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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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witnesses say this startered at nearby breakfast or brunch restaurants. they went in, robbed the employee, shots went off at some point, and the suspects then took off in that light blue car. witnesses say it was here along anacostia avenue where the suspect it's ditched the car and police officers and k9s have been searching ever since for the suspects, and any evidence. witnesses tell me they saw police a few minutes ago picked up what looked like a bag of money in a near field. we did hear one person was shot. but is conscious and breathing, so it is assumed that that person may be ok, but police are still looking for two suspects, they believe are both black men one of them wearing a red sweater, black pants, has a full beard, carrying a shotgun. the suspect is described as wearing a gray -- green shirt, a gray
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if you have information, you are urged to contact dc police. that's latest in northeast, angelie hemphill fox 5 local news. to prince george's county where police are investigating a possible murder suicide around 10:00 this morning. officers responded to the 5500 block of 45th avenue in hyattsville. that's where they found a man who was shot to death. a short time later, river dale park police got a call about a man a few blocks away suffering what appeared to be a self inflicted gunshotwound pronounced dead at the scene investigators believe the shooting was domestic related. we have an update now on a bizarre story involving a rockville man collecting blood at an apartment in southwest dc. they say prosecutors have dismissed the charge against 43-year-old newan accused of practicing medicine without a license. after his arrest, a woman in prince george's county reached out to us after recognizing him from o
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she claims he drew blood from her after she answered an ad on craig's list. also said a rash showed up on her right arm. despite the dismissed charge, prosecutors can still fire additional charges later. a northern virginia man remains in jail tonight. and is facing espionage charges. 60-year-old kevin mall lori of leesburg is accused of selling top secret documents to the chinese, he's a self-employed consultant at global x. because of his work as a special agent he had top security clearance until he left in 2012. he faces up to life in prison if convicted traffic is back to normal at this hour after a terrible accident along 8th street northeast today. involved a mega bus, and as many as ten cars, three people were hurt, but those injuries not serious. got a couple of pictures. let's go to the first one, these are the cars here, take a look at the mangled mess. let's take you to the next
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the windshield here, take a look at this. the windshield down here and this shot here, if we can go to the next shot, let's go to the next shot. anyways. it's a shot where it chose the bus actually, there it is, coming down the road there. as you see in your monitor and you can see some of the cars that were dragged by the bus there. we take you to the next shot here. of there you can see where the car actually crossed over into the road. the bus actually hit that car. i talked to one guy. here's what he had to say. >> i was looking tore my car and i started walking down and i saw this guy here and, it's crazy >> you parked there and then your car >> i find it here. >> how are you feel about this >> i love my car. >> you just yi just got it register add weeks ago >> it's a new car? >> yes. >> reporter: once ag
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tell you, the bus actually came down the road, and it hit cars parked along the side of the street actually hitting them as it came down the street. we did talk to meg bus, they're working with authorities to investigate this. at this point, three people are injured, the bus driver on the scene denied any kind of medical help at that point. clean-up continues. during a the storm a family capture add water spout over the ocean, cindy spawn tornados in alabama. the heavy rain from the storm is expected to bring the potential for flash flooding to a huge part of the crew. from louisiana to pennsylvania. casey instinct he will reports from >> reporter: it is now heading r
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coast for days. but the high wind and heavy rains caused severe flooding and coastal areas. >> we're expecting heavy rain over the next two days. >> reporter: folks across the region are starting to assess damages. one of the hardest hit areas, alabama. at least one tornado hit thursday packin winds as strong as 120 miles per hour. damages several buildings, and injuring at least four people >> i just saw all the debris going around, and all i could do is continue to, i knew i couldn't get out of my car. that would be wrong. >> reporter: the storms still producing heavy rain around the mississippi valley but most residents and local officials say the danger has largely passed. while the recovery effort gears up, many also trying to enjoy themselves and make the best
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>> get my work-out pulling her down the road in a raft. >> pretty awesome. come out here, have fun. do crazy stuff. >> reporter: remnants moving to the northeast is expected to impact states next like kentucky, tennessee and west virginia where flash flood watches are now in effect. that is the latest from dallas, casey stiegel. fox news. . taking a look outside. the sky looks beautiful. it's in the 80's. it was awful humid >> it was hot out there today. definitely the sun coming down. but gwen joins us and gwen i guess you got news of rain coming this way. >> right. you know, when you say it was humid outside. you're right. we got this tropical air mass as a result of
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you can feel it in the atmosphere when you step outside. that humidity >> we're going to see remain from the system but the problem is it's going to interact with a frontal system and that's going to set us up. let's take a look at radar, showing you the big part as all of this moisture moves its way from the south and it is heading its way to the northeast. the greatest impact right now is across the west, stacy just mentioned mississippi valley, tennessee, they, and ohio valley under flash flood watches and warnings for parts of the mississippi valley. but the tropical air is in place, will stick around for the next day or so, western pennsylvania, ohio valley under the gun, you can see now mainly a lot of it moving well to the north of us, we're still not out of the clear. we're getting rain showers that are moving through fairly light in nature, with clouds. but it is anticipated we'll see heavier rainfall in overnight, and we'll see that continuing until we get a bit of a break by the time we get to later saturday and into sunday.
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the seven-day forecast in just a bit. back to you. we have an update now on house majority whip steve scalise, we're told the congressman was released from the intensive care unit and still in fair condition. he was shot in his left hip last week during a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. doctors say he's now beginning an extended period of healing and rehab. another victim of that shooting, was lobbiest matt mika. doctors say he's in good condition and out of the icu. he got special visit from jason werth. lawmakers are now taking action to protect members congress. the house appropriations committee is signifying $422 million for fiscal year 2018, nearly $30 million increase, police will get more than 7 million dollars to hire more
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officers and get protective gear. the first weekday of reduced metro service could it affect your morning commute. we'll be keeping talk abouts and the good, the bad and the ugly about oils could coconut oil actually be bad? find out when dr. shell bee joins us live. kevin sits down with the handsome john h a m. don't miss it.
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air b and b in fairfax county, for months seen a number of tenants come in and out of one of the homes in the community. the problem, they say not only is it illegal in the county. it comprises safety. live in mt. vernon w
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to that. kristen what's the latest. >> reporter: neighbors tell me this is a family friendly community, quiet at that and for that reason, when it comes to this issue, the great debate of allowing short term tenants into fairfax county, they say their utmost concern in this case is safety. they have kids that rome the streets all the time throughout the day, again, safety the biggest concern. and they believe that allowing these tenants to come into the community would compromise just that. . >> we don't know who they are. there's no vetting. you don't know if they're sexual predators down there. you don't know if there's x convicts, criminals, we have no idea. we all know each other in this neighborhood. we know our children, there's two dozen children that live within 100 yards of this home. and we have no idea what's going on. >> some of them told me for last several months since yarn, to be exact, tenants have been coming in and out of this home you see here. and staying there for less than 30 days. and according to the current county
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allowed to have short term tenants staying less than 30 days in fairfax county. again, it is illegal. we also spoke to the residential property owner, although he does admit what he did was illegal. he does in this case, air b and b is a legitimate company and in this day and age, he believes this will be implemented here in the county >> uber is to transportation what air b and b is to housing, the reason they're so successful in taking the world by storm because they vet, do the background of both sides of traction. of the buyer and the seller. when you get into an uber car, this isn't just some strange giving you a lift. you're going to be rating this guy. the same thing with air b and b. >> you just heard from both sides. there's a survey
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asking what they think about air b and b, giving a little more perspective and clarity. we spoke with county leaders they may have to make an exception in the newer future because it is virginia law at this time to allow short term tenants, so tenants staying less than 30 days into the homes or in this case some properties here in virginia. we will keep you posted. hence, this right now, the survey going along. again, we will let you know what happens there. reporting in mt. vernon, kristen leone, fox 5 local news. this air b and b controversy is all over the country. every city in the district have been talking about it. seems like people are taking a different stance depending where you live. >> absolutely. stay with us here tonight on fox 5 news at 5:00. it's that time of year again. >> a friendly reminder about fireworks safety that's coming up.
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saying you have no space left on your iphone >> it may be a thing of the past >> what every parent should know about snapchat >> 202-895-3000, or send us an e-mail to fox 5 tips at ♪ ♪
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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. so we're going to fast forward to the future from that song. it's not just you, your iphone storage isn't going as far as it used to. you snap a photo. you download an ap. then you have no room on your phone. what is behind this? seems like it's happening
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halley, a technology reporter at the "washington post" joining us via skype. what is behind this? what's going on? >> according to this mobile analytics firm called censor tower, the size of aps themselves are getting bigger, even if you have the same amount aps on your phone, every time you update you're losing more space. >> ok. so that's the -- that's the key there. i'm wondering now is, are the first is apple, are they going to do anything to improve this >> it's a tricky thing for consumers, because you know, you obviously, you have to use the aps that you need to use. i think what we'll see from apple, you know, they've already said in their next operating system, they're coming up with a way to when you're updating things, you can sort of off, load unused aps, but you don't have to delete them completely.
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and then they're also some, efforts in the developer space to try and make some, you know, more size efficient aps, but it is difficult. >> i'm sure. so is it so much the aps? i sometimes wonder if we're loading up our phones with the photos and music. is it maybe that taking up more of the room than the aps or is it just all combined >> i think it really is a combination. if there's anything i learn about technology everyone uses their phone in a different way. for some it may be they're taking more photos. some they keep a lot of pod costs on the phone. certainly, aps are, you know, everybody has aps, and fact they're getting bigger and taking up more space is sort of an issue. >> really, you know, if you want to combat this, get a bigger phone? that's probably what apple would love to hear >> yes. i mean, that is certainly, you know, a good solution. you know, apple has rai
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raised the amount storage they give on their base models. that is an acknowledgement of this, but yeah, ultimately, that's what happens, we pay the price. >> apple wins in the end. >> halley sukeyama. technology reporter with the "washington post" >> i bought apple music so i can get rid of the music on my phone. so >> we're storing everything, trying to move it around and make says >> maybe the more expensive phone next time >> might be worth it. >> hey, heads up for parents tonight. a feature on snapchat could put your child in danger, it's called snap map. it shows you where your friends are in real time. and it's accurate enough to determine where people actually live. snap map allows users to search for places like schools, and view videos and pictures posted by children inside. many people have concerns about the feature, snapcha
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location sharing is optional >> i have friends finder have you ever used that? all my friend are on it and i can track wherever they're going. it's kind of >> i'm sorry, that creeps me out. >> if your friends coming to meet you, you can track them and i had a friend coming to dinner and we tracked him coming to the restaurant and knew he was late as usual. >> one of those paranoid people is afraid of who all can see where i'm at >> especially if you're a parent >> i know, so much we can do now with the stuff. >> update now on a story that we broke first here on fox 5. claims of grade fixing. at some prince george's county county high school. now more state lawmakers are calling on the department of education after hearing reports. have you seen this picture coming up, it is going viral. a group of teens are handcuffed on the national mall. the reason why they were stopped is puzzling some people tonight.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. a northern virginia man remains in jail tonight and his facing espionage charges, 60-year-old kevin mall lori is accused of selling top secret documents to the chinese, he's a self-employed consultant at global x, an army vet and because of his work he had top secret security clearance until he left the job in 2012. mall lori faces up to live in prison if convicted prosecutors have dismissed a charge against rockville man accused of collecting blood from people. 43-year-old was charged with
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license. authorities did not indicate why the charge was dismissed but they can still file additional charges in the future. to the southeast where clean-up continues this morning after tropical storm cindy. the storm weakened to a tropical depression. the storm brought heavy rain and rising tides along the gulf coast leading to some evacuations also spawn tornados in alabama. today, dc's mayor and other city officials paid tribute to former council member jim graham. >> he passed away earlier this month. graham has dignitaries and district residents came to pay respects. graham was 71 years old and dedicated his life to helping others. before serving on the council for many year, he fault for medical care and housing for those who were fighting hiv and aids. several of graham's former colleagues shared their fondist
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memories of him >> jim graham was a representative of the poor. the down trot en, and forgotten, he would speak up, he would show out sometimes too, as we all knew jim and passionate. >> he would show out. that's for surely graham served on the dc council from 1999 to 2015. also as metro. board chairman. his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow morning. i always loved him. he was just so friendly, and just seemed to have like a positive outlook, in life >> covering city government, i interviewed him so many times. and got to know him. sarah, after every interview sometimes they could be kind of aggressive. he would always ask me how is your life, matt? he really cared, another thing that i remember about jim is that i would see him interact with people. there would be no camera around. it would be away and he was kind to people especially the poor. he would speak spanish to people and some of his ngh
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could you tell he was there really for the people and i think at the city is greatly going to miss this man. >> it is a huge loss. he was a wonderful man >> and the gay community for sure. update now on a story that broke first here on fox 5. claims of grade fixing at some prince george's county high schools. the prince george's county delegates of the maryland general assembly is reacting to the story. >> members say they have reviewed correspondence between the u.s. department of education and the state department of education dating back to january >> at the time the report indicated that there was no evidence to suggest grades had been wrongfully changed, but the delegateses says questions have arisen how the data was collected and it is now encouraging the state department of education to conduct a further review. meantime last night, school ceo dr. kevin maxwell spoke publicly about the allegations of grade changing during a school board
5:30 pm
he denied wrongdoing. >> the false allegations about or graduation rates strike at everything that prince george's county schools stand for, past, present and future. these allegations denigrate why teachers teach and why principals lead. they're a personal attack on every teacher, counselor, administrator and employee in this system. >> this issue divided leaders and school staff with some begging for the state to investigate and others denying that there's possibility of fraud. every day this week, fox 5 has been asking the maryland state department of education whether it will investigate or not. so far no one responded. we're hearing from north korea for the first time american airlines otto warmbier's death. being taken to do more than a year in a north korea
5:31 pm
the 22 passed away in his hometown of cincinnati monday. laid to rest yesterday. this morning, north korea is denying it crewly treated or tortured him and called itself the biggest victim in his death. the comments were made by the korean central news agency, it says the north dealt with warmbier according to domestic law and standards. a story closer to home that has so many people talking tonight. this picture, take a look right now. it's gone viral show these teens and an adult who were handcuffed by plainclothes officers in the district. the picture was posted on twitter. park police say it group was detained for illegally selling water along the national mall. all four people were released without being charged. so far, the twitter posts has received more than 10,000 retweets. and lit this afternoon, dc council m
5:32 pm
chief saying, quote, i don't believe the image of young african-american men handcuffed on the grounds for selling water is a reflection of my city. metro is issue an, apology. the first disruption happened outside the medical center. just before 8:00 a.m. it was quickly resolved but caused residual delays. the second spend in the was at dupont circle. train service was suspended between dupont circle. hundreds were seen sweating on crowded sidewalks. one woman decided to go old school, and was hitch hiking. >> i think the train is going to be so full that it's not going to be go
5:33 pm
before? >> no, i hitch hiked in my youth, i did it a lot in my youth. >> maybe you should take an uber or taxi >> she that to get there. by midday, metro reported a third, aing insulator at the cleveland park station but that was resolved. they say it was likely the result of water infiltration in the tunnels due to heavy rain. >> a lot of people frustrated. less than two weeks away from the 4th july holiday. that means it's time to talk fireworks safety. today. fire and rescue hosted a safety demonstration. they also want to remind residents that many fireworks are not available in northern virginia because they're simply illegal. firecrackers, cherry bombs and sky rockets are a few examples of fireworks prohibited in fairfax county. >> so anything that
5:34 pm
produces sparks, over 16 feet and anything that moves is not permissible in fairfax county. if it goes up or blows up it is not legal to use or purchase or have in fairfax county >> how would you know if you're looking at a package being sold on the side of a road >> any firework sold in fairfax county is permissible. >> those who violate fairfax county's firework rules face a fine up to $25,000 or $2500, i should say. or one-year in jail. a lot of people set them off in my neighborhood. >> i think it's already starting. i heard a few. a young boy wants to see a game at everyone of the 30 major league baseball fields but it's not just for fun >> he's raising money for charity. gary mcgrady has more from nats park >> what a great day to be out at nats park. any
5:35 pm
the ballpark. imagine say you want to hit all 30 major league ballpark stadiums in 60 days. could you do it? well, i got somebody up for the challenge, i want you to meet adam cost and he's especially little guy because you're raising money at the same time that you're doing something super cool. where did you get the idea? >> so this upcoming fall, i'm actually having my bar mitzvah and so it's a tradition to give back to the community as part of your bar mitzvah, and so i want to combine one of my dreams which was to go to all 30 stadiums and raise money for charity along the way >> that is super cool. when you took this idea to your parents, what did they say? my parents would be like, hold on, we can't do all of them.pyo >> yes, very supportive, and they've made everything possible. and also, we've reached out to all the teams and they've also he want helped u
5:36 pm
possible >> you guys started off at camden yards last night. so far, i know you're only two into this, so far, have you learned anything? has it been super exciting preparing for all of this >> we've learned along the way how generous people are and willing to help for something that's trying to raise money. and it's been really great, and, yeah. >> reporter: just because you're at nats park doesn't necessarily mean nats are your team. i know you're from syracuse. what's your team >> i'm a fan of the yankees. >> reporter: this is again about raising money. here's what you got to do. you got to go to www. 100% goes to charity. you're impressive, you got 28 more parks
5:37 pm
but i can see your mom and dad out here, and they're already a little bit scared. thanks a lot >> adam cost doing a great thing for charity. thanks for the nats for supporting him in this. gary mcgrady live from nats park. it's fox 5 dc news. young boy got a big heart. calvert county, sheriff's deputy made a young boy's day when he stopped to play basketball. nick cold viewer said he came by her house and shot some hoops. door wood told fox 5 the deputy is the most compassionate kind around great guy >> remember the police officer that was dancing with the kids in dc >> it mean as lot. it goes a long way. >> think of the connection they're making with the kids early on in life >> positive connection. it was a dream night for local basketball star markell faults. he wasn't the only product to go into last
5:38 pm
>> he might need to work on his social media skills now that he's an nba star. brody logan on deck with more coming up. gwen >> we're locked into the tropical moisture from cindy, take a look. cindy is now a tropical depression and we're seeing rain, how will it impact us? i'll have the answers and the important seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. fox 5 news at 5:00 will be back after the break. flush fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online
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with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement.
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. you can see the event getting underwaying there was an exhibition. it continues tomorrow with a competition throughout the day. looks like fun >> that scared me dng
5:42 pm
track >> i'm glad to see there's a pad there. we heard street vault, we're getting pretty extreme nowadays. i like maybe can anyone can just go try out the pole vault >> i might be one of those bloopers. . a big night for a local kid but a number of local products that not only were picked in draft but got signed by teams. >> that joins the 83-84 rockets, 92-93 magic. only teams to select back to back. they all made to it the files within three seasons, today, faults was introduce and being
5:43 pm
>> i'm big on family. beings though my family is so close makes me feel better. they were going to come wisdom martin. now that we're close, maybe we can go visit home. it's definitely a little bit of comfort. truly honor to come here. i've been through a lot growing up, and i'm just looking forward to coming to the city and giving it my all, just had this dream as a kid growing up and none of it came through. i'm with these guys. and i'm pretty sure we got the same goal, i'm excited. >> needs to work on now that he's a basketball star. this was first first post after being selected number one. one thing he forgot excited to head to city, enjoying the team name. he later corrected. i'm mean. but he later corrected it but the internet lives forever. go fighting team names. faults wasn't the only product to gon
5:44 pm
hart from villanova by way of high school was selected 30th overall then traded to the lakers. while he was the last local draft pick a couple other you are sinus drafted free agents. kris jenkins signed with the whiz ards. we're one year away from the world cup here on fox 5. team usa has work to do, but they're projected with a 90% chance to make it into the followed for next year. the teaser is this summer of confe confederatation. that match begins at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning here on fox 5 with premature starting at 10:00 a.m. fox 5 and finally, do not do this. do not be this guy. last night's d
5:45 pm
act foul ball into the stands, see the man with his baby goes for the ball. almost drops his child. he's not even paying attention. you lose your baby. you lose baby. >> he's like what? i don't understand. i like that he's acting >> oh, no. i can only imagine the conversations they were having. i see divorce court. >> not good. >> no more baseball games maybe for him. >> she's, at least not with the baby >> at least he didn't open his hands. >> that's true. his instinct was to hold on to the child. >> watch the video. i did well. >> so a little rain tonight. is it a wash-out >> not for the weekend but we could see pretty heavy rain
5:46 pm
fall, we're really watching this close. because you know, what was cindy is now actually post tropical guys, it's lost its tropical characteristics with last update we got. it doesn't change all the rain and all the wet weather that's coming through with the storm system that we may start to see some of that. really impacting a lot of areas, especially down to the south here, take a look, and you can see this wide swarth of rainfall with it imbedded in this a lot of thunderstorms as well. so there are a number of watches and warnings in effect. we, however, do not have any watches or warnings, most are well to the far northwest but we don't rule out the fact we don't see. we're socked into this humid tropical air mass right now, and that's not going to change once we get into tomorrow and we start to see temperatures rise a lot warmer than it has been in the heat indices making it feel ho
5:47 pm
not much happening for us in our back yards right now, off to the northeast of us, and mason dixon line to the north seeing activity but look all the watches and warnings currently in effect here. flood watches and warnings as well as severe thunderstorms warnings, but none impacting us along that i95 corridor or anywhere to the extreme north or east as far as dc is concerned. what was this tropical system now lost its tropical characteristics but here's the path of where all this wet weather is expected to go. straight up the atlantic sea board if you're heading anywhere up that way, do take heed. temperature-wise, 86 this hour in the nation's capitol. warm 84 at baltimore, 82 at dulles, but feels a lot warmer than that. feels like it's actually in the low 90's. and it's windy, gusting from 18 to 24 miles an hour. we'll see a frontal system interact with the moisture, that could spark us with
5:48 pm
and thunderstorms late tonight. heaviest rainfall looks like it will be overnight. but i can't rule out tomorrow. that you won't see some of it in the early part of the day, fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast things get dry once we get past saturday. look at the rest of the weekend. we got the sunshine, lasts in the week. we'll be back after the break. don't go too far.
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5:50 pm
5:51 pm
johnny death penalty dep. johnny dep facing criticism. when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? he tried to make light of the situation, take a listen. >> i'm not insinuating anything. by the way, this will be in the press, it will be horrible. but i'd like that you're all part of it. when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
5:52 pm
i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. >> ok. >> secret service said it is aware of the comments threats against the president, of course, are considered a crime under u.s. law. and punishable by fine or time in prison. as we know with kathy griffin recently, that was another thing they were investigating. >> i wonder what the fall-out if any will be here for johnny dep >> bill cosby wants to spread the word about sexual assault according to tmz, which cites on a good day alabama interview with the cosby spokesperson. this news comes just days after judge declared a mistrial in the sexual assault case. according to the report, cosby is planning a series of town hall meetings beginning in july. they will focus on warning signs and the accusations that could follow. been getting a lot of talk, a lot of talk.
5:53 pm
maybe >> you know, there could be another trial in the future. we'll have to see. an unemployment gift send one man to the happiest place on earth >> how many days he spent at disney land just may land him into the world record books. it's pretty crazy. >> it is. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back.
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement.
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. ♪ ♪ imagine going to disney land not once or twice, a week but every day for 2000 days >> this is what one california man accomplished. lauren savan explains. >> jeff
5:57 pm
the gates of disney land for the past 2000 days >> it wasn't planned. >> reporter: the native got an annual pass as a gift while unemployed and used it every single day, now five years later, still coming every day >> i come in the evening, as long as you're in the gate before closing, then you're good to go. >> wait a minute. you've been here every day for 2000 days? >> you're not the only mad one >> it's been a positive -- it's been a motivator. it's been my work-out gym. this past year, i've lost 40 pounds. >> how many years is that >> five and a half. >> five and a half years? only in california could you do that. >> reporter: the veteran's girlfriend share his love of disney but she can't join him every day >> i'm a teacher and a graduate student, i do not have the time. two, three times a week, depending on what's going on. >> reporter: how does he pay for living at disney
5:58 pm
>> annual pass. even at the top of the line right now is $1049. you'd be spending over 65,000 for the year >> jeff acquired quite a following on social media he's also the envy of every kid >> what do you think about coming to disney land every sngle day for five and a half years? >> we've been good. >> you wouldn't get sick of it >> it would be exhausting but fun. kind of like what walt planned out. >> i worn how many parent are like, good, do you want to go? take my kids >> she says i only go, two, three times a week when i can. >> you know what? that's, he loves it >> he's doing what he loves for sure. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. news at 6:00 starts now, see you this weekend.
5:59 pm
this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. we're going to begin with a developing story, dc police just released a new details about a shooting in northeast. thanks for joining us at 6:00, i'm shawn yancy. angelie is live on the scene with what may have been a robbery. >> reporter: tony and shawn one person was shot and taken to a local hospital, we're told that they were breathing when transported and dc police just cleared the scene behind us here few minutes ago. where they towed away a bmw parked in the middle of the street that witnesses tell me was the get away car in the nearby attempted armed robbery. i want to show you this, dc police just tweeting out this surveillance photo of the two suspects currently looking for. both of them described as black men and in the picture looks like both are wearing gray hooded sweatshirt, witnesses tell me those suspects robbed a
6:00 pm
blocks from here called mary place around 3:00 off kennelworth avenue when shots were fired and when a victim inside the restaurant was hit, we're hearing reports it may have been a customer. and the two suspects took off. witnesses say the suspects ditched that blue bmw here where we're standing along anacostia at it and they have not been seen since, police and k9s offhand out, and a witness tells me at one point, they saw police locate what looked like a bag of money in a nearby field. however, no other details at this point. one person was shot. no word on their condition at this point. police are looking for two suspects, both wearing before a hooded sweatshirt, one described as carrying a handgun, the other a shotgun. the latest in northeast, angelie hemphill fox 5 local news. they're investigating a possible murder suicide, aroun


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