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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a lot of activity south of us and today strong storms fired up south and south west of us with a few thunderstorm watches that kicked n nothing though however really as far as the i 95 corridor to north through d.c. was concerned except maybe some of you saw some light rain shower or sprinkle or two and pretty much right now this is what we're speaking about things have calmed down a lot as far as that goes. but as we move through the weekend oui will see changes, temperature today into the low 70s across the board and a bit below the seasonal arm this hour we're caking in 67 in the nation's capital and 64 baltimore and 66s annapolis this hour and 64 dulles and 6 7 mannasas and 67 fred fredericksburg and 63 winchester. a little bit of a humidity action going on out there to dew points high. you're probably feeling that a bit. for tomorrow we're talking about starting out
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sunshine peeking through cloud. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. and towards the end ever day we'll start to see a little activity kicking n you might see a little earlier part, too, just kind of off and on and not a washout, however, we will see some storms. same story as we hit through into monday as well. little unsettled as we move through into sunday. temperatures will go up to the 0s by at least monday and into the 0s tomorrow. coastal flood add veesry for st. mary's once we get to high tide see issues here and be aware of that. future cast. let's give you awe timeline what you can expect as you plan tomorrow. here we go. down to the south we start to see activity with precipitation moving in by the 1:00 hour and same story for areas to the northwest. then by the time we get to 4:00 hour we start to see some storms kicking n and now early part of the day things are calm. that's not too bad. then once we get into the evening hours thing improve a little bit and still rain showers. there and then we get breaks and into monday for the first part of
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and by the time we get into the afternoon hours we see a few showers and we and seeing storms by the time we get to monday night as well. and so here's a look at what is happening we have better chance of seeing storms along the i 95 corridor tomorrow than today and it looks like they'll probably take new close to the late afternoon hours. so for the better part of the day tomorrow, it should not be bad. 84 with storms monday and your beach forecast cooler definitely and quick look at the "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast four take a look drier days to come. back to you. >> not a bad week ahead. thank you, gwen. >> as the summer travel season picks up ts ais asking people to be vigilant and patient. the agency is currently testing new security procedures for carry on baggage and that could mean long waits at security at some airports. fox's kristin fisher has more. >> as the busy memorial day weekend kicks off home land security
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was checking out the security lines at reagan washington national airport and kelly uming travelers to stay patient. the tsa tries out a new sc screening program and about a dozen airport passenger have to remove and replace any elect tropices larger than a cell for in a separate bin for x-ray screening. >> i'm very, very confident that we're doing an effective job detecting. that's. it it's a constant threat and we always have to be vij sglant u.s. officials told air lines to be prepared for sxaned ban on carry on electronic devices on air mraipz and this following a ban on certain electronic devices on u.s. bound flights from 13 international airport. >> still contemplating expending the band and we'll make a decision when the time is right. >> t sa spokesman encourages air travelers to pack only what's allowed and get t
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>> it will be busy like going to the beach in the summer. a lot of people. people go. it's going to be christmas shopping before christmas. plenty of time you get through without a problem. >> it's a hard ship on everybody. too much is happening in the world you have to be safe. >> this new screening program for carry on bags could potentially expand to other airports nationwide n washington i'm kristin fisher, fox news. >> speaking of summertime travel many people will head to the beach at some point this season if you're not already there this weekend. here's important remind to lather up. doctors say everyone should be reminded of the dangerous effects the sun can have on your skin and importance of using suncreen. american academy of dermatology says one in five americans will get some type of skin cancer in their lifetime. that's a scary number. >> yes, absolutely. >> well the nationals playing some memorial day weekend baseball on home turf. highlight from today's
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>> and then remembering the fallen how defense department is trying to help officer every single soldier who never made it home. stay with us. "fox5 local news" continues after the break
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>> brody rogue san here to break up our ladies night. >> get out of here. >> i know, i'm sorry. >> but, yeah, laidzyes night tonight and today star wars day at the park. >> which is weird but whatever you. >> get a souvenir. >> yeah today you get a chewbacca koozy which it is not -- i figure if you go way too long into the summer and it's hot i think xhu baca koozy will be. >> was it furry. >> yes. >> but fans are more looking forward -- they're done a few of
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they're doing "game of thrones" night. >> that's big. >> right around when they premiere the new season. let's see today's before the game with the padres bryce harper met at the friendship remember center he told the kids notes to participation trophies and first place only. >> nats are currently in first place. let's hope they don't settle for playoff participation this year. >> yeah. >> "star wars" day like i said nats park something they didn't teach new history cl class. thomas jefferson wrote the declaration of independence and he's a jedi. laser shot to first. brings home a hustling stephen strasburg and michael a. taylor a. stands for another one. second straight game with h homer. that would be more than enough for strasburg to force stwrong it this time. career high 15 strikeouts over seven innings and to close this out the nationals newly minuteed closer just named to
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yoga glover or koda govern di put that in there to make the joke i did. nats completesly shutout. chris filling in for dusty baker attending son's graduation. not much to do today. >> piece of cake, hu? >> strasburg 15 strikeouts career high. michael taylor swinging bat well. big two-run homer. yeah. i have not done anything which is great. >> how good was strasburg's day today. 15 strikeouts career high for strikeout mainer. mat scherzer had 13 making straws the first teammate to have 13 more strikeouts in back-to-back games since 2015. >> check out the facial hair and hats in houston. i mean with fans like that how you can beat these guys. on the mound for orioles. weighed highlyly
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as in dad. rbi double brings home george springer. in a early hole. more from young swinger two run blast over 400 feet orioles could not come through in key situations. they lose in the loan star state 5 24eu6. >> back in february it was announced baseball hall of fame would be paying tribute to home are the bat simpson episode. today the simpsons got an honor which simpson was appointed in the hall of fame. a plaque and amazing homer simpson surprise in the hall before pete rose. >> towson and maryland making it all maryland la co cha championship. ohio state in final four. six minutes to government johnny pierson find an opening and gets space. slings it back of the net. ohio state she's
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they try to clear it towson final seconds could klong down. not enough time. they lose and would not have answered the championship. >> number one maryland can they go to the championship game. eight minutes left in quarter score 8-8, koder kelly he had a hat trick. second left. bit of controversy here. this should be tying goal and they wave it off and that gentleman is not pleased for denver. hey, maryland is pleased and advance to 5th ncaa championship with 9-8 win we could not get all maryland final but one team will number championship game terps going for fifth title taking on ohio state. >> congratulations to them. >> hopefully they get another tight. >> thank you, brody, we'll be right back
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>> we honor the hen and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice. currently more than 80,000 missing in action solders. >> they're identified as remains not recover. service member is presumed dead but their body has not been identified. >> but now the defense department is trying to change that. fox's brian yen is has the story. >> he was a good brother. >> 67 years ago air force veteran alfred colsani's brother jimmy left toe fight in korea and never came back. >> when he said good-bye to us he looked at his brother and probably doesn't remember this and he saysal you know where i'm going that's all he said. he didn't say where he was going he just said to him, i think you know
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going. >> the 19-year-old army corporal is one of 2,000 americans lost at war and never found at least not officially. u.s. government has collected thousands of unidentified remains from battle fields all over the world. alfred's daughter wonders if her uncle is among them and she and her dad are submitting dna to the defense department hoping for a match. >> my dad is 88 i would love to be able to give marina marraco a final closure an answer. >> break through dna testing didn't in a lab dover air face in delaware is identifying remains scientists could not a decade ago. >> we tested everything from a tooth to rib. whether it happened yesterday or 60 years ago that main is there. >> but from a science point of it, looking at it and being dedicated to this is to never lose hope. >> so far the program has put a name to remains of more than 1200 service members thanks to family member's dna
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for colsante's a positive match would end decades of limbo. >> 67 years later for my father i'm sure it's always on his mind until he passes he may never have a final answer. maybe some day in heaven he will. >> since 1992 u.s. military stored blood samples of every active adulty and service member and there will never be an unloan military member again. >> this weekend several maryland strawbts will honor the fallen. they will have a missing man table set newspaper their dining rooms and the tables include a white table cloth and empty chair and black napkin and single rose and yellow canned toll represent hope. >> most of those elms symbolize something and chick-fil-a around the state will participate. >> i was just over
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looked like there were military men and women with free food. something to check out. >> much ahead on "fox5"local news. >> as we head to break one look down on the national malone this mem oral day weekend. weekend.
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>> we talk about memorial day being unofficial start to summer and around here we all know it's start of "fox5" zip trips. >> steve chenevey and allison seymour and michael thomas and bob barnard kicked off the 2017 surprise with a fun filled day in ellicott city maryland. check it out. >> good morning. >> good morning welcome to the first trip of 2017. michael. >> little rain coming down and. >>
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heads here. >> it will be off and on through morning and more sun this afternoon and breezy today. it will be a good friday. >> good friday because we're in ellicott city maryland. >> we're at the foot basically main street maryland avenue and over my shoulder here is the clock tower that was basically lost during the flooding and you see the time on the tower. 9:20. >> it's giovanni you. >> see your baby brother on tv it's exciting. >> who is howard county named offer a howard sterp or b. terrence howard empire fans and c. john eager howard and d. frank howard. >> you have a little risk there. >> don't tell me step is elbow. >> how is that. >> great, >> fabulous. >> what were you thinking. >> when they first saw the video my wife told me never to do it again. >> if you could go to any fast food restaurant what would it be. >> chipolte. >> all right. >> happy memorial
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>> cheers. . >> don't miss the fun next week when zip trip takes us to buoy maryland. come out to buoy town center next friday june 26 a.m. to 11 a.m. wisdom martin pardon me holly morris and erin como will be there and they would love to see you. >> always such a good time. >> the news tonight far from over. >> news at 11 starts right now. >> right now president trump back at the white house after a whil wind trip overseas and his return is met with ongoing turmoil. >> he was a good father he would literally give you the shirt off his back. >> a family is pleading for answers after a man is shot and killed in northwest d.c.. the gunfire left the 7 others hurt and now place are trying to track down the gunman. >> and honoring fallen how nation's capital is paying tribute to those
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ordal day weekend. good evening oym lauren demarco. >> i'm lindsey watts in tonight for matt. tonight a d.c. family is heartbroken over the loss of young father shot and killed early this morning in northwest. aldranon jones was standing outside an apartment building q street with i group of people when two men approached and started firing, jones and six other men and one woman were hit by the gunfire and other trick items are expectsed to survive. earlier this evening i spoke with the white's mother she's devastated and had this message for the men that did this. >> he was just that good of a person. if you know what i'm going through now you know i have a child please turn yourself n my daughter is grieving like god forbid you should just change my daughter's whole life because you took her father away. please if you have a heart you
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daughter. >> please have not said what the motive may have been for shoots and they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> we're learning new details about a deadly shooting in richmond that took life of a virginia state trooper. special agent michael water was shot after he and richmond police officer pulled over a car looingt night and while the richmond police officer spoke to the -- ball fired a shot that critically wouldn't upped walter and then he ran. officers arrested ball this morning just about an hour after walter died of injuries. >> vir sir governor terri mcauliffe reaengted to tro trooper's death releaseing a statement that says in part special agent walter is one of brave men and women in uniform who risks their lives every day and we'll be forever grateful for his service and sacrifice. >> travel hasry assumed in newark international airports after
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afternoon. police evacuated one of the terminals after officers found a pressure cooker inside a shopping bag and officers determined the item was harmless and passengers were allowed to return about an hour. the discovery pressure cooker causes false alarm. it was used in bombing 2013 and 2012 aknack paris. >> here at home u.s. park police are investigating a disturbing find at the he hershron museum they say the discovery was made yesterday evening during a security check. it's unclear how long the news had been. there anyone with information is asked to call park police. sdmr president trump surprise back at the white house after first overseas air force one arrived at joint base andrews this morning and president called his trip to saudi arabia, italy and huge success and
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a good russian medaling in the 2016 election. >> let's take a live look outside now. so far it's been a klil cloudy and dreer didn't to start the holiday weekend. question is that trend going to continue tomorrow own monday. >> gwen, we are hoping for at least a good bit of sunshine and at some point over the weekend. >> i know i think everybody s we'll get a little tomorrow but i really want to preface this by saying more clouds than sunshine. and so just be aware of that. and that's exactly what is happening now. satellite and radar showing you clouds across the area we had a few showers here and there nothing heavy as far as metro area is concerned to south and southwest of us so that fired you up earlier and they were fairly strong not much happening at all stormtracker radar and temperature
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season and low 70s today and as far as memorial day weekend is concerned as we get into a little more. we're talking to normal high of 78 and 48 monday. we'll see a few showers early and get a good break for most of the day before we see storms. and then on monday pretty much the the same story. we're -- your full 7 day forecast in coming up. >> that okay be the unofficial start to steven or prisoners of war. >> thousands will gamer across d.c. to pay respects. "fox5" kristin leon well take a look at some of the set operation. >> memorial day weekend is already in full swing in c.d. like, for instance, on the west lawn of the capital. >> as cue see crews are putting on the final finishes touches
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capital for sunday's concerts and that memorial day concert starts besides watching incredible performances they'll honor the 101-year-old soul survivor of do little raider's. no alcohol is allowed but you're more than likely toe bring food and lawn trairz to see it all unfolded. parking of course is on a first come first serve basis get early if you can and speaking of parking it may be hard to find spots sunday morning near the pipt gone. hundred of thousands of motorcycles start rolling thunder ride for freedom in honor of fallen war hero. clearly the rite was a suc success. so if you're opt road between hours of 7 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon make sure you keep a locku.


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