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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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shadi najjar and artem ziberov are going through the communications in the weeks and months before the deaths. in hopes of turning you have information. why would multiple shooters kill these boys in such a savage way? >> we know that kids talk amongst all kind of platforms nowadays. they talk on, well, not even facebook anymore. snapchat, texting, wifi, there's so many ways they talk. we believe people are talking. we believe there's probably a good chance someone at northwest knows something they should share. that they should do the right thing, talk to their parents about it. >> reporter: one of the boys was hit ten times and the other four. shadi najjar was sitting in the driver's seat and artem ziberov in the passenger seat. a source familiar with the investigation says one of the boys had cash in his hand. today, shadi najjar's father said it was artem ziberov. >> that's what the p
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i don't know what the police said. said he was holding $20 in his hand. i did not see it, not to my knowledge. i was not there but my son, no, he did not have cash. >> reporter: police found tickets to northwest high school's graduation, in the car they were found murdered in. both families said the boys were heading out to sell their extra tickets. a source familiar with the investigation says someone looking for a debt to be paid showed up at one of the boys' homes in the weeks before the murder. today, both shadi najjar's father and artem ziberov's stepfather said it wasn't true. >> not to my knowledge and nobody every come here asking for money. >> reporter: captain said 60 detectives and teches are working around the clock going through phone records and social media accounts. >> we can't imagine what someone did to deserve this fate. and we want to appeal to those ou t
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do the right thing, and talk to the montgomery county police. >> i love my son. and i always will love him. he's a very good student, a smart intelligent and i will never think with his intelligence, he would do something stupid to ruin his future. >> reporter: a captain franks both families are cooperating, as they dig deeper and deeper into the boys' past. this weekend, artem ziberov's body will be shipped back to russia to be buried near his mother's family. >> we're getting new information of house majority whip steve scalise after being shot >> let's get you out to matt ackland live at med star washington hospital center with more. >> reporter: hi, jim, sarah. the head of trauma today says congressman scalise remains in critical condition. and he is inside
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he's had numerous surgeries and expected to need more. we're learning today it came to light that the congressman was in really bad shape when he arrived here. we're told he was conscious when he left the ballfield but slipped into shock on the way to the hospital. dr. jack sava said the congressman was as critical as he could be when he came in. but he has improved listen to the doctor and the chief of staff. reads a knows from mrs. scalise >> congressman scalise sustained a single rightful wound that entered in the area of the left hip. it traveled directly across towards the other hip in what we call a trans pelvic gunshot wound. the round fragmented and did substantial damage to bones internal organs and blood
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vessels. i understand he was awake on scene, but by the time he was transported by helicopter to the med star trauma center, he was in shock. he will require additional operations to manage abdominal injuries and other bone injuries. predicting the length of his hospital stay is difficult today. presumably it will be easier in some days when more time passed and we have more information. after he leaves the hospital, he will require a period of healing and of rehabilitation. >> most importantly we're forever grateful for the herlism of constitutes tall griner and david bailey who saved the lips of everyone at the baseball field including steve's. they have been family to us for years and we ask that you continue to pray for full reco recovery. >> reporter: special agent that helped that day, she remains here at the hospital, the doctor told us that she is in good
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and in good spirits. also, we're learning new information from the fbi and other agencies investigating this case, through a press release, they're still on the scene tonight, conducting their investigation, they're basically still trying to figure out the trajectory of the bullets, what direction they traveled. that could be wrapped up as early as this weekend. they're also releasing two pictures of the weapons in question. now, these aren't the actual weapons that were found. they are pictures of what the weapons look like. it's a handgun and also a rival, they say they were legally obtained. once again, those are not the actual weapons, they're weapons that resemble the weapons recovered there at the ballfield and also, the fbi is saying once they're done with their investigation, it could be this weekend. they will release the scene
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they will decide when to let the purchasing come back in. that could happen as early as this weekend. live in northwest, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. as we go outside, keep in mind the radar because the heat and humidity sticking around and storms are expected to impact your weekend. >> let's head to gwen and get the latest. hey, gwen >> we already have some rain and storm moving over part of our western regions. take a look at radar, kind of lit up. some heavy rain rainfall that has created flash flood warnings and watches for areas along the blue ridge and shannon dough what valley moving its way towards us we're definitely going to keep our eyes to the skies, we could see some definitely firing up and moving its way across the 495 corridor. flood watches and warnings, one to two inches of rainfall in some areas far to the west. including page county. we're seeing three t
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inches of accumulation of rainfall that will be in the works here and a coastal flood advisory for st. mary's. upper 70's across the board in all the neighborhoods, 84 right now at dc. 83 at quantico, 81 at baltimore, 79 at dulles, we're under a marginal risk of severe weather for tonight and that's set up by the storm prediction center. we'll see how it pans out. the weekend is unsettld as far as storms are concerned. we're talking scattered spotty storms here and there tore saturday and for father's day on sunday. 88 on saturday, but heating up with the humidity at 92 on that specia day for dad. for tomorrow, we'll see showers starting off in the morning. but the storms will fire up in the afternoon. i'm going to have the full seven-day forecast for you in just a bit. back to you. >> we have an update on the story you heard first on fox 5. the latest in prince george's county school system. >> lindsay watts has been
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hi, lindsay. >> reporter: sarah and jim, we're at national harbor where prince george's county school leaders are meeting for a retreat we have been sitting on the discussions and we have gotten new details about the story we have reported on so extensively. the hundreds and hundreds of school employees on leave for abuse and misconduct. those new details after the break. . a detective said his daily commute is putting the public at risk and it's been happening he says nearly a decade. >> a teacher at a high school under fire for digitally altering a trump t-shirt now tonight the school superintendent is weighing in on the decision, will there be a year book do over >> we're celebrating dads. we head into father's day weekend. send us your photos with your father, using the
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sglfrnlsz a police officer acquitted of manslaughter in a
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seconds after castile told him he was carrying a gun. he testified castile pulled the gun despite being told not to. prosecutors argued the officer overreacted. by the way. officer has been fired. to a fox 5 exclusive tonight, we're speaking with a veteran detective for dc police exposing somewhat he believes safety issues that should have been addressed years ago. >> he says he's speaking outputting his career on the line for the safety and well-being of his partner, reno, a trained k9. our marina marraco has the story you'll see only on fox 5. >> reporter: 87 pounds brown and tan fir. he's not just a german shepherd. he's part of family. everyone takes the spotlight has the home. >> he rides in the back seat. his spotlight is at
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ten-year veteran of the metropolitan police department, he and his he wasn't handle ride into work together every day. >> there's always potential for something to happen because the car has no safety features >> along the 30 mile trek into washington, there's usually a stop or two to make. at the gas station when the mercury peaks, ignition turns off and the windows crack just enough to get air but the pup is not in danger >> it's unfortunate to say but they're going to get bitten by the dog, and out of main concern is the safety of the public and these dogs and the officers who transport them back and forth every day. and it's a retail that the department seems to
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ignore >> he drove his police cruiser to and from work, roughly seven years ago, things changed >> until 2010 when he decided to take the cars from us. >> reporter: why >> no reason ever given >> do you remember a tell type saying why >> no, it was verbal. a phone call was made. came in and said you can't take your car home anymore >> since 2010 hustler has been fit together be allowed to drive his k9 cruiser home >> it would be something we would take a look at if they wanted to take the dog back. we would make sure that the dog was safe >> the door is flat, nothing on it. the door can't open or put the window down why accident. everything is secured. it's all like i said crush all the way around. a hot dog system inside, which is temperature controlled. by this monitor regulates the temperature
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the windows automatically, and this fan will automatically turn on >> all the windows have limousine tint in the back area to keep the uv rays out and keep the back of the kendall cool for the dog >> i don't care this officer taking the dog home, is this a one officer story >> well >> sounds like it. >> reporter: in january, the department singled out five of the 26 total k9 officers prohibiting them from transporting their dogs to and from work because of mileage restrictions measuring the distance from their residents to the u.s. capitol. dc police general order 301.04 says otherwise. and so does this department memo from january of this year, which documents all five officers live outside the 25 mile radius allowed by mpd. we checked in virginia, arlington county police told fox 5 all k9
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from the 40 mile restriction for two reasons one to safely transport k9s to and from work, and two, so k9s can be rapidly deployed and/or called back into service in the event of an emergency or critical incident. in maryland, prince george's county police tells fox 5 the department allows k9 officers to take their k9 cruisers home and provides mileage exceptions to these officers because the dogs live at the handler's home and here in dc, the dc fire department tells fox 5 the agency has k9 handlers that live as far as la platea maryland. they have no mile restriction on their k9 cruisers allowing handler for the quote safety, protection and comfort of both k9 and handler >> what they're telling us as k9 and police officers you don't care about us. you don't care about us. you don't care about our dogs. of certainly don't care about the public. to me, that's a
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because these dogs should be able to transported safely to and from work. k9 officers can apply nor a take-home vehicle, they're evaluated on a case-by-case ka basis, if an officer is not authorized, they have the option to use the on-site kendall to house the k9s or may choose to bring their k9s home. those employees who don't have a take-home vehicle and choose to take their k9 home are provide theed by appropriate equipment. we proceed extraordinary accommodations to our k9 officers to assure our k9s are safe and treated humanly. to a story first reported on fox 5. the school year now over in prince george's county. and we just learned the final tally of staff on leave for alleged misconduct and abuse. >> there have been
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employees accused and placed on leave. saturday, prince george's county schools is making changes for next year. school officials were just discussing it at an annual retreat at national harbor. lindsay watts is there with more on what's next. >> reporter: sarah and jim, at this we have got new information about staff members on leave as well as how the district plans to deal with this next year. first, those very latest numbers for you. 848 prince george's county school staff members have been accused of child abuse or misconduct this year. about half of them are teachers. 233 employees remain on leave right now as we head into the summer months. and we also learn that 67 employees who were accused were either fired, resigned or retired. we'll show you video and take you inside the meeting today. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell he was here along with staff and
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members, as we've been reporting new student safety policies were put in place to address cases of child abuse by school staff meant to better protect kids. some employees say it's gone overbore. we're innocent people and if people are being pulled out of schools unnecessarily. what we heard is that the vast majority of the more than 800 cases reported to child protection services have been screened out. meaning they have not risen to the level of an investigation. it's been more minor inappropriate behavior. the plan for this summer is to make sure that school employees are fully aware both of expectations ands. appraisals will be doing training to do their own investigation to be more selective about how they involve cps. he hopes to see these allegations handled more appropriately and more quickly. >> i'm confident that
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new strategies are applied we'll see significantly better result, and sensible people on administrative leave for less amount of time. and hopefully, if not not necessarily less reporting, but again, we talked about the fact that we want folks to report but more of that being dealt with at the school level and at the administrative level and less being escalated into long-term administrative leave issues. >> reporter: we asked kevin maxwell if he wanted to comment. he declined to do so. the school board and staff will continue to work on policies and they're expected to be finished up and final by july 1st, lindsay watts fox 5 local news the man arrested for bringing weapons to the dc trump hotel last month is ordered back to jail. what he
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that alarmed officials. thieves targeting victims inside local medical office buildings, it's caught on camera. metro could soon extend late night hours during events
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the change will not come cheap. official end of metro safetrack program. the year long repair project forced metro to clamp down on openings and closures. >> now the schedule will ease set up a little bit. fox 5 contribute tore joining us live in southeast with more on this. may, martin. >> everyone, let's remember what happened last october here, that decisive playoff game and the fans were bioing
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train times were posted. hopefully we're going to avoid a repeat of that if the nationals make it to the playoffs. here's metro policy, lifting the moratorium on exceptions to the schedule, so you could have early openings or late closures for ten events, metro will do this ten times over the next year, here are the criteria for special events. request has to be made in advance, not the same day, track work can be reprogrammed, has to produce heavy utilization of the rail, a longstanding annual event like the marine corp marathon or a regularly scheduled local event. sports, concerts what have you and the event organizer has to willing to fund the expenses you have to make a deposit in advance of $100,000 per hour for special service requested whether opening early or staying open late. . >> martin what everybody wants to know is when is metro going to be
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what are these new hours going to be? >> that's right. because this new policy will square with the new schedule, metro starting a new schedule on june 25. it will not open before 6:00 a.m. or close after 1 a.m. week nights, monday through thursday, system will close at 11:30 p.m. you'll have to leave the stadium for that last train a little earlier than that unless, of course, they get the extra hour of time. weekends we're going to get an hour back. 1:00 a.m. during safetrack the system has been closing at midnight on friday and saturdays. 1:00 a.m. closings on the weekends. sunday morning, system opening at 8:00 a.m. all told, riders are losing eight operating hours a week compared to the presafetrack schedule all because of metro is setting aside the overnight hours mostly for a mu preventive maintenance program. but now that safetrack is coming to an end,
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make exception, if they're willing to pay and meet the criteria can get early openings or late closings >> i think major league baseball ought to start playoff games before 8:30 at night. thank you much. president trump's new appointee is raising eyebrows, why critics are questioning. >> it's hard to think of a policy that headaches lessens than the prior administration's terrible and guess misguided deal with the castro richly, we'll tell you how they will impact travel and business. ricegime written on his shirt. now the school superintendent is speaking out on that teacher's bold move
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with the student. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪.
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. a look at more top stories, police in prince george's county are now trying to identify three suspects wanted in connection with a theft in laurel. this happened back on may 15th at a medical office building. the surveillance video, which you're looking at show two men and a woman lingers in the lobby nearly two hours, investigators think they were looking for potential victims. they captured one of the suspects using a woman's stolen credit cards. man arrested with guns and ammunition at dc's trump hotel last month
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custody until trial. ryan moles was taken back am i custody yesterday for violating the conditions of his release. the pennsylvania doctor was arrested in may and released under the condition that he stay out of dc. authorities say he returned to the district yesterday. saying he also posted facebook photos about wednesday's shooting at the congressional baseball practice. president trump appeared to confirm he's under investigation for obstruction of justice. the latest from the president covered a lot of ground, i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. which appears to confirm he has knowledge that he's under investigation. however, a source close to trump legal team said the president was simply referring to a "washington post" story from wednesday night. the president also said, quote, after seven months of investigations and committee hearings about my collusion with the russian, no one has been able to show proof. sad. deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein submitted a memo raising concerns over comey's performance, trump asserted he made the decision himself to fire comey. the president was also in miami today introducing a major sift in america's cuba policy. after three years of relations under the obama administration. president trump is try to go make good on a campaign promise to develop a more hard line stance toward the nation. the administration's main goal stopping the flow of u.s. cash to the military services. with the change, trump says the u.s. is standing with the cuban people. hoping to drive business directly to small businesses instead of cuban firms operated by the military regime. >> effective immediately, i am cancelling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. our policy will seek a much better deal for the cuban people and for the united states of america.
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we do not want u.s. dollars to prop up a military monopoly that exploits and abuses the cube >> it will not renegotiate until it meets conditions like scheduling free elections and releasing political prisoners president trump still filling out positions. the department of housing and urban development. he's a close friend an event planner and also claims a law degree, the school says she didn't actually earn one, patent was at the trump wedding in 2014 served as vice president at the eric trump foundation. an update on a story that gained attention out of new jersey. a digital media teacher suspended after she intentionally altered students' t-shirt in the year book photos. the superintendent said
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high school books will be reissued and the superintendent outlines a series of what she calls mistakes made in the originals pointing out some you unintentional but photo shopping students's shirts was done intentionally without merits. there's the statement on the green r screen. at long one. the school's certainly unhappy with all of that. you can see it on your screen right now. and the superintendent saying she takes responsibility for the actions of the employees at the school, so they're reissuing the year book, the new ones will be available in two weeks, the commencement ceremony for seniors is today. >> did a woman's text messages lead her boyfriend to commit suicide? >> this court, having reviewed the evidence and applying the law >> a verdict in this murder case coming up next. chris brown hit with a five-year restraining order. he asked her that sparked the violent altercation >> keeping an eye on
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got a busy night. heading towards the i95 and what's going to happen for father's day weather-wise, we'll be back after the break. back after the break. for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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. this court having reviewed the evidence's applied the law there to finds you guilty on the indictment charging you with the involuntary manslaughter of couldn't ray roy the third. a massachusetts woman
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accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter. 20-year-old michelle carter caused conrad roy the third's text urging him to take his life. she was a troubled young woman. carter's text created a risk and her failure to act to save him caused his death. roy killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning. his father is satisfied with the verdict and still trying to process things. >> it's been a very tough time for our family and we'd like to just process this verdict we're happy with. >> carter will be sentenced august 3rd and faces up to 20 years in prison. today, a judge granted a woman of five-year restraining order against chris brown, video showing walking into court earlier today. she testified brown demanded she return diamond rings he
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given her. she said when she refused he became violent. he's been ordered to stay 100 yards away from her home. car and work and to not contact her. firehouse friday here and we're celebrating with a brand new station in herndon >> erin como got to take a tour where they're bringing back a firehouse favorite. >> reporter: we're the brand new fire station me herndon virginia to celebrate firehouse friday, brought duncan donuts to thank you for all hard work. thanks so much for this >> this is captain kitchen. tell me about this fire station >> took about two years to build, i ran temporary down the street. the property has been here since the 60's we're able to build the in about two years. future expansion for other vehicles. and we moved in about three months ago. >> been in the community a long time and this community has been great to us, absolutely love us we absolutely love them. we got people walking by looking at us and
5:42 pm
us, and we're happy to be back. >>reporter: fire station number 4 out here in herndon they have a cool new feature. captain kitchen tell me about it >> when they built the station, they built it way fire pool because it's two stories. it expedites. by the time we get a call we're in the upstairs, we're able to use this. >> reporter: this is a feature they're going to bring back >> i would hope so, depends on the layout of the station >> it's been 30 years since this has been a thing with the if i fire poles, a lot of historical places do still has them >> it has to be fun, it is. every day we have a good time >> that was so quick and fun. >> i want to do something like that. i was scared as a kid we'd go to fire halls, and worried about that. i'd do it now. absolutely. >> you heard that? >> i clinic to it halfway and be stuck on the pole coming
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there you have it >> thanks for cooling down little bit from what we had earlier not for long, back at it >> we're going to crank it back up by entitlement the time we get to father's day. humidity is coming back. we got the storms, heat and we've got the humidity. the whole kit and caboodle. hazy out there but storms and rain that is really fired up, so some of those storms bringing heavy rain fall. happening in some of our neighborhoods, humid. spotty weekend storms, you'll have to keep your eyes on the skies for any outdoor activities and calmer by entitlement the time we get to the later part over the week. satellite and radar showing you this is what we're keeping an eye on we got a frontal boundary that is actually firing point for all of this and along that boundary and to the
5:44 pm
southwest of it, we're seeing storms that are popping up and some of these storms have in it a lot of heavy rain fall, that has prompted the national weather service to issue some flood watches and warnings saturday of that and already in some of these areas we've seen more than an inch or two of rainfall. we're under a marginal risk for severe weather for tonight and where those watches and warnings are, we've seen one to two inches primarily to the west over shenandoah valley along the blue ridge, all included in this and in the areas where we've had the warnings, we've actually seen anywhere from two to four inches localized flooding. coastal flood advisory for st. mary's and high tied until about 8:25 or more. we could see issues, futurecast showing you here's what we're dealing with. here's 9:00 tonight. looking at it firing up crossing the i95 corridor. and then right allow into midnight. once we get to tomorrow, looking at maybe a few showers
5:45 pm
we'll see a little bit of a break and maybe storms firing up in the afternoon, but as you can see definitely not a total wash-out. temperatures into the 80's pretty much the 70's and far north, northwest, due points a little sticky. the low 70's and the upper 60's. we're going to go see that boundary move up to north and as i said, that will end up bring using us showers and rain, by sunday, heat to 90s, hazy, hot and humid, storm chances there as well, but looks like the best chance are going to be on saturday. not on sunday for father's day, which is good. your planner, by the 5:00 hour, things will start to fire up, 85 degrees by the time we hit noon. and rapping it up, 70 for tonight, scattered storms and warm night and tomorrow's high heading to 88 with a chance of storms. let's take a look at the seven-day forecast
5:46 pm
much calmer by the time we get into the week. from tuesday on plenty of sunshine and it will be a hot 92 with humidity kicking in on sunday. back to you. >> we got big news in the business world. amazon the online retailer is buying whole foods. the deal is worth $13.7 billion. it's been expanding into entertainment and groceries. the announcement is having an effect on the grocery world. stock prices for other supermarket chains fell today. >> wal-mart is buying binovo >> round two, hey, brody. >> reporter: big names fighting to make the cut at the u.s. open, we'll show you and michael phelps is set to face the most daunting of
5:47 pm
not the shark, an actual great white. the details ahead in sports. ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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u.s. open continuing just a few minutes on fox 5, but a little bit of recap of what we seen today. >> reporter: it's been one of those days yesterday you had guys like jordan spieth could not hit a put. the tall grass those guys are making moves today. fescue my favorite word >> fascinated by it >> learning all kinds of stuff. so far in his career, ricky fowler has been known for flat brim
5:51 pm
he shot a bogey free round. that's the lowest in u.s. open history and his score tied with jack nicholas for the lowest ever in a u.s. open. the wisconsin wins dust tin johnson last year's champion. he had his fescue. today, he kept it in the fair way and look at that shot. stuck it on the green. he's two under so far. right at the projected cut line of one over. 2015 champ jordan spieth today. currently at even par. the leader is still your current leader, ricky fowler. look at this put. going uphill. let it ride. he sinks it. order contender paul casey, casey shot a one under 71 today. he's two strokes back at the leaders and happy to be heading into the weekend near the top of the
5:52 pm
>> we'll be going into tomorrow. going into sunday near the top. it doesn't affect the game plan one bit and it doesn't affect the mindset. there will probably be more nerves and excitement. a lot of golf to be played here. >> there is a lot to be played. we play next on fox 5 or you can tune into the news at 6:00. here's how the leadership board com ka made the biggest, ties him with rick with fowler. brian harmon and tommy are on they are these. serena williams is not letting pregnancy keep her off the tennis court. she posted this, work on swing and over six months pregnant. her baby is due either the end of august, early september and serena plans to return at the beginning of the next year, she's putting in work here, that return might come sooner than later. and
5:53 pm
phelps has his sights set. he's going to race against a shark. phelps said he loves sharks and wants to give this a whirl. do you beat back away a free style, butter fly? one piece of advice, if you have a cut don't get in the water. you don't want any drops of blood the shark will come over into your lane. >> wow >> i don't know how they're going to do this. that's going to be good tv. >> must see tv. >> he's going to lose. >> we'll be right back.
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i. wallet read washington contention r invention to her, dc's version of com con. the event will include a wide
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display of pop culture. comic books, people like to show up in costume. it's happening through 8:00 then saturday 10:00 till 7:00 and 10:00 till 5:00. next is the u.s. open but if you want to get the local news at 5at630 flip over to wdca or on our ap. see you later. see you later.
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go, the shadows grow and dproe. and the pressure builds and builds. at the end of the second round it's equal opportunity championship will separate the contenders from pretenders. stir the plot thicker and send us toward a dramatic conclusion. to this point, the big blue skies of wisconsin and breathtaking landscapes of erin hills have been the backdrop for some similar charges. some surprises retreats and some intriguing scenarios. perhaps major championship promise will finally behe


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