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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 31, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, a rush hour attack in the heart of afghanistan. a suicide bomber killing at least 80 people with explosives packed in a water tanker. we'll have the very latest. kathy griffin under fire for a gruesome video she made mo mocking president trump. now this morning the chapter in chi has a message for her on his twitter account and that's not the only news he's made with social media overnight. we'll talk about why cafe fay spent the night as the top trending story. ♪
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paying interrupt ariana grande rounding up some of her celebrity friends for the biggest benefit for the victims of manchester bombing yet. wait until you see who will join her on stage. >> that is correct. >> and later, the spelling bee is back. we'll take you live to national harbor for a look what's new this year and how one contestant is making h-i-s-t-o-r-y. good day at 9a starts now. ow. >> ♪ there's about to be war. w-a-r. >> 901. g-o-o-d d.c. >> you nailed that d.c. part. >> you saw the finish line. >> i saw the finish line. line. in the prompter. it's wednesday may 31. wisdom morris, holly morris, maureen umeh, steve
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man under arrest at trump they will in northwest d.c. right on pennsylvania avenue a few blocks from the captain armed with multiple weapons what we know about the suspect and his possible motive coming up in a live report in just a minute. first though let's talk about this weather. some severe storms rolling through parts of the region last night this is video from winchester where clean sup underway today. trees, power lines fell and heavy rain and high winds. now the national weather service is trying to determine if a tornado actually touched down. >> all is cam on the radar to today. but june arrives tomorrow. and we're still dealing with these gray skies. for details tucker is back with first check of the forecast. hey, tuck. >> hey, good morning. actually getting reports of sunshine breaking out across the area. something we did not see yesterday in the immediate washington area. we had some out west. today i think things are looking a little brighter here late morning early afternoon maybe some partly sunny skies and just like yesterday, look out for those storms later today. we can have a few scattered strong thunderstorms
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another cold front arrives later today. here are current numbers. 69 reagan national. 68 dulles and 67 up in baltimore. want to look at the satellite/radar. featuring a lot of cloud cover although we are getting some clearing at least temporarily off to the north and west. and we're burning that fog we had off early this morning as well. so we'll see a trend towards more sunshine here midday. and warmer temperatures again low 80s for daytime highs and then look out here. kind of mid to late afternoon we'll likely see scattered thunderstorms develop ahead and along a cold front which will be approaching from the north and west. you can kind of see it towards pittsburgh that starts to move in this afternoon likely see scattered thunderstorms and just like yesterday there could be a few strong storms so take the umbrella and be prepared that parts of the area here could see storms kind of mid to late afternoon i'd say three, forever, 5:00 o'clock. forecast highs upper 70s and low 80s and again look out for those storms later today. weekend forecast. i've got it on the seven day. we'll have it momentarily. guys. back to you. >> look forward to that. thanks tuck.
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inside the trump hotel just blocks from the white house. outside in his car police found guns and ammunition. we have live team coverage this morning fox5's annie yu outside the hotel and joins us with breaking details. good morning, annie. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning to all of you. we know a man staying here at the trump international hotel is now in police custody facing weapons charges. we are told around 2:00 o'clock this early morning on this wednesday morning several officers they were call out to the trump hotel. they took into custody 43-year-old brian moles of edinboro pennsylvania. as you mentioned they found a handgun, a arrival, am inside his vehicle, and the incident report indicates that one of those weapons found in a glove box in his car. another firearm in plainview. again, brian moles facing some serious charges this morning including carrying a pistol without a license. there's still a lot of questions obviously police aren't giving us
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but he is currently at the first district police station this morning. that is where my colleague melanie alnwick is right now first district police station with more details on how police were alerted to the man and what he was doing here. mel? >> reporter: good morning annie. what sources tell me as early this morning just a little after midnight that's when dc police got a tip from another law enforcement agency that the suspect had made what they call threatening remarks and that is what led them to try to find this man and that is how they found him at the trump hotel and those guns as you said park in his, n his parked car. as you know, in the district, it is illegal to have any firearms that are not specifically registered with the district of columbia. but, again, we were trying to figure out was this just sort of some sort of an accident or was this intentional? again, d.c. sources telling me that it had to do with some sort
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threatening remark so they did feel that this was an urgent situation. we do believe that brian moles is still here at first district police station. we also understand that dc police chief peter newsham is working on press conference perhaps later this morning after around 11:00 o'clock. possibly the mayor's office may be involved in this, too which gives you some sort of indication as to the seriousness that they think this may have involved. we can tell you that we've been trying to look up some information and very very early information here indicates to us that perhaps this man is a professional. has some professional licenses indicating maybe a physician or some sort of a surgeon we're still trying to clarify that 100%. but that is the information that we're developing at this point. and again, those -- those threatening remarks no indication as to what specifically was said there. just as we said enough that it certainly
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here with d.c. police. at the first district headquarters i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. back to you. >> mel, you don't know what he said is there any word on did he say it directly to someone verbally or was it something that was said on social media? >> reporter: we really don't know at this point holly. >> all right. thanks mel. we'll check back when we know more. the other big story this morning a comedian under fire from the president himself after picture posted online even she says went too far. >> talk of course about kathy griffin no stranger to controversy but her latest stunt has secret service now investigating and kev is back with all the details. >> good morning to you guys. kathy griffin is now apologizing for the joke saying she went too far, quote too far when she took a photo appearing to show her holding a fake severed and bloodied head of president trump. the image is too graphic for us to show you on air but we -- we do have it posted on our website at now, earlier this
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shortly after 7:00, the president had this to say about it. he tweeted "kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. my children especially my 11-year-old son barron are having a hard time with this. sick! ". critically -- criticism quickly poured in the president's son donald trump', jr., called griffin's apology phony. he is also calling for griffin to be banned from any future shows on cnn which she has appeared on in the past including their new year's eve show. griffin initially call the imagery an artsy statement mocking president trump but after the flood of criticism she tweeted out a video apologizing admitting that she was wrong. watch this. >> i sincerely apology jeez. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i moved the line then i cross it. i went way too far. the image is too disturbing. i understand how it offends people. it wasn't funny. i get it. i've made a
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career. i will continue. i ask for your forgiveness taking down the image ask the photographer to take down the image and i beg for your forgiveness. i went too far. i made a mistake and i was wr wrong. >> now, former first daughter chelsea clinton also weighed in calling it quote vile and wrong. >> so you know we've been discussing this all morning long but obviously this has become a huge topic and again politics aside, it's disgusting. so -- >> i agree with you, kevin. >> thanks kevin turning to the morning briefing the investigation into possible russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, it is heating up. as we license new details about who will and who will not testify. former national security adviser michael flynn has agreed to hand over documents to the senate intelligence committee. the documents are set to be related to the former general's two businesses and perm documents. meanwhile, president trump personal attorney michael cohen rejected congressional requests for cooperation in the investigation, and we're also learning that
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press officer boris epstein has been contacted as part of the house investigation. more details now this morning that president donald trump has reportedly decided to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. the trump team is now looking how to carry out the withdrawal and weather to initiate a formal withdrawal that could take years. withdrawal from the deal would mark a major symbol in the president's efforts to unravel obama climate change policies. the only other country not fart of the deal are syria and nicaragua. >> also following a developing story from overseas in afghanistan where at least 80 people are dead and hundreds more hurt following a massive car bomb overnight. >> this blast happened in the capital city of kabul at the heist morning rush near german embassy a an area considered to be safe. the german and japanese foreign ministries both say it's embassy workers are among those injured. the bbc says one of its drivers was killed. four journalists
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us embassy released a statement condemning attack. there's no indication the us embassy was damaged or members of the u.s. staff were hurt. more problematic atv ride for district police. but despite having no chase policy, one woman recorded officers chasing the vehicles in the city. >> the woman says, she was outraged and thought the police response put the public in danger. we reach out to police and found out illegal riding wasn't the only crime involved here. one of the riders allegedly through bricks at police triking the windshield of an mpd squad car and narrowly missing an officer. the rider was eventually arrested inside an apartment. the footage has generated mixed reaction. >> saw a whole lost lights and just craziness. >> i'm like hold up i thought then wasn't supposed so to chase in the city. >> if you're not able to grab a hold of them there's no reason to ditch the intersections. >> the ten of the day the police are trying to come out and protect and serve and do what i guess they were trained to do, but then when you're watching it on video, why is he on the
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sidewalk? >> more on the march arrested dante marquise washington his charges include assault on police officer, unauthorized use of a vehicle operation of an atv and fleeing from law enfor enforcement. last night, the fireworks were not on the ball field. the nats and giants faced off again last night. pretty calm. same result. nats won. we now know how long bryce will be off the field after taking a swingy at an opposing pitcher monday night. first though b-o-b! >> reporter: guys, do you ever want to feel small and ignorant well then come to the national building bee here at national harbor today. the words are amazing. and the young people just as much. we'll be back with one of them, one of the contestants when we come back. ♪ ♪♪
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details. hey, bob. >> reporter: hey, holly. i am not worthy to be in this room or standing next to these two people. valerie miller is with scripps sponsoring the national spelling bee here at the gaylord hotel and don connor lawrence a middle schooler from katie'sville. boones borough middle school in washington county maryland. connor, hello. >> hello. >> how do you spell hello h-e-l-l-o. >> reporter: okay. that's about as far i can go. i've been inside that room, and it's amazing the words they throw at you, and how you young people nail it almost every time. round two has 291 contestants when i left there were 56 correct answers and six incorrect answers. you're a 14-year-old who can compete i guess. how do you,, when they throw a word at you you've never heard of before, how do you figure it out? >> um, well i ask for the definition of the word. the origin like the language of origin, if i can use the word in sentence things like that. just
9:17 am
time to figure out how to phonetically -- figure out the word and, two tox also give clues to how to spell the word. >> reporter: it's amazing i've seen young people and i can get the first letter or two. and they go through the whole thing, again, they can't write it down. they've heard it maybe word they've never heard before, and they get it right. how nervous do you get up there and do you just kind of draw on some skills that you've got in your repertoire in terms of training for something like t that? >> um, well, i mean it's pretty nerve racking all of it, but, um, i just take a deep breath and just try to stay as calm as possible, and, um, just try to be confident and know that, um, i am able to spell these words. >> reporter: get a good night's sleep. have a good breakfast. are you nervous right now? do you do anything to prepare at this point? >> um, yeah, i'm pretty nervous right now. i'm more nervous when i get up on stage. but i'm also pretty excited. um, this week, um, will i've had free time, i it? just go up to my hotel room and study. >> reporter: awesome. good luck
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>> thank you. >> reporter: and g-o-o-d l-u-c-. i got that. valerie 11 million contestants what do you have to do to get to your point. it will be on espn live tomorrow night. >> what these kids do they really commit. they make that commitment to study non-stop and it's that commitment that grit that determination that really is the key component to helping those kids reach this level. 11 million is where we start in our individual classrooms in our schools across the country and in other parts of the world, too. and then those kids work hard. they study and then they win their regional local championship and then that gives them the right to come here to the washington, d.c. for the scripps national spelling bee. >> i can handle hello and good luck. i mean it's a competition but is it fair to throw words i've heard stuff n there i've never heard before and these young people like connor nail it. >> they do nail it. what's important people are amazed at the difficulty of the words that they're getting at this level and they
9:19 am
word again. that's true. but potentially but think about all the words that they have learned as the foundation of their learning from that classroom level, that are those traditional words that are very important to getting a job, for writing out resume. so those are live skills that they are learning at a very young age that will last them all their lives. >> reporter: had the awesome. valerie miller with scripps. six-year-old contestant here.& as we leave you let indira show you down the hallway a lot of young, smart people here in the competition the national spelling bee, guys, here at national harbor. >> wow! congrats to those kids. you know, bob, yes, we do feel a little -- >> not is that right rt smart. >> in young man basically saying, look, i get nervous just like anybody else when i go in there. they talk about how much they train and practice. >> man. >> rehearse and it's just like when it's competition, you know the butterflies are still there no matter how good you are.
9:20 am
check this out meet the little girl making history the youngest person to qualify for the scripps national spelling bee. she's six years old. >> come on now. >> six years old her name is he'd he edith fuller five when she actually qualified and out spelled more than 50 competitors to win the green country regional spelling bee in you will at a. she's home schooled spelled 37 words include herring toward eighty one in a in a a term for knowledge in hinduism. next she'll compete against kids as old as 15 at the spelling bee in may at national harbor. she's there the youngest speller to qualify for past bees, two, six years olds. no minimum age to compete. >> j-a-n-a. >> apparently my jnaana of that word is very limited. >> as all of us. >> she nailed it. >> amazing. 9:20 is the time. coming up, life after the nfl. former redskins
9:21 am
santana moss will join us live in the loft with look how he's spending his days off the field and big events he's got planned for the dc area in the days ahead. >> fun to talk to him let's check in with erin. what are you working on. >> tiger woods police report is out and could support his claim that alcohol had nothing to do with his recent arrest. olivia newton john opening up about her new fight with cancer 25 years later. and later, it's good news for anyone with amazon stop. we've got a check else what else making headlines coming up next. ♪
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z2cpsz zi0z y2cpsy yi0y
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♪ 9:23 is the time. erin back with check of the other stories making headlines this morning. erin? >> thank you wisdom. good morning to all of you. well, developing overnight, orlando airport, an armed man has been taken into custody after nearly three hours of the standoff with police in the rental car area. authorities believe the 26-year-old was attempting to commit suicide by cop. police evacuated the area and crisis negotiate was able to get the man to surrender. it turns out a gun he was carrying was actually a replica firearm. that man a former marine being held for mental evaluation. new details on tiger woods arrest. police say woods was asleep at the we'll with his vehicle running but didn't have alcohol in his system when he was arrested for drunk driving over the holiday weekend. a police report lists four medications including vicodin golfer had taken prior to that traffic stop. woods has had
9:25 am
surgeries in the past three years, the latest was last mo month. the 14-time major champion's first court appearance in scheduled for july. amazon in the prime time spotlight on wall street. their shares have reached a new high. stocks surpassed the $1,000 mark for the first time. that puts amazon's market value at $478 billion. that is double of wal*mart. well, sad news for legendary singer olivia newton john says her can cancer has returned. the 68-year-old singer was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1992. but now she says the cancer is back and it spread to bone in her lower back. the singer postponed her tour dates next month which included stops in the us and canada. olivia hopes to be back on the stage later this year. and finally, a california police officer had his hands full when trying to pull over this driver. >> hands on the steering wheel
9:26 am
>> all right he spotted this three-year-old behind the wheel of her kiddie car driving all over a parking lot in huntington beach. she didn't have her license and registration but the officer did let her off with a warning. the little girl's mother got a kick out of the whole thing and you could hear that laughter in the background. that makes me happier than the typical traffic stops i usually report in traffic. >> technically she doesn't stop. >> true story. >> right. she did get a warning, though. she's good to go. >> very cute. >> loved it. >> thanks erin. late knit news may never be the same and neither will politics because next week fox5 launching brad new show called the final five. this morning host jim lokay joining us live with a sneak peek at what we should expect. >> tucker is back with a check of the seven day. what to expect if you want to come join us in bowie for our second zip trip of the summer that will be on friday. >> all right. and fresh at 10a this morning the president's mixed message that all social media all lit up. we'll have more on why covfefe
9:27 am
covfefe, covfefe, spent the night trending. how the commander in chief got in on the joke this morning and why the miss stroke might be a bigger inside the white house. >> brady good day at 10a. barry williams will join us live. we'll have special good day brady bunch tribute ready and waiting. >> george clooney dropping hints that his twins could be dropping any minute. master chef cooking with como a local contestant getting ready to appear on the hit show fosses new season tonight will join us in the good day cafe to share one of his signature recipes with all of you. it's 9:27. ♪ packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious.
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♪ here we go, you don't mess with america ♪ >> as you can see from that promo fox5 is shaking up the political landscape with a new half hour late night newscast our jim lokay is anchoring and this morning he joins us live in the loft with a preview of the final five it's called hay. >> good morning, guys. >> i don't know if i'm cool enough to sit next to you. >> we should be doing arm curls. >> right, right. >> i think we have them behind the set back there, too. >> did you pick the music. >> no. i like that music. >> it was good music. >> it work it charges me up. >> you know how promo shoots go. stand in front of the set and pretend you're working. >> i know how to pretend to
9:31 am
[ laughter ] >> you didn't pick the promo but the contempt of the show and >> this is excite wagon we're going to do, i was on with you guys this morning i described it as talk soup. take look at some of the moments of the day the political moments fall lynn through the cracks people are talking about break it down a little bit. we'll have different guests come in and weigh in. but i think the whole take away is, we want this to be a show at the end of the night you can sit there with a drink in your hand, get caught up on what's going on in the day, we're not going to talk down to you. we'll just going to have fun because let's be honest there's a lot of content these days. >> you know what it reminds me of. >> what's that. >> have you ever gotten the skim. >> yeah. >> that's what i'm hearing. take it down, does it in every day terms. >> yeah sure. >> people understand. this is what's going on. >> yeah. here's what you need to know. >> i think one of the best parts about this thing we'll be able to -- we call out, you know, we can call out hypocrisy do it fun way because, look, on both sides. on
9:32 am
lot that we need to call people out on. >> a lot of people full of a lot of stuff these guys on both sides. >> lot of covfefe. >> a lot of covfefe. >> i say covfefe but i didn't melanie alnwick -- some really distilled it down. >> she did wretch on how the high probability of how it should be pronounced. >> couldn't fay fay. >> thing like that break that broke around midnight last night. the late night shows they're in the can home by five, 6:00 o'clock. we're live after the 11:00 o'clock news right back here doing our thing. >> that's pretty cool. there might actually be some time where you're going home from work and we're coming in and we'll actually getting to see you. >> looking forward to those days. [ laughter ] >> listen, you realy have some pressure on here because we're counting on to you deliver the viewers 4:25. >> you want the lead in. >> this is all on you. >> okay. counting on big -- people watching you going to bed and 4:25 they're up with us. >> question for you if i decided to knit tank top from time to time that help or hurt you.
9:33 am
w >> i have those. >> absolutely. >> look, jim, everybody loves seeing your gorgeous face on tv. [ laughter ] >> spout owing ever you want to put out there. viewer involve many as well as part of the show? >> yeah. we'll go to social media we kind of envision there's lot of you out there who, you're smart, they have great insight, so i've already heard some people on social media from this morning. hey, if you want to be part of the show if you want to us to skype with you from time to time give us your thoughts, you know, reach out to me on social media we'll make that happen. >> will you be responding in people tweet you? >> absolutely. real time. >> look, you guise do it here on good day. we're going to do it as much as we can as well. because i feel like that's the prime time. you'll -- if you're sitting in front of your tv late at night with your phone in your hand you have -- that's your time to say whatever you want. >> based on the language in the promo will be a 52nd delay on the show. >> let me tell you, when they gave me the idea here i had think for a second about it. okay. i got to make sure i have to take
9:34 am
i'm not going to say something that gets me canned at some point. >> that's a hard thing you want to walk that line, right. >> right. >> you kind of want to say stuff -- >> it's one thing -- >> gets people -- >> edgy for the sake of being edgy. i think we can deliver the news or at least these stories in a way it's fun and approachable and, you know, it's going to be me talking to you if as you're my friend at a bar. >> as if we're talking about the news at the bar. >> there will be guests. will there be debates. >> rye not? >> why not. >> basically all bets are off. >> we have those pillows on the set for reasons. pillow fights. >> yeah. >> different kind of show. >> exactly. >> tank tops and pillow fights. [ laughter ] >> all in. >> i'm going to dvr it. >> that's right. we're excited about it though. it will be new and the best part about it is, um, you know, we'll try the show out night one and night two we'll get the feedback from people. >> it will evolve. >> that's the best part about it we get the leeway to have fun with it. >> you're fun to watch. i'm sure you already got, you know, you're halfway there
9:35 am
friend. [ laughter ] >> she said when i came in this morning she says why aren't you coming back to fill in with us any more. >> because i'm doing all this now. >> yeah, rye. >> get sleep this weekend. >> no tie type of show. >> of course. >> maybe some chest hair. who knows. >> oh, no. >> wait a minute. >> on that note -- >> tank tops, chest hair, pillow fights. >> all right. with that we give you the hook. >> must see tv. >> it get out of here. jim lokay, thank you. >> june 5th. >> monday monday. >> right. >> can't wait. >> all right. we'll see how the forecast is looking by then. tucker, good morning. >> jim, i'm sorry, the man with the chest hair on the morning show is me. all right. >> no. you're -- >> tucker waxes his. >> you have the abs. i have the keg. >> there you go. >> all right. speaking of kegs and abs, summer is here in 20 days. the countdown begin. yes, i'm suving. get it. june 21 at 12:00ly 25am. right after the final five ends summer will arrive on june 21. there you
9:36 am
12:25. you got it. temps right now 69 degrees in washington. upper 60s for everybody. we're looking at a warmer day than yesterday. already getting reports of sunshine particularly north and west. up into parts of montgomery and frederick county that will allow temperatures to warm up we think into the upper 70s and low 80s. noticeably warmer day than yesterday. and little bit of sunshine we're likely to feel some scattered afternoon thunderstorms. nothing out there early. if you want to get out and work in the garden or working outdoors here the next couple every hours we should be fine. not expecting rain the first half of the day this will be the second half of the day. but remember last evening we strong storms around. i think they'll get in here more like mid to late afternoon today. so little earlier than yesterday you can see we are trying to break cloud cover up and get rid of that morning fog so i think we may have a period of sunshine here during the middle of the day and that will actively encourage thunderstorm development later this afte afternoon. all right. what are we dealing with? cold front north and west. and it's still several hundred miles away but as it approaches later this afternoon, up
9:37 am
likely to see some scattered thunderstorms develop and just like yesterday, particularly if we can get daytime heating going here we may fire up a strong storm or two. i don't think most of the storms will be terribly strong but we could have a strong storm or two another look at it that coldn.- front coming in. let me mention behind the cold front beautiful day tomorrow. we'll be in nor low humidity and lots of sunshine and high temps about 80 tomorrow. low 80s today. again it will feel warm and steamy out there. up ahead of the front. there we are at 6:00 o'clock. you can see future cast not so much loving the idea of storms although earlier today it look add little more impressive we'll see what happens at least the potential is there for few storms later today and then a nice sunny, bright, and low humidity day tomorrow. we'll really get chance to dry out the atmosphere and the ground tomorrow. looks great tomorrow. zip trip friday we're going to bowie. come join wisdom, holly, myself and erin and i'm being told to wrap. there you go. i was going to tell about the weekend but now i can't. back to you guys. >> we'll see you again. 9:37 right now.
9:38 am
the one more than a week from the anniversary of the pulse nightclub shooting one of the deed will he yesterday mass shootings in us history. june 12th, 2016 gunman omar mateen opened fire killing 49 people injuring more than 50 others now one week before the avenues of this he wasn'ting crime award winning journalist is taking look back at this case through emotional one-on-one interviews with survivors on her show the real story. take a look. ♪ it's the deadliest mass shooting in united states history. >> just started shooting pop pop pop pop pop. >> everyone started runlying. broken glass much the floor was wet. >> reporter: were you afraid? >> i thought to myself, we're going to be killed in many bathroom. >> at least 50 dead. 50 innocent souls loft inside a nightclub. >> reporter: tonight we ask, what motivated omar matee
9:39 am
slaughter people. >> the show will feature exclusive interview with omar mateen's alleged gay lover louis rielle. where he reveals what he believes drove omar to commit that terrible crime. this morning we're live with the host marina ahead of next week's premier. good morning to you. you. good to talk to you. >> it's good to talk to you too. i want to talk about just before we get into the specific of this particular episode, just the idea of going the story hyped the story here because you know in mott dern day ut now with podcasts we hear it. we're addicted to it. you're basically doing that on the tv fashion now getting some of those details that may have been left out of other reports. >> right. i think the best part of it to be able to talk to the people that were directly affected by this. i think getting first-hand account of what really happened that night from people that were inside. people that were affected. people that spent hours going through this nightmare is something that's very special. and also as we know in television having a
9:40 am
and an honor. >> i always tell journalism students one thing that will set you apart when everybody covers the same story find that nugget that that somebody else doesn't have that you can use to to do a deep dive into the story. in this particular story what nuggets did you go for here to tell that story? >> well, we wanted to know exactly what happened inside. we have read a lot. there's been so much news coverage of this. so i did want to hear exactly, you know, what happened and what they felt. what they heard. but more than anything else different side that i think has not been told except for us at union any vision almost a year ago, which is this gentleman who claims to be omar mateen's lover. he came -- he claims that omar mateen was gay and that his motive for this massacre was not necessarily terrorism but maybe revenge. we spoke to him about a year ago little less than year ago and he hid his identity said he was fearful
9:41 am
and also of possibly isis. so this time around, he shows his face. he tells his name. he is unafraid and he tells us his story and explains to us who omar mateen was at least who the omar mateen he knew was. >> it's really fascinating as well especially somebody like yourself you've interviewed presidents, you've interviewed numerous world leaders over the last few years and few decades. when you get somebody like that and you know that this is a story that really was kind of glossed over her paps by the main stream media, you take advantage of that how in order to make sure that you get that story across but also vet that story correctly? >> well, i think that the same way we interviewed politicians, we have to be skeptical. we have to be skeptical and ask questions and dig as much as we can. so, you know, we did -- we were skeptical we went into this interview with this gentleman and we tried
9:42 am
of the things that he said. we were able to speak to the fbi to make sure that they were interrogating him and that he had been in touch with them andd just to make sure he was not, you know, lying to us. so i think just like what our job is in news, ask the questions and let the audience decide whether or not they want to believe it. but, you know, during this particular show for investigation discovery, we did speak to other people from omar mateen's past who maybe not necessarily corroborate the idea that he was a gay man, but, yes, that he was someone who was troubled, who was very unhappy with his life. so the idea that maybe radical lift islamic terrorism was not the motive for this massacre, kind of is put into question and you think that it's possible. >> it's always fascinating to hear the stories behind the stories and once we start watching we get suck in. before we let you go, i know you're working on number of stories for investigation discovery
9:43 am
tease about some other things you're working on? >> well, you know, we're happen way through the series. we have five more stories and all i can tell you each one is very different from the other but the common denominator is that a lot of these people -- a lot of these deaths a lot of these mass kearse a lot of these killings could have been prevented if someone who saw something said something, smoke up. someone who did their job right, if police -- if there was not corruption in some police departments, if there was not incompetent or injustice, so i think we cover all of those elements in some of the shows or most of the shows that you will be seeing the rest of this series monday nights at 10:00 on investigation discovery. >> we'll look for the pulse nightclub this monday night at ten. maria, thank you soap for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much, steve. >> you're very welcome. 9:43 right now. >> all right. coming up next we're talking about from the grid iron to the broadcast booth to the bowling alley. coming and former redskins wide receiver san
9:44 am
live to talk about his life after the nfl and how you can hang with him and help a good cause while celebrating his birthday. we'll talk about all of that when we come back. 9:43 is the time. back in a moment.
9:45 am
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♪ all right. welcome back. time right now 9:46 our next guest former washington redskins great who made a career picking out offense social security. he's taking on a new role picking apart place as a sports
9:47 am
he's still regarded as one of the best to rock the burgundy and gold. former redskins wide receiver santana moss gearing up to host several charity events in the dmv in celebration of his birthday upcoming birthday. before he kicks all that stuff off, he joins us live here in the loft to dish about the nfl, the charity events, his birthday, sports comment at any timing and just live in general. good morning to you, sir. >> hey, man, thank you for having me. >> welcome to the loft. break it down. let's go down the list. >> you know friday night i have my, um, you can call it my second annual, um, char will the bowling event. it's at laurel lanes in maryland and i started this a couple years ago in miami. >> uh-huh. >> what i wanted to do, you know, i'm always celebrating my birthday with friends. >> yes. >> i wanted to bring it to this area now that i'm calling the dmv home. >> right. >> i wanted to be able to open it up for the fans to be able to interact with these guise they watch former redskins, former canes you name it myself just to come out haven't a good time, man, i'm raising money for
9:48 am
cause. at the end of the day we all going to have a good time. see if you can be a good bowler or not. [ laughter ] >> but at the same time have a good time. >> right. now the cause that you're -- >> the cause r really santana ms foundation what i've always strived for just the support the inner city kids i was once an inner city kid that had dreams and aspirations and i had a support system at home. a lot of these kids don't have that. santana moss foundation does a bring a lot of these guys, these kids grow up watching and being fans of bring them close and let them know, hey, we have the same backgrounds. we just went a different route or we didn't, you know, allow the streets to, you know, take us another road. take us to a different road. so our bring these guise that made it and show they can be these same guise. >> inspiration. let them know it doesn't matter where um can you come from from. it matter where is you get to. >> you have a football camp coming up as well. free football camp from nine
9:49 am
in glennville i think glennville maryland. it's just something for me to give back to some of these youth out here that want to be part of some thing. give them a couple of, you know, aspects of how i made it. >> right. >> i was once one of these guys one of these kids that wanted to be around guys i look up to. >> who did you look up when you were coming you. >> you name he. i grew up miami area. so i wasn't a dolphin fan. >> right. >> but mark clayton and mark dupe poe witnesses was the receivers. >> the marks brother it's good they showed off every sunday. >> right. >> so i bumped into these guise throughout my years growing up in miami, but what i try to do is show these kids that i'm easy to be reach. >> yes. >> be around them interact with them, have fun with them. show them, man, just keep dreaming. you know, the moss foundation and me my brother started this way back in we wanted to just show the kids that as long as you dream, as long as you believe, you can have whatever you want. it don'ts in particularly have to be football player o
9:50 am
don't have to be in sports. whatever you want in life you can have that. so we try to bring that atmosphere to these kids at the same time giving back and showing them that that's what you want to do, we'll teach i was little bit about, you know, what it took for to us get th there. >> you also you're dealing with life after football a lot of times pro football players have her time dealing with life after football. you're dealing with it. you're on this sized it now. >> in the broadcast booth. >> yes. >> how is that going for you so far. >> i'm fortunate. i'm fortunate. i'm very fortunate i have a lot of guise that actually went through that door before i did and they was able to tell me that first year will be real hard. it's going to be real are a. you got to find something to do. fortunately i did i went back to school got my mba at the university of miami and then i cam up here to game, you know, in 2015 and that dan snyder was if you're done, let me know. we can do something as a skin before you know it, you know, different networks told me, if you free you want to work come work. so i've been doing that. i've been giving my insight on different networks and, you know, enjoying the process. i want to stay around
9:51 am
so i'm happy to be on this side really sharing some of the things that i know. >> okay. when football season kicks off, they get tired of listening to me be a fake inn up here. we want to you invite you back to come on back and give us burgundy and gold insight, real insight of football. >> trust me. i'm enjoying it, i'm looking forward to being able to sit around here and talk more about my skin. >> i love them. >> all right. santana moss, ladies and gentlemen. people can come still come to your camp. right. the kids can still come to your camp. still room. >> wide open. >> there's the information right there. everything you need to know about the camp. happy birthday, your birthday is tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> happy birthday, santana moss. >> appreciate it. >> he's a good guy from the u. >> yup. good to see you thank you for coming in santana we have one more thing for you. keep an eye on tv mon nor front of you. test your may biables here. we picked random clips. describe what you're seeing here. >> i saw myself catch that pass. i had to shake one of my
9:52 am
races. >> man. >> when you're running like that and these people are trying to take your head off, is it just running fast as i can? >> it's instinct. >> no strategy. >> definitely instinct. >> how about this one from donovan mcnabb. >> i remember him thon scramble, man i had to just get open at that time. i was a little overweight at that time. i'll be the guy -- this clip right here of me also i was about 200-pound plus but i was still showing i can get down the field at will. >> look at the moves. >> is there anyone highlight that just keeps playing over and over in your head? >> you know what, now that i'm free, i'm retired, i get a chance to go back and dwell. i didn't do that as a player, and, um, i tell people a lot of times, i didn't want to stuff that i did good or bad i want to give myself should be better. now i get a chance to really dwell on some of the stuff i d did. >> what's in your head right now san tan ma months highlight it's what? >> one of my most fond defendant memories jacksonville game. i tell people all the time. like if you talking about
9:53 am
jacksonville game meant a lot to me in 2006 overtime, my third touchdown of the night to mark, i remember mark coming to me in the first quarter of that game i ran a route was you open? i wasn't in the whole scheme of things i said i was open. i lied. i was open. [ laughter ] >> every receive tell you that. >> receivers all say that. >> overtime we called that same play i'm sing here watching the courage. i'm not going to be open again. mark remembered me saying i was open he through me the ball i had to make the catch. i'm off to the races i won the game. so we talk about that cowboy game all the time. but to me my fondest memory as a skin beating jacksonville in overtime because i'm a florida boy nothing like to give it to your florida homies. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> i tell them i'm open all the time. they can't find me. >> there's reason for that. >> thanks a lot santana. happy birthday again. >> thank ya'll. >> 9:53. how long bryce harper will have sit out after that on field fistfight. remember that? back aft this.
9:54 am
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♪ so as you know they're fallout from
9:57 am
the league is suspending bryce harper for four games and strickland six games for the wild scene that played out. it happened after strickland hit harper with 98 miles per hour fast ball. harper charged the mound and two men exchanged punches before both perches emptied strickland was supposedly getting back at harm per for admiring a couple of homeruns he hit off of him three years ago. both men are appealing their suspensions the nats they got their revenge last night. they won that one, six to three game two. all right. in the meantime man do we have a packed show at 10:00 a.m. we do. >> brady bunch tribute. barry william join us. you know him as greg brady. >> porsha williams will talk about celebrity dish. >> master chef dc contestant cooking in the kitchen. good day at 10a on the other side. don't go anywhere.
9:58 am
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10:01 am
♪ it's a must watch wednesday on good day at 10a. >> we're live with this dish nation porsha williams who has details about the clooney twins. plus olivia newton john's new cancer fight. and ariana grande gets more celebrity support from her concert honoring the bombing victims. >> it's a way back wednesday as we talk live with wait for it greg brady well actor barry williams. he has some brady news as we introduce to you the good day bunch. >> plus a local chef set for master chef but first he's live in the good day kitchen to give us a preview of his cooking skills. >> let's go this in three, two, one, good day at 10a zooms your way right now. ♪
10:02 am
hello. >> are you talking to us? >> have you seen our new whip? this is 91 other than an audi r8. price tag about 300 grand. >> how you like us now. >> this is how the good day girls ride. i'm just saying. right? guys, i know you're jealous. >> um-hmm. >> i know jury jealous. >> you should be. >> we're in this little beauty for a reason because the boys and girls club fairfax county they're having a casino night and cars like this are going to be featured as they raise money for wonderful boys and girls. >> not only featured but casino night you can actually within a chance to spend a weekend with the audi r8. >> seriously how amazing is this we got to go to work. hang on. let me -- okay, wait. let's be modest here. [ laughter ] >> i got the right side of the car. so i look graceful getting out this right here, whoo! i didn't shut off the and gin. is that okay? >> keep it warm for me. i'll be back. >> it is going to be a good day. at least it is for maury and i. right. >> where are my keys. >> i should toss them to somebody. >> it even came with s
10:03 am
>> cinderella going back home. >> meanwhile, come on. back to the real house, maureen. here we go. >> we got to go make a living. >> okay. >> it's going to be great ten hour, et though, rye we've got a lot plan. >> where he going when the show is over in that? >> in where we want girl friend. that's how we roll. >> exactly. >> top down, hair flowing, glasses on. >> that's right. how you like us now? >> and we're back. [ laughter ] >> look at steve and wisdom. >> back to reality. >> how do they look. >> it's all good. wisdom and i just took the good day bike out for a spin while you were out there. >> steve was riding and i was pushing him from behind. >> someone fixed the handle? >> wisdom with the assist there. i was pushing from the back. >> those are nice wheels. >> would you take that or still want your corvette. >> i still want my old school '66 corvette. >> police go out there and just sit. >> i understand. >> march reynard in it. >> it was so fancy i couldn't find the handle to open the door. where is the handle. >> you just say open
10:04 am
>> shazam. >> we'll explain why it's here later on as well. thanks for staying with us for the 10a. i'm steve alongside wisdom and the two fancy car girls. >> glad you guise graced us with your presence. >> just another day in our lives. i'm sorry. >> commoners. >> have the sunglasses handy. >> we got to talk about the brady bunch star barry williams. we got to talk about that because we did a little something something. >> oh. >> that's how we do it here. can't let you come in the loft. got to do a something extra. >> ♪ >> i don't have hair of gold. [ laughter ] >> who am i looking at. >> who are you looking at? >> allison and steve are the mom and dad. >> steve was like okay.
10:05 am
>> you're not even looking at her. >> he's saying where are the rest of them? >> look up was not in my script. >> who is in the center. >> wait a second. >> why are we spinning our he heads. >> ♪ >> the good day bunch. the good day bunch. it's the way we became the good day bunch. >> yes. >> love it. >> i love that. good job. good day bunch were a little& dysfunction al but we work. we work. >> and we are going to talk with the real greg brady barry williams later in the show. he's got something fun going on this summer. >> i think he saw it. >> oh wow. >> and he still came? >> right. >> he's still going to talk to us. >> oh, man. >> that's coming up later on. first, though -- >> first at 10:00 with breaking news of course this is serious business here a man arrested inside the trump hotel just blocks from the white house outside his car police say they found guns and am hugh mission. fox5 annie yu is outside the hotel and joins us with the latest details.
10:06 am
>> reporter: good morning to all of you. yeah we are learning some more details here. we know that the suspect is now in police custody. he's over at the first district police station. finishing the processing section of this investigation. but he is facing weapons charges and we're told around 2:00 o'clock this morning, several officers they responded here to the trump international hotel just blocks from the white house, and took 43-year-old brian moles into custody. he's from edinboro pennsylvania, brian moles, 43 years old, and police were able to find several firearms in his vehicle. we're talking about a handgun, assault rifle and 90 rounds of ammunition inside his car much it's still unclear right now where his car was parked perhaps the hotel garage but police are not confirming that information at this time. and we do know that based off the crime report one of the weapons was found inside the glove compartment and a second firearm was in plainview. and he is again in police custody he's facing serious charges
10:07 am
pistol without a license. now, police tell us that brian moles made some threatening remarks and they were tipped off to that which led them to this hotel. they were able to track him but they are not disclosing any more than that. it's still unclear how those threats were made, and if those -- who those threats were made to. so that is still outstanding at this time. we do know just a couple of hours or at 11:00 o'clock at police headquarters chief newsham is going to be holding a press briefing so we will hope to learn more there. so please stand by and stay tuned to fox5 news d.c. throughout the day for latest updates. back to you guys in the studio. >> annie, appreciate it. 10:00 siege seven is the time. before we check what's tenning erin como is back with a look what else is making had he lines this morning. >> we begin overseas in afghanistan. where a massive suicide bomb overnight killed 80 people. hundreds more were hurt in the capital city of kabul at the height of the morning rush hour. the german and japanese
10:08 am
ministries say there are no one injured. president trump is responding to controversial joke by comedian kathy griffin. she took a photo which appeared to shot fake severed and bloody head of president trump. the president tweeted earlier this morning that griffin should be quote ashamed. griffin has since apologized admitting she was wrong and has taken the photo down. this year's scripps the national spelling bee promises to be the hardest yet. the contestants have been whittled down to 50 or so much yesterday they took written exam to determine who would advance to today and last year the to be extended the final rounds and made the championship words even tougher to avoid a tie but two spellers tied any way. this year the top spellers will take another written test to be used as a tie breaker if necessary and we wish all of those contestants good luck. and nasa mission to touch the sun is one step closer to reality called solar probe plus. the first mission that would
10:09 am
directly into the sun's upper atmosphere happening today nasa will officially announce the mission. goal to launch from cape canal rav next summer. scientists hope the mission will help them make better forecasts for space weather events. listen to this. tennis player maxine ham mew is banned from the french open after he forcefully and rep repeatedly tried to kiss a reporter on tv during a live interview. you're taking a look at that video right now. it's pretty hard to watch. it's really cringe worthy. video he kissed the reporter several times. it gets so awkward that at one point she begins to push the tennis player off of her. the reporter actually said if she wasn't on tv she would have punched him. he since apologized for his actions really uncool there. so you know unfortunate string of events there. >> yeah. >> awful. gone too far. >> up common after to watch. felt bad for her. >> she handled herself very well though. >> she d thanks erin. 10:09 means it's time check's tk first up if you check your social media
10:10 am
this morning chances you saw the post about a word that's not word. thanks to president trump. very popular non word just after midnight the president tweeted this the constant negative press covfefe and that's it. the tweet was since deleted but not before mc becoming the most retweeted tweet by the president of 2017. many are assuming he meant to use the word coverage tone the tweet he intended to tweet out more. did he not until this morning tweet went viral the president seemed to be big sport about this morning he tweeted who could figure out the true meaning of covfefe, covfefe, however you want to say it. enjoy. of course reaction etched in social media history thousands of tweets, memes and hash tags trending overnight using the made up word. to prove it's not a word. miriam webster tweet the out this in regard to people trying to look up covfefe. hash tag goes back to bed. >> people actually made t-shirts that they were trying to sell. >> so fast. >> right. within hours. >> i know. it's a mazing. there are peopl
10:11 am
on their hands. >> we are not among those people. >> we are not among those. but i am very excited. i can tell that you because still ahead at 10:30 we'll talk with the one and only we told you this already greg brady, well i mean he's really barry williams. it's one of my favorite shows. many people out there i'm not alone, right we're talking about the brady bunch how you can actually rewatch the iconic show all summer long. >> first though developing dish. ariana grande's star-studded manchester tribute. we're live with porsha williams who has about the clooney twins plus new cancer fight for the beloved olivia newton john and this, darrin burns up the internet much his fans in glee this morning. we'll explain why. >> that's funny. ♪
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
♪ >> time for got day celebrity dish. we're in the alone. >> we brought in a celebrity. paul wharton in the house. good to see you friend. >> looking good. >> baby, you looking good. >> i just said so he'd say the back. >> we have a thing going on. >> we have a thing. we need each other. this morning we're bringing in the help as i just said. so we have even more help. because we could have one celebrity or we could really kick it up a knowledge which is what we're doing. doing. >> dish nation, real housewives star porsha williams.
10:15 am
>> good morning, everybody. >> how you doing. >> good morning. >> we're great. good to see you. >> wow. >> good to see you. let's get right to the topics right here. let's talk about george clooney and these twins that are on the way. break the down for us. >> yes. yes. i will break it down. they are on the way. the time is near. you know george and am mal they are nesting right now, and upping when you're getting close to that time you can have your husband go too far away. >> right. >> recently george who is big time phil lon throw pitt, can't even say it, he couldn't attend the ceremony for a awakening and humanity a are a men ya. he sent them a video. it says i really would have been there but if my wife had the twins while i was there, i would never be able to come home. >> right. >> and we all know about that. you have to be there. this is going to be their fir birth together. now clooney has attended a lot of their ceremony in the past. thiss
10:16 am
close to her heart as well she's work with them on behalf of victims in 2015. so i'm pretty sure the charity understands that right now they need to be home preparing for these beautiful twins arriving soon. >> who wouldn't understand that? >> whether they understand or not he's a smart man. he's like i know where my bread is buttered. >> exactly. >> i know what i'm going to go. >> can you imagine her at home and him working. >> somebody would be doing it for him. >> exactly. >> porsha let's talk about ben stiller and his wife christine taylor they've been together for some time. >> too bad. >> they've been together for 17 years. i've love this couple. i mean, they've worked together so many times over the years. they've done -- she's been a lot of his movies. you know and i think maybe that played a part but yes they are divodivorcing they release thedt over the holiday weekend they thought nobody was paying attention but all eyes we're looking dish nation we're paying attention. though kids together.
10:17 am
our priorities will continue to raise our children and being devoted parents our closet friends we kindly accident media to respect our privacy at this time. so shore and sweet, just to let the public know that our favorite couple favorite movie couple will be divorcing. 17 years in hollywood that's like 70 years, right. >> that's like eternity. >> yeah. hold in hollywood. >> it is. >> i mean it's long in the real world, too. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> wow! >> we need to diversify that celebrity statement. can we get a new celebrity divorce statement? >> i know. at this point they're just inserting the name. just inserting the name. >> she got on my nerves. i had to go. >> right. [ laughter ] >> it's just not working any more. we can't stand to be in the same room. we're out. will attend important events for the kids. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> porsha -- >> i'm done. >> thank you porsha. always good to see you. >> thanks, porsha. >> thank you guys. >> o c
10:18 am
can always watch new episodes of dish nation weekdays at 4:00 a.m. right here on fox5 and it rolls right on in to that wonderful 4:25am newscast. fox5 news morning. >> impressions of daisy over here -- fresh as a daisy. sad news we recently had live in the lot of this hit all of us hard here. olivia newton john revealing she once against is battling breast cancer singer and actress made the revelation on her facebook page. it's the second time she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. the 68-year-old first battled and beat it more than 25 years ago. and you probably recall that just a few weeks agnew ton john postponed her june tour dates in the us and canada because of some back pain. it turns out that that back pain was the breast cancer me statute sizing into a lower back bone. there she is in the loft. remember olivia was here with us just earlier this month with live on which is a group creating music to help those get over their grief. >> power
10:19 am
>> yeah. we're praying for you olivia for sure. >> all right. how about this. moria liters added to the line up for sunday's benefit concert in manchester to honor the victims last week attack. ariana grande justin beiber, cold play, katie perry and miley cyrus and pharrell. proceeds from concert goes towards the we love manchester emergency fund. tickets for the event go on sale tomorrow. >> all right. now squad goals for that -- squat goals for that celebrity body. two celebrity picks are burning up celebrity immediate y is it getting hot in here or is it just me. >> it might be you. >> it's getting hot in here. >> let's start with britney spears. 35-year-old showed off her rock hard abs while on a hike because he know we all dress like this on hike, right? >> it was hot. >> exactly. she starts her world tour this saturday in tokyo. >> i also always wear a choke we are when i'm hiking. >> okay. it's so candie. don't we love these candid shots. >> yeah. >> check this one
10:20 am
day box for this one. >> glee darrin posted this almost nude selfie from the set of new show the assassination of gianni veer have a chi american crime story he was just holding a speedo barely holding a speedo. now that speedo is red but i'm green with envy. i want that summer body. holly i want it. >> the summer body. i just wanted to clarify was wanted that. wow. darrin. >> note to self. do not answer the door to strangers. do not answer the door to strangers. even if they look like that. >> yeah. right. >> he's looking good though. i loved him in glee. >> very good. >> i'm gleeful about that shot in fact. >> i have no idea who he is. >> really? you never watch glee. >> he sings show tunes. he actually was a guest. he came in and was live in the loft. >> i think you actually spoke to him. >> you act like i'm here every single day. i got a lifestyle i'm accu accustomed. >> you can't just be present for porsha williams. >> what's wrong with that. >> we need you here for the
10:21 am
>> he was here. gang, that's the dish today. >> all right. >> jealousy rearing its ugly head. [ laughter ] >> i still want to know where britney is hiking? >> exactly she's been doing candid pictures lately. candid like i'm going to go grocery store full on gown. >> you see the other side and there's a photographer and entourage of 12 other people. >> let's face it she looks good, though. >> no doubt about it. >> can't argue with that. >> 10:21. calling all high roller. that's because this weekend you can get taste of vegas right here in the dc area and also help a great cause in the process. we'll show you how just a little later on. >> very cool. also all new season of master chef kicks off tonight one of the contestants is a d.c. -- oh not just a dc native. kitchen with como sharing one of his signature recipes. it's 10:21. ♪
10:22 am
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10:25 am
you are with your awesome mug. >> may not be so happy with the weather but hopefully things will improve. tucker barnes with the details. >> sunshine across the area. things are improving. certainly the possibility of thunderstorms in the forecast this afternoon. you can see in the live shot blue skies being reported across the region and i'm gelling nice tweets of sunshine flash splashingdown as well. we look out mid to late afternoon for some scattered thunderstorms to develop as they cold front starts to preach from the north and west. up to 71 degrees now in washington. winds are still out of the east and south and east at five. and no heat index here to report. that currently looks like 71 as well. clouds are breaking up. we had very dense fog overnight. visibility a mile or less in in spots. you can see the trend there has been to get the clouds out of here and to introduce more and more sunshine. so next couple of hours should be pleasant it's going to be warm. high temperatures in the low 80s it wil
10:26 am
ahead of our front you'll be able to see the front here as i open up the satellite for you see the rain showers out into west virginia now and out towards pittsburgh. that will approach later this afternoon. once it hits our warm and humid atmosphere we'll likely see scattered thunderstorms to develop and just like last night remember last night we had a tornado warning and we had severe weather. it certainly a possibility. i'm not sure we'll be talking about tornadoes later today but a possibility we can have very gusty winds and some strong thunderstorms develop later today. so just keep the umbrella handy and certainly tucker fox5 i'll be tweeting any watches or warnings that we might have issue later today. there's your seven day forecast. it clears out overnight. tomorrow looks fantastic. upper 70s near 80. sunny, bright and dry. should be a beautiful day. looks great for our zip trip out to bowie on friday morning. just isolated chance for thunderstorm on friday. i think saturday that's a widely scattered storm. saturday should be fine but by sunday area of low pressure passes overhead it will be rather cloudy
10:27 am
showers kind of reminiscent of what we had last sunday. there you go. 83, guys. storm this afternoon. back to you. >> thanks, tuck. appreciate it. it's hard to believe but it has been more than 40 years since it went off the air but the story of a man named brady is as beloved as ever and now guess what, you can watch classic sitcoms like the brady bunch all summer long. thanks to the summer of me. coming up next, greg brady himself barry williams will join us live with all the details. we'll also get his take on, you know, our little brady tribute. the good day bunch. receipt now it's 10:27. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ >> here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing three very lovely girls, all of them had hair gold like their mother, the youngest one in curls ♪ >> ♪ here's the story of a man named brady who was busy with three boys of his own. they were four men they hauled together yet they were all alone ♪ >> ♪ till the one day when this the lady met this fellow, and they knew that it was much more than a lunch, that this group would must somehow form a family that's the way they all became the brady bunch ♪ >> the brady bunch. >> the brady
10:31 am
that's the way they became the brady bunch. >> marsha, marsha, marsha. >> that's our version of the brady bunch. we call it of course the good day bunch. if you missed this iconic tv show good news. it's going to be all summer long on me tv. yes you will be able to rewatch some of your favorite comedies including the classic brady bunch. which you might have guesse based on that ill tow you just saw it's call the summer of me on me tv. that bring us to our next guest. barry williams, he's the host of the summer of me. of course, you know and love him as greg brady. and he joins us now to talk about what's on tap for this special summer program. it is good to see you, sir. >> thank you holly how did does it feel to be in the boxes? >> i felt a little restricted if i'm being honest, barry. no. listen, we have a wonderful movie critic here and he is with me now. and he had a special question for you specifically abouthe
10:32 am
so kevin ask him the question. >> barry i was really curious real fast when you shot that decades ago, what it looked like for you, what you were looking at, what direction you were given, can you take me through that was that was like for to you film that opening? >> okay. sure. we were sitting on top of a stool there was one camera, then we were told where the other people should be. but some of the kids were so young bobby, cindy were so young it was hard to imagine what it was. so they took eight by ten glossy pictures and then put them in place where everyone was supposed to be. so you can actually look at a person. whether you were looking up, looking over or down, and it was kind of well uncomfortable. because we didn't have anything really to relate to until they got these eight by ten photos there. >> so really it was kind of like when we shot it except without the eight by tens? >> years later it was the same. >> exactly. >> we did it on screen green. ba
10:33 am
of me and exactly what it is. >> well the summer of me is sponsored by me tv the network which is dedicated the classic television, and for the summer they do special programming and putting together the for instance a block of sitcoms throughout the week from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. kicking off with gilligan's island and leave it to beaver and the brady bunch and andy griffith and mash, and so like a full six hours of watching your favorite sitcoms on the weekends westerns the classic westerns the drama detective shows, sci-fi, and the shows we grew up through the ' '60s the '70's and the '80s i love that they do this. they so many that their entirety the opening credits, closing credits. the tease, the out and without speeding up the film or adding commercials and things like that. so it's as we watched them. >> it's so amazing when you talk about especially the brady bunch
10:34 am
grandkids of people that watched it originally that are still watching the brady bunch. and you referred to the kids. at what point did you realize that you were never going to walk away from this character? you would always be greg brady and essentially you'd always be a kid? >> well, i do remember somewhere in my mid 30s i guess so the show that been -- we completed the show when i was 19. about ten, 12 years later, and a teenaged girl came up and wanted me to sign an autograph, and which i did and she says i can't wait to give this to my mother. [ laughter ] >> you know why do you think -- >> i said, this is -- i guess i'm staying. >> you're forever young. we all try to be forever young. right. >> which is also funny because everyone even today refers to us as the kids which is kind of f fun. >> yeah. right. i'll take that on any given day of the week. why do you think that the brady bunch resonates so
10:35 am
today. >> well, i think there may be a couple of reasons. one the themes of the show. really not tied to a particular time except for the clothes of course but the themes of growing up maturing, a family of getting along of getting stuck up, getting, upping, telling the truth. those kinds of things. light morals that are time less. i think in our case the brady bunch case what you saw is what is what was real in terms of our chemistry and we really genuinely liked and cared about each other and i think that's something you can't fake. you can write. i think it showed, and i think it was comforting for our audiences. >> well, i know there's only one brady bunch. but on a scale of one to ten, i know you saw our good day bunch. what would you give it? >> i'm going to say if the brady bunch was here uprighting, right there. [ laughter ] >> right there. >> yes. i think you are forever kind like your c
10:36 am
barry williams, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> you're very welcome. remember, it's summer of me, me tv, but it's not really about me. it's all about entertainment. >> all right. very good. >> good to see you on it. which is awesome. >> oh great. very cool. we'll take it. >> he looks great. >> right? >> he does. >> forever young. how cool is that? >> crazy kids. all right. starting the hour riding in style that's what we did and while a sy sim audi r8. >> that's it. >> although high class cars this morning we're talking about paying it forward. that's what this is all about. coming up next how you can help the boys and girls club of greater washington with night at the casino. time right now 10:36. ♪ ♪♪
10:37 am
z2cufz z16fz
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y2cufy y16fy
10:39 am
♪ all right. 10:39 is the time right now. well it's time to break out your best cocktail attire and place your bets because this friday boys and girls club of greater washington hosting a night of elegance and luxury. >> local non-profit fairfax region hosting fourth annual casino night which is their signature benefit event sports youth throughout the region and this year will feature gaming tables, hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, raffles and special guests. washington redskins linebacker will compton. maureen is outside with more details and that sweet ride. >> it look better and bet every time i see it. look at this i'm start with the audi r
10:40 am
retails for about $300,000. i mean can you get any more fancy than this casino night is all about when the boys and girls club do it big. in fairfax county. raising money for very good cause. joke me now is jim the regional vp. boys and girls club of greater washington. thanks for joining you. >> thanks for having me. when you go big, you go big. >> we dodge you're pulling out all the stops. tell me about the event. >> absolutely. june 2nd is our casino night. a major special event for the fairfax region it's going to take place at volkswagen group of americas corporate headquarters in herndon. it's going to be at 6:30 p.m. it's going to be awesome. guests are going treat to do an open bar. they'll be treat to do a dinner buffet and they're going to have chance to win great prizes. for instance, the newly launched volkswagen atlas. >> wahoo! >> they'll have this beauty for week. >> wow! >> then we come over here to the audi. >> let's look at the volkswagen first. >> look at that first. >> absolutely. beautiful car.
10:41 am
>> wow. >> just launched. >> this is a gorgeous car. this is volkswagen, wow. >> outlet. that is beautiful. you can win this for a week. >> for a week. you absolutely can. >> i can only imagine the paper work you make them sign. >> they'll sign paper work but it's worth it. it will be worth it. >> it's gorgeous. >> you talking about the r8. >> we have the audi r8. >> do i get this for week, too. >> you get this for a weekend but a weekend in this is like a year in most cars. >> this is amazing, jim. >> incredible car. >> wow. >> to top it all you get a chance for one day usage lamborghini. >> what? we got great prize z in addition we have trips to exotic trips to costa rica and a pharaoh in south africa. >> people hear about the boys and girls cluck. i don't know that they necessarily know what the club does. talk about the mission of the boys and girls club. >> the mission to inspire enable all young people especially those that need us most to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and ri
10:42 am
that's just means we try to make sure every young person gets a chance to find his or her niche. >> wow. you picked a perfect day to debut these cars and show off what the boys and girls club will have on hand for casino night this friday. >> i did not mention we have celebrities including will compton star football player of the washington redskins. >> we have a lot of celebrities in the area so if you're watching uh-uh want to come out. >> please come out. go to click on fairfax tab and find out more about our event and we look forward to seeing you there. and we love loto see you one of these babies. >> how did volkswagen got involved with this. >> volkswagen is one of the key sponsors and partners that we have in boils and girls club. they've been supporting us for the last 15 years. and they have always come big for us. and by virtue of them hosting it at their corporate headquarters, it's just another way they support the boys and girls club. we love volkswagen. >> i'm going to get back in this baby. >> there it is. >> open the door. >> let me close the door for you. >> i know right. i need your
10:43 am
cool again. >> you got them. yes, ma'am. >> where is my camera? >> camera height here. >> okay. so you have the details now. friday, june 2nd, boys and girls club fairfax county casino night. you two can look good in a car like this. in the meantime, i'm going to be riding this baby audi r8 is this me or what? >> maureen, it work better if you sit over there where the steering wheel is. >> listen, i'm used to being driven. >> i'm used to being driven. >> she has driver much that's why. >> exactly. thank you holdly. >> i understand girl. >> driver right right on time, mo. >> looking good. no doubt about it. >> speaking of looking at things get sneak peek coming up at tonight' all new season of master chef. first, though, let's see what everybody is talking about. people liking got day bunch. >> hey, hey. >> entertaining and engaging and good looking. you get my day started. thank you. thank you stacey. >> for you, wis. >> wisdom,
10:44 am
ya'll hand clap on the brady bunch spoof. #gooddaydc. okay. >> good day bunch segment hilarious. thank you go day d.c. for great news. >> dc citizen love it. >> great job on the good day bunch a little opening for the show. no doubt about it. >> we're official now. >> we are lit. >> we get lit we're official. >> for sure. >> big league new word that will not go away any time soon. hash tag fake words fox5 d.c. steve chenevey -- yeah. >> wisdom got him a snickers today with porsha on the show. he about to covfefe, covfefe, covfefe. whatever you saying. >> i don't covfefe over anybody. >> not on life tv. >> more love for the good day bunch. cute and hilarious. >> any more tweets? >> that's it for today. >> thank ya'll for tweeting in and engaging. we love it
10:45 am
>> all right. now we'll get a sneak peek at tonight's season of master chef from one of the guys heading into gordon ramsay's kitchen i'm sure he will have many stories. he's got great food and dc roots too. he'll be c cooking with erin ne. >> i'm exciting it will be a great time. >> i can wait. ♪ ♪♪
10:46 am
♪ ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy. no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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♪ you guys have 30 minutes to cook the most memorable taco of your culinary lives. 30 minutes starts now. ♪ >> the taco that i'm making is a prawn, tempura taco finished with aola with a salman row. >> have you got what it takes to be ameri
10:49 am
>> i'm most prepared. i go to her very. i'm one of the best learners in this country. >> there you go. got to bring it. bring it. clip from the new season of master chef which premieres tonight right here on fox5. you know tough competition before the big debut one of the contestants in the good day cafe cooking with como who promises to be extra nice this morning very friendly. take it ease seize on him.& maybe or will she? >> we'll see. season eight kicks off tonight at 81:00 of the guys throwing down in the kitchen sam, he's joining me right now with a look at what to expect from the reality show. he's also sharing a very simple summer salad recipe that will have your friends thinking you're a master chef, too. because i know we could all use a little bit of help with that for the barbecue season. >> absolute. >> sam you were funny watching the clip. it made you nervous taking a look at it. >> as soon as i saw that happening i like could hear gordon ramsay like breathing in my ear. [ laughter ] >> reminding me all the time he screamed at me forll
10:50 am
sorts of things that i can't get into too many specifics without spoiling the show. it's worth saying that he had a number of issues with thing that i did over the course of the season. >> oh boy. we'll have to tune in to see. >> absolutely. >> background about you. you're creative writing teacher full time. >> that's right. >> home chef. it's a great hobby of was motivatd to you audition for master chef. >> as a creative writing tea teacher, i'm a story i take help kids write stories and turn night show and help kids make crazy creative stories and i think the same way in the kitchen. i try to use my imagination and be really creative but interesting fun flavors together and make food that everybody loves to eat. >> let's talk about the salad ingredients you brought here. >> absolutely. >> you have everything prepped. heirloom hoe tomato watermelon salad. >> that's right. this is a great summer salad that's based mostly on heirloom tomatoes. >> okay. >> and watermelon. >> you have everything chopped and pouringed out. >> melon balled. >> love it. beautiful. >> the cool thing that is the basis of this salad the watermelon and tomatoes. i'llix
10:51 am
>> everything sliced already. >> that's right. nice thing about melon balling them they're up a the exact same size and shape as the tomatoes. >> it's visually pleasing. look at the bright colors. the. >> watermelon gives sweetness to the tomatoes and the to mate toes give a little acidity to the watermelon and they really complement each other nicely to the point that you almost don't need much dressing on a salad like this. >> because the flares are all there. >> exactly both of these thing give all a lot of juice. i'll still put in, um, you know a little bit of sherri vinegar. >> and what kind of flavor is that if you've never had sherri vinegar. >> it's not a very sharp vinegary flavor. >> i'll try it in a little bit. >> it's a little bit floral. remind you of apple cidar vinegar i would say. >> that sounds really good a little extra virgin olive oil. >> okay. a little salt. >> need that good salt pepper flavor, too. >> black pepper. >> i love all the extra ingredients you're about to add. bacon, the blue cheese
10:52 am
a fancy wedge salad. >> it is a lot like a wedge salad except the watermelon substitutes for the wedge. the other thing i'm going to do i'll put this some of this in now and mick it and keep that to put on top you really get a chance to see all the stuff. >> lesson in plating as well. >> exactly. >> equally as important because people eat with think eyes. while you plate that i want to know tell me more about the show. >> sure. >> everything you expected it would be being on master chef? was eight little different? >> i mean it was -- honestly it was like a dream come true. all of a sudden i'm like in the biggest cooking competition in the world. you know normally i just cook in my kitchen for my friends and my family. sort of a casual very relaxed situation. >> lay back. no time conference. >> exactly. all of a sudden it's like, gordan don ramsay is screaming in my ear and the time is going and like -- >> ingredients. >> getting set on fire and my pants are ripping. all kinds -- >> my goodness. >> crazy stuff happens on this season of the show. >> tonight at 8:00 tune into the season premier. >> that's right
10:53 am
>> ought at home chefs there's no professionals you're competing against. >> all home chefs on the show. we're all just people that cook in our spare time. >> have a passion for it. >> and have great passion for it. >> i wish i would have i was digged for that show. maybe season nine. >> maybe season nine, guys. what's that herb mix for folks at home. >> the herbs i just have some chives, basil and mint you can put parsley in there and cilantro. >> get crazy with it. >> i really believe that like cook the food you like to eat. put the ingredients in it that you like. not a lot of like this is the way it has to be and this is the way it doesn't have to be. we 83 meals a day for our entire lives. we both had cupcakes for breakfast. >> absolutely. >> we're starting the day off strong. i can't wait to try this look at the bright colors and i really think the green herbs add a little bit to you plate it up and you want to bring this to summer barbecue. i'll all the ingredients on my facebook page. if people want to get in touch with social media where can they fine you. >> follow me and is it a gram sam eats everything. >> sam eats everything. that's great
10:54 am
favorite recipes and things like. >> and my food adventures all over the country. i love like looking around for great restaurants all over the place. >> me too. you grew up in this area. >> that's right. >> what's your favorite d.c. restaurant. >> that's good question. i would say when i was growing up my first obsession was with barbecue and it was before there was like a giant barbecue boom but there was one place where i grew up in glover park called rocklands. >> yeah. i would walk up around the corner to and eat barbecue ribs. >> guess where i ate saturday night. >> rock lands. >> what did you get. >> ribs, chicken i italian sausage and brisket. >> well played. i'll let you plate that. that looks amazing. tune master chef see sam's first start of his adventure with master chef. i can't wait. you made it sound like you brought the drama and we wish you great luck. >> thank you so much. >> back to you guys. >> so much going on. >> i love the attitude. >> and spirit. >> it will be fun. >> okay. so we've been
10:55 am
our zip trip this week you're heading there. actually you guise are all going. >> everybody is going. friday we're heading to bowie. >> great. >> wait for the car to drive by. >> it's not going to. >> wait for the song. >> this one doesn't move. >> there you go. >> now we can talk. >> now we can talk about it. >> we're heading to bowie town center for the zip trip this week. friday june 2nd 6:00 a.m. to 11am come out and say hello the gang will be there wisdom, holly, tucker and erin. our second time going to bowie the last time we went it was amazing. i have no doubt -- >> biggest crossed all the zip trips. >> challenge is on then. >> challenge is on. >> set the bar high early zip trip season. >> bring it strong or don't bring it at all. >> special shout out to do this morning before we do that, people are wondering when the rain is ever going to end tucker. >> okay. let me do the weather. we're in the 70s. 72 now in washington. lots of sunshine across the area. that is good news. although it will encourage thunderstorms to develop this afternoon. so over the near term we'll b
10:56 am
sunny and bright for couple of hours. look out see the rain showers out to the west in extreme west virginia they will press into our region mid to late afternoon and we do have the possibility of scatter the thunderstorms this afternoon. just like yesterday it could be a few strong ones. >> all right. tomorrowshould be great. >> and your weather brother it's a special day for him. want to give shout tout gary mcgrady because he's celebrating a big five-zero today. [ applause ] >> happy birthday. 50 is nifty and you are fabulous, gary, we hope you celebrate all day long. >> we want to give our editor joan a big old should you out she put together our little fun spin we put on the brady bunch earlier today. our good day bunch when we got a lot of great feedback on from everybody at home. it's a nice way to end the show today. let's do it. we'll leave you with that and we'll see you tomorrow. bye, everybody. ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up thee very lovely girls, all of them had hair of gold
10:57 am
it, the youngest one in curls ♪ >> ♪ here's the story of a man named brady who was busy with three boys of his own --
10:58 am
ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew that everyone would need faster internet. so we're introducing fios gigabit connection. it delivers amazing new download speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster and more powerful than most people have.
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? this is the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you for tuning in. [ applause ] ha!


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