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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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y2e46y y5yy >> we've been reporting for months about the growing opioid problem in our region and across the country. lands is taking action to help people who may have overdosed but the department of health and mental hygiene issued order that allows pharmacist to stop. the drug reverse and opioid overdose, several months ago, governor larry hogan signed new law giving maryland better access to the law, previously people trained to administer the drug
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>> you know how hot it is outside. you can imagine what it is like inside the tunnels and stations that don't have ac. metro cannot supply cold air to the dupont circumstance nel north stations on it red lion because every maintenance problem. the transit agency, though, came up with a fix, it is bringing in huge truck, that will pump cooler air down into the station, lack of ac, though, not the only problem metro is dealing with, bethesda station had to close for short time today after the escalators, elevators, both stopped working. you see how long they are, right? they're really long. too hot for people just to walk up and down the steps, the metro had to close the station for about 30 minutes, while crews work to get everything moving again. >> we turn to prince william county where neighbors spotted two wild animals today, one, large animal near chris young elementary school in bristo, virginia, the other, was a black bear, near heritage hunt golf course in gainesville. the bear was spotted this
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morning wandering around the heritage community at last check it may still be out there. one woman we spoke to says it is not rare to see bears in her neighborhood. >> these are black bears. the black bears, we don't have to worry as much about. >> they're usually just looking for food. i mean, if you corner them or something, i'm sure they're -- to be honest with you, my husband and i are photographers, i get my camera, go out looking around. >> if you happen to come across a bear, the national park service says you should not run, instead, stand tall, and slowly put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care. (laughing). >> put your hands in the air to show that you are a human. >> as opposed to being a tree? >> yes. slowly. >> slowly. if i saw a bear, i mean, i don't know, if you see the bear, just wack being through your neighborhood? >> hard not to run. >> you want to run. like you want to run and jump on top of the tallest
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>> i will remember. that will dennis rodman is in north korea tonight. not the first trip to the country but his visit does come at pretty tense time, we'll tell you why the worm says he's visiting. >> american college student send release from the north korea, a the details surrounding his capture and
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>> let's get you up to speed. nasa manhunt underway for prison inmates who killed two guards during a bus transport. it happened in eatonton georgia, southeast of atlanta, witnesses say two men escaped in a dark green honda after getting away from the bus. >> a university of virginia student freed. otto publicly confess today stealing north korean property began is a sign from a hotel, sentenced to 15 years in north korean labor camp. >> army released the names of three soldiers killed in afghanistan, one of them from our
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casket of army sergeant, eric of baltimore arrived at dover air force base. and today is primary election day in virginia. voters are deciding who will represent the democrats and republicans in the race for governor. lieutenant governor and some key house of delegate races. attorney general jeff sessions testified before the senate intelligence committee today, he faced sharp questions from former senate colleagues, about his role in the firing of james comey, and his decks cents -- connection was russian contact during the presidential campaign. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> and finally golden state beat the cavs last night 129 to 120. prince georges county own kevin durant named the final mvp. after the game he gave big shout out to the entire dc region, it was pretty cool. former nba player, dennis rodman, is back in north korea on trip that
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of questions. rodman says he's thereto try and open a door with leader kim jong un, he hopes to do something positive to see if he can, quote, keep bringing sports to north korea. many are criticizing his trip which comes during a time of high tensions between the us and north korea. >> all right, let's talk about the intense heat we have going on here. >> another hot day, the humidity made it all that worse, didn't it? >> yes. >> and today of the last bad days, tomorrow 90, but thunderstorm, it will be the beginning every process of getting us out of the heatwave. >> then people will complain about the rain. >> you are so right. obviously lived in this area for quite a while. but today people were trying to make the best after tough situation. got to watch your dogs on days like this, the pavement is so hot. that's hard on their paws, too, so as much as possible, people didn't stop taking their walks, grabbing the cool
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>> poor dogs. yikes. but you know what? not very appetizing. it is dinner hour. good point that this is hard on your pets, as well. so, keep that in mind when you're out and about. i'm glad to tell that you we are not doing this again tomorrow. reagan national, 95. not in the record books there. we missed by one agree, but that's new record at dullos, new record, and if you didn't hear me mention this before, leguardia up in new york, 101 degrees today. so crazy hot for early june, but obviously we have done it, since we have records that have been set on this date, and that, again, should be the worse of it, tomorrow, temperatures will be closer to the numbers we're seeing right at 6:00, a reading of 90 degrees, here in the district, i don't think we'll get too much into the low 90s, so there will be a front coming south tomorrow. that should help to bring in more cloud cover in the afternoon, and a rounds every thunderstorm specially slow moving thunderstorms with heavy rain south of dc. we will have to watch that.
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factor in the humidity, with those very high temperatures, and it feels like 98 in the districtment feels like 59 in gaithersburg, 98 manassas, 98 cull peppy, 95 for annapolis, and 96 in baltimore. so your evening planner, definately on the steamy side. 7:00 temperature about 89 degrees. by 9:00, 85. 11:00 still at 82 degrees. that's our average high for the day. so we're going to be slow to cool off tonight. yes, stray thunderstorm possible. but not likely. most of them have been either west of interstate 81 or somewhere to the south, or closer to the water. warm, humid for us overnight. only bottoming out about 76 degrees. we do change things up a bit tomorrow. you can see, it looks like some clouds will come in in the afternoon. we will be closer to 9 degrees tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms featuring heavy rain, that's what we will be watching in the afternoon. the next two days, big change for thursday, as well. gee from 90 tomorrow, to 82 degrees on thursday. and there could be some sh
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getting little bit more unsettled as we go forward. tonight, as we check radar, nothing around the region. here in d.c., but we get out to the west, around wardenville, some of the storms have been really slow moves. little bit of lightning with these, but more importantly the heavy rain is a concern, not much going on in the atmosphere, it is stagnant, not much to move them along. tomorrow, here comes another frontal boundery there is will be coming south out of pennsylvania, close enough to trigger some showers, and storms, and it will eventually move through, producing, we think, greater potential deaths to the to the south for afternoon and evening storms that could feature heavy rain. not going to rule them out anywhere. big concern of course would be flashflooding, because with the amount of humidity around there is could really have a lot of rain with it, i saw one report earlier today from one storm off to the west able to produce about 2 inches every rain. strong winds, large winds, tornado risk very low for any of. that will but again your futu t
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see. start out quiet tomorrow. you see get through the day, 3:00 on, south of dc, here come the storms featuring potential for heavy rain. we wrap it up in your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast, at least these temperatures are little easier to look at. thursday, 82 degrees. friday, with a shower, storm, still possible. 83 degrees. and we still got them in the forecast over the weekends. mix of clouds and sun for our fathers day weekends with chance of thunderstorms both days. and we take that threat even into monday. >> we need to break out, right. >> we do, we do. >> first day of summer next week. >> wow. >> maybe we'll get some spring weather. >> thank you, sue. >> we will be right back.
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jeff sessions in the spotlight and on the hot seat. what the indemnification's' attorney stone, the bombshell report that president trump may have considered firing the man leading that probe. you can see on the side of your screen what we're talking about at five at t six. thirty tonight. sessions facing all out grilling in front of the the senate intelligence committee. agreed to testify after former fbi director james comey last week and he asked it to be in public. i did not have any private


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