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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 7, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, iran under attack. gunmen storm the country's parliament opening fire at least two people dead. dozens others hurt. isis now taking responsibility. we'll have the very latest. james comey testifies to congress tomorrow but this morning we're learning about new tension inside president trump's own team. we'll have a live report. >> home security video captures the barrage of gunfire that killed two germantown high school students. i'm melanie alnwick with the latest on the investigation. >> and later, it's a boy and it's
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mal. the cooneys welcoming into bundles of joy yesterday. we'll go live to tmz with all the details. good day at 9a starts now. >> all right. 9:00 o'clock and we want to rock right now. >> do you need me to bust a rhyme because i know all words. kick a few bars so i can buy a few cars. >> i don't have time. you don't have time because it's 9:01. that means it's time to start good day wednesday, june 7th i'm wisdom martin alongside hiphop specialist allison seymour. >> old school. >> old school. steve chenevey. maureen umeh. we're all here and ready to roll. >> yes, we are. we have breaking news from the white house to start off. president trump naming the man that he wants to take over the fbi. the day before the former fbi director heads to the hill we'll have much more coming up. >> also ahead this morning, maximum domination max scherzer mowing down the dodgers in the nats
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los angeles. highlights from washington's strike out king and we'll also tell you why the game almost ended in another bench clearing brawl. >> ut-oh. first at 9:00 let's talk about this weather. if you like cooler temperatures, enjoy it while it lasts because summer will be here in full force before you know it. for details tucker is back with a first check of our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we got, what us less than two weeks until summer officially arrives unofficially it is going to arrive this weekend as we'll have temperatures well into the 90s by i think by sunday and monday. let's start with today first. cloud cover and cooler temperatures moved in overnight. and again with the clouds we're expecting today i don't think we'll warm up much above about 70 this afternoon. so be ready for a much cooler day than what we've had the last couple of days. currently 65 in washington. dulles 63. still hanging in the 50s in baltimore. 58 degrees at bwi marshall. clouds. little bit of light rain shower activity developing you can seee beltway there and out into loudoun
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getting lie sprinkles on the southwest side of the city. all of this will continue for the next several hours. for much of the day today we'll have light shower activity perhaps drizzle from time to time and prep plenty of low clouds out. winds shifted out of the east. once we get the winds off the ocean we often get cloud cover. mostly cloudy day. little drizzle maybe a shower out there this afternoon. high temperatures about 70. i'll be back with that seven day talk about the weekend warmup. plain old heat wave expected around here with dangerous heat. heat index 100 plus by the end of the weekend. stay tuned for that guys. back to you. >> all right. tucker barnes, thank you very much. 9:03 is the time. breaking news at 9:00 this morning president trump naming his pick for new fbi director. announced the nomination of christopher wray on twitter just little more than one hour ago. now it comes just 24 hours before the former fbi director heads to capitol hill to talk about his firing at the hands of the president. >> here's what we know about wray so far he's a yale graduate and a yale law graduate. a former
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president george w. bush nominated his assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal division he served until 2005. he return to the private sector he specialized in white collar and internal investigations and served at new jersey governor chris christie's lawyer during the bridge gate. >> today's pom nation comes at a crucial moment into the administration's ties to russia. it comes one day before former fbi director james comey testifies about his firing. overnight some new insight into the relationship between comey and the president. apparently, sources say comey asked attorney general jeff sessions to never be alone with him. meanwhile other sources say sessions himself could be on the out of the with the white house. abc news reporting he even offered his resignation at one point. and as anticipation builds for tomorrow's hearing another hearing today to could put top official on the spot. fox5's bob barnard life on the hill with more now. bob?? hey, allison thi
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hearing should be compelling as well. appearing before the senate intelligence committee will be dan coats director of national intelligence and mike rogers head of the nsa. they're going to be questioned whether they were pressured by the president to try to influence james comey in his investigation of the russia affair. also, rod rosenstein who is number two at the justice department he certain to be questioned about his role in the firing of comey. >> this will be an extraordinary few days here on capitol hill. former fbi director james comey preparing for tomorrow's big event and questions about whether he felt there was obstruct of justice. pressure from the president to back off of the investigation into russian election meddling and possible ties with the trump campaign. >> i wish him luck. thank you everybody. >> reporter: the president with pleasantries for comey but there could be some issues today with his director of national intelligence dan coats who testifies before a senate
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the washington post reporting that coats told associates the president asked him to help tamp down investigations into former national security adviser mike flynn. possible connections to russia. >> at the same time republicans will press the issue of leaks who in the obama administration may have fed information to the media about possible links to russia. >> then there's us attorney general jeff sessions a long-time trump loyal lift but abc news reports that he spoke of resigning with the president said to be furious that sessions recused himself from the russia probe. white house spokesman sean spicer wouldn't say whether the president still has confidence in sessions. >> i'm answering a question which i have not had that discussion with him. >> you can say if he has confidence in his attorney general. >> i said i have not had a discussion with him on the question. i don't, f i haven't had discussion with hem about a subject, i ten not to speak about it. >> reporter: now the attorney general is still on the job this morning. also, earlier this morning,
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viin top democrat on the senate intelligence committee which is having the hearing today and tomorrow said he is questioning this morning president trump's timing in the announcement of his new fbi director. senator warner will be the main inquisitor for next two days of hearings here on the hill. guys. >> bob barnard roaring this morning. fox5 will have complete coverage james comey's testimony whether in front of the tv we'll broadcast the hearing on fox5 beginning at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. but you can also watch it live on our fox5 d.c. pace facebook page and youtube channel on and on the fox5 news app. >> all right. got you covered there. 9:07. let's check the morning briefing. first up the president back on the road to talk infrastructure he'll head to cincinnati, ohio, just about an hour and a half from now. the president's tour has focused on the need to repair the nation's aging levees, dams, locks and ports. we're also following breaking news overseas out of iran where isis is claiming responsibility for two s
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separately deadly attack in the capital city of tehran a shooting rampage inside a parliament building one attacker blue himself up at particle lamb. the second a suicide bomb at the shrine. a shrine of ayatollah. the attacks leave 12 people dead including two security guards. more than 40 others injured. there are also breaking details in the deadly london terror attack. the president of france says third victim from france has been identified as one of the eight killed in the london bridge attack. meanwhile london police arrested another man overnight. all of london bridge which had been closed since saturday is now back open. borough margate the scene of the second attack remains clove. closer to hem the search continues for killer in montgomery county after two teens were shot and killed on the eve of their high school graduation. >> 17-year-old shadi najjar and 18-year-old 77 ziberov were found dead inside a car monday night. melanie alnwick has been following this story since it first break and joins us live with the latest
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mel? >> families have so many questions. what was the motive. why were their teens in montgomery village. anything police have on a possible suspect. what police tell me this morning is that have gather add lot of information in the last 24 hours but nothing that they are ready to make public. however we were able to obtain sound recording of what neighbors said was a lot of gunfire that night. [ gunfire ] >> that is almost 20 shots. what sounds like a car driving it was recorded on a home security camera on gallery court just before 10:45 monday night. 17-year-old shadi najjar was in the drivers seat of his honda sick his window was rolled down a neighbor says the car's headlights and the interior light was on.
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18-year-old artem ziberov was in the passenger seat. both were dead from gunshot wounds when emergency crews arrived. the boys were supposed to graduate from germantown's northwest high school tuesday. both great students headed to college with bright futures. shadi's father told me the boys said they were going going to damascus monday night to sell extra graduation tickets. >> i cannot express my real feeling inside of me. inside of me is gone, you know, it's like -- but i have to keep it together because i have strong faith in a allah god. >> now, shadi was volunteer at his mosque and also at shadi grove hospital. artem was eagle scout families yet have not announced any sort of memorial or funeral arrangements just yet. now, police here
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county head quarter doctors tell me that they want to assure everyone that detectives are working very hard on this case. i'm told they work late into the night pick the case back up early this morning. and of course, as we get any more information from them that there willing to put out to the public, we'll be sure to share it with you. live at police headquarters i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local n news. >> 11 past the hour. also new this morning update on that townhouse fire early this morning in reston, virginia. one firefighter fell through the floor while battling the blaze that firefighter was taken to the hospital but we found out he has since been released from that hospital. the fire happened about 5am on green briar court again firefighter fell through the floor into the basement. nobody else was hurt in that fire. also update now on the fight within the fight mgm national harbor last month. you remember seeing this. leon lawson, jr. the man throwing the punches was the uncle and the trainer of a boxer who just won when the other guy was disqualified. well, he sucker punched the guy who been disqualified right there.
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him adjusted he now faces just one misdemeanor assault charge. all of the felony charges have been dropped in the case. lawson initially fled to michigan after the fight, but came back and turned himself in in maryland. a couple of 50 grand -- 50 grand richer thanks to ellen. coming and later they'll join us later to talk about why she invited them on the show to make that very generous donation. first, though, day three of the bill cosby sexual assault trial. today, his leading accuser heads back to the stand. we'll have the latest from inside the courtroom next. time right now 9:12. 9:12.
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♪ 9:15 right now. bill cosby back in court third day now of his sexual assault trial. jurors heard tearful system from his leading a kuser set to take the stand today. >> this time andro ya couldn't can't stand will face cross examination from the comedian's defense team and mo has the details on that and what happened yesterday. >> i do indeed. dramatic moments inside that pennsylvania courtroom as andrea constand claimed cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 2004. >> bill cosby's chief a kuser telling her story publicly for the first time. andrea constand testifyinon
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at the montgomery county courthouse tuesday. she says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her at his philadelphia home in 2004. she felt humiliated by someone she trusted and thought of as a mentor. cosby's lawyers later pressed con stand on what they said were inconsistent cease in her accounts and questioned why she stayed in contact with him afterward. the defense argue that the encounter was consensual. continued con stand cross examination on wednesday. on day one of the trial another woman kelly johnson testified cosby drugged and molested her at a los angeles hotel bungalow in 1996. her mother patrice sue well took the stand tuesday backing up her daughter's story. johnson's attorney says she expects the defense to attack the credibility of both acc accusers. >> vigorous attacks on andrea constand and also on her mother. i think they will try to take
9:17 am
try to blow them up. >> reporter: at least 60 women have accused cos beef sexual assault. but the statute of limitations has one run out in most of those cases. andrea constand's kay is the only one in which cosby has been charged. >> the tv star once dubbed america's dad could get ten years in prison if convicted of sexual assault. of course, the trial continuing today. >> all right. 9:17 is the time. sticking with high profile court cases controversial case a teen accused of repeatedly texting her boyfriend allegedly pressuring him to kill himself. the mother of the teen who took his own life testified yesterday saying she took a walk on the beach with her son conrad roy hours before he died in july of 2014. now, lynn roy also testified that after her son's death she received mes messages from miche carter who's charged with manslaughter expressing sympathy but had not mentioned any prior knowledge about suicidal plans. 9:17. still to come this
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proof perhaps that viral water slide video we showed you yesterday is legit even though the book ends here don't believe it at all. [ laughter ] >> we'll see what tmz has to say about it. we'll go to them for the details coming up. >> erin, what you working on? >> it's mysterious string of overdoses baffling officials down south. plus new details about what may have motivated that nsa leaker and later, a zest supreme exercises for the beltway bunch. we've got check on what else is making headlines next. ♪
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♪ all right. time right now 9:20 that means it's time to check in with erin como because she's got a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. erin. >> that's right, wisdom. good morning to all of you. first up we'll start with french officials met today in an emergency session to discuss the attack on a police officer outside notre dame cathedral in paris. witnesses said they heard the man yelling this is for syria as attacked police officers with a hammer in front of the cath cathedral. one officer was injured. the attacker was shot and remains hospitalized. a dire warning in georgia about dangerous street drug. health officials say several people have died and dozens more hospitalized after taking a mysterious drug. state officials say the drug is being sold as a pain medication but causes an extreme level of unconsciousness and respiratory failure. it comes as justice department announced drug overdose is now the leading cause of death
9:22 am
americans under 50. a georgia woman charged with leaking u.s. government secrets to a reporter shared sometimes scascathing opinions on presidet donald trump before her arrest. reality lee winner a government contractor remains behind bars on federal charges that she mailed a classified report to an online news outlet on facebook winner po posted concerns about climate change and she openly criticize the the president. the trouble continues for uber. the ride hailed app has filed 20 employees all -- all levels aft investigating claims of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment many to make matters worse, uber reported more than $700 million quarterly loss. and it owes its drivers in new york city millions of dollars torry fun over an accounting glitch. well, finally, have you ever wanted to work out like a supreme court justice? hmm. well if you have, now is your chance. justice ruling bader ginsberg is starring new book full of illustrations of
9:23 am
justice doing her exercise routine. she didn't write it her long-time trainer broken johnson coauthored the 112 page book. ginsberg has been training with johnson since 1999. after her treatment for colorectal cancer. the book set to be released october 20th -- excuse me, october 3rd and features her in her robe illustrations always with purple leggings and sneakers on. and it's not easy workouts. she is doing planks and push ups. >> wow. >> pretty hard i've heard. >> notorious rbg getting it in. >> we have to do supreme court justice workout day. >> there's a segment. >> there's a segment. >> there's actually nothing more perfect than that. >> right? >> right. >> never thought we would hear. >> how old did you say she was. >> 84 years old. >> to have an objection at a gentlemen narayan with me exercising that's all i need for my ego. >> that part is bad. erin, thanks. >> apparently ellen has a soft spot for the free state a few weeks ago we told you a
9:24 am
maryland guy who 1100 grand on her show. >> so excited. >> she gave away another $50,000 to a maryland couple and they are truly paying it for. coming up they'll join us 35 talk about the life-changing experience. >> that's awesome. we'll share that. tucker will be back with the big warmup. it's not going today. probably no not going to be tomorrow. when it gets here you'll feel it. talk about that coming up in just a minute. we would have been saying happy birthday prince today. we're still saying it. whether he's with us here physically or not. we'll have that prince tribute coming up fresh at 10a. also you might be seeing double because tupac look a like demetrius ship, jr. look join us live here's here to tuck about his new movie about tupac called all eyes on me. plus empire is over that means it's time for power and this morning stars omari hard wick and if tee cent had join us-with a sneak peek at season four. ♪ ♪♪ again, that's prince tribute a purple reign tribute to prince on what would have been his 59th birthday.
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we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build
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9:27 right now. little sports right now. talking about max dom nation. max scherzer led the nationals to two-one victory last night. score line does not do justice what he accomplish. mad
9:28 am
seven innings of work yesterday. average two batters per inning. struck out nine in the first three innings. 11 through four. same guy who pitch the immaculate inning earlier this year nine pitches, three strike outs so that means he has five, 14 strike out games with no earned runs but that was the reliever at the end of the game. >> what's about to happen. >> you see, this was at the end of the game. puig struck out. glover yelled something. probably just saying, hey, that was great way to end the game, and then he took offense to it. everybody came out. no punches thrown this time. they just kind of all looked at each other and glover had a bad outing last time he pitch. he was pumped up he got the s save. got the game. >> you get that mad at other jobs. >> you can. >> i mean like that. >> oh, you can. >> hr in baseball is a little different. >> it's a little different. >> yeah. >> slightly different. >> you get a call and zen us
9:29 am
>> make it go away. exactly. little bit of had history last night. reds hitter scooter jenn net not off to great start this year. not two runs, not even three. four homeruns. ten rbi's much he's only the 17th player in baseball history to hit four homeruns in one game. he is not known for being a power hitter either. only had three homeruns in the entire season before he hit four in one game last night. reds win 13-one. 13-one. >> that's pretty impressive. >> yeah, right. >> my man had ten rbi's by himself. drove in tepp runs by himself. that's amazing. >> except they still would have won three-one without him. [ laughter ] >> don't tell him that. >> don't tell him that. he was important. >> over win. >> okay. >> check in with tucker barnes for check of our forecast this wednesday morning. >> the nats have a 12 and a half game lead and it's like june, what, september. >> how many times have we seen this play out? >> right. >> don't jinx them. >> wait until september. >> i know.
9:30 am
it's going too well, right? >> 65 now in washington. all right. you know what else is going well my weather segment this morning, right, allison? >> no. >> winds out of the east northeast at 13. winds are out of the east here pushing off the ocean. that's going to lock down the cool temperatures for the day today. i think daytime highs won't be much above 70. be ready for relatively cool day for this time of year and showers out there early you can see here's beltway and just off to the our south and west a couple of showers persist ten the last hour or so. few showers out in loudoun county parts of fauquier county leesburg and reston light shower act have it it will continue on and off spotty rain showers maybe a little drizzle throughout the day today. you can see some of those showers starting to fire up towards frederick. so again winds out of the east and that is going to give us a cool couple of days. today, tonight and tomorrow generally cloudy skies you might get a peek of sub shine this afternoon daytime highs about 70. future cast check it out. there you go. it gives a spotty
9:31 am
then we shall be just cloudy tomorrow will be a little bit of improvement kind of be repeat of yesterday with parly sunny skies. and temps in the 70s. and as we get into the weekend we're still talking about big-time heat wave get ready for a lot of heat around here. high pressure winds out of the east. little bit of cloudiness and drizzle a lot of cloudiness. a little bit of drizzle this after into that front gets pushed up against the mountains we may get late sunshine late this afternoon and this evening as all that energy gets push west. quick look at the seven day. 70 today. 74 tomorrow. enjoy these last couple of cool days because look what's on the horizon many saturday 88. sunday 94. monday, tuesday, well into the 90s our heat index will be up over a hundred and we'll all be sweating. right? >> yes. got a couple? gentlemen in here watching me dot weather. they agree. back to you maureen. >> thank you tech kerr. grab your tissues this next story may make you pretty emotional. 2009 foster parents rob
9:32 am
adopted four foster children and they even took things a step further and cree created called comfort cases. rob shared his inspiration behind the comfort cases on online video which went rile with more than 83 million views and still counting. the couple's story and video caught the attention of comedian and host ellen degeneres, of course hooks mc book them to appear on her show. >> from darnestown, maryland, rob and reece sheer. >> well, you're here because we feel like what your doing is incredible. and everything you said we just watched is heartbreaking to see that there are children out there that need homes, that need love, that are -- that that scared want you're doing is amazing. so you bought a farm, and i know the story but explain why you bought a farm. >> well, first of all, ellen i just want to say thank you. you know, for me as a gay man growing up i've watched you from your stand up days and you have given me
9:33 am
have made me see that, you know what, i can be me. but what you've taught taught me more than anything every day i get,/oh wow. >> told you grab your tissues, right. ellen was so inspired by their story she made a $50,000 donation to comfort cases. now this morning rob and reece join us live to talk more about their story and their experience on ellen. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for raising the water orks here. >> how amazing. >> thank you for having us. >> this is their second time, third time here in the loft. >> third time. we discovered you guys before ellen did. >> you did. >> listen we want to share you with the world you're so remarkable. you go on ellen. that was you can about comfort cases and for those who don't know what comfort cases is. tell us what it is. >> so, reece and i decided to teach our children to give back three years ago we started a program kids in foster care didn't carry a trash bag they get a case with brand new pair of pajamas a book they get some lotion, shampoo, a toothbrush and a blanket. >> something to make them feel grounded. >> something to give them little bit of dignity besides carrying a trash
9:34 am
>> i was shocked to read that, you know, that was happening. you wouldn't think in this day and age that this would happen. >> you know i entered foster care over 40 years ago, and i carried a trash bag locally right here and we were shocked nine years ago when our children arrived that all four of them were carrying trash bags. >> that's heartbreaking. but you know turning things around. you started comfort cases and ellen herd about your story and said i want to help. $50,000. >> wow! >> what does it this do for comfort cases? >> well what this provides is first of all, um, it was an amazing amount of case that is now we can go through and choose exactly what cases work best for our comfort cases, and be able to expand that beyond hopefully to take it national. >> right now it's pretty local you're hope to make this a national deal and have every foster child be able to carry a suitcase. >> right now we have over 420,000 kids in foster care in the united states. and so it's our goal and it's our children's goal to
9:35 am
that every child that's in foster care receives a case. >> i know that immediate meeting ellen was very emotional but for was was that like being on the show and we know she's such a giver? amazing. >> i think for us wow, ellen wants to hear our story and wants to tell it, and it was like pretty much leak we won the lottery. >> yeah. >> amazing. >> it's funny i always say we won the lot row when our children arrived. we won the lottery twice because we got to meet ellen and she was so genuinely nice. she was amazing to our children as well. in when you went on the show did you have an inn link thought she might be doing something big for yu. >> no. >> not at all. >> really. >> i'm not kidding. not at all. we actually were, um, we were out there for three days, and we did a taping of the video. we never expected, you know, i will tell you -- >> come on. not even little bit. >> i'm not kidding i expected her to do something for my kids which she did. she was very generous to my children. never did i expect her to give one of the largest donations that she's given out to comfort cases.
9:36 am
earth. seriously every time she does something with such a big heart and such an impactful thing that's amazing. let's tack about the kids. how are they? you had them here last night. >> the kids are great. >> our daughter is getting ready to turn 13. >> yes. >> the boys are ten and our youngest is eight. >> and they are absolutely doing amazing. ready for school to be out. >> yes. very much so. >> they're doing great. >> i know they wanted to be here and actually wanted to see holly who is on vacation this week we wanted to give them a shout out. we missed you guys here in the studio. neck time bring them. >> yes. we will. >> what lies ahead for the familiarly? i know you guys on the farm. the kids are doing seemingly well. any more children in your future? >> well, not -- i mean how do we put it? we don't ever say no and never say never. but right now we're good. and things are just trying to keep up with those four and they're activities and things like that and trying to plan what the summer will be like. >> i only have one and i know how tough that is. four, whew! >> like i said our charity is -- i mean we have people all over the world by the way t
9:37 am
yesterday i did the bbc report from germany fly here to talk to us because people in the world are looking to find out who is doing great things and i really do believe that our community is doing amazing things. >> you started definitely movement. i hope it does continue. you guys are amazing. couldn't success to you. i want to know, for you two, what lies ahead really just expanding comfort cases. >> it's funny. i have a full-time job by the way. i always laugh at people. i have a full-time job. i have two jobs. for us it's just making sure that foster children understand that they have a voice. >> yes. >> worry going to be their voice and so, you know, within a year we have a book that's coming out. and so, you know, we have some amazing things that are happening to get people aware. we have to rebuild our shattered system. >> we really do. >> we real dollar. your kind heart to helping to do that. when that book comes out you've got a spot right here tell us about it. bring the kids. >> i will. >> you guys are a family now. >> we are. >> we found them before
9:38 am
did. just so want to emphasize that. thank you guys so much. >> thank you for having us. >> rob and reece sheer. i'll hang out with the guys for bit. back over to you. >> leading by example. >> making a difference. >> speaking of growing families george and am mal add twins now. still ahead the latest on the second most watched celebrity pregnancy of 2017 plus new proof that viral water slide we were talking about yesterday and we said it wasn't really real, well, we talk to the guy our tmz says and it's absolutely legit. yes, wis, that's what he said. [ laughter ] >> that's what he said much that's what his mouth says. ♪ narrator: progressive organizations across virginia endorse dr. ralph northam. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra
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dr. northam stands out with a consistent pro-choice record and led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way. introducing the italian collection from subway. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway.
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♪ george clooney expecting two. well and delivered. giving hope to guys everywhere first time dad at the age of get this 56 years old. going to be pulling some double duty. >> i know not one but two. new proof that viral water slide video might be real after all. for details we turn to tmz live in la. good morning. >> good morning, steve and allison. >> how you guys doing. >> going great. i kept thinking about george
9:42 am
finds the one and now they're four. [ laughter ] >> amazing. >> didn't take long. >> yeah. really great news for george and am mal. but you're right. there's some people here who feel like this is the end of era again for george clooney he's now a dad. they had the twins. they a boy an girl. ella and alexander, and, you know, everybody is doing well. they had the baby in england. they've been over there george all but check out of hollywood. he and am mal living in he know land. for the last six months or so. so but everyone is doing well according to their reps. i think the way the rep put it was mom and the kids are doing well and george will be sedated for several weeks. [ laughter ] >> i'm thinking it will be about 18 years actually he'll want to be sedated. >> we were looking at video of amal and earlier in our script we said wife amal we saw her there. she's very influential globally in her own
9:43 am
>> oh, absolutely. i think it's interesting that george clooney who was almost, you know, was one of the faces of hollywood like i said check out and he's gone to live with her in england because she in england is a very influential and powerful person and what she does. so, um, you know, right now the balance is gone to amal. he's over there and maybe they'll come back to hollywood at some point but from everything we've her they're very happy over there. in fact she -- a couple weeks threw a big party for him hadn't his friends randy gerber and cindy craw for come over there. so he's done with hollywood. >> i was going to ask. one quick point. >> as far as living here. >> aside from a coffee commercial we see every morning here, with george clooney, we don't see him doing much. is he working on anything c comg up, hollywood related? >> yeah, he's still working on things. i think he looks like he's doing more producing at this point, but, no, you'll see still see george clooney in movies. he'll be making movies but as far as l
9:44 am
he's pretty happy being over in england, and he's going to be really busy let's face it he's got twins now. i don't know that george clooney is the changing diapers type. >> we'll fine out. >> i just can't see it. >> if anybody will find out it will be you, charles. >> super cute. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> all right. moving on to another topic. that's the happy news. now, i mean, the use of the n word has been in right on the tour front we had first bill maher and his controversy. >> bill maher and now jay moore with his own n bomb controversy. what's going on? >> yeah. this jay moore one really seems odd. i mean, the bill maher was odd as well, but jay moore went on twitter and was trying to make a point about rapper little boozy. boozy had gone on a rant about something eased scene in prison end you've the n word several times in this description. well, jay moore took him to task for that. but in doing so, used t
9:45 am
freely a couple of times on twitter. now, immediately people are like, wait, why are you doing this? we spoken to people connected to jay, and they pointed out that, look, he's you've the word several times before in his stand-up act and we went back and found a couple of clips and he did use it, but i don't know, this is as my mom would say two wrongs make a right? no. because it was very uncomfortable when i saw the stand-up clip also because in one sense -- one instance he was making -- doing impression of tracy morgan saying the word and, all right, i can maybe give that little leeway but then self other times where it wasn't that at all. it was just him speaking. so it's just strange and, upping, to lean on the fact that he'd done it before doesn't really help. >> no. >> right. okay. jay moore fail. >> fail on that. >> yes. >> all righty. let's end on a good note here. so the water slide video from jamaica we talk about this yesterday one of the reasons we
9:46 am
was because the reaction to him doing this was kind of lame out actually. people were like there's a dude sliding across the water and jumping up on the pool like we've seen this a thousand times before. maybe because they had. >> there's a good reason for that. they probably had seen it if they were at the resort for any amount of time. they did see it a lot. we talked to the guy you see in that video. his name is johnson a lifeguard at the water park, he says he's not the only one who can do it. he's just the most recent person that was captured on video. all the lifeguards have figure out the trick, and it's pretty simple thing. when he explain it to us, it kind of makes sense, that when you hit the water your legs have to be very tight together, crossed, and you sit up as you hit the water. now you have to have a lot of speed coming out of the slide, but all the lifeguards have figure out exactly how to do it. >> wait a minute. >> and you can actually -- >> now we're seeing the video. >> other videos. >> charles. time
9:47 am
so -- he did just did that. how deep is there. it looks like it's just like a couple of inches -- >> not deep. >> in that spot. >> it's not deep at all. like a slip and slide. >> now that i see these other videos it makes more sense. >> you going to lot faster. yes. exactly. >> still cool. >> he says, look -- yeah, it's still cool. no everyone will be trying it. by the way he said he pack tiff this for about two years. and that's why he's nailed it. he nails it now every time. but i would imagine there are a few times he didn't nail it. and that's going to be everybody this summer i think at the water park. >> that put out by that water park in the tourism board of jamaica. >> fox5 field trip. have to try it for ourselves. only makes sense. charles, thanks. see you on tmz later today. charles from los angeles. tmz. >> thanks guys. >> 3:00 o'clock and 7:00 o'clock right here on fox5. at midnight after jim lokay's show. >> i am of a certain age i remember when george clooney had little pig as a pet. do you guys remembe
9:48 am
>> potbellied pig. >> no. i don't remember that. >> i remember when he tried to be batman it was the worst matt batman. >> no, he wasn't. i like him. >> did you? >> i didn't like him as much as michael keaton. he wasn't that bad. >> kev is not here, say whatever you want. >> shout out to kev. he's giving the commencement speech at kennedy high school. >> kevin? >> yeah. >> wow! >> i hope he doesn't mess clomp clooney as batman. worse batman i've ever seen. lifeless zones. don't he have be bat money again. we don't have to worry about because it was an epic fail. nine colorado 48 is the time. coming up some tips you college grads with interviews lined up, body language mistakes that can cost you the job you're trying to get. we'll talk about it coming up next. ♪ . ♪♪
9:49 am
9:50 am
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the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. >> the next zip trip coming up friday two days from now. 48 hours from now we'll be right in the middle of it. georgetown washington harbor. basically if you know where the georgetown
9:52 am
skating ring is and the restaurants and everything, just walk right up the stairs from there. that's where we'll. >> who is going? >> well, wisdom, you are not this time. okay. >> holding down the fort. >> maureen you'll be going. >> yes! i'll be going. >> tucker will be there as always. tucker is there for every zip trip the rest of the summer. >> caitlin roth will be going. >> yes. >> and kevin mccarthy will have words of wisdom for everyone down at the zip trip as well. that's your lineup for friday most importantly we would love to see you there. stop on down. say hello between 6:00 and 11am on friday. >> yes, indeed. >> it's going to be amazing. >> it is. weather will be nice, too. >> great spot. nice and warm. >> nice morning like that go out and look across the river. enjoy it. >> um-hmm. >> perfect. >> really nice. >> so you may have a great looking resume but your body language could be costing i was new job. that is according to office t team. it's an arm of the employment specialist at robert happen international. >> so here's the deal. we all want to make good impression during interview on the job but the office team surveyed hiring managers who say nearly one out of three
9:53 am
body language during the interviews and on scale of one to five they ranked the things that give them a negative impression of job seekers the top two we went over this earlier this morning lack of eye contact. >> we don facial expression. >> i didn't do facial expressions. pop me back up on camera i can do facial expression. >> i can do 12. >> lack of hi contact and odd facial expressions. >> like what? >> here you go. >> how much am i going to get paid. >> is that what right there. that's odd. tha's crazy. >> what? >> wait. [ laughter ] >> i'll be working weekends? i don't think so. >> you mean i can have every holiday off? >> yeah that. will get you -- what about crazy eyes? >> i just gave you that, too. combo. >> sometimes you can't help crazy eyes. >> true. >> your grandma used -- used to say this. she used to say stand up straight. the hiring managers aren't fond of applicants who slouch or have a weak hand shake. >> no on the weak happen shake. >> but don't crush the hand either. >> don't smash the hand like the incredible hung. >> don't give them a donald
9:54 am
>> firm hand shake. >> crashed me and steve yesterday. >> calling him out. >> he did. >> ben jill us will you are not invited back. >> yeah, you are. >> pump many fist next time. >> fewer of them bothered by nervous ticks common tom job seekers fid jesting and waving your hands around. >> who does that? come on now. >> allison i actual dollar wave my hands around. >> some people when they're nervous -- >> waving your hands around in job interview. >> i'm perfect for the job. >> kevin mccarthy would never get hired. >> i guess maybe do you. but this is just being passionate. >> if you're going to do have it under control and keep it to minimum. like this. >> not like this. oh, my gosh, that's how much i'm going to get paid? [ laughter ] >> it's not enough of a problem that you may want to be aware of your tendency to squirm. what should you do to make a good impression? the office of professional -- office team professionals say it helps to practice the john interview with a friend. you need someone who will b
9:55 am
honest with about negative body language. >> let that friend already have job. >> yes. go for a firm hand shake not bone crush cher as we talk about. sit up straight. lean forward. it gives the impression you're paying attention to the conversation that you're eng engaged. good eye contact. don't stair though glance away occasionally. >> wait. too much. be aware of your nervous habits. >> don't clear your throat. don't wave your hands up in the air. don't cross your harms negative body language. >> what? >> it could be a determined as offensive. >> let me practice, wait. >> that's the body language. >> that's it. >> no, that's not it. >> that looks good. >> i'm looking away. looking at you. eyes -- relax. >> really? >> no. >> there you go. >> that's not good either. don't do that. >> don't make -- >> dope make a side eye. >> don't do that either. >> do your homework. doesn't matter what your body language is like. if you don't do your homework you won't get the job. >> so funny. power season four is coming up we're talking with 50 and omari -- >> who. 50.
9:56 am
said. >> i think he's cower tis jackson. >> he probably is. >> that is true. >> and all eyes on me. the new tupac film coming out we're talking to the stars of that movie they're live in the loft with us. um-hmm. >> dustin lance black he's just an oscar winner as screen writer. we'll talk with hem about what he is doing in d.c. this wee weekend. >> all right also in honor of prince george's a prince tribute band inside because it would have been his birthday. this will be pretty confidentia. >> is it ed sheeran carpool karaoke. why didn't anyone tell me about this. one of my favorite. we'll check in with that on the 10a as well. coffee time f you've been looking at our goodly cool good day mugs we have new d.c.,, good day d crash/dunkin' donuts mug to give away pefect cup for that perfect dunkin' donuts coffee. head to fox5 or our facebook page of course it's fox5 d.c. to enter our mug couldt
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should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. ♪ it's a star-studded must watch wednesday this morning on good day at 10a. we are live with two power players super star act 50-cent and amari hard wick ready to dish about their new season of hit show power. >> it's one of the most talk about movies of the year, all eyes on me. the story of to you pack shakur. the stars of the movie are live in the loft to tell us a you will about it
10:01 am
>> did you say dustin lance black is live in the loft. >> our tribute to prince on his 59th birthday. i can't wait any longer. so let's do this in three, two, one, good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ we are celebrating prince today. prince tribute band in the house. that's all it needs to be said. you guys keep on grooving. i'm going to start moving. i'll be back. this show started- okay? >> all right. >> keep doing your thing over here. pince tribute band in the hou house. >> wow. doing little kiss. >> ♪ >> that's awesome. >> they sun great. >> that's mazing. they'll play for an hour. >> yeah. >> they're not going to stop. >> i was doing something and i look up and he was here in -- good morning. >> i was like, what? >> i know.
10:02 am
that's amazing. >> great way to start the show today. >> that's awesome. >> wisdom i know you're jealous you want to be up with that microphone in your hand. >> no he doesn't. >> i don't know if that's a good idea, steve. >> the sinking -- let's just listen today. >> if we can have you do it live maybe we can find video of you doing it. >> yes. >> that never gets old. >> that's great, steve. >> oh! >> there it is. >> there it is. ♪ >> i knew it was a special moment. >> just had to document that moment, al. >> document that special moment. >> oh, my gosh. >> little did wisdom know you were not the only one documenting that special moment. >> wisdom you're a trooper. we love you for it. we'll get more to celebrate what would have been prince's 59th birthday little bit later on in the show. thank you very much for being here for the 10a. i'm steve alongside allison and maureen and wisdom. holly has the morning off. i'm happy that i'm here today. >> yes. for holly. we miss you holly. will be back soon. let's check with what's trending. erin is back with what's making had he lines this morning. erin, good morning
10:03 am
>> good morning allison and all of you as well. we begin overseas in iran where 12 people are dead and dozens more hurt in two early morning terror attacks. isis is claiming responsible the first attack was a shooting rampage inside the parliament building. attacker also blue himself up at parliament. the second attack was a suicide bombing at a shrine of i toll ya khomeini. happening now on capitol hill a big hearing in front of the state intelligence committee. due to testify today the director of national intelligence the acting director of the fbi the director of the nsa and the deputy attorney general. their testimony is about legal eaves dropping by the government it comes 24 hours before fired fbi director james comey will go before the same panel to talk about the probe of russian meddling in the us election. and programming note. fox5 will have complete coverage of james comey's testimony. we had broadcast the hearing on fox5 beginning at 10am tomorrow. but you can also watch it live on fox5 dc facebook pag
10:04 am
as our youtube channel also on, and on the f fox5 nes app so we have you cover. the search for a killer continues in montgomery county. this after two teens were found shot and killed on the eve of their high school graduation. the 17 and 18-year-olds were found dead monday night inside of a car on gallery court in germantown. neighbor surveillance camera captured what sounds like more than 20 gunshots that night. hbo has someone to fill in for al franken after the senate bowed out of an appearance on real time with bill maher. replacing him will be michael eric dyson the georgetown professor and frequent fox5 guest. franken def defected maher drewe for using the n word in a discussion about slavery. however, dyson came to maher's defense in the use of the word maher has been champion of many issues involving black justice. well, just in time for
10:05 am
help you embrace your -- games of thrones beer will up a in shaw before the praiser season seven. they transfer the bar into kings landing. each room will transform into realms of the fictional world cocktails will include the send their regards and north rem remember. so lots of themed drinks that. the bar will open from june 21 to august 27th. the show premieres july 16th and i've been at some of those other pop-up bars. they did it up to for christmastime with their all their different themes out there and i really really loved it. stranger things was incredible. >> cherry blossoms.& >> i think it's a cool idea. >> i've never seen the show game of thrones so i need to get caught up on -- >> you can just go drink. >> just go -- yes. >> best wisdom. >> all you need to say where are my dragons? they'll let you in the door. >> trust me. >> don't watch it on your phone while you're in the bar. >> see you later erin.
10:06 am
let's check what's tenning this morning. mo. >> first up double the delight george clooney and wife amal waking up to parents to twins this morning the couple welcomed baby boy alexander and baby girl ella. they had been keeping a low profile up to the birth. amal was last seen on april sickth in london. spokesperson for the couple released statement the new mom and babies are happy, healthy and doing fine and joked george is does he dated and should recover in to you days. >> that's funny. such the cutest. >> such a george clooney joke. >> do you think when people are rich like george and amal do you think they really actually do real work with the child? >> oh yeah. i think some are hands on. >> really? >> especial physical you're an older mom. i like to thing if you're an older mom and you wanted this -- >> right. >> i didn't say they put them in the corner. i said a lot of work. >> you know they'll have 24 hour help with -- >> they'll have a lot of help. >> i was just curious. >> even when you don't have money you still need and want the hem. >> i know that part. i
10:07 am
i'm talking about the other end of the spectrum. [ laughter ] >> you have a staff. >> all right. talking about the part, i'll be right back. >> yeah. >> they'll still be dane care of. >> i'll be back in week. >> it will be all right. >> former first lady michelle obama spilling presidential secret from her time in the white house former first lady says her husband wore the same tuxedo for all eight years of his presidency. >> avenue love this. >> during state dinner. here's the kicker it work. who can wear something from eight years ago. not me. mrs. obama spilled the beans during her appearance at apple's worldwide developers' conference yesterday. she says that she was scrutinized year in and year out for her dresses, her accessories and the meantime her husband got away with wearing the same old penguin suit the old time -- whole time and he was proud of it. people take pictures of the shoes i wear. this is her words here, the bracelets, the necklace they didn't comment that for eight years he wore the same tucks. same shoes, i'm ready. i'm ready in ten minutes. how long did it take you to? i'm like, get
10:08 am
>> the presidents are just like us. >> exactly. so normal. >> it's tollly true. i really think on the serious note it's just -- it's tired. it's double standards. it's discrimination fur really serious about it not in -- >> but you have to think about that. >> the interest is there, though. >> you have to think about it versus just putting something on and walking out the door. >> here on tv, at least once upon a time told the man is like the state figure the girl is the peacock. you shall shine. >> really. >> yeah. >> i the same suit every day for week. nobody noticed. >> i did. >> did you do that experiment. >> i noticed. >> but you're absolutely right when it comes to if you are wearing the same tucks for eight years somebody who put on a tucks recently a few years old, it's motivation to stay in sh shape. because when you put it on, you're like ut-oh. >> right. >> kudos for him for staying in shape for eight years. >> this thing must have shrunk at the dry cleaners much that's what i always say. >> 10:08 is the time. fourth of july around the
10:09 am
and we know, we now know the lineup for this year's annual july 4th concert outside the us capitol. the event is on tuesday on a tuesday rather from 8:00 to 9:30 actor john stamos will hold and will pull double duty as drummer for the beach boys. mark mcgrath will join the group on vocals. orlando performers dan akroid and jim belushi of the blues brothers and country star trace atkins and the four tops will be there and capitol fourth airs live on pbs. >> so maybe when john stamos in town he can tell you what would have happened at the end of scream queens. >> since they cancel it. >> i'm so mad about it. >> who was the red definitely? who was the green definitely? exactly. >> right. how can they do this to us. >> leave us hanging. >> get on the phone somebody. empire is over and that mean it's time for power to rise. coming up later, two of the stars of the drama which is on stars will join us live we're talking about -- it's true, moú. >> i know. >> talking about omari hea
10:10 am
wick and 50-cent himself. >> brimming the thug live to the big screen sitting down witness the stars and creator of tupac movie all eyes on me. that's coming up next. 10:09 is the time. back after this. this.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
♪ welcome back. the life of tupac shakur coming to the big screen marking what would have been the hiphop star's 46 many birthday. can you believe that? 46. movies called all ion me named after his 1996 album and it tells the shore of his life and legacy from his rise toasty super stardom, imprisonment and controversial time working with death row records. take look. >> ♪ >> you the omega of my heart, the foundation for my conception of love, when i think of what a black woman should be, it's you that i first think of. you will never full understand how deeply my heart feels
10:14 am
you. i worry -- >> tuto you double ganger plays the legendary star. cat graham stars as jada pinkett smith. demetrius and cat joining us now with the creator and director lt hutton. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> this trailer made such a buzz especially because of you demetrius because oh, my gosh. we said doppelganger your whole life you mute have heard this. >> a good portion. >> do you see it? >> certain angles. >> yeah. >> so lt, was he a natural? you saw him and is he this is pac hour did this happen. >> i want to bennie boom is the direct. i'm the producer. >> my -- ooh stand corrected. >> i just want to be clear shout out to bennie boom. when i saw him off the top aesthetically edit. more impressed me, washington improved me most is when i began to talk to the young man. absolutely incredible. he had a lot of pac ways to him n why the
10:15 am
anyone of you. >> well, i think that, um, especially with what's going on in the world what's going on in america i think people really want to hear his voice. i think it's so relevant to what's happening right now, um, and he was somebody that was so ahead of his time in terms of his activism in terms of his music how about he wrote and i just think that kind of social awareness is really important right now. people need to see that. people need to feel like they're being heard. >> right. i think a lot of times people think of the thug life tupac and miss the message beyond his music what had deep thinker he was. his poetry. >> the depth he was as a person and as an artist. >> how challenging was it tour bring the tupac people didn't know to life? was it challenging or was it easy? >> it was -- it was challenge was forme to get the role. performing and doing all the, upping, the scenes and the work, i felt comfortable and confident within the work i had put
10:16 am
with my acting coach angela gibbs as well as lt hutton. i had a great team and great deal of confidence. so, you know, getting there and just getting to it, everybody had the same attitude. we wanted to bring the best every day, you know, saying we can -- we didn't show up, you know, okay, we going to do a little bit. it was full effort every day and we're trying to make the greatest movie with tupac. >> people have love for this guy. they want to hear the story. they want to go beyond the headlines. >> right. >> how important was it for to you tell people tupac's story in this sort of way? undiluted. in a fresh new spin to it. >> going back to the original question you asked, the story was there. so once the story was there, and that was the hard process because their minutes of this man's life could have been entire movie in itself. so once we found the actual story and the trajectory of how we were going to tell the story, you know, it was just now the respect
10:17 am
okay, now let's dedicate ourselves but the first thing because there's so much over personification of this man, so to make him human, to show you that he had multiple sides and not just this side that you saw of the thug live it's the meaning behind thug live it's what spark him, it's what fueled his journal journey what gave him the work ethic that we often talk about. so that's the story of why we say untold story. >> part of the piece of that puzzle cat was his friend ship with jada pinkett. she's from baltimore. they went to school of arts together, and that's a friendship that lasted throughout the years. i don't think a lot of people were aware of that. >> no. that's so amazing. because a lot of people know so much about pac and they feel they know how much about who he was, his life and death and playing a character as powerful and as turned out to be jada pinkett smith is wild. i think it's also really amazing to talk about how important the women in his life were especially as a woman going to
10:18 am
great that you can actually see from his mother to jada it's -- you can see how, um, what an impact these women had on his life and how they affected his music and how they affected his poetry and who he was as person. >> i know he talk about that he loved women and that was evident in his music. upping, again, people want to glorify the thug life but one thing that held constant was they loved women and he really wanted to up hold black women in particular which i just -- i loved him for. >> which i hope that more entertainers currently will do more of and take after somebody as conscious as pac. >> now that you've got your -- filling these big shoes, is there pressure? nah. i've had great reception from people that, you know, grew up with pac and they've seen the movie, um, and everybody loves the work so far. so for that, you know, i'm very grateful and thankful and, you know, um, just happy to see how the word is going to review it now. >> we're loo
10:19 am
seeing it. when are we seeing it. >> june 16th everywhere. >> trailer blue me away. i can wait to see the film. thank you so much for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> this is honor to meet all of you as tupac fan i'm all in. john 16th. 93 nominal work. back to you guys. >> i'm curious when you play a real life person like did jada give you any advice or anything to play her? >> she's so supportive. i talk to her until after we actually wrapped a week after. just missed her. but she was just so supportive, you know, and so trusting which as an actor having someone another powerful actor just trust you in this space just makes you feel okay she trust me i'm okay. >> sure. >> i think she trusts this one, too. >> little sigh of relief and you embrace that. >> you're doing the story, you're good guys, you're good. >> looking forward it to. >> thank you very much. >> speaking of we have oscar winner in the house with us as well. 10:19. dustin lance black is going to join us live coming up
10:20 am
>> plus a tribute to prince on what would have been his 59th birthday. got a prince tribute band in here and i did mean a real prince tribute band. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do
10:21 am
gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
10:22 am
z2cufz z16fz y2cufy y16fy
10:23 am
♪ >> somebody go. >> go. go. >> get it. >> you can find me in the club sipping on -- >> might i ask how old that song is now? >> yeah, it's like '03 maybe. >> '03. i think it is. >> back when he started out. >> that was the jam. >> vitamin water. >> he's a mogul. saw a glimpse outside. not the best day. check in with tucker find out if things will change today. doesn't seem like it overcast and cool. so last night it was ed sheeran's chance to hop in james corden's range rover for carpool karaoke. no word if he had all his delay pedals he uses in the car but it's tough to do that. we learn a lot about the british singer. does he not own cell phone. >> had doesn't? ed sheeran. >> i don't believe that. i've seen hisoc
10:24 am
>> maybe he borrowed the phone. >> the shape of singer told the late late show host he got rid of the cell phone after rea realizing nobody asked him how he was doing and instead reached out when they wanted something. welcome to celebrity live. feels naked and uncomfortable without his guitar. >> how they supposed to find out how he's doing if they can't tech him or call him. >> ed, how you doing. >> how you doing, ed? are you okay? >> he was actually hesitant to do the exit thinking he wouldn't be very funny and he said his musical talent feels like a gift of god to get girls because he grew up quote unfortunate looking ". >> that's hilarious. >> his singing was the highlight segment. ♪
10:25 am
>> james corden knows every word to every song. >> how do we know every word to every song. >> you know i don't. [ laughter ] >> james corden is a heck of a singer. i would enjoy watching him -- if james corden did show and then brought on some of his celebrity friends to perform with him that would be huge. >> sadly it would all be his celebrity friends songs. >> that's fine. i'd watch that. if the celebrity friends are there. james corden could be funny. >> i'd like to see him guest on his songs. >> let's bring james corden out to do this. [ laughter ] >> any way. >> let's check in with tucker right now find out what's going on in the world of weather. tuck. >> james corden has pretty good voice, don't you think. >> i'm surprised. >> all right. >> he just said that. >> we just said that. >> you know what, i'm not listening. >> duh! >> we just said that. [ laughter ] >> 65 now in washington. it's only going to be 70 later today. a couple of sprinkles and showers out there. lo
10:26 am
mostly cloudy day for us today and a cool one. daytime highs again won't get much out of the upper 60s and low tents. so just be pro paired for a cool one you can see a couple of rain showers starting to materialize there on the satellite/radar. so few scattered showers this afternoon maybe little drizzle and cloud cover highs about 70. hey not going last. we got big-time heat around here for the weekend. in fact dangerous heat by early next week. highs in the mid 90s. with lots of humidity. more about that as we get closer to the weekend. this afternoon 70 degrees guys with mostly cloudy skies. >> awesome. sunny and 100 today. thanks, tuck. [ laughter ] okay. empire is done for the summer just like that joke that means it's time to get back to power the stars crime drama returning later this month. we're getting a sneak peek what to expect from two of the stars of the show and executive producer we're talking to. fifty-cent and omari hardwick join us live next. right now it's 10:26. ♪
10:27 am
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no idea what's going to happen. you wait for everything that comes to you. everything that makes you feel at home. it's real feel. >> power poi poisons the heart. >> i'm being set up. >> and changes it from win. >> we need to make people believe you're legit club owner james saint patrick. keep your crews on point. business as usual. >> ♪
10:30 am
>> you're family and we protect each other. >> if anyone asks we don't call them ghosts. being with james saint patrick was the biggest mistake of my life. >> no citizen is safe with a man like him on the street. >> how close are the feds bringing the heat down on yous. >> do we have anything to worry about? no. ♪ >> don't call him ghost. it's time to clear your calendar and set your dvr because star network hit crime drama power is on the way back and of course that was a clip from the upcoming season. season four and it will be filled with more tift its twists and turns than ever before they promise. season four picks up on the heels of shocking ago rest of the james ghost saint patrick and this morning we get first happened look what to expect with the stars of the show joining us now so happy to say good morning to along with actor rapper and executive produce curtis 50-cent hit mow on that jackson omari hardwick. good morning. sorry,
10:31 am
difficulties. you all wouldn't know about that. big stars and all. good morning. >> it sounded good. it sounded like you were rhyming. you hit me with that and uh. >> i'm kind of, yeah, i spent some dope lines sometimes. right now we're talking all about -- [ laughter ] >> we're tacking about power in season four, and oh, my goodness, ghost hyped bars. so it picks up i would hope right where season three left off. >> right. >> yes. >> minutes later, yup. >> really up tense, because it leaves everyone to not just for ghost to feel with, you know, being in a vulnerable state, being incarcerated, but everyone else's response to not having him around. because, upping, it's a lot of -- he's at the nucleus of a lot of the things that are going on. >> this is true. >> even his enemies. >> that's a great point. >> he's still, you know, assess wagon he's supposed to do. now that he's gone, he's exc excited. he's happy because the ghost is lock u
10:32 am
that feels like. >> right. >> the vulnerability of it. >> and ghost was responsible forgetting keenan locked up. >> right. so he has a different perspective on it but it's re really about at the center of everything that goes on ghost being incarcerated. >> being gone. >> right. >> very good point. >> also ghost the ghost character trying to legit. doesn't really look good when the record has a little away time on it. >> no. he's been trying to legit for -- we've built a season, um, curtis always says courtney kemp our show's creator she -- show runner she paced in such a way that the fan and the viewer has not only felt like they are part of us in terms of an ownership of ow owning us because of coure we come to your living room on sunday night and the intimacy there. they also take the ride with us in a very strategic well-paced curt tis' point way and so, yeah, he's
10:33 am
tryiing to legit. >> right. >> but it's ironic because just at the point when he was trying to legit, we feel like the fourth season will bring to you the reality that you probably are now going even darker and even deeper into the bad place that you once were trying to get away from. now you've been arrested he actually goes back like ten paces, you know what i mean? >> that's live. sometimes you going to back. >> the character do going forward. >> sometimes you going to back to go forward. >> you do. but i think the other characters will go more forward than ghost is my point. >> let me ask. curtis just for a second, do you mind if i call you curtis? >> it's fine. it's fine. >> okay. >> not mr. jackson? >> i'll am curtis. >> i know. >> you're 50. so let me just say though on serious note. last season stars number one ever watched on this stars network, number two power was for all paid premium
10:34 am
i mean that's got to make you feel great. you believe in this project from the start. >> i did. it feels like i have confirmation and number two. but number two is the first person to lose to me. so until i make it to the number one slot, ya'll me out doing what i'm doing. game of thrones no longer putting out new episodes. i can meet those numbers before we finish. >> i love. that. >> he expects a lot. >> go ahead, omari. how do you feel about the success of the show. >> she wanted me to elaborate. he expects a lot. you know, he -- consider tis was in dubai in the middle east in certain countries and then i know he was specifically in dubai when he called me pr pre-pilot this will give you a story in washington deserves this story. being that you guys are biggest market in terms of our fan base one of our biggest markets. >> all right. >> you deserve the story to know he came home all the way back to new york to make sure he was there for the pilot episode, day one
10:35 am
grown into this thing where legions of fans have come omari's way because of the character that he and courtney create the but it was really him who said i'll be back. he was supposed to stay in dubai a couple extra days. i'll be there for day one for you, and he expect that is level that obviously we are trying to top in terms of our own individual characters, but he expects it. so i let the trickle to everybody else. we all expect the same thing from each other. >> it's a new goal of mine's because, you know, they don't even let me lose. [ laughter ] >> i love it. >> you ain't got space to lose. >> they all put you in -- it doesn't exist. >> right. >> as far as award platforms are. when it becomes the number one show rated on cable don't invite me. >> at least when we're number one. >> don't invite me. have omari show up. >> right. >> i'm not coming. >> 50 don't be that way. i will be number one. >> curtis, don't be that way. >> he'll there be. >> you'll be there. >> he'll be there. the same way he was there for
10:36 am
>> day one. >> episode one of this and tire, he'll there be. trust me. he'll there be. >> okay. curtis -- >> he might have to pouty face but he'll there be. >> might be mad. he might be be 2,003 you see me in the club curtis jackson but you'll be that i'm sure. please come back to d.c. curtis is actually been here in the studios. i don't know if you remember that channel five in washington. please come back and see us. we appreciate it. good luck on the new series. june 25th. season four. thank you, gentlemen. >> season four we coming. thanks d.c. >> wow. >> yeah. >> very cool. i'm not surprised by the success when you mentioned when curtis 50-cent was here before, off camera, all he was talking was business. >> really. >> he's very focused and he knew what he wanted and he wanted to create basically this whole business structure around. >> second place means you're the first loser. okay. i'll remember that. >> not surprised at the success one bit. >> you don't stay on ton in that whole culture hiphop, business, music, without having that
10:37 am
drive. >> he's a mogul. >> he's moving it forward. he's not just staying in the hiphop world. he's moved out and branched out in to different things. >> don't invite me when i'm number one. i know how you feel. i like that. >> 10:37. june is the month we celebrate pride and this morning to mark the occasion getting history lesson in the gay rights movement thanks to the man who literally wrote the movie on harvey milk's life. dustin lance black joins us live in the loft and we'll chat with him next. ♪
10:38 am
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♪ 10:39 right now. june is pride month here in the nations capitol and this morning we're joining the celebration with the man behind the oscar award winning movie milk. >> my name is harvey milk and i'm here to recruit you. [ applause ] >> i want to recruit you for the fight to preserve your democracy brothers and sisters you must come out. [ cheers and applause ] >> come out to your parents. come out to your friends if indeed they are your friends. come out to your neighbors. come out to your fellow workers. once and for all let's break down the myths and destroy -- >> milk based on the life of gay rights activist and politician harvey milk the first openly gay person election to do public office in the state of
10:41 am
he was also later assassinated. dustin lance black wrote that movie the 2008 movie which went on to be nominated for eight cad mow awards it would two awards including one that black won for his screen play and this morning dustin joins us- good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> welcome back to d.c. i know you've been here a bunchh huer to do a screening of that movie as well. i have to ask you. you knew the buzz was there when you got all of the academy award nominations. >> uh-huh. >> but when you're waiting for the writing award to be ann announced -- >> right. >> what were you thinking. >> i don't remember. [ laughter ] >> it was so long ago now. and there's so much adrenaline in you at the time. you're just very very scared. you're very scared. if you, f you lose it you'll feel bad but if you win it you got to get up in front of a billion people and not fall flat on your face. >> right. >> i'm show glad you showed that clip i have to say. it's the not just about nostalgia being here in d.c. right now. and showing a
10:42 am
right now. what sean penn just did what he said there the quote from harvey milk himself is so pertinent again today. that's why i flew across the ocean to be here. it's really a team again for minor the ares of all types to come out and be visible to show your faces, to march, have a good time this weekend. we shall all have a good time. but at the same time, by just being out visible and present you are resisting a backlash that we're if right now. >> we should mention you just literally flew in from the uk to be here in washington. we very much appreciate your time this morning. when you first started researching harvey milk, did you do it knowing it was going to be screen play or was this something that evolved overtime. >> it did evolve a little bit originally going to be about the memorial quilt. i met cleve jones who was the designer the creator of that quilt. and we just started talking about his mentor which was harvey. at for i wanted to do a rock opera music from head to toe. and then that
10:43 am
ambitious for me. i can't carry a tune. so might have been out of my wheel house maybe 50-cent will come. we shall do that. >> you never know. collaboration. that would be mazing by the way prince is a life again in the studio. >> we'll be hear from prince a little bit later. >> can i just say this is very good day. >> right. >> but, you know, i didn't envision it i envision the it as musical peace and it became the screen play it became. >> it's funny too when we see that scene with sean penn you've also given speeches in washington. you've been on the steps of the capitol. what's that like for you to know that you hold that power to be able to reach so many people? >> well that's what this is all about. i think that my job is to tell stories. and whether that's on a movie, in a script, as a producer, as director, or as someone taking case to the supreme court which we did, you know, just a few years ago, you tell personal stories. you got to speak to the heart. you know, my good friends and i see it on tv here all the time, they might be right they
10:44 am
constitution. i don't think you're getting anywhere. i don't think you're changing a heart that way. you want to change a mind? you got to start right here and that's story telling in a court of law, on show like this or in a movie change a heart. >> you've been story telling your whole life. come out in number of screen places. we talked about milk. jay edgar. big love. what's next? what working on. >> we just got done doing tv show at another network called when we rise which is about -- >> couple months ago. which is about a lot of diverse people coming together for fight for each other. fight for your neighbor as far as you do yourself. that's at the core of me. i believe in intersection al will the. which is don't get so self interested in your own needs and wants and desires even as much as do you need those protections and do you need them make shower you're looking out for your neighbor and their kids too. i'm working on a movie who helped organize the march on washington here and african-american w
10:45 am
man and who led one of the most this land.ches in history of- >> it will be fascinating. before we let you go i hope it's okay to bring this up. i notice a little hardware on your finger. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> just got married. >> i got married. i did it. i got hitch. >> this was literally one month ago. >> one month ago yesterday, and you know i -- i fought for marriage equality in this country for about half a decade put film making on hold no movie or tv shows coming out we were working on the supreme court case and as much as i knew we deserve the right i didn't quite know what it meant until i sat there i stood there across from my now husband and we said our vows in front of all the people we love and for the first time in my life i understood the deep meaning of that word marriage personally. and so i'm so grateful for all the people who if i was alongside us for marriage equality all these years. >> what gets the mantle in the house then? your academy award or his olympic medal. >> he's got a trophy cabinet got
10:46 am
championship medals i put the oscar in the toilet. >> come on now. >> i did. >> that is the tradition in the uk. >> is that right. >> it's supposed to be bad luck. everyone i know who has an oscar in the united kingdom no disrespect it's what you do you put it in there and the fun part then after you have a big party, you just go instagram and there they are every single one of them holding it privately in the bathroom. you get toilet paper and oscar and best friends. >> best wishes with the screening tonight for milk. congratulations all your work and best wishes on all your future ventures. come back to d.c. any time. thanks. >> great interview. >> 10:00 frick is the time right now. coming up all star tribute to the purple one. we're remembering prince on what would have been his 59th birthday with special life performance right here in the loft. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
10:47 am
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♪ give them respect. 10:49 is the time. on this day in 1958, prince rogers nelson was born in minneapolis, minnesota. he grew up to be music icon selling more than 100 million records worldwide and winning seven grammys an cad mow award with his work on purple reign. prince was also a devout joe host have a witness who season celebrate his birthday. that doesn't moan we can't pay tribute to the purpose purple on what would have been his 59th birthday. we celebrate the artist from the prince tribute band featuring edward henderson, brilliant prince em% nader. going to be -- they're going to be performing, rocking bethesda blues and jazz club tonight for all star purple party first they're live in the loft here to perform the classic prince hit purple reign. please welcome t
10:51 am
prince tribute band. take it away. ♪ ♪
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
♪ >> whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing. good to see it thank ya'll for coming in and hanging out with us. we appreciate it. i'm flabbergasted. that was mazing. >> introduce everybody in the band. >> mr. earl carter. >> earl. >> elliot. >> elliot. >> lamont. >> gotcha. okay. look, why this? why did you deciding to this particular route? >> well, a couple of years ago before prince died, you know, i'm also lead singer for eu. >> the but eu
10:56 am
>> i sing tase see love. >> all right, oh. me and earl a couple years ago talking about doing a prince tribute because we wanted to do something of the old songs he had stopped doing. >> um-hmm. >> he passed away. >> right. >> so kind of forced to us start doing songs that people loved the most. >> right. >> and so i started i got with earl, some of the new power generation boys. >> yes. >> we just put together some -- all star group. >> you went and got the gear. >> i went and got the gear. >> how much gear do you have, clothes, guitars. >> these are his signature guitars. this is way did in the super bowl and that's the classic purple reign. >> yeah. >> you know. probably allison's favorite. [ laughter ] >> that's awesome. thank you guys for coming in. we put the information right there on the screen. you're going to be perform to go night at 8:00 p.m. >> 8:00 p.m. >> 8:00 p.m. >> doing the hits. >> yes, yes. >> all the hits. >> all the hits. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you very much. >> we hate to end the show. you don't have to end it. we
10:57 am
>> we got legal obligations. >> i gotcha. >> thank you guys. >> we appreciate it. >> love you fox. >> we love you back. >> happy birthday prince. >> amazing. >> great show today. bye ya'll. ♪♪ the moments that connect us happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? it's a hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: hey. welsh well, well. thank you for watching. and say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. [ cheers and applause ]


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