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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and chasing two victims through the parking lot. you can see a suspect in a video in the gray sweatshirt swing a large knife and stab one of the victims. investigators say it was medina who spotted them wearing the color red and assumed they were members of a rival gang, he then ordered other ms 13 members to scare them by slashing their car tires and assaulting them. >> as a result of mistakening these men as being members of a rival gang, mr. saldavar, who was only 16, ordered them to be killed. he ordered other members of ms 13 to track them down. by the way, they were not gang members, they just were in gang territory by the mall and wearing clothing that was the wrong color. >> state's attorney john mccarthy said he faces more than
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sentenced. state attorney is addressing a bigger problem. rosecute gang members >> state lawmakers need to revise the current statute because it isn't strong enough. kristen leone is live in silver spring with the latest. >> reporter: when it comes to prosecute under the statute. there's a long list of criteria that needs to be met first in order to do so. very frustrating and tedious process for him, he says. here's more on what he had to say. >> it's not enough and i will tell you that is not been enough to help us really address gang crimes in mob. we have a real challenge for the legislatures of maryland to go back to the brigantine board and design greater tools to assist prosecutors, particularly here in montgomery county to help us combat
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montgomery county leaders today and they say they recognize on their end the gang activity especially escalated in the county but working hard with local and federal law enforcement on their end. they say as far as why it's gotten so bad in montgomery county, there's no real answer. >> it's a continuing challenge. you know, gangs have taken root in some places in the county and some places throughout the metro area. but we're working hard with the feds, with state, with others to try and combat the gangs. >> reporter: now, in this case, the state's attorney also mentioned today that a lot of these gang members or people who participate in organized crime in this case, he was saying a lot are unaccompanied minor that is come into montgomery county. we're told there are about 5200 accompanied minors at this time in the county. and those range from
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families, kids with no parents and also kids who are refugees. live in montgomery county. kristen leone, fox 5 local news. new tonight, police are looking for the mother of an abandoned baby left on the doorstep of a maryland home. take a look here is the baby boy himself. they say he was left on the doorstep of a house in the 2000 block of forest drive in annapolis. baby appears to be in good health being cared for at the hospital. police are concerned about the health and welfare of his mother, under the save haven law in maryland, distressed parents can give up custody of babies with no questions asked, they can be left at hospitals or law enforcement stations. for the second time, the prince george's county police issued a warning to all illegal dirt bike and atv riders. they off the streets or else. they say the riders are putting themselves and others in danger. today, they released photographs of some of the riders they're
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paul wagner joins us live from national harbor tonight with the story and paul those are pretty clear photos too. >> reporter: yes. there are no doubt. and that is the new tactics that police are using. they've been trying for years to get ahead of this situation to get these atv and dirt bike riders on the street. they will not chase the them. they say it's just absolutely too dangerous. so that is the new tactic. if, clear, digital photographs. last sunday, a pack of illegal riders swarmed the streets of national harbor driving their two and four-wheelers against traffic, popping wheelies and whizzing down sidewalks with seemingly no regard for people in their way. >> various community event we're getting a lot of feedback. citizens do not want this in prince george's county. reiterate time and time again we worked hard to bring this county to a place where it's much better than it used to be. >> reporter: one of the first
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good quality photos of some riders. these photos were taken by citizens, surveillance cameras. and police dash cameras of some of last week's riders. can you identify them? chris murtha asked for help and are getting it >> a lot of tips on people storing bike, where stored, the names of people. >> reporter: deputy chief murtha said many of the four and two wheelers have been stone and to drive the point home, the police produced pictures of these men, investigators say stole this dirt bike from a teenager this week in fort washington. >> the victim posted this for sale, they responded to the add. they took pictures of money, they showed up at his house in this vehicle. of that's the tag number to the vehicle. this gentleman here pulled out a gun >> in addition to the warnings, police deployed atvs of their own, along with bicycles and motorcycles. they tried to end what police say is a
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>> we never want to be engaged in a pursuit or anything like that. we will not meet their behavior with our own bad behavior. but we will be able to follow them anywhere with our helicopter. they're not going to out run that. >> reporter: chief said they're not publicizing all tactics in order to keep an element of surprise. he says they're ready if the pack hits the streets again. about ten years ago i did a story about a dc police officer who was run over by a tav. he was trying to stop and he was critically injured. dc police officer are doing the same thing, as prince george's county and in fact, they released photographs of as many as 50 people they would like you to identity's those photographs can be found on the dc police website. live at national harbor, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. . let's take it outside. again, here's a live look at the bay bridge. look as little bit better.
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bay bridge it was backed up. it looks like the ez pass lanes people are breezing through. it's the cash lanes? looks good. and looking good too if you're heading to the beach. caitlin is standing by with latest on the forecast for that. >> hey there, sarah and shawn. if you can deal with the traffic which looks like it gets easy crossing, it's going to be a great weekend as the beach -- it will be a great weekend. we're off to a warm start but every 4th of july here is warm. 90 in washington. 85 in annapolis, nice by the bay. 89 in baltimore. 88 in frederick and 87 at dulles. it's been warm, sunny, the thunderstorms stayed largely out of our area and we got a nice breeze out of the south, winds 15, 20 miles an hour, higher gusts out there. access of 25 miles an hour or 31 wind gusts at reagan national. i actually think it is a beti
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warm summer night ahead. whether the beach or home in dc, we're look tag great way to start the holiday weekend. only issue as far off towards or west. we've had late day thunderstorms and showers, down towards charlottesville. if you're watching from hagerstown, had you a different afternoon and you'll have are different evening over the next our or two. expect showers and thunderstorms to continue. on and off downpours and a little bit of lightening. here's your evening planner, 87 in the metro, by 7:00 p.m. partly cloudy skies, 83 by 9:0080 by 11:00. it will be pretty humid again tomorrow, we'll see relief by sunday. with the humidity. low temperatures overnight. 76 in the district. 75 in quantico, four in fredericksberg. saturday, tomorrow, it's the one day we have to watch for thunderstorms, some of which might be prett
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outline the details for your thunderstorms and a look at the independence of any day forecast coming up in your seven-day. still ahead. we're following a developing story. one person is dead. five others hurt after a shooting inside a new york hospital. then should members of congress be allowed to buy bullet-proof vests? the proposal being floated around. >> if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line the number is 202-895-3000. you can e-mail to fox 5 tip tips@w we'll be right back.
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. new york city, a massive police response at the bronx-lebanon hospital. investigators are responding to what is believed to be a murder suicide. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon inside the hospital. we're learning the gunman who opened fire was a doctor who formally worked there. new york police say doctor hry
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bello walked into the building with a rifle hidden and opened fire killing at least one woman and injuring six others before turning the gun on himself, the motive is still unclear. the ambush shooting attack on a gop baseball practice led to protection upgrades, congressional member whose buy bullet-proof vests will be reimbursed now, the house administration committee made the changes to the members' congressional handbook, they can use general office fund and be reimbursed if they buy security or other items purchased for protection. a virginia woman facing weapons charges for carrying a loaded gun in a purse at bwi airport. tsa officers detected the gun when the woman passed through checkpoint. it was loaded with five bullets, one in the chamber. she told officers the her son put the gun in her purse >> on 5at630, a controversial new nra
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unsettling, and upsetting many people including gun owners. plus, he's at it again, president trump tweeting about his critics on tv news, i got the story for you just ahead.
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test. te test. 8:00 p.m. other than that, you're talking sunshine and temperatures in the mid 80's, looks great every day through the 4th. 94 temperature at reagan. 92. 93 at bwi. a nice south breeze helping us.& 90 outside, 89 in baltimore. 85 in annapolis, 89 in gaithersburg. and 86 in westminster. we saw a lot of thunderstorms, a cold front that's still way back across the ohio valley. line of swe
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the heat of the day, you got enough instability widely scattered showers and storms across pennsylvania, west virginia and virginia, some getting close to our area, we got a pocket of heavy rain north and east of charlottesville and around hagerstown area, you've bean see on and off showers and storms. it will likely continue and we deal with the actual cold front, fox future casts shows where the showers and storms are, they will stay there, northeast ward into pennsylvania. overnight, tonight, mostly cloudy, it's warm, it's humid and i think we're waking up to a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. it's going to be a sticky humid saturday with just a few breaks of sunshine as we get into the afternoon. but that sunshine is all that you need to destabilize when you got incoming cold front. it's got towards the mountains by mid afternoon, 2:00. showers and storms right there. and that's squall line looks to move through
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if you're in the pool and start seeing clouds, run inside and probably go back out quickly as the storm system exits and those showers and storms look to weaken as they across the eastern shore and approach the bay. we may see gusty wind, heavy rain with those thunderstorms, not for any major severe weather but it is a possibility. luckily that cold front will take the humidity down a bit for the second half. it's humid tomorrow, due points around 70. by sunday, still due points around 60, but it will feel a little bit better. into monday and tuesday, we've got high temperatures into the 90's and for the 4th of july, that means high temperature of 93 degrees. it should stay dry. let's show you that seven-day forecast. look at all the warmth, 92 with thunderstorms, sunny and hot, sunday and monday and independence. you'll get the fireworks in. it will be warm but nice before the thunderstorm chances increase wedsd
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thursday. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. shawn, back to you. i was taking pictures at lincoln memorial and i had to pee really bad >> when you visit public rest rooms, it can be good experience or a terrible one. yes, it can be. and this weekend, millions will gather on the national harbor to celebrate the 4th of july. fireworks, the parade, the food, chances are, mother nature will call. the >> what you may not know is the national harbor has ten public rest rooms, and some are better than others, scouts from washington tonian magazine visits all ten on the mall and came up with a map. giving locations and rates each one on smell, cleanliness, access and whether it's stocked with the essentiallies like soap and tp. >> most of them operating pretty well. the bathroom by the dc war memorial was in great shape. not neces
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must like constitution gardens by the reflecting pool. it was hard hit bathroom. >> the bathroom at the mlk memorial was top rated for the most up to date appliances and fixtures. >> updated appliances and fixtures? i don't care about cleanliness >> who cares. >> we got a map on our website, to find a map to all of those rest rooms.
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students at west springfield high in virginia came up with an idea to motivate the classmates and created a positive pay it forward movement using three must tear bars. the #shine campaign was turned into a mini it was. stwau to inspired by what the students did. it is planning to pay for a new mural for the high school. just the positivity and spreading it around >> and if we could have more beach time in the world
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but if you're there. maybe you should go outside because it's probably too nice to be inside. the beach forecast looks great, sunny and 80's thunderstorms tomorrow evening. 5at630 is next. for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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