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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> d.c. police spending memorial day respopding to multiple shootings. >> cold air dip mromcy changing towards cube. >> rain coming back. prepare for wet roads and scattered thunderstorms. michael thomas says it's not going to be bad. just the fact we talk rain again kind of depressing. >> we've been gone that long? >> right. >> already back. >> good morning to you, we're back. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, may 30.
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headline and erin como has weather headline. mike talk about the rain. >> drizzle out there is what it several think morning. later this afternoon could be strong thunderstorms rumbling through. details coming up. erin. >> rain tuesday morning and also police activity impacting commute on suitland parkway. latest on that. >> thank you to both of you checking in. 5:01 now caught up on the news overnight former pan mania dictator manual norway ega t tied and pan mainia president ro wrote in his twitter account the death closing a chapter in our history. one time u.s. ally was ousted as panama dictatener 1989 and served a 17 year drug sentence in the u.s. at least 13 people dead and two dozen more wounded after a car bombing in a crowded ice cream parlor in baghdad where dozen ebbs
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isis claimed responsibility antebomb was triggered remotely and detonated inside a parked car it comes days after holery month of ramadan. trending right now, 5 p.m., fines and possible suspensions are expected after a fight during the 8th upping of nats giants game in san francisco. bryce harper charmed mound after getting hit with 98 mile an hour fast ball from giant's reliever hunter stick land. they exchanged punches as each team cleared. this is the first time stick land faced harper since harper hit two home runs off him in the 2014 playoffs. both players were ejected from the game and this is harper's father for being tossed for fighting. by the way, the nats did win this game 3-0. >> trending this morning palm beach country florida say an arrest report in tiring woods dui case may be available today. woods was pulled over around
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he was driving erratically all over the road and became arrogant when an officer asked if he was drinking and woods was booked and released on own recognizance and he claims alcohol was not involved but behavior was unexpected reaction to prescribed medication. now to another story a northern virginia community is coming together to send messges of hope after racist flyers were found across the neighborhood. >> police are trying to track down whoever is responsible for putting them up in the first place. melanie alnwick is live in the del ray neighborhood of alexandria now with movement mel. >> good morning and really this here with the positive posters on it chosen because lot of people will pass by here and see it it's intent here the city of alexandria does not standby after racist and zenobhobic flyers were ripped down. it showed up in del ray old town alexandria friday night
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anti-islam and others hateful towards african herpz and we're told the same kind ever flyers were post add cross the country including here in d.c. and in maryland we blurred out name and web site for the white supremists group that created these and target aid georgetown professor that lives in the area and confronted white supremists richard spencer at their gym. family and neighbors are fighting back with messages ever inclusion and she made post erin talked about it with themselves and say they hope people who feel the same as they do will do even more. >> we need to tell people that hate there's no place for hate. i feel like we're living in extraordinary times and this is not normal. >> there are church groups and political groups people can get involved in and you can work together to reverse this problem. >> and now the city of drooev degree's mayor posted
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comment saying these flyers and racist and ze nophobic flyers are new flow ignorance and that alexandria is city of kindness and compassion and the police are investigating this incident. live in del ray i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> five past the hour now. what a weekend to be a terp. maryland women win lacrosse and then the men over ohio state. this is back in college park after monday aeps came ho hoyinging that trophy. this is maryland first lacrosse championship in 42 years. >> well done. >> and we've got more good news for terps maryland baseball finding out they'll make third ncaa appearance in four years. this is time loneys in college park watch ago nounlts. they'll face number two west virginia on friday at 2:00. >> all right. getting to michael thomas talking about weather.
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we're saying what today we're saying hold on not a total washout. >> not a total washout. showers and drizzle now. take a look down at the prince george county charles county border seeing one shot around the waldorf area. other than that spotty showers with exception of eastern shore towards cambridge seeing light thunderstorms early this morning. temperatures outside right now mild to start. 65 in washington and quantico 68 fredericksburg good morning 66. 64 degrees for frederick and dulles and 611 this morning in westminster. forecast for today. mostly cloudy. through the morning hours spotty drizzle and ice lateed shower. we head to afternoon we'll see paeings of sun. more clouds than sun today and peaks of sunshine all we need to get some thunderstorms firing up. they'll be hit and miss. not everybody will see them and those that do one or two could be on the strong side with gusty winds and large hail. we'll have to keep an eye an that. highs tupder 70s d.c. region and winds south
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more details on the weebling ahead coming up and a check of morning traffic with erin c como. >> well coming up at 5:07 now and police activity southeast impacting stanton road and suitland parkway. d.c. police letting us know that intersection is shet down in both directions, use caution. detour around that one. the rest of secondarys in the district are quiet now moving for a look in stafford 91 northbound debris taking out a center lane at joplin road. keep it to right or left. notice how coming up from fredericksburg traffic at speed and volume light. tuesday morning commute traffic around the beltway looking live in tysons and problem oxon hill and i like what you saw in college park. rain moving through. grab your umbrella today and patience if the wet roads cause issues. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter and
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except for safe track. >> coming up on "fox news morning" military preparing to test anti-missile defense system as show of strength against nuclear ambitious. >> and a fight among law maiingers in the texas state house. >> and heading to break, we take a live look across the d.c. region. it's 5:08, 64 degrees. back after this after this
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>> 5 o 09 right now comes at a time north core he is is trying to develop a missile united states main land. head of u.s. intelligence agency said if no action is taken north korea is on what's called inevitable path to obtaining a nuclear armed missile. trump administration is nearing end of review of rolling back relations with cuba instead stated during obama area ra. advisors are considering changes that could call for tightening trade and travel rules that former president obama put in place. however, the trump administration is not expected to completely svr ties with the communist country. >> former
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comey expected to testify before the senate intelligence committee. he will tell his side of the story and investigation into alleged ties between returnia and president campaign big question did the president ask comey toe drop the investigation. 60% of voters think the president fired comey because investigation was harming him. a firey last day of the legislative section in texas. protesters carbon monoxideing as far away as california and new york filled house gallery in austin and a kuvrle probing out what one law maker told hispanic protesters he called ice. legislation bans local cities from enacting sanctuary policy. it guys into effect in september. >> and a bogus recruiting national guard recruiting or grap. it paid recruit ago signature answer two grabbed for each recruit they signed up to join. some recruiter
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got kickbacks. a group of national guardsmen said it is targeting innocent people. >> coming up on "fox news morning" if you want to reduce impact of global warming try using white paint. >> and thousands of neighbors in southern states are dealing with power outages and storm damage this morning. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region and this tuesday morning. 5:11 is the time and we're at 64. might see wet stuff again today, folks. hate to tell you. it's okay. not going to be all that. michael thomas will fell you in on the other side. you're watching "fox news morning". .
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>> 5:15 now. former pan mainian dictator has reportedly died at 8. unnamed source close to his family reporting the news. pan
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in his twitter act says his death closes a chapter it. the one time u.s. ally was ought as man ma dictator by invasion in 1989 and later served a 17 year drug sentence in the united states. >> it was a messy memorial day for the southeast. storms moved through several states. cars were uprooted and cars damages and things worse in memphis, tennessee, more than 100,000 prince william dealing with power outages. it could be a week before everyone's light are wack on. cleanup effort may be delayed with more rain. >> fines and possible suspensions are expected after a fight during the 8th inning of nats game. nats giants game in san francisco. bryce harper getting charged with a 98 mile an hour fast ball. the two exchanged punches as each team bench cleared. this is the first time stick land faced harper since harper hit two home runs off him in
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both plays were evicted and this is harper's first for fighting. by the way the nats won 3-0. >> penguins game one of the stanley cup finals. austin watson hustles to the puck and find slot for the goal. game tide. three minutes later same score nashville turns it over each matt collinsp fines jake for the goal. penguins take game 1, 5-3. shout-out for mike thomas for giving me right pronouncetion of getzel. >> he has a little step in his step. >> honestly they played real bad the penguins last night. they had twelve shots on goal. >> did they win. >> they won. >> move on. >> all right. let's get started with weather in g. c.. lots of clouds for the day today. also i want to know what is
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with bryce harper helmet throw there. d.c. -- good point didn't want to mess up the hair. washington dealing with clouds this morning. showers came up through southern maryland we're seeing one prince george county and another is trying to pass potomac to southern charles and maybe st. mary's, that's it. generally cloudy and patchy drizzle. up ahead of the cold front that slides through later today which could kick up one or to thunderstorms one of two of which could be on the strong side. here we are 10:00 future cast seeing the storm pop up south and west. watch as they move across the d.c. area as we work our way early afternoon. 1:30 there we go with patchy thunderstorms across southern maryland we're not done yet. that is not actually cold front. we work our way into the evening and patchy storms around 6:30 p.m. tonight and maybe one more comes across around 8:30 ass front starts to exit and in the clear after that at least for rest of evening. severe weather risk slight risk off north across pennsylvania sliding to northern sliver of maryland there and most o
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marginal risk of severe weather later this afternoon and main threats today gusty whipped and large whale thunderstorms as well. we'll keep an eye on that. look at temperatures around the region start the day, mild start, 65 in d.c. and 67 quantico and 61 leonardtown and temperatures later this afternoon headed to 70s. not as warm as yesterday 85 on memorial day and only 77 later this afternoon with a little more cloud cover around than we he yesterday afternoon. take a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast warming up to 83 spotty storm and thursday dry day. sunny and 80 bringing in june on very nice note. let's check the forecast. erin, lady in red. >> that's right, 5:17 mike unfortunately problems. northbound third street tunnel tractor-trailer blocking all traffic lanes now and detour around that. working on gathering information just got update from d.c. police traffic aside from that earlier police anesthetic activity suitland parkway cleared a
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moving fine through that intersection and as we forward things along 95 northbound we're letting you know va express lanes updating us starting yesterday and continuing throughout the summer. 95 express lanes reverse 5 southbound 10 a.m. one hour earlier than normal. aside from earlier debris taking out center road clear. ed in the beltway aside from third street tunnel traffic looking good on 50 right now and problem free 395, 50 from bay bridge look going and problem free 270. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter, back to you mature and and holly. >> 5:18 is the time let's look at stories you're en engaging with most on social immediate wisdom joins us with what is trending. >> heated moments two meeting in france describi c
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put indebated moscow medalled in he called put up out for fake news. >> nearly a year after a troubling report on vet yap suicide hot line we're still lurping that it's still not fixed. veterans health administration have not implemented 7 recommendations to improve crisis line and some issues include vets, calls going straight voicemail and average of 20 veterans die from suicide every day. >> new study on global warming says cities can reduce the impact by painting roofs white and planting more trees and replacing dark roads and white roofs can better temperatures. it will not stop global warning. >> this high tech uses electric battery back and cool settings and can sync with your
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knows where the rider need to go and that adjust to each riders as well. no word yet on a cause. >> intercept is skeptical under this year's announce m that skittles and star burt burst are releasing new flavors. candies described as fruity flavor with spicy kick. last week at the sweet and snack expo in chicago one rider says they taste tweet and tart and then a chilly like burn develops. candies will come out this wednesday. so there you go you run -- whenever they come out you run -- if are you into that stuff you get some. skittlelees and star burst. >> i'm not into that. >> that motor bike that knows your calendar. >> yes bmw scotter. >> does it incorporate waiz to is gets there fastest root. >> and digs if into your bank account because bmw is not cheap. dig a hole right in your bank account. wisdom mti
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and it will no how to get there. >> it will know that route. >> built in. >> thanks, wiz. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" local leaders kicking off new initiatives. >> and a huge stake in coconut market. >> a live look across the d.c. region 521, 64 degrees. back after this ter this ♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99.
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z2cufz z16fz
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y2cufy y16fy >> mayor bowser launching initiative of minority women and women owned businesses. ascend 2020 bowser is teaming one several companies to provide republican prens with training they need to up start their business. >> pepsi looking to add to empire. the company
5:24 am
talks to buy all markets which is hair condition aveda cocoa. coconut water marketed as natural energy and sports drink low level of fat and carbs and sufficient electrolyte content. >> 2500 pedestrians are killed at night every year and according to new study in many cases drivers were not able to see the person crossing the road because headlights didn't shine bright enough. institute for highway safety found that many vehicles tested poor and in headlight performance. >> illenials may be known as runters compared to where they live and there's one more thing they're buying rvs. recreational industries are high this year and parts millennials. looking for a new way to travel and taking an interest in outdoors. industry experts say low gas prices and favorable interest rates and economy are all pushing sales of rvs. >> do you know one
5:25 am
that owns an rv. >> i watch this show small spaces they're buying portable units no bigger than this d desk. it's fascinating. >> if are you millennial and you own an rv. >> that shows my sglaij you don't own an rv. >> no, no plans to either. i prefer the basement dwe dwelling. >> in your parents' house. >> in your parents' house. >> keeping it real. >> classic millennial. >> 65. mid 60s to stat rt day and winds east and spotty drizzle. isolated shower out through to start the day here. mostly over southern maryland and can't rule out driz m coming outside of the doorways in d.c.. again you can see them on satellite and radar. not a lot of sunshine come physical any through the morning hours planner flew the day today by 11 a.m., mostly cloudy, 69. patchy shower or drizal around by 11:00 and 2:00, 70. patchy thunderstorms around and 5:00, 76,
5:26 am
thunderstorms more likely around that team. keep your guard out later this afternoon one of two storms could be stronger i'd and then 77 for washington and 79 mannasas and fredericksburg and dulles 78. maybe one or two of us reach 80. hagerstown 80. annapolis near the water on fuller side 69 degrees. again watch for thunderstorms later on this afternoon. >> all right that's a check of forecast erin como is back with traffic. >> big updates from metro especially if you take the red line you want to pay atte attention. unscheduled track repair. right now no train service available on the red line between gallaudet and for the totten. p service was established app you can use the green line for the to the into gallery place. and plays. not sure for hetro how long the trainp shut down. shuttle service replaces train service between gallaudet and for the to the in. that's in addition to
5:27 am
as you head out on the roads northbound third street tunnel entrance blocked disabled tractor-trailer 395 nort northbound. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you. >> thanks, erin, coming up "fox news morning" former naacp president is preparing to launch a campaign. >> taking time to honor last week's terror attack. >> let's look live across the d.c. region, 64 degrees. 5:27 is the time. going to be damp today mike says not a washout. more morning come right back. don't go anywhere
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what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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>> today on "fox news morning" spending memorial day res respokeing to emergency calls for shootings. >> trump administration getting ready to change u.s. diplomacy towards cuba and total dominance officially maryland them to best lacrosse program in the country. "fox news morning" starts right now >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> erin como is watching roads and michael thomas watching weather. >> yes, drizzle out there n now. clouds in the forecast as well. maybe storms this afternoon. we'll letou
5:31 am
coming up. erin. >> right now, on scheduled track work has red line shut down from train service between gallaudet and for the totten we'll have crews on the way and hem you around that. >> thank you very much. let's talk news. former pan mainian dictator manual died at the age of 83. pan mainian president one carlos verella wrote in his twitter the death of manual close as i chapter in our history. he was ousted at man ma dictateser by american invasion 198 and later served a 17 year drug sentence in the united states. >> possible us is speptions are expected ach a fight during eighth inning of nats game versus giant in san francisco he. >> and he was hit by sub subjecter stick land.
5:32 am
and both players ejected from the game. harper's first i'm tossed for fighting and nats went on to win 3-0. >> which scares a little more developing in northern virginia a story about alexandria police they're trying to figure outta who is responsible for happening racists flyers throughout the neighborhood. >> now people who live in the community are respopding with their own messages of hope. melanie alnwick live in the zel ray neighborhood with more, mel. good morning, guys, yeah, here's some of the messages that were created over the weekend and put up here as a response to those raceest and zenophobic flyers and i lot of kids say more love less rate. the fliers were ripped down by many in the neighborhood sentence they could see them. it has been posted friday night to day. somewhere anti-islam
5:33 am
towards african americans and some kind of flyers posted across the country including here in d.c. and the group creating these mraipzers he learned of the sense pour because of gym. now family and neighbors will fight back with messages of inclusion and they hope that people who feel the same will do even more. make friend with minority communities that have organized church groups and political groups and if people can get involved in them they can work together to reverse the problem. >> i feel lining we're living in in order fairy times this is not normal. >> the mayor said alexandria is city of kindness and inclusion and said that be investigating whoever put up myers.
5:34 am
news". >> develop in the districts memorial day was busy for d.c. police and three shootings in a three hour span. more than 40 were fired on hugh street and it is unknown if the two incident are related. >> president trump saluted real heroes. he is honor owing men and women who paid the ultimate sas fik in charge of the nation. >> he said those who died are special, special people. >> manchester england mark one week since the deadly concert boming. hundreds gatherer in st. anne's square. mourners fell silent to remember the dead. so far 16 people were arrestsed in connection with the attack. two released without charged. 14 men remain
5:35 am
new this morning former naacp president benjamin jealous could seen make request for maryland next governor official. he's supposed to declare candidacy this week. major supporter of president samders calls for swrel us to run for governor first began summer. >> what a team, terps. and win the mepz over ohio state. in college park after monday game the postseason national championship. this is first one in 4 years sfwlxt and i think the comb of women's lacrosse team will join us. they're dine agenty. >> big te
5:36 am
challenge park. >> at last. evenet seep years on that lost championship before. they had lost. >> last year they lost, no, women lost to car line a. >> they're. >> the we'll there are fantastic, he mazeing. patchy drizp and showers around. as the cold front slides lieu closer you can kick up thunderstorms this afternoon. one of two of which could be on the strong sides. 635 reagan nagal and 64, bwi 6 the. starting off day. mild start around the z.y. region. here's forecast. today, mostly cloud jury skies and 77. watch for afternoon thunderstorms. tomorrow a little more sun and less rain. 83. let's check the forecast, airport is back with traffic. i am and:36 brokes
5:37 am
chantilly past 28 huge crash scene they has white laipd blocked traffic lanes try to pail out. pretty unsafe as they turn around to the area side of the lane there. again biss meg 50e fwheb chantilly 28 we'll get more information on this crash and bring it to you on "fox5". as we switch to maps other problems we're dealing with expectly nets row. no train service between sgal you debt and for the to the in. you can get the green line and tack for in question ques questions. >> coming up it's in plame fairy round in this particular group. >> a new war memorial headed to the national mall. roads outside moving along long slowly this morning. 5:37 is the time and 6
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z2d1iz z16fz
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y2d1iy y16fy >> 5:40 is the time. health watch startling new study emeyess dangers of smoking while pregnant. toxic chemicals destroys the liver
5:41 am
now effects were different in boys than girls. boys damage caused liver scarring and leaving them more prone to liver failure li lightsner life and girls targeted metabolism in the liver which could leave girls more vulnerable to becoming overweight. >> details about suspected drug thefts of va hospitals across the country. agency inspeingt tore general is dealing with three dozen criminal investigations. that brings it to 108 the number of investigations involving theft or unauthorized drug use by hospital staff. doctors, nurses and pharmacy workers are suspected of st stealing opiate and other prescription drugs for their own use or to sell on street. va pledged to cleanup this problem. >> happening today nationals spelling bee kicks off national harbor. preliminary rounds are today and tomorrow with finals set thursday night. competition gets going 8:30 this morning and there's 291
5:42 am
total one spellers from d.c., 11 from maryland and 13 from virginia. >> good luck. >> good luck. >> coming up on "fox news morning" nasa preparing for groundbreaking mission to study largest celestial body in our solar system. >> major league baseball teams slammed on social media for what some say is capitalizeing on memorial day. >> going to break. live outside. look at all those people getting back to work after a long holiday weekend. not the best of weather days on top. not the worst, either. michael thomas will talk about it on the other side and erin will update you on your early morning commute. you're watching "fox news morning".
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vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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♪ 5:45 right now. so we came off the holiday right. you're headed back to work. guess what? >> what. >> we're already think about friday and that's because we want to you join us at our next zip trip in bowie, maryland, from 6 to 11 a.m. and tucker barns will kick things off and then, the wisdom mar tip and i will both be headed out there. erin como join joins us later in the morning and it will be a party on a friday. we would love for you to come out and see us. it would be fun. i think we did bowie last t time. >> love bowie. >> let's pack the
5:46 am
people. >> hopefully like i said earlier dry. michael thomas said coffee breaks wisdom onep p step at a time. >> you're trying to rush things. >> friday is like four whole days away now. we'll relax. >> we are to deal with today. >> we will blink and be here. >> that's how i like to think about it. >> we hope. >> so i think we're fine by the way. >> good. >> good news. >> maybe. >> maybe in there. >> as he says with copfy wednesday. right. >> i think we'll be okay. >> clouds with sun later on today. mostly cloudy i think for most of the daytime hours and then maybe thunderstorms rumbling through later this afternoon along the cold front one more chance of storms tomorrow before we finally dry out a little bit on thursday. best day of of the the week by far thursday afternoon lower hultty and surpriseal average of 7 9 on thursday afternoon. again good weather to look forward to before we head downhill for the weekend.
5:47 am
and richards 68 and raleigh 69 and southerly flow hoping to hold spotty drizzle: just headed in from la plato telling me patchy drizzle out there as he was headed in this morning as well as i saw some sounds of the studio as i headed in. again take that into account. it's not overly wet out there this morning but he maybe need light rain gear as you head out the door this morning. severe risks later this afternoon ahead of cold front. one or two storms ahead of it could be on the strong side with gusty winds and large hail possible as well. temperatures later this afternoon into the upper 70s for most. maybe 0 degree reading or two and most 80s will hold well south of d.c. and marginal risk of severe storms according to storm prediction center later this afternoon. we'll keep an eye on stovrmentz again best chance after 2:00. by 11:00 mostly cloudy and patchy drizzle. 69.
5:48 am
taking a look at "fox5" accuweather 7 someday for forecast. 77 daytime high today and 80s tomorrow and sunshine tomorrow afternoon as well. thursday best day of week and zip trip friday starts dry. later in afternoon we may have to dodge a couple thunderstorms. that's a look at forecast, erin is back with traffic. >> that's right 5:48 in khan tillly westbound by gleeb road all main lanes are blocked and you can see several cars and vehicles involved in the crash and far left turn lanes squeezing by and causeing a huge backup a void 50 westbound if at all possible before lee road otherwise stuck in that delay. new crash 5 northbound side express lanes prince william parkway as well and you see all the flashing lights traffic getting by and slowly left there of the express lane and main lane not impacted now. problems on the rails as well. no train
5:49 am
shuttle bution service has been established. if you want to use green line to gate round for the to the tone gallery place you can give yourself na extra time and that puts a damper on the route this morning. and that's in addition to safe track. questions, erin fox d.c. twitter, back to you holly and wisdom. >> nasa plans to release new details this week about unprecedented mission to the sun. the mission called solar probe plus will launch summer of 2 2018 it will mark the fist time flying to sun atmosphere. they hope data collecting will improve space weather event and astronauts on earth. >> sad news with the world of politics. pat mullens served as chairman of virginia died yesterday in a single car crash in hanover county. mull ins was chairman of republican parent of virginia 2009
5:50 am
years old. >> renowned sports writer and broadcaster frank deford is also passed and 78-year-old died sunday at home in key west florida and deford was known for work at "sports illustrated" and hbo real sports. baltimore maryland native wrote countless stories and penn commentaries and ford contributed to national radio for 40 years. former president barack obama presented him with the national humanities medal in 2013 saying the time ford changed the way we speak of sports. >> i loved him he was talented. >> ten before the hour trump administration is nearing end of refru for rolling back relations with cuba as stated during the obamaer raxt at vice rors are considering changes that could consider tingting frayed and travel rules president obama put in place and however trump administration is not expected to completely severe ties with the communist opportunityry. >> we're back with what is hot
5:51 am
>> maureen ume is engaging with stories on social media. >> good morning, jar he kushner trying to get direct access to russian president vladimir putin. that's a take away from a meeting they had me november. kushner is facing backlash for allegedly trying to step a back channel between communications and trump transition team sgle smokeless gets are not as hel yming i as they say they are they cause more cancer causing chemicals than regular ones. and thousands of passengers affected by brit ish airways it failure dealing with another headache looking for lost luggage. their web site could not even post about their belongings after a weekend of chaos
5:52 am
cancelled hundred receipts of flights. they plan to boycott the airline. >> major league baseball teams facing back rash for capitalizeing to sell more swag. hats are military green and have camouflage design cross the brim and hats cost nearly 406789 washington nationals bryce harper may have a little time off from baseball diamond after last night's in san francisco. he could cool off temper by the pool. olympic swimmer katie ledecky she invited him toe hang out at stanford. come to palo alto at the point for a day. >> i want to go to palo alto. >> everybody right? >> as long as we get to come back to work, right. >> okay. thanks. mo.
5:53 am
use memorial day to bring attention to a new war home orial planned for nationalle it was in proovrd in march and more that 650,000 members served in august of 1990 to april of 191. building memorial is estimated to cost 25 million and construction is expected to start in 2020. >> each veteran is worthy of having taps at their funeral. many are buried in silence. one bugle country and navy veteran who eded bugle as cross the area is going to change that. >> i'm almost tawpting 24 notes a person hears and played correctly it can make you cry. we have done just a little over
5:54 am
for the families of the fa fallen. >> and that's our mission. grieving families simply enter zip code knee organization web site and the non profit has 5,000 bugle playershood to play during the encore of stephen van anne show. steven walked on stapling and played four songs. disciples of foul westbound plague in red wank, >> she is a member of the estreet band. you can imagine that's awe awesome. >> i know he looks like he's still the same age he was back when singing born in the usa. >> right. >> he's aging well. >> he's winning. >> he's winning big time. >> in more ways than one. >> ah. >> time to say
5:55 am
hello to tyler thompson. she was nominated by her mother awd ra. >> awd ra says tyler graduated last week from taw son university a.m. wisdom and i have been there that entire time. awd ra also has a special request for when tucker barnes tucker can you accepted us sunshine please. are you gorgeous. are you gorgeous tyler. thank you so much. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> forgetting that degree. >> michael thomas, what's going on. >> clouds out there. i'll let tucker try the sunshine things and it's not coming from me. sorry do say. satellite and radar getting clouds around this morning and a little patchy sdrizle and showers around as well. keep in mind as you hed out the door. future cast showing spotty drizzle 8:30 a.m. this morning and we head our way into the afternoon and poking to sunshine especially west of d.c. and here we could be dealing with
5:56 am
scattered thunderstorms later this afternoon. that was one:30 earlier we were going to do gown to 7. could be gusty whipped and hail the marginal risk for severe weather this afternoon again storms could contain strong wind and large hail. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast 70s today and 0s tomorrow and more sunshine as well and sunny day, 80. zip trip try starts dry and storms in average sam erin is back with traffic and the forecast. >> stand still traffic in chantilly 50 westbound by lee road. several cars in a cash all plain lanes blocked. you very the police activity it looks like things are backing up. a lot of volume. use caution there. we'll switch over to maps. prob lelingz on the red
5:57 am
no train service to for the totten and shuttle service available and green line can replace some of that service. we have the kouvrd.
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we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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>> ahead at 6 tiger woods apologizing and offering up explanation for dui arrest. he says alcohol had nothing to do with it. golf star plameing it on something else. plus a small alexandria community fighting back against hate after racist flyers start add piering in del ray neighborhood over the past week. we're live with their message. >> live look outside tuesday may 30. rain showers coming down. not a total washout. we'll have he details with weather and traffic coming up on the fives. 6:0 5. good morning to you maureen umeh. >> steve chenevey. >> former dictator of panama died. country current president confirmed news on twitter saying the dealth closes chapter in our history. he was ousted in american invasion in 198 and later served 17 year drug sentence in the u.s.. he was taken to a hospital to remove two brain tumors and suffered


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