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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  May 25, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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prom to the president now. [laughter] hi everybody president trump ruffled a couple feathers at the nato summit. he reminded everyone of his campaign rhetoric when he called the organization obsolete. >> this is one of our hottest stories tonight at 6:30. as always we invite you to join the conversation. tweet us let us know what's on your mind use that #5at630. let's get to it. >> nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations. but 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they're supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> the president reissued his calls for nato members to pay their "fair share" of defense
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the president also said failure to pay weakened economy fuels terrorism. and he wasn't finished. he offered up another stern message to the member nations. >> if nato countries made their full and complete contributions, then nato would be even stronger than it is today especially from the threat of terror. >> the president's remarks come in the wake of the deadly manchester bombing that killed 22 people and hurt dozens more. >> a lot of talk about that one again because the president did say on the campaign trail nato was obsolete. then he and backed up and said it serves a purpose. i think some people were kind of surprised by it. others are saying you know what, that's the president getting his point across which he's entitled to do. >> i heard from some pundits who said they were surprised because they said they felt like he chastised them. president trump is new at politics and he has made it this far
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wants to do. we should mention that tomorrow he will head off to sicily where he will be meeting with his counterparts of the group of seven major industrial democracies. >> but back here at home the big topic is the gop replacement for the affordable care act the cbo estimates 23 million fewer americans would be insured. premiums would be lowered for some people but older people would pay about 10 times as much as young adults. out of pocket costs for some people would also skyrocket. the good news the report found the plan would cut o 120 billion from the deficit. the bill is in the hand of the senate. senate democrats even some republicans have said they need to fix this and change it around from the way it came from the house. >> let's talk a little bit about this tonight with caitlin owens the healthcare reporter at or the app. whatever you want to use. it's a great site. how are
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>> great to be here. >> a lot of people have said they went through the vote before they got that so-called score from the cbo. is it really different other than saying a million fewer people would be uninsured. >> you're right it does -- it's only a million fewer people at first. the original cbo report said that it was going to be 24 million then they redid parts of the bill, now it's 23 million uninsured in the next 10 years. the deficit, reduction numbers are a little bit smaller, too, but some of the big differences here is how people with preexisting conditions are affected. the bill has been changed by adding state waivers where states can choose to opt out of some of the obamacare regulations and that's had an effect on what the cbo says will happen to the marketplaces going into the future. it says if states take those waivers some people with preexisting conditions could be priced out of the market and the market places could become unstable. >> that's the macarthur amendment that's named after the congressman from new jersey who put that into the bill. >> yes. >> we know that the cbo score s
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it was voted on as it came out. we know the senate right now, though, senate democrats, senate republicans are working on something completely different. what do they need to add, what do they need to change to make this i guess, you know, agreeable to both sides here? >> so first of all, while some republicans are meeting with democrats, it's only a handful. this is mostly a republican only effort. the group has been meeting for the past three weeks and that's -- it's been 13 republicans although they've ended up to the rest of the caucus. they said they'll work on a bill up during the recess. some were uncomfortable with the cbo report and especially how it said people with preexisting conditions would fare under the bill so i think the macarthur amendment if it remains in the bill at all it's going to look different. >> we saw a lot of those town halls and we've had a couple of town halls here in the dmv. i know we've seen jerry conley have one over the course of time, peopl
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bab vertebra comstock to have a town hall on this. is this still going to be a major flash point for a lot of these congressional members who will be up for reelection next year that they'll have to face these constituents this summer. >> i think so. i don't see this going away. you know, it's a national issue. it's something that voters -- it's very personal to them a healthcare is something people get really worked up about and so i think that -- and it's also legislatively it's not going to go away. the senate is going to keep doing at the work. if and when the senate passes a bill it goes back to the house. so, i think, yeah, going into the summer the town halls are going to keep going, healthcare is going to keep being a very prominent top were ick. >> caitlin in terms of folks who live in our region, we know when these bills come out they are quite thick and people don't get to -- regular people don't get to read through all of them. what are some of the key things that people need to be focused on as the senate is going through this process. >> so, there's a few different areas that the bill is going to touch on. one of notice is medicaid. it transforms medicaid into
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per -- puts a cap on the federal funding limit per and it also eventually phases out the medicaid expansion in states before that people who are covered under the expansion can remain covered but if they cycle off, then the state might not receive as much money from those and there's uncertainty whether the state would keep the expansion at all a the tax credit structure is changing. the tax credit is based on your age where if you are in your 20's, you get a $2,000 annual tax credit. if you're in your 60's, the gap there as it goes up to 4,000 so that could look different. >> it's all going to look different in the end there's no doubt about that. >> right. >> but at least it's a starting point. >> there are some things that are going to stay the same. 26-year-olds can stay on their parents' insurance. >> that's a huge one. >> people -- i mean, with the obamacare regulations, one& thing that is going to stay is insurers cannot deny you if you have a preexisting condition although what is different is states can choose to take a waiver saying that you can be
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have a preexisting condition. >> a lot of folks will be watching both of those key things. caitlin owen thanks for coming in tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> little thunder here at fox5. and yet another setback for the trump administration today. a federal appeals court ruled to up hold the block on the president's travel ban on six predominantly muslim nations. it clears the way for the president, though, to appeal to the supreme court and if you remember that tweet he sent out when the first injunctions were issued, see you in court. of course the second watered down version of the travel ban took a rock off iraq off the list of barred countries and did away with that ban on syrian refugees. >> i don't believe he's tweeted on this. he's overseas so he's worried about the other issues that he's dealing with over there right now. >> sure. >> i'm certain that we will hear from him at some point. >> but the travel ban has come up after what we saw in manchester. i know sebastian gorka talked to ronica cleary and they were bringing that back out as
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way we can help prevent things like that happening in the united states. the bomber was a british -- >> born in britain. >> his parents were from libya. >> right. >> so that you have it. still going to be a flash point no doubt about that. >> let's get you caught up on some of the other trending topics at 6:30. the trump administration is still considering federal construction aid to build the stalled purple line. that's about $900 million in federal funding. the purple line suffered a major legal setback monday when a federal judge ordered maryland to update the project's ridership projections. >> governor larry hogan signed more than 200 bills today. >> his hand must have been very tired. >> you would think so. >> it includes a package of measures to address the state's growing heroin epidemic. several high profile measures are missing including paid sick leave. the clock runs out on the paid sick leave bill on saturday may 27th. >> and a golf tournament well just isn't a golf tournament when it's at the trump national golf club.
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pga championship sunday. no telling what news will break by then but officials at the club say they welcome any and all conversation since it will inevitably find itself in the middle of whatever a the new cycle might be that particular day. >> yeah, no doubt about that. >> i'm sure a lot of folks will be down there. >> all right. the big story right now and we're hearing it here. >> the weather. >> the weather. >> sue we heard the thunder a short time ago. how are we doing. >> it's pouring buckets. now we turn our attention to flash flooding. this is a flash flood warning from montgomery county. including route 97, olney and brookeville area and let me just tell you that we're getting reports that cars are attempting to drive through the water. it's very, very scary. georgia avenue, maryland 97 brookeville road, 3 feet of moving water across the road. the road is being shut down by the fire department. that's going to go until 9:15. water will that continue to se
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gone so worried about that one and they just did trim down -- a little erase here because i see they just made an update to our severe thunderstorm warning in yellow and this is for anne arrundel baltimore city howard and prince george's county until 7:00 but you can see they trimmed it back just a little bit here. so, still going strong here. here's a look at radar. it looks like you're clearing out in charles county but we see a new line that's moving southeast out of the woodstock area so we're going to watch that one. i'll focus in on that in a moment. this is also a heavy rain producer. we're seeing a lot of lightning with this. not as severe as it was a little while ago but it is continuing to push from southwest to northeast so more heavy rain moving in on anne arrundel county. i saw east port had a gust to about 60 miles an hour and then up toward rockville and the olney area, brookeville you can see that very heavy rain has pushed east of 270. heavy rain up along frederick near 70 putting all that in motion. i want you to see
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gainsville down towards the warrington heavy rain. instead of moving toward d.c. that one is moving more southeast, so we've got to wait at least i think another hour to get this all out of here. tremendous lightning still occurring with this storm and of course it is a big upper level low that is going to swirl its way across our area in the overnight hours. better weather is ahead. but, boy, it sure ri really cooled things off. memorial day weekend not perfect not a washout but we might have to dodge a few strong and the severe storms saturday and sunday afternoon and evening and again, heads up. olney brookeville area we've got ongoing flooding and i'm worried to hear that cars continue to drive through some of those intersections up there so watch yourself on the roads as you head home hopefully safely this evening. back up to jim and shawn. >> thank you sue. of course you can follow along on at fox5 d.c. for the latest updates on the weather if something should change. in the meantime rough and tumble politics took
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whole new meaning that speak with shane, please. >> sick and tired of you guys. the last guy. >> republican congressional candidate charged with assault accused of body slamming a reporter and this happened just hours before voters headed to the polls for a special election. we'll tell you why it's being watched so closely here in d.c. after this. >> ♪
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>> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. >> that was the word from the reporter to that montana gop congressional candidate. he is now facing assault charges for allegedly body slamming the reporter. fox's alicia acuna was actually in the room and saw the whole thing. >> here's her side of the story. >> reporter: yesterday fox news producer faith mangin and news photographer keith railly and i were setting up for an interview with the gop congressional candidate here in montana greg gianforte at his headquarters in
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a couple minutes into that conversation, another man walked into the room ben jacobs he's a reporter with the guardian he came up, he had an audio recorder with him, put it up to mr. gianforte's face and started asking him questions and his reaction to the congressional budget office report on the republican healthcare bill. mr. gianforte told him he would get to him later and he wasn't going to do that right now. jacobs persisted and said, you know, i just want to get your response and gianforte said to talk to shane. this is his press guy. at that point, we saw mr. gianforte grab ben jacobs by the neck both hands, grab him, slam him to the ground and jump on top of him and again punching and yelling something to the effect of i'm sick and tired of this. we saw ben jacobs get -- kind of scramble to his knees and point out his glasses were broken, he was body slammed. he said he wanted to call the police.
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mr. gianforte apologized to us and keith and faith now, there is another version that has been released by the gianforte campaign. they have released a statement saying that jacobs aggressively shoved his recorder in gianforte's case and that "greg then attempted to grab the phone that was and pushed in his face. jacobs grabbed greg's wrist and spun away. three of montana's largest newspapers have respect sended d their endorsements. we're told that mr. gianforte is due in court on misdemeanor assault charges from yesterday's incident and that can happen anywhere between now and june 7th we are told. keep in mind that the polls close in montana today at 8:00 p.m. mountain time. but there are a large number of montana voters who have already been voting for the past three or four weeks and have already turned in their votes.
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the result is. for now, i'm alicia acuna in bozeman, montana. fox news. >> both sides are talking about this. a lot of people are saying if he should lose then the republicans are going to say well it's because this incident happened. >> yeah. >> and if he won they're saying all right it doesn't matter what he does, he can get away with anything so it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. >> i want to point out two things here. first of all greg gianforte ran for governor last year in montana. montana only has one congressional seat. he lost to a democrat last time so he's not won statewide before. i'm want to point something out. in the campaign they put out very quick to call ben jacobs a liberal reporter. take the parties off it, take the ideology off it. you listen to it right there. and if greg gianforte can't handle a reporter putting a tape recorder or a phone in his face, you're not going to like washington, dude. >> right. >> simple as that. so, in the end i mean you'll let the legal system sort it out but
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have a right to put your hands on anybody else. he wasn't putting his hands on you. keep your hands to yourself. >> and you have the witness account right there. once you started hearing the eyewitness accounts that's when you started hearing things change. we'll see what happens. >> did you see this? it is a, well, watch it, there it is a little presidential should have. did you see that? president trump pushed aside the prime minister of montenegro during the nato class photo today. >> a lot of people talking about this but i -- >> we'll talk about it a little bit on the other side. we have to go to break now.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. fox's ron williams being honored area the television broadcast journalist of the year part of the 2017 multicultural media correspondent's dinner. >> ronica cleary is there tonight with more. hi, ronica. >> reporter: hey, jim and shawn. we're on the red carpet with juan williams of fox news also a contributor to the hill. how do you feel about this recognition tonight. >> i'm pretty wowed by it. you
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the year for the multimedia corresponden about the idea thax news channel last year number one, i mean, we broke ratings records and for the five i hope people watch the five and that was again breaking ratings records. a very tumultuous year in some ways given all the politics that happened and to go through that history making cycle and then come out and be acknowledged by my peer as& broadcast journalist of the year is pretty fantastic. >> reporter: and what would be your message to young people watching you? i mean, such an accomplished career that feel maybe discouraged by this industry or feel that it's too intimidating. what dowel would you -- would you tell them. >> i'm an author. i write books. i do tv. i write a column for the hill as you write for the hill and so, what you have to do, i think, is get yourself adapted to a changing media environment but if you have the drive and the skills in terms
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presentation, i think this i far career in journalism and now more than 25 years in broadcast journalism, i would say, gosh, if i can do it, you can do it. >> reporter: and that's a great point about the changing landscape. the future of journalism is certainly a changing one but how do you -- how do you force yourself not to get stuck in a rut. >> i think the key is you because there are more platforms now than when i was a young fellow starting. i remember i started in the afternoon paper. if you think about it today, ronica, there are to afternoon papers in america;, there are no afternoon papers in america. things change. getting stuck in a rut is not really the problem. the problem is spreading yourself too thin or not understanding the passionate drivers good journalism, good reporting, good writing. >> reporter: journalism gets a bad rap sometimes and good journalism gets a bad rap but it's still out there, fright no fake news here. i think that in fact, you know, for all of the bad rap -- if it wasn't
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televangelist and morticians journalists would be the least trusted group in america but i think that the reality is that if you trust somebody, and that's the key to journalism, that the audience would trust what you delivery, they know you're authentic, they know you're working to try to give them the best message, i think this is a good exchange and as you can see in america, people are great consumers of journalism especially at politically tumultuous times as we're in right now. >> reporter: juan we trust you and thank you so much for joining us today. >> ronica my pleasure. my hometown station. >> reporter: we're sending it back to you jim and shawn. >> congratulations juan. thank you ronica. >> we'll talk weather after this. >> ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> all right that severe weather still going on outside right now. >> yeah we're hearing it in here. sue is downstairs with a look at what's moving through the area. >> hi, jim and shawn. i think the most important thing we need to alert you to right now is this flash flood warning for parts of montgomery county, specifically it's for the olney brookeville area and we're understanding there's an ongoing water rescue at the well known and
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intersection ofile r there's three to 4 feet of moving water and fire department personnel are there trying extricate somebody who drove into that. please avoid that area, if you it will continue to be active for another hour as s what i'm thinking right now and maybe a little bit longer. here's what i'd say. i think the severe storms will be wrapping up in the next hour and you can see this whole thing pivoting that big area of low pressure moving on through. so the strongest of the storms now moving closer to baltimore, up through frederick county. everything pretty much east of 270 on the east side of 270 on the east side of 95 except down toward the warrington area, that next batch of storms, that's moving more toward 95 sort of to the southeast. going to have to deal with this a little bit longer but after about 8 o'clock i think we're just down to leftover showers and a garden variety nonsevere thunderstorm but this has been a lot of rain. we had a big round this morning. it disrupted the morning commute and now the severe storms this afternoon
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clear it out. i wanted to take you forward with the futurecast so you can see that by 9 o'clock we're left with just a few showers here and there that aren't going to be causing too much further damage and by the time we get to 10 o'clock, we'll start to see skies clearing out so we definitely need to see that break and you know what, here's another good sign. as we get into tomorrow, it looks like it's going to be a much better friday coming your way. if you missed this earlier i'm just going to show you the seven-day forecast because friday looks good. an isolated shower can't be ruled out late morning, early afternoon but not a wet day. 78 degrees. a little bit breezy tomorrow. saturday 80 degrees, spotty storms in the afternoon, some of which could be on the strong side. same deal for sunday, both days near 80, so feeling like it's good to get to the pool but you'll have to keep your fox5 weather a handy. memorial day not bad. maybe a pop-up thunderstorm, 83 degrees and a few storms around on tuesday. of course wednesday looking terrific. couple of storms thursday. a little bit unsettled as we continues to warm up around the region. stayaf
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tonight. shawn and jim back to you. >> thank up very much sue. thanks for joining us tonight on 5 at 6:30. >> in the meantime stay dry out there, please. >> ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so you all know michael bisping, who is the ufc middle weight champ. he's also from manchester and has the strongest view on the political correctness that is getting in the way of fighting terrorism. >> more raids, more raids on terrorist cells. i think when our children are being blown up at concerts, it's time to put political [bleep] out of window. >> kourtney kardashian was leaving the gotha nightclub with younes. they're over in cannes. scott disick was at another nightclub leaving alone. harvey: does anyone here want to say this is not a total competition between the two of them? what can scott do to win? bella thorne didn't seem to work. does he need to show up at blac chyna at this point?


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