to release the formere nfl player on october 3rd of this year. it is tuesday.s tuesd high sarah. that means it's time for -- f >> tuesday talker. >> with our gal sarah fraser.aha >> all right. we're ready. >> all right. talk abowe'll talk about restaurant reservations weons w teased this.s. what's the deal behind this.eali >> first of all, this is fir actually in australia.n australa so we don't have to panic quitei yet.yet >> right. >> it might be coming here ifmi it's successful which it seemsgs like it's doing well. 38,000 australians are bannedren from restaurants because they didn't give -- [ laughter ]
7:51 am
>> 38,000.8,00 >> that's hail hilarious.ilus black listed from various vario restaurants because here's the thing they didn't give propern'o cancellation notice tootic restaurant.restra and restaurants there are sayiny this costs us $75 million a yeaa when you cancel your reservatioa and you don't give us propere ue notice or you don't even cancelc at all. at >> once you make the dreaded drd australia restaurant black listk are you banned from everym eve is it like spread like wildfiref across the out back that you th were just like oh, no, sarah yor can't even out any more? more? >> no. >> so it's only at the restauranttn that you basically didn't, youiy know, you didn't follow throughl with your reservation.on >> is it, though?h? >> yes. >>verobllly don't have a problem with it. >> 38,000 people? >> not from the same restaurant. >> i know.m th this clearly is a thing. thi if you're not there -- if you'ru not there in like 15 minutes, give it to somebody who isho standing there.stng there. >> but then okay. what is the big deal.eal. >> i'll have to wait an extra et minutes because you couldn't c have sent an e-mail saying youag wouldn't there.'there. >> 38,000 clearly means peopleno are like okay, whatever.r [ laht
7:52 am
>> 38,000. >> don't we see it here, right?h we see it here, because more ana more restaurants are either you have to give a credit carddit beforehand and they'll charge ca you some sort of fee. fee >> i've heard that. i haven't dealt with that mysels maybe i don't go to the fanciesi restaurants in town.restaurantsn >> you haven't had to do thatent yet? >> i have -- i mean i guess they do something like they couldey charge you for >> i don't mind that. do something like that.>> inge t you're going to ban me. really? >> 30 seconds to go online andoe make a reservation you can taket 30 seconds to say i'm not going to go.o. >> you're not doing it to be ae jerk. >> you know if you're not goingy to go.ou if you have're res sorry and yd not going to go you know more k than a minute ahead of time you're not going to go. go. >> restaurants in d.c. some take no reservations at all.t you have to line have >> i don't love that. >> i don't love it i either. eie a lot of restaurants are doing because they have so manysoy cancellations.ella >> you know what i love the most?ou knoe >> what?th >> when you make reservationes and still have to ke r wait. >> i don't have that too often.o >> what happs
7:53 am
>> put them in time out.ut >> can we black list them. list. >> we want the rule.>> w >> you can leave but, you know.. >> so any way -- w >> we go because we want to want eight there. >> here's something i don'ter understand. who is going to eat in the shower?e's is g >> so this is really so is i interesting.inte more and more people this is aeh read it feed kind of now gone ng viral. more people are eating orangesei in the shower because they don'n like the feeling. >> i don't believe you. d >> they want to wash offof immediately. >> you're being provocative now. >> no.>> n >> where does the peel go sarah? >> here's where peel pel people are eating putting it on the shower floor they're littlee it goes on your floor or soaporo in. people are doing this becausere they don't like d the white whie residue that comes when you peel an orange. an orang >> wash your hands. >> they don't like it's so>>hedo sticky they want to have a fulll emerged rinse.inse >> don't eat oranges if youes i don't like them? >> what? >> this is crazy. hrow the appeals on theppls floor. floor. >> yeah. >> then you still have to clean them up. the shower doesn't clean i stntsel >> you're actually ful
7:54 am
cleansed you don't have all theh white residue nothing sticky you scoop up the peels, you know, ao the end of your shower. >> it smells nice and citrus see. don't you like -- >> is this also in australia? >> no.. >> what americans have donens hv that. >> have you ever done a>> h pineavape ple exfoliant on yourb take chunks of pineapple --eapp- >> you don't that? you go ino n the shower it smells so nice and citrus and your skin feelski really good. >> have you done that in thedont owerer. >> yes. >> next tuesday's tuesday talker. >> i'm clearly weird. >> you tak ie pineapple and youd use pineapple rides and you putp them on your body and that's a natural ex foam 88 needed. nee >> you're not eating y'r >> you don't eat it.>> y >> there's something about theee eating. >> in the shower.shower. >> soapy and the shower. sho it seem weird.ei >> okay. participatingpati in that one.. >> right.>> we'll do pineapple instead and i like, dorks we have time to getg to our last one the bars and tht glass wear? >> the monk. >> i'm sorry i was talking aboui
7:55 am
>> i'm sorry. >> or buddhist monk.isnk in boston like new england err i can say this about boston. bos they've had so many bar fights f picked up and used the glasshe a wear that now they're talking t about banning the glass wear ina these >> they do that in australia. >> they might have to do it hav there, too.ther they're talking about going bacc to red solo cups even for fineie establishments. so many assault issues at barss with glass wear in boston. bosto >> i feel like this is giving gv bad rep to boston.os really you got to --o -- >> yes. >> we're eating and i'm like -- >> restaurant owners are upsetns about this and basically sayingy look, you don't tires off of a vehicle because there's carre's accidents. accide >> have a >> or bouncer.. >> punish the person thatn t actually uses the glass to usese it as weapon. but this could be happening inei boston. boston so there you go. there g you're getting rid of stem wear. >>
7:56 am
on the table.on t tab keep your setzer >> 7:55. thanks sarah. see you on good day. let's check in with tuckeser ger look at the forecast. >> potential about that steve zippy cut cup right there atp r your dinner table. dinr ta five star restaurant. >> yes. >> wonderful ambiance. >> 50 thou in washington.ou in s we'll surge these temperaturesta get out and enjoy lunch outside daytime highs near 70 degrees 7r here. wind out of the east northeastht at five. cloudiness makes for a beautifua sunrise this morning.sunr we'll be in the sun for a fewfor hours this afternoon clouds movv in. i do want to mention late daye showers back no ohio and a kentucky here will slip in laten this afternoon and this eveningg so just be ready for that if you'll be working outdoors orr playing outdoors later thissat afternoon. could be some big thunderstormss tomorrow. 78 our forecast high tomorrow.o. it is going to be very tropicala around here before the storms s arrive tomorrow afternoon.ernoo. could be strong. all right.l rig that is a weather update.. erin has got -- i hear the honk. roads. >> are we able to jump in rain r puddles tomorrow.omor
7:57 am
through, yeah.ugh,eah >> okay. just an idea. ia. >> wear your boots. >> right now we're taking a look at a tweet from dcow p wolice ci melanie alnwick trackingrackin homicide investigation northwese this morning. morni and just keep in mind, m southbound north capitol street the service road to new yorkd w avenue is still blocked throughr lanes under new york getting by. we have a lot of congestion ifsn you're avoiding the roads and a taking metro just dealing with h safetrack surge 12 the last dayd the blue line impacted with no train service rosslyn toyn t pentagon. pe arlington cemetery station statn remains closed. the rest on time and thenhe tomorrow we get a break fromget safetrack until the weekend when surge 13 kicks in. we'll keep you posted on thattet one. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. twi southbound georgia avenue in avu montgomery county in aspen hillh crash at norbeck road. norbeck . still jammed back to old baltimore road. quick look outside.lo out 270 southbound coming down fromo germantown road super jammed up. leave the house about 45 minutes early from frederick to theri beltway. >> allison and steve. ste >> coming up next on fox newsg morning 8:00 o'clock, presidente trump preparing for tonight's
7:58 am
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8:01 am
here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu.m al'm sor j g hiss on casern m tenhee the president preparing to deliver his first address to a joint jot session of congress in primeri ti.e. tonight coming up we get the inside scoop from white houseeou official who is also a special s assistant to the commander inndr chief.chief. overnight, violence in the n district. dozens of bullets fired inn northwest neighborhood.borhood. a man hit by the gunfire did not survive. police still processing the seee hi this hour. a live update is straight ahead. plus famous fitness guru gur recovering from heart attackartk that left his tv hostt unconscious for two days. d we'll talk more about this withh the fox medical team.. first though how about a live look outsideth ooun this beautiful day. day blooms already sort of startinga out there because it's been soeo warm. feels like spring out there.g ou >> all right. look at the buds thishis morning on the cherry blossoms a minute past the we're going to start withte p st breaking news that is coming ouo of california this morning.ornig terrible plane crash there. tre three people dead but yet twoett survived after a small planelane crashed into several homes.omes officials say a family of five e was returning from a from a cheerleading competition aton
8:02 am
went down. the plane broke into hundreds os pieces on impact.n impac still no word on what caused whu that deadly crash. survivor a young girl flown from the plane. >> reporter: a murder in d.c. dozens of shots fired and a and commuter impact.mpact >> plus security alert ale heightened awareness thisss thi morning after jewish centers ine the area are threatened.hreaten. both bob and melanie covering cn the region for us this morning.i let's start with melanie in in northwest. >> reporter: steve and a allison, you can see that is tht side street closure at northor capitol and o streets and then here we'll come over this wayay you can see hanover street right through the alley here even on this side still many, many evidence markers she will she wl casings here. neighbors tell me they duck for safety in their homesll m ae s o 40 gunshots rang out strikingtrk homes, cars and one man. man dc police got here around aroun 11:00 p.m. found a 30-year-oldar man with gunshot wound to the t upper back and shoulder area. he was rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest but did not not survive.e. still no look out informationori that we can give you from dc fm
8:03 am
now friends of the victim telltl me that he actually survived the shooting when he was just aus a teenager and they are now a pleading with others to put down their guns and stop the violence. that is the latest from here ini northwest d.c. d now let's go to my colleague bob barnard in fairfax. >> reporter: melanie, we're, we' outside one of two jewish day schools in our region that had bomb threats called into them. the guess err gusher jewish daycare in fairfax county willwl resume classes eight al could it this morning. nd at thethreat a charles e. smith jewish day smi school called in during the 9:0u gusher evacuate the charles e.he smith did not all clear was given after 90 nothing was found in eitherr se.e. jewish community leaders arersre calling on the white house, whi, congress and local officials too condemn these threats. fbi is investigating this t follows two cemetery jewishry jw cemetery vandalism cases both ii philadelphia and missouri in tht
8:04 am
a wave of anti semitism that ist both troubling and puzzling, guys.guys >> bob, thanks much. mh. let's get to other headlines hdl this morning.ning. fbi saying missingsa missing four-year-old boy from marylanda may have been spotted over the t week mend birmingham, alabama. little matthew carrington mayria have been seen on saturday.da authorities say the boy is witht some very dangerous carrington was reported missing back in october. october 1st, 2016 from severnn maryland 3 feet tall weighs about 30 pounds with black hairr and brown eyes. ♪♪♪ coming up on 8:05 on tuesday morning.rng. hello, sir. >> good morning.>> ready to open the windows andnd let that spring like air in? >> my little thermostat thinghig must think i'm going crazyrazy because it's off, it's on.n. the heat is bumped up.bumped up. it's all the way off.he w off it's kind of been a rollerolle coaster. >> maybe by tomorrow turn the air-conditioner on.n. >> 50 now in washington.hingn. 43 dulles.les. hold off on it as long as youon n.n. >> okay. >> 45dbwi yes, near 70 l
8:05 am
beautiful start to your day. d a lot of sunshine out early. el. it will be sunny and bright andi start to the day we willgh see clouds move in this see the rain showers back intoan kentucky and ohio. expecting a few of those toho to arrive late this afternoon andfd this evening.thisni so all in all nice spring likegk day i do want to mention ifenf you'll be out late or out forutf early dinner that kind of thing we could have showers around aer little laterou today with daytie highs 20 degrees above normal. >> nice. >> the new norm.>> theew n >> right. >> right. rig hey, stay tuned here. her seven day has big thunderstormsu on it and snow flurries.rrie >> winter is so yesterday. >> um-hmm. >> just about is. >> that's right. >> um-hmm. j>> >> erin, good morning. morni. >> that makes me really excited because i prefer spring clothesg any wage i'm sorry five. fiv look at that delay.look at th a crash blockingat t dhe left shoulder left this is 355 southbound at tuckee man lane.ane. bumper to bumper traffic. traffic light there is obviously stopped at a traffic light but a this crash adding to the delaysy in bethesda. bsda. so please allow a lot of extraft time again 355 ou
8:06 am
man lane.lane. a lot of folks take 355 to avoid the southbound 270 delays. del note this is what you're upou against. er from a okt over from a look at that crash as they switch ths camera around taking a look whaa else is going on in the area. ae sorry about that, tucker.ucr we'll go ahead and take look ata our maps right now some other slow downs you need to be aware. southbound georgia avenue also aspen hill crash at norbeck road jam backed to old baltimore.. 28 southbound in chantilly crash.crash. after dulles toll road jammed tt route 7. some really big delays there.he. again right at the dulles tollst road and all the way through thu sterling super jammed s seven dealing withup congestionn inbound in reston. southbound 295, 410 to the o 11th street bridge very slow.lo 50 inbound jams up suitlandtlan parkway inbound so slow by silver hill and then in southere maryland we do have inbound inb delays linger 210 northbound noo through fort washington and fivv at the 301 slit in brandywine also dealing with some heavier i volume. 395 northbound edsall road toalo the 14th street bridge aboutbo 15 minute delay because ofcause congestion you slow especiall
8:07 am
back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very.s vy. time right now six minutes past the hour. we are looking ahead tong aad t president trauma's speechech tonight it will be first everstr address before a joint sessionnt of congress.s. what is the president likely tor say and canesiden the presidentd democrats find any common grouno moving forward?ngward >> let's get insight from them t special assistant to thent president who joins us livet ouwhtsideo the white house this boris, always great to talk to o you. good to see you again. t weo se heard from folks in the w wing this might be in the spirie of optimism to might as thes t president addresses the jointrej session for the first time.oifo what will ther the fi tone be? >> it will be optimistic.imisc it will be realistic.ic president will be talking abouto renewed spirit of america.merica our beautiful wonderful country. he'll talking about promisesmi kept already from the campaignan and the transition this hasas unbelievably busy five plus weeks as you know and nationall security, on the economy, makiin sure americans are safe, securee and employed.loyed >> in the interview we watched this morning on fox and friendsi the president had done he gradee himself on number of
8:08 am
a plus for effort. efft. a for achieve many but when ithn came to getting the message out there, a c or c plus.lus. what can the president dont d tonight maybe to try to improvee on his own grading? >> well, the key of thiss president as he was as candidata this president is unbelievablyby authentic probably the most tos authentic president we've had at least since teddy roosevelt youy saw that during his pressss conference when he speak whehe s directly to the people, it's it' when his administration is mostm effective. so tonight is going to be key to that he'll be speaking directlyl to the american people talkingpi about what's been done and atat's to come. 's t>> he's going to be speakino the american people.e am he's also going to be speakingan directly to members of congresss though.thou. members of congress on both b sides of the aisle. ale so this is really a chance for r the president now to talk notot just to his base and supporters, but to those who may not.ot how does he handle thatdlhat situation? >> well the president has workk across the aisle already.lready you had democrats here at the at white house and he
8:09 am
worked with both democrats and d republicans this president iss i reaching out across the aisleste and saying let's work together.. let's work together to make sure that americas streets areeetsre secure. secure. let's make sure together that t jobs are coming back to this ts country those are bipartisantisa >> health care, taxes, immigration, these are all a things that have been talkedn te about many, many times. times now tonight, do we get more me specifics on these issues?s? >> he's going to be laying out a vision.on a vision for america.on f ame a vision of moving forward as aa country.try specifically on those issues ass well as others it's going to beb an optimistic speech, detailedle speech and speech that reallyea shows america and of course asos you said members of congress the cabinet, certain justices what a this president is all about.. what is that? that'st? hat' achievement now so far through u five plus weeks and of course aa we move forward. >> boris, let me ask you this ak because he has a chance tonightt not just to those across the aisle but to those who may have some type of division within the republican party. par because now is the time
8:10 am
to members of congress to put tp action plans together.r. so that members have the mostos information they can as to whata the president's vision is. i gop congressman tom cole had ana op he had in the new york timest today he said i'm going to quotq here "divisions in the republican ranks in congress ara on issues. the president must be active participant in the legislativete rty.y. only presidential leadership can dissolve this division in i republican ranks "how does the e president do and get his messaga to all republicans he needs to carry forth his visions? >> well, the president has beeni reaching out to republicans asca well as democrats as wese discussed. the white house has beenithous reaching out to folks on the hill. i was on the hill yesterday for several meetings.severa it is veryl important to this i president and administration too work closely with those folks on the hill but also to be a leadee and lead on the key issues ofs o obama care, of reforming the tat rate in way it hasn't been done since ronald reagan.nald reaga >> can he give specific though?h that's one of the concerns we'vh heard from even members of the
8:11 am
if it comes to repealing obamaba care will there be a specificspi in there saying, this is howay h we're going to cover this? this is the money we will take fromm somewhere else to make up for fr that? will we start to hearr more of those specifics comingmn from the president? >> of course.rse as time moves forward as we get to action repealing andpeal replacing they'll be specificsps put out where you cannot do is rush this. you can do what the democrats da didn't rush this bill through. you have to work closely withloh the hill and congress to makeo m sure comprehensive productivedut and positive not the disaster ds oba a care is. >> let's talk about one morek ab thing when it came to what weo e her think morning in then president speaking on fox.ox. when it came to leaks, did he dh seem to put a number of -- leakl has been huge concern when itrn comes to the white house entire west wing but did he put at didt little bit of that blame if notn all of that blame on the obama a what are your thoughts on that? >> a lot of hold overs a lot of bureaucrats that are doing thoso things that are leaking and a that's very counter productive and dangerous to national natio security.ri
8:12 am
boris. because this is a chance obviously for the president toe talk to everyone tonight and really get his priorities out there. we've heard a number of some detractors say they sun a a more like campaign speeches thas mething g new. will we hear sometnehing newhi w tonight, and what is theis the president's top priority? whata does the president feel is mostt important?? >> what's most important ista telling the american people, pe, telling congress, that thist president is focused day in anda day out on keeping america safe, secure and employed.d. keeping those who want to hurt t this country out of the countryy and making sure we move forwarda for a better america.meca. that's what you'll hear. >> boris epstein, great to talko to you. appreciate you joining us from oiningfrom the white house this morning.usr we'll be watch to go night.. fox5 carrying the president'ssit address live tonight on 9:00. 9. we'll stream it on fox5 stay tuned for live reaction at 10:00 and 11:00 on fox news. >> fox5 exclusive.. local woman gets a terrifying
8:13 am
to discover it was all we'll have that call and you'lly hear it next. plus, a hockey team isea i making history in our area.a. the ducks are paving the way inn prince george's county as the county's first hockey team.ea back in a moment. oment.
8:14 am
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tuck.e,uc >> my favorite time of the day,d and quick shout out to everybody that sends in the pictures on ir facebook. >> i see them every day.ay. we got cuteness.we cuteness. >> hi, lilly. >> hi, lilly. >> little sal big sis.sal biis. >> yes. >> i hear the best big sis. sis. >> yes, she is. yes, sh cute little smile, lilly.e, lil. this is lilly everybody.rybody we got a big day here.e. little system turning four yearg old! ol >> happy birthday!py bth >> happy happy birthday! >> all right lilly will be the t perfect day.perf i hear you love playing outside. in addition all things disney de and as you can see from therom shirt being the big, best, best, sister to her baby brother. bthr >> the best. do you think she's rollerler skating today or biking today?od >> why not do it all? it's your birthday.hd >> thank you. >> she's roller skating>> t. >> roller skate sag lost art. la >> it really is.t ly i that is adorable. >> little system bringing itemnn back.back she's so cute. >> i went roller ss kating up to the laurel skating ring. r have you been there in recent r years. >> yeah, i have. iav
8:17 am
>> it's reich allelic.elic. >> it's a relic. ric >> it's probably netter way. >> we should get our moneyshou together open a great one, ald a nice it will one. >>ightht. >> adult 68 on saturdays. or maybe not.. >> to zen us your child's cld picture go to our facebook page. >> yes. y. >> fox5 dc send it on in. lilly we love your picture. ptu. >> and happy birthday. bday >> have great time outside today. >> what sweet face.>> what swee. >> hope you get an awesomee get birthday cake too.ake t >> i'm going to revisit usisit opening the skating ring later.t >> i think you shall. you sll >> had a flashback to teenaged years, didn't you?n' >> they used to be o now they're nowhere.e nowre. >> very true. >> any way, yeah, i took a hardd fall. fa i don't think -- i can't do any more.. >> were we there together? was that the last time you wereyower there. >> we were there together. >> you were there. >> six yearswere>> ago. ago >> felt like yesterday.ay [ laughter ]laught >> we were there six years ago,o tuck. >> is it still there. t >> it's stelle there.>> i >> i want to go back.>> i. >> let's go to our lamb.amb. >> boo, boo, boo., b
8:18 am
february out like a lamb. l it's going to be very quiet day for you. a few a few mention showers in the forecast late foe this afternoon but along with it mild temperatures up near 7070 later today. today open the windows and allow thatt refreshing air in. unless you have allergy issuesgs then keep it closed.p clo 50 right now in washington.n 47 new york no winter in sight at least not the next couple ofl days. maybe by thursday, friday we'lla get a little bit of return of of winter. showers out to the west. west. ohio, kentucky, cloud cover as a well. we'll get the clouds first anira few showers late this afternoonn and during the early eveningveni hours. i also want to mention tomorroww early warning here. here. in addition to temperature nearn 80 we could do around ofdo aroof thunderstorms tomorrow afternoor that would be reminiscent ofisce what we had on saturday.y severe weather possibilitysibi including lightning, hail maybem a cherry blossom. bloss >> the music is certainly right. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> thank you, tucker. >> my pleasure. >> cherry blossom music, erin. >> feeling very zen one withen nature right now
8:19 am
>> much different than the way y reaction to do that sound the su lamb made. i don't know what that was. w can we agree it was weird, though? [ laughter ] >> i'm just saying. just sa right now we still have a crasha this is north bethesda.he left lane left shoulder blockedo this is 355 southbound as yous make your way toward tucker manm lane so lot of caution there. 270 southbound just as jammeds up. let's go ahead and switch it ahe over right now from the bethesdd crash to look at our maps m several other issues you need tn be aware of. of southbound georgia avenue crashh at norbeck road heavy trafficic back to old baltimore road. r baltimore washington parkwaye wa crash at laurel the right lane is blocked afteraure 198 to98 southbound delays from just fros north of 32.2 95 southbound better bet to getg you around that congestion andgd then on the freeway westbound wu after the third street tunnel au big crash there looking all of f that delay across the 11th street bridge to the tunnel then you're just dealing with veryuse big backupsalin and then also se volume on the eastbound side fou the rest of your commute slowmuo traffic from upper marlboro on the outer loop up to baltimoreom washington parkway.wa allison and steve.
8:20 am
>> ♪♪ we know the dmv is known fon being hot bed of talent inen sports many young playersng p develop their talents here witht dreams of getting to the nfl, nba or pro baseball.eb >> the neck generation ofhe neca potential young super stars is i being developed right now inn another sport. spo hockey.hock fox5's with dom march tip joinsp us now to talk about what maketa the tucker road ducks s special. >> this is very fascinating story because you know when you talk about hockeis vy thisus iss sport that traditionally by the numbers african-americans don'tt participate in a lot. l there's high percentage inceage football and basketball andtbl a small percentage in baseball bul in hockey it's very small sma amount. that's what makes this teamis ta special. the tucker road ice rink in for washington that's where theyre e play. pl this is in maryland. maryl it's still rebuilding after twot alarm fire ripped through theh e facility in january. juary. now while the community iss waiting for the ring to reopeneo its prized hockey team is notot letting the set back affect itsi break out season.n. >> hurry up.>> hry up. pick them up. pi brg
8:21 am
>> ya'll know how we play.w p it it fast. keep moving.ovin make sure everything isure eth straight. keep the passing gone, all right? >> tucker road ducks are on roll. ro >> go off avery. >> as the team lf aces up their skates, throws on their pads an dons their signature pink andrek black jerseys.eys >> come on zac.n zac. >> who knew they'd end up here. >> it was teams play there buthe they had no base home team or whatever. >> ducks are paving the way inrn prince george's county as theeon first hockey >> mommy, i want to play hockey. i don't know hockey around here. >> everybody sees is shocked. >> because not a sport we're w drawn to. everybody in prince george'sy i county football and basketball.l >> it's let me know we're a special team. >> look at your passes. pas >> ducks are made of mostly 1111 to 14-year-old african-american boys. >> she loves hockey. she loves h >> with special weapon.ial weap. >> i like hockey because i getau to skate and i get to playy around.ou
8:22 am
a darling of the dmv youthth hockey team. >> our skill easy for us to keep up and we score a lot. lot >> the love for the sport grew g on the players many before nowew had never even been on the ice. >> i played xbox a lot and iot d played the games and stuff.. and the moves and stuff and thef slots and the hitting really interesting, and i was in loveov with it. so i said why not -- why am i sitting down here instead i canc just be out there doing that t right now. ri >> off the ice being a duck hass help the team find its wings. ws >> it's not even just about thee athletics.ets. he's like matured. it's been a wealth of experience for me, tooxp., too like i didn't know nothing abouo hockey. and now i got the nhl op my phone. >> to all those who give a cold shoulder to the ice. ice >> try something different.ifre stop trying to be like everyonee else and do your own thing.. >> it takes you out of the of t circle everybody else.very you're on the ice and everybody
8:23 am
football.otll. >> hockey is a not of fun.un not lot of people realize it.lie not a lot of people in americaea watch it any any to me hockey is one of the bests sports i've ever played. >> it's truly is a fascinatingin story because when you think thk about the origin of hockey, arce lot of the professional hockeyoy players even the college playera come from, you know, canada orao russia or somewhere else likelsk that. th and down south, where a lot of t the football players in thishi country south the football -- athletes are playing football playing basketball there wasthes there's no hockey down therenhe because it's not cold enough. >> when they started the expansion now you got teams doww south hockey is good sport to st watch. if you watch it better in persor like a lot of sports in personer is a fascinating sport becauserc it's non-stop.-sto always on.ysn >> it's cool to see them getting into the game and developing their skills on the on e. >> i'm going to need one ofng te those jersey. >> i'll work on that for you, allison. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, wis. thanknks, w. >> how would you
8:24 am
long vacation but you're not'r going to the beach you're going to the moon? that's what two people aree are prepared to as soon as nextooasn year. >> space x says it has been paid a significant deposit to takeo t two passengers on a trip not n even just to the moon, steve, se around the moon. mo how much does a trip like thatla cost? we'll have the answernswr when we come back. back. it's 8:24 on ♪♪
8:25 am
8:26 am
(vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
8:27 am
>> two feeble are set to makebl the trip of a lifetime around the moon onar o af a space x rt next year.ea ceo elan musk says two people pl approached the company aboutompy going on week long flight.. >> the mission would not involvi landing but the capsule isg buta expected to loop around the mooo and skim the surface. musk said the unidentified space tourists are aware of the riskss and paid a significant deposit.t they'll have to go througho th rigorous training and hopefully they have wrai-fi up what's the point going to theoig moon if you can't instagram thea pictures immediately.iately >> exactly. >> i'll have to wait to comeha baveck t to show where i've bee. >> trust me much that's where i went.much nt >> i'm here selfie from these fo moon. >> professor barnes is ready.ssr >> ring the school bell.l >> it's time to go to weathero school. >> ♪♪ >> class is back in session. inn time for your daily weather w report c this is the segment where we tre to quickly tell what you canhatu expect in the way of weather weh today and report card form.ard f very original.. sunshine b today.od we'll have clouds
8:28 am
afternoon winds will be out of the south here give that a b. want to g ive a bfte ernohereon temperatures 70 degrees latereer today that's an at's an. i also want to give an a to babb giraffe watching. yayay! >> there's live look. >> hi, april. april >> april is like looking out the window.ow >> she's looking at her guy. log >> is that herman at . >> see them on the other side. >> aww so they're talking rightg there. >> making plans for the family.. >> i've been getting lots andtig lots of tweets about this we'll clear a close eye on april and a let you know when that baby isty coming. >> i guess it takes couplespl weeks. >> obviously you're gradingiousn heavier on the sunshine andr on winds because i see 2b ts and 2s >> we'll give 8b. might be showers late thise afternoon. >> all right. >> queue the music.heusic. ♪♪ [ laughter ] ] >> i love that guy. >> david lee roth in the flesh. potential break that was in the treating alcohol addiction theon doctor is in and will explain e when we come back.. >> and the struggle to fine thee perfect fit
8:29 am
can i get an amen, ladies? ita may be over now instead o running from store to storere there's an app for that.e's a >> do you trust this.pp f>> do r >> we'll see. let me see how these jeans looko okay. okay.
8:30 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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ve been ranked highest in stomer satisfaction jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. l for $79.99 per month, r the first year with a o-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. go to or call 1.888.get.fios get the best. get fios. ♪♪ >> the music is back. >> you hear that music and you know cherry blossom season.>> th youy bl dsoon'tm typically hea february.february take look at some of the buds ts ri
8:32 am
let's talk health right now. if you drink more alcohol than c you want to or should you're not alone.. nationwide survey found that 282 of adults in the u.s. are heavy drinkers or drink more thanrinkh recommended.d. >> yet most heavy drinkers don't get the help they need.d. and there's new medication thata could stop alcohol a bows. a bow we'll talk about that with fox's dr. mike. but good morning to you, first of all.t good morning. hello.o. >> hello. >> how are you. >> i'm doing well. et t>>ooetbut we want to g those topics but we have to he o start with the biggest loserss bob harper having a serious heart attack i got to be honestn leaving the rest of us feeling really dishearten bike what canc we do to avoid a heart attack? ? he's in the best shape ever.. >> well, allison, steve, listene here's the deal. d he was a very fit guy that t worked out a lot. now i don't know his personal pa story. but what i do know is that he said it was a genetic problem.. that his mother had a history oo
8:33 am
so what could this be that's genetic? well, he could haveldv had a high cholesterol that cana be genetic. he can have high blood pressure sometimes that's genetic.timetht but he could also have had an enlarged heart. he coulded h have had unof theft coronary arteries that is goinge in the wrong area of the heart.. that can increase your risk ofoo heart attack.het at all of these things can bee related to genetics. if you're listening out there, and you're concerned, what i w suggest do you, there's a simple called the reynolds risks r atlculation. what you need to do is get youry cholesterol check, your lipoid profile, and a c reactivee protein. you can go you answer a couple off questions, and it will assess your risk for having a heart attack in the next ten yearsexea it's a simple thing to do.oo. talk to your health carehe provider about it.t if you come back hi higher thant about seven-point 5% that's whaw we worry about. but bottom
8:34 am
as a fiddle look great and stili have a you need to make sure you'reeou aware of those thing. thi >> and this is where i'm going'g to bore wrote dr. mike white lab coat and say what he might say s next which is, also this is whys you really need to discuss yours family history with your doctoro right? >> it's all about communication. i can tell you how important itt is when you go to the doctor and you say, look, this is what -- by the way, mom or dad had a a heart attack at 40. 4 couple of things.. one, sir william owes her thes r father of medicine said, listenn to the patient and they willy will tell you the diagnosis.iaos that's number one. and just yesterday i have a a patient who i put on a certainin medication, and his wife calls me and says, oh, he forgot to t tell that you he had a problem l with his pancreas like 12 yearss o.o. guess what? she saved his lifef because that i stopped thetoed medicine and put him other one.o
8:35 am
your health care provider. pvi if they're not listening or thet don't care find a new one. one. >> get a in you one.>> let's talk about tha gt medicine that could help kill the buzz of alcohol and get help for alcoholics.cs >> now trek zone and this is asi truck that is really getting a lot of press these days.. it blocks opioids from getting to their receptors in the brain. it turns out that alcohol has is similar type effect it makes yoy feel euphoric, you feel good and you feel a little calm that'shas why people use alcohol in thisli country as a drug. dru and it's not surprising to me m that so many people drink alcohol. what this drug could do if you have a problem and by the way if you're listening out there and d you think you have a problem,hal then guess what? you have a haa problem. this could be something that yo could discuss again with yourit health care provider, and it
8:36 am
be an effective way to get you from heading down that slippery slope of alcoholism can whichlic cannot only destroy you but your family, you could get in a car and destroy another family.ot don't do it.. by the way, my father was hit bt a drunk driver so i take this t subject very seriously. >> sorry to hear about that.ha. dr. mike keeping it real andng l breaking it down.king it down. we love talking to you.ove ta we'll have to leave itlkin therr now today but we'll see you y again real soon. >> allison, steve, i love youe guys. [ laughter ] >> love your spirit and energy.e >> love you right back.e you ri. thanks dr. mike.ks d mik >> 8:36. here's tucker. >> thank you steve.>> mild temperatures to look forward to. how about a 70 this afternoon. yeah. just tweeted it out. o some of you seem like you areika not expecting it.cti so yeah bonus today.. temperatures will be 20 degrees above normal. 43 dulles ulle 45 this morning up at -- in baltimore bwi marshall.arshal sunshine here for the next the couple of do want to mention we'll cloud o up and some of the showeromof t activity will get into ourget ir region this is the warmer air moving in feel trop al
8:37 am
tonight and tomorrow our daytimi highs will be near 80 degrees0 r with thunderstorms in thehundori forecast. ays right rple of d back to spring.bang 70 this afternoon and get out enjoy beautiful day. d at least first half of the dayhe here with showers wsh all right, erin how are roads. s >> right now roads are pretty ae messy. 8:37. 8: manassas we have breaking news.w a person hit by a carla car montgomery drive at ashlandnd avenue. this is right near stone wallnel middle school.ddle so please use caution in thatti area. gathering more information at this breaking news scene butce b again person hit by a car. please use caution there. cautie aside from that in manassasanas southeast southwest freeway fre crash right by the third streetr tunnel. huge delays coming in from the 11th street bridge on the westbound sids stree as well as the eastbound sideoud very jammed up.ammed up southbound georgia avenue crash at norbeck road in aspen hill an still jammed to old baltimore be road and then as you make yourer way out on bw parkway southbounh crash at 198.crash at 198 move from blocking the right t r lane to the right shoulder.shour still delayed from north of 30 pass that point. p 95 southbound a better bet. inbound 50 coming from themhe eastern sho
8:38 am
crash blocking two right lanes at the severn bridge dealing rii with big delays there.thig del we'll keep up it dated but so bs far a lot of problem on theem roads this tuesday morning muchd metro on time exceptay fortor safetrack. allison and steve.son anstev >> finding that perfect fittingg pair of jeans is similarim sometimes to finding a needle in haystack. hays >> fear not now there's an appsp that may be able to help andelp your next pair of jeans may jusj be a swipe away.wipewa ♪♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
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♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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>> you can probably put any flower in there play that music and fool us into thinkingin they're cherry blossoms.losss >> that's a guaranteed call.ntel >> national park service it wilk announce the peak bloom for the cherry blossoms tomorrow.orro we'll get an idea how much the t warm weather might have anht han impact on the early bloom for bo e flolowers. we'll keep you posted on peak p bloom right here on fox5. here . first though check in with t domms and holly find out what'sa coming up gone day in a couple u of minutes.of m >> good morning to you. huge night ahead for pre gsioodt trump as he addresses congress.s we're going to have what he'sha' saying about the speech tonight. >> also, life at 9a, so how did that oscar envelope disastersaer happen? the investigation andta what jimmy kimmel sounds off ono >> all right. let's move on to that good day guest list and coming into theto lot of live at 9a he wrote the butler that lee daniels turnedur into blockbuster movie will hey good is here to tell us abouts t his new book about supreme c
8:42 am
>> r and b singer sammy, his hit back from back in the day i likk it and you should be my girl, g well, now he's making a return t to music. mic he's going to perform life for us. and then listen this. this. going natural when it comes too plastic surgery. sgery we'll share the hottestot procedures right now that doesoe not involve putting anythingnyth fake into your body.yourod >> all right.ight. >> you'll take from your body b and puck it back in your bodyckr and look good on the other side. >> sounds like a winner. winner. party in the loft as wein thet w celebrate mardi gras.di gras. get ready holly because there'se no other place to be on thisn t tuesday morning. >> on this fat tuesday morning we should say.d s >> in real f-a-t.. not p-h-a-t fat. f even though you can use that ift you want. either way. >> thank you. >>..k you very much i'll choose pretty hot and tempting p-h-a-t. p-h >> thank you guys.>> still ahead, kevin mccarthy hash news about the oscars. >> ut-oh.>> uoh. >> kev?ev >> that is right. tha oscars hit a nine-year low inn
8:43 am
up and also jimmy kimmel'siml' responding to the idea of theeaf ending of the oscars being a prank or not? stay tuned for the neck coming up. dunkin's full-bodied, cold brew coffee. takes 12 hours to steep... and almost no time to sip. keep on with ultra smooth taste, now available with a sweet and salted kick. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> mgn national harbor m temperature up to 50 degrees looks like we have a ways to go. >> but it's climbing. >> it is climbing. how much will it climb? well we know it will like more than 10 degrees but we have to wait ten seconds for more.gnure e ha >> you know it.>>l it >> your forecastll but in te
8:46 am
all right. going to go about 20 degrees from where we're at right now. g 50o w re'ight now in washingtoo 46 quantico.ntico. not terribly cold overnight.ig most of these lows were back inc the low 40s. thlo chilly spot frederick stillll hanging out at arthritic degrees. everybody upper 60s to about 707 today. so right back into thek into springtime temperatures.ngtime we're featuring at the end ofine last week. satellite/radar quiet locally. few clouds start the day. day breaking out in sunshine prettyy quick. we'll be sunny for the next fewt hours we will see clouds move ii this afternoon and with it theht threat of a few showers around n here little later today. littlee this is actuallyr warmer airme surging into the region. so you will notice a few thinget it will start to feel increasell more trop tal later this trop ta afternoon and this evening andli again looks like we could havese rain showers in the forecast fes six, 78:00 o'clock tonight ashts that warm front comes onn out to the west, cold front ando i want to show what t
8:47 am
front will do tomorrow.or 70 this afternoon could have ae few showers around. a all right.all rit future cast there's your showerr activity at 7:00 o'clock tonight. so just be ready for that iforhf you'll be working outdoors lateo this afternoon and this eveningi or trying to do dinner on then back porch that kind of thingch we'll have showers around. thahe and then it will quickly moveckm t ofof here. overnight tonight, warm and mild conditions expected and then iei want to fast forward t tomorrow. tomorrow high temps near 80 butb strong cold front which will arrive mid afternoon and itnoona looks like we could do around oo severe weather including thedi t potential for severeere thunderstorms, gusty winds. hail, i can't even promise thatt we couldn't see isolated tornado much like what we had onad on saturday. so just be on the look out.k out i'll have more on tomorrow'somor weather coming up.her but next couple of days very d warm around here.warm around h all right.ere. al guys, that is a weather update.t i'll toss it back to you.k toou. >> tuck, thanks. 8:47 right now. finding a pair of jeans thathat fits perfectly it can be likeeik trying to find a needle in in haystack. some businessman is trying toini help all that wit
8:48 am
measuring system he calls smart leggings. legg here's how it works.orks buy a pair of legs from a company like a glove that's thet name of the company put themha h and they measure your shape thet data is sent to an app to match your measurements againstnts agn different brands of jeans.enbran kimberly bowling agreed to begro guinea pig for this, and testnds the system out. >> i have thick thighs and a a larger bottom and then a smallel waste. so it's very difficult for mee personal toll find jeans thatnsa fit my body type.ype. for me to open a box and justus put a pair jeans on then fit, ii mean, that never happens.apns >> okay. so i was waiting to hear aboutai what kind of body shape she had. looks like i'll be trying thehe smart leggings fits like aike glove. they're on sale for 80 bucks.0 . >> that was my question.ha that's cheaper than lot premiume jeans out there if they fit that great, you can download theoad smart phone app that goes with them and that's free. free. >> all right. r >> am i the only one who t
8:49 am
when he says like a glove? i gi don't know why i thought about o that. >> among us, yes. amongs, y >> it literally hit me. >> reviewers were thinking thern same thing. thi >> jim carrey saying like a lik glove. >> i thought of missy elliot thick thighs, little waist.ttle >> good to see you this morningi >> good to see you.s mo>> goo oscar ratings are down. big question is why? a lot of o reasons for it in my opinion.r o people are wonderingpini why nin ar low.w. down 4% from last year.ea they were about 32.9 millionmi viewers in the early estimates s t tht this. so couple things i think could t have happened hd he one, the run time is almost four hours. so it started 8:30. 8:3 some people were saying start it at 6:30 like the super bowl.erow it might help the ratings theree second part is the political pic speeches. i got a lot of hate tweets onweet social media about not watchingt the oscars. i've been spending the last houh or so responding to thosese tweets. tweets. about people not watching the show. because of political speeches. s i think that's a big reason whyw as well and finally, in my m opinion whole articl
8:50 am
on facebook i think it has to do with the idea of some of the of bigger genres of films not being appreciated at the academy. comedies, horrors and actionn you never see that type of movif up for an award. rare mad max was nominated but overall it's that oscar worthy h type of drama film that reallyly gets kind of the oscar type of f roll. ro so over the years, i mean, listen moonlight was mazing, la, la land amazing where is the love for films like captainap america civil war, dead pool dep films have a large audience thaa do make lot of money.on i don't mean to mention deadti d pool again. there are films like the dark knight and so many films in myim opinion that i think are quality movies because they're not oscar worthy movies or oscar type t movies they don't get nominatedn and that alienates so much of the big film audience in mynce n opinion. >> don't they have other awardhe shows that people will vote oneo and so this is -- i >> something different. differe. >> the oscar is the highest forr middable award for a film. a f why is it only drama.y drama. fo
8:51 am
knight didn't get nominated thea reader got nominated who thehe heck cares about that movie? ne one cares about that film. so film that is have won overwor the years the king's speech.pee. >> i liked that movie. lik tha >> i didn't like the reader. that's okay. >> the artist. trtist. >> but there are films people ap talk about more.e >> i understand you want thestdo popular movies to win. w >> i have a question. quest keep in mind i'm not big onign award shows i feel like they'ree long and too boring for me butet have the other movie award shows golden globes, the sags, etlobe, cetera have they also seenlso se decreased viewer hip as well. >> i'd are is look at the'd are numbers. i don't know for sure on that. >> maybe people are tired ofe ad award shows.hows >> i understand understand thatn too. there's many things you can do. you can lower the time frame.nyf start it earlier. >> it needs to be shorter.e >> i did go to the sag awards.rd they said two hours. hrs we're done.e do >> right. >> quick. >> it's just like only the big st lds. there's a hard out on it you i y time that just like you'reik y timing tv show. >> star wars the force awakens why did not get a nomination not last year. it's phenome
8:52 am
it's sci-fi film you won't haveh that in there.n th millions of people saw that filt so maybe they would tune in if n their films were beingng >> i completely understand. that's my point on that.ely y p. kimmel by the way responded to o the end of the oscar show. sho if you didn't see it, everyonevy has seen it this is the tweet he sent during the show kind ofhowf trolling down president trump saying meryl streep -- s >> did he get a response.a onse. >> did he get he gee one of things everyone wassphisv asking was it a prank at the at recommend of the show when w warren beatty and fay done awaya read the wrong name for bestores picture gave it to la la land ln but it was actually meant for mf moonlight.t. mr. kimmel addressed that lastrt night on his show. was eight prank? here's hisers >> and i ended the show. s laugughter ] >> as it walked off stage people started speculating, did young pull a prank of some kind.e kd. >> no, i didn't --idn't -- [ laughter ]hter ] >> i did not pull a prank.ra if i pulled a prank by the way i wouldn't have said the wrongrong winners name on the enveloped.he there would have been a bed, b bath and bey
8:53 am
>> so one of things that steve said to me just now i thoughthot interesting i would love toove o scene what the original end ofl the show was supposed to be. wpo >> he was supposed to be with b matt damon. >> i grew tired of the animositi from kimmel to >> i think it's funny. >> now the fight is back on. >> i think it's funnhey f.funny >> i think they would havewoul hugged. >> maybe. here's what happened.he if you watchedre's kimmel's fulf monologue explains he went down to the audience saturdaywe nextt damon the show was going to endd come back to them on camera and because this happened he had tod make his way up the stage on the steps and take care of thishi because he's the host of theosof ow.w. but he said it wasn't warren beatty's fault i read somewheree we'll talk about this later onar at 10:00 o'clock that the person who handled off the envelope enl allegedly tweeted a picture of emma stone and that could havece been a distraction.tracon i thought kimmel was funny he h said that he's sitting theresiin watching this kind of unfold anl he's like the host will take care of it. >> i'm the host.'m the hos [ laughter ] >> real get out i mentioned this because we've been talking about it last week.
8:54 am
100% rot tonto mate toe. finally been taken down the 99%. big numbers finalized yesterdayy afternoon. 33.4 million. and the weekend box office on a $4.5 million budget. look at the reviews there. 143 good reviews.ews >> one bad. one bad. >> one bad. that comes from gentleman namedn armon white.n white. >> can i ask you a question,sk e kev? kev? >> yeah. to leave a review on rottenen tomatoes you have to be a official reviewer. >> theirselves there's a wholels process. >> i can't go on. >> no. >> this n gentleman i'm not sayy he's wrong or right, but he also hated or disliked toy storyy or three, 12 years of slaves,fla zodiac, la la land, moonlight, finding dory, gone by gone and citizens cane and.ns cane and. >> i don't know about citizenstz cane. cane >> going against the grain. agae >> by the way chance the rapperp kind of cool he bought out theaters. theaters >> i her this awesome. this awee >> for sunday get out he loveouv the film. th did pre-screening with mr. jordan peel. he bought out the entire theater all day long. lon people needed to show up withit their id and go n.
8:55 am
i'm assuming the id thing is thg because it's r rated. r rated >> maybe so. i think it was in chicago.cago. maybe chicago residents, too.tst ry cool.l. >> very cool. >> just show up and you're goodg to go. g pretttty cool. >> chance the rapper one of the leading rumors to replace beyonce' at coach kell la.l l >> he is awesome.>> h aweso we'll see. in the meantime 8:55.:5 take short break. bre. back with tucker after this. th. ♪♪ ♪♪ just how far does weathertech go to protect your vehicle? i'm on it. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ weathertech. made right, in america
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. >> our face fan of the day t d today, double the fan on the left, that's >> on the right, that's amber. r >> all right. all rht. they are both celebrating their 24th birthdays today!od >> happy birthday. birthday. >> happy birthday.>>py b >> double time.>>ouble both say that they are faithfulu life long fans. >> fantastic.>> >> have a good day today. d t >> happy to have both of you ono board. >> yes. let's say good morning oncey or again to tucker barnes and get g look at our forecast.orecas >> got great day for birthday. 70 degrees this afternoon.noon 53 at 9a.a. empty reagan 51 dulles. baltimore 45.ore5. sunshine for the first half of the day. we'll get clouds this afternoonr and some of the shower activityv you see back into ohio ando a kentucky will roll into ourinto region kind of late this late ts afternoon during the eveningrine hours for a couple hours we'll have few showers around otherwise full spring here for h the next couple of c look at tomorrow, 78 could be strong thunderstormstrh tomorrow afternoon.undeeron more on that coming up near just a couple of minutes.inutes erin is back with a last look at roadways!
8:57 am
8:56. taking look at our maps.atap we are dealing with an earlier i police investigation at westt hyattsville residual delays too green belt on the green we have updated inforthe mationn this breaking news out of o manassas.manaas. 12-year-old boy hit by a car itt is not a hit-and-run.nd-run car stayed at the scene.e sce. serious injuries. lamont drive closed at ashland avenue. caution there. updatedatthe way keep gone day on that scene as well.s any questions for your commuteom at erin fox5 dc on twit.n tw. fox5 will be right back. b ♪♪
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♪♪ straight ahead, breakingin wsws. a plane on its way fromro disneyland crashes into a home killing three people. people. we'll have the latest from the t investigation. optimistic vision for the nation. that's what president trumpt prs calls tonight's first speech tot a joint session of congress.ongs on what he plans to focus and what he told fox news in ann exclusive interview hours beforr his address.. the host will go on stageo e and clear this up.d r th i remember oh, i'm the host. h [ laughter ] >> clearing up the confusion. jimmy kimmel opens up about that last minute fail at sundaysunday night's oscars. what he toll his audience abouto the massive mix up. plus, what may have really happened just moments before


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