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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 30, 2017 9:00am-10:59am EDT

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♪ straight ahead a staff shake up. director of communications stepping down after just three months. meanwhile the president himself stepping up to the plate to defense his son-in-law. we'll have the latest from inside the white house. rock bottom another chapter in tiger woods public down fall over the memorial day week em. one-time golf great suspected for us inspected dui early monday morning. now he says alcohol had nothing to do with his arrest. we'll have the very latest. and harper will go out. and now he got beef and this is a good one, folks. >> and later, helmets, fists and hair flying during yesterday's nations/
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pitcher hunter strickland reuniting a three-year-old view with a 98-mile an hour fast ball to harper's hip. both players speak out after they wait to hear their punishment from major league baseball. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> gloves are off. >> get things going on tuesday. a minute past the hour on this tuesday, may 30th. couple days left in the month. i'm steve along holly, maureen and wisdom. >> also ahead this morning sports high life worth cheering the terps men's lacrosse team following the footsteps of the ladies the day before they won it all. national champs. times two for the terps. we'll have highlights from the championship wins a little later and the ladies coach kathy reece is actually going to join us live. >> very exciting. >> can't wait to hear from her. first at 9:00 let's talk about this weather. we got some sun holiday weekend yesterday but the rain could be back today. for details tucker back with the first check of our forecast. hey
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>> hey, monday recent. most drizzle out early this morning. as far as rain scattered thunderstorms later today but the theme will be cloud could have particularly the first half of the day. maybe sunshine this afternoon. hit and miss afternoon thunderstorms back in the forecast that will be our rain and as i've money pensioning all morning i don't think most of us will get storms later today, but they'll be enough of a threat i want to throw the out there we could see some storms. 63 we've been stuck here for hours at reagan national. that cloud cover is thick and low and again force parts of area here dulles is 62. bwi marshall 60 degrees. cloud cover you can see it across the region winds shifted out of the east overnight and air off the ocean allowed the clouds to redevelop during the overnight hours and again that's responsible for the drizzle out there early looking off to the north and we have it's a cold front which will be pressing into the area late this afternoon really this evening and up ahead of it if we can get any daytime heating going at all in the form of sunshine if we can get breaks in the clouds we may see some scattered thunderstorms develop mid to late after non and the possibility is there that if we can get
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could have a few strong thunderstorms around the area. i'll throw it out scattered afternoon storms back in the forecast. yesterday we made it to the low 80s. 77 today. and again the theme will be the first half of the day cloud cover. we'll city we get sunshine this afternoon. seven day has got some sunny days to look forward to. i'll have details on that momentarily, guys. i'll toss it back to you. >> sounds good, thanks tucker. breaking news to share with you from prince george's county this morning. we've been following this now for about 30 minutes. some bizarre circumstances surrounding a house fire in clinton, maryland. that's now turned into a barricade situation between police and an armed suspect. fox5 has learned less were called to home in the 7700 block of surratts road just after 8:00 a.m. that call was initially for a break in. but our sources say officers then saw smoke and flames coming from the house before a man with a gun then ran out of the home and into some nearby woods. no one was hurt in the house fire. out melanie alnwick is almost to the scene. we of course will check in with
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there. >> the other big story at 9:00 another white house shake up in the work. right now all looks come down -- calmed down on the outside of 1600 pennsylvania of a behind the scenes it is a very different story. this morning we learn that president trump's communications director has resign. he's only been on the job for three months. reports say he resigned on may 18th but offered to stay through the president's first overseas trip. senior administration official toll website, dukey is parting on good term. no word yet on when his last day will be. >> continue on that thread we'll tech the morning briefing up. president coming to his son-in-law's defense. he told new york times quote jared is doing the great job for the country. there are reports hyped closed doors jared kushner has been told to lay low. there are also several reports that several white house staffers were appalled by the allegations.
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presidential candidate john mccain over the us russia relationship. he believes russian president vladimir putin is bigger threat to global security than isis he wants sanctions against moscow for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. and in growing tension between unfortunately s and north korea, the u.s. military prepping to conduct its first test to intercept inter continental ballistic missile today comes as north korea is trying to develop a missile which could reach the us. while officials say that country years away from achieving that goal, the head of the us defense intelligence agency says action against north korea crucial. >> this morning we are learning that former dictator manuel noriega from panama has died. the current president confirming the news on twitter his death closes a chapter in our history. the one time u.s. al ousted as panama's dick tatter by american in 1989 he later served a 17 year drug sentence in the united states. today in panama he was taken to a hospital to remove
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tumors and suffered a brain hemorrhage. he was 83 years old. overseas now. 15 people dead and self others wounded after a car bomb exploded outside of a popular ice cream shop in baghdad. that bright flash you see the bomb going off. isis claiming responsibility for at tack. days into the month of ramadan. >> happening today in continue county sentencing day for alleged member of the violent ms13 gang. >> 20-year-old vanessa alvarado face up to 40 years in prison for the further of morales in 2016. she plead guilty for luring the victim to his death carried out by other gang members as she look. bob barnard has more from the courthouse in rockville. >> reporter: good morning, guys. according to prosecutors, the teenaged victim in this case was stabbed more than 150 times his name christian antonio villa grand morales
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he was from guatemala been living in new jersey with his mother. moved down to montgomery county last year to live with a cousin. now, he somehow met this defendant vanessa alvarado who is 20 years old who is from montgomery county. she lured him to some woods last june 16th under the guys of having sex. how far according to prosecutors four other members of the gang ms13 were there lying in wait. and pounced on him as soon as christian arrived in the woods there that night june 16th. this was at malcolm king park in gaithersburg. now according to prosecutors the ms13 member thought christian was the member of a rival gang but they say he was not. but that vanessa and the four young men were all members of ms13. the four others have all been arrested charged with other kinds of crimes including this one. one other young man is
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plead guilty to this murder. vanessa is facing 40 years in prison. she plead guilty to murder and conspiracy to commit murder. we're told that she is likely to serve 20 years in prison even though she's going to get a live sentence suspended but 40 years and we're told that the victims' mother is planning to be in court to make an impact statement at the sentencing here in rockville this morning. guys. >> bob barnard, thanks very. 9:08. virginia community is coming together to rally against hate. >> the flyers showed up in del ray and old town alexandria. they're targeted against muslims and african-american. posters also took aim a georgetown professor who lives in the area and confronted white supremacist richard spencer. as police investigate to find those responsible, neighbors are hanging up these signs of hope to counter the hateful posters. alexandria's mayor has dough nounsed the posters saying alexandria is
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and compassion. >> after more than 70 years wonder woman finally headed to the big screen this weekend and it could be the first big summer blockbuster. nothing was over the weekend coming up later kevin is sitting down with co-star chris pine. tiger woods says well alcohol had nothing to do with his dui arrest. we'll talk about what he blames for his behave i don't know and what the future could hold for the once great golfer. time right now 9:09. back in a moment. moment.
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tigers woods could get a year probation or jail time. >> he's apologizing after sitting in in order jail over the weekend he's also offering an explanation for his behavior. >> let's talk about this. woods publicly apologizing for the incident. he's stopped -- he was stopped rather for driving under the influence of alcohol around 3am yesterday. and was released from jail just before 11am. now woods is blaming his behavior on a mix of prescription meds saying he didn't realize they affected him so strongly. >> i was sad. i'm a huge fan of the tiger woods. >> hopefully he can make a come back. >> tiger woods blaming a quote unexpected reaction to prescription drugs for his arrest around 3:
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on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. >> i hope he gets his act together. i feel like everybody makes mistakes. um, but 3:00 a.m. not a good place to be. >> a statement the 41-year-old golfer insists alcohol was not involved. woods dui arrest taking place near his home in palm beach county florida. it landed him in jail for hours. he was eventually released his own recognizance. woods did say not where he'd burlington-bristol or what he was doing out the 3am. he understands the severity of what he did takes full responsibility and is apologizing saying he expects more from himself. this long-time fan still calling woods a role model. >> he still is. he still is. i mean he'll get it together. he's the bev golf err of all time. >> his arrest comes the 14 time major champion recent hal back said he has quote not felt this good in years. back in 2009, woods made headlines when his private life unraveled over allegations of affairs with multiple women
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morning cash crash involving his now ex-wife outside his home. >> now according to reports woods smelled of booze and refused to take breathalyzer test and became arrogant and there were -- there also be some dam cash video of the arrest released today. it raises questions about his sponsorship especially with nike it could cost him millions in current and future endorsement earnings. he currently makes more than $45 million in sponsorship money alone. >> hmm. >> he should just fessed up. i messed up. i was drunk. now he can't even dial it back. >> right. >> without looking like a total liar and even worse. >> it's bad with the sponsors if it turns out he was not telling the truth. >> right. >> your credibility is shot. >> hopefully, he's -- i'm going say. not stupid enough to make up that story. i know, i know, i know. but think about it. if he was drunk are a had some alcohol in his system he comes out with this and this is not true, that would be a disaster. >> he's had back issue
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tiger woods clearly has not been in good place for long time and this is manifesting in this behavior and he some could even say the behavior a couple years ago with his ex-wife chased him down with a golf club. i don't know. i feel bad all around here's a guy who was the epitomy of golf for a lot of people and taken a fall from from grace. >> i think he needs a hobby bee. >> other than golf. >> the golf isn't working right now. >> if you're not, f somebody used to being on top of everything and now you know you're not there any more, obviously you're he is team takes a hit, mental compass at the takes hit now you're throwing in $45 million to somebody who is not really doing anything. >> yeah. >> you have to channel that somehow. >> i have long since said from the initial thing with his wife he lost tiger woods was all about control. >> absolutely. >> he control everything. everything in his world. the messaging out and when he he started to see him unra unraveling. >> absolutely. >> look anyone that you see that's going, you know, down not a good path you h
9:16 am
find the right way. >> see a legacy being chipped away and destroyed in this way. man -- >> you can hear it in the people they talked to. everybody wants the come back. you know what i mean. you keep hoping for the come back. >> probably would have seen it by now. i don't know. >> still has few years to go until he's eligible for the senior tour. >> he'll get it together by then. >> opportunities are still there. >> if he comes back it will be the greatest come back. >> it will be. >> all right. time right now 9:16 coming later her weight went down his interest went up. would it be shallow to ask her out. sarah fraser is weighing in all new love and order. >> erin, what are you working on this morning. >> tensions in texas. we'll show you why lawmakers got into a scuffle in the lone star state. plus extra credit we've got the latest sign from the scars of the economic down turn and they're healing. it's good news for borrowers and later see if you can guess how fast one did he loran drive was going when he got pulled over for speeding. it's a weird story. we've got a check on what else is make headlines next. ♪
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♪ we'll see if it's good or not. erin cho mass a check on what's making headlines this morning. erin. >> thank you very much steve. good morning to all of you. 9:19. first up, things got heated on the house floor of the texas tes cameras were rolling as scuffle broke out between lawmakers as protesters angry over a bill that banned sanctuary cities filled the capital
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representatives pushing and yelling at each other after one lawmaker cut u.s. immigration and customs on the protesters some were holding signs i am illegal and here to stay. british police say a tiger that killed female zoo cooper has not begun destroyed. 34-year-old rosa king was killed in what officials describe as a freak accident. this happened at a london zoo the zoo was evacuated but officials say there was never a public risk. king had work at the zoo for roughly 14 years. a meeting of the minds kicks off today at national harbor in maryland. the preliminary rounds of the national spelling bee are today and tomorrow. the competition got underway just a short time at about 8:30 in the morning. there's one speller from d.c., 11 from maryland and 13 from virginia. well here's some good news when it comes to credit. americans credit scores are all-time high. according to the wall street journal, the average credit score reached 700 in april that's the highest since
9:21 am
also, the number of risky borrowers is down. those with scores blow 600 just about 20% of us adults down from 25-point 5% in 2010. and finally, okay. a man in southern california now on the hook for hefty fine but this speeding ticket it's a little odd. he was driving a 1982 did he loran and you can guess how fast he was going. 88 miles per hour just like in the movie back to the future in the movie passengers can time travel at that speed but the driver was quickly pulled over by police and given ticket. he says maybe if he had the flux capacitor the cop would have let him off. so maybe he was trying to time travel. maybe it was an odd coincidence i'm not sure. >> but good humor wins the prize. >> um-hmm. >> confident he was trying to reach 88 miles per hour. >> time travel back about five minutes before the cop pulled him over. >> oh yeah. >> the speedometer only went up to 85. >> is that right. >> cars would go faster. >> but the speedometer only
9:22 am
up to glaive other another interesting fact about that if you were in virginia going 88, he probably would have ended up in a much more serious situation. >> you would have to visit court. >> once you get over 80 you have to go to court. >> how do you know that wis. >> that's what somebody close to my family told me. if you go over 80 you're in trouble. >> jayson werth story. >> that's it. thank you steve. with the assist. steve witness assist. jayson werth story. that's it. >> cover up. >> okay. bryce harper trading belows. the benches clearing. now, the wait is on to find out how many games, how much money it could cost him. plus, university of maryland the undisputed champions when it comes to lacrosse. we'll have all the good day sports highlights coming up. >> plus more rain in the seven day. tucker barnes back with another check of the forecast next. nex. >> fresh at 10a facing your fierce head on. ludicrous will join us 35 talk about the reboot. we're sitting down with the stars of nashville talking about how the show is moving on on new network and without one of its biggest s
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z2d1gz z16fz y2d1gy y16fy >> he hit his hat.
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>> slow month. watch it. is it over? did we miss it. >> he just hits his hat. >> on the first one. before then. >> he doesn't. >> he hits the hat. >> here we go. look look look look. watch, one -- >> miss right there. watch watch. >> he hits his hat. >> they didn't show it. >> i watch it in slow-mo a gazillion times. >> we'll back to it in just a moment. breaking news we're following prince george's county. barricade situation between police and armed suspect all this apparently related to house fire on surratts owed road in clinton maryland. melanie alnwick live on the scene. what do you know? what's going on? >> reporter: well i can tell you it look pretty serious situation based on the number of assets prince george's county has brought in. we're at the colon knee south hotel parking lot which is really a little bit about two minute drive away from where the actual scene is and the 7700 block of surratts road. all i can tell is you that prince george's county
9:27 am
are asking us to stay this far back they wouldn't let us go any further that wasn't down surratts road a little after 8:00 this morning when prince george's county fire got a call for a house fire when they arrived they said there was fire through the roof non injuries and then about ten minutes later the fire was out. but mentioned police activity in the area. then after more information and more inquire to prince george's county police, we find out that the initial call this morning we don't have an actual time on that was for breaking and entering and then prince george's county police apparently set up a perimeter and once they had that perimeter stabbed that's when they saw the smoke and the flames and that's when prince george's county police called in the fire department and then there were eyewitness accounts someone was seen running from that home with a gun and into the wooded area. that is where the barricade situation then popped up there. so that's pretty much the scene that we have at this point. i
9:28 am
exactly sure at this point where that suspect with the gun is. you can see there's a lot of wooded area all along back in here. we know that there are k9 units on the scene and we've occasionally seen more and more police assets and fire department assets coming in to this area as well. but all of the traffic is being turned around here right at the hospital. so that is the scene right now. we can just pretty much tell you that everyone is getting set up they're getting ready and it looks like they're probably going to be here for while. that's latest from prince george's county. we'll zen it back to you guys. >> at one point we reported they were asking the firefighters to get back into their trucks for safety reasons. do you have any reason to believe that that's still the case or are they sort of moving the perimeter back? i don't know. what are you hearing or seeing? >> reporter: i have no knowledge of that. we just got here on the scene. pio was asking us to move. we asked if we can please to do a live shot quickly with the information we had and that's what we've got at this
9:29 am
>> all right. very well. we'll check in with you later as you get more information. >> all right. thanks mel. get back to the nationals right now. of course it was a brawl that kind of took over the game. the nats won the game three to nothing but the video itself a bit wild. that's 98-mile an hour fast ball to the hip. and that is the response. of course, the back story here is that pitcher didn't like the fact that bryce hit a couple homeruns off of him almost three years ago now. 2014 playoffs. >> when somebody comes at you like that throws 90 miles an hour fast ball, you know, where he did, it wasn't very happy with it, and took it into my hands i guess and, you know, tried to go after him a little bit. >> i don't want to go on baseball field and try to fight somebody especially when it's someone that it's in the past. so in the past that it's not even relevant any more. like i said, they won the world series that year. and i don't even think he should be thinking about, you know, what happened the first round he should be thinking about wearing that ring home every single
9:30 am
so i mean i just -- i don't know why he did it or what he did it for. but i guess it h. >> that's bryce's take both players ejected from the game harper's first time being tossed for fighting. nats as we said did win three to nothing. same two teams go at it tonight. first pitch 10:15 here on the east coast. late night if you want to stay up and watch the nats tonight. >> please explain to me i want someone to explain to me the unwritten rule if a guy hits homerun, you know, off of a pitcher the pitcher gets mad and if he hits a second homerun he gets the right to throw the ball at him. i just don't get that. >> they're wimps much that's simple. pitchers are wimps they don't have to go up and bat themselves in the, n-1 of the leagues. is this league or the other league. in this league they don't have to go up ban they feel like they can do whatever they want this is simple fix for baseball league baseball. >> here's the thing this is simple fix. number one, if this happens just let the two people fight. let the two people involved fight. the
9:31 am
they throw the ball. they know everybody will come out there and protect them and they get away with this stuff. >> in this case the catcher didn't, right? usually stats standard procedure -- >> someone is hitting homeruns off your bad pitch. why are you going after the hitter for being good. >> their wimps. >> ego game. >> two years later, though. >> he didn't get bad because he hit the homeruns he got mad he felt bryce was showing him up. >> he was. he hit two homeruns. did he show him up. >> this is the height -- i can't say the word all right little you know what if two years you're still hanging on to this after your team won the world series. give me break. this dude i wish harper would have landed a real good one. >> i don't know how much more winning there is than winning world series like bryce said shouldn't you looking at your ring. you wouldn't. >> i wish more people at the plate would do this. i'm sick of these happening. think about this now. if he's holding on to this for two years what if he hits bryce harper in the head or he's hurt
9:32 am
bryce harper down the stretch and they miss home field advantage or something happens where you don't have bryce harper your main guy because this nut decides he wants to get even from two years ago. this needs to stop. i'm sorry, baseball, i don't know why these people sit up in the front office, major league baseball and let this happen.& i just hope that more batters charge the mound like this and they take care of these pitchers because i'm sick of watching these coward pitchers three these 100 miles an hour balls and injure the people at the plate with no consequences. going to get a suspension, so what? >> the problem you get fights. >> let's go. >> no because the benches clear and people get hurt in that. now do you want somebody that will get hurt. >> that will get their atte attention. >> did you see the two giants players run into each other. >> they made it look like the giants players were not happy with that decision. >> i agree. >> speaking of body language tucker you're inches to get in here. >> i'm waiting patiently. >> i know. evening you got something to say about
9:33 am
>> here's my thing. we're burying the lead here. we got a national with some passion. i love that he ran. >> we're all pro bryce. >> i'm pro like yeah. we need to play feisty this y year. >> okay. >> don't bow out in the playoffs in the first outpatient. >> this is the first round. let's see how it goes. >> right. >> stuff like this -- >> if somebody me with a pitch i would have cha charged the mound gotten beat up by the pitcher. >> i think fighting in baseball is stupid but i agree with bryce's move yesterday because that was a punk move by the pitcher. >> tollly. >> i'm not going to lie tucker when i watching that yesterday somebody will get hurt on this team because that's our luck. >> right. >> that's what i was worried about. >> exactly. >> they can stop it. >> they're not going to. >> i know they're not. >> now you guise took up my weather time now i'm in a bad mood. don't make me throw some punches at you guise. >> don't charge over here. you won't win. [ laughter ] >> i'm a lover, not a fighter. all right. clouds mixed with sun today. afternoon storms are possible. th
9:34 am
if we can get any sunshine at all we may drive a few storms this afternoon keep the storms in the forecast tomorrow. thursday sunny beautiful low humidity. thursday is pick of the week here temperatures about 80 with lots of sunshine full day of sunshine to look forward. to not the case this morning. 63 in washington. 59 gaithersburg. getting little warm in culpeper manassas 67 and fredericksburg 65. leonardtown you check out story about that. cloud cover for everybody here early. even a sprinkle there setting up south and west of town. we may see a few showers kind of pop up here early later this afternoon partly mostly cloudy i want to say parly sunny we may get a few peeks of sunshine ahead of this frontal. mort sun we get the better chance we'll drive a few thunderstorms later this afternoon but i'll be honest with you without the sunshine i think the thunderstorm activity will be limited. severe risk marginal later to today. better chance off to our north where the energy is little bit more favorable for thunde thunderstorms. for us, 70 today's. yesterday we were in the 80s. 70s this
9:35 am
cover holding tough. here's future cast. there we are at 4:00 o'clock. so not loving the idea of storms but maybe we'll get a few going here late this afternoon or this evening as that front comes through again notice the heaviest of the stuff up towards philadelphia ton our north. and then we'll be cloudy overnight. tomorrow we'll repeat a chance for a spotty storm. 83. and then sunny and beautiful by thursday. zip trip bowie friday come out seen us. wisdom, holly, i think i'm going, yes, friday morning. >> you're going. come see us. should be a fun morning out in bowie and should be a nice sunny day. 85 and sunshine friday. >> all right. guys back to you. >> erin will join us, too. >> erin is coming too. >> good fun time. what a morning to be university of maryland fan, right. >> both it's men and women's lacrosse team national champions the men clinched their title last night and win over ohio state it's their first championship in more than 40 years. and it came just one day after the university of maryland women won their national championship. they defeated boston college sunday 16-13.
9:36 am
did so with perfect season. so what's their secret to their success? well, joining us live this morning women's head coach kathy reece. congratulations to you on a perfect season. >> thank you. thanks a l it was an exciting journey. that's for sure. >> i can only imagine. i know you yours self have been a part of 11 national championship -- or national teams. being a player and assistant coach and now a head coach. how much did you guys think about, though, the perfect season or is that one of those things where you know it but you don't talk about it? >> that's exactly it. we knew it was happening. didn't talk about it. when the final whistle blue and the girls were celebrating on the field one of my senior captains turned around to me and said, wait, we just, you know, we're undie feeted this season it was something that we didn't talk about. just really proud of these guys and their effort and their energy and excitement and passion for everything this season. and to do what they did is something that's really special. >> they did it in front of a record crowd. the
9:37 am
national championship for women's lacrosse. what does that say about this sport right now? >> it's great. women's lacrosse is growing nationwide there's so many more colleges that are sponsoring the sport. more kids playing at the youth level it's really exciting and neat to see. championship weekend is always special, but to do it in front of as many fans as that were there make it even more so. >> i found it interesting that the head coach of boston college who happens to be a maryland grad played on the maryland team she said you know when you beat maryland it's like slaying the dragon. and so you guise are the jugger naught now. and what pressure comes with that type of dynasty? >> well, i think first of all the four teams competing in final four weekend all had connections to maryland. with three of us playing at maryland and alula playing for the fourth coach the coach of naval academy cindy who coach at maryland for years. so that was the really neat thing with so many different ties to maryland lacrosse program. i think, you know, for us it's
9:38 am
the tradition behind this but to look at things one year at a time. last year undie feeted season we lost to the national championship game. and so it's every year is different with new people, new chem tree and new look as far as playing goes but this year is just something for sure to remember. >> you know, you talked about the surprise loss last year to carolina and that was really hard, and i know a lot of people probably had that in in the back of their mind this year to get redemption. but at the same time, how do you as a coach keep that fire and keep that spirit when really you're used to winning more than you're used to losing? >> yeah. i prefer winning over losing for sure. i think it's really the key is having great people who buy in and who believe in what you're doing. the chemistry on the scene, the leadership on this team this year was phenomenal, and these players love
9:39 am
did. they work hard every single day. they played for each other. they believed in each other. and to keep that passion and excitement there every game of the season, um, you know, again, made this season what it was. >> all right. this year was great. but how do we look next year? >> i'll just ride this one out. we'll enjoy this right now and d when the time comes. >> very good. well, we are very proud of you all in more ways than we can say for sure you enjoy every minute of your perfect season with all of the young ladies on your team. >> thank you so much good you're welcome. take care, kathy. >> wow. >> such accomplishment. >> fantastic what a spotlight on maryland too for both programs to win the national title. i'm curious though when you have that perfect season leading up to the cam i don't know ship game, if it takes extra motivation to say don't ease off now or -- >> that's my thing. >> yeah. because when you're just used to winning all the time, you know. >> like the good day team. >> right.
9:40 am
we keep that excitement and passion going so we know. >> yes, we do. >> 9:39 is the time right now. speaking of girl power wonder woman finally hits the big screen this weekend coming up next kevin sits down with one of the stars and the woman who made deliver the best d.c. u super hero movie yet today. >> your words. >> we'll see. we'll see. ♪ h northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
9:41 am
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>> that's your coulde that and you with your duty to simply give them a book. you didn't stand your ground. you didn't fight. >> there was no chance of changes his mine. >> he's got going to allow negotiation or surrender. the millions of people will die. >> we're going any way. you mean you were lying? >> i'm a spy. that's what i do. >> how do i know you're not lying to me right now. >> i am taking you to the front. we are probably going to die. >> this is a terrible idea. we're going to need reinforcements. >> i like to have the lasso of truth in here. >> no you won. >> that would be funny. >> it would be funny. >> do a whole bit. >> from the newcomb mick book movie wonder woman the first big
9:44 am
amazonian princess it's the second time gal gadot played wonder woman. kevin got a chance to sit down with the stars of the new super hero movie and the woman behind the camera as well. good morning. >> we believe do a bit on good day dc with the lasso of truth. >> it only works if it works for real, kevin. then it could be the lasso of lies. >> it would be awesome. all right. so i want to say something before i get to this interview. admittedly looking back on this i think this was kind of a dumb question but i'm going show it any ways. so on the day of the interview when i showed up this is right after gal gadot had pull her back and it was -- she's been going on press tour if you noticed all the interviews she's been staning up the entire time she through her back out. chris pine wasn't -- his back was messed up as well something was going on that day the whole day -- >> it happened thon set. >> super heroes. >> whole day was little strange i kind of was flustered i walk in. now this question i asked, i was curious because when i watch the film and the clip itself doesn't exist because it's in the movie itself, but the
9:45 am
movie there's emotional scene where chris pine and wonder woman are talking, and he is close up on his face his hair falls down and then he wipes it back up in the shot. i was wondering if that was intentional if so how did they make it fall. if not. i wanted to speak to him about this shot. i know it's ridiculous but listen to his answer because it actually ended up being the director's favorite scene in the whole film. really. >> watch this. >> yup. >> this is a totally nerdy question but i noticed this. off amazing emotional sequence talking to wonder woman and the hair goes in front of your face and you wipe it away in a very like -- you know what i'm talking about? >> it's a very cool shot. >> my hair? >> yeah. >> your hair goes in front of your eye and you wipe it away. was that improv moment. >> it was. >> fantastic question. what? >> when did that happen? >> a scene you're literally having emotional scene. >> you're taking it too serious. >> you did this. >> oh. >> really good. >> do you remember that moment?
9:46 am
>> oh yeah. it's one of my favorite ones for sure. >> that was really really cool. i love the idea -- >> radical. >> his hair goes into his face and then he pushes it away. >> i love that moment. >> was that improved? was that meant to happen as the char character. that just happen in the scene. >> that just happen. that performance was so beautiful. >> yeah. >> from both of them. that was -- it's one of the pride and joy -- that scene is one of pride and joy scenes for me of the film. because that is not an easy performance and there are lots of them. >> who is this woman? >> she's my, um, secretary, sir. >> she's a very good secretary. >> teaching that humanity to that character, that to me was the main theme of this film. i loved that. can you talk about what that meant to like teach someone about humanity? >> um, that's a good question. that is really is the core of that dynamic i will just say it was a lot of patti, a couple moments where i had to do that. i really had no idea what the hell i was doing. i was so
9:47 am
just kept on -- kept on and kept on and kept on pushing and pushing and pushing. >> i used to want to save the world. >> when i saw batman versus superman which i actually love. i saw it five times. >> holy molely. >> i'm wondering that photo famous photo that's in there of all five of you standing there, was that something that you guise had shot earlier and then redid in wonder woman sore something did he that -- >> that was one of our first days of shooting we shot that. >> really. >> it may have been before production started. >> yeah. >> because they had to get that to go use,. >> for batman versus superman. >> if you saw batman versus superman famous seen gal gadot opens up this picture it has her and cries pine couple other people from wonder woman and i was curious if that was something they had shot before batman versus superman. chris pine mentioned they shot the first day in order to give satisfying schneider that photo
9:48 am
>> any so many little limb in the hair. >> it was stupid question but i'm still yen winly curious about it when you see the movie you'll see what i means it just falls end goes like this. >> observant kevin.>> observant. >> was that meant to happen. >> when you see it twice in 70-millimeter. >> he didn't remember it. >> he was funny. >> thanks kevin. nine cot frail is the time. coming up skinny love sarah is back with all new edition of love and order. we're offering advice to guy who has a new found crush on an old classmate. now that she's lost weight. uh-huh. got some explaining to do. sarah, coming up next. ♪ z2cpsz zi0z
9:49 am
y2cpsy yi0y [ minion gibberish ] [ ominous music playing ] ah! ah! ah! [ children laughing ] wooo! yea! have a despicably delicious breakfast with these special edition jars of nutella.
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♪ all right. it's tuesday that means the time for love and order that is where sarah frasier joins us live to share some messages she gets from fans and friends and we try to offer very little advice. first up this morning we've got a question about dating sarah tell us about this one. >> okay. how do you feel about this? this guy writes to us in college there was a woman he was friendly with they never dated but she was little overweight full a little bit heavier. so she actually hit
9:52 am
couple advertisements p times but he was not interested. fast forward to current times. a couple weekends ago he sees her out she's lost lot of weight she's gorgeous he wants to know if he can ask her out without looking super official. >> yes. >> just ask her out. >> i don't have problem with it. >> she wouldn't keep meeting him. >> he didn't like her when she was -- >> he likes what he likes. >> this is now. >> yeah, but he wouldn't give her a chance years ago. just because of her weight. cease super official. >> there's a brain stem a traction that has to be there. >> sarah fraser here's new flash for you most men are super official. i know that is shocking to you. we like scantily clad women, bikinis, beautiful people, fast cars we're superficial, sarah. i'm breaking news to you. >> never say yes to you. ask her out. >> she's totally going say yes. >> she's going say yes. like her redemption song here because she's looking amazing this guy she like now likes her again there might be a little thing she's like you know i am going to date him just to mess with
9:53 am
i don't think so. you leak what you guy. if he thinks she's hot now,. >> she might excited herself i want to look better get healthy. wow. >> these guys -- you guise have ruled. ask her out. even it's so superficial. no way she'll say yes to that. we need a follow up on that one. how do you feel about leashes on children. >> hate them. >> can i tell you -- >> no. >> it's ridiculous. >> i think it's great. who wants to watch them tie them up and i'll have the cocktail. >> you're crazy. >> my sister has twins almost three years old she bought them leashes i told her if you put those things on my niece and nephew i swear to you we'll have issues. how am i supposed to get them through the airport walk them by hand or put them in stroller. they're not freaking dogs. >> daycare leashes they have eight kids tethered. >> i love those. they're so cool. >> they're walking from place to place and one teacher is walking them but as a parent i've seen them like, i've seen them in airports. >> backtrack one. >> it drives mow crazy. >> this was a neighbor by the way. >> no leashes. >> if your neighbor had their ki
9:54 am
anything? >> no. because it's not my place i would judge them in my home. [ laughter ] >> okay. we don't like leashes on kids. no go. lastly, today, lots of graduation parties. so this a graduate rights to us and says i know i'm planning my own graduation party partly because my parents can't stand each other. they were divorced ten years ago but they still hardly speak to each other. and they've actually both offered to pay for the graduation party as long as i don't invite the other one. >> that sounds perfect. >> what do i do. two different parties. >> throw big party haven't a good time. >> two different parties and. >> two. >> why not. >> invite the parents have a good time. >> i would have both but say to both of them you're being ridiculous and put mowing in a horrible position and as my parents why don't you grow up? >> i'll too. >> i would say that. >> you can waste your breath on that trying to talk to your parents about that but if they're at that point they eight each hate each other it's done. i'd have a party.
9:55 am
on with your life. >> i'd take the money from both of them grab my friends gone to the beach. >> great idea, steve. >> that's great idea. >> we rule with steve. >> done. there's your love and order. >> ones today, thanks sarah. >> coming up on the 10a ludicrous will join us. new show out there and we want to know what your fear factor is. >> ut-oh. >> what's that one thing you would never ever do even if it was for whole lot of money? >> i don't know. nashville popular show moving networks we're talking to two of the stars today. caught up in all the drama. >> one is a loyal boy went to magruder high school. i didn't know that. >> awesome. >> what about this? >> don't waste your pretty. that's direct and to the point. >> we'll get more about relationships coming up. [ laughter ] >> it's coffee time if you want the mug it's um for grabs right now you have until 11:00 o'clock to get your entry in. if you've been eyeing our cool dc mugs go to our website fox5 d.c./contests or facebook page. one lucky
9:56 am
random get those entries in by 11:00 o'clock. it's now 9:56. we'll see you for good day next. ♪ ♪♪
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9:59 am
♪♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. a delicious chew that protects for an entire month. ask your vet for more information. reported side effects include vomiting and itching. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice. ♪ >> the must see moments only only good day at 10a. >> you know it. we are live with ludicrous. super star rapper ludicrous is live to tell us about his fear factor reboot. he of course will also need to ask him about that rumored beef with drake. also live at 10a, hung alert. two stars from the mitt show nashville joins us live. sam, and chris car mack gives us the scoop for the new season a season without its biggest star connie britton. >> underwoods are
10:00 am
get ready to binge watch season five of house of cards. what's in store. we have the scoop. >> let's do this in three, two, one, good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ alvin and the chipmunks. >> right. >> oh, man. >> simon and theodore on the ones and twos. >> welcome to good day. >> wisdom we'll let you talk about this. feast or famine because mint june helps that's what this because i don't drink. >> you never had one. >> i never had a mimn julep before. i'm a non alcohol drinker. >> it's national minute june ledee. >> i think that's a drink you might enjoy. >> can you make it without alcohol. >> you sure can. >> can you whip one up for him so he can joan when we taste at the end. >> i think we can do something. >> wisdom part of the process this time. >> it doesn't have alcohol in it so it's
10:01 am
>> i'll catch the vapors, ya'll. >> this is for not hitting people over the head if they drink too much. >> you always have that as a backup. >> okay. >> i was just curious mainly use it for the ice. >> columbia room whipping these up a little later. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> we needed that for law and order. bryce harm per needed that. >> oh, no he he through enough. >> i know. >> he didn't need something nel his hand yesterday. >> thanks for sticking with us for the 10a we'll have a few drinks we'll sample. ludicrous going to join us. i'm steve alongside holly, maureen and wisdom. >> erin como is back with what's making had he lines this morning. good morning, erin. >> good morning to all of you. first up, it's a white house shake up. we learn president trump's communications director has row signed. he's only been on the job for about three months. reports say he resigned on may 18th but offered to stay through the president's first overseas trip. senior administration official told the website dub key is parting on good terms.
10:02 am
will be. we continue to follow breaking news out of prince george's county. surrounding a house fire in clinton that has turned into a barricade situation. police say officials were called to home in the 7700 block of surratts road just after 8:00 a.m. the call was initially for a break in but sources tell fox5 officers saw smoke and flames coming from the house. then man with a gun ran out of the home. right now there's a barricade situation underway between police and that suspect. and we've just learned police are asking nearby residents to shelter in place. stay with us on fox5 social media platforms for continual updates to this story and here on fox5 news as well. well we could get more details about what happened tiger woods memorial day arrest. woods was arrested earlier yesterday in south florida after being stopped on suspicious of dui reportedly refused a breathalyzer test. tiger woods blames unexpected reaction to prescription medication. he says alcohol was not inv involved. now he could get a look at tha
10:03 am
the arrest as early as today. moving over to the ice the pittsburgh penguins take game one of the stanley cup finals penguins defeated the national predators last night in pittsburgh but it was a really close call for the penguins after blowing a three and zero lead in the third. final score five-three. game two is tomorrow night in pittsburgh. then the cyrus moves to na nashville for dame three. finally, all right, this could be the coolest video of the day. check it out. a dare devil giving an entirely new mention to drone delivery he actually road a modified one into a portuguese soccer stadium to deliver the game ball at the start of the match. wow. look at that. it was flawlessly ex queued there. that is pretty impressive and takes i guess a start of soccer games up a whole -- whole new level there. looks like a sci-fi movie, doesn't it? >> is he controlling the drone himself? >> it look like it. >> he has remote control there.
10:04 am
super bowl should make the entrance on something like that. >> right. >> that would be great. >> that's like real hoverboard. it seem like the hover boards didn't really hover. >> that's how lady gaga could have got from the top of the stadium down to the stage. >> super bowl half time show we're looking out for you next time. >> good one, erin. >> thanks a lot. >> check what's trending on this tuesday morning. first up national right fielder bryce harper could be find or suss suspended after yesterday's game in san francisco things got tense on the diamond. here's how it started. it started two and a half years ago but the first time this pitcher faced this batter since that pitcher got upset that that batter hit two homeruns off him. now up a three years later, he drills him on the first pitch with fast ball to the hip. ran out to the mound to greet hunter stricklan and as you saw the punches can flying and most people came out on to the feel. look at buster posie the cat catcher. come on, man really typically the catcher would go out and stop the guy from charging the mound and protect his pitcher. what does that that say. >> they really
10:05 am
hunter stricklan's move that much. >> he landed one. >> he hit his hat. >> he hit him in the face. look at the video again. >> i've seen it from angle he hit him in the face. >> i don't know about that. >> you see it from the other angle i'm telling you. >> show it again. >> show it again yeah. this is the angle right here. he'll hit him right smack dab in the face. best video of the day. >> first one will miss. >> miss,. >> that's a hit. >> he got it. >> that's the hat. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm telling you. go on any sports channel they slow it down you can watch it frame by frame. >> the crazy and that about that whole thing was that strickland it's like the giants -- i'm watching the aftermath and i'm like who is still fighting here. it was all giants players. >> trying to get -- trying to restrain that guy and they were all scrapping with each other. the nats players are back in the dug out. the giants players are still going. it took four of them to carry that guy off the feel. didn't realize the fight was over isn't amazing how bold and bad he got after all the other teammates came out. he's the were unwho threw the ball
10:06 am
restrain him. let me go. let me go. he had his chance out there on the mound. i didn't see him do anything to bryce harper. sometimes those action inspire the team. i fell in this case they were just like, come on man. that was a renegade move. >> yeah. >> here's a question we asked everybody at home. should harper be suspended for charging the mound after being a hit by a pitch. here the results so far. overwhelmingly you at home are saying no. esche not be suspended problem is because he took his helmet and whether he was tossing it aside or actually trying to throw it, that's what major league baseball will look at. manny machado had the bat and got a five game suspension for that. >> they probably will suspend that. >> you can't condone totally going out there. >> yet somehow they keep letting it happen over and over again. >> if you're suspending bryce he will not even be charged --, charging that mound if the pitcher didn't hit him you got to give the pitcher the same suspension. >> i think the pitcher will get
10:07 am
same. i know it doesn't work that way. >> problem is bryce harper is way more important to our team than this lose here is through that ball and hit him. pitchers don't play every day. they get a suspension. so what. they miss one start. >> he's not even a starter. >> that's what i'm saying. >> so it's not even going to affect him. >> is it just the games he would play in or is it just -- >> or money. >> who loses in that? >> bryce. >> bryce harper does. >> it's ridiculous. ridiculous. >> all right. next up prince william opening up about tragic loss of his mother princess diana interview with gq. william is actually spearheading a mental health campaign called heads together to help end the stigma against treating mental illness he says the loss of his mother back in 1997 was hard on him as a child because of how the public story was told. how public that story just was he told gq he wishes diana could watch her grandchildren grow up. prince harry has previously said he sought counseling in the wake of his mother's death. august will mark 20
10:08 am
years since prince says diana was killed in a car crash in paris. >> i think that that will be a forever thing. i don't think he ever gets over that. the loss of his mother. he is special when you go through and live things happen you get married and you have kids, sure. of course you wish that your mom would be there and it would be mag any tied during those times. great that he's coming out and talking about it. make room new york city because there's a new attraction in town. well, there was. check it out. new york city sculptor placed a dog that appears to be going to the bathroom next to the fearless girl statue. the statue named sketchy dog was placed on wall street yesterday. it has since been remove but not before people posted pictures next to it on social media sculptor says he did it because up is he over the place many of the fearless girl catch near wall street's iconic charging bull. so we have charging bull, fearless girl and sketchy dog. he argues the fearless girl is quote corporate nonsense. the fearless girl was placed there back
10:09 am
international women's day to bring awareness about the need for more women in carpet rules. the creator of charging bull statue is suing the boston based company who paid for the fearless girl for trademark infringement. >> are you serious right now? >> let's just talk about the dog. that shot of it, what is that? that's sculptor is not even -- what is that. >> it's a dog raising its leg and relieving itself. >> where is its head. >> you're saying it's a bad cup tour. >> not only is your protest wack but your sculptor is more wack. be gone are you ready to find your summer bay. summer loving can be tough. dating tips you need to land your mate. >> first though hold all calls because house of cards is back. we have what you need to know about season five. plus, tim mcgraw interaction with a fan has her on the floor. and safed by the bell the musical. >> yes! >> we're back in two. ♪ ♪♪
10:10 am
10:11 am
narrator: "the time is always right
10:12 am
ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. >> all right. it's time for got day celebrity dish. first dish we're serving up today is decidedly sweet. harry
10:13 am
14-year-old fan who was injured in last week' terror attack in manchester england to tell her he loves her. the manchester evening news reported that she has been in intensive care at the royal manchester children's hospital since the bombing may 22nd. she suffered mull pell fractures lacerations and burns after she was hit by flying shrapnel. her best friend mel jones also 14 was actually killed at the scene. apparently her sister georgia asked friends on social media to share her post about lewis in hopes the former one direction singer would see it. he did and he call the hospital. >> good move on his part. >> isn't that sweet. i was reading about it. her family was there and they said that, you know, he called to say, you know, i love you and she said well, i love you, and then her dad was so moved that he said, harry, i love you. >> right. >> any way sweet moment. all right. let's talk about tim mcgraw making big entrance at the tacoma dome in washington saturday night a fem
10:14 am
his path and hit the concrete. the floor. she hit it hard. right there where that arrow is. from what we can see she was no worse for the wear security guard checked her and she seem to be fine. now here's the thing. you may recall another incident back in 2014 when tim mcgraw actually slapped a woman during atlanta concert who look like& she was g grabbing for his jeans or trying to grab him in his private parts. >> i won't fault him for if she's trying to grab his junk. >> there you go. >> saved by the bell. guess what? >> what? >> it's going the way of high school musical. >> oh, for joy. >> yes. the show's producer has the pefect list september up maureen seeking morris in mean. ideally justin beiber would slip into the role for the new musical version. >> don't do it. >> there are a couple of issues. first, it would have to be jb circa 2012 he's kind of aged out. >> totally.
10:15 am
big now. he doesn't have to do something like this the search is on for someone beiber esk up and comer that is beiberesk. >> nick carter. >> he's too old. >> he's way aged out much he's our friend to the show. you need someone in mickey mouse clubhouse right now. >> yeah. >> i don't know who any of those are. >> i don't either. >> i'm not going to see it. >> only one zac morris. >> i know. >> forever. >> i never knew you had a love fest for zac morris. >> paul glacier and timothy and mario lopez. >> maureen will be consultant for the musical. >> or she's going to need therapy. >> i love -- saturday mornings i lived for that saved by the bell. >> it was a fun show. >> i just like it. >> i'm shocked and appal by what i'm learning right now. >> you don't have to defend yourself maureen. >> i'm not i readily admit just because you watch golden girls too you don't want to admit t that. >> i was home during that time period. i was out and about. >> lasso truth needed in the
10:16 am
loft stat. [ laughter ] >> thanks guys. >> kricks that's the dish today. >> serve the awkwardly and cold. >> okay. ♪ >> people don't know what's best for them. i knew. i know exactly what they need. they're like little children. we have to hold their sticky fingers and wipe their filthy mouths and teach them right from wrong tell them what to si think and how to feel and what to w want. they even need help wild their wildest dreams. crafting their worse fears lucky for them they have me. they have
10:17 am
2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036. one nation underwood. >> wait is over for house of cards fans because the netflix political hit is back with all new season today five years and once again i'm not in it. five years straight i have not made the cut. this morning we're getting a sneak peek what type of chaos is in store for president frank underwood and his first lady and how the cast relaxes between takes while shooting the tense series. let's get more from ashley. the american people don't know what's best for them. >> reporter: house of cards co-stars never campbell and michael kelly say working on political thriller
10:18 am
during an election year can be surreal and all encompassing experience. >> people asked political advice from you as if you know. you know what i mean? we do know some. but, you know, it's interesting to be political show. >> people come up to you for your opinion more. >> right. >> filming election while an election is happening. >> it's okay you want to be until in that world. you know, even if other people most of the world are not shooting the show about politics i think everyone -- everyone is in it at the moment. i don't think it would be responsible for any of us to disengage at the moment because i think we're realizing that's what the problem has been we haven't been paying enough attention. >> lucky for them they have me. >> as for what's coming up on season five for the underwoods -- >> last year the walls were closing in on the under woods and so they started to try and divert things to make some changes and this season starts the following day, and, um, it gets more chaotic. >> their two characters will also keep squaring off.
10:19 am
characters. >> yeah. the two of us. >> it's intense for everybody but there's certainly a competition going on here, um, which is great fun to play. um, for me -- for me to get to play have a character going up against doug who as lot of if you. >> while this is one intense show, they make sure to lighten things up when cameras stop rolling. >> there's a lot of joking that happens onset. >> yeah. >> i think we need it. the crew certainly needs it, and you know, kevin and robin love to laugh, too, and their jokesters. >> kevin is hiftd terrorist cal. just hysterical impressions onset and we all come prepared to work and we're all. >> professionals. >> work very hard, but if there's an opportunity to clown off it's going to happen. [ laughter ] >> we do a lot of it so that's fun. people would be very surprised to know how much fun we do have. >> in new york, ashley, fox news. >> house of cards streaming now which means a lot of people won't do anything this week except forge watch house of cards. >> i just watch
10:20 am
seasons. twenty two you good. >> i got to get on this. it was good i wanted to watch the rest. just a master time. man. >> another season behind alr already. >> i know. >> in a day. all season behind in a day. >> 10:20. coming up next facing your fear head on. fear factor reboot to names. actor, rapper and host ludicrous joining us live. >> we're heading down to music city for the mid season pre mary of nashville. two of the stars of the country music drama including d.c. chris car mack will join us live with a first look at what to expect. ♪ fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew that everyone would need faster internet. so we're introducing fios gigabit connection. it delivers amazing new download speeds up to 940 megs.
10:21 am
yes, 20 times. and the really incredible part, is that it's $79.99 a month. and what's even more incredible, is we included tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service, still for $79.99 a month online for one year and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at
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z2cufz z16fz y2cufy y16fy
10:23 am
>> afraid of something. ya'll ready? >> tuesday may 13th whole new generation to face their fears. >> fear factor is back. >> with a new host. good all you got to do is his kiss the snake. >> new challenges and new ways to scare the bleep out of you. conquer your fear. fear factor h ho hosted by lid . >> this time mtv is giving viewers a chance to conquer their fears with this install many keeping the same theme of the original contestant confront their fears push beyond comfort zone and take action against their biggest pro problems. did we mention grammy winner and actor ludicrous will serve as host before tonight's premier he jos
10:24 am
to talk more about the show and what's different this time around. luda. >> how you doing. >> good to talk to you as al always. >> so look let's get writ it to and talk about the show. why are rebooting this show and why did you decide to get involved it in. >> a lot of people don't realize i'm adrenaline junkie myself a lot of these things i would do but anything dealing with that's something i probable woman do not. drinking and eating crazy thing the reason being that, you know, not only do we want to cater it to the audience that loved it before but we're securing even younger because crazy thing a lot of millennials these days they're scared of losing their phones. so it's like -- [ laughter ] >> implement so many new cal challenges. ludicrous element i lot to get even more personal with the contestants and new fun challenge
10:25 am
challenges. >> contestants come on here. do you put the stuff out in front of them and say pick one how does it actually work since you're up in the anti this time. >> we do little bit more homework on their background and what it is that they're honestly and really truly afraid of and then we cater the challenges specifically to those fears. if somebody scared of tight spaces, for instance, we may put them in coffin and bury them. it's like they come here to overcome their fears ton within money. so it's very entertaining of course for ya'll to watch tonight at 10:00 p.m. even more entertaining for me to watch and get the first class ticket to see them do this right in front of me. it's part of the reason i signed on as the host. i love being being entertained. >> have you ever had a situation where somebody you started out and they just freaked out and i mean just completely freak out? >> yeah. 100%. i'm glad you said that because here's another reason why i'm on this show. i literal
10:26 am
them to get it together. looked them in their eye and said you can do this and be to positive ree owns force many and motivation and they got through the challenge. >> really? >> sometimes all it takes is someone that may be you admire someone reminding that you you're strong and how strong you are in order for to you get through some of the biggest challenges of your life. >> because i don't think about that when i think about people laying with snakes and bugs and all that kind of stuff. ludacris saying you can get through this and i'll be able to get through it. >> he is special physical you're competing for $50,000. >> okay. >> in order to do it. remind yourself why you're here in the first place. >> okay. >> all right. if you say so. i'll go with what you say on this you're the host of the s show. >> you're the host of the show. ludacris i want to ask you another question about something else here. this is about drake because i wasn't aware there was even a beef with you and drake until he stood up at the awards show and said and gave you a out and showed respect up to first of all is the beef dead and what led to this whole beef in the first place? >> nah, it was maybe just
10:27 am
so it wasn't anything like that. but, you know, i think that was big of him to do that, anding there was never any real issue. it's just that he just really smoothed it over and just did something even better by kind of just showing people that, you know, not only did he appreciate what i've done and i definitely appreciate that back but just understanding if people thought there was some real issue that was his way of saying there was in every never any real issue in the for players. music is my number one love which is the reason i put out single called "vitamin d" everybody can listen to that and all formats. without the music foundation i wouldn't even be doing half of the things i'm doing right now. >> you talked about vitamin d. what is it that freaks out ludacris. what is it that you would say i might not do that? >> you said about the eating things but is there anything else other than that that you would not do? >> anything dealing with open water and you can see what's be 19 you something brushing up against
10:28 am
out thinking about it far away from shore and whatever that just touched you you're in that persons -- you're in that territory. not your own. >> kind of like gill began's island except for you're by yourself. [ laughter ] >> exactly. there you go. >> okay. ludacris last question we only got 30 seconds here. i'm going to go kevin mccarthy movie critic. which role do you like hosting this show, your role in fast and furious, mr. area codes rapper or back in the old days when i used to live in atlanta you were chris lover lover and poon daddy on the radio which one did you have the most fun doing? >> i'm going to be honest with you like i said the most fun is probably the music because that laid the foundation and that is my number one love still. which is why vitamin d like a 2017 voice your fantasy. so good list zone to that on spotify, it tunes, apple music all that good stuff. you'll love it. >> mr. ludicris we appreciate your time this morning. good luck with the show and good luck with vitamin d, chris lover lover mr. area code, mr. fast and furious. [ laughter
10:29 am
>> mr. ludacris. >> get your dose of vitamin d this summer. there you go. >> thank you sir v great one. >> oh, man. >> reminder you can catch the season premier of fear factor tonight at 10:00 on ntv. >> all right. >> fear is a factor for me. so -- yeah. >> any rats, mice. >> oh, my gosh. i don't know. >> i watched that stuff and i'm like i don't know how people -- there's no amount of money that can get me to lay with rats and -- >> no. >> i don't know how they deep diving into the background. >> you know people will be lying. they'll be playing i'm afraid super model and money. >> exactly. >> i'm afraid of pizza. >> that's a good one. >> 10:29 right now breaking news we want to get to. ♪ update concerning what we've been talk about that clinton maryland. barricade situation with armed suspect who police believe was involved with an earlier house fire and break in. now, the update here that suspect is now in custody. you can see some of the police response there. the barricade situation over now in a shelter in place order that had been in that area of surratts road and
10:30 am
has now been lifted. back story police had been called for report of a break in at a house. then they saw smoke and flames coming out of the house, and also saw what they believed to be suspect running out of the house who had weapon. so there in became the barricade situation. but it looks like the all clear has been given now in clinton maryland surratts road this morning. good to hear that. 10:30 is the time. the summer of 2017 could be a summer of love if you know what you're doing. relationship expert demetrius lucas doily leaves us for a message for women. don't waste your pretty. right now 10:30. back after this. ♪ ♪♪
10:31 am
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♪ ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy. no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
10:33 am
>> welcome back everybody. ladies, now that summer has initially arrived it's time to stop hib beer 98ing with your winter fling and get you a summer some boo. our evident next guest has a few tips to make sure you have your best summer yet. police welcome relationship coach and author of don't waste your pretty dee me truss lucas doylely. >> good morning to you. >> how are you. >> i'm very good. all ears on this one. you've got tips on how we can snare a new boo for the summer. >> what are the tricks of the
10:34 am
expetations. everyone you meet is not supposed to be your boyfriend or long time suiter, definitely not your husband. some guise are for dating and having fun. that's key. >> people think dately makes them somehow, you know, promiscuous but not really. >> going out and having a conversation with someone having drink going to museum, there's nothing unsanitary or promiscuous or crazy about that. that brings knee my next point. keep your options open. date as many people as you can fit into your schedule. the weather is nice. there's a ton of activities going on. you know, guise do it. we have to make sure guise -- they don't make commitments i'm having a good time i want to get to know you. they'll date one. they'll date another. one thing we can learn from the guys. >> while you're keeping your options open, you got to have some boundaries. that's your next tip, right. >> yes. you definitely have to have boundaries. i think sometimes when you meet someone you really like you can start acting like you're in relationship you sort of get confused about what this is and what this
10:35 am
not a relationship until it's clearly defined. you're just dating. >> who defines it. >> both mutually say we're official until a relationship. or is it understood. >> it's not understood. >> you have to say it. >> you have to have a conversation about what are we doing? are we in a relationship? are we exclusive and in a relationship? >> so the checkers thing who do you love, the paper. >> just have a conversation. >> okay. we're keeping it adult. >> you said interested people act interested. >> so a lot of times women write in to me they're very clue less about how the guy feels about them. guys do it too sometimes. but it's not about what they say it's about what they do. if you're confused about whether they're interested they're not calling, they're not seeing you very often, they're not seeming interested they're not interested. >> it's very clear. i think some women and men, too, want to read more into something. maybe he lost his phone. maybe he's really busy at work. >> when he loses his phone he really gets in contact with you e-mails you, slides into your dm's hey, i love my phone. yo
10:36 am
number until i get my phone replaced. >> last but not least be patient. >> be patient. sometimes we meet people and we want to be -- want to be relationship and we want to be loved we have all these ideas of things we want to do with someone and he rush into things take your time, get to know someone, and again, have fun. that's the most important part of it. >> i think that's important to remember is have fun. date asking not have to be like this whole second job thing. >> no. >> have fun while you're doing it it's a process. it's a journey. >> exactly. >> speaking of process and journey we have some questions that we want to pose to you ceilings hip expert. >> let's see what the first one is here. >> okay. they're coming slowly but surely. turning away. this one says my ex from five years keeps asking me out on dates and i keep saying no. i'm not interested and i've been very up front in telling him that. doesn't have my contact number, contacts me through facebook i even told him his per persistene is a turn off. should i ignore or block him. >> she's long pas
10:37 am
him this is one of the things i mean when you have to set your boundaries. she said nom you block this man from every other mode of communication block him from facebook, too. >> i like it direct and to the point. do we have another question? >> i like these. the direct approach. cut him off. cut him off. >> how do you come straight and and ask a guy if he's interested or are you waste your time trying to get him to engage he is special physical he's the quiet shy type who doesn't make the first move but gave you his number and hasn't teched even though he just started a camp counselor job for special kids. >> she's making excuses for this man. >> girl, come on. >> if he just started new job he will tell you, i just started a new job i'm really busy right now i'll try to get out with you when i have free time. he wants you to know that he's interested in. ooh just caught up for moment but don't lose interest because he's doing his bev. >> i think what i'm hearing all this is like what they say when someone shows hugh they are believe them. >> believe them. >> that's what it is. >> yup. >> don't make excuses. don't try
10:38 am
square into around hall. >> i just started a job. >> you and everybody else. they somehow make time. your book don't waste your pretty what is it about to to acknowledge you have valuable traits that people often take for granted saying that your time is important. your listening ear, your praying hands your cooking skills all of those things make up your pretty and don't give them away to people who are not valuable. >> this is not just for single people. >> nom it's for everybody. married people, engaged people, divorced people but every needs to know their worth and that's essentially what it's about. >> when you're in a relationship some people think i'm done. i've got my significant other i don't have to -- >> no. >> work on this. i can throw my total self into this person. that's not the case. >> it's a process reece relationships are always a process you never get to this is it i never have to stop working or i never have to start -- stop or start appreciating my spouse. it's a process the entire way through. >> all right. you guise have been armed with the tools for successful summer of dating. get the book. >> get out there. >> get the boo
10:39 am
don't do it. not worth it. that's what demetrius says. there's her information. go out and good this book. you're so lovely to talk to you. >> thank you for having me. there you have it. back over to you guys. >> great advice. thank you both. >> thank you. people like ludacris and like the show. let's get to the tweets getting responses to it. i love watching the show back in the day. >> oh yeah. >> but the bugs and the snakes and that, like i was just like no, no, no. i'll watch for the stunts. black beauty fly had no clue one of my favorite shows was coming on fear factor hosted by ludacris that is exciting. >> we know for certain bryce and pitcher cannot fight. the windmill i did this in middle school. hilarious. >> not stepping into the boxing ring any time soon. stick to the ball diamond. >> best part of the brawl they knock eve other out. that was the hardest hit. >> on the mound tonight. we'll see if he's healthy after taking that big hit from the former national michael
10:40 am
>> now one respects. that's why this town loses in every major sport. overpaid athletes. all right. listen we'll head down to music city next. nashville stars also a d.c. native and sam who is from england but yes play as country music singer is going to join us live to talk about season five's come back and what to expect for the future of the series now if one of the biggest stars has taken her bow. 10:40 is our time right now. ♪
10:41 am
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10:43 am
>> all right. which one of these should i w wear? >> they're exactly the same. >> no they're not the same. i got to look cool. >> for zac. >> shut up i'm completely nervous about this. >> you must really like him. >> more than i should. >> what are you worried about? >> newer not that bad life. >> all right. you need to calm down. you going to be great, okay? >> yeah. right. my boyfriend is only certified genius who's literally one of forbes most powerful people in the world. >> and you my friend are the guy that can walk out on stage and make a thousand people dance and scream and feel. all right. zac wells will never be able to do that. >> hmm. >> that's a good friend. >> right. listen, nashville's mid season
10:44 am
proved that there is live after reina. the last week is he i was of scarlet and gunner she told him she was pregnant much the question is, is it his? >> it's always big one will lexington getting serious with zac but will they survive as a couple while negotiating the ups undowns of the music industry? cmt highest rated and most watched series in history set to return for the mid season premier this week. we'll catch up with two of the shows stars in just a second but i know that everyone thinking you know i mean when you think of nashville you think of connie britton. that was rena. how does the show go on after that? are there people automatically tune out or there people that are just so loyal they'll keep on watching? i think loyalty is there. it had great plots. you know, a lot of story lines. i know there was a same sex couple that came into the se season. >> that's chris karmack's character. >> so that's been interesting to find out unfold. let's see how it plays
10:45 am
let's see -- >> what happens to their story. >> the music continues that part of it there's always -- somebody new they're bringing in. if it's the established people playing together, performing together. >> the music is like character in and of itself. don't forget they were canceled on nbc and the fans lodged a campaign and they came back originally on abc and now they are on cmt and now sam and dc area native chris karmack are ours right here in the loft. they're joining us live from music city. it's good to see both of you. >> hey, hello. good to see you, too. how are you? >> all right. so we were just talking about the loss of connie britton's character and there is live after recent in a, right. we won't have this whole second half of the season where it's just everyone is depressed that she's gone. >> no. it's a rebuilding half of the season. you know everyone is pick up the pieces. i mean i wouldn't say that there's no grief, um, but there is storynd
10:46 am
of built out of that grief. i mean that grief pree propels people forward and in new unexpected ways. >> so sam, i have to ask you, how does a guy from cornwall uk become a character that is texas bread and trying to make it in nashville? >> i know. it was quite crazy journey. you know, i was an actor in the uk and i got cast while i was living in london i sent off audition tape and, you know, sent it off thinking oh, they're never going to cast an english guy in this show to play a texan country singer couple week later here i am, you know, in na nashville and shooting and it's been the most incredible last five years. i couldn't have wished for anything more. all that accent training i did at drama schoolwork well. >> listen i also understand the show is really popular over in england. >> oh, it's huge. it's incredible. we're
10:47 am
of the show, we tour each summer when we finish filming, we are taking the live show to the uk in a couple of weeks. >> yeah. >> we've got a sold out recent in a tour which is -- i can't believe. one of the highlights we have three sold out shows at the royal albert hall which is london's premier venue. basically like selling out carnegie hall. so the fans are amazing there and feels really good to go home now. >> speaking of home chris we'll say welcome home. >> thank you. >> does it seem like yesterday you were walk the halls of magruder high school. >> maybe not yesterday but last week perhaps. [ laughter ] >> yeah. no, i grew up in the dc area. and i miss it. i don't get home often enough. >> you know, now, i think i interview the very first season of when you were on the oc. and did i, d i read there's going to be little bit of an oc reunion here in the second half of nashville?
10:48 am
>> yes. we are all very excited to welcome rachel bill son to the cast. she comes in playing this great character that zac wells brings in as a sort of corporate strategist for highway 65, and for me personally it was just a great joy to see her and work with her again. >> now, i do have to ask this. somebody toll me that you were a counselor at seneca creek day camp, is that true? [ laughter ] >> that is true. >> okay. >> you've got the goods. >> look my sources tell me that you really do a great rendition of rocco the lazy moth. [ laughter ] >> could we get a little bit of that by chance? >> wow! >> rocco the lazy moth, he was pink and yellow, he's going a way to heaven now you can tell by the silence of his cello. [ laughter ] >> wow! >> this is gold. >> who do you know? you obviously know one of my fri friends. >> chris -- >> people don't know this stuff. >> i know ppl
10:49 am
right? i got sources. hey listen i also know -- >> you can't reveal them. >> i'm not going to reveal them new york city. i'm going to keep them secret. >> i understand. >> i know you are coming to wolf trap in august, right? >> that's right. that's right. rocco the lazy moth is not colonelly in the set list. >> it's going to be to be now. >> we can do it in harmony. >> that's right. >> i don't even know it i'll have to learn it. >> we'll washington on it. >> all right. when you guise come to wolf trap please know that you have an invitation to come in here and be on our show on good day dc we'd love to host you in the loft. >> that would be great. >> thank you. >> we'll take you up on it for sure. >> we're looking forward to the second half of nashville. thank you guys. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. >> and just reminder you can ctch all new episodes of na nashville thursday at 9:00 on cmt. >> rocco the lazy moth. >> i love it. >> sing along. >> we should. >> good work there, holly. >> all my keeps in montgomery county. >> hey, you know. >> i'm em pref. >> 7:49 right now. time
10:50 am
and straw hats we're celebrating national mint julep day. heard a lot about them during the derby. now is your chance to enjoy and erin is in the classic learning all about the class classic cocktail. she'll join us live coming up next. no, put it back erin. >> not so fast. ♪ ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy. no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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♪ >> well today we're cooking up cocktails and he know loves a good cocktail on hot summer day the perfect excuse to throw one back it is national mint julep day but there's a key to make the perfect mint julep the team from the columbia room is in the kitchen with como helping us celebrate. erin. >> this is a good assignment right now, steve. joining me life is jp, the head bartender at the specialty cocktail lounge and one of last year's best mick ologists in the country according to food and wine magazine along with bartender jay kenny. thank you so much for coming in. >> our pleasure. good morning. >> columbia room is a beautiful space and i feel mint julep is perfect kick off drink to the summer season. >> yeah. it's the perfect thing for like the hot summer months that's what it was invented for to cool people down. and he is special ball we
10:54 am
outdoor space you can sit out there might be sweltering but you can cool down. >> outdoor space at the columbia room has been revamped. i haven't seen it since last year. it's entirely different now. >> we a garden planned all last year. we ripped that all out and redid it. it's like a jungle up there green as far as the eye can see. >> for those at home aren't familiar with the mint julep i think of kentucky derby. what's the flavor' it has. >> it has tow fine line of it's got sugar in it sweetness in there but obviously has had plint julep like candy you also one just basically like watered down bourbon. >> who depends who made them and what point in the day it's been made. >> if it's sitting on the ice it's not so good. you have to have a lot of mint there's never enough mint. >> i love the flavor of the mint walk us through how you make these cocktails. >> you can make a mint syrup before hasn't do it right beforehand because it's going taste little bit and old
10:55 am
>> we always do it fresh. simple syrup in the julep cup and throw our minute leaves in there. we take three to four sprigs repress all that mint into the cup. >> show them jake. >> we're basically just squeezing it and expressing all the oils from those leaves into the simple syrup in the cup. >> perfectly fresh drink that's why it tastes so good. we'll take that mism nt leaf out. got it. >> fit sits for a few minutes it can get bitter. you don't want that. you want all the oils. >> all the good flavors. >> exactly that sounds amazing we start with that. and then once we got all the mism nt we finish it off with bourbon you pick one of your favorite bourbon nos wrong or right way to do it. >> we share a favorite burr bore. i used to leave ten minutes from the belle mead plantation from tennessee this stuff is good. i love that you carry that. >> it's amazing. >> you mick it in with plenty of ice. >> plenty of ice. we start to mounding that ice on there. jake if you want to get bourbon in there.urbon in there. >> take my favit
10:56 am
alcoholic drink for wisdom as well. >> we do. nice non click julep no reason you have to have bourbon. >> exactly. >> you can gussie that up. we had nice gussied up version. >> make fancier. >> we finish off plain bourbon and mound the ice nice and high. nice little i guess hill of ice sticking out over the top. >> that looks great. you were saying that the traditionally there's a different way to drink the mint julep than just through the straw. >> we'll have a challenge part because i didn't bring my straws with me this morning. almost at the rental of the show you'll give me that cup. we'll try it. >> this is julep strainer only make it for making drinks but tech nicolai made to block the ice from getting into your teeth. >> let's see if i spill it down the front of my shirt. >> it works, perfect. it's happy hour somewhere. head to columbia room and celebrate mint julep day. this is just so good. what a beautiful cocktail. >> thank you. >> all right. well you guise can come over and join us. toss it back to the couch for now. wisdom we have your special drink to go. >> a
10:57 am
>> super fun space for sure. >> thanks for joining us today. we're back tomorrow. fox5 morning news and good day. >> all right. have a good one. >> have a fabulous day. happy tuesday. >> see ya. z2cufz z16fz
10:58 am
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>> live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] now, here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ]


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