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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now, a violent asawlingt in arlington a man pretending to be a maintenanceence worker forced his way into the victim's apartment. tonight police are turning to surveillance to track down the suspect. >> then it's election with major implications for the future of europe. the closer look at the man the french
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president. >> how long are cooler temperatures stick around? "fox5 local news" starts now. >> thank you for joining us tonight i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm jim lokay. >> off the top tonight, arlington police investigating a brazen sexual assault there. >> a man was spotted on surveillance video. he pretended to be a maintenance work ep and sexually a salted a woman in her apartment. >> tonight, investigators need help track down the suspect. "fox5" lindsey watts is live in arlington tonight with more on the story. lindsay. >> reporter: jim, lairn, this is where it happened. at this apartment building on key boulevard. police railroad here for twelve hours today. they just left a little while ago. they were happeneding out flyers with pictures of the suspect. police say this man was able to get past building security and he started randomly knocking knocking on apartment doors until he found a woman that answered. >> when you're in your building locked inside and you hear a northampton county think you're safe. >> police want to you
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he attacked a woman inside her apartment leaving her so badly injured she had to be hospitalized. it was 9:00 in the morning when he showed up here. takes secure building with concierge desk. investigators believe the suspect snuck in behind someone with access. >> i think i saw him before. i think he's tried to get into this building probably to case it out. and now, this morning was his attack. >> once inside, police say the suspect started knocking on doors, claiming to be a maintenance worker, after the victim opened the door he sexually assaulted her and ran away. >> i am very concerned and very surprised. because that doesn't happen here usually. >> people who live in the area say because it's typically so safe, security is not to much mind. >> i've seen patrons that let people in thinking they looked you know above board. and so, we need nod to do that anymore. >> what will i tell the kids
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locked because things like this happen even here. >> one residents we spoke to didn't want to be identified. she knows people who live on the floor where the attack happened. she says she thinks the suspect may have chose then neighborhood on a sunday morning because neighbors' guards are down. >> it doesn't matter where are you. opportunistic people will take advantage when they can. >> reporter: we want to give one more look at the suspect. police say he's about 6 feet tall they believe in early 2 20s, wearing that distinctive backpack. if you have any information about him contact arlington police. if you want to stay anonymous call 1-866-411-tips. live in arlington lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". in prince george county tonight, police are investigating a man's death. his body was found this morning in a wooded area along killborn drive in for the washington. someone passing by saw t. called police.
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remains were there and an autopsy will be performed to determine how the man died. all right. 57 degrees right now. live look at the washington monument for you. pretty cool and cloudy. gwen stapting by with a look at the forecast. hey, gwen. >> hi, there, cool cond conditions, jim, bundle up. early morning hours you're really going to feel how the temperatures are starting to drop. starting tonight, we have 53 at dulles. 57 d.c., 49 at mannasas. cumberland 48 to the nort northwest. 52 hagerstown and 46 culpeper. the 55 westminster and 51 at baltimore. well as far as overnight lows are concerned, look at these numbers. we have 30s to talk about. i can't believe i'm saying this this point in may. that's what's happening. temperatures into mid to upper 30s for north, northwest neighborhoods and 44s for city and same for quantico
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northwesterly wind will make it feel even cooler by tomorrow. sky conditions, gradual clearing coming our way in the overnight hours. in the meantime, we're still dealing way few light passing showers from the system spinningself northeast. they will gradually start to move out. we have sunshine for you as we head to tomorrow. many the meantime with cold freeze warnings in effects for the far northwest i cannot believe i'm saying that either for this time of night. hardy and jefferson, all under that freeze warning for tonight until tomorrow morning. so, as we put it together for you for tomorrow i have lots of sunshine. week is starting very ple pleasant. but we have a run of cooler temperatures in store and i'll have all those details coming up in a bit. back to you. >> his torque n election in france, emmanuel macron who defeated marine le pen a
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he is youngest president ever elected in france. one time investment banker never held elected office now. fox's greg palcot [ speaking french ] macron claims victory in the election. >> there's no precedent. no equivalent. everyone said it was impossible. they didn't know france. thank you for the trust for the time you gave for your engagement. >> the political newcomer does he feeted opponent far right poplist marine le pen by a land slide. there was lower athan usual turnout and blaenk ballots. cap dates from major political parties were knocked off in the first round. >> very happy that macron won i'm proud of him. >> ran on the pure european platform that resonated with
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election that many saw as a test in the european union following united kingdom vote. le pen wished him well. >> we have huge hope because one in three voted for marine. it's historic result. leming lateive elections are coming soon. we'll continue this beautiful fight. >> many in the united states are wondering how president trump will work with a new french leader. president tweeted sunday congratulating macron and the two have conflicting positions on a number of issues. the question of the role of the european union which was at the heart this election in france have difference there's it will be interesting to see how it plays out in that relationship. >> this is first time emmanuel macro has held public elected office and youngest in modern french political history. in paris, greg hawthorne, fox news. >> in oorp a massive
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evacuation more than 50,000 had to be evacuated after someone found unexploded bombs for world war ii in hanover, germ next workers diffused two bombs. special equipment had to be brought in to rendered the third safe. it sound strange but it's not unusual. the war ended more than 70 years ago sgoxt unexploded bombs are often found buried on german land. all right. next at 10:00 the battle over healthcare is far from over. >> house passed its plan to repeal and replace obamacare. what's next for the bill as it moves on to the senate. >> and mistake with $850,000 price tag and could get passed to taxpayers in mannasas. we'll talk about that. ♪ ♪ art.
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that bill now moves to the senate on meet the press california narrow fepded obamacare and said only minor changes are needed to fix the healthcare system and warn the senate to not rush through the process. sfw i'm really very worried that in the rush to judgment we greet a major healthcare problem for fem and we lose a lot of jobs and so doing and we create a whole atmosphere of unpredictbility. >> house speaker paul ryan says those people are already happening thanks to obamacare and at this point t
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on a rescue mission to prevent the entire health care system from relaxing. >> the law is collapse collapsing. what we're trying to do here is step in the front of this collapsing law and make sure we can have a system that works. a system of choice and competition and affordable premiums. >> that's goal as the bill heads to the senate where mitch mc connell says they're in no rush and plan to take time to get it done right which means this debate over healthcare will not be over any time soon. >> in washington, garrett t teny, fox news. >> we're joined by nile from the hill to talk about what was very eventful week in healthcare. were you surprised that this came back for a vote. after a while it seemed dead in the water when they could not get it back for a vote. >> i think it surprised a lot of people, jim, in late march when it failed and seemed to be republicans were planning to move on to other things
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they did return to this and you know, to be fair to president trump on a political basing he persevered and put political point on the board. >> when you look how it was handled this time around we didn't see much of tom price in the process at all. mike pence got more involved with the process. did it help he behind sti constitutional knowledge of how the house works? >> i think it did. vice-president pence has given the responsibilities the white house and served in congress and has relationships and served to really try to ease law makers' concerns on the republican side only of course about legislation. >> and did it ever seem in doubt this would not get the votes. because once the freedom caucus signed on board it seemed like it was almost a done deal. you still obviously had to take the vote. >> that was the big change i think when you had conservative lawmakers so this was acceptable to them. once that was set, it was not exactly plain sailing but odds definitely shifted at that point. >>
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the celebration in the rose garden and president quite exuberant you saw mike pence and paul ryan there. the question is, the optics thvrks we always go back to optics. people who watch th say obamacare is done. but this is far from sglovr absolutely. this is only the first step in the process of trying to make this law and a number people think those optics could be quite politically dangerous. we talked about the fact they're putting point on the scoreboard here. that's a totally different fate from making what the republicans are making popular right now. right now it suggests it's unpopular. >> as we go to the senate side what flakes a different fight. we won't vont the bill adds presentsed. when you look at the political makeup is house ideological or senate amemable to change h here. >> senators obviously represent a entire state. in the house people tend to be worrywo
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their own flank and republicans wore xwrid conservative challenge. for a senator in so-called purple state then it's a much more interesting calculus to you what works and what doesn't. >> guys like bob casey it certainly is a prime kansas date or target we see. i know the -- i don't want to sigh bush administration trump administration targeting that. as we look ahead to whavrp the voteens up being what's the time frame. how long will this take. house bill went through in record time and we have not seen cbo score. will that affect the senate or will senate move ahead regardless. >> i think it takes a while. senate is starting its own legislation from scratch and republican source i spoke to this past week said that he would hope just bit end of the year something could get into law, of course, that outcome is itself not guaranteed. >> 2018 when you have the midterm elections that whole vod we voted to have obamacare for safe it it will be crucial. >> democrats will
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deal of it and hit republicans. >> campaign ad material as well. >> thanks for seeing you. >> and to mannasas, now, where the city is dealing with an $le 50,000 mistake. government officials realize they've been over charging businesses on their tax bills for the past few years. and but, the plan to fix the problem is not sitting well with everyone because the money to reimburse the businesses would come from tax pairs. >> while preparing for budget proposal city government notice today was accidentally over charging businessies the past few years. and they were using a tax rate hire than the tax code actually allows fovrment with interest the city of mannasas owes $850,000 to business owners. split among them that is average refund of about $500 a piece. business owners are happy, at least those that don't live here because it looks like that cash will come from new tax increase on residents. >> city is eping up to the plate and coming out and letting businesses know they're
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they're over paying and looking to rectify the situation. >> residents see tax go up so they can pay this back. >> technically, my residency is outside of the city of mannasas. >> ah-ha you reap the benefits this. >> right. right. >> the city has to pay back the amount we over charge on business and personal property in one form or another. so, yes, the citizens will pay that back because we're government. anything we spend outcomes to the citizens. we're going to fix that mistake ape move forward. >> the city council is expected to pass increase on what's commonly known as the car tax. currently, each year residents here pay $3.25 per every $100 of value of cars, trailers and boats. that tax jumped to $3.60. >> i think ne they need to figure out where to get the money other from the people that made a miss take i only lived here six months. wait aom
10:19 pm
live this is wrong. >> i think the city should look too see if there's other places they can find the money. if they cannot find the money anywhere else i think as someone pays property tax on those vehicles i think i would be okay for it for a year if that's the amount of time to raise the funds to pay back the businesses they over charged i would have a serious question of what will they do with the money in years after. is this permanent raise or one time raise on property taxes. >> it's a really good question. because the way it looks right now, that car tax hike would be a permanent change. city council is expected to approve the plan tomorrow. taking a live look outside right now. getting another check on forecast. it's pretty chilly out there. nice shot of the air force memorial. but you need a jacket if you're outside this late hour. gwen, how are temperatures shaping up for the workweek. >> it will be cooler. be prepared for that. early morning it will be down right chilly. you might have to get those woolyes out before the week is
10:20 pm
lows that will hit to the 40s and north, northwest to the 30s. let's look at maps and see where we are now. in the nation's capital, cool, 57 under mostly cloudy skies and even a few sprinkles here and there i cannot rule out and i'll show you radar in a second. 53 dulles and 55 frederick and 50 couple better land and same winchester and culpeper overnight lows 30s and 40s is it may. we wonder as the chill builds in. we even have to our far west freeze warnings in effect. for highland, pendleton and grant. that's a pretty good indication the higher elevations and as i said a chance of passing sprinkle or light shower before the night in over. very possible. clearing skies for tomorrow as a ridge of high pressure builds in and highs head into the lower 60s. we'll have more details a little later for you and of course that all important 7 day forecast. back to you. >> looking forward to it. >> next at 10
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entrepreneurs getting a jumpstart on business. >> we'll introduce you to a local high school where they turned classmates into customers and opened up their very own
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>> row run. they sell vip taj clothes and memoriabilia at their shop in winchester. we sent photo journalist and reporter will to check it out. >> kanye west, the nike tag with the -- and and there was a school project and it's not something you can do just for fun. it's something you do for a living and you can profit
10:25 pm
it and also we feel passionate b. >> and right now there's a loft people and my age group. you saw and business venture. >> they have brands of things they might even remember from when they were growing up. >> i saw an article in the paper and i was excited because i love going to stores like this i get most of my clothes from vintage stores. i wanted to browse around and take a look at what they're doing. >> i love -- too and it goes with vin tan. it's so cool and top do it on their own. it's not as hard to take that step as people may think it s when you take the first step everything after that becomes easier and easier. >> everybody had a positive response and it's been g. >> those girls seemed into it. >> sneakers
10:26 pm
>> that's the wheel house. why not capitalize on what you know. >> coming up at 10 northern virginia to the south of france. >> the local designer that learned to sew here at home her mom taught her in virginia and now her fashion career is taking her overseas, dominy co designs is a name you want to remember. more coming up chevy is the most awarded car company three years in a row. really... let's see how quickly you can read through all their awards. 2017 motor trend car of the year. kelly blue book 2016 best resale value... u.s. news best cars for the money 10 best blah blah blah only about 90 more to go! 2017 safety. 2017 north american car of the year!
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do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too. >> it's been almost five months since craig saeger peace away from leukemia. his wife is making sure his
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cancer with a cure. >> $a team sport cancer. >> nobody thought as bravely as the late craig saeger. he died last year after a long batle with acute myloid leukemia and his wife is working hard to keep the legacy going. >> we want to support lls. i'm trying to honor craig's legacy and keep this partnership together. >> partnership is between leukemia and lymphoma see tiety and saeger foundation. they're raising money in sa saeger strong pins and clothes that evoke his style. >> it's a true testament of the kind of man he was and kind of life he lived. full of fun, full of life and fuvl style. some may disagree with that but it was style. it's a testament. he got that in return 1,000 fold. and by the love and support
10:31 pm
cbs, fox, espn. everybody in the sports world. there's not one person i know of that was not on craig's side. >> and the goal, to raise awareness and defeat the cancer that took craig saeger too soon. >> we have a major clinical trial underway to find new treatments and finally after 40 years bring something new to treating aml. we're partnering with saeger strong and stacey saeger to raise the funds that will take to complete that trial and bring new therapies to patients. >> while it may seem trillial to mention basketball. even though her husband won't be court side he'll be paying attention. >> this is the time of year he was gone 40 days, 40 nights and we paid attention very closely. nba is our second family. and i don't think -- it will be tough for somebody to be beat the warriors four times in a row. >> cancer touch as i lot of people. we saw it around
10:32 pm
you may have seen thousands of walk irz a lot wearing pink today. >> they were completing their fundraiser to fight breast cancer. group participating this year of a on 39 walk. and for more than a decade people in city as cross the country have been coming together to walk 39 miles over two days anted.c. walk kicked off yesterday and wrapped up earlier today and it raised $4 million this weekend. and the money will help fund research programs trying to find a cure for breast cancer. i love seeing that crowd out there with the pink and everything and it's like girl power women power. >> doing it for a good reason. >> breast cancer affects help as well i know. >> it was not a bad day for. it. >> not bad. >> we saw the sun for a little bit. blue skies out there and sprinkle here and there and chilly and cooling
10:33 pm
temperatures into 30s in some neighborhoods and unbelievable this time of year. we were hoping they would stay on the warm trend. not quite so. so, here's a look what is happening on satellite and radar and low pressure system that brought us all the rain with associated cold front is spinning its way up here to the northeast. but, also what's happening is we a north whirlly flow coming in pulling moisture in that's moving its way across. so it's still trying to get out of here. don't be surprised if you see a light shower or sprinkle or two as this moves its way off. so we're finally getting rid of it once we get to tomorrow. highs today, 65 reagan national and 62 dulles and 63 bwi thorough good marshall and as we progress to the week we will see spike in temperatures not in early part of the week we'll stay verily cool. it's 57 d.c. and 50 whip chester and 46 call pep they
10:34 pm
are hour and 49 mannasas and 51 baltimore and 52 hage hagerstown. tomorrow will be a windy day as low pressure system moves out and high pressure builds in. we'll get that northwesterly flow and that cooler air is really going do start to stick around and place a little bit. it will be a little into the week before we started to get more of a southerly flow and get the benefit of warmer conditions and we're going to actually head into about mid peek close to 70 degree mark. that will be welcomed. overnight lows tonight kicking in on chilly side, 44 d.c., 44 quantico and 40 dull's and to the north, northwest those temperatures into mid to upper 30s. over the higher elevations even colder that that. this is where we very freeze warnings into effect. out to the west pendleton and grant all under freeze warnings fwor tonight through into the early hours of mo monday. so, i canno
10:35 pm
the time we get to the early part of the week that we could even be talking about maybe a frost advisory or so. and we'll talk about that in a second. in the meantimes ridge of high pressure builds in tomorrow and daytime highs into the lower 60s and no short am of sun shoovrment. here's a planner midday 59. by 5:00 hour with sunshine we'll be about 61. and but it will be on the windy side as those winds pick up. 44 for tonight. once again isolated shower. and winds northwest clearing in the overnight hours under the nrups ever that ridge of high pressure. that sets us up for sunshine. wind gusting 25 miles an hour as we hit 63 and here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7 day forecast. i'm talking a chance of maybe a frost advisory that would be for tuesday morning where we really start to dip down. so very possible. look as we get close to 70 hump day we're back with a few showers end of week. overall
10:36 pm
>> from concerts to fitness to fashion. there's plenty going on in the week ahead here in the d.c. region. starting offer with some highlights for country music lovers. chris sowers to haveer sop is performing at the warner theater on thursday night and then luke bript and brett eldridge will be live at jiffy lube live friday afternoon and if you listen to d.c. 101 you probably heard about their curl buffle this is scheduled surprised afternoon and features a long list of performers including kings of leon, weezer and jimmy eat world. >> if blue grass your thing check out the folk festival held next saturday cayman island near rfk off benning road and there's dozens of fans lined up and it's first zero waste fest snral d.c.. each guest will be provided with a reuseable cup and there will be good flood was well. rock land barbecue
10:37 pm
it all benefit the living classrooms found daition. now, for those that lining to travel through life on two wheels next sunday is the d.c. bike ride. 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. register online through thursday costs 70 and 70, 20 mile ride west po toe make to past d.c. i iconic sites and finishing on pennsylvania avenue. live entertainment amongt way and among others at the finish line. d.c. bismarquis and food and activities we'll leave for the the kids. we're dliving a in a big way with kelsey dominick of the designs. very dieting. kelce has event coming up in our area this week in d.c. but she's also been invited to show off excretions at the canned film festival until france. she has shown at the new york fashion week shows the as was first 34er7
10:38 pm
show he in cuba since 1960. >> absolutely. >> you're from our area. >> yes. >> you are 25 years old. >> yes. >> so accomplished i cannot believe. it i want to show some of your styles. we have pictures. >> absolutely. >> there's a sgold dress gorgeous. >> yes. >> when i'm looking at these things though i'm wondering so these are clearly not things w wear into day-to-day life. obviously i'm sure you design for big events and things like that but do people see this and incorporate these things into day-to-day life. >> a loi lot more people with pushing the edge now that they see where award winners are wearing and pushing edge of fashion and that's what we are dining, we also creating art we're creating artistic expression i think that's the important thing we bring as well. >> this is underwater. >> you did underwater. >> i did. >> i did. >> this is something that took me two years to tut poingt. i cited a wetting gown and wanted to
10:39 pm
underwater with you this know very beautiful white gown reflects light underwater on a sunk insip 18 years old. it's caeting -- >> i want to see more of this we have a model to come on this and show you -- so is this -- i see fathers are agreeing taken looks like there's a green tint to the gold as well. >> absolutely. this is something i feel like anybody could really wear to like a gay lay. it has that nice shine and you know looking at the drapery and the fashion if has of course the -- and that can be taken off as well. >> so you will build dresses from scratch at your studios you have in the area. >> yes. >> people can contact you for that. >> yes. >> and people buy things online i take it. >> yes. we have things, too,
10:40 pm
jenks with the he represent we did we did a fundraiser for $90,000 thousand. someone from your hometown you can think of buying from and getting fresh passion and look to the next event. >> okay. and we also -- here's video and you're going to cam i want to show you information about the show this week in our area in d.c.. this is on the night. >> tuesday. >> yes. >> if you want to register and bring guests didofrance.event bright km you can see the rest of the journey. >> tell any dominic and this looks like you were baiing time. >> thank you. >> i wish you all the best of luck. >> thank you, thavrn you very much. >> we'll be right
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>> on thursday brody went to verizon center to offer free thouingz sports fwhoonz needed sglem they don't need them a anymore. >> we're thinking thursday. then last night came along and then tonight's. >> i think it's bays d.c. didn't want my hugs so badly. things changed. >> just get a win and get aaway from us. >> good plan broad. >> i speaking of hugs. it looks like a husband. it was push that khaivrpingd the series. not in the way it as largely thought with kelly ubre out. wizards are missing probably best perimeter player. they rallied behind him and friend, and even own oweer tweeted free ubre. >> dont you have to take the jacket off first. >> no on over everything. who was printed on today's tickets kelly obre. i think they did it before but
10:45 pm
it's great. >> in the playoffs flexing muscles at verify sdop center. get a flex there. there you go. porter in there yep and pumped up. porter with stoudt. 15 point by rebounds in the first half afternoon then as usual it was john wall show in the second havercheck out wall forcing turnover and get outrunning. wizards love to get out and run. john wall taking it to the ten and then more flexing and more hugging. that's what this team loves to do and any great superhero team. you have to get tractor-trailer together in the same play. wizards going on 26-0 anyone third quarter and that puts it away. john wall wizards blow out celtics
10:46 pm
>> keeping it aggressive and just the way we got stopped it got momentum and rhythm. and easy buckets and placing the the ball and placing the fate. continue to ab greece e aggressive. >> keep putting foot on pedal and press forward we're a better team and feel like we've been a better team. we need to keep playing like that. >> you have been sufficienting from bored em. you should talk to your d dr. about top 5ya sdmrxt i made. >> side effect include happiness, skill ration and hill arty. to get you out of your function this is close five top five
10:47 pm
number five if you can dodge a wrenches you can dodge a ball. check out this move. amazing her with spin. >> jump, spin, >> no idea it's coming. >> and then out. >> it's pretty ridiculous. it's bold strategy. >> little fake me out there. >> florida kicker eddie pixt nero with 81 yard field goal. no mile high help here. maybe tebo was looking down on him and syracuse lacrosse 08 yards away it's g i love reaction of colgate coach. 08 yards. already up one go to colgate coach
10:48 pm
happened. >> he makes it so good. number three family affair. first d. oh, my goodness. the met did not have the only monster gone in the national this week. it hits a batcher above the field. look -- you can see the wildcard banner get hit. get before the game this is he and his wife in whiff aepdz girl friends softball game. almost the exact same swing from his wife genesis. home run of their own. >> they clearly practiced together. >> number two is lesson for the kids out there. never help an injured opp opponent. st. german the keerp checks on injured player for psg. what does marco do -- >>
10:49 pm
he didn't realize he scored a goal on him. >> to be care pe was back in time. >> he punts the ball. >> number one pair of amazing catchers. >> check the replay. goes off of his bunt. difficulties up. rick shaiz offhand mask and makes catch. he's a catcher and has one arm. he was born with it, had an infection tw a couple months old. flips the ball off and throws out the runner at 2. we had to slow it down because he's sew quick with this. >> that's amazing. >> coaches say he's hard easton the team and nuts more sglevrt when we heard about it he remaineded me of jim
10:50 pm
he remaineded me of jim abbott. >> top 5ya. >> if it lasts more than four hours call a doctor. >> this escalated quick. >> i a man taken lover for will ferrell and created a bar all about the an aidian in d.c.. we'll take you there next. next.
10:51 pm
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snri always wanted to say go glassy d. >> if you're a will ferrell fan looking for good good drink it might ingt up your alley. >> stay classy. >> and overrulely on ep forbids on fwri. the theme features cocktails inspired from the favorite movie lines. and shake and bake and you're -- wlu. >> i loved him forever and wanted to do something different. two years going we opened in new york and now we're taking it around the world and travel around. we want top quote the movies and celebrate favorite comedian and have a blast every night. >> by the way you want to check it out 8th street northeast. expect it to be open a month.
10:55 pm
>> and they used to do miracle on 7 street and. >> cherry bloss woman it's unique i kind of like that >> is it not found do. >> i know a couple them boston they did a similar will ferrell bavrment i don't know it was same guy. >> will ferrell. >> we're waiting to see if he shows up at any of these. >> i think so. >> waiting for angela pl plansburgee themed bar we'll see what happens. back after this after this
10:56 pm
we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie?
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>> tens of thousands of people are walking a cross the country carrying the load of military, lawen rs toment, firefighters and first respond whorz made the ultimate sacrifice. >> this morning they were honored as national r
10:59 pm
its way through d.c., him limb has the story. >> traveling 4100 miles from see at toll dulles and another 2100 from new york state same city in texas. p people took part in carry the load. a national relay to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. for heather arwhine the jo journey is a personal one. >> i created a team jason warriors in memory my husband, jason. he was marine for eight years and came out of the marine corps and then was diagnosed with parkinson's and then last year died after a car acc accident. >> heather's gol is raising $50,000 for the cause. >> this was something we participated in the last four years. i thought this was great way to be able to give back in a meaningful way. >> what we look to do is honor nation's fallen heros whether that is veterans, police, firefighters, ems and we actually looked to provide an alternative
11:00 pm
celebrate memorial day. >> money raised goes towards helping families of those who lost their life and d.c. leg started at the lincoln memorial. crossed over memorial bridge into arlington cemetery and entered with air force memorial. alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". . >> right now a violent assault in arlington. a man pretending to be a maintenance worker forced his way into the victim's apartment. tonight police are turning to surveillance tons track down the suspect. >> election with major owe implications for the future of europe. the closer look at the man that people chose to be their next president. >> how long are cooler temperatures stick around, "fox5 local news" starts now . >> thank you for joining us tonight i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm jim lokay. >> over the top tonight we


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