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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  May 5, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. it's friday, house republicans riding high passing a healthcare bill to repeal and replace obamacare >> but the next battle is just getted started. senate republicans have other plans and don't rule out the democrats either on this. as you can see from the rundown on the side. this is the host story here at 6: 6:30. this is a first step, this isn't the end of the process here. we're working here at the department to try to make certain we can stabilize the insurance market so that individuals actually have some insurance providers that are going to offer plans, that they can
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they gave their name to. they put their name next to your paying more for less. and we'll make sure that the public is aware of that. >> that was tom price talking, a member of the administration, the health and human services secretary, and also nancy pilosi for the democrats, both sides claiming victory on this one. the democrats say because they can say, hey, the republicans this one is on you when it fails >> the republicans say, hey, we got something passed even though this is not a done deal by any means at this point. joining us is talk more about the healthcare bill is alexander bolton senior reporter for the hill. thanks for coming in and breaking this down. tell me, what are your thoughts on this moving forward? the senate has said, you know, we're going to tear this thing up and pretty much do our own version here. what are your thoughts on that? should they be getting that excited, the republicans about this passage? >> well, it's a long
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uncertain path in the senate, and even senate republicans have heavy exceptism they can get the votes they need. there are problems off the bat. usually requires 60 votes to pass something because of the filibuster. using a special budgetary track that allows them to use it with 51, but then various bills, because of the arcane and strenuous senate rules but the bigger problem i want to say you have conservatives like ted cruz and rand paul and more moderate like rob portman of ohio, >> was yesterday's vote more about giving president trump a win? there are house member whose say they didn't even read the bill and voter. >> it sure seems that way. also, it was designed to get pressure
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house speaker two took a pummelling after the bill failed at the end. march and there was pressure from the white house and conservatives. it made him look ineffective and you know, the thing to remember here is if you look at the 2018 mid term elections. the house is considered more vulnerable to flipping over to the democrats than senate because the way the races line up. politically, at more important victory for the house than the senate. if the bill dies in senate it won't be as big a deal >> we were talking about the mid terms election. healthcare is going to likely be a pivot al issues. what do you think will be the parts that perhaps a republicans will take a look at. given the fact that like sean said many of them didn't even read it. do you think voters will read between the lines and realize that? that's good question whether the democrats will be able to get their message across and they haven't been that
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recent years explaining healthcare. but if you look at the nonpartisan analyses of this bill, there's no question that the house bill would reduce subsidies for older americans, especially lower income americans in rural areas. they're seeing, they would see substantial cuts in states like nebraska, montana, north korea, maine, they will find it out sooner or later. it will be when they see their subsidies go down substantially by thousands, they're going to notice it then. the other thing is medicaid, a number of republican state, west virginia, ohio have had tremendous enrollment increases, medicaid coverage. republican centers from those states are concerned about capping that program in 2020. means that the states will potentially have to pick up the cost of covering those low income americans >> so much to tal
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this debate will continue. i'm curious, if you can look into your crystal ball how long do you think >> i think by the july recess, no one knows, originally they wanted to get it done in a week. it will be taking months >> we will be watching and waiting, alexander bolton. >> the league of women voters, the organization released a statement saying it abandons the american values. >> ride leonard advocacy director. thanks so much for joining us. let me ask you, why is the league of women voters against this? >> this legislation is truly heart less. it takes healthcare away from sick people. when all is said and done,
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million people will lose their healthcare a coverage. women will pay more for basic healthcare than men. people on medicaid as your earlier guest said will be paying more. all of this so that larger corporations and wealth individuals can get tax cuts. so this is really when it comes to legislation, this is about as bad as it gets >> you probably heard us talking with our previous guest. how concerned are you this is actually going to, you know, become law since the senate still has to go through with this as well. how concerned are you? >> well, it's dangerous to predict what the congress will do. but as the earlier gentleman pointed out, this bill is not popular in the senate. in the senate, there are more moderates than there were in the house. and after all, the house bill passed by four votes.
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weeks of trying. that indicates i think the fundamental flaw in this bill, they say they can give more coverage for less money. and it seems strange that our elected officials can't do the basic arithmetic to understand that that's not true. >> i'm going to play devil advocates for a minute. you mentioned the 24 million that will lose coverage. there was no analysiss of this plan say democrats how can you do this without the analysis but republicans are saying some of the analysis from the congressional office before has been wrong and not true, this is a good plan, how do you respond? passed the bill without know ly- eagles. one has some suspicions but the changes they made in relation to preexisting conditions are very
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important. under the current healthcare system, people have preexisting conditions can get the help they need. under this they will be dependant upon states deciding to give them the monies that needed >> let's talk about the current system for a minute to play devil advocate again. obamacare is great but some people will say there's still problems with obamacare there are states right now that only have one insurer left. we've seen so many pull out. what do you think needs to happen, if it's not the republican plan, if there are issues with obamacare, what needs to happen to make this work for everyone or is that even possible? >> certainly, things would work better if the administration were not doing all it can to kill the current system. they're not providing the money that is supposed to be provided. i think it's unfair to blame the insurance markets on obamacare at this point. the president has done all he can to
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market. and so this question of making people sicker being in favor of disease, which is what this bill does, are front and center. >> lloyd leonard advocacy for the league of women voters, we appreciate you talking with us >> thanks for having me. president trump got some more good news today. in the form of the latest jobs report. the u.s. economy added 200,000 plus jobs in the past month, the employment dropped to the lowest, employers added 522,000 jobs during the first two months of 2017 which included nearly 70,000 new jobs in manufacturing loan. despite the increase, some economists this is happening in a vacuum >> the american people should be happy more people have jobs. >>
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let's check in with gwen and get the latest. and things not so great. we still have plenty of rainfall and more on the way. i can't rule out maybe even a pop-up storm. you can see here to areas of our west keeping a close eye on some of this as it starts to move its way through. another band moving way. we still have a chance of seeing some storms become a little more isolated. watches and warnings and coastal flood advisories until saturday 11:00 a.m. until we have a couple of flood advisories. here's a look at your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. what you can expect. not a total wash-out for the weekend. still showers on saturday and tere will be off and on but sunday is your drier day as we cool down to about 64 degrees and then for the rest of the
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showers start to pop-up by hump day, overnight lows, heading into the low 40's by the time we get to monday night. and areas of higher elevations it will be colder, keep the umbrella handy at least for saturday. >> thank you, gwen the president is spending this weekend at his new jersey home. he's also preparing for his first trip overseas as president. we'll break down the places he will visit later on this month. ♪ ♪. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery...
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stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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president trump will make his first trip abroad, visiting saudi arabia, israel and the vatican >> it's to unite
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>> niles, thanks for coming in. what do you think -- how is this going to be received around the world? president trump's visit overseas? >> well, i mean, obviously depends on what particular audience one is talking about. it's interesting that he is keeping, as we understand most of his activities in the mideast meeting with leaders or to speaking in public in those nations. i think you know, he clearly has telegraphed a degree of closeness with israel. so that part of the trip should be well received. of course, it's the mideast. support of israel is seen as lack of support for other causes in the arab world >> i think i would love to be a fly on the wall when he meets with the pope. we can remember back during the campaign, the pope was out naming donald trump said people who go around and talk about building walls aren't christian and the president fired back and said people in those positions shouldn'
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people's religious beliefs. how do you think this meeting will go >> i think that one will be pretty tense, shawn, for some of the reasons you just outlined. certainly one of the first times we realized how unusual a candidate donald trump was when he didn't back away from picking fights with the pope. i think that they clearly are people who look at the world in a pretty different way and prioritize different things. i imagine diplomatic niceties will be respected but i think there will be underlying tensions. >> do you think it will make an impact on either man in the way they look at life look at the world, people in general? >> that's a tricky question. there obviously both men of mature years who have held their viewpoint but i think there will be attempt to present a polite front. i am not
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dancing conversion >> the predicated he's willing to meet with the countries who don't necessarily have a great human rights record. in order to fight terrorism. seems very different from previous administrations. so what do you think, is this a good path to go down considering some don't have a great record in that regard? >> i think that's a difficult question to answer, because many people believe that the united states should provide moral leadership, not just political or military leadership in the world. and they fear that that is under cut by speaking with and being at least. i do think foreign policies is about balancing principal and politics but where you draw that line is a subject ofs choice >> this will be the first time that he meets with nato leaders as a group and also with the group of seven.
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meetings? >> the interest thing about nato, i think shawn is that it was an organization which donald trump had famously declared obsolete. that's a position he moved away from. similarly with the g 7. i think that we would expect him to mod late his approach to some extent. he has been very america first in his overall stance on foreign policy, but we're get signals from the white house they don't see a conflict between the first idea and being, i guess, cooperative with foreign alleys >> with this being a nine country trip, he'll meet a lot of people and go to a lot of different places. i remember back when president obama was traveling and he would be received, you know, unlike many world leaders, a lot of cheers. also, there were people who would protest. how do we think or how do you think the rest of the world perceives president trump? >> well, as it happens, i'm just back from
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in an island where he's not perceived particularly positive at least among the people i talked to in terms of how i could gauge it. i think donald trump is clearly seen as a very different president put from president obama. i don't think it's controversial or partisan to say that president obama clearly put more weight on most reaching out to other cultures. donald trump isn't that kind of guy and i think that will frankly fuel skepticism about him overseas >> we will be watching and waiting. by the way how was the vacation >> pretty good, obviously i missed a few >> thank you, niles, we're glad you're back. >> we'll give you $20 later on for saying that. thank you. she's been out of the spotlight for awhile. hillary clinton, here's the thing, getting back into politics. >> we'll tell you what the former democrat presidential candidate is up to when 5at630 comes right back. ght back.
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hillary clinton is building a brand new political group. >> to fund organizations working on the resistance to president trump's agenda. hadas, it's interesting she's getting back into politics in this way. what do you think we can expect? what do you think will happen >> the group is apparently going to be called onward together, which is a nod to her campaign slowing began which was stronger together and her goal will be on various initiatives and candidates in some way supporting who supports the type of policies they support and as she said, are part of the resistance. it's interesting that hillary clinton is planning to write a book. earlier this book
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process >> is this a pilot action, is this a pack >> from what i understand, from what i understand it is a pack. it's clear that hillary clinton is not going to just recede to the background. she had indicated that she's going to stay active and keep herself as she said part of the group who's going to resist the trump administration policies and she's not going to hide in the woods. but she's going to be out there for quite a bit. i don't think we're going to go see the last r of her >> how big of an impact do you think this will have on the current, you know, media or on the current political climate? well, i think for donald trump it will definitely give him one of his favorite opponents to come back. donald trump is the type of president and candidate who likes to have somebody to be up against in the media, it's been sometimes democrats on capitol hill and having her out there will sort of give him another sparring partner as well.
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but what's i'm going to be look i want to go is what sort of excitement does hillary clinton garner among the people. is she going to lead a huge group? >> you know, i'm -- who is working on this with her? i mean, is her husband in on this? who's part of this >> well, it's a few of her former staffers people who have worked with her in the past, she has a long list of people she's been involved with. we haven't heard anything about bill clinton. there's a few other organizations, bill has the presidential library and the clinton foundation and few other things going on. there hasn't been indication that her husband will be involved in this pack but i'm sure at some point he will be in the picture >> you mentioned her book. is this going to focus mostly on this last campaign? >> it's not clear but she has indicated she did a forum earlier with
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sort of a ka for her to process her thoughts. a book coming out a year afterly election not mentioning or talking about it. i bet it will be sort of way -- a little bit of a look back but a way forward how she sees herself being able to argue for policies that she believes in in the future. >> hadas gold political reporter and fox 5 contributor. have a great weekend. michael moore things one of the stars of the fashion film should get into politics >> we'll tell you which one when 5at630 returns.
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michael moore
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his political support >> moore said other countries would be scared of us if the rock was in the white house. political hopes. conservative magazine national review feature a picture with the headline, the celebrity we need. >> last year, the rock told usa running for office would, quote, be a great opportunity to help people. so it's possible >> anything is possible. >> although i think he's probably having a lot more fun doing what he's doing. he may not look like it but the rock turned 45 >> they say being presidents ages you more quickly and what exactly that looks like, take a look at the photos of several presidents on the left is when they first took office. on the right is what at any looked like when they left the white house. you may remember president obama started going great 44 days into his first term as commander in chief. i love that >> i think they're still kind of hard t
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>> few of them. >> it's a tough job. >> yeah, we see it all the time, like you can see clearly their hair gets grayer, frown lines. >> maybe it happens to all of us.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: happy cinco de mayo, everybody! mike huckabee is celebrating cinco de mayo in a shocking way. >> he said for cinco de mayo, i will drink an entire jar of hot salsa and watch old speedy gonzalez cartoons and speak spanish all day. >> whoa! >> by the way, none of which i will do tonight, so i don't understand why he thinks this is what we do. [laughter] >> with "american idol" all about certain to come back, there's actually a possibility that ryan seacrest would do it. he would film on thursday in new york with kelly. harvey: he has to then come back to l.a. -- >> "american idol," why does it have to be in l.a.? >> the whole thing when you got the tickets you're going to hollywood. if you're going to queens -- [laughter] >> some of britney spears' iconic costumes are going for


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