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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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elimination contest n most dubious distinction ranked 6 among goal scorers that never won a stanley cup. puts up regular numbers in the regular season and maybe, maybe. >> this is the time. >> lucy old the football. >> if it's without ov you can imagine how -- >> there's something call ewing effect. like when patrick ewing was not on knicks they performed better whenever the star. >> they're supposed to be the star player. >> we shall see. if it works in last series they won three straight and won the series. they need to pull it offer in seven games. >> don't break caps hearts again don't do it. >> maybe you can kick the football. >> that does it for us at 10:30. news at 11 starts right now. right now a former u.s. member is aus
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shoot police and pledging support to isis two undocumented immigrants accused of attacking girl in a high school bathroom facing new charges and rain is not one of them. new details about the evidence in the case and reaction to the decision. >> and texas may be going up in one northern virginia town. why? >> we made a mistake. >> your news starts right now. >> all right. here we go tonight. get ready for yes, sir, even more wet weather. thanks for joining us this friday night i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> there's a chance spring showers could make for stoingy saturday. gwen a few moments ago with you hear the rain on the roof coming down hard in northwest. >> radar gives you that indication and rain is moving its way up the i 95 corridor over the beltway and we're seeing pocket heavy rainfall as well with it. let's get to da
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you the big picture, folks, because the system continues to affect us across the entire area. and few dry slots here. we have had quite a day today with storms starting earlier this morning. and tonight, once again another round of. it you can see here hev yeringt est here if you look you see bright reds and yellows and that's heavy rainfall coming through there. so far not much in the form of lightning but i'm noing not going to rule it out. we seen a isolated popup storm. keeping eyes to the skies. still under watches and warnings right now for the area. and rising water ■flood streetss we are also talking overnight lows into the 50s. so not bad temperature-wise. we have a cooler day tomorrow. but it's still going
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very much on the wet side. we'll see showers that will continue not a total washout mind you but keep the umbrella handy and your eyes to the skies. i'll have that full forecast coming up for you in a bit. tony. >> thank you, gwen. "fox5" in the district a former military member is accused of trying to start a race war through social media supporting isis and other terrorists groups and pushing for violence against police officers right here in d.c.. and tisha lewis will be there in southwest with the story. tish a. >> officers in southwest were target for 38-year-old clark calloway. he shared his plans to attack police here with undercover fbi informant. he popped up on the fbi radar because of his posts on facebook and it turns out he had some plans to buy a. k 47 to c
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attacks. >> 38-year-old clark calloway was has bee inked thursday night. federal investigators say he brought ak-47 from undercover fbi informant for $200. court documents indicate calloway wanted to start a race war against white and full wloen attack on police at the first district police headquarters and reportedly told fbi informant got pigs were just shot in idaho. choose the bullet offer the ballot. on another occasion yeah just all-out awe salt on police police stations. any police cruisers, anybody just like offensive. and he goes on to say they went full force even if they died. and in a violence filled rant he reportedly describesgist bam, bam, bam, ambush and everything, ain't no talking with them. just got to go. >> and this affidavit says fbi began investigating calloway last
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threatening statements on facebook and plus he apparently be friended several hundred islamic state fighters and sympathizers and joined terrorist facebook groups and reportedly posted pro isis prop began daxt. >> i spoke with d.c. police union leadership tonight and they texted me this response saying d.c. police unit would like to thank the federal bureau of investigation for all the hard work they do and this instance an individual who was sim they toyk isis had a plan to buy ak-47 and attack one of our police stations. thanks to the brave help and women of fbi plans were thwarted and that individual is in jail. there's no doubt in my mind that these agents' actions saved lives of many and we're talking about nanny men and women of of the bath at the the
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charged with possession of firearm or ammunition by fell on and shared radical believes with three different fbi informants over the course this investigation. tisha lewis. "fox5 local news". >> a child custody dispute led to a shooting outside a home in new carlton. police were called to csslow court this afternoon. when they arrived they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound hevrm because taken to the hospital. in word on his condition. police have a person of interest in custody and no word if charges will be filed. well dozens of students protestsed at american university this afternoon at a hate crime that happened on campus earlier this week. students blocked an under pass at bend area iriana and thy want the university to take a closer look at policies and determine ft. school needs to do more to prevent future hate crimes. >> we're calling for revamp of the curriculum. of what's going on in the school
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school of racializeed training going on from administration to faculty to students coming in to prevent thepingz theelz things happen. >> someone hung bananas with letters aka written on the nooses and a hate message posted on line directed at university new student government president taylor dumbson she first black twom ever hold that position. >> new tonight a major fwhuingt virginia. 43 people were indicted for elaborate scene. suspects were charged with more than 740 crimes. investigation started two years ago who when an investigator report aid group of people were writing checks from wkts no available funds. investigators also found the group was building up bank credit through numerous deposits and withdrawals in a short period ofim
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police say the suspect committed these acts at in my opinion banks in fairfax county resulting in 620,000 loss. >> we do not know where all the money has gone. we have seized thousands of dollars. we have seized thousands of cartons of cigarettes and vehicles and things. however, the source of where the money is going is still currently under investigation. >> police say the suspects were using addresses in both northern virginia and rich pond and they were operating a cigarette tax fraud and smuggling ring out of a home in falls church. >> city of mannasas realize today made an $850,000 mistake over charging businesses on tax bills now three years. plan to fix the problem is not sitting well with people because the money to reimburse businesses would come from taxpayers. "fox5" lauren demarco is live in mannasas tonight with the details,
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>> reporter: shawn, it's happening here cinco de mayo. they're glad glad the city realized its mistake and make good on. it the residents docht want to be the one to make up for it. >> city government notice today was over charging businesses the past few years using tax rate higher than what the tax cold allows for. with electricity city of mannasas owes $850,000 to business owners split among them that is the 300 bucks a piece. viz boneers are happy those that don't live here because it looks like the cash will come from tax increase on residents. >> city is stepping up to the plate and coming out and letting businesses know they've been over paying and rectifying the situation. >> residents we'll see a tax come up to pay this back. >> yes. >> and so technically my residency is outside of the city of mannasas. >>
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benefits this. >> the city would have to pay back the amount we over charge on this business of personal property in one form or another. so, yes the citizens will pay that back because we're government. so anything we he have to spend outcomes from does it sdenz. we made a mistake and will fix that mistake and move forward. >> the city council is expected to pass increase on what's commonly known as car tax. currently each year residents play $3.25 per every 100 dollars of values of cars, trailers and boats. and that tax would yump to $3.60. >> they need to figure out how to get the money other than from the people. it's their miss take i lived here six months it won't matter write lived. >> i think if they can't find the money anywhere else i think as someone who pays property tax on the vehicles i would be o
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that's the amount of times it raise the funds to pay back to the businesses they over owe charged then i would have a serious question of what will they do with that money in years after. is this permanent raise or one time raise on property. >> the way it looks that rake hike on the car tax rate that would be permanent the way things are right now. the final decision will be made by city council on mo monday. live in mannasas, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> thank you, lauren. all right, so this case drew national attention. tonight prosecutors dropped charges against two teenagers accused of raping a girl inside rockville high school. >> we've got the reason behind the decision coming up next. plus, uber is at the center of a justice department investigation and it all has to do with the company's secret software. we'll explain coming up.
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prosecutors announced they dropped rain charges against the 17 and 18-year-old teenagers accused of the cr crime. >> alexandra limon has more on how prosecutors reach that decision.
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they immediately assumed there were immigrants and as a result, they immediately assumed they were rainists. >> the case drew national attention. >> it's pause for concern what happened there. >> even white house press secretary sean spicer waiping ed in after two teenagers were accused of raping a 14-year-old girl on campus. defense attorneys called the case a circus and ails main taped sex in a school bathroom was consensual. montgomery state attorney office now says that is in fact, what happened. >> we have concluded that the facts in this case do not support the original charges filed in this matter. >> rain and sexual assault charges against jose montano were dropped and they're in the process of dropping them from 18-year-old henry san sanchez. >> after complete and thorough assessment of the facts our duty is to
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support criminal violations in violation of maryland law regardless of public opinion or political pressure. >> mccarthy said the decision is made due to lack of corroboration. substantial inconsistencies and review of footage from school security cameras. witness interviews and text messages exchanged between the girl and defendant. now those explicit text boat photo and video messages are leading to child pornography charges against both defendants. something montano attorney says was outrageous. >> they is one that took footage of herself, video and pictures, nude spiblingt and also video and they sat these two mr. montano not the other way around. >> there's questions about whether the teens will be deported. >> yes he's in deportation proceedings at the moment. >> alexandra limon. "fox5 local news". >> a jury in st. louis arded a
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million in a baby powder lawsuit. the suit alleges johnson and johnson failed toll disclose cancer risk associated with baby pod powder ever the woman who filed the suit was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. they concealed the possibility talc and shower to shower product could cause cancer. they deny the connection between talc and cancer and they plan to appeal the department. >> uber is center of investigation. the fed want to know if company used seek are the software to avoid police in hityes where ride hailing is band. it's called gray ball the tool identifies and blocks tried transportation regulators and posing as uber customers. uber claims the program was simply created to check ride requests to prevent fraud and safeguard its drivers. >> well, it's a wet night across the region with
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coming down heavy at times. >> keep umbrella ahappened write and eyes to the skies. not a washout but we have rain coming through and periods tomorrow you end up seeing that. just be very aware. >> oui seat rain and thunderstorms that popped up and a few warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings and we have flood warnings and no severe thunderstorm warnings and i can't rule out we should not get a popup isolated storm or so. possible. awful lot of energy going on now. take a look way out west here is what is happening a dry slot and right here along the i 95 corridor we are seeing some rainfall and where you see
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come and they heard thunder. i'm not surprised by that. can't rule it out you before the night is over foxz be prepared. flood warnings right through until 12.30 saturday midday. be careful throughout a lot is rising water and you can never estimate the depth the water on roads and be careful. turn around, don't drown what we ails say. current temperatures 66s d.c. and 67 baltimore and 67 quantico this morning and 6 4 call peeper mild out there. 57 at winchester. we see tomorrow still some lingering showers. as i said not all day long and they're still going to be around and evident. behind it all drier conditions building in and that's what sunday will be like. it's a much drier day and cooler day. overnight lows tonight into the 50s. right across the board. so
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of rain for tomorrow. this is 6 a.m. you can see here across front royal and areas west it fills in and then moves way toe east. look at this. boy i thit show you this this is wintry mix and that is way over the higher elevations. yes, where the temperatures will really drop. it's not going to make way east to i 95 thank goodness however. keep finger ersed cross the at least. a look at 1:00 in the afternoon, 4, 5, dealing with pockets of rainfall here and there. not much of a break. as i said keep the umbrella handy. planner for tomorrow by the time we hit 2 p.m. 62. chance of showers 64 and w wrapping it up 58 for tonight. showers and storms in my forecast and here's a look at the 7 day forecast for you. drier conditions by sunday as i said and it will be cooler day and speaking of cooler it doesn't seem like may. look at temperatures. into the 60s. pretty much across
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70s. but overall, it's not too bad. we've got more rain than we really need. we'll be back after the ♪ ♪ nobody does underwater stunts, sylvia. except me, of course. this is my stop. adios! ♪ ♪ if you're a stuntman, you cheat death.
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bryce harper is having a great season. issue has been if he puts it altogether and stays healthy he'll be peren nal mvp. injury caveat reared its ugly head again. part of why happener is great as muscle it causes injury. as a rut this catch a groin injury. out of the lineup tonight. never hustle you get injured. >> who needs havrper when you have randone. hustle please. and after a ten game weekend here's here. bases full of nats. base hit up the middle. bring home a run 1-0. stephen strasburg is known forearm and potential for injuries himself. he has a bat too. pitcher who rakes. straysburg second cee
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run nats lead 2-30 it was like rests of nats hit a pitcher and home run. if straws can do. it ryan zimmerman simmering dude stays hot. twelfth home run of the year. next batter anthony randone. his fourth home run. another rbi for randone. making it scary and they hold on to win 4-2 in philly. >> orioles off tim ult uus series. taking on white sox in baltimore. jonathan taking one for team. plunged on hand by pitch. seth smith from third is like oh, owe i get to score great. that's score. 1-30 birds harmful way and rain starts to nal baltimore and no mind it chris davis. rain, sleet, hail, tornado. davis fourth of year. orioles win 9 lj home game this beating rain and white sox and guy's beards 4
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this is my favorite sports story of week. check out 14-year-old luke terry from tennessee plays catch were one arm. we'll slow it down for you. catches ball with aboveed hand and flings fwhal air and off the glove and catches ball in one motion throws out the player at second base. and luke had to have arm amputated 9 months old due to ecoli up infection. he can throw as quickly with those with two arms. he did it quickly we have to slow down the video. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> jim abbott famously pitcher with one arm. he never had to do that and catch it's crazy. >> amazing. >> and coaches say he works harder than any other player on owe the team. >> how old did you say he was. >> 14 years old, middle school player. >> future of head of him. >> incredible. >> bryce is day-to-day. >> day-to-day. >> with the groin? >> this the was not a good d day. maybe tomorrow will be an on day. >> take umbrellas and rain
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>> saturday rain day and sunday dry day. >> thanks, gwen. >> that's it for us. >> have a good weekend, everybody. 6. >> tmz is next. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. ♪ ♪ at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. my name is jenny doan i'm a quilter and i'm a mother and i'm a grandmother. 2008 was when all the markets crashed, we lost our retirement.
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over 200 products no antibiotics ever. announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: happy cinco de mayo, everybody! mike huckabee is celebrating cinco de mayo in a shocking way. >> he said for cinco de mayo, i will drink an entire jar of hot salsa and watch old speedy gonzalez cartoons and speak spanish all day. >> whoa! >> by the way, none of which i will do tonight, so i don't understand why he thinks this is what we do. [laughter] >> with "american idol" all about certain to come back, there's actually a possibility that ryan seacrest would do it. he would film on thursday in new york with kelly. harvey: he has to then come back to l.a. -- >> "american idol," why does it have to be in l.a.? >> the whole thing when you got the tickets you're going to hollywood. if you're going to queens -- [laughter] >> some of britney spears'


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