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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 27, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> holiday weekend is here and will wet weather affect your outdoor plans. we're happen mapping out theen tire weekend so you know what to expect. >> this map accused of buying people's blood and storing it in a vacant apartment. now one woman is sfribing her disturbing experience. >> and i bomb shell court decision involving d.c. sfiper lee boyd malvo what this could mean for his future. your news starts now. ♪ summertime♪ it's unofficial kickoff to summer toll both route 50 i have never seen it so quiet. get out now if you want to go to the beach before you get to bay bridge headed east traffic ease the up over
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hours as you can see. thanks for joining us this friday i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. >> i'm tony perkins. we saw the sun earlier today and changes are on the way that could afengt your holiday plans. gwen gwen has the up debate tonight, hi, gwen. >> you're absolutely right we have changes and they're beginning tonight with clouds increasing. we'll end up seeing partly cloudy skies across the area. not bad right now. rim of high pressure moving out and we have strong storms moving along our way across central portions of until energy and headed to mid atlantic. a look what you can expect along with stalled frontal system that creates activity as well and developing low pressure system chance of storms saturday, sunday and monday temperature into 0s and water temperature 60 not a total washout and pay attention if you see rain and see if you hear any thunder and take cover
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see storms developing we want you to be safe. >> forecast, as far as it goes for the weekend once again chance of storms. not a washout. we see morning showers saturday and chance of storms popping up by the afternoon hours. storm chances with showers by sunday and same things on monday. temperatures not bad. getting a little warmer by the time we get to monday into low 80s. so for tonight we're talking 60 degrees. partly cloudy skies and cool side. overall it's definitely unsettled holiday weekend. i'll have more details in the 7 day a little later back to you, stony. >> gwen, thank you much a family out of their home after a tree fell on their house on check piece beach. this happened during yesterday's rainstorm. tisha lewis has the story. aftermath from the storm continues for family in chesapeake beach this is base of tree that came crashing down leaving this behind a
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precious belongings and thankfully the family is okay but displaced. >> we were sitting in house last night. i was laying opt couch and all of a sudden we heard a growl and thunder and i look up and ceeling is collapsing on me and i see the tree and then so i laid on the floor between my couch and coffee table. >> secretary later this tree came crashing through the roofer. >> the ceiling is there and i'm like okay my daughter came running out of bedroom and she's just like there's a tree in the living room and shu she could not get to me was fr freaking out and trying to find me and i'm like no, get out of the house. >> jennifer porere was stuck shortly after 9:00 thursday night moments arrest heavy rainstorm hit. pinned beneath the rubble we're told a neighbor found her thanks to a light on cellphone
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>> what should we do as we head to summer months and probably get more of these storms we saw like yesterday. >> homeowners and residents taught contact certified arborist. >> a simple evaluation often free of charge could prevent this from happening to you for jennifer porere she's thankful to be alive. >> i'm glad i'm alive. that's everything else can be replaced. >> from here this family will spend the next days, weeks, maybe months in the guest house. their house, again, is a total loss. tisha lewis, "fox5 local ne news". >> sgle details tonight about one of two people convicted in sniper attacks in d.c.. a judge overturned the life sentence of lee boyd malvo. he said he should not have been sentenced to life without parole because he was a teen at the time
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based supreme court ruling on miller versus bam fwaep and juveniles are differed from adult for the purpose of sentencing because they have greater pros spepingt for reform. judge who heard malvo's appeal agreed and now spotsylvania court will have to issue a new sentence in the case. >> director of communications attorney general issued a statement saying we're reviewing the decision and will do everything possibleen including possible appeal to make sure this convicted mass murderer serves the life sentences originally imposed we have an update opt bizarre story we've been following involveing a rockville man collecting blood from people in an apartment in south west d.c.. he's facing charges for practicing medicine without a license in the disstrict an a woman in prince george county tells us she recognized him from fox5 news report. she claims the man drew blood
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lauren is live with the details. lauren. >> the suspect is charged in d.c. and that woman and her neighbor tell us they believe it was the same man that cam out in maryland to select specimens and they're terrified there could be side effect. >> i'm upset about that i don't know if he up corrected me with something or dirty or owe incidental. >> this prince george county woman shared photos from when a rash showed up on her right arm hours after a man drew her blood may 11 and she still has red patches and her doctor could not determine what caused it and gave her oont a buy otic ointment. she immediately recognized the man. he paid her $0 to draw blood and swab nose. her neighbor and his family also decided to participate. >> they tell you what the blood was for? >> he
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he did not even ask for a name. he stuck a long piece into my nose inside of my nose and then kept it. >> oh, and so is this something do you a lot where you find studies or something. >> no, i really don't. it was my first time. probably last. >> what made you want to do it. >> i don't know. i thought it was you know s some. >> he was arrested from drawing blood from people at a public housing department 70 p street in southwest d.c.. d.c. department of health says he does not have a license to practice medicine in the disstrict and fold police he was working for boston boy owe source which provides specimens for research and same company is noted in craigslist add. when the man arrived to draw her blood she became suspicious and had her neighbor take tote owe of him from behind and when he left she called boston
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herself. >> it seemed to plea he answered the phone and said hello and then i hung the phone up and called back and there was recording but there was a voicemail with a different voice. >> we also reached out to company and have not received a response. d.c. police report indicates they could not get in touch with everyone there either. wen pleaded guilty and was released on own recognizance he ran from reporters after a hearing. >> i'm on fixed income it appealed to me and i guess it appeals to a lot of the poor. tonight we reach out to d.c. police and prince george county police. and both agencies tell me they will look into the latest developments. live in norm west, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> now we have undate on animal cruelty case in slir vir. police arrested virginia man in the case of two dead pit bulls
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bag. police say he left the dogs in a storage without proper water on ventilation. when the roommate arrived several hours later the dogs were dead. that's when police say the owner disposed of dogs along a dirt road in dumfries and found inside a duffle bag and plastic storage container and charged with animal cruelty and unlawful disposal of dead animal. >> now to a memorial day tradition in the district. thousands of bikers around the nation are here for annual rolling thunder ride for tree freedom. first event was tond where they held a vigil at the vietnam veterans memorial. they honored mar than 58,000 service men and women that died in vietnam war. >> earlier today hundreds of bikers across the nation rolled into the disstrict for blessing of the bikes. it was held this afternoon national cathedral. blessing of the bikes is one ofev
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this memorial day weekend and rolling thunder will hold annual ride for freedom on sunday monday there will be a special wreath laying cer ceremony. >> still to come a show of defiance in the wake of the manchester terror attack. >> and plus we know about the danger of nuclear weapons and the feds are also working to prevent another threat that could take out the nation's electric grid. >> and what it's like paying a pirate in multi-billion dollar movie fran chase. back after
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>> we're following breaking news right now. the big new brinski died national security advisor to president carter and helped tople economic barriers between soviet union, china and west and advised president carter during the iran hoingt annual price crisis and recent years took part of proceedings to bring north over yet republic. his daughter announced his death on social media. he was 89. >> in a show of defiance against terrorism the city of map chester is not canceling the great games following d deadly attack at ariana grande concert. games today as well as race on surprised are going on as deathed. race dubbed great manchester run is expected to draw more than 35,000 people. organizers say they are increasing security. eight
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connection with the attack. this week's explosion has raised uk threat level meaning another potential attack could be imminent. >> and there were many worry about what north korea could do with nuclear reason and not just destruction by sxlos there's another threat that sounds like it's out of science fiction movie. doug mc elway explains. >> today the old duck and cover from cold car days seem quaipt and to many a nuclear blast and resulted electro magnetic pulse emp seems unimaginable and unlikely and few worry about and and fewer still take precaution. >> it's not real and something out of james bond movie. general consensus it's not real or imminent by any stretch. >> tell that to vincent pry. >> we have information for example the data from actual high at
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nations conducted by us and russians in 1961, 62 time frame and did things like knock light out in hawaii. >> it's a short burst of energy that all nuclear explosions produce to jar j jurying degrees. large expp at the right altitude could cry the circumstanceetry of cell phones and rendered elect t tropic bank ping and automobile and air traffic control and air planes themself useless food would rot in refrigerators in the following weeks and months a truly mad max world would evolve. dr. pry believes any avenuety of emp per shades western democracies nukz are kept out of site and mind. >> for total tearian and author tearian states in case of iran and north korea use of nuclear weapons is not only unthinkable but in onen
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military doctrine they written for years about being able to within a nuclear war and you can fight a nuclear war. >> adding to emp worries successful test of solid fueled ballistic missile solid fuel needs less preparation and warning time for those targeted in addition north korea has two observation stat lights than that orbit over norm west ideal for emp at attack. >> for years congress struggled for many bills hardening electric grid against emp attack. none of them made it out of committee. fearful of the cost of upgrades when effects of epm attack are disputed. doug mc el jp way fox news. >> to the district now. city polls opening this weekend for the summer. mayor becauseer was at banica recollection recreation center foresayre mope yes and i jimpied into the water a few times. opening day is tomorrow. city has 18
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11 indoor pools and 23 spray parks and two children's po pools. they will be open for memorial day weekend from noon until six. >> all right. >> water will be a little cold in some places. >> i was thinking that. ways looking to see if that was indoors. >> yeah no. >> earlier you said the ocean water is 60. >> 60. >> that's cold. >> chilly. >> very much much on the chilly side. yeah. >> hm. >> well you know what it's not like 90 degrooez agree days when he back in the day remember? >> back in the day. >> exactly. >> and couple months ago ma maybe, month ago. nonetheless we were going to have unsettled weather this weekend. unfortunately you're going to have to really be aware of what might be coming your way because we have storms very possible. tonight, we're seeing clouds that are starting to roll in and partly cloudy skies expected in the overnight hours and as i said, unsettled beginning with tomorrow. and a chance of storms that will be firing up and weekend temperatures
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close to seasonal though. that's not bad and for holiday monday another chance of seeing some storms. so, here's a look at what's going on right now. we've got clouds that are starting to roll in and not much happening here now. ridge of high pressure gradualry going to move its way out. behind it more clouds our way and precipitation. take a look at the storm system fired newspaper mid sevrks country and they've had some warnings earlier tonight and watches as a result of it. and that is really going to impact especially our neighbors here north as it starts to slide flew and we kind of get the tail end of it. we are talking about stalled frontal boundary and low pressure systems and lot of instability kicking in to give us weekend we have to definitely keep eyes on. temperatures for today highs into the 70s all three airports. it was comfortable out there. we had gusty winds and good news is those wins now subsided quite a bit and we're not going to be dealing with strong wind anymore for tonight at least. 6
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washington. we've got 60 baltimore and 67 annapolis and 57 mannasas this hour and 60 dulles and 62 hagerstown and 63 cumberland. ridge of high pressure moves out and stalled frontal system and then low pressure system develops along the frontal system and we are also talking another low. we're ending up with a day showers starting saturday morning and then storms possible by the afternoon hours. some of those storms could be maybe primarily south of us. it bears watching they could pop up any point in time and same story sunday. few showers. i can't rule out a thunderstorm or two and monday we're back in same situation all over again. here's a look at future cast saturday and sunday here we are saturday by the time we get to the afternoon and 4 and activity developing and 8:00 night and until we get to sunday and evening hours and then we start to see things firing up quite a bit
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by 10:00 at night. we'll have a fair amount of activity off and on. flood advisories st. mary's looking at high tide causing issues there. and memorial day weekend forecastoverall, temperatures into the high 70s. low 80s and chance of precipitation each day in the form of either showers or even a possible popup thunderstorm and same thing for beaches and as tony mentioned i'm talking 60 degrees temperature-wise ocean ocean city if you're outside and see the rain pay tension to see if you hear thunder. make sure you protest y yourself. 60 for tonight then. partly cloudy and cool high of 78 and here's a look what we're talking about "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast things set down by time we get to middle of week timely but an active weekend. enjoy it but be safe. sarah. facebook trying something new to attract advertisers planning to launch facebok tv next movement social media giant
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will feature long and short term contact with ad breaks 20 to 30 minute scripted shows and shorter scripted and unscripted shows with episodes five to ten minutes. interesting. taking a dip into the netflix area oring. >> that will probably
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[vo] one moment can change a life. intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here. >> looking for a movie. 5 pl pirates of the cibian o out. >> kevin mccarthy recently sat down with jeffery rush who plays captain barbosa to talk about the khevrps of playing a pirate. i always wondered how actors come up with the way they walk, talk and carry themselves and obviously with the leg you have to wack a certain way and you'reious as an actor how that was for you in regards to how did you perform that did you really have something t
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you feel that way? >> no it's interesting we looked at all the possibilities because i think back in the day when robert newton played long john silver i think he did it strapped up. >> wow. >> bent his leg up. >> yes. >> and built the rest sglon cool. >> because they didn't have the magic of computer generated imagery. and i got in touch with a guy who was a natural prothics for legs. >> he said you cannot train your sense of balance because the guys -- let's say somebody lost their leg from the knee down. he can build them the most brilliant robotic or buy onic leg. they even have feet now that have
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and stuff. but he said training ret retraining your whatever these are called your glutes and pelvic core muscles and everything to train that up he said you would never do it. so, i went through all that process and then said to the special effects people what happens, why don't i wear a blue sock but i need a shoe that gives me point of con contact. >> yeah. >> and always remind mefy accidentally bend my leg. i got good as imagining all of my right side is unbendable sdmrxt interesting. >> that's how it looks when you walk. >> interesting. >> and watch out for pots holes. >> that's really cool. >> there was a lot of stuff on the set when go through because it was literally both. >> if you were listening i think he meant to say they worked with someone w a
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prostitution as he said unless the movie is different than what i thought. what do we got going on. >> thunderstorms possibly for part of this weekend. do be careful. have a great and safer hol sdixt keep your eyes to the skies. >> very good. >> not a washout. >> that does it for us tmz is next. >> have a great ♪♪ whether you're after supreme performance... advanced intelligence... or breathtaking style... there's a c-class just for you.
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