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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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outside. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. today is monday, may 22, erin como talking about a wet commute this morning. here comes the rain again and michael thomas again. >> here is come. showers into the region. on and off throughout the day. cooler feel to this afternoon. hey, erin. >> we all know what rain does to the morning commute. we'll help you get around the slick spots. first evolving this morning planned today in the deadly standing of university of maryland attack. >> the crime may have been a hate crime. live it college park with the details. >> good morning, university of maryland graduated yesterday. weekend of celebration punk waited by shock and sadness. you can see a couple of candles still leftover at th
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ten ebt richard collins was murdered and in and out fbi is looking into whether it could be a hate crime. richard collins iii was commissioned into the u.s. army following father's footsteps he should be graduating from buoy state this weerk his burden now a stunning loss. >> this was a good kid. he was going places. he was going places. and he had high aspirations to achieve all of the goals he set in his military career and we're devastated his life was taken away with this senseless act of violence. >> kol ipz was visiting two friends here at the university of maryland friday night. they were on regent drive we uber 3 a.m. saturday when the suspect approached. he possibly had been drinking was screaming and told collins to step left. collins refused and was stabbed in the chest. 22-year-old shawn
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arrested at the scene he is a university of maryland student and investigators found he is a member of a facebook group that is said to be racist. now the fbi is looking into what else urbansky may have been into online. that investigation is ongoing. we can tell you right now he faces murder and assault charges. live in college park i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:32 is the time now. developing news in northern vir vr a 08-year-old man arrested over a property dispute. spotsylvania said larry johnson shot and killed a 65-year-old neighborhood yesterday. the killing stemmed from a long running feud over prompt tivrp the victim had a a landscaping crew on the propertyty when the shooting happened. >> today, president trump moves on to israel. the latest stop in his first foreign flip office. >> this is why mr. trump is expected to push benjamin k
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renew peace noyshtions and there's mounting questions on what he expects to see on both sides. they met and approved incentives for palestinians. this move is seen as a positive step. during that same meeting prime minister netanyahu declared jerusalem was and always will be the capital of israel. palestinians want it as their capital if an agreement is ever reached. could have been servetives are vehemently against new talks let alone a two state solution. we could be tin to follow the latest in the firing of former fbi director james comey. he's schedule totd meet privately with house oversight chairman jason chafitz this is a week before he is set to testify about the fbi snreetion russia. meanwhile "new york times" reported president told russia
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foreign secretary relieved a lot of political pressure he was under with rubia medaling. rex tirl son in the overruleal office for that meeting say those comments are misinterpreted. >> i take away from that conversation was not that points at all. i think again the president was simply saying tothe russians, these issues at home are not going to get in the way of my effort and effort of my government to see if we can find a way to move this relationship forward. several top democrats are not convinced. they're requesting the white house provide all documents from the meeting with russia foreign secretary for them to review. >> it was unwelcomed reception for mike pence at the university of notre dame. he was invited to give a commencement address. as he started dozens ever graduates sdood up and walked out. earlier this month betsy devos was heckled during his speech as students turned their back to her. u.s. militarco
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have until may 31 less than ten days to submit plans for accepting transgender troops. the pentagon liftsed the ban last year. it takes effect july 1. thousands of transgenlder troops on active duty now. they currently serve under don't ask don't tell policy. >> voter registration ends in virginia if you want to make your voice heard in next month's primary election today is the deadline. eligible residents can register online at the department web side 11:59. you can rej sner person 5 . applications rej stertd by mail have to be post marked by today. >> 4:35 is the time. wet start to monday morning. michael thomas, police tell us it's getting better. >> remember the lovely weather. >> yes. >> that's gone. >> forget about it. >> we have clouds and showers not just today for the next several days. stormtracker radar busy this morning with showers moving up through virginia. unfortunately on and off throughouthe
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rain coming your way for the morning commute. temperatures outside still on the cooler side, 59 reagan and dulles 57 and 56 bwi today yes clouds and showers and steady rain for the morning commute. and by the time we get to afternoon hours it's much more hit and miss. 64, 11 a.m., scattered showers by 2, 70. previously poking mid 70s this afternoon before temperatures fall back this evening. that's a check of the forecast. erin back. >> that's right, 4:36 flashing lights downtown. 17 and constitution in the districts. crash scene there and wet conditions. please use caution. traffic getting by despite the active crash scene. as we forward cameras we're seeing wet rose maryland and virginia and head isy grove through the trees there you can sigh wet roads and traffic moving fine. little increased volume earlier than usual. this say look at the bottom side of the beltway near 210 and inner and outer loop looking good. we'll help keep
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this wednesday morning. >> coming up, one of the most decorated olympians in the world says he's done. >> that's a good tease. cher stuping viewers before she's honored at the 2017 billboard awards. >> what is the world is going on here. >> 71 years old. that's what's up. >> 4:37 is the time. going to break now with a live look outside the region. 4:37 is the time. 59 temp. back in a moment
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>> 4:39 we're back with what is hot on the web. these are the stories you're engaging with on social media. >> holly is here with the realtime news tracker. >> good morning, everybody, president trump is trending today for language he used in his speech to arab leaders in saudi arabia. he talks tough about terrorism
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saying "if you choose the path of terror your life will be empty, your life will be brief and your soul will be fully condemned" and implored arab lieders to tam is out terror group and drive them out of places of worship. he did not use the words radical islamic terrorism during the address. >> next up controversial milwaukee sheriff firing back at cnn report claiming plagiarized parts of his graduate thesis david clark is strong supporter of president trump and hopes of working for homeland security. he attended naval post graduate school in monterey, california. according to cnn his 2013 thesis failed to attribute sources 47 times. sheriff clark dedenies the claims and told the reporter that broke the story a sleaz bag. >> pippa middleton's wedding is trending for all the reasons you may think but
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worthy speech. according to daily male the best friend compared her to a dog and made references to her famous dierer and other sexual comments we're not amused and speech went over like lead balloon and into awkward wedding toast hall of fame. >> and next up, michael phelps said happening up the swim trunks for g he officially retired again after last year summer olympics. in interview next month he implied he may go back to competing during special olympics over the weekend he said it's time to move on. finally, cher! she proved she still got it at least at last night billboard music awards belted out believe and if i could turn back time rocking a sheer silver outfit with nipple pasty s and wowed the crowd in one of the most famous
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black sheer out dpoy turn back time video. the 71-year-old received billboard icon award. 71! >> yes i'm the only one in here like rock on. mike and wisdom are like ut ut-uh. >> i'm impressed and slightly scared at the same time. >> are you. >> yes. >> you can imagine? >> whatever speech she said she can do a five minute plaque. >> wow. >> 71. >> five minute plaque wisdom. five minute plaque at 71. >> i'm impressed. >> holly, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> oh, man, 4:42 is the time. still to come "fox news morning" united nations call a meeting to discuss nuclear ambitions of russia. >> and eating outside in one city coul be cleaner. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. 59 is the temperature. looking a little foggy out there right. i think the
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background you can make it through that fog. monday morning, let's do this. back after this
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>> united nation security council plans to hold urgent consultations on the north korea missile test. close
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united states, japan and korea taking place on tuesday. u.s. and south korean lead rz say north korea fired medium missile range and it appears similar to the one earlierest ited last year. >> officer betty shelby was put on unpaid leave after charged with manslaughter for the 2016 killing of crutcher. she shot crutcher out of fear he did not listen to dmoond lie on the ground. they argue shelby over reacting and crutcher had hand on head. last week a jury disagreed and acquitted shelby. >> new details of the funeral of front man chris cornell. the singer's bodzy was flown to california a private funeral will be held friday. he died of suicide last wednesday. >> san antonio spurs on brink of elimination even with it on the line their best player expected to miss game
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san antonio against the warriors. they can take the series with a win tonight would be a clean sweep. >> i'm maureen umeh are. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> monday, may 22. erin como talking about the roads. michael thomas starts us offer because the rain is baca apparently here to stay for a minute. >> are you absolutely correct. rain coming not just today but next several days in the forecast. not a total washout each day but threat for showers each and every day. straight to future cast we'll show what you is up. morning commute looks wet. steady light rain around here. by the time we get to late morning early afternoon gets more scattered. that will be the case through the afternoon and evening hours tonight. it's not again a washout but hit and miss kind of showers. it will be cloudy and temperatures will be on the cooler side. quick look at two day for forecast, clouds and showers today and guess what clouds and showers tomorrow. that's the weather over toe erin for traffic. >> 4:47 wet commute flashing lights behind me in north w west. intersection of constitution and
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getting by and slowly. use caution around that intersection. as we move to maps despite the rain we're seeing quiet conditions around the beltway and use caution especially bridges and overpasses, question erin fox d.c. on twitter, back to you maureen and wisdom. >> developing this morning officials planned today in the deadly stabbing of university of maryland student over the weekend. >> the deadly attack may have been hate crime fueled by r race. "fox5" melanie alnwick live in college park with the details in his story. mel. >> good morning, guys, it looks as if there may have been impromptu vigil at the bus stop where lieutenant collins was killed and maryland graduated yesterday a weekend of celebration punch waited by shock and sadness over this case and yes the fbi is now looking into whether this is a possible hate crime. richard collins iii had just been commissioned into the u.s. army following his father's footsteps. he should have graduated from buoy state this week
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>> the young man, his career was about to take off. he was celebrating his new commission and when his life was taken that night. >> kol ipz was visitsing two friends at the university of maryland friday night. they were on regents drive waiting for uber 3 a.m. saturday when the suspect arochd. place say he was screaming and possibly drunk and told collins to step left. collins refused and was stabbed in the chest. 22-year-old shawn urbansky was arrested at the scene a university of maryland student and investigators found he's a member of a racist facebook group. so the fbi is now doing some digital diving here looking at what else he may have about into online again newspaper of those hate crime charges have been filed yet. that part of the investigation is continuing and meantime, urbansky is charged with murder and assault. live in college park i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local ne"
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could have a new police chief by the end of day. mayor nominated scott bake to take on the gig full time. baker will go before city council today. takes majority of vote from council members to approve the nomination. bakeer is serving as acting police chief since february. >> by now it should be routine and drivers beware. if are you not already using speed limit you could be pulled over. click oregon ticket campaign takes off across the country. if you don't know what it is it's an effort to made roadways safer as busy travel season gets into swing. if safety doesn't motivate you maybe money will. maximum ticket for seatbelt violation is more than $100. >> rockville a ban for smoking at outdoor resta restaurants. if it passes rockville would be the second city in maryland and first in d.c. metro area to enact the policy. 2015 council voted to ban smoking in more than 8
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parks. remember centers and facilities. >> nothing worse than going to a restaurant rather than walking through somebody walking through. >> my brother was like to the people hey man. >> i was like don't start anything. >> it could be the law. >> i hope so. >> coming up on "fox news morning" one of the most anticipated celebrity trials in recent memory begins today in philadelphia. >> and justin trudeau giving prom goers a lifetime memory. >> a live look across the wet dmv. michael thomas says we're going to be in this wet mode rain mode for a little while. he'll tell us how long when we come back. 4:51 is the time and 59 is the temp. back in a
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>> we're back at 4:53. jury selection beginni i
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sexual assault case against koz bay caused of drugging and molesting temple university manager back in 2004. he says it was consensual. the 7 the-year-old cause by says he did not expect to testify and faces possibility of ten years in prison if convicted. dozens of women came forward in years accused of drugging and raping them. >> long island and suburban new york came to an era "the greatest show on earth" took a final bow. the ringlinging brothers barnum and bailey circus. an estimated 10 million at attended every year. old fashioned business model approved to be too coastally. >> the universal soul circus is rolling on isn't it? >> vancouver british column beihl agot interesting. justin trudeau photo bombed students he was out for a jog
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asked him to drop in. what is he wearing. prime minister has a habit of popping up out of nor. last year a family in quebec got" shot when spotted him hiking in a cave. but really what's he wearing? >> 4:55. >> let's talk about the movies right now. because alien covenant is number one at the box office earning 36 million in opening week. dark, r rate the square fest earned top spot by 900,000. guardians of the galaxy took in 35 million. everything, everything, finished third place with 12 million. all right. >> all righty. >> there you go. >> you okay today. >> right there's something a little off. >> maybe it's the rain. >> justin trudeau's shorts am i the only one you. >> may be the only one. >> come on now a little weird. >> he likes a pair of short shorts. >> it's like throw back 1 1976-78 style.
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>> if you can wear them -- you. >> more power to him. >> no short shorts around d.c. today. rain moving back into the weather. kids at the bus stop 64 to 60 degrees and light steady rain. rain boots, jacket, umbrella to get your day started. 68 to 76 showers around and hit and miss. certainly not a washout later today. we'll keep temperatures on the cool side couple spots in mild 70s. 75 in d.c.. down to 69 tomorrow. clouds and showers repeat tomorrow afternoon. up to 75 on friday and good news we'll finally clear it out end of week in time for the weekend. we'll start memorial day weekend off on sunny note with 80s. let's check the weather and erin is back with traffic. >> cold, rainy start to the day norm west we have a crash constitution avenue 17 street and traffic getting by you can see the flashing lights caution there. as we forward along things in sir vir 9 a
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boulevard. 95 northbound, southbound, picking up a smith. not enough to cause slow do downs. watch for potential to hide roy plane and slick spots. quick look at maps. metro on time for safe track. erin fox d.c. twitter. back to you wisdom and mau maureen. >> halocaust museum goes into lockdown after a woman is attacked. >> and today last day to register to vote if you participate in the upcoming primary in the commonwealth. >> a live look across the d.c. region, 4:57 is the time. back in a moment. z2d1iz z16fz
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>> today on "fox news morning" possible hate crime. fbi is investigating stabbing death of buoy state university student on the university of maryland college park campus. presidential dip mromcy president trump prepares for a day of talk ever the middle east process during his visit to israel. take a look outside to prepare for a cool day. wet roads, slow commutes. showers expected to be off and on across the region throughout the day sadly. yeah, it's monday. but hey, good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> monday, may 22. >> michael thomas will talk about wet weather


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