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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 29, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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today. it comes as at department of homeland security is trying to beef up security at a number of airports globally. we're live at dulles international with how this could impact you. >> also breaking overnight one of pope francis' top advisers now the highest ranking vatican official ever to be charged with saint barnabas. a response from the vatican and the cardinal involved. >> first though a live look outside on this thursday morning. it's june 29th. get ready for a heat wave to settle in today. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. by heat wave you mean back to normal. >> back to what it was, yeah. >> it is almost july. welcome to fox5 news morning, first up developing overnight in the district one man dead following a shooting. this is the 800 block of 46th street. no word on who the victim is. police have a lookout for the suspect but the description pretty vague. prince george's county police investigating a deadly shooting that happened in forestville
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so far no suspects or motive there either. >> to northern virginia now and vre has resumed normal service on the manassas line this morning. this after a 13-year-old girl was tragically hit and killed. that teen who attended lake braddock secondary school was playing with her cousin yesterday afternoon on the tracks near bull run. sortssources tell fox5 the cousn was able to jump to an opposite track but the girl was too scared. the ntsb is trying to piece together what led to an accident which left 2csx workers dead. investigators say is the workers stepped off a csx train to fix a problem with a wheel. for some reason they crossed the tracks and that's when they were struck and killed. >> parts of the president's travel ban go into that effect tonight. >> the ban targets travelers from six majority muslim
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the t.s.a. is out with new rules that will impact many more people. >> annie live at dulles airport with more of the details. good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you steve and allison. that's right, this summer flyers can expect a tighter screening process from t.s.a. agents as they go through that security checkpoint. agents are going to be more careful, more thoughtful about screening passengers but also their luggage especially when it comes to laptops and other electronic devices. those long security lines could be getting even longer at overseas airports. the t.s.a. unveiling a new set of enhanced screening protocols for flights coming into the u.s. from 280 locations in 105 countries including increased screening of passengers and luggage set to take effect within 120 days. >> with this announcement we sandy clear message that inaction is not an option. >> reporter: the announcement follows multiple new threats related to explosives hidden in electronic devices and u.s. officials say if the
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don't comply, their passengers could be stopped from that carrying laptops and other electronics in passenger cabins. that ban is already in place at 10 airports in the mideast and north africa but if the new screening rules are adopted, the ban could be lifted. >> we'll work with our part partners to ensure these measures are fully implemented. >> reporter: the announcement comes days after the supreme court allowed parts of the president's travel ban to go into that effect and some overseas travelers are now worried the new screening combined with confusion about the travel ban could keep them from their destinations. >> it's a very onerous process at process that takes a lot of time. >> reporter: now, no doubt lines will be even longer this summer and t.s.a. letting us know that they are working on new technology including ct scans to help with efficiency and getting passengers through the security checkpoints even faster. that's the very latest here from dulles international annie yu snowflakes news.
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>> the county's naacp caster now asking the county's executive not to renew the contract for schools ceo dr. kevin maxwell. >> this request coming after the state board of education voted to begin an investigation into these allegations. melanie alnwick is live in upper marlboro now with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. a little background here. dr. kevin maxwell is the first schools chief here in prince george's county to be appointed by the county executive rather than hired by the school board. he also w was reappointed to a second term just this past march and he is the first second term schools chief here in prince george's county in more than 25 years. now, at the time, the county school board applauded dr. maxwell's reappointment saying that consistency at the top serves the school system very well. now, after allegations of grade fixing and
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manipulation, the pg naacp wants to put ahold on dr. maxwell's second term its members are asking county executive baker to call dr. maxwell the interim ceo until the state investigation is completed. in the remember naacp president robert ross says dr. maxwell doesn't have the confidence of the community and also says the problem would be made worse by continued tolerance of what he calls dr. maxwell's unbridled conduct. now speaking to fox5 for the first time since four board members brought their complaint to the governor, dr. maxwell strongly denied the allegations and said he welcomes an independent investigation. >> they're not going to find, you know -- it's a question that -- that, you know, is not, you know, really accurate. they're not going to find systemic corruption and that's what the allegation is, systemic corruption from the highest levels of this district and it's utterly and completely false. >> reporter: now, dr. maxwell's new contract takes effect july 1st, which is why
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they believe there's some urgency in this matter. it would be for five years ending in june of 2021. we did reach out to county executive baker's office to see if they had any kind of comment on this. the news did come to us late last night so they have not yet gtten back to us with any sort of reaction to this request. live in prince george's county, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> much more of that story throughout the morning. welcome back, humidity, heat, summer. >> it's sneaking back. it's not terrible out. >> not rushing back like a bull. >> no its not. it's going to kind of creep up on us over the next couple days. yeah, definitely moral heat and -- more heat and humidity today. i think we'll get right around or slightly above 90 degrees so temperatures will be notice plea warmer than yesterday and the next couple days more heat, more humidity build into the region with maybe a thunderstorm by saturday. no storms today. all right, there are your numbers steve. they're not
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66 reagan national, 63 up in baltimore. baltimore yesterday morning record low temperatures. >> really? >> 51 degrees, yeah. >> ooh. >> cool for this time of the year. there's your satellite and radar. little bit of cloudiness out early. we'll be partly sunny today for your thursday and we should be dry this afternoon but, yeah, more heat, more humidity, more summer-like, more typical summer-like around here with daytime highs right around 90. there you go. partly cloudy skies. heat getting back in the picture. winds out of the south here at five to 10. weekend forecast, beach forecast, summer forecast all coming up. wait. seven-day forecast. it's already a summer forecast. >> right. >> a little bit of both. >> got it. >> thanks, tuck. >> good morning, erin. how are you. >> i'm so good. mike thomas just said what can i get you for breakfast and i said oh, my thomas you made my thursday. >> he's the best ever. >> did he leave yet. >> no, he didn't. >> thanks. >> sorry, mike. randolph road in colesville dealing with a crash at sherwood forest
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give yourself extra time. as we forward things along to seven let's see if we can make our maps move seven eastbound dealing with a crash blocking the shoulder. east loudoun street. because all lanes are opened traffic is getting by fine. i'll let you know if that changes. aside from that let's forward things along again its been a really quiet start in terms of drive times. just a few minor slow zones in virginia. 66 from 234 to the beltway, 35 minute ride and 95 from dale city to the beltway 29 minutes. 395 still looking really good and gw parkway southbound also at speed. things in maryland looking good right now. we're all green across-the-board. now keep in mind 270 southbound does have some congestion from 70 through the truck scales. about a 10 minute slowdown but from 109 on down you're in great shape. outer loop at speed in both sections by college park and again pennsylvania avenue through largo as you get to that baltimore-washington parkway and 95 still looking good. all metro rail lines on time as well and we're not dealing with any other problems except for this little area right here that always backs up in cheverly. 50 from 202 to 295 is sluggish
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50 down to pennsylvania avenue a little bit of congestion there. again, aside from that i like what we're seeing through mclean and tysons and really out in bowie and crofton. i'll let you know if that changes. allison and steve. >> erin, thank you very much. coming up next, breaking overnight out of the vatican. a top cardinal facing multiple sex crime charges. >> also a major league baseball umpire being called a hero this morning. scary situation he witnessed and why he says he didn't think twice to help. back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> new this morning a top cardinal at the vatican taking immediate leave after being charged whip sexual assault. cardinal george pell is pope francis' chief financial adviser charged today in his native australia. police there indicated the alleged abuses took place many years ago. pell said he's innocent. he's faced criticism in the past for mishandling cases of clergy abuse when he was an archbishop in melbourne and sydney australia. >> an arkansas man due in court today after police say he intentionally drove his vehicle into that brand new 6,000-pound 10 commandments monument on the grounds of the state capitol. that statue had just been installed yesterday, the day before. video post to do facebook shows 32-year-old michael tate read yelling -- we just hea
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it, he yelled freedom before the crash. we're told a replacement monument has already been ordered. >> an update on the political unrest in venezuela. thousands took to the streets looting a number of local businesses. at least 68 businesses destroyed. several government buildings set on fire. a manhunt continues for a police investigator accused of stealing a police helicopter and sending grenades and gunfire at the supreme court and interior ministry. little closer to home politics one day after calling off a healthcare vote this week senate majority leader mitch mcconnell trying to sandy revised version of that bill to the congressional budget office as soon as tomorrow. the hope is that a vote can still take place this summer. the president weighing in saying it will include a great surprise when it does come to a vote. on wednesday capitol hill police arrested dozens of protesters of the gop's plan. the president held his first reelection fundraiser last night it was at trump international hotel on pennsylvania avenue. raised about $10 million. it was $35,000 per plate. the president did not allow reporters into the
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when his motorcade arrived it was met with protesters chanting shame. >> out west now wildfires continue to burn and intensify in colorado california ya' and d arizona. a fire burning around prescott has forced thousands of people from their homes closed roads and created a huge plume of smoke. this is the same area where a firefighter killed 19 firefighter its four years ago. in utah firefighters are bracing for more high winds as they try to slow a blaze that's burned more than a dozen homes and forced 1500 evacuations from a ski resort town. and strong storms moving through the heartland produced tornadoes in two states. in western wisconsin you can see the damage from the air, trees down and an overturned truck. one person was injured. a twister also touched down in iowa. severe storm threat moves into the chicago area today. >> the right place at t
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before last name's pirates-rays game in pittsburgh one of the major league baseball umpires saved a woman from jumping offer a bridge over the allegheny river. he just hatched to be passing by and he rushed to lock his arms around that woman to stop her from falling off the bridge. other bystanders helped to get her back over the railing. >> after she came back on the side i went up to her 'cause she said you'll just forget me after this and i said no, i'll never forget you, this is -- this is -- you know, this was an unbelievable day and i'm glad to say that she can have another day with us and glad i was in the right place at the right time. >> one of the bystanders to helped got the game ball from the umpire for efforts off the field. >> people are in such pain. stillstill a ahead the airle selling tickets for under 60 bucks but there's a catch. >> not a bad catch. >> as we head to break on this thursday morning,
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traffic coming up on the 5s. next we'll check in with our good friend tucker barnes. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> what a beautiful start to the day this little friday, friday eve, thursday morning whatever you want to call it. 66 degrees. sounds quite nice. check in with tucker get a check of the forecast for the rest of the day. >> nice sunrise steve morning. more heat and humidity building in. i'll show you how hot it will be in a second. on route 50 a lot of people head down to the beach yesterday. there's are forecast as we get into the weekend. going to be a nice summer weekend down along the eastern shore there. temperatures in the 80's each afternoon. water temperature now 67. looks like our best chance for a thunderstorm will be the second half of saturday. we'll have a few storms on sunday as well but monday and fourth of july look good and again temperatures in the mid 80's down at the beaches. all right. 66 warmer than yesterday. i mentioned up in baltimore yesterday that was a record low of 51. you can see it's about 10 degrees warmer this morning. 63 up in
6:17 am
64 in leonardtown, fredericksburg is 60 degrees, 63 out at dulles. all right. why not? we'll go one more. winchester 61 degrees. all of us are going to be a little warmer today. little more humid. how about partly sunny. we've got a little bit of cloudiness out there early. not expecting any rain or thunderstorms today. we'll keep it dry but we will increase the humidity and the heat a little bit later today as high pressure that was overhead yesterday is starting to scoot off shore. as it gets set up here, we'll call eight bermuda high we'll have several days where the temperatures are going to be right back into the 90's for the next couple of days so, yeah, temperatures will be on the warm side. upper 80's, low 90's for daytime highs later this afternoon. but again it should be dry. and humidity won't be terrible today. you'll notice it creeping up over the next couple of days and it will become creepy and humid-like around here by saturday or sunday. 91 today. 93 tomorrow. we're zip tripping to stafford. i'm going to apparently race somebody in
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that should be fun. [laughter] >> saturday some thunderstorms. that's our best chance of thunderstorms second half of the day kind of late afternoon. highs about 90. right now tuesday fourth of july 93 with some scattered storms late in the day. okay, i'm done. >> are you ready for our fox5 field trip today? >> i heard we're going. sounds like fun. >> good day d.c. t tucker and i are going explore. can we tell everyone. >> tell everyone. >> game of thrones pop up bar. i can't wait. 270 southbound at the spur look at that northbound and southbound side moving along just fine. i'll let you know if anything changes. north of that point from 70 past the truck scales just minor delay from congestion. as we forward things along from that beautiful view of skyfox to our maps we'll show you what else you're up against. few crashes on our secondaries. metro all ra rails on time. northbound 95 looking good except for a minor delay building through stafford. give yourself about 10 extra minutes by courthouse road it's
6:19 am
dale city into lorton you hit another slow down from congestion. no crashes to report an bit sluggish as you get north of that point into newington. edsall road to the pentagon still at speed. love what we're seeing on the inner loop. top of the beltway looking good. aside from that 66 is nice and quiet. actually i lied. we're starting to see some volume building. it was quiet about five minutes ago. right now as you make your way from 29 in gainsville to 28 in centreville typical 15 minute delay. things on seven cleared up earlier crash by east loudoun street. we'll keep you posted. allison and steve back to you. >> thank you very much. so, even though july 4th is still several days away the holiday rush begins today. if you're traveling across the bay bridge you can expect heavy traffic through tuesday, sorry. this is a live look, though, at the toll plaza at sandy point. it looks good right now on the way -- i don't know how the bay bridge though looked. you might want to thing pow abot traveling during off hours. heaviest traffic expected saturday and sunday.
6:20 am
nobody is on there. it looks phenomenal. >> apple celebrating a big anniversary. big news from staples overnight. >> curly w flying high at nats park once again the series with the cubs wraps up today. day game today. going to be hot. hopefully they can put another curly w on the board. we'll talk sports at 6:30.
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>> time for our business beat and back now with the airline selling tickets for under 60 bucks but with a catch, first though we'll check the markets. joining us from fox business network studios lauren simonetti. lauren let me say i thought and this has nothing to do with anything we talk about, i thought i could sneak away and go somewhere last minute. try finding anywhere in the country under $600 this weekend. it's impossible. >> reporter: what's wrong with
6:23 am
would find a last minute deal for the fourth of july weekend. >> yes, i did a hundred percent. i was wrong. >> reporter: we're driving out to the hamptons. come join us. >> fantastic. >> reporter: long car ride gas is cheap. >> how are the markets? >> reporter: decent. actually huge day yesterday. terrific rally for tech shares bank shares markets up. you know, tomorrow we wrap up the first half of the year. isn't that unbelievable for the nasdaq. strongest performance for the start to any year since 2003 we're seeing a big rally in tech and in the banks. >> fantastic. all right. for those who's are not driving out to the hamptons this weekend but want to plan travel for later this year, if we're traveling light we can do it for a light budget. >> reporter:. >> reporter: united has a flash sale going on. basically today is the day $59 each way tickets washington, d.c. is one of the airports that you can fly out of for travel between the end of august and the middle of december. there are a lot
6:24 am
with the dates that you can fly. but the biggest catch is if you ask me are the fact that if you want to use that overhead bin no way. you can bring one item on board and it's a purse. it has to fit under the seat in fro front of you. the second catch they're not going to seat you until the very end. if you're traveling with kids you might not be able to sit next to them. >> for single travelers who don't travel with baggage it's a good deal. >> reporter: not bad. >> i love my job but in this 2017 world, if i had a job where i could just take advantage of flash sales that would be amazing 'cause i don't know how people could do it. >> reporter: hard to get time off. you have to get your boss to give you off like right now when it usually takes weeks for them to get back to you after they've seen if it works for the schedule. >> i'd like a week off in october and let me know in 30 minutes, thank you. you: i'm not feeling so well. call out sick. >> big day for apple, 10 year anniversary of the iphone. >> reporter: oh, my goodness, right, it's also my
6:25 am
sister-in-law's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> reporter: 10 years ago today we saw the first iphone. can you believe that it was $600 at the time? i don't even remember that. that was expensive back in 07. if you invested that 600 bucks right now, it would be worth $5,000 because apple stock has gone up so much. that's a fun tidbit for you. and of course many iterations of the iphone later three new ones expected to celebrate the tenth anniversary this fall. look, i'm not sure iphones are still the thing. we have major apple analyst who says the next thing and it's going the eat into iphone sales is apple glasses. you wear these funky gadgets. >> i feel like we've been there. didn't we find that with the google ones. >> reporter: i know, that's how i feel. i don't know too much about them. i know they'll have augmented reality. jean munster is the analyst and he's pretty spot on with a lot of these predictions. apple is known to do things better than the competition ey
6:26 am
but they pack a big punch. >> we shall see. >> reporter: i don't see myself wearing them. i don't care about augmented reality. >> i don't either. i just want to get out of town for the weekend. if you bump it up $6,000 invested in 2007, $50,000 today in apple stock. some people are really not having to worry about the $59 airfare. thanks lauren. >> reporter: not at all. first there is a. >> class. >> see you tomorrow. >> reporter: bye. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> you're offering heat and humidity. >> 10 years ago like everybody had $600 laying around. >> and that was before 08. >> we never knew how much we were really paying for the phone. >> 66 now in washington. more heat and more humidity today although not terrible. we'll be near 90 this afternoon but it will be noticeably warmer than what we've been enjoying last couple days. yesterday was a gorgeous day. >> beautiful. >> just beautif
6:27 am
won't amount to any rain or thunderstorms later today. we'll keep it dry. big picture high pressure bermuda high now building in and that means several days with temperatures right around 90 degrees. maybe a little higher than that this weekend. next chance for a storm saturday, second half of saturday. >> thank you, tucker. >> okay. >> all right. let's check back in with erin get a check on traffic now at 6:27. >> it's like a maze in the hallway so it takes me a little extra time in high heels to get in here. >> lots of boxes out there. >> you got plan accordingly. right now red line earlier train malfunction at farragut north. residual delays to shady grove on the red line. rest of your metro rail commute looking good. southern maryland because of a crash near livingston road we're seeing heavier traffic leading towards oxon hill this morning and then 95 northbound in dale city we have a crash blocking the shoulder and that is adding to the delays in the mix right there as you try to get north of the occoquan so give yourself some extra time. south that of point you jam up through stafford as usual. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back with your 6:30 half hour. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everybody. it is 6:30 on a really bright and pretty thursday morning. we're glad you're with us right here fox5 news morning. we will have weather and traffic coming up for you on the 5s at 6:35. first though, with this half hour the search is on for a killer in the district. police say a man was shot and killed just before midnight in the 800 block of 46th street in northeast. no word on who that victim is
6:31 am
for the suspect but the description is pretty vague right now. police in prince george's county are investigating a deadly shooting in forestville. now they say a man was found at an apartment complex along pennsylvania avenue around 8:00 last night. so far no suspects, no motive. to northern virginia vre resumed normal service on the manassas line. this comes after just a tragedy on the rails. a 13-year-old girl was hit and killed. the teenager playing with her cousin on the tracks near bull run. sources tell fox5 the cousin was able to jump to an opposite track but that girl was just too scared to make a run for it. back in the district the ntsb trying to piece together what led to an accident which left 2csx workers dead. investigators say the workers stepped off a csx train near union station to fix a problem with a wheel. for some reason they crossed the tracks and that's when they were struck and killed. a virginia man charged with
6:32 am
with a chinese agent due in court today. 60-year-old kevin mallory arrested last week at his home in leesburg. court documents reveal he traveled to china. if convicted mallory faces life in prison. to montgomery county. these two men are accused of stealing more than $21,000 worth of alcohol. kelvin snowden jr. is a county department of liquor control employee. police say he and jean august stole boxes of alcohol from the department's warehouse in gaithersburg. several times this happened in the last four months they say. security caught august in the warehouse back in may. police arrested snowden yesterday. a townhouse fire in montgomery county being blamed on spontaneous combustion. investigators say a homeowner tossed some oily rags onto the deck and within minutes they went up in flames. it happened yesterday on newton street in the rock shire neighborhood. th
6:33 am
injuries. neighbors spotted the blaze when they came home. >> we had just come home and i walked out on the deck and i saw some black smoke and i told my wife linda to call 911. she was in the house. and she called immediately. >> officials say the rags contained some type of linseed oil. back to northern virginia now. a special honor for the police officers who responded to the congressional baseball practice shooting. congressman don bier says he'll give them a framed copy. >> let's get to sports and a bic check on the morning line. nationals flying the curly w at nats park for game three of the series with the cubs. anthony rendon 420 some foot
6:34 am
home run, 15th long ball of the season. oh matt wieters up next. why not? it's contagious. he puts one out over the center field fence as well. wieters seventh homer of the year. stephen strasburg struck out 13 just two earned runs, nats win eight-four. they'll wrap it up today with a day game. daniel murphy go for it too. 4:05 start today. chris lester i got it easy pop-up right. except oh, my goodness, who put that base right in the middle of the field? rolled his ankle, mild sprain and might be out for awhile. when does that ever happen? baseball is a game of weird injuries. team says he has a quote/unquote moderate ankle sprain. it is golf here in the d.c. area. the quicken loans national kicks off at tpc potomac avenue. name of the course it's in
6:35 am
7:15 this morning first tee you have. leesburg native [inaudible] naval academy graduate. tees off after 8 o'clock. they will be battling each other in the d.c. humidity. how about this from the golf course. practice round sergeant first class bryane greene caddying for ricky fowler probably the biggest name in the field. really cool moment for any sports fan. it gets better. afterward. wait a minute. that's my dad and i haven't seen him in years because he's been stationed overseas. >> aww. >> he was masquerading as a caddie. what a great reunion on the green as he gets a chance to see his son for the first time since he's been serving in afghanistan and kuwait. what a great moment. love it. tearjerker. >> it's too much. >> right. >> yes. >> you're good at delivering sports. >> i really feel like that's your calling. >> you're good at delivering weather. >> yeah, but you're good at sports. >> you want me to go away a.
6:36 am
done sports. >> meanwhile i'll try to do weather. we'll get a little warmer today. heat and humidity moving back in. about 90 this afternoon and it won't be terrible. it will just be more typical of what we get around here in the summertime. you know, we feel sweaty, you know, maybe didn't turn the air conditioner on in the car quite soon enough and sticking to the back of the seat, that kind of thing. 66 now in washington. >> i got one. try to be brave and roll the windows down because you than feeling of the air until it's hot. >> right. it's a wet blanket effect. few clouds out there early. we'll keep it dry today. again, it won't be oppre oppressively hot. seasonal and warmer than yesterday upper 80's and low 90's for daytime highs. next chance for a storm on saturday. we'll talk about weekend forecasts and of course fourth of july right around the corner. what does nature have in store? i'll make my best estimate. >> all right. we'll look forward to it. >> okay. >> hi, erin.
6:37 am
have a pool day on saturday. >> and no rain. >> and no rain. >> well, that could be a problem. >> and maybe a nap in the afternoon around 2:00. right now traffic on inbound 395 backing up across the 14th street bridge right now. it's about a five minute delay from the pentagon on through. let's switch it over for another camera because we have other delays like 295 southbound. really slow roll. this is as you make your way 295 southbound from 50 down to pennsylvania avenue. about a seven minute delay. northbound side looking pretty good. aside from that, the outer loop still at speed 95 to georgia avenue. none of those typical delays. let's take a look at our maps. metro on time except the red line dealing with red line delays. residual delays to shady grove earlier train malfunction at farragut north t aside from that one southern maryland a crash on 210 and northbound near livingston road. bottom of the beltway oxon hill look at that red as you make your way after branch avenue to approaching the wilson bridge. it's the slowdown from congestion. inner loop looking pretty good through annandale so far but we do have crash blocking the shoulder by prince william parkway
6:38 am
dale city to the beltway because of that we're dealing with a sluggish commute with about a 15 minute delay. aside from that everything else looking good. that's your traffic. we'll have more in just a few. >> ♪ >> thanks erin. we're just one day away from our next zip trip. tomorrow we'll be in stafford virginia outside of the rouse swim and sports center on mine road. we have a whole morning of fun planned. i'm be out there along with tucker. >> tucker already teased he'll be swimming so please if you could get him to at least wear something other than a speedo for the sake of all of us. >> now you're asking too much. >> i think you can do it. you have that power, al. >> i'll try. back in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> we are back now with what is trending on the web on this thursday morning. first up, a huge money mistake. a michigan man who was laid off from trico products they make windshield wipers when he was laid off he was told he would receive $81,000 a week for 34 weeks of severance pay. that comes to $2.7 million, steve. an appeals court says, yeah, that was a mistake and he can't collect that money. trico says the document should have said he would get roughly $81,000 total
6:42 am
know. >> did they sign the document. >> right. i'm rooting for you, sir. the fourth of july weekend is the perfect time to visit an amusement or water park. trip adviser announced a list of the top places to go. universal's island of adventure in orlando florida takes the number one spot for an amusement park. typhoon lagoon better water park. water country u.s.a. in williamsburg virginia took the fifth spot for the best water spot. >> very nice. >> finally did a chicago cubs player throw up the middle finger. check out this picture of -- i'm trying to see if i see it in there. check out this picture of albert a mora in the oval office. he's denying he's flipping the bird and he says he has two fingers out. >> oh i see in the plaid spirit pointed down t looks like he has his hand in his pocket. >> but look at his little
6:43 am
face. does it kind of look like i'm giving a little business. >> he's kind of got his hand like -- >> i think that you -- okay anyway he says he would never do that to the president of the united states and i'm going stand by him and believe that that's true. >> that's an instant call. >> i don't think he would -- >> did you hear the cubs catcher that called out the pitcher at the nats game for allowing stolen bases. they cut him the next day. can't mess with our number one guy. don't call out your teammate or your gone. today's fox beat hitting the roads in new orleans. kevin is down there this morning because of course why would kevin ever be here. plus one of the stars of the "fast and furious" series threatening to quit the franchise. so much drama with this franchise almost as much as the money it makes.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> isn't it nice? >> yeah. >> 66 degrees, nice and the cool. i know we're about to be back in the heat but right now it's all right. >> yeah its comfortable. not bad out this morning. >> right now. >> later today is not going to be terrible. upper 80's, low 90's. just typical summertime weather. >> we'll ease into it for the weekend. >> exactly. if you like the good pool whether it will be a nice afternoon for it. summer heat returns over the next couple days. more heat, more humidity and eventually daytime highs in the low 90's. today it will be more like upper 80's low 90's. still some 50's out there early. frederick 59 degrees to start your day. 64 in leonardtown, 64 in
6:47 am
washington. these numbers about 10 degrees warmer than where we were 24 hours ago but still, it's not going to be a terrible day. you flip the prompter hugs after the show. hugs. there we go. coming in for a hug. okay. we got a few clouds out early. it will be a partly sunny day today and it should be actually a nice afternoon here. high pressure that gave us the remarkable weather last couple days gets off shore. we'll call it a bermud high. winds out of the -- you probable noticed it with winds out of the south. and west. with the winds out of the south we bring the heat and humidity back into the washington area. about 90 later today. rain chances are not good today but as we get into the weekend, particularly saturday with a weak frontal system coming in, that will be our best chance for some thunderstorm activity over the next couple of days. 90 game time game at 4 o'clock should be fun, passing clouds summer feel should be a nice afternoon for baseball and it will be dry lat
6:48 am
not looking at storms. isolated storm tomorrow. better chance -- best chance saturday. sneak peek at fourth of july, temperatures in the low to mid 90's with a few scattered storms tuesday afternoon. hopefully they will not rain on our fireworks, right, erin? >> yes. it rained on the fireworks last year. >> i know so we're going to avoid it last year. >> and i would like to see it this year so i'm excited. last year though i did take a nice long jog down to the reflecting pool. rainy fourth of july. outer loop a crash after 95 and we're seeing a lot of slow moving traffic because of that. you can see it the left shoulder there. all lanes are opened but from bw parkway right now to georgia avenue we're dealing with about a 20 minute delay. things looking good on the inner loop. let's switch it over and show you a look at our maps because we have metro problems unfortunately this morning. silver line earlier train malfunction at roslyn. residual delays to largo town center. red line delays lingering recommends to shady grove earl
6:49 am
farragut north. some yellow zones in virginia. hour to get from the 234 to the parkway on 66 eastbound. crash blocking the shoulder by prince william parkway. things backing up about a five minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. gw parkway still at speed. and then in maryland the only delay we're dealing with right now is the outer loop because of the crash after 95. things looking really nice on 270, 95 coming down to powder mill from the baltimore beltway and then the outer loop by pennsylvania avenue. so, pretty pleasant. i'll tell was though i am in that vacation state of mind. it just feels like the holiday. >> it's almost there. >> yay! >> summertime. >> uh-huh. let's celebrate with some memes. >> shall we. >> please. >> let's get to it. >> let's. >> time for our morning meme. >> ♪ >> uh-huh. >> all right, let's take care of business. the music is going and we're going to start with -- >> ahhh. >> uh-huh
6:50 am
similar look when he would tear the indoor houseplants up. that was his move. >> you know that dog as soon as they heard the car pull into position now create a position now isn't that act normal. >> i don't know what happened. >> i'm just sitting here and the whole thing explodes. >> just as surprised as you are. >> i don't know what happened. >> i'm okay, though, don't worry. i'm good. >> where is your concern about me. >> this happens to me all the time. >> oh, yeah. >> when you're ready to go but your phone is on 10 percent. [laughter] 50.just wait until it gets to- >> that's funny. >> 'cause you'll get in trouble. >> i know that pain, lauren. >> that's a terrible pain when you want to get out the door and you're like okay, now i can't go. all right, how i drop hints to my crush. >> look at the look. >> awww. >> i love it. >> that's very subtle. >> right. >> is that -- oh, that is hilarious. >> okay. and wrapping it up today, erin take it away. >> i'm so excited about this one. notice on the side eye maureen is giving allison. when your best tea is hitting on your man who is not really your man but that's your man.
6:51 am
[laughter] >> right. don't ask one more -- >> al. >> don't ask one more thing. >> do you like that one. >> i love that one. >> i snapped it yesterday. >> that's your picture, erin. >> uh-huh. >> it was fun. >> what a great sport. >> send us your memes. maybe fourth of july related memes. >> should get some great ones. >> uncle sam related memes. >> we were talking about yesterday when al be sure was on good day t let's check out who is on the good day guest list today. must stop for "game of thrones" fans second best place on earth. "game of thrones" will get that one going because tucker ander erin are heading out to the "game of thrones" pop-up bar. you're excited. >> i can't wait. >> the where are my dragons. we will get our fill of celeb news and dirt with the help of page 6tv plus dr. phil opens up about the medical condition he's been dealing with for 25 years. >> we're getting our fill fran
6:52 am
>> we're going to the big easy. hope you had your beignets. >> i do. that's where we find kevin mccarthy down in new orleans. good morning. >> allison, steve, good morning to you. yeah, i'm in new orleans i landed last night and i'm here for a film called girls trip and the film itself, the essence festival is happening here. i'm super excited. i've never been down here during the essence festival. it's one of my favorite cities in the world. i was texting allison last night saying there's just so much energy here, i love it here so much but yeah, i'm interviewing a lot of big stars while i'm down here specifically today i'm talking to jada pinkett smith as well as queen latifah and to me having those two actresses in a room is awesome because obviously set it off was massive film of the nights and i rewatched set it off on the plane here. it still holds up. f gary gray is a genius. i'm talking to regina hall and lauren tate. if you have any questions for anyby
6:53 am
please send me your tweets. i would love to bring your questions to the actresses. i'm sitting down with them around 3:30 p.m. today new orleans time, so get your questions ready, send them in video form or tweet form, whatever you can but remember, it's jada and queen latifah together and then regina hall and tiffany had i'm sh steals the movie. this is going to blow her up. she's great in girls trip. >> what else are you doing when you're down there. >> i'm down here for that movie. also a netflix film called naked. i'm interviewing loretta devine marlon wayans. those are the main things i'm doing here. obviously the essence festival is a big party of this movie girls trip. i'm looking forward to speaking to the actors today but moving on to entertainment news,
6:54 am
me laugh. i don't know if you guys have seen this. comedian hannibal burris he plays coach in the new spider-man film that opens up next friday. allegedly he could not attend the spider-man premiere yesterday in los angeles so he paid a look alike to attend for him. now t-in a tweet that was -- that has been deleted, the tweet said l.a., i need a look alike with solid comedic timing for an event tonight pays $500. e-mail picks to hannibal look alike three at g so, a? named joe carroll who according to entertainment weekly is a "self described author screen writer director and actor hailing from nashville who is living in l.a." attending the premiere as hannibal burris. this is real. joe carroll the gentleman who attended as him posted to instagram saying "just crash
6:55 am
the red carpet as hannibal burris" and he has #standing in, #body double. the best part about this by the way is if you go to hannibal burress' twitter he tweeted out video of an interview and i don't know for sure if the lady knew it really wasn't hasn't bell hannis but it's very funny but it shows burress showing up on the carpet he says i'm out here at the spider-man premiere. i don't know, i think this is hilarious. i don't know if anybody was in on it but, yeah, it's very funny. the whole article is on entertainment weekly. i'll put it on my twitter page. >> having a little fun at people's expenses. what else you got kev. >> next up the academy awards have set a record straight in regards to the number of people invited this year for the academy voters and mem members. 774 total were add add including the rock, betty white, i don't know why this is now happening, it should have happened a long time
6:56 am
jordan peel gal gadot. in records to this year people of color in the overall membership went from 8 percent to 13 percent and also in the -- for female it was 39 percent female in the actual class for the new academy. 25 percent to 28 percent this year. so, they're trying to obviously make this as diverse and real as possible in regards to the voters for the academy awards. >> kev got to let you go now but we'll see you next hour. >> thanks guys. >> let's check in with tucker and get a look at our forecast. >> more heat and humidity. still comfortable. temperatures in the 60's. 68 at reagan national. few clouds out there early. we'll keep it dry today. our high pressure is going to become what we call a bermuda high pumping in moral heat and humidity over the next several. about 90 this afternoon. best chanc
6:57 am
would be saturday afternoon as we get into our holiday weekend. 93 for fourth of july. plenty more coming up next hour on fox news morning. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 7 o'clock this morning, president trump's travel ban goes into that effect today and this comes as the department
7:00 am
security at a number of airports around the world. we're live at dulles this morning with how it may impact you. >> plus more fallout from fox5's investigation into grade fixing claims at prince george's county schools. this morning who wants to put the school's ceo's new contract on hold. >> breaking overnight one of pope francis' top advisers now the highest ranking vatican official ever to be charged with sexual abuse. coming up a response from the vatican and the cardinal involved. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> if you're just waking up this morning here's your first real pretty out there though the heat is going to make a comeback today. >> coming back in a little b bit. let's get that quick check on weather and traffic from tucker and erin. >> more heat and humidity. should be a nice afternoon. still expecting to be dry. all the details on your holiday weekend weather as well. >> 66 eastbound by nutley street. fire department out there. huge delays


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