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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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big-league team, had a nice year last season, 7-2 in a 1.27 era and he'll roll a quick out off the bat of welington castillo, one gone. go seven tonight and had the luxury of pitching with the lead virtually the entire evening after the yankees got him six in the first. he put them on cruise control. give up a solo home run in the seventh, the only real blemish ended up allowing just two hits in the game and is in line for his fifth winner of the year. here's joey rickard with one gone making his first plate appearance tonight. >> he was outstanding. severino in a nice rhythm, a good feeling to have him in the rotation along with cc sabathia, a pleasant surprise, and to dominance
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the opposite spectrum of the fastball velocity. tanaka can get out of the funk and get closer to where he's been for the last four years. they've got a pleasant staff with their offense. >> i think looking forward to tomorrow series finality, when we visited with joe girardi, the only thing he would share with us regarding his choice for starter tomorrow, because they pushed tanaka back, is that if things go well and they get along one from severino, which they did, they can piece together a start tomorrow from what they have in their bullpen. >> i wonder if he's our guy, record with a shout out to left field and that one is going to go. solo shot for joey rickard.
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everything you got going the right way. he knows that. >> one in and one out, and now ruben tejada. we've talked a lot tonight about the milestones that the yankees lineup in particular
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route four by season's end. there is another milestone coming from somebody on the field that's not necessarily wearing the players uniform. >> today is his 4,992nd major league game and barring a rainout or scheduling change he is going to get to 5,000 and become the third umpire to reset figures. we've all got our favorite joe west stories but here's one of mine. he told us recently, he like to welcome young players into the league by saying i hope you play in this game a long time, as long as you're here, i won't be the ugliest guy in the league. while, david ortiz is one of the many players he told this to end last year ortiz is getting ready to retire, steps into the box at fenway with west behind the plate says joe, i need to talk to. joe says, get the box. david said no, joe, you know i'm retiring. joe says get in the box. davi
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next year, you'll be the ugliest guy in the league. >> cowboy joe. the renaissance man, the recording artist, the umpire that is joe west. that's popped for torre is at second and out number two. >> i think i have with joe west is a red sock and i was like, you know, pitching all these years with joe west, every once in a while he would stare strict on the middle just to see how you react so i decided to ask the first base coach what song does he want to hear when i come up to the mound the next day? because i was pitching. he gave me some obscure song thinking there was no way i would find it. i found it, i got to the mound. he was tapping his foot, he's in a good mood. as like all right.
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for the last 18 years of my career? problem is he only lasted three innings. >> did you ever discuss that with him? >> he smiled. you could tell that the song meant something to him. i didn't know anything about the song. i was just trying to be in the good graces of joe west. >> off the end of the bat. handles it without a problem. the solo home run by joey rickard, a 14-2 yankee lead.
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cricket has something epic for you. we've got more 4g lte coverage than t-mobile or sprint. switch now and get a brand new smartphone for free! plus, you can get a $50 bill credit, even if you don't need a phone! cricket wireless. something to smile about. >> attempted to take a look at our hartford prevailing moments of the game. aaron judge with a solo shot, castro's three run homer, didi gregorius three run home run on the three run blast by matt holliday. for more home runs for a
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that's on a franchise record pace, part of a 14-2 yankee's lead in the last of the eighth. another new pitcher for baltimore is right-hander mike wright taking over on the mound, the fifth oriole to pitch in the sun and some additional defensive changes for baltimore as well as the sun is starting to resemble a great lead with all the switching and the f troopers that have gotten involved. mark trumbo is moving to third base from dh so the orioles lose their dh, not that it will matter a lot here. it's his first time at the hot corner since 2013 as an angel. >> a chance with the finger ball throwing mike wright. the slider, change it.
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one ball and two strikes. it's been one of those nights for the orioles. chris tillman started tonight, went in inning and the third and gave up a career worst nine earned runs in the orioles haven't had a chance to get it back together since then. test. test. test. for buck showalter whose team has only one day off between here and the all-star break. two key relievers on the dl. this is what is looking at coming up, getting into miami in the
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this series. not sure how he got out of the way that time or did he even get out of the way? fastball up and in. turgeon look like he was going to hit the ball got up there and hit him. >> he was able to separate his hands from the bat, but that wasn't the case that he's aboar aboard.
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gary sanchez has singled in a pair of double tonight. >> he will do the majority of the catching. went to houston and freed up that spot for sanchez. could also dh. >> two balls and no strikes for mike wright. >> to finish that point where they were talking about holiday and the cardinals, the bonuses he can dh a lot. he will play the field very often. that might've been part of the decision. >> sanchez with a shot to left field and out of here! home run number 55 for new york
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tonight. that one left the ballpark in a blink of an eye. >> i'm going to guess. you guess and i guess. 115.8. >> pretty good guess. i'm going to price is right you and i'm going to say 115.9. >> drumroll. in >> 16-2, new york. >> may be the machine broke. >> did not register. >> too low? >> we got the number.
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stuff. 115.1. very nice. getting back to the exit velocity conversation because we are in such a rush to quantify every single occurrence on the baseball field these days, for me, the more interesting application of exit velocity is the smaller numbers induced by pitchers. i love hearing about how dallas keuchel and the likes have relatively low exit velocity. i mean, i get it. it's hit hard and it's going to go. but when you hear that dallas keuchel is inducing contact at 86 miles an hour where the average pitcher gets hit at 94, that's interesting to me. >> it goes against what you would think as we get a chance to look at his home run.
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wasn't very high. he just keeps his hand back. he just smokes it. but you're right about the fact that pitching. >> there is a flare that's going to jump in. now every starter has at least a base hit tonight for new york. >> now everyone is checked in. >> that's exactly, what used to be finding the way to keep the ball off the barrel of the bat and greeting leg movement and the ability to hit your spots. that's what he's learned how to do is he kind of reinvented himself. he relies on breaking
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occasional for steamer. >> he's got a pair of hits tonight. something about head-to-head contests with the orioles brings out the real power in the yankee lineup. tonight is the third occasion this year that they've struck for a five home run game. the orioles are the victims in two of those games. >> do we know the area code by chance question marks 630? is there such? >> i'm sure we could find that in a couple of keystrokes. >> that's a game we always play, we look at the first three innings to determine the area code based on the runs. >> that's fascinating. but tonight telecaster sponsored by the all-new chrysler pacifica. and by cricket wireless. something to smile about.
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630 area code. we have a team of people in the production truck seriously trying to figure out where the 630 is. here's rob refsnyder now. >> the yankees have dialed chicago. >> i got it. i like that. the neck i get a chance to finish. >> it's like the western suburbs, we are told. they have dialed highland park. two balls and no strikes to rob refsnyder. >> we got some people listening again, i've got some text on the chicago area code. >> very good. >> a ball and district.
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mike wright hit the leadoff batter and then the two-run home run by sanchez, doubled by headley. >> you can come up with that, that's the game you play. you also get close to the area where you start matching the batting average with the quality of at-bats to see one that no longer, 213 at-bats, 213 average, starting to get close to that kind of game. there's a lot of different ways to pass the time. >> at what point in the game like this did you guys used to break into the trainer's room and get that free stuff to freeze all the bugs in the bullpen? i don't think they use that spring anymore, do they question marks because they don't. they are much more enlightened to the evils of fluorocarbon's. freezing bugs down there was a pastime. 1-2. >> the time of the day in batting average, it would have
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232, time of the day, .232 batting average. 3:15. >> left-hander tommy layne up for the yankees. perhaps getting an opportunity to pinch the ninth-inning goodness one. >> two more batters for a tripl triple. >> there is a chance that he could have what would be a bonus six plate appearance tonight. that would give them an opportunity for a triple to complete the cycle. actually, judge has been pulled out of the game. >> my scorecard told me that. >> it happened. >> figured i would talk about it anyway.
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already started by the way. the reds are in los angeles to play the dodgers. judges chambers here in the bronx. full count to rob refsnyder. swinging a mess finishes off the inning for mike wright. another home run for the yankees, there fifth of the evening, and it has been all new york here in the bronx on this saturday.
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♪i don't care about the funny way you wear your hair♪ ♪someday you'll let me put my comb up there♪ ♪'til then you're beautiful and i just stare♪ >> top half of the ninth inning, a chance for tommy layne to take it home for the yankees in a 14-2 game.
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the two, three, four batters for baltimore, just two runs on three hits. it's a stark contrast with the yankees have accomplished, 16 runs on 18 hits, five home runs tonight, and a rather lopsided looking evening with tommy layne trying to finish things out. >> with the yankees have assured themselves as they are too close as a competitor's. they will have gained at least a game on each. they've got a chance to finish this off tomorrow, and sweeping before they head out west to the road. >> red sox currently leading the detroit tigers 6-3, that's an eighth-inning score, two balls and two strikes now.
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the moon behind the facade. two balls and two strikes to jonathan's go. i know that for all the trappings of the offense here and all the fireworks and the home runs, joe girardi would love a little bit more separation in the east. because the pack is hanging around. blue jays have cut into their deficit, there is ball four, he's a board to the ninth. time to grip the moment presented by falcon tires. find play on the right side of the infield by chris carter, one of the defensive gems tonight
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getting into covering. chris has since changed positions and gone out to right field. here's hyun soo kim now with the leadoff hitter aboard. >> that was a great play. there hadn't been a hit given up to that point. when in without rendering a hit until. >> the second base for tereus. and there is one gone the ninth. again a reminder of the world's greatest players battle to be crowned america's champion in the can't miss major of the year, the 117th u.s. open begins thursday on fox, fs1, and streaming live on fox sports go.
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there is going to be a lot talked about regarding the four-game winning streak for the yankees come sunday morning and the damage they've done done offensively including tonight. 41 runs in the four games. again, you lose sight of how well they pitch during that period. >> they have done a nice job and when you score early runs it is much easier to pitch. there is no doubt about that. but look, they've done a lot of this damage and haven't really relied on it, they don't get much work. orioles are down to a final out tonight. two outs in the night than a blowout game just to kind of get them reset so that he's not rusty when they do bring them into a one-run game, until chapman can come back and resume the closers duty. >> he still on
10:26 pm
as caleb joseph will pinch-hit here with two gone in the top of the ninth. producer of today's game is pete met jessica, associate dresdner brian peterman, on on the brt associate is brian colucci, thanks to our entire fox sports crew. will be with you again next weekend, a little later, 8:00 eastern for the cubs and pirates at pnc park. a ball and distracted caleb joseph. the series finale between these two think stomach teams tomorrow, yankees back on the yes network and the orioles back on, and joseph has pinch-hit single, one that's going to bring in
10:27 pm
from second and it's a 16-3 ball game. so trey mancini will get an additional opportunity tonight after two rbi single, he is single tonight in three at-bats. by the way, that base hit came with a runner in scoring position. so the stat we are trapping for you has ended, that's the first hit allowed by yankee pitching. in 46 at-bats with a runner in scoring position. the 45 at-bat s
10:28 pm
82 expos for the third longest such stretch since 1974. i know that's a lot to get your head around but we thought it was pretty cool. >> i like it. 16-3 and i still like it. >> why not? you're going to lose sight of how good severino was in the morning because of all the offense of fireworks here. he made it seven straight start with at least seven strikeouts and one or fewer walks. more importantly you want it or will win it pending the outcome of this final set of swings, 2-2 the count. big saturday night crowd in the
10:29 pm
the road but those that have stuck around enjoy themselves. all home team tonight. 45,232 in attendance tonight. as the yankees top home record in the american league will get a little better. in line for their 21st home victory. mancini grounds to short and that will put the finishing touches on it. a convincing 16-3 wrap over baltimore, a little over three hours, matt holliday among the five yankees to go deep tonight, and your up-to-date standings with the red sox still in progress. new york three and a half up
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the al east. we thank you for watching from the bronx after a quick break, will come back for our fox sports studios. 16-3 yankees for the final score tonight.
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>> "baseball night in america" postgame show,
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it was all yankees. they were doing everything right. 16 runs, 18 hits, five home runs for them. a league leading 19 but we are seeing the development of a future ace in major league baseball right in front of our eyes. >> he will be the future ace. severino is a world talent. i love to see guys pitching aggressive. he starting to figure out how he's reacting to stuff and tell you what. with that fastball, it opens up the slider and makes headers chase down and away. that's harder than the fastball. this is how good this kid is. you're seeing a little bulldog in a minute i'm telling you right now in the near future he will be the ace for a long, long time. we just gotta keep that elbow healthy. if they do that he'll win a cy young in the future. >> for you to say that, last five starts is allowed five total runs.
10:35 pm
starts he's been tremendous all over the orioles today. white sox, indians, eighth-inning, chicago is up 5-3. carlos santana comes down, the white sox knock off the indians today. tigers, red sox, set the bedding, game tied at three. the bullpen is having something today. mitch moreland having a hand. >> that's why they put them in that lineup. in front of our eyes. >> that's down. >> earlier today cubs and rockies, charlie blackmon and the rockies. >> i'm saying it right now. having a heck of a year and that lineup. >> second in the league in rbis. best record in the national league, pretty impressive stuff. "baseball night in america," 8:00 eastern next
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enjoy the rest of your weekend.. we'll see you. it's time, america. there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy
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silver thorn
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10:00. first at 10:00, the capitol pride parade brings thousands to dc including some demonstrators, who got all the action and the excitement from today's big event. the man accused of strike to go two dc police officers and a d dot worker in a hit hit-and-run in adams morgan appeared before a judge for the first time today. details. cranking up heat >> temperatures are the rise, and could be dangerous. gwen has your forecast as the news at 10:00 starts now, a little bit later. good evening thank you for stayings with us, i'm lauren demarco >> i'm lindsey watts in for matt. it's a big weekend. capitol pride brought thousands here and the theme
10:40 pm
unapologetically proud >> full swing on the streets of dupont circle, kristen leone was there and reports from u street where it looks like the celebration is continuing. >> reporter: not only day to celebrate love but a historic day in dc, again celebrating all things equal and most importantly again in this case, love. join, me is mr. greg nelson, who loves love, clearly, and created this creation in his front yard in celebration of today. tell me about, you know, i won't want block dorothy or glen d >> we represent friends of dorothy, which we know in the gay community is kind fun way of expressing our culture. i do this for every holiday and my philosophy in life is life is better with a theme and this has kind of really exploded. we probably had
10:41 pm
today taking various photos and the best is just to see the smiles, and the ability to leave a thumb print on, you know, people's memories when they've come to visit dc especially dc pride. >> i love that. bottom line this showcases, again, love is love. the vibrant see, the culture and fun of today and bringing people together, i've been with my partner 21 years. i advocate that love is love and we need more smiles in today's world and we need a lot more love >> when people walk on to your front yard, what feeling do you want them to get when they see all these characters and colors >> i just want to see a big smile on their face. there's nothing better than when i walk into the front yard and see a group of people and people just say thank you. >>reporter: greg, i've got a big smile on my face, this is clearly working. on the streets in dupont today-
10:42 pm
tke a look. ♪ ♪. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands are coming outlet and celebrating love. more importantly they're celebrating each other for who they are. >> it's like such an immense amount comfort to know that it's a community behind you? . >> reporter: katie never been to a pride event before until now. >> it's like kind of getting like a giant warm hug from thousands of people. >> reporter: she said the minute the parade started moving down the street, r >> i started to cry, i didn't expect this. >> reporter: a feeling others also got once the music started playing. >> being a part of this environment inclusive, so loving, is so important and special >> it's probably one of the most relevant times to be
10:43 pm
is love; and it's worth the celebration. >> there are so many people who will love you and do love you, and it's just -- it only makes sense that love is accepted and cherished and celebrated. >> reporter: amazing. even have uncle sam over there holding the flag. beautiful creation here, celebrating all things love in dupont circle. unfortunately not everyone was out celebrating. there were protesters out there marching against police brutality on minority groups with the #no justice no pride. again, not everyone was separating out there. there were people out there using this opportunity to speak their peace or speak their mind on that. if you didn't get out there, there are plenty to celebrate. you have the equality march starting tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning and following that, is the pride concert, which is from 2:00 to 8:00. get on out there, if you can, it's g
10:44 pm
beautiful weekend. we're here in dupont circle, kristen deloan, fox 5 local news. other news, the man accused of striking two dc officers in a transportation worker in a hit-and-run crash made his court appearance, he's charged with assault with intent to kill while armed as well as aggravated assault. the three victims injured thursday night in adams morgan are recovering. along with figures morgan, police arrested duane nicholas taylor a passenger in the pickup truck. they're from a rural out outside of richmond, police are investigating the cause. investigators say they found a military style weapon in the back of the pickup truck, it's unclear why the men had the gun. we have new video to show you of a man accused of sexual assaulting a woman in dc. police want you to take a good look at this new surveillance video. they say the man you see here
10:45 pm
allegedly attacked a woman back in march. it happened in northwest on cathedral avenue. the victim told police she has no memory of her whereabouts that night or consenting to sex. car break ins are on the rides in prince george's county and a big way. police say there have been dozens of them just this week. they've been tweeting out photos along with the numbers more than 2300 break ins year-to-date, a nearly 15% increase over last year. police say the thieves are taking everything they can get their hands on. >> handicap placards taken in volumes lately and they sell them on ebay and websites and we made an arrest of a juvenile. he was selling the placard. >> a reminder to lock your car and not leave desirable items laying out and visible. n
10:46 pm
city maryland, the city council will not allow women to walk around top less on the beach after all. the council passed an emergency ordinance to prohibit any kind of public nudity. that reverses course from a few days ago when we learned life guards were instructed not to crash down on top less beach goers. while the council is staking out a position, we're waiting to her from the maryland attorney general. the state attorney asked the attorney general's opinion after a woman demanded she be allowed to go topless since men have that option. >> that story has been getting a whole lot of attention. >> interesting perspective it's been beautiful. lindsey watts is here filling in we're smiles today. >> good day to be inside, i'm not a big fan when it gets this hot. i'm dreading going back out there tomorrow >> we'll neat to get you a mini fan.
10:47 pm
tomorrow >> we officially forbid you to be out there running. >> ok. >> i'll do yoga tomorrow >> safety first. stay hydrated and wear light clothing and just really protect yourself from this heat. sunblock, hats, the whole thing, it's cranking up let's take a look. we hit the high 80's at all three airports. 87 at reagan national. 87 at dulles. and 89 at bwi, it was definitely hot. not too bad in the humidity department. it is warm out there. it is absolutely very pleasant if you want go out for a walk or just head out at this hour. 78 at dc. 74 at manassas. got 77 at dulles, west minister, gaithersburg and manassas and a cooler relatively speaking 69 at culpeper. overnight tonight, it is going to be fairly comfortable. we're talk overnight lowing into the on this matter
10:48 pm
the 70's. it's going to be warm, winds will be light. we haven't had too much to deal with in terms of humidity, just kind of feeling it a little bit. that will be pretty much the same story as we head into tomorrow. jet stream stays to the north, the heat continues to pump its way in. this hot weather is going to last into the beginning of next week, so this is jus the beginning. because the temperatures are going to get higher in the beginning of the week than they will be for tomorrow. here's a look at what else. code orange for air quality sunday and that means it's unhealthy for sensitive groups, limit your outdoor activities, baltimore, hartford anne arundel, as well as carroll and we want you to be careful if you're an older person with breathing issues or young children. not safe at all. get ready for a heat wave. it is on the way. and not going anywhere too soon. it's going to feel like august in the month of june. seven-day forecast
10:49 pm
later. back to you. lauren? >> looking forward. coming up, a car plows into a group of pedestrians in amsterdam injuring eight >> got some wondering could this be a terror attack? police explain why they're ruling that out. and chilling video showing the moment a woman was rescued after being chained inside a storage container for two months. ♪ ♪ batman. batman. ♪. >> after the bring a, staying good-bye to batman, the world is remembering adam west tonight. we'll be right back. fl
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10:51 pm
narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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10:53 pm
♪ ♪ developing overseas authorities in amsterdam ruled out terrorism after a car struck a group of pedestrians today. the crash occurred outside the city's main train station, eight people were hurt. police say the driver was ill and there was no intention to do any harm. the incident received a lot of attention because of the recent high profile attacks in europe involving vehicles including the one in london last week. we're learning more about that attack in london. the associated press is reporting that the three suspects who ran over people with a van on london bridge tried to rent a larger truck so they could kill more people. one of the attackers wanted to rent a seven and a half ton truck. but the rental company rejected his payment. eight people were killed and nearly 50 others injured when the suspects drove into crowds on the bridge and then got out of the van and started stabbing people. in addition to that, new information, police also released new photos from the bridge
10:54 pm
one of the types of knives used in the stabbings, also photos of the van used in the attack, which show some is of its contents including chairs, a suitcase, gravel and wine bottles. police believe the bottles would have been used as cannisters for throwing gasoline bombs and gravel would have been used as shrapnel. ♪ ♪ batman ♪ ♪ batman ♪ notes bat batman. holiday is remembering adam west, the man who played batman on the popular 1960's tv series, he was 88 years old. his fans visited his star on the holiday walk of fame to express condolences, many took pictures and left flowers in memory of the icon >> west appeared on other tv shows including based on in an is a and perry mason before playing the caped crusader.
10:55 pm
>> reporter: best known for playing the capped crusader during the classic 1960's tv show batman, adam west died friday in los angeles after a short battle with leukemia. >> having a handful of co starring rolls in big screen projects early on in his career, he got discovered by batman producer william dosier during nestle quick ineligible. although the series ran on abc from 1966 to 1968, west iconic role would forever be his most noble role. struggling to get quality non-at this point cast roles after the series, the actor kept working, co star on several tv 10 film projects. but perhaps it wasn't until he ventured into steady voice over work did his career find new life. voicing characters on the simpsons
10:56 pm
fictionnal ego of himself, survived by his wife, six children five grandchildren and two great grandkids, our dad always saw himself as the bright knight and aspired to make a positive impact. he was also and will be our hero. in holiday, anita vocal, fox news. ♪ ♪ he did say under oath that you told him to let the flynn -- you said you hoped the flynn investigation you could -- >> i didn't say that >> so he lied about that? >> well, i didn't say that. i mean, i will tell you i didn't say that. >> and did he ask you to pledge >> and there would be nothing wrong if i did say it according to everybody i've read today but i did not say that >> did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from you >> no, he did not >> he said those things under oath. would you be willing to speak under oath to
10:57 pm
>> 100%. >> strong words from president trump following former fbi director james comey's testimony on capitol hill. he said nothing else indicates the chief executive did anything wrong, we've learned jeff sessions has agreed to appear tuesday before the senate intelligence committee. joining us as though do every saturday. david brown and jack berkman. we were just discussing you guys heard that's going to be a closed session. >> that's what the letter seems to suggest and i think it was very intentional how they drafted it. he references classified information, which is really a code four. can't talk about this in the open. have to go into close session >> i'm not sure, democrats are promising a watergate. we were talking about this. they can't deliver a watergate. this is turning into a bust. i thought comey would have a bombshell. he had nothing this week. he was very weak and tepid about
10:58 pm
obstruction. the whole thing was a bust. >> what about the leaking of the -- on the other side of it >> comey under mind himself in every way. here you have this spotless fbi law man that ties his tie perfectly and all of that and he strategizing to leak memos concerning the president >> this is an example >> it depends who you talk to. how you viewed this hearing which i think is interesting, people seem to view it at times opposite way, is it a win for trump or this was awful, look, let's be clear taking a step back. this is a highly partisan issue which probably is to the detriment of the truth, but that's probably a longer conversation than this segment. my friend jack is an artful dodger and i think he's hopeful this is not going to be a watergate. a couple things important, james comey laid out a credible factual case that suggest that is there is potentially a compelling conclusion that trump did obstruct
10:59 pm
obviously >> how can you say that? he didn't even, >> that's going to be a legal conclusion, director mueller and his investigation >> let's cut. we're both lawyers, let's cut. if all you have is trump walked in and said, hey, >> he answer that is question >> i want you to drop this investigation, if that's all you have, mueller wouldn't think of filing issue closed >> that's completely false. eighth circuit ruled on the question in this case a defendant saying i hope to goodness you didn't do something and they convicted the guy for obstruction of justice >> what about if there are tapes >> golly or gee? >> lordy i hope there are tapes >> part of the reason comey was a little bit what's the word circumspect, little less dramatic expressive this week than he usually is is that he might be afraid of the tapes. he says bring i on but i think james comey is very afraid that
11:00 pm
>> do you really? i didn't get that >> i didn't say that. >> two thoughts on this. one, it's significant that trump's former personal lawyers when they were deposed in the case years ago, they testified that they had a two-man rule. which meant they would never interview donald trump without a second attorney present because of his tendency to forget what he perhaps previously said in a meeting. so i think there's a really, really interesting scenario, if there are tapes >> do we think >> listen to the tapes >> do we think the president would ever talk to bob mueller under oath >> highly unlikely >> he said he was going to do it. he would be willing to and if he did, would that be >> he also said he would never lie or disappoint the american people >> he didn't exactly say it. he said i would tell them what i'm saying you >> i thought he said i will talk. >> i heard that too. >> the reason it that is he knows there's a 99% he won't likely have to. >> that's also true >>


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