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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, after a car hit and killed this six year old his family asked the city to make changes in their neighborhood to prevent another tragedy. tonight we went back to check the city's progress. then england on critical alert. how the country is moving forward after the the deadly blafs that killed 22 people at a
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concert. and commuters got hit with sky high express lane tolls earlier h this year. will the rates high rocket again ahead of the memorial day weekend? the news a at ten starts right now. are changes being made after a deadly crash that took the life of a six year old d.c. boy, i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. it's been more than a week since a car hit and killed exaif onjohnson. the city promised to do something about it over the weekend. fox5's marina maracco is live in southeast with the story. marina. >>reporter: tone initial shawn, neighbors hearsay they have been demanding action from the city for quite sometime. xavierier lucky's death was the last straw. you'll see speed limit signs that were installed by d. there are two schools on this this stretch of livingston road and when children are present the speed limit is 15 miles per hour. at a
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speed limit stands at 25 miles per hour. the day following xavier's death the community and his family gathered for a vigil to remember him and even with d.c. \street\{~}#n{#o}street\{~}stree t{-|} out on the street our cameras roled as cars like this h sped well past above 25 miles per hour. mayor bowser enacted her zero vision plan and it's her goal to have zero traffic fatalities by the year 2024 and you'll see this video here, this is the child's death that last now brought the spotlight back here to livingston road where ddot has installed seven sets of cables throughout the road which is almost a mile long. ddot says the traffic engineerses with the help of these sets of cables will now collect speed and volume data. this is the reaction tonight from neighbors who live here on livingston road. from the very beginning you can always see cars coming
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attention to how fast they're going. what would you like to see done? a. speed bumps. it would definitely help. maybe some signs showing that there are speed bumpseses so they would have to slow down. we cannot regain time. we can't go back and uncease something or undo something, but while we have the opportunity, while we have the chance, if we have the resources, if we have the connections, do it. and tonight ddot tells fox5 once the analysis is complete they'll determine the feasibility of in tawlg a crosswalk as well as speed bumps along livingston road. they say this analysis should be complete within 30 daysment as of tonight still no charges for that driver. live tonight in southeast d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local
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>> i don't know where she is. tonight some reports that people are still searching for loved ones lost in high temperature chaos of the manchester arena bombing. today british prime minister theresa may said she was raising the terror alert to critical. it also means police officers guarding sites with members of the military. although isis has claimed responsibility, they were not able to tell if the 22 year old acted alone. it went off and killed ones as young as eight years old. horrific injuries, terrible. dozens of innocent people, beautiful young children savagely murdered in this heinous attack upon humanity. >> that was president trump's reaction to the
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grande indefinitelily postponed her world tour following the attack. it was the biggest fire in prince george's county history. $40 million of damage after a college park apartment building went up in flames. it happened a month ago this h week and tonight the first responders who battled that blaze were recognized by the city. fox5's lindsay watts has the story. >>reporter: it was a five-alarm fire at an apartment building under construction. the sprinkler system was in place, but it wasn't hooctd up yet. a major l challenge for firefighters as flamessen golfed the structure. i was the first one there. i was in the firehouse which was only a couple hundred feet away. firefighters came from around the corner around around the region. after 9/11 there was a big push to make
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was on the same radio channels. it was seemless. crews worked around the clock for daze. the fire start odd a monday. pretty much was there almost none stop until friday amp. a month later college park city council formally recognized first responders for their work. the mayor saying h could have been so much worse for the community my dadly put a big fire out. d.c. firefighter christopher mat son brought his daughter. >> i brought my daughter. it'ss her father getting an award basically for a five of-alarm, one of the biggest fires of pg county. the fire of a lifetime he's a firefighter and he take down fires. >> he dossments even at four years old lay large audience recognizes hr dad's contributions.
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>> new at ten tonight you could be paying higher tolls to drive on the 95 express lanes this memorial weekend. tonight we're trying to save you with a few tips that might help make your get a a little bit smoother. teisha lewis is live in springfield to break it all down four. >>reporter: tomorrow may be the best day to head out for the holiday weeken, but you if you're like most of us and if you can't cut out of work before the busy travel time starts you could face skyrocketing tolls. nothing like what you are looking at right now. all we all know demand drives the costs and this holiday weekend more people are expected to travel than in years past. i usually go to virginia beach for just the weekend. from here i always get on the express lane and then it's 175 and then it varies to 175 and then you see it 2.25, so it
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said it best, but we've seen even bigger changes than what johnson described. tolls hitting the $30 range without the holiday rush. these snapshots quickly became social media sensations. a holiday weekend what do you think it's going to be. >> it's going to higher. they go by how many cars are on the lane. i do not take the travel lanes because they cost too much. mike mack gushing is the spokesperson for transurban. they operate the 495 and 95 express lanes. if you want to avoid traffic, try to avoid leaving that thursday and friday between noon and six. also encourage travelers to plan their trip before they get out on the road. sticker shock isn't the only surprise facing holiday travelers. beginning this thursday and friday we're going to reverse to the southbound direction one hour
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earlier, 10 a.m. instead of 11 a.m. reopening the northbound direction by four. we're going to keep going northbound into sunday. the big change happens this sunday morning. the 95 express lanes will be closedded seven to 11 as the rolling thunder travel to the district. >> i'm going to be riding with the roller thunder. and gary tips is not alone, a reported 900,000 participants and spectators are involved in the annual motorcycle rally, a tribute to american war heros. william johnson said what many may be thinking when they're stuck in holiday traffic this weekend. it's a free road. there shouldn't be no pay at all. >> and know before you go, that is the message as we head into the holiday weekend, the v.a. express lanes will be posting updates on social media querng the new times. also, the lane reverse l as, we're told
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lasting through the summer. you want to check out social media for the very latest on that. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> stay on top of that. next at ten tonight, a fox5 a exclusive a georgetown professor making headlines for confronting a white national list at a jimmies talking about the altercations and the threats she's received since it happened. >> and a local woman thought she made some quick cash by selling her old phone. her pay outenned up being worthsless. what you immediate to look out for. tonight we're remembering the life of sir roger. he passed away today in switzerland after a battle cancer. he already enjoyed a long career in if i ams and television. sir roger moore was 89 years old.
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"tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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>> well, it's been a rainy night, so the question is are we in for a wet
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palka joins us with some more. >> i hate to tell you we're not going to see much in the way of sunshine. i don't think wednesday is going to be particularly wet, but we have the light rain around town tonight and that is going to continue through the overnight hours. we really thought it would have a hard time getting this far north because it was a lot of dry hour, but it has been able to do that in the last hour or so. the rain pattern has kind of split into two. i'll put it in motion for the last four hours and wow, i was pleased to see the nats were able to play through the light rain hard on the fans, hard on the team, but they managed to do a very good job with the mariners and now we have that little break overhead. but overnight there's still more down to the south and that's go to come up. we're going to continue with periods of light rain through the overnight hours, no thunder expected and not particularly heavy rain, either. this is all coming from an our of low pressure that is going to be
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delmarva. at 11:00 tonight the pattern continues on radar. this is future cast. by the time we get to eight in the morning it's a lieutenant of clouds around and maybe a few showers still lingering, you might have a little bit of wet weather to deal with in the early morning hours, but as the day goes on it looks like it will be more clouds than anything else. but round three begins late tomorrow night. at 11:00 we start seeing some very heavy rain, modded rate to heavy rain overnight tomorrow night and into thursday morning. we have a little bit more unsettled weather to get through. it's certainly have an effect on temperatures as well. most places will top out in the six 30s. if we get enough sun, a peak or two tomorrow we might be able to get into the low 70s in some areas. but generally it's staying a little bit unsettled in the run up to the big memorial weekend l fl we'll talk more about what you can expect with that coming up a little bit
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later and a look at your weather headlines at 10:30. >> new tonight, a georgetown university professor is only to fox5 about an altercation she had with a white national list at a l local gym. christine fare is an associate professor in the school of foreigns of s. last week she confronted richard spencer a white national list about this gym. she blogged about the interaction online now she getting hateful messages. anjali hemphill is live in northwest with the exclusion. >>reporter: fare says ever since her confrontation with richard spencer where she calmed him a nazi her phone and social media have been going on none stop and even threats. she's not taking it lying down. take a look she's actually posted several of the messages she's received to her blog. a loft the language had to be blurred, but often the messages are inflammatory and threatening. she says
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slurs, derogatory faces and even body shamed \fair\fare after a photo of the confrontation was posted on liefnlt fare says she denieded decided to post for all to see she even posted the facebook messages and addresses in an effort to shame them. fairies a professor of foreign studies at georgetown and some have called her post and inappropriate for a teacher at a prestigious university to be posting. >> that is the most priceless display of white male privilege that these men are actually asserting that they have a right to say these to me but i don't have a right to make it completely public that these men treat women like this. so my goal is that when you google some of these men's names it comes up that this h is the way they treat women. in fact, some of these idiots h
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so from their employer's' e-mail. to men that say this is outrageous, how you dare you put my picture up after i've sent you a repatient e-mail, a repatiently threatening e-mail, i say bloop. there is nothing in the factually handbook how you should deck russly respond when you are serious hate threats. this traditional that you sit back and take it like a girl is actually very dangerous for us. >> fox5 reached out to georgetown university for comment. they sent us this response, quote, while we respect the academic freedom our faculty, the views of any faculty member are his or her own and not the views of the university. meanwhile fare says she will use her blog to shame those people that are sending those hateful messages. >> live in northwest tonight, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> and c
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new warning about a fake money scam. that's right, hear from the local women whoened up with a handful of worthless cash. it's called made for the movie money. coming up tomorrow morning on fox5 d.c. schools chancellor and the one wilson sits down to talk with us about his first year on the job. on good day d.c. jamie foxx talks with us to discuss his whraitest venture, which is a game show on fox. we're getting you for the memorial day weekend cookouts for tips on grilling chicken. that's all coming up tomorrow morning on fox5. we'll be right back.
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whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe,
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ill be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> we have new disee taims tonight in the accidental shooting death of a four year old at a daycare in orange county virginia. they charged alex the sheriff's office says the charges
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other children were in the home when four year old cole clark shot himself. police in stafford county say a sheriff deputy recruit lives in the house, but the firearm involved was not a service wep objection to the form. the family set up a go fund me page last week to cole's funeral spends he. with the help of more than 500 people they were able to race more than $24,000. we have epa update now in that officer-involved shooting last week in prince william county. two manassas police officers were justified in shooting the suspect. they shot 18 year eeld ma lease ma lien a multiple times after they say he led them on a crews and hit two police cruisers. ma lien a is charged with malicious wounding p an officer. >> developing now, a new warning tonight from montgomery county police about a fake money scam. the scam involves prop money used in movies. the latest victim is 18 year old hannah bowelry. she tried to sell her old iphone on the app let g
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$450. the suspect agreed to purchase the phone so the pair met at a shopping center in germantown. the suspect bought her phone with $500 in prop money, but the victim says she didn't realize it until she tried to put the cash in the bank. i went to a local pnc, went to go deposit and the money would not be taken. i was really confused about why not and then we pull it out and i happenedded it to him and we both look the ate and we're like oh my good, in the property of the dollar says for prop use only. my heart just dropped. i was so upset. >> police says the suspect got away with her iphone and $50 in cash. officials say if you buy or sell items online it's best to designate in a police zone and look closely at the money. in st. mary's, the police need your help in finding this man. he's accused of stealing a credit card. he used the card to
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the suspect stole the credit card from the victim's purse which had been left in her h unlocked car. if you recognize this man, call police sean and i will be back at 11. coming up news is fox5 news at 10:30 we're going to take a closer look the at the official white house budget. we're breaking down where most of the money is said to go than a the major obstacles in the way of getting the budget passed. heavy hearts at whats was meant to be a celebration. we'll take you to a graduation day at buy i attack. a sheriff's deputy who collapsed during a ice hockey game is reyou flighted with members of the opposing team who actually help save his life. we're back after this.
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"tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks...
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is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. z23wnz z5yz
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>> this is fox5 local news at 10:30. now at 10:30 this community demappedded answers and action after a six year old boy was struck and killed by a speeding car. how is the city responding in in tonight we return to the scene of the crash to see what changed. then heavy hearts at what was supposed to be a day of celebration. i just think it's very sad and it's just still shocking to me that people have such hate in their hearts. how bowie state university honored the day. we're breaking down the white house budget and the impact right now at 10:30. >> it is 10:30 on t
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sarah simmons? a. up first almost a week ago a car hit and killed xavier lucky neighbors complained about cars speeding kown the street. they are demappedding safety improvements. marina maracco is live and we're wondering are there any changes to that trech of road. ddot has started a study of livingston road. you'll see hip me that ddot installed these new speed limit signs over the weekend. they also installed these seven cables. there's seven of these sets. they will analyze traffic and speed and then help determine the feasibility of crosswalks and speed bumps. british prime minister raised the country's ter ofer alert. the country is also deploying soldiers and more police officers to key locations like concerts and sporting events. twenty-two people were killed in that blast. the suicide bomber has been identified as a
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native. investigators working to determine if he was part of a larger terror network. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. and the firefighters who battled the largest fire in the history of prince george's county got an honor tonight. those are the flames that did $40 million worth of damage to the college park that was still under construction. college park city council recognized those responders saying the fire could have bench worse for the community without their efforts now let's take a live look outside. more clouds, some showers tonight. >> a little wet out there, a little ugly. herself ' sue with a look at the forecast. the rain has been fairly light, jim and sarah over the district and the counties that are close to the beltway it's going to pick up overnight. it's not going to be heavy rape, but it is going to in t. by the time we get to the morning rush hour i think for the most part it is going to be over. i wouldn't be shocked if there was aou
10:32 pm
again tonight here and there, but not a lot. wednesday you might think it's going to be on the wet side more just clouds and think a lingering shower in the morning, but most of the daylight hours tomorrow are going to be dry. tomorrow night a different story, about 11, 12:00 we're going to start seeing some heavy rain along the interstate 81 corridor and that is going to psh up northwest. i think the morning commute could be impacted on thursday. although i do think it will wind down shortly after the morning commute, but we can't rule out a hit or miss shower or even a rumble of thunder in the afternoon on thursday. very unsettled for the next 36 hours last headline finally some clearing on friday. the sun will be back. temperatures will be closer to the upper 70s and we'll do some drying out then. keep the umbrella handy for the next 36 hours. >> jim fox5 is in prince george's county tonight and the university much maryland charged in the stabbg
10:33 pm
state student remains in jail. richard collins would have graduate presented bowie state today. you heard the crews property crowd at the xfinity park that's asacol instance' frens and family received his degree. they draped a gown over an empty chair in the front row lieutenant collins was a wonderful young man. the thing i talk about most is his character. he loved to help others. he love to give back. investigator still trying to figure out if the murder of lieutenant collins was a hate crime. during the commencement today, bowie state's president made a call for piece. let us pause now in a moment of silence and couldn't contemplation of wh of us
10:34 pm
harmony and love that seems to be so lacking in our country and in our world today. >> l collins' suspected sean your ban ski is being held without bond. police tell t us he was a member of a racist facebook group. >> a followup now on an undocumented immigrant who was detained in fairfax county. today, dozens of immigration rights activistses demanded her release. the protest and vigil held outside. lil yap a mendez is a wife and mother of two she has only a traffic violation. she was the check in which was the first under the trump administration. it is very, very important that the administration listen to our community because it's so important to
10:35 pm
together. you know what? we have more than 600 cases similar to lillian a in this moment. >> now, if she is deported, mendez' family would be split up. her two children they are us citizens and her husband has applied foray sigh lum afraid to return to home country. today the trump administration release its budget proposal to 4.1 trild budget and it cuts 3.6 trild in federal spending over the next ten years. 800 billion of that would slashed from the aidan the ep would take a budget cut. the white house budget director nick mulvaney pushed back today. if you are 30 years old and you a are watching this or you're sitting here you have never had a job as an adult in a healthy american economy. it's either been a recession or a slow sluggish economy
10:36 pm
at less than 2 percent growth. p if tu don't like your job you can quit because you know you can ear job. pu get laid off you know you can go and start your own company. these are the opportunities people forget about. >> president trump is in roam tonight ahead of his visit with pope francis. the two men have clashed over a range of issues from immigration to climate claing. however each has denounced religiously inspired violence and have demanded muslim leaders take a greater stand in ruling out if i nationalism. italy is the third stop on the president's first oversees trip. back here in shall what ton there are some new developments into the investigation of russia's meddling into the 2016 network. president trump has hired attorney mark cas wits to deal with the independent counsel. meanwhile the former head of the cia told the house intelligence committee he b
10:37 pm
interfere in the election. fox's peter doocy has the latest. >>reporter: the man in charge of the cia during the 2016 campaign testified for the first time since president trump took over about what he saw last summer that made him so sure the russianss were interfering in the election. i encountered an many i wear of information intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and us persons involved in the trump campaign. brennan says he told russian officials not to meddle in the process, but he has concrete that when he did anyone from the trump campaign conspired with the gremlin. when you learned of russian efforts did you have evidence of a connection between the trump campaign and russian state actors. as i said, i don't do
10:38 pm
evidence all the gremlin reached out to some people associated with the trump campaign, but he says he doesn't know why. you might have been consistent with that age old russian recruitment meflt? >> sure, these are cas that might have been totally, totally innocent and benign as well as those that might have succumbed somehow to those russian efforts. >> a white house statement reads in part, quote, this morning's haryks back up what we've been saying all along, that despite a year of investigation, there is still no evidence of any russian/trump campaign collusion. also today on the senate side, director of national intelligence dan coats danced around a question about a washington post report that president trump asked him to privately deny a russia conspiracy. >> it's not proap rate for me to comment publicly on any that. that story coats didn't want to talk about is somethingha
10:39 pm
leaked out. these leaks damaging to the trump white house must be stopped. >> tonight, the next high prohearing on the hill may feature james comey. he is ready to talk to the special counsel robert musclier which law lawmakers are say is the only thing he needs to happen before he can testify on the hill again. >> peter seduce i, fox5 news newark liberty airport is temporarily closed. the airport is a major cold for ease coast hub. the plane has caught on fire. united air lines which is a hub there it uses newark as a hub says there was only one minor flight 1579 taking off from newark for san fran cyst coas
10:40 pm
closed for passenger safety. p if you know of anybody who is fly through up and down the east coast or as a connecting flight they should expect some delays. >> pinterest adds something that could make it easier for you to cook meals. we're going to tell you how it works and did it take inspiration from a hit tv show. we're going to break it down for you when we come back. the us stock market seems a little l desense advertised in the wake of the terror acan that. the nasdaq barely budging. all three indexes even slightly higher. you future can be keeping you up at night. three and four adults have financial regrets. the biggest remorse is not early enough for retirement americans are anxious about buying a new home, too. that's because new home sames dropped 11 percent last month after
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good news for people who are buying, the immediate and sales price dropped $10,000. with the school year winding down a a new report from walt hubbies naming or lapped oh city the best city for jobs. that's business, i'll david asman. sman. did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? enter sleep number she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $700 on the temperature balancing i8 bed. go to for a store near you.
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it sounds like an app that a was pitched on the hbo show silicone val yivment guess what, it's new a reality. opinion trinity is testing out a new meal feature. it will help re-create it by finding recipes online. pinterest my sister totally into it. in case you're wondering, they say no, they didn't get the idea from silicone valleyment they're calling it separate and completely coincidental. how many times have i been on pinteres and i say that looks delicious. how many times have you made something and it looks nothing like the same finished product. >> mozzarella based cheese cake.
10:46 pm
grabbed their lunch or dinner from the grocery store you're going to soon know exactly how many calories you'll be consuming. you'll be in on sticker shock, too. calories are going to appear on all the prepared foods. new york city will be the most municipal that require calorie quownts on prepared foods. the rules will apply to about 1500 retailer. businesses who don't comply with the new rule, they could face a $600 fine for that. it can prevent you from buying something. >> next at 10:30, d.c. firefighters teaming up to save a sheriff's deputy's life. there was that second of i didn't realize that wasn't an option. what, was that ever in doubt in up next we'll show you the reunion of the deputy and the men who came to his rescue
10:47 pm
after he had a heart attack.
10:48 pm
ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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>> welcome back. we want to give you an update on the breaking news, newark airport back open after it was closedded temporarily because of a plane fire. delays could continue, though, tonight, just show you know, but do keep an eye on what's occurring at the airport. >> talk about being at the right place at the right time, a local sheriff's deputy is alive thanks to some quick thinking. >> ate of them quickly started performing cpr. today he thanked the heros who saved his life. here's corcoran and the d.c. fire chief in their own words. we had a police officer who was playing in a hockey game against firefighters and a
10:51 pm
while until the goal i decided to lay down on the job. when i woke up i didn't quite know what happened. i thought i just passed out. when i woke up and i was like get off me, get off me. they explained everything. somebody to my right, whoever was doing most of the talking said something like we got your back, you're going to make it. i remember hearing you're going to make it. there was that second that i didn't realize that was an option. was that ever in doubt because i didn't understand what was going on. >> today we have ate men who we're going to recognize for the quality of care they provided. this being ems week it's a great opportunity to make sure that we recognize that. the question we asked each other was did they score and help him or did they help him h after he went down. i'm going to blame the heart attack. it was eight to nothing when the heart attack. i think the heart attack inhibited my ability to stop some of those
10:52 pm
been three or four to nothing. we were on our way on a come back i felt like. i want to thank these guys behind him. if not for them, i wouldn't be standing here. my pamly and friends are internally greatful. >> he couldn't have been in a better place at the type. if you're going to have an incident, that's where to have it. >> he thought about the score first, eight-zero. >> that has a happy ending, too we're dealing with some light rain out there tonight. it's not horrendous, it's just annoying. i was surprised that the nats played through it. wait until you see how well they did. they won ten-one. >> it was a two for one? a. apparently they like playing in the rain. >> they do. >> i thought seattle could handle that a little bit better they're whimps. they play in a
10:53 pm
q. that's right they do. tonight we have some areas of light rain. over the district not very wet. we've seen a little bit of a break-in the action. \rain\reign\ will resume overnight although it's going to be on the light side. how about the temperatures, last week we were sweating in the 90s. h this week we're some 30-degrees cooler. mid 60s for dulles and bwi. i think tomorrow we can get a little bit warmer. we're going onto forecast 735 although i think a lot of places will stay in the upper 60s to near 730. the rain will be overnight first part of the morning commute but then it will be more dry hours than wet hours. different story wednesday night into thursday. thursday looks like we get round three. the heaviest of three rounds. a warm front will be coming on through. the thursday morning commute could be a challenging drive. we'll be paying close attention to that certainly tomorrow night. a little bit of break around the 95 corridor and through the beltway here
10:54 pm
showers to the east and showers to the west which was well predicted by our futurecast earlier today. although we thought try air held some of the rain a little bit back but it definitely didn't. i'm sure that the nats would have preeferred that they had this weather for much of the game. we have area of low pressure which by the way produced about a dozen tornadoes especially down across georgia and a couple in north carolina confirmed tonight. so some unsettled weather there, a little bit stormier than what we had today for us tonight we're going to fall into the 50s, areas of very light rain mainly in h the late hours. we keep the breezy direction tomorrow still with a little bit of sun maybe a peak or two here and there it should deliver a milder afternoon. it will be more clouds than sun during the day tomorrow. futurecast tonight will show you that we're going to deal with a little bit light rain. as
10:55 pm
it's just clouds, maybe a few showers here and there, but not much to speak of in terms of rain tomorrow. that changes late. wednesday night here comes some moderate to hef yea rain and that wibl around for the first part of our commut on thursday, but it looks like we get a break and then the frontal boundary comes through in the afternoon that could deliver a few more showers and thunderstorms. we're going to be busy in the weather center keeping you ahead on thursday. temperatures already falling into the 50s and a few areas low 60s elsewhere. it will be a cool start tomorrow. but we should be able to see our temperatures climb into the upper 606s and low and mid 70s for the district if we get a few peaks of sun. what about the break-in action, it starts to show up friday. on saturday we have to continue to watch this forecast. i had to add a shower into saturday. i think it would be later in the evening, if not nielt. 82-degrees. it looks like a system
10:56 pm
about a 40 percent chance of that. monday about 82 greece and we're still looking for some thunderstorms here and there. that's your seven day forecast. jim and sarah, over to you. >> thank you, sue. sarah and i were watching this story just a little while ago before we came up here. a lot of people were talking about what we saw at georgetown. look what's coming at 11:00. >> indeed a lot of people are buzzing around that. the georgetown university who confronted a white national list in a virginia jim. she blogged about it. now she's saying swamped with hate messages online. tonight she's talking to fox5 about how she's fighting back. >> a relive robot copies hitting the streets. this one doesn't look quite as intimidating as those in the story movie. we'll have more coming up night at 11.
10:57 pm
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"tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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>> this is
11:00 pm
11. right now at 11, a family demanded changes after a car hit and killed this six year old on his birthday last week. tonight we're back in the neighborhood to see how the city responded. we saw these incredibly high l tolls on the 495 express lanes earlier h year. could they happen again this holiday weekend? >> the georgetown professor who confronted a white national list in a virginia jim now says she's getting swamped with hateful messages online. how she's fighting back. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with the aftermath of a tragic accident that took the live of a six year old d.c. boy. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. tomorrow marks one week since a car hit and killed xavier lucky as he was crossing hill northeast. city leaders promised to start


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