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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. today on fox 5 news morning, family and friends of a slain muslim teenager prepare for a funeral. they're looking at a possible hate crime. a dc landmark is planning to reveal a new version of its wall. a live look outside on this first official day of summer. good morning
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for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris, today is wednesday, june 21 it's and like maureen said it is the first official day of summer. means it's the longest day of the year. mike thomas, erin como giving her eyes on the road. it will be a good one and feel like summer with highs near 90 degrees, good amount of sunshine. erin metro is on time except for safetrack slowing down the red line. roads quiet behind me, but i got you covered when that changes. >> thank you. right now at 5:01, several breaking news stories developed overnight. we'll start in the district where police are investigating a deadly shooting in northeast. here's a live look at the scene. a woman was shot and killed just after midnight. happened in the 700 block of 51s is the street. police haven't said anything about suspects, they may be looking at, again we're live on the scene gather details. breaking news
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george's county executive rashern baker announced he is running for govern of maryland in a video released on a campaign website, he share his life story as well as accomplishments as county executive and a state delegate before that. baker joins former naacp and alec ross in announcing a run on the democratic side to challenge republican larry hogan next year. days after uber ceoannounced he's taking a leave of answer, we've now learning he's resigned. it comes on the heels of a major overhaul. it faced claims of sexual assault, bullying and unprofessional behavior. "new york times" report said five of uber's major investors design he resign immediately. he will remain though on uber's board of directors. republicans are rejoicing
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following a congressional race in georgia. karen handel will become the next congress woman. filling the see the of tom price. handel beat out john osoff in what was the most expensive house race in u.s. history. president trump took to twitter to congratulate her funeral services for a 17-year-old muslim girl will be held today. . >> comes as her family says they're confident in the police investigation despite growing backlash that her death is not being investigated as a hate crime. >> melanie alnwick is sterling with the new details. mel? >> reporter: a somber day here in what ordinarily away be a celebratory time with the end of ramadan so close. instead, this mosque community is preparing for the burial of their young sister, nabra hassanen. her death brought many together nationwide. here in dc's dupont
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of many vigils to honor her memory and her wish to just love everybody. the police have said there's no evidence at this point that hate was a motive in her murder. the shocking saw the has made some fearful. >> a lot of young muslim women during one of the most holiest times of the year >> a loving child, sister, niece, friend. we're all in shock. >> reporter: nabra's family addressed the media one last time before preparing her body for burial. mosque leaders say they have faith that local law enforcement will fully investigate the circumstances. it was early sunday morning when police say 22-year-old darwin martinez torres struck her with a baseball bat after getting into traffic argument with a group of teens she was walking with attending prayer services and heading back to the mosque after getting a bite to eat eat. the family did tell fox 5
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with the prosecutor's office, and the prosecutor assured them that if any evidence comes forward, that there was any sort of racial or religious bias on the part of the suspect, that they would continue to go in that direction in terms of they are investigation and in terms of charges we can tell you that the funeral is scheduled for 1:30 today and burial it's meant to be a continuum, so that the young community here, the teens and friends that knew nabra were here with her that night will then continue in the evening a vigil of healing, so to speak, that they've organized themselves at lake anna in rest in. . 5:05 is the time. growing questions about the deadly collision of the u.s.s. fitzgerald. nasty is looking into whether i want to say some of the sailors were trapped inside emergency flooding hatches as they filled with water. we're learning that the cargo ship that collided with may not have reported the accident until an hour after it happened. the
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killed were flown back at the u.s. yesterday. happening today, the big unveil of chilly bowl's new mural. features the faces of a dozen african-americans who have paid contributions. among them, the obamas, dc congress woman eleanor holmes norton, prince and muhammad ally. the debut or the official debut, because you're seeing it now, as we show it to you. is at noon. >> what kind of weather will we -- what are we going to have? face sounds like my gosh it's happening. it's beautiful out >> not too much unless you like the sunshine, good news for you out here on the first full day of summer. if you liked yesterday, you should like today. it's actually feeling pleasant maybe a touch of humidity in the air, 72 degrees not bad start for dc. 64 in gaithersburg, dulles, 66. frederick,
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fredericksberg is 71. leonardtown 72 at this hour. satellite and radar shows clouds had moved in overnight. but they're slowly sinking down to the south and east. southern maryland waking up to cloud cover this morning, portions of the beaches look like they're waking up to a little bit of shower activity. should stay down. no concerns there today, 90 degrees, daytime high on this first full day summer, we'll have a good amount of sunshine mixed with clouds from time to time. lit be hot as well. but humidity not too bad, although that will be kicking up as we head toward evening ahead of a very hot thursday, full forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to erin and check on traffic. 5:07. right now, 223 road is closed at richardson road. watch for the slow down it's shut down east and westbound not causing major delays but deviate
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it's because of a big crash out there. keep you updated on the prince george's county crash. we are seeing a lot of light volume around the beltway looking good, in largo, looking how 66 eastbound is. so far so good, get an early start. you'll start to see congestion building, we'll take a live look outside 95 south of the beltway as you come up from fredericksberg into stafford looking pretty good. no problems. any questions at erin@fox5dc on twitter, we got you covered this morning, metro is on time except for safetrack. coming up on fox 5 news morning, airlines plan to fly today, despite another day of triple digit heat. another nfl hall of famer is having problem wits memory. not only is it the first day of summer but it's national selfie day, how about you post a selfie getting ready while
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well, maybe not every picture get ready, but use the #fox 5 selfie when you post the pick. i want to say right now it's 5:08. thanks for staying with us, we'll be right back. 'll be right back.
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. states across the gulf coast are getting slammed as tropical storm cindy barrels towards the coast. it's expected to make land fall tomorrow. but effects being felt. the storm is expected to bring several inches of rain to louisiana, mississippi, alabama and the pan handle. it could be life-threatening, govern of alabama declared a state of emergency. toshiba has chosen a buyer, it's a public private of japanese banks and businesses. an american data storage company that owns part of toshiba is dema demand consent. an underground steam pipe exploded downtown baltimore blocks from camden yards. as crowds were walking to the
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ballpark for the orioles game. anyone that was hurt is expected to be ok. overseas in brussels a suspect in the explosion at a train station in the capitol died after being shot by soldiers. the explosion is being called a terrorist attack. no one was injured in that attack, as for the suspect, a spokesperson for the brussels prosecutor's office said medics were unable to attend to him several hours out of fear he could be carrying explosives. american airlines says it does not expect anymore heat related issues. despite warnings of another day of extreme triple digit temperatures. the airline actually cancelled flights due to heat. the temperatures prevent some smaller planes from taking off safely. temperatures topped 109 degrees in phoenix. las vegas tied its record high of 117. warren sapp plans to donate his brain to science when he dies. his goal is to leave the game of football better than when he got into it. he
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reading quotes from nfl owners saying there is no correlation between football tragic snap lop pathy and suicides. he says every day he struggles with memory, even remember the simplest of tasks can be a challenge 5:12 right now and coming up. a new report said the pentagon wasted tens of millions of dollars. . netflix unveiling a new show. not only is it the first day of summer, look at that gorgeous sunrise, we told you this, we're tell you again, it's national selfie day, here's what we want you to do. post a selfie of yourself getting ready while watching fox 5 when maureen and i are both on the screen. i just added that last part. use the #fox 5 summer selfie when you post the pic and we'll make sure we get it on the
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5:12 is our timely pleasant 71 on early wednesday, fox 5 news morning after this.
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. 5:15, here's a look at some top stories we're following on wednesday, june 21 it's. special prosecutor robert mueller is scheduled to hold talks with senior members of the senate judiciary committee. mueller is investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump administration. the goal is to insure that the subcommittee is not interfering with mueller's investigation. the muslim teen murdered in northern virginia will be laid to rest. police now say 17-year-old nabra hassanen was assaulted twice before she was killed. her accused killer darwin torres remains behind bars, despite criticism not being dealt a hate crime, the family has confidence in the investigation. state of georgia remains red this morning, republican karen
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beat out democratic john osoff. president trump took to activity to congratulate. dwight howard is headed to the hornets. howard and the atlanta hawks are going to charlotte. marco meli and the hornet's 41 it's pick is seen as a cost cutting measure. the unveil of chilly bowl's new mural, it features the face of a dozen african-american american whose have made contributions here locally and on national stage, the obamas, eleanor homes norton, prince, and muhammad ally. the debut is at noon. summer making its debut with its beautiful sunrise, 71, it will be another gorgeous day. right, mike. look at that, absolutely beautiful this morning, a start to
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everybody officially started at 12:25. we're officially in summertime. what does that mean? basically the longest day of the year. kids are out of school. 14 hours and 53 minutes of sunlight, sun rising 5:43, sun will set at 8:36, enjoy the sunlight starting today we start to lose it little by little every day up until the winter solstice in late december. we got 60's north and west. comfortable air towards frederick 63, martinsberg 62, leonardtown 72, fredericksberg 71. satellite and radar relatively quiet. for that gorgeous sunrise, showers at the eastern shore. high pressure still in control today. it will be a kind of southwest wind warming you say up. actually right to 90 degrees here in dc. most of our suburbs headed for the 80's, one or two spots will see 90's.
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of we did have tropical storm brett. a post tropical storm down to the south, we have cindy sitting in the gulf and she's strong with winds of 60, watch where he's tracking, going to go right up through louisiana possibly making land full overnight. continues to push up into the area of tennessee, kentucky, will lose the wynnefield but will bring gulf moisture and kind of look at the track area, it's coming in up in our direction, could be an increased chance of thunderstorms by the time we get to friday and to saturday. we'll have to watch out nor. 90 for the first day of summer, humidity back in full force tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds, 92, 80's towards the end of the week, and again we have to watch out for unsettled weather on friday and saturday. that's a check of the forecast, erin is back with a look at those roads. right now, 5:18, two crashes and increased volume on some of our majors,
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the shoulder at st. barn bus from branch avenue, you may get a tap of the brakes, aside from that, as we take a look in clinton if you're headed out in prince george's county, heads up 223 closed both directions at richardson road, a crash and investigation there. as you make your was seeing a lot of green inside the beltway. let's take a live look outside the beltway. this is 270 southbound by false road. you can see some increase volume coming down, heavier north of that point from 70 to truck scales and same story on 66. questions erin@fox5dc on twitter. metro is on time except for safetrack, holly and maureen. 5:19. let's take a look at the stories engaging on social media. with our real-time news tracker >> wisdom is back. special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction said the pentagon wasted money, spent $28 million on uniforms for the afgan army
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pattern, the problem is, forest only covers 2.1% of of a afghanistan's total area. eric holder is reentering the political arena and thinking about a 2020 white house bid. holder has been doing political work in california. tmz is reporting that prodigy mob deep choked on an egg prior to his death in the hospital. he had been hospitalized due to complications from a sickle cell anemia crisis when he choked on the egg yesterday morning. exact cause of death unknown. watching tv got a little bit more interactive. netflix is revealing its first interactive tv shows that will let children choose their on characters, the show's star pus and boots and buddy thunder struck. it will allow children to use their existing tv remote to make choices for characters and a modern twist and the choice of your own venture
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a flawless columbian emerald once owned by the rocker feller family sold for $5.5 million. it was originally because the in the 1930's and given to his wife as a gift. >> a nice gift >> i didn't want to wear it to work today. too much. >> it was. >> yes, 5.5 million dollar. >> someone bought it >> maybe i know the person >> or who bought the pink diamond. >> you had that you're baller. >> in my head, i am. thanks, coming up on fox 5 amazon ceo jeff bao is looking for department store >> one airline found an interesting way to keep you entertained while you fly. can you say dinner theater? while you fly? . looking at the dc region, not only is it the first day of
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day, what's your selfie? use #fox 5 summer selfie and send it to us we'll be glad to share them. see you soon. ♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ ♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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z2d1iz z16fz
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y2d1iy y16fy [000:24:23;00] amazon flexing its muscles but this time good news for anyone who buys clothes from the online store. it is now testing a new service for prime members called prime wardrobe that allows them to try on clothes before they buy them. customers will have one week to decide if you like the clothes and will only pay for what they keep. amazon said there are more than a million pieces you can choose from >> that's a good deal. do you save your money for a rain in any day? one in four americans have 0 money saved for emergency situations. according to a new survey, 31% of americans have an adequate amount of emergency funds
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equivalent to worth of expenses. 27% of young millenials ages 18 to 26 said they have three to five months worth of money saved for situations like lay offs or medical bills. just a matter of time before the kids say, i'm border. how much will it cost to keep them busy? a survey says the average is $495. 300 for toys and activities and another $176 for trips and vacations. iceland air marking its 80th anniversary. the airline is putting on an in air theater performance first of its kind, it will play out dring a flight from london to new york. the airline sent the cabin crew to theater school so they would be ready to perform for the passengers at 39,000 feet. the in air entertainment is expected to happen in september. they're doing it to help out passenger boredom.
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>> that is >> stories about people being bore d. >> in flight theater. let me tell you that would make my day. >> that is pretty darn cool. >> i think the opposite leave me alone on my flight. movie? fly the plane >> don't be dancing around. >> a world where people burst into song and everybody knows the dance moves >> if the pilot is dancing up and down the aisles, who's flying the plane. >> auto pilot? trust that >> no. weather forecast for your day, first day of summer quick weather forecast. 72 degrees, high thin clouds for the gorgeous sunrise, satellite and radar showing the clouds are clearing. showers on the eastern shore will clear off the coast line. good amount sunshine but clouds
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from time to time. 83 at 11:00 upper 80's to near 90 later on. with traffic. 5:26 tracking two crashes if you're traveling on the inner loop blocking the shoulder by st. barn bus road. in prince george's county, still closed at richardson road, both directions we're seeing a big red line to and from richardson road. this is just east of branch avenue. give yourselves extra to him two detour around that area. looking good on the top side of the beltway. still dealing with metro safetrack impacting the red line. questions erin@fox5dc on twitter. coming up on fox 5 news morning, a woman who became the local face of the national immigration debate is deported. women lawmakers on the hill will wage a bipartisan battle. live across dc, not only is this the first day of summer, it is also national selfie day. here's what we want you to do. post a selfie of yourself getting ready while watching fox
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5. and then use the #fox 5 selfie and we will make sure that you get on tv on this longest day of the year. 5:27. 71 fox 5 news morning back after this.
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this. . democrats ask for more time to debate. a dc landmark is getting ready to reveal a new version of its historic wall mural. fox 5 news morning starts right now. this is fox 5 news morning. good morning, thank you for joining wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris, the first official day of summer, and your day. national selfie day. >> also the longest day of the year so far. that's what mike thomas said. erin como good morning, we're going to start with mike thomas on the longest day >> longest day of the year, period. it's over with today. >> not going to longer than this >> it will get shorter and shorter. sunshine later on, high temperatures near 90. erin >> tracking metro and trying to get the perfect metro selfie. toss it back to you.
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more traffic in a few. >> appreciate it. still ahead i to be a somber day in northern virginia as a murdered 17-year-old muslim girl will be laid to rest >> police say nabra hassanen. despite world wide out cry over police not investigating as a hate crime, nabra's family said they have confidence in how the police are handling the case >> he's saying that he wants to have the community to express love always to one another, regardless of religion, ethnicity or race, he doesn't want any other family suffer losing a loved one. he wanted to make sure that we don't have this senseless crime committed against young people. he said that he does not wish this to happen, of course, to anyone and wants this to be prevented, don't happen to any other family >> the funeral service will be private and held in sterling.
5:33 am
support for nabra is growing around the nation, vigils held last night including in dupont circle. more are planned later in the week, including at late anne plaza in rest in. we posted the vigils and times on our website. at 5:32. breaking news. dc police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened after midnight in northeast. >> annie yu joins us from the scene with breaking details. good morning annie. >> reporter: good morning to you, holly and wisdom. dc police detectives on the scene here, we have been out here almost three hours, they've been since midnight when they got the call for a shooting. a woman shot and killed right behind me this is the 700 block of 51 it's street northeast dc. to kind of give you an idea. it's right next to the house of praise, next to the marvin gay community greening center and police have the forensics unit and if you look beyond the minivans, there's a staircase that leads into a unit and they
5:34 am
have been focusing attention there. there's also crime tape blocking of it's unclear if this building is being occupied. looks like for sure it's being renovated or under construction, we see a lot of debris and equipment. forensics unit taking photos, now that we have daylight, you can clearly see they blocked it off. this is private parking, private area, if you look on that building, there's a surveillance camera pointed in that direction. dc police tell us no suspect information, and unclear what led up to the shooting. but we have a woman that has been shot and killed out here on 51 it's street northeast back to you in the studio. > .
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several streets in baltimore remain close kalanick helped find the ride sharing giant in 2009 will remain on the board of directors a virginia woman is no longer in the united states. the nonprofit group kosa saidly dia mendez has been deported to salvador. she had a miles an hour traffic violation, the deportation is despite a pardon from virginia govern in an attempt to keep her close to her children. members of congress will take on the washington, dc press core, the bad news babes. the money from the event goes to the young survival coalition.
5:36 am
the watkins's recreational center me southeast and starts at 6:00 p.m. 5:35. when they get out there and start playing, what will it be like >> nice. little on the hot side. it's summertime in dc officially. so going to have to deal with the heat eventually. >> they will have daylight because it's the longest day of the year. >> almost up until 9:00 >> they can take selfies because it's national selfie day. >> this is a win win. >> it is a whacky. christmas and all those other holidays, my birthday. but, send the selfies in. #fox 5 selfie? sure. i think i actually if i recall, i think it's fox 5 summer selfie >> that's a pretty long hash tag but that's the one to use. send them on in. satellite and radar showing clouds this morning, but mr.
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sunshine through the second half of the morning and afternoon. temperatures steady at 72 right now at reagan national, dulles at 66, bwi 67. here's a look at your forecast. today, couple of clouds from time to time. but 90 degrees daytime high on this first day of summer. tomorrow, hotter, more humidity, 92 degrees for thursday. good news, we should keep it dry. let's check the forecast. back with traffic on selfie day. >> mike, 5:37. volume is picking up on 295. this is in the district by eastern avenue. southbound side flowing but from 50 down to pennsylania, we're going to start to see slow down, northbound from the bottom of the beltway as you pass good shape. 395 picking up at duke street in the main lanes in the hov express lanes, traffic is still at speed from the beltway to 14th street bridge all bridges looking good. we want to take a look at the maps. in prince george's county we're dealing with a closure from a crash investigation, 223, at
5:38 am
ri have to detour, seeing a backup if you're heading in the clinton area, be prepared. five is looking good, metro on time except for safetrack any questions erin@fox5dc on twitter. back to you. there's a new push this morning to make hospitals provide better food for patients >> if you want your students to get better grades, you might want to try change wag they eat. across the dc region, not only is it the first day of summer, it is national selfie day. post a selfie of yourself getting ready while watching fox 5. use the #fox 5 summer selfie, fox 5 summer selfie when you post that. we're going to make sure we put it on air, time is 5:38. 71 is the temp.
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back in a moment. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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♪♪ ♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth.
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a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. 5:41. this morning's health watch, new figures on the opioid epidemic in the united states, nearly 1.3 million americans were hospitalized for opioid use. the crisis is so severe, govern larry hogan issued a state of emergency in this new study, maryland consistently ranged as one of the states having the highest rates of emergency
5:42 am
visits to food served in much healthier, they're asking to eliminate or cut back on foods high in sugar and fat and asking hospitaling to remove processed meats because they're linked to increasing the risk of cancer. green vegetables are linked to children doing better in school, according to a new study. a pigment found in leafy green, egg yokes and broccoli found to increase a child's overall you brain health especially during tests. that's ria confirmation that broccoli is a super food. haven't we known that for awhile >> i'm going to start eating broccoli now. >> i'll eat all of that. >> next to your french fries >> and giant soda. >> coming up on fox 5 news morning, one of the most celebrated actors is retiring. >> some are claiming foul after learning how much wonder woman was paid compared to super man. live across the dc region. sun coming up going to be pretty nice today.
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maybe little more yesterday. it is the first official day of summer. it is also national selfie day. we want you to post a selfie of yourself getting ready while watching fox 5. that means your tv, your mobile phone, something has to be in the selfie that proves you're watching us. then we'll post the pic and make sure we share it. 5:43 is our time. 71, fox 5 news morning back after this.
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♪ ♪ . shay with everybody. he got a new pair of shoes on this first day of summer. let's see. look at that. >> are they really expressive >> i was telling wisdom, first new pair of dress shoes since high school. >> when did you graduate? didn't you just graduate? i'm just kidding. >> do you really want to know? i don't want to know. looking good, mike thomas. today weather looking good >> fantastic. we've seen the sunrise pictures all morning, it will be a beautiful first day. enjoy the sunlight the day only getting shorter after today. >> this song puts me in a good mood. >> summertime. >> is this the summertime time >> it means we should not be working, out enjoying the weather. >> kids enjoying the weather as well because they're out of school for most of the region.
5:47 am
a couple school districts are summertime starts off nice, longest day of the year. 14 hour, 53 minutes of sunlight, start losing second by second starting tomorrow. heat and humidity return to the forecast a little bit today, more so tomorrow, temperatures 92 for your thursday afternoon. we head into the late week, friday and saturday a little more unsettled here, could be thanks to tropical activity. we'll talk much more about the tropics, which are busy by june standards. 72 your current number, outside of dc, as well as quantico. cumberland comfortable at 55 degrees. that's a cool start. satellite and radar showing clouds overhead at this hour, but they're continuing to push off to the east and we'll get more and more sun as we roll on through the morning hours, high pressure still in control. the frontal boundary is close enough bringing showers to the eastern shore this morning. but again, that will stay well off to the east. again, happy summer everybody. later on today, for the first day of smirk high temperatures
5:48 am
above wre most of us. few of us including here in dc may see temperatures reach lower 90's. let's talk tropics, we were one tropical storm out there, cindy, 60 mines bringing rain to the gulf states, expected to make land fall possibly overnight tonight. and look at this curve, this direction right up towards our direction, put the models on here. they have in it our neighborhood, late friday into saturday. we'll keep an eye on that for an increased chance of thunderstorm activity. accu-weather seven-day forecast 90's the next two days, humid 80's on friday and saturday with thunderstorms around, head to next week, little bit of a cool-down, highs monday and tuesday, in the lower 80's. check of the forecast, erin back with traffic. right now, 5:48, still dealing way crash in prince george's county in the clinton area, 223 is shutdown at richardson road for crash investigation, use caution there, we'll keep you posted on those delays. try to find a work around or secondary.
5:49 am
aside from that, wide view of wednesday morning, earlier loop -- the inner loop is looking good from branch avenue across the wilson bridge, 295 is great both directions, vienna problem-free, 66 is cruising along, as you take metro this morning, all rail lines on time except for safetrack, closed station shady grove but shuttle service replace that is between shady grove and twin brook. questions erin@fox5dc. if i'm is 5:49. following a developing story in the michael brown wrongful death lawsuit, a judge approved a settlement. you may recall that 18-year-old brown was unarmed when shot and killed by a white police officer in ferguson in missouri in 2014. the parents sued the city. it's former police chief and darren wilson, the officer who shot him. details were not disclosed. the shooting led to unrest and protests.
5:50 am
will oj go free? correction officials are scheduled to make simpson's upcoming parole hearing on july 20th. he's been in prison more than eight years serving time to trying to rob two memorabilia dealers. if parole is granted, he could be released in october. time is 5:50. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with a real-time news tracker >> maureen is back. good morning to both. the family of the pregnant seattle woman shot to death by the cops she had called to her home are demanding answers. charlene in a lyles is her name. officers came on sunday after a report of a break inin, when they arrived, lyles talked calmly about the burglary but allegedly came at officers with a 95. family members say she struggled
5:51 am
with mental health i. days after, jeronimo aftermath because castille's girlfriend live streamed it on facebook but few seen what happened before. that's until now. the video shows castille calmly admitting he was carrying a gun shouting dope reach for it. you can hear castille say he wasn't reaching for it. a former nfl player said he's gay, brian owe cal hasn't played for the patriots and chiefs. he tried to hide the fact he was gay out of fear he would be treated differently. he made a promise once his career is over he would commit suicide but a chief staffer stepped in and told him to seek counseling. that's when he admitted to a psychiatrist that he is gay. wonder woman expected to earn $600 million globally. the film start is set to make 300,000 for the film. people on twitter are pointing at a huge gender gap saying henry cab made 14 million dollars for his movie man of steel but didn't perform as well
5:52 am
as wonder wom office. daniel day lewis is retiring. the 60-year-old is the only person to win three best actor oscars. he did not reveal a reason but say job well done, sir, enjoy your after career. whatever that might be. >> that is one amazing actor. 5:52. is the time. do you need a vacation? yes, we always do. if you work in dc, you probably do. project time release report on americans, and vacations findings are alarming, because 64% of workers in dc collectively have more than 17 million unused vacation days, san francisco comes in second place with 64% of workers having 12 million unused vacation days. guess who takes full advantage of time off? the people who live in baltimore. the city ranks second in the country for workers who take the motivation days. wow. >> never had a problem using my vacation days. >> me either. >> use them all. the man who's been
5:53 am
overshadowed by barbie dec a new line 15 different ken dollars, corn row ken, slim ken, ken with a man button act broad baud ken, slightly thicker middle or what some may call a dad bod. he comes out in seven skin tones, the first major make over for ken since introduced 56 years ago. >> is there that big of a market for ken that we need 15 different versions >> good question >> interesting. all right. you go, ken. do you see the car? you hear the music? that means zip trip time. this friday. in annapolis. come on out from 6:00 to 11:00. marathon will be there, tucker and steve will be there. we'd love for you to come out. >> tell us facebook -- wait, i think this actually just changed. time now for facebook fan of the
5:54 am
day, and today it is milton and linda picture. nominated by their son, milton and linda are huge fox 5 fans, big congratulations to both. wishing you many more years of we wedded bliss. >> he's got it figured out. the wife said stand here don't move. he's doing exactly what he's told >> that's how you stay married 41 years, exactly. pointing to the number one dad. he's number one dad. >> that's exactly what it is, mike. >> how long have you been married, mike? right. >> he'll learn. he'll learn. he'll learn. >> one day. >> all right. enough of that. summer officially begins it has gun, 12:25 this morning, summer
5:55 am
kicked into gear and the longest day of the year, get out and enjoy the already out. 5:43 a.m. came up from its slum bumper this morning, and it will set tonight after 8:00. 8:36 p.m., 14 hours 53 minutes of sun. then second by second we start to lose starting tomorrow. enjoy the long summer days while we have them. hot and humid weather, starts to roll back in. humidity back in but tomorrow you'll notice the heat in place, maybe 90 today but more widespread tomorrow afternoon. ahead of our next cold front which will slide down into the region as we had to friday and the also probably going to tap into tropical moisture with cindy down in the gulf and pulls a pretty good chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday, here's the seven-day forecast. 90 degrees for first day of summer this afternoon, humidity not too bad but it will start creeping back in later on in the afternoon, you will notice it much more tomorrow, 92. we head into friday, zip trip friday.
5:56 am
little concerned about the morning pretty good chance for thunderstorms. look what happens next week, a little bit of a cool spell. usually we head to the hottest period of the year, instead we have lower 80's in the forecast as we head towards monday and tuesday. erin back with final traffic in the five 5:56, metro delays track problem outside of federal center southwest and because of that the orange, blue and silver line deal with delays, red line, don't forget, shady grove rockville station closed. shuttle service replaces rail service. factor in that extra time as we take a look at roads. big problems in prince george's county. 223 wood yard road closed both directions at richardson. that's creating big delays it's a serious crash investigation. branch avenue still looking pretty good. and as we they can a wide view of wednesday morning commute. things on the beltway looking
5:57 am
good on 50, problem free through bowie, any questions, erin@fox5dc on twitter. fox 5 news morning at 6:00 will be right back. a live look outside right now.
5:58 am
5:59 am
look outside right now.
6:00 am
. this is fox 5 news morning. breaking right >> what we can do together by building a grass roots movement for a government works for people. at 6:00, a big announcement from prince george's county executive rushern baker. an outpouring of support as a murdered muslim teen to be laid to rest. but was this a hate crime or road rage >> live look outside on wednesday, june 21 it's. sun coming up and it is indeed the first official day of summer. we're going to talk weather and traffic coming up at 6:05. good morning to you, i'm holly morris >> i'm steve chenevey. a lot of news developed while you were sleeping. first up, prince george's county executive rushern baker announces he's running for govern of maryland. overnight. baker released this add. he joins three other declared democrats hoping to challenge larry hogan.


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