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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 16, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> sunshine out. overnight construction lingering and safe track surge 15 today. >> 4:29 now. "fox5" exclusive major developments in a d.c. cold case. >> one year after dnc staffer seth rich was murdered say there is evidence licking death to his work at dnc. >> what we now know, mel. >> good morning, guys, frustrated with the dead ends here at the d.c. police department. seth rich family hired their own private investigator. he told "fox5" that he has uncovered evidence that seth rich was communicating with wiki leaks before his death. 27-year-old seth rich was murdered july 10, 2016. sunday night. he was walking home late from a bar near his place in d.c. blooming dale neighborhood. police heard the gun shots. he was
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him and died at the hospital. the murder was sgrind as a boched robbery. but his wallet was not taken. twelve days after murder wiki leaks dumped a huge "catching cache of emails and julian julian assangeth fueled much speculation. they believe there is a cover up and says the police department was told to back down from the investigation. >> i have a source inside the police department that looked at me straight in the eye and said rod we were told to stand down in the case an i can not share information with you. that's highly unusual for a murder investigation. especially from a police department again i don't think comes from the skheevr's office. but i do believe there is a correlations between the ma mayor's office and the dnc. >> no, i, rod wheeler is a former d.c. police homicide detective. he'llal pier
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they will morning to talk more about what he has learned from his sources and wheel ebb promises he'll give a full report to "fox5" showing the number of contacts seth rich had with wiki leaks and when, live outside police head quarter, melanie alnwick, fox local news. >> on the news this morning a d.c. man that pled guilty to a drunk driving crash that killed five people is back in custody. they were able to find kenneth kelly. he went missing aof he skipped his sentencing hearing. the victim's family members said they were told kelly's location was monitored with the gps device and he was on his way. turns out that was not the case. spokesperson for the court satisfies the case file does not reflect an order for gps monitoring device. let's go to prince george county where prince george county family looking forclosure after their family member was murdered and bodzly lost. page was murdered by her
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tore. he killed her and tossed her body 234 a dumpster nor than a month ago. he is charged with first and second degree murder. >> we con tint latest in disturbing revelation the white house is denying published reports saying trump revealed highly classified information last week during closed door meeting with russian foreign secretary. "washington post" cooit ed current and former u.s. office saying he shared details about an isis terror threat. h. r. mc master denied it saying he discussed nature of specific threats but not sources, methods or military operations. >> six months after president den shl election and i will hill is yuming back to spotlight. she urged them to sign up for the next political venture, onward together. to advance progressive vision of the country which earned 66
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election. >> sign area tack, wants to cry, is under control in the u.s.. it effectively freezes computers leaving users unable to access it and allows to return ak sfes someone paid. so far anyone to has taken blame for the sign area tack. the computer code has similarities to a code used by north core he. >> unprecedented and beyond writing we've seen before. the level of up infection on the amount of damage pote potentially. >> the hacking group release twod variations of the virus but caught about before it came pact computer systems. >> "fox5" tracking metro this morning. we want to remind you about safe track surge 15. that starts today. this new surge will shut down five stations of the orange line between the new carl ton and stadium armory stations. closed stations are new carl ton, landover, chefly, d
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deanwood and minnesota avenue. closures remain in place through june 15. free shuttle buses will run every 30 minutes between impacted stations. >> 4:34 is the time now. actually just turned 4:35 in time for mike tom toos give an update for weather. >> more sunshine today. what a gorgeous day yesterday. lots of sun. perfectly warm temperatures. not much humidity that will change over the next few days. more and more humidity going to stream into the region. today no shortage of the sunshine. satellite and radar little going on. not expecting too much at all. reagan national comfortable 57. look at dulles 49. bwi 51. cooler start in suburbs and we'll quickly warm it up when the sun gets in the sky today. afternoon planner 73, 11:00, 2:00, near 80 and 5:00 this afternoon high for the day is 83. warm one coming your way in d.c.. here's a check of the forecast. >>
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inner loop construction bottom side of the beltway left shoulder and lane blocked. upper loop by braddock road. caution, good news rights lanes getting by. volume light this morning. outer loop looking good. i'll let you know if that changes. let's switch for maps and show you what else you're facing. for rest of tuesday morning driver quiet on 29 5. problem free 506789 as you make your way inbound from 270 southbound we're delay free from frederick to gaithersburg through rockville. i like what we're seeing at speed all green all good. 355 no issues rockville pike and topside of the beltway outer loop and baltimore washington parkway looking good and in fact between the baltimore beltway in the capital beltway quiet and shaping up shoojly. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. we'll look at surge 15 next. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" president trump expanding global gas ruling on abortions
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rule rather on previous administrations. >> a group of hackers attempting to extort money out of disney executive. >> going to break with a live look across the region. 4:36, temperature 57. back in a moment introducing the fios gigabit connection with download speeds up to 940 megs that are 20x faster
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>> it's 4:39 back with stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> ol hol joins whution what is hot on the web. >> good morning both of you and everybody. president trump reinstated anti-abortion law. called global gag rule. blocks u.s. funding from going point national family plan ago signature answer groups that provide or mention abortions to wex the law was laimingt supplemented by president george w. bush and repeeled by obama. >> sister of sandra bland the woman found dead in texas jail
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need criminal justice reform bill created in her honor. it's been drastically weak anded. the latest version of legislation which unanimously passed texas senate last week stripped provisions which would require a entire burden of proof for stopping and searching vehicles. earlier version of the bill requires officers with racially provided drivers to undergo training. >> pirates pirated. walt disney ceo says hackers stole unreleased disney movie and threatening to release online unless paid. he didn't say which but they are saying it's deadmen tell know tales. it was set to hit may 26. >> game of thrones author says a fifth spin-off is in works with hbo and says they'll be prequells instead of sequels.
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this story for you. general mills will giveaway 10,000 boxes of marshmallow only lucky charms. they are not releasing boxs in stores. instead. especially marked boxes of regular lucky charms will hit stores across united states and each box contains special 14 dimmingit code. customers have to go to a web site and see if they very the number to win a box full of marshmallows. >> are they magically delicious. >> think of all the time you save not picking out marshmallows only you have a bowl of deliciousness right there. >> thanks, holly. >> 4:4 1st time. coming up. supreme court rejecting a controversial voter id law. >> if you live in potomac you may want to get yourself ready for quite a few secret service tooingts number your community. >> across the d.c. region
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4:41, 57 degrees. more "fox news morning" after the break.
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>> "fox news morning" back at 4:44. trump administration looking to do away
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that creatd online insurance markets for businesses and companies would go online to apply for insurance tax cr credit. earlier this year trump signed executive toward ease healthcare law regulations. >> justice department investigating shooting death of jordan edwards, 15, shot and killed by roy oliver now foreman ball spring texas police officer. he was shot riding a car trying to leave a party. oliver originally said a car was speeding to him and he had to fire a stlot protect himself. body camera footage shows a car drive ago way. currently he is free on bond awaiting trial. >> reinstating north carolina voter id law. they left the lower court decision in place. it struck down law requiring vote others to show a photo i.d.. it targeted black voters. >>
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track surge 15 it will shut down five stations of orange line between new carl ton and stadium. new carl torngs landover, cheverly, dean wood and minnesota avenue stations, closures will reneighbor place until june 15. free shuttle buses every 30 minutes between impacted stations. >> thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, may 16, erin como is talking about roads and michael thomas starts us with weather. >> we have a floorious weather day here our way in d.c.. you like warm weather and summertime feel we have that coming back to d.c. this afternoon. and more so later this week. let get to. it here's a look at setup for today. high pressure to the west yesterday is now starting to scott the way to the east and south. and now it will start pumping up warmer air from down south and starts today. we're in the 70s yesterday. most will reach the 80s. lower 80s today. few off to the north may stay in the 70s
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80s on the day most of the afternoon under plenty of sunshine. two day forecast, 83 today. guess what, 10 warmer tomorrow potentially talking record heat in d.c. area as we head to wednesday afternoon. we'll have more details on that coming up in a bit. all right. that's a check of forecast of over to erin for traffic. >> 4:47 and right now good news is roads are quiet. we have earlier construction lingering braddock road. what we're working on now is safe track surge 15 kicking in 5:00 this morning be mindful if you take the orange line. huge adjustments for you. limited shuttle buses are f free. they're only running every 30 minute. this could sit back five stations are closed as well. new carl ton. landover, cheverly, dean wood and minnesota save. so this is definitely going to add time to the morning commute as you adjust to the first day of safe track 15. will be in place through june 15 as well. we have some silver line adjustments
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minutes between wheelly rest inand stadium army and 270 moving back to roads we're in great shape. same 59 northbound from fredericksburg. questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. back to you. >> now to a "fox5" exclusive and major developments possibly in murder of seth rich. >> he was killed in d.c. a year ago. police suggested it was botched robbery. now the family private investigator believes his death is linked to his work at the dnc. >> melanie alnwick live in northwest with more on the story, mel. good morning, this is interest because back in march the family said it was getting frustrated with the conspiracy theories and it wanted to raise the money back to the direction of finding killers. now this private investigator tells "fox5" he uncovered information that suggest there's is evidence on seth rich's laptop he was communicating with wiki leaks before his death. let's take you
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of 2016. 27-year-old essential rich was walking home on sunday night late from a bar near his place in d.c. blooming dale neighborhood. police heard gun shots. seth rich was alive when they got had him. he died at the hospital. d.c. police said they believed the murder was rob ray text. rich's wallet was not taichbility twelve days after murder wiki leaks dumped a huge cache of emails from where he worked. julian assangeth fueled much speculation. wheeler believes there's a cover-up and the police department was told to back down on the investigation they believe. >> i believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer which i believe is at the police department or at the fbi. >> now wheeler is former d.c. homi
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he says he will be on fox news thanel this morning to reveal the full report and promises he will provide "fox5" with that information a full rundown he says of all the contacts that seth rich had with wiki leaks and when. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> melanie. thank you, 4:50 is the time. montgomery county public school says a security audit is being done after a security guard admitted to having sex. mike levano turned himself in sunday night he works at colonel brooks lee middle school. the 14-year-old victim's mother caught him in her daughter's room and called police. he worked at rockville high school before hired at the middle school in february. we now know president trump's youngest son will attend s st. andrew's
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in potomac. he will be entering 6th grade. first lady chose the private school because of diverse sxhunfy and commitment to academic excellence. >> a teenager dead after overdosing on caffeine. >> and escaped mental patient leads police on case in stolen ambulance. >> 4:51 is the time. 57 is the temperature. back with more news, weather and traffic
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high school classroom last month. in the two hours before he died drank a large mountain dew, energy drink and lattee. he did not have heart problems but his healthy heart could not take the stress of all that caffeine. >> not your average police chase through the streets of miami. officers were called to chase down a stolen ambulance. suspect was a patient at jackson behavioral health hospital. where he hopped into the unattend ambulance and during the chase police say the suspect hit several police vehicles including university of miami shut bus. >> pepsi coming out with limited edition drink pepsi fire. cinnamon flavored and hits stores later this month for the summer and will even be a pepsi fire slerp he at 7-eleven. it has ranged from cure cross toy maureen's reaction disgusting. many say it's a non alcoholic answer to the cinnan
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whisky brand called fireball. >> nope, nope and more nope, yep, a cafe dedicated to marshmallows set to on in shy town. launched a campaign to start a business selling gourmet marshmallows online in flavors like champagne, salted carmel and kaluah. they'll have a make your own smores bar and drinks with fresh made marshmallow enough. >> you can make anything a business. who said marshmallows i think we have something. >> anything is possible these days. >> clearly, clearly. what's our business idea? >> i would go that's delicious. >> mike is fall on the marshmallows. >> nothing like a sugar rush. >> that lucky skharmz up your alley. >> yes you have to throw out the healthy kernels. >> they have a box or making a box of only marshmallows.
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>> fall on that. >> georgous weather coming our way once again today. if you like warmer temps they're on the way. 46 to 59 as the kids get off to school. some suburbs into the 40s. cool start. by the afternoon it's short and tee shirt weather in full force. 78 to 8 had 4. warm, in breeze unlike yesterday. it will be very warm day once the sun gets in the sky it heats up quick limit look at the 90s in the 7 day. that can be record breaking in washington. thursday, 93 as well. down to 91 friday with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon which cools us down for the weekend. onlyp 0s saturday and surprised as well headed to next week warms back to the 80s and chance of thunderstorms on monday. all right. that's a check of the for forecast. over to erin for traffic. >> 4:56 now. tuesday morning roads quiet. bement way looking nice. problem free on 295. we're seeing nice conditions. topside of beltway as well as maryland. take
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fredericksburg across the woodbridge avenue across the occoquan. problem free no delays. mannasas to the beltway wide on. 28 through cheverly is look going now. no problems. safe track surge 15 impacting orange line. questions@faern fox d.c. on twitter. >> coming up the mass every sign area tack spread across the world doesn't appear to be making much trouble in u.s. >> accusing syria of tor torturing and murdering government opponents and covering it up. >> a live look across the d.c. region, 4:57, 57 the t temp. fox morning news back after this this . >> there's 57 versions this song and i like them all. ♪
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and bedroom sets. plus save $100 dollars on every $1000 you spend. the memorial day sale at havertys. life looks good. >> today on "fox news morning" murder mystery a private investigator revealing new information in a murder. >> and white house published reports which accused president trump of sharing state secrets with russia. >> and metro opening for the day and several stayings on orange line closed for nearly a month as a new safe track surge begins. what you need to know


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