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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  May 8, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> who knew what and when. >> sally yates testifying about russian interference in the presidential election. you can see from the rundown on the side of the screen this is the hot story 6:30. let's get to it. >> underlying conduct that general flynn had engaged in was problematic in and of itself. serkdzly we told him vice-president and others were entitled to know the information they were conveying to the
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we wanted to make it clear out gate. >> and there was a lot of anticipation for today a lot of people counting down to this and we've seen senators speaking all throughout the afternoon aboutiates and everything else. >> a lot of testimony there and interesting testimony. tom fitzgerald joins us now. so, fitz, i saw "washington post" headline today it said yates throws white house under bus. >> well, the bus not only went under over the white house and backed up a few times and wept along the route as this went there were good things and bad things in here you have to imagine from the white house prospective. on the one hand you had president obama former director of national intelligence doubling down on that statement he told meet the press that up until this point he still snows of no evidence showing that the trump campaign directly participated in or had knowledge of russian interference in the 2016 election. so there's that. but make no mistak
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what sally yates had to say today was eye-opening. any time you mention a national security advisor and blackmail in same sentence that's not a good things, folks, that was not a good things for the trump white house. sally yates fired acting attorney general of the united states said this she went to the white house to tell them what they knew and what they knew was this. the statement general flynn was saying they did not talk about the obama administration sanctions on russia with the russian am bar door and yates told the white house that was not true and they knew it was not true because they had transcripts of intercepted phone calls and she also made it clear to the white house she said today in testifying in doing this that michael flynn was not only opening h himself up to be a liar but in his words was making himself exposed to the possibility of being black maleed by the russian government. listen to it testimony. >> not only did we believe that the russians k
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but that they likely had pr of this information and that created come niz information where national security this. it was 18 days after sally yates delivered that warning before michael flynn eventually resigned, the the white house saying flynn lotion the con defense of the the white house. there is no evidence he co coludeed with russian government and chairman of the house or senate judiciary committee chairman lindsay gram who is no big friend of the white house he put this question the clapper today on the record to sally yates. clapper answered that question doubled down on previous statement, yates would not answer. >> listen to this
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knowledge. is that still accurate? >> miss yates do you have any evidence, or are you aware of any evidence that would suggest in the 2016 campaign anybody in the trump campaign coludeed with russian government or intelligence services in an improper fashion. >> and senator my answer to that question would require me to reveal classified information. and so i cannot answer that. >> well, i don't get that because he just said he issued the report. he said he doesn't know of a any. >> now, sally yates went on to explain just because she couldn't answer anything doesn't mean you should draw conclusion from this. this is the tweet from president trump challenging senators today to question yates about how classified information wound up in leaked media reports. jim what
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the hearing today is keep in mind we talked so much about this over the last few months but up until today we've never had any name attached to a lot of this information. it's all been on background and all been unsourced material. today is the first time we had sally yates testify about t this. so, this is really a very important first step as these questions proceed up ob capitol hill and subsubsequent investigations go about. >> thank u. fit does. >> former washington news anchor turned politician kathleen matthews is new head of democratic party in fact voted in over the weekend. >> she's been acting chair since march and she's here to talk about this tonight. did you ever expect this would be a position wow be at a news desk addressing yourself chair woman of of the democratic committee. >> i spend 25 years at news anchor at one of the other station as
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i came to washington originally because of pol politics. i was motivated as a student coming out of vietnam war and all the issues at that time and equal rights for women, roe v. wade. motivated by politics to number washington. but i also see the real value of news media as forth estate. to have a chance now to be involved at the political end is really i think a dream come true for me. it all most takes me full circle why i came to washington in 1975. >> let me ask you, are you over the democrats in a blue state with popular republican government nor i have to imagine one of your top priorities is getting a democrat back in the gov governor's office. what's the plan to do that especially with someone pop ly lar like larry hogan. >> i think certainly democrats are focused on trying to be governing party of maryland. that not only means governing in assembly and legislature and senate and house of delegatesen also the governor sh hship. we lost that in 20
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tight election. governor hogan is popular. i also think marylanders expect them to stand up for him. >> tax hikes for marylanders with new tax plan proposed and that's what we like to see. somebody standing up for the people. it's a big tent party we call it active in unions and represented by unions and young and old and i think actually there's a big place for the progressive movement m we see a loft energy in the state now the folks that supported bernie sanders and later supported hillary clinton and they would like to see a lot of issues around
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economy, jobs, benefits represented in the politics of democrats and those are our issues. so i see progressives energize tion the parties in a loft ways. >> let me ask any times you want to throw out there as we talk about moving forward and we look at the governor's office i know that both ike legit and rashan baker terms coming in to 18 and prince george county as executives there. what are you looking for ward to. >> democrats are lucky to have a strong ben. . we have county executives in montgomery, prince george, frederick, baltimore county and many of those folks looking at running for government nor and they have executive experience and folks involved in business looking another. it and members of congress like john delaney looking at. it we have a lot of folks looking at that race now. i think we'll have a strong candidate and common denominator we all believe democrats could do a
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hogan they'll be position to used on governor hogan. >> before we go talk about involvement in jub lens committee you're going to get roostd you're nice to say that. besides the politics i'm doubling down on my community involvement. that's something i did as anchor like you do. there's a wonderful organization called jubilee. it basically provides services for adults with mental disabilities and they have group homes and all kind of services and they do annual roast and they have a tradition after bringing in politicians and i have the great fortune of having allison starling one of my former colleagues to roast me and gordon peterson another colleague and jamie ras being inour congressman who i ran against. >> i was going to say. >> and it shows that politics you know if you're kind of sharing the same values ultimately you find the fr friendship and come together. to have jamie raskin rolingting me it's thursd
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urging people to come to it i think it will be a lot of fun. >> we wish you well. thank you so much for coming in. >> it's odd to see -- great to see you here on the anchor desk because that's where i'm used to seeing you. >> i'm all inthon politics. i'm about sort of making this country and this state and our community better. >> we certainly wish you well. >> come back in any time. >> we appreciate it. >> let's talk about the weather. do you want to toss to sue? >> sure, sue palka one of my great frenz and sue and i saw each other in the green room there and sue you don't age ever you look the same as when i met you 30 years ago. >> are you so kind, kathleen. you look fantastic it's a delight you have here at "fox5". best wishes to you and in the roast on thursday evening as well. i hope a lot of people come out for that. hey i'll try toy roast things up and get it warm area round here. tonight will not be one of the warm nights. we have frost rad vicery and freeze warnings posted for our region overnight. mainly norm and west of d.c.. so it will be a cold
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even if are you not in the frost and freeze advisory area it's going to be a chilly start tomorrow morning. as we get through the day warmer tomorrow afternoon and it should not be breezy as today was. so lots of sunshine back in the forecast for tomorrow. but shower chances will be back late week. i think late wednesday night but more likely on thursday and friday. as we head towards the weekend we stay on the cool side. temperatures below normal and if you did not see this in earlier broadcast these are the areas under frost advisory and light blue. 32 to 36 degrees and in freeze warning near 30 out north and west. cover those sensitive plants up. that's for sure and i'll take an extra coat too while i'm at. it jim, shawn back to you. >> i'm going to take one in the studio. jim likes to keep it cold in here, freezing. >> we like the news fresh here. it's 17 degrees. >> raw. >> healthcare reform now in hands of senate and what it will take for republicans to push it through. 5@630 back after this
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. >> off pp you know me♪ >> senators railroad pressure to deliver healthcare legislation that gop lawmakers passed last week. >> mitch mc connell says it will take time. he doesn't think it will be easy. what does gopp need to secure enough votes to get legislation passed. >> there's a lot out there. >> this is a topic. ronica clearyp joins us now. >> jim, shawn, it's funny, when you say it's a topic this it news cycle so quick and fast it's so easy to feel like healthcare is not in the news anymore. that was last week. di have a chance to ask a question today and i still have a loft questions about. it so, today i asked press secretary a fairly simple question about the basic philosophy and fundamental principle of president trump whp it comes to healthcare. does he believe it's a right or does he believe it's a product. take a listen. >> does the president believe
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product? >> well, i think the president has been very clear in statements that whether or not you call it a right or not he want every person to have access to healthcare that covers preexisting conditions and is affordable and i think the steps he's taken over the last week in the bill he implemented or worked to pass through the house clearly highlight those priorities t the. >> now the press secretary there not really taking a side on that. you may recall that when bernie sanders was on the campaign trail obviously a different candidate but voters considered both of them. bernie sanders regularly called healthcare a right on the campaign trail. so we took to the streets like we like to do on 5@630 getting pulse of people to ask what you you think. take a listen. >> i think it's a right for people to have healthcare. i think at basic minimum people should have access
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safe and affordable healthcare. >> i think healthcare is a right. there are far too many people without insurance and coverage that really need and deserve it. >> i read the bill of rights. i mean it doesn't say anything about healthcare. those are all the human rights i think that are ascribed appropriate and not only for the united states and others but i don't believe it's a right. i do think it's a product something hopefully everybody has access toss but not a right. >> and of course you took to twitter as well asking you 66% of you said it's a right. 34% of you said it is a product. a lot of times twitter polls fall down the middle. this one much larger majority of you saying it's a right. we love to hear from you. continue to weigh n fascinating conversation. is this fundamental right or product? back to you. >> i like the way you phrase that too ronica. a lot of people say right, privilege, that versus that and that's a very good way of saying it especially considering how com
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>> it's that way. >> thanks ronica. >> dem scats are oak look aing ahead to 2020. >> president trump surprise fall started this 2020 election bit. who is on the list to challenge him. more when we come
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so maech tension 35eud to the republican primaries 2016. as we move into 2020 democrats trying to find snoun find to challenge president trump in 2020. >> dozens of names already being floated out there as potential opponents to president trump. some familiar names and faces and other non traditional candidates. >> lisa hagan on the hill is here to breakdown the possible candidates. >> 43 that's a lot of names. >> we don't have thach that much time. let's talk about a couple names on there. we saw video i know 'lot of people are looking for he liz barns of the world. first question is
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party does the democratic party want to be. then you proceed from there. >> right unlike 2016 when hillary clinton was presumed front runner there's no clear leader rights now for the democratic party. so a lot of people are looking to as we say the senator elizabeth warrens of the world and progress ivz and other lawmakers currently in senate and house and like senator corey booker and senator carson gilbrand and familiar faces like joe biden or bernie sanders. >> i'm curious are there any strong contenders if you think back years ago and everything remembers barack obama giving that speech at the dnc and he all of a sudden just you know seemingly came out of nowhere. is there anyone like that that you have been hearing who might be that big surprise for the democrat. >> right. well, one of the senators that we hear a lot is pamela harris she's been in the senate for four hose but she's constantly floated as someone who you could be a potential conteer
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not worried about future campaigns but she's one of the people that can emerge as fresh face, rising star within the party and then i know "new york times" floated a lot of times representatives seth mullton from massachusetts. so he's a young guy he's a veteran. we can see a loft those potential people coming to the forefront. >> when i saw moleton i covered his run unseed aid very popular incumbent delegate in getting to massachusetts. are we dog going so he earlier than we normally would middle of next year. >> we're three and a half years away. that's not stopping buzzing. we're seeing some early signs though. no one is overrulely thrown name in the ring. but we seen senator amy clobitar she went to iowa this past weekend. that just sparks a lot of rumors. that's first in nation presidential caucus.
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grounds for 2020. people like her are raising eyebrows and same with former governor martin o'maley a group affiliated with him as tested polls in iowa and he ruled it out and he ran in 2016. so people like that are showing signs of interest but have not seen any official names yet. >> interesting to see when they start breaking down and getting more specific there. >> lisa hagan hope this see you back here. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. >> speaking of presidents they elected a new one new france emmanuel macron getting to work today. he beat far right candidate marine le pen. >> macron is new to politics. centered to revive france s sixth largest economy. he's hoping to use his pop popularity to earn hundreds of seats for his party in the french parliament. >> gets elected and a week later takes office. >> beak
6:53 pm
>> how do you get administration together. >> get your ducks in a row before. >> it's different every place you go. by the way he's youngest person to ever hold that office in france. 39 years old. >> wow. >> there's another election happening south core he a voters headed to the polls to impeach former president park young hey. >> we'll tell you more about that. yes tonight at 10. >> in the meantime martha stewart new dog. they hang out on her show cooking every now and then. yes, this is the picture right here. it's going viral. we'll explain why when we come back.
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the middle finger. that image was removed from the internet. she's been critical of mr. trump keep in mind it not just because of politics remember when they tried auto prentis with martha stewart and donald trump said it was horrible and failure. she positive publicly announced her support of hillary clinton. >> and they have a cooking show or something together. 6. >> she claims she's not im3w50euded as substances snoop is. >> maybe they cook with with it, who snows. >> couldn't stop marine le pen she looks like she's having a lot of fun. >> in the big scheme of things you. >> probably don't see the l se
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election spending the evening like this the exact opposite of what people are used to seei . usually somber and -- >> you think about it. thinking of former in the u.s. we didn't hear from hillary clinton on the election and john carey was not until the day after. >> nonetheless nobody was dancing to village people and smiling and having a party. >> imagine john carey dancing to the village people. it's the whole vibe you know. >> but you figure when you're around all these people that supported you you mayo it to people to cut the rug and have some fun. >> i suspect that won't be the last. her party is very voll ever after defeat. and it's important to keep a presence on the presidential political front. >> and tonight we'll be talking about
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testimony before the subcommittee and what she has to say about michael flynn. we'll have that tonight at 10, 10:30 and 11. >> mt teen time neighboring a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: this may be the craziest crowd dive i have ever seen. lim uzi, 20 feet in the air. would you think somebody below got hurt. >> if you jump 20 feet and land on my, i'm suing your ass. can you kidding me? >> you're the problem with america. >> everyone's talking about this photo that diddy posted over the weekend. it's wiz khalifa and jaden smith and migos and he hashtaged it black excellence. why is everybody going crazy over this photo? >> because this is the original picture. they cropped out kylie jenner. >> "american idol" is coming back march 2018 and abc is taking on the show. harvey: everybody wants ryan seacrest to host the show. >> there's talk they want you to host. are you game is this >> i love that show. >> how are you shaking it up so


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