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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪ ♪ >> today on "fox news mor morning". russia investigation. attorney general jeff sessions headed to capitol hill to answer questions about the trump presidential cam pain, russia and james comey. >> travel ban debate. trump administration is holding out hope from decision of the supreme court after another appeals court up holds a decision to block the ban. time now 5:00. straight up looking outside another scorcher outside temps reaching mid 90s. another hot one. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> tuesday, june 13. >> that it s michael thomas is talking about hot weather.
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about traffic. mike a little warmer. if will feel oh, boy. >> humidity is big story and gets heat index up over 1 0 0. day four of the heat wave. i'll let you know when it cools down. >> crash 2935 northbound malcolm x avenue a big delay pop up. we'll get you around that one. >> thank you both of you 5:0 1st time. let's talk politics. president trump trying to get agenda back on track and growing mountain of political distractions threat tones does he rail it. >> and taking ceter stage yet again. jeff sessions will testify before the senate intelligence committee. "fox5" anjali hemphill is live this morning with the latest on that. anjali. >> good morning, guys, yes, it is attorney general turn in the hot seat here on capitol hill today as he will face fresh questions about his rishian contacts during the election and role in the firing of former fbi director james
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as you said, all coming at the aim same time president trump is push ago agenda on infrastructure. he'll number wisconsin promoting jobs and that visits will likely not be the focus as sessions is testifying in a public hearing before the senate intelligence committee later this afternoon. there will likely be tough questions thrown his way. especially regarding conversations he has had with the president, russian officials and his involvement until comey firing and his decision to recuse himself from the fbi investigation. president trump continues to say it was all a mistake for sessions to recruise himself but press secretary sean spicer says trump has no issue with him testifying in an open setting. >> i think the president has been clear last week in ros garden that he believes that the sooner we can get this addressed and dealt with that there's been no collusion and he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible and be
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to continue with the business of the american people. the hearing begins at 2:30 this afternoon. we'll stream is live on social media platforms and web site >> live on capitol hill, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> thank you, 5 o 03 is the time budget property and center on the hill and secretary of state rex tillerson will be on the hot seat today. and proposed 2018 budget. tiller sop will face backlash over the budgets blueprint that calls for 28% reduction in spemding u.s. diplomacy and foreign aid. >> another one bites the dust. a friend of president trump says xhapdner chief is considering terminating special counsel ill robert rudder. president trump is weighing options and weighing in russia medaling into the 2016
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>> a little setback for president trump travel ban. upheld lower court ruling blocking batch. the president violated u.s. immigration law by sdim n nateing against people based on nationality. judges say trump failed to have entry into the country hurting supreme court. >> happening today voteers in virginia well head to polls for state primary election they open 6 a.m. and close 6 p.m. they will decide on race for governor, lie tennant governor and -- >> the golden state war years dethrowned cleveland cavaliers toe whip second title in 16 years. they won last night's game 1 129-120. prince george own kevin durant was named finals mvp. he averaged more than 35 points
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and last night finished with 39. after the game he thanked entire d.c. region. >> everybody in sea pleasant aents pg county maryland and d.c., virginia, robby ryan with me, feels good to see it come full circle so i'll enjoy at the. >> we'll continue to ride with them. this was outside oracle after they claimed the title and in case you're wondering james finished lasts night 41 point, 18 rebound and eight assists. >> can't be superman alone right he try. better luck next year. >> michael thomas talking about weather. hot day on tap. >> another day in mid 90s coming in d.c.. today is the last day where the heat is really kind of notably sweltering out there. we'll put it that way. as we head through the next couple days temperatures start heading into the cooler direction. so again, today a hot one
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76 already in d.c.,. 77 annapolis and some 60s out there reen location from 60s are feeling sticky and humid. high, thin clouds out there for now and they're fading down to the south. it will be another sunny, bright, beautiful day today maybe late afternoon early evening we have two thunderstorms come across. not everybody will see those though. a stray thunderstorm possible. again better chance as we head to wednesday for widespread thunderstorm activity. we'll take a report that's about many in place since 1 1954. >> let's look at roads. well, 5:06 now if you head out southeast. big problems 295 northbound. crash blocks two lanes malcolm x avenue. backs up traffic five minute delay bottom side of the
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once you pass malcolm x it onens up to the 11 street bridge. beltway look going inareaen outer loop. let's forward maps and show what you you're up against this morning. quiet companies on route 1 and 395. for majority of tuesday morning cut all green all good 50 coming in from bay bridge not seeing problems there and as you make your way through annapolis and bowie we're me nice shape and problem free towards and 234 beltway at speed and chantilly by frying pan road metro on time except for safe track. ment 5:07 coming up on "fox news morning" lawmakers both sides of the aisle approve new sanctions against russia. >> dramatic video captured by first responders highlights dangers they face every day. >> we're headed to break a live look across
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don't, back on "fox news morning". >> 5:08 now and senate reached a bipartisan agreen
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around of sanctions against russia in response to russia medaling in the presidential election and possible klution with campaign officials. legislation allows new pen penalties on key parts of russia economy including mining, medals, shipping and railways. the batch o sanctions will be added to legislation imposing penalties on iran. >> thousands of people filled streets in several russian cities for unauthorized rallies in the russian government. 15,000 total people were arrested. and navoltne plans to run against vladimir putin next year. he was arrested on his way to moscow. >> army released three names of shoulders in 100 airborne division killed in after gap stan. one was from maryland 22-year-old eric hauk of baltimore died on day. two other soldiers
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carolina and california died during the mission. >> four police officers in new jersey city or jersey city i should say caught on camera cameratic kick iing a "man on fire" after struck by a car as trashed crashed. they were us is end spden definitely without pay. two deputy chiefs reassigned and face charges for their role in the incident it happened when police were pursuing a vehicle that crashed and started a fire. the officers kicked a man that was on fire after he crawled away from the crash. the man was not the person police were even chasing and instead a innocent by stander. p p p p p. >> a look at this dramatic body cam video of an explosion in maine. they were in the area when an explosion happened increasing massive flames. the explosion was so intense it knocked some of the firefighters and police to the ground. one firefighter closest to the blast was seen running from the scene. the cause still under investigation.
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zincy wants to make changes to the national monument recommending a new bears airs national monument in utah be reduced and how selected areas of 1.3 acre site are categorize. trump signed an executive order to review designation of dozens of national monuments on lands calling protection efforts during previous administrations. >> dennis rod man making second trip to north korea. >> it's called the cofefe act we'll tell what you it is when we come back. >> let's look live across the d.c. region. beautiful shot. >> looks like a postcard. >> picture perfect indeed. it will be hot out there again today. michael thomas will fill you in on the heat wave when we come back. you're watching "fox news morning" don't go anywhere.
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narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way. ♪ ♪
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>> time 5:13 a look at top stories following for you use june 13. jeff sessions goes before senate intelligence committee today and faces questions about contact with russian officials during the presidential campaign and will testify about his involvement in the firing of former fbi director james comey. unclear whether he'll testify in public or behind closed doors though i'm hearing it's a public testimony. >> no verdict yet in the bill cosby sexual assault case. they deliberated four hours monday before call it a night. cosby is charged with drugging a woman and assaulting her back in 2004 and faces ten years in prison if convicted. >> it's primary day in virginia polls up eping in 45 minutes 6 a.m. voters choosing candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and house of delegate seats. later this morning burgandy and gold is expected to discuss
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personnel development. they've about without a general manager since scott mcclue land was fired. >> golden state warriors nba champs second time in three years. they went 16-1 and skovr 129 to 120. kevin durant named mvp. he averaged 35 point a game to get his first title. >> all right. bringing home a championship one way or another. >> we'll claim it. >> by hook or creek we'll take it. >> this is picture perfect. man let's enjoy this while we can. >> enjoy. certainly enjoy the next couple hours. you're right once the sun gets to the sky fully here come the heat later this afternoon. so hot it will feel that the heat index later this ach between 98 and 10 2. take this heat seriously. extra water if you have to be out and about and take frequent breaks in the shade as you
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76 current number in d.c. warm and muggy sfot washington as well as annapolis and some 60s out there gaithersburg 68. mannasas 66. little start there and again won't take long for things to warm up as soon as the sun gets in the sky this morning. soot light and radar showing high, thin cloud cover. starting to thin out down south. and kind of fade down to the south as well. more sunshine coming our way today. in fact mostly sunny day and area of lie pressure. sitting off the coast lane pullingin all the heat from the south once again today and talking widespread temperatures in the 90s later this afternoon. one hiccup as we have a cold front approaching the region from the north. it's enough instability that we could kick up a shower or thunderstorm second half of the afternoon and into early evening hours today. again no short am of sunshine really through the late morning early afternoon. uv index very, very high and make sure you're putting on suncreen
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about. it will take a record if we hit 96. partly cloudy most of us. 76 degrees. can we have a humid warm evening coming our way. this is step of the worst d days. 90 today and 5 tomorrow and widespread showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. little cloud cover and cool ib temperatures next week 80 and 82 friday and headed to the weekend and humidity as well. unsettle chance of thunderstorms even to father's day. let's check the forecast with erin and traffic. >> like the dress, erin. >> it's a jumpsuit. >> jumpsuit, dress. >> even have pockets and that excites me. >> nice. >> see. >> right now traffic is starting to pick up on 270 southbound shady grove. no major delays. 07 to struck scales heavier
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let switch to maps a crash scene 295 northbound blocking two lanes and it since moved over one lane blocked. we're seeing delay ease a bit. watch for few moments of extra time as you try to pass that points. past pal come x things move to the inner and outer bridge. oxon hill looking good all areas looking good. metro on type back to safe track. >> pockets in anything give me life. >> adorable. >> exciting. >> yes. >> 5:18 time to look at stories you're engaging with most in social media. >> wisdom martin joins us with the realtime news tra tracker. >> first up nbc facing backlash for interview megyn kelly did with call exjones. j.p. morgan chase is pauling all local adds and d
5:19 am
nbc they don't want people next to promotions for a segment stating junk. she believes 9/11 was inside job and sanldy hook shooting was a hoax. >> there's a push to make all of president trump social media posts democratic record. mike quickly introduced the confefe act. it was named after an amusing tweet. it would aend mepd including term social media saying all street are are kived afternoon punishment if any tweets are related. >> dennis rodman will visit the communist nation in 1 years. and on the trip in 2014 he's saying happy birthday to king youn
5:20 am
team rod man played on in the late 90s. >> so you think setting up ikea furniture is difficult now trying doing it on mars. they're teaming up. and if we're one day to live on the red planet they want the habitat to feel more like home. ikea is spending three days in utah. nasa astronauts went three years there in order to get ready to face trial. querky shirt company be loved shirts claimed range of lawsuits for women. it is generally printed with torso of hairy man from front and back and there's also full hairy body track sfut are you interested. i know what i'm getting two people on the anchor desk for christmas. >> i'm so disturbed. >> you keep
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looked at that and said it's a great gift today nort two of you. >> we know you won't. how much does it coast. >> i have people in low places that can get their hands on this. >> this is nordstrom or bl blooming dale. >> he'll get us a knock-off. >> somebody's real hair. >> it will behalf the har half the price. meanwhile ikea furniture on mzamane you will get up there and it won't work. >> thanks, wiz. >> 5:21 is the time and coming up today is taco tuesday. p watch did you know. >> no. >> taco tuesday. >> it's all facing golden states warriors we'll explain filling up. more changes coming to uber as shakeup at a ride sharing
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family slowly getting up it looks like ike 5:21 it the time. back after ck after
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>> it's fallout from the uber company. ceo left and fired 20 people and made investigations of sexual harassment, bullying and unprofessional behavior. company reportedly adopt aid series of recommendation from former attorney general eric holder and full report is expected to be released today. the board is also considering a possible leave of absence for ceo travis calhoun vick. >> children's clothing chain gymboree will close stores after
5:25 am
after restructuring and filing for bankruptcy sixt 1300 stores nationwide. look other brick area morter they have struggled with online competition and declining mall traffic. online sales 21% of gymboree recreational vehicle knew. >> today is great day to have tacos on the brain. taco tuesday the chain is give ago way free tacos today. i think kevin mccarthy's head explode the at this moment all because golden state warriors won nba. steal a game steal a taco give away is 2 to 6 at participating taco bell locations. >> move over peanuts and cracker jacks kansas oils has a new stream baiton covered cinnamon rolls grazed spr sprinkled with candied bacon. one light is only 1770 calories. bon appetit. >> give
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>> who is counting though. >> if you're heating that you're not counting. >> not each a little bit. >> for sure. >> right. >> we'll be sweating a lot of calories out today. >> no problem. morning run, morning jog, do it in morning not the afternoon. avoid afternoon showers are heat and humidity coming our way. feelings like 100 degrees. here's a look at temperatures outside, 76 currently in d.c.. wind out of the south and west and they'll remain out of the south and west all day and that continues to push out heat and humidity all someday long. satellite and radar showing high, thin clouds overhead. right now. here's plan for the day today. once the sun gets in the sky burning them off. temperatures sticking in 90s late morning through mid afternoon hours. checking the forecast, erin is back with traffic. >> 5:26 we're seeing express lanes look going and main lanes near dale boulevard 'slow down and making your way stafford to the belty
5:27 am
southbound looking good. 66 ooesh slow role by sutly road. maps a few problems you need to be aware of. first of all we're deeming with a crash on 7 and earlier mral function red line and 7 eastbound before berlin turnpike caution there questions i'm erin on twitter back to you. >> coming up fox news morning a new study may explain why some of us always feel tired no matter how much sleep we get. >> and tech savery scamers are using numbers from local police to trick you to giving up your information. >> a live look across the d.c. region. gorgeous sky this horng and hot one again today. die four of the heat wave. it will be in the 90s. dress accordingly. 5:27 is the time now. a will the lot more to share. fox news morning coming back after this after this
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russia investigation. jeff sessions heads to capitol hill for the trump presidential campaign russia and james comey. travel ban debate trump administration is holding out hope from decision for supreme court after another appeals court up holds a decision to block the ban. >> everybody in sea pleasant and d.c., virginia, robby ryan with me
5:31 am
feels good to see it come full circle. i'll enjoy it. >> golden state warriors are nba champs. "fox news morning" starts right now. good morning to you thank you for joinin us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. tuesday june 13. >> all right erin como is watching road and pike mike talking about the hot weather. >> heat this afternoon and values up avenue over 100 maybe a stray shorm at night and most keep it dry. >> and red line delays problems on the roads as well. it's turn into a typical tuesday. >> right now 5:30 another high profile hearings on capitol hill. >> and one day after maryland and d.c. filed a new lawsuit against president trump. anjali hemphill is live from capital hill with the latest
5:32 am
anklely. >> good morning, guys, last week we were all glued to the hearing of james comey today all guys again on capitol hill as attorney general jeff sessions will face fresh questions about russian contacts during the election and role in firing of former fbi director james comey. this is why he is pushes his vision on infra struckture and the focus will be on sessions testifying before a public hearing before the senate intelligence committee. there will be tough questions regarding kchtions he has had with president russian contacts and recuseing hivl aevl from the fbi investigation. trump has no issue with sessions testifying in an open setting. however, there's a chance the white house could seek to envoke executive privilege is
5:33 am
to answer question questions he doesn't want tox that hearing is scheduled to start at 2:30 this afternoon. that is the latest on capitol hill, anjali hemphill, box 5 local news. >> more legal setback and gjs in the in my opinionth pirket appeals the court vie lainted amount eye discrimination law. the judges say president trump failed to show how their entry into the country would hurt american interesting as supreme court is considering separate case on that issue j voters in virginia head to polls for state primary election. polls on in half an hour 6 a.m. and close at 7:00 ton tonight. voters who decide -- will decide who will represent the democrats and republicans in the race for governor. lieu ten enter govrming nor and some house delegate races. you need to show a photo ed to past a call localle in the commonwealth a
5:34 am
without one you can cast provisional and have until friday to go to local elections office to show that idea. deliberations resume in the bill cosby sexual assault case. they deliberated four hours gr calling it a night. he's accused of druging a woman and asoughting her. and faces ten years in prison if convictd well after a scheduled launch of the rocket saturday and sunday it was can told after night because of cloudy conditions. it will release a colored vaim or. >> u.s. capital police are investigating so-called sp& spoofing scam. someone is using capital police phone numbers to steal information. offenders request nonsettle a fake warrants and pay a fine or resolve criminal matters capital police say at no time would any capital police employer
5:35 am
the phone. if you sever a call and suspect fraud you can file a complaint online with the federal communications commission. >> california bay area celebrating this morning and golden state war years dethrown cleveland calves and they had 16-1 in the playoffs. prince george country native. >> i guess you made the right decision. >> he's winning. >> all the talk and chatter doesn't matter he's winning. >> king has fallen. >> well i don't know fallen. >> he stumbled a little bits. >> i'm sure he cried himself to sleep with the 100 dollar bills. >> yesterday i don't know if you guys had this i had a lot of brown out in my neighborhood. the power kept taking a hit and i was wondering if it was bays everybody is turning ac on. >> power grid cannot handle it ts
5:36 am
>> it was just as hot today as yesterday couldn'tpp it happen. >> satellite and and cloud cover overnight and those thinned out and back to full sunshine by the time we hit the morning or mid-morning hours. 6 temperature reg app national and dulles back into the 70s and 60s. 68 degrees. b. wi 70 an hour and fwhoxt days in day four. 95 later this afternoon. mostly sunny trivz you may tough 90 ahead of storm and tat makes this heat wave five days in a row. we have 80s on the way. all right. that's weather erin is back with traffic. >> 5:36 right now. tuesday morning in red line delays waking up to e
5:37 am
train malfunction glenmont. factor instawls and kooeb 7 out of percyville right lane blocked as you can see based on scene it not causing throw downs get. he moved over to the shoulder now and all lanes open. delays dissipated from the get pay to the 11 street bridge you're in great shape. all bridges looking nice. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter and we'll let you know if anything else pops you need to be aware of. >> pentagon helping to find new ways to treat fsd. >> it's not how much you sleep it's when you go to sleep that makes autopsy the difference. >> we're losing on all fronts in that area. going to break now. 5:37. 75 degrees. back in a moment
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>> time now 5:40 this morning healthwatch can single injection counter ptds. military is dh
5:41 am
million to see in injection could alleviate sim toll of ptsd. it's already used to treat arm pain and shingles. they started using it to treat ptsd and results are promising and soldiers reported less ang tiety and army won't back injections until there's evidence it really works. >> reer is fp ers discovered low blood pressure could risk raise of depression. readings below 130 were more prone to depression. it backs up similar study in 2007. it could help them avoid depression related drugs in the future and instead explore strategies for treating low pressure. >> this say reason you must go to bed at the same time every night. people with strict bed signs trimz nor successful and also healthier than peers. study found that people who have a erratic bedtime schedules had lower gpa and had more
5:42 am
sleepy that was due to irregular releases ever mel astow anyone the hormone that makes people wantp top sleep. go to bed the same time every night. it ain't going to happen. >> not going to happen. >> i will not be successful and i'll be unhealthy. >> coming up on "fox news morning" lawmakers debate a bill that would punish parents for text their children spend. >> let's look live across the d.c. region. pictures of the capitol building there. cool now. won't be for long. 90s again today. we'll talk weather and traffic on the other side. don't go anywhere. you're watching "fox news morning".
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narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop
5:44 am
ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way. ♪ ♪
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>> 5:45 a live look outside. temperatures dropping and it's now town p down to is that 75. >> yes. >> getting cooler. >> i think it's cool because michael thomas is in here. >> that's almost sweatshirt weather. >> let me tell you i'm all for warmer nights. because even yesterday still pool water was really cold. it has to be warm at night to warm the pool water. >> that flute is distracting. >> i'm trying to figure out what the heck we're listening to. >>
5:46 am
>> are we into the loued to hear the words copyright is issue. >> they're probably not appropriate for television. >> we could throw some [b [beep]s in there. >> you were distracting him an he was like woo-woo. >> i thought it was catchy and flute hit and i was like all right now i'm jamming good old band days in high school. >> welcome to the hip hop world thomas. >> did you have a question? >> no don't try to talk to me now. >> five minute later. >> weather anyone. reagan national 5 that tie the record high in db. normal high this time of year shoulding middle 80s instead of 90 woz. if be hit 96 you tie a record high from 954 better chance of the mountains wesof
5:47 am
won't totally rule one coming out across and odd are we -- we get cloudier and less heat as well. headed back to lower 80s thursday and friday. maybe and more so for father's day for the coming weekend. more details on that coming up later this week. 76 current number in d. crk right now. look at the gaithersburg, del us and satellite and radar quiet. few, high, thin clouds to start the day. future cast shows we're at later on today by 2:00. one or two may come across but mostly dry. scattered
5:48 am
the evening. later this week high fresh you're breaks east allowing cooler flow to come in. temperatures mild, 70s and 80s thursday and friday. frontal boundary will be close enough to keep unsettled weather chances in that day forecast as we head to end of week. 95 today, 90 tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms one or two could be on the strong side we'll watch that. >> erin is back with traffic in the orange sdwrump traffic looking pretty good on 395 by duke street moving aloming this is as you make your way 295 to 295 a small display
5:49 am
a lane is blocked before the berlin turnpike exit and as for metro ride red line earlier malfunction glenmont residual delays save track flowing down orange right now. we're at speed from pops avenue and we'll see a slow down past 129 a i little red there from volume. i'll lut i know that changes as you go to get into summerdale. question erin fox d.c. water. >> people in london with getting ready for burrow market to reopen it's been closed deadly day people in the market say they're happy the market is
5:50 am
>> newly elected montana reporter is known for body slamming a reporter. he pled guilty to assaulting guard yen reporter ben jacobs. snntsed 48 hours community management and in and it to right jacob a. >> happening today a. >> a rabbi will appeal his sentence. bernard frightenedle was arrested for secretly videotaping women undressing and he filmed some 150 women using hidden recording dev devices. prior motion to reduce the sentence was denied last month. >> time now 5:50 and we're back with what's hot on the web and the stories ir engaging with most own social media. >> first up trulp administration wants to cut duties of consumer
5:51 am
pro tux bur and u.s. treasury it could up in the way it the treasury report comes days after the republican-led house passed legislation to undue the dodd fwravrping. >> untin ended consequences for teenagers that sext and their parents as well. a house of representatives voyted to impose on parents who know their team is testing and doing nothing to stop it. under the broad law teams could face 15 years behind bars by sending racy text and parents could face jail time too if they know their teams and kids are sexting text and the bill is headed to the
5:52 am
>> next lyft could be a jaguar or home owner. they're investing 25 million in the lift. jaguar will supply a fleet of luxury cars and lyf it will use some. >> singer lady gar, if you purchase four drinks two on menu and two hand picked by lady gaga he will donate to born this way foundation. campaign kicks off and drinks are all iced including macho lemonade. up bree pink drunk and pink drink. >> and timely last night jeopardy show threw shade at warrior player grant. the clue ready after a loss to the warriors. >> he deposit beat him he
5:53 am
the contestant of course entered who isture rand, they're. >> he's winning in many ways. >> a new study shows air pollution is more harmful to children in cars than outside. top government scientists warns people sitting in backseat of verkz could be exposed to pollution inside and air klution with sfunt lungs ever increase inasthma and other celebrity. >> shawn didy combs the rapper producer and entrepreneur earned 130 million dollars this past year. that's due to a number of business ventures and bad boy family reunonlast fall. were you second or third on that list. >> i did
5:54 am
year. >> you with before like 21. happy father's day from lego land. theme park is offering a deal where dads get a free ticket for purchase ever child's ticket online. the deal can be purchased this weekends and good for visits through september 4 and maximum is three adult tickets wets purpose of buying three kids tickets. but you have to gets the lego man. >> you have to get. there. >> that's a really good deal with lego land is in your had. >> maryland best ice cream trail officially on nz. of nine maryland dairies the goal is to get people out and working in arms and par mar has over 400 dairy farms. joe balter field will . >> guess what wiz, we're three day away from o
5:55 am
zip trip. this friday live in ashburn. we would will have for you to come out 1 loudoun east hamilton plaza friday june 16 from 6:00 in the morning to 11:00 in the morning. we'll be there five hours. i'm going to be there. tucker will be there. maureen will be there. and we would all love to he see you. so come out and have a little fun with us in ashburn friday good time to say hello to the fans. kate met kevin at his high school commencement speaker. >> he encouraged graduates to find their passion, ask for opportunities and not to be afraid of being told no. it was a great photo. i love it both ever new that. congratulations to everyone that graduated >> probably most eper jetic commencement speaker they ever heard. >>
5:56 am
>> all right. weather-wise today we have another hot one today in the dmv. heat index later this afternoon expected to be 98 to 102 keep water handfy if are you out in the break today. 6589 game time. 7:05 . can't totally rule out a thunderstorm. storm risks relative in d.c.. 90 on wednesday and we'll get 80 backs as we head to thursday and zip trip friday as well. let's check forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> all right, it is 5:56 now and we're taking a look. wide view of the beltway looking good topside and we very inner lone and you can see some delay wicking up no major delays yet. that could slow you down. eastbo
5:57 am
overturned truck crash causing delay and red line delays from earlier train malfunction and safe track we'll be back in the 6:00 hour. we salute those who fumble. if gravity's your biggest fan, it's ok. we understand. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach...
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fireworks expected on capitol hill today as attorney general is set to testify before lawmakers. jeff sessions faces tough questions on firing of fbi director james comey. this morning it's comments of someone coming close to president that is raising eyebrows. >> and d.c. own shining bright snar spotlight. kevin durant not only winning final but he had a message for the dmv this morning. >> look at his mom there. >> live look outside on tuesday morning june 13. get ready for hot and sticky day. we're used to it right. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05 i'mal mall. >> welcome to the polls on ep in injury injury for primary election. we'll be open until 7:00 night


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