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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 2, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> plus the trump administration is apparently targeting affirmative action. news this morning that the justice department has been given order to probe the use of race based policies in college admissions. >> and healthcare reform not dead yet. senate leaders planning to hold a series of bipartisan hearings to target parts of affordable care act. >> going back live outside. summer day, sunny ski
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upper 80s. maybe low 90s. >> good morning to you thank you for join is us i'm maureen umeh. >> it's august 2. >> we're looking at michael thomas talking about weather. my goodness, caitlin roth the traffic issues are bad this morning. >> another hot and humid day today. chance of popup shower or storm. highs today in low 0 osz. hi, caityln. >> following a fatal accident involveing a motorcycle on indian headway way. northbound 210 shut down palmer road. i'll have your work arounds coming right up. >> thank you, we'll check back in a few. >> yet another crashing for the indian hoy way maryland. autopsyy, good morning. >> good morning, maureen, holly, well this area indian head highway certainly is a row way that drivers have to be extra vigilant. this is an area that we've en
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multiple fatal crashes and according to aaa there were four motorcyclists killed along indian head highway since 2014 to 2017 over the last three years we're talking about four motorcyclists killed. if you look behind me here straight back there this is the median area. if you look closer to the median that's where we can see the motorcycle that crashed and we also as we drove by on the southbound lanes saw the victim still lying there. but this crash happened 12:30 this morning intersection closer to the intersection of route 210 and palmer road. and it involved a moto motorcyclist. he rear ended a vehicle according to police. we understand that the driver of the car is okay. he has non life-threatening injuries. right now the traffic severely affected here. we have northbound completely shut down as you can see. so if you're on northbound 210 you will be diverted to palmer road or livingston road. if you travel southbound what you're looking a
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see if you stayed to the right you can get by because they have opened up a second lane. so two lanes getting by on the southbound side northbound you'll be diverted to either livingston or palmer road for now. we can see the traffic building and this will slow you down as you travel through this section of for the washington. that's the latest, back to you in the studio. >> we'll check back in a few. 5 o 03 more on what's etch° overnight. >> u.s. plans to launch a tasked inter continental missile from air force base in california. unarmed missle is set to take off 9 a.m. our time. military did not disclose exact time. this comes days after north korea launched icbm test. experts that studied that recent launch says the norm korean missile has enough range to reach chicago or new york city. >> and new this morning a new study out of montgomery county says the county would lose about 47,000 jobs by
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they raise the minimum rage 15 an hour. the study suggests majority of jobs would below paying positions. back in january he vetoed a bill to raise the minimum wage. since then council members made changes to the bill in order to protect small business owners. >> and the man who headed d.c. va hospital for years is out ever a job. brian hawkins was fired for violating va policy by sending sensitive va information to his and his wife's private email account. hawkins firing comes a few months after another alarming report revealed dirty conditions of the facility at $150 worm of missing equi equipment. hawkins was initially removed from position as director and reassigned to administrative duty. >> time now 5:04. today attorney general jeff sessions will number columbus ohio to meet with families affected bit country opiate epidemic and he will meet with law enforcement to meet the national crisis. roughly
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overdose every day in ohio. more than 52,000 americans died in overdoses in 2015. >> today amazon is hosting its first ever job day at 10 warehouses across the country. company is needing to hire 50,000 people and plans to offer jobs to thousands of people on the spot. amazon warehouse on running highway in baltimore will be open from 8:00 this morning until noon for instant interviews. amazon offers snapt benefit for employees. our bob barnard is at the amazon center in baltimore later this morning. >> today great britain prince philip will carry out final engagement before stepping done from a role he fulfilled. the duke of edinburgh is longest serving in pr prettyishist hi and oldest of reigning monarch. his final event will be royal marines parade.
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22,000 public engagements. the queen looking stunning in that yellow though. >> right? >> four drinks a dale will do it for you. >> brightening anybody's spirit. were we expecting popup shower. >> i was surprised by it. >> thank you for bringing it up. we were not. sometimes that happens during the summer. i wish we would be right on time. and yeah we did miss those ones yesterday. we were more expecting them that kind of pattern starts today. so, starting the someday early. same kind of deal today. we could have more today. don't let it surprise you. 76 in washington and 69 gaithersburg and 70 dulles. lot more humidity as you step outside and you feel it right away warm summery pattern and at least through the rest of the workweek this week. sat line and radar showing mostly cloudy skies and not seeing raindrops hitting the ground early this morning. later this afternoon clouds break up and we get
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and build instability and pop another shower or storm. once again slow movers. if you get caught under one of these don't be surprised if you have heavy downpours and one flash flood warning yesterday and we may have to watch for one or two of those today. sun mixed with clouds today. high of 92 degrees. all right that's weather over to caitlin roth for a look at traffic. >> 5:07 a.m. we continue to follow cleanup after this fatal accident involving motorcyclist and another vehicle on indian head highway route 210 northbound in maryland southern prince george county around the for the washington area. crews on scene shortly after midnight after a motorcyclist rear ended another car. the motorcyclist did sadly pass away. what you see now is cleaning up of the rest of the debris of the accident. annie yu is live out there. she says there's a lot to klup and that's why it's closed off. as you go to maps that is live
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scene continuing and delays will be building as the morning commute picks up. northbound sowed palmer road is closed. southbound just one lane is getting by. southbound traffic building. what you can do there is try to get off livingston road and get around it. if you come from the northbound side traffic diverted to palmer road and another alternate instead of taking right on palmer make a left to old for the road. that can be up to oxon hill which eventually tease you to the beltway. avoid this area entirely. 210 closed palmer road or you have a lot of detours to get you around the issue south and where you need to be. tuesday morning commute as a hole rest of majors look g caitlin roth "fox5" on twitter if you have any questions and we'll continue to tweet out any other issues that do arise this morning. so far so good maryland commute, outer loop 95. bw parkway looking good and staying in maryland 270 southbound smooth ride frederick county to montgomery county as you get to the spur. >> that's a look at traffic. we'll have a peek at the virginia roads coming up next. maureen. >>
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>> coming up on "fox news morning" one of four men detained in australian terror plot is free. >> first there were smart phones and then smart homes and now you can add smart bottles to the going list of things you never knew you needed to improve quality of life. >> headed to break right now a live look across the d.c. region 5:09, 5. back after this enjoy the beat. beat.
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>> 5:10 breaking news out of australia one of four men arrested is now free. the man was cleared of all charges in the case and four were arrested by joint counter terism team on saturday following intelligence reports which said the men were noting to take down a passenger plane. >> well, we'll soon be seeing amazing image from space. a rocket carrying two satellites launched from a space centsner gun a. the launch and satellites are part of joint space mission between israel and france. satellites programmed to collect dozens of high high resolutions every day they orbit the church. >> a psychiatric evaluation after creating quite a scare at
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airport. shortly after a flight from panama landed teen opened mrj exit over the wing and jumped down on to the tarmac. construction crews working nearby were able to grab the teen and hold him until authorities arrived. police have not said why they think this happened and the tina period. anxious and fidgety during the flight. >> this could be the most valuable coin ever found in a priceless piece of american history a cording to res researcher obtained the first coin ever minuteed by the u.s. government apparently a prototype designed by thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton. it's on display this week at the world's fair of money in denver and no word whether it goes to auction. that is so, so cool. >> here it's been all this time. >> back story so important. >> all right newest smart trend here. smart water bottles. yes the water bottle from hybrid smart allow to you track daily water intake. most come with
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app to accepted you reminders to drink water throughout the day the app updates every time take a sip and tracks how much water you're drinking. i like that, i like it. >> can't you have a water potle a certain amount and know how many times to fill it up. >> maybe something that proms you you carry a water bottle and go the whole day and crap i didn't drink this. >> one more app for my phone. >> coming up on "fox news morning" another airline horror story. passengers forced to spend six hours on the tarmac with no air or lightinginging. >> "harry potter" fans a new lingerie line. just for you. anyway, as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region, time now 5:12, 75 degrees out there and it feels like august today, folks, "fox news morning" back after
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>> a deadly crash between a mok and car. at least one southbound lane is closed. police say the motorcycle rear ended car around 12:30 this morning and motorcycle driver was killed and the driver of the car was injured. the trump administration preparing to investigate and possibly sue universities for admissions policies which discriminate against white applicants. justice department is red reirecting resources of civil rights division to scrutinize admissions policies that have been kused to bring more minority students on to college campuses. move is latest sign the justice department is taking on more con sebtive fence under attorney jeff sessions. >> and amazon is host
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searches across the country hiring 50,000 people and plans to offer thousands of jobs on the spot. amazon warehouse in baltimore will be open 8 this morning until noon. 5:16 is the time. we're looking outside today. 75 degrees already. michael thomas hopefully those popup storms are a thing of the past. >> not so much. >> not so much. >> fair enough question. >> yesterday they were a surprise. not so surprising today. at least we don't want them to be. stray thunderstorms possible. much like yesterday. not everybody will see these. as we head to the afternoon hours those that do see them you will be able to tell the rain will come down heavy under some of these popup storms. 76 the number in d.c. rm warm, sticky, humid, once again summer pattern is back. 60s to the west. 66 win keingt chester and 6 5 martinsburg and it's 70 as you start your day. here's satellite and radar not much going on aside
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cover this morning you saw in the live shot the as well. clouds hang thick through the early morning hours and get into more sunshine late morning and afternoon as well. that will help kind of build instability and things pop. nothing too organized coming our way. whatever we get later this afternoon will be of the popup variety. high pressure in control to the south pushing heat and humidity to the north. upper 80s. lower 90s daytime highs much like the past couple of days and humidity getting thicker each and every day here. little weak boundary will slide out of the mountains and weak piece of energy hit and miss showers and storms as i stressed earlier. not everybody will see these. some will. 92 the daytime high today and sunshine fixed with clouds cover. that wind coming south is h helping to pull in some of that humidity up from the south. and that's why we're humid and feel like summer. >> 73 the overnight low tonight and back in that warm stky pattern and leave the acs on and windows closed we had windows on for a while
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windows closed for the next several days. 92 today, tomorrow, friday as well. each day will feature chance for preponderance-up storms in the afternoon. is it a, may be early shower looking less clickly leaving it in there for safety. in for sunshine for the afternoon. temperatures in the 80s. rather please entersment headed to next week unsettled weather begins and cooler rain likely on monday. let's check the weather forecast. caitlin roth back. >> busy on the roads. >> all week long. we continue to follow a fatal accident that forced closure 210 maryland indian head highway palmer road. one lane squeezing by and buildup there. a lot of emergency crews on scene. there's a lot of debris to tow away involving a motorcyclist that hit another vehicle that motorcyclist did not survive the crash. annie yu has been down there all morning and she continues to report on the scene. as far as we know this remains closed. 210 palmer road both directions as we go to maps i'll s
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those would be traffic coming northbound diverted to palmer road getting you to tucker and livingston. back on to 210. now you can do another one left. detour old for the to oxon hill back up to the beltway. if you come southbound you divert to livingston road. we have another closure i want to report this comes in lo lorton, virginia, route 23 ox road closed due to crash with downed polls in roadway and closed in both directions between occoquan river bridge. you want to avoid that area entirely following local detours. all right. that's a look at tuesday morning commute so far. maureen and holly back to you two. >> thank you caityln. 5:19 is the time. let's look at the story whys you're engaging with on social media. >> let's see what's trendsing on wenesday, hey, wiz. >> good morning to you both. an airline passenger gets serious case of airline fever after finding six hours on the tarmac. the might was grounded in canada because of thunderstorm. when the pilot refused to
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one called 911. by the time they landed in final destination they were on the flight 15 hours. on the flip side an airline in indian wants to make travel easier for women flying solo their line introduce aid new program in march to make children travel ago loan safer and more comfortable. through the program women can pick seats and gate signature answer with bags and have escort walk them to taxi after landing. >> meanwhile dozens are speaking out about sexism and sexual harassment in. some college aged students in science are double thinking about having careers in those. they already featureded sex imat the college level. >> another interesting story. ncaa dealing with big kornts kornts versey after kicker lost a full scholarship university of
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videos. he was making money off vi videos. they deemed him uneligible to play and he opens up in a video that is viewed more than 150 times. >> fans of "harry potter" are all grown up now and now they can bring their be loved books into the bedroom. that's right, "harry potter" link ray. "harry potter" lingerie is available for presales. boughtry inspired outfit is all right of it includes wonder woman and disney inspired pieces as well. i don't know about you coye see "harry potter" or wonder woman. disney in the bedroom. >> everybody wajts a princess. >> everybody wants a princess, think princesses. >> you can see "harry potter" in the bedroom. >> magic maureen, imagine in the bedroom. >> don't ask about his role play mau
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it thanks, wis, thanks wisdom. >> visual you don't need at fox 21. >> coming less than one year after challenging nike under armour announces cut backs. >> and new and unique starbucks coffee. >> 5:22 the time and 75 the temp. we're having fun this morning and we hope you are too us with. come on back and more news weather traffic on the other side. good morning. good morning.
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>> back now at 5:24. youtube getting help fighting online terrorist content as computers are detecting and re moving terrorist related content faster and more effectively. youtube says over 75% of videos they remove for violent extremism taking down before getting flagged about a pe person. youtube removed twice as much consent for
5:25 am
it comes after increase the terrorist attacks surround the world in june. >> you may remember us telling us about the wisconsin company offering to microchip workers. that's now a reality. software company held a chip injection party yesterday. 41 of the company's 85 employees volunteered for the implant. the chip can perform basic functions like unlocking doors and buying snacks from company vending machines and company says the chip does not track their employee's movements. >> under armour making changes to deal with huge financial losses and bament more company is cutting 2% of global workforce and several retail storms. it says the company will adapt to challenging sports retail environment. >> how about beef with co coffee. starbucks latest creation is called pepper nitro with jerky twist. cold brew coffee and malted black pepper syrup and skewer of beef jerky
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now. like i said yesterday, keep it there. >> it is tested in seattle and actually they are facing brutal heat right now. >> yeah, some record highs all time record highs. we were talking about this yesterday in the weather center caityln stuckish and i portland seeing all time high. hundreds out there. they're hotter than we've been this summer so far. 76 the current number outside in d.c.. winds nice and loyingt and calm. satellite and radar showing clouds that over taken the region early this morning and helping to keep things steaming outside. we'll break it off to more sunshine late morning, early afternoon destabilizing things by the time you get to the afternoon hours sdeents shot of thunderstorms. don't let it surprise you today. even though i i know we were surprised yesterday. >> checking the forecast over to caityln for the forecast. >> mike you have my sympathies i was surprised last week with thunderstorms when i was on duty. happens to us all. >> several crashes coming in early wednesday mni
5:27 am
a crash with downed polls in the roadway. the whole road is shut down before the occoquan river bridge. you won't be able to use it because of nature of wires being down and active scene and dangerous and crash out there. if you are in this part of virginia avoid it altogether and follow delays getting a round 123. 270 northbound urbana crash involving a motorcycle moved to left shoulder northbound head away from the city and southbound delays there from con gueston and rubber necking with the motorcycle accident. use caution and 270 in both directions. that's a look at traffic more coming up at 5:35. >> all right. thank you caityln. >> "fox news morning" maryland governor larry hogan sued over his activity on social media. >> researchers make a troubling vaccine on pregnant women. >> let's go live across the d.c. region. sun not up yet. still dark outside, 5:27, 75
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warm day august 2. we have more news, weather and traffic to share on the other side. don't go anywhere. you're watching "fox news morning".
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i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward...
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because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. comcast business. >> someday deadly accident prince george country live at the scene now. this remains a huge traffic nightmare for commuters. >> trump administration is
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appa affirmative action new this morning the justice department has been given order to probe the race of use based policies in admission. >> amazon wants you. retail dipt looking to fill 50,000 positions by end of business day. thank i for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> wednesday, august 12. >> all right, caitlin roth is watching roads and she has information about what is happening with the traffic. and michael thomas talking about weather. >> and humid and steamy outside as you start the day today. more sunshine this afternoon. chance of popup showers and storms as well. hi, caityln. >> hi there, mike, several closures and multiple crashes early wednesday morningment a lot of detours for you and i'll have all work arounds coming up. holly and wisdom. >> thanks, indicate lip, mike. we're following breaking news from overnight. starting with traffic. a deadly crash involveing a motorcycle in prince george county. >> police are on the scene in for the washington right now and so is "fox5" annie yu and she's also there with the latest in the
5:32 am
any what you can tell us now sdm wisdom and holly this road 210 is veen of multiple deadly accidents over the last few yeez and just two weeks ago we were out for a fatal crash. what's happening is as we stand here, this is a 45 mile per hour roadway and we see cars zipping by even with the lights flashing as crews continue to investigate this. and we had a driver just yell out to you people need to slow down on this roadway. but here we are again. another deadly accident straight ahead you can see the fire truck has arrived and tow truck arrived and the cleaning up process slowly starting to begin and if you look closely the motorcycle now lying on the back of this tow truck and but the actual accident happened closer to where palmer road meets route 210 at this intersection. we can see a lot of debris after 12:0 when this crash happened and police state motorcyclist rear ended the vehicle and they were headed northbound.
5:33 am
to be okay. so that is the good news. but, sat news is that the driver of the motorcycle did pass away here on the scene. you can see traffic building up on northbound here on route 210 and so what you need to know is you head out this morning northbound lanes shut down as we've been reporting all morning long. southbound are you getting by just two lanes getting by. but, definitely plan this one ahead of time as you head out this morning and this section of for the washington. that's the latest here back to you all in the studio. >> 5:is the time now. trump administration getting ready to investigate and possibly sue university that use raised basa firmtive action policies in admissions and "new york times" reporting justice department is redirecting resources of its civil rights division to scrutinize admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants and it obtained interpal department of justice memo that seeks lawyers interested in new
5:34 am
project related to intentional race based sgrip nation in college and university admissions. >> and we are following another blow to the gop efforts to repeal and re place obamacare. on it is a federal court in the district issued a re recalling which could preserve government money that benefits health insurance ensureers that is under at fordable care act. court rule that 6 state attorneys general can intervene with a lawsuit to remain money inact health s surers to provide healthcare to low income americans. >> new talk on capitol hill about healthcare fix after last week defeat of republican bill to appeal parts of the affordable care act. he they ano oneed hearing in september to shore up individual insurance market. the goal is to extend federal payments to insurers which help low and moderate americans afford coverage. >> larry hogan slapped with lawsuit for american civil liberties
5:35 am
sensoring fee speech by blocking people on facebook and deleting post. back in february the baltimore son reported hogan staff completed comments urging him to condemn president trump travel ban. they reportedly labeled those comments spam and band pos posters. fwoch norz in kentucky and maine facing similar lawsuits and aclu is out spoken about president trump blocking people from twitter. >> amazon is hosting jobs day today at 10,000 warehouses across the country. the company need to hire 50,000 people and plans to offer jobs to thousands of bell on the spot. amazon warehouse on brewing highway in baltimore is going to be open from 8 a.m. to noon for instant interviews and bob barnard will be there. he'll be at the amazon warehouse in baltimore later this morning. >> all right. michael thomas good morning to you. good to see you. >> good morning to you. somewhat surprised by the outdoor storm systems. >>
5:36 am
surprised. >> i promise no one was more surprised than myself. >> they'll dry, it's okay. >> sometimes that happens. if we get sometimes too hot and too hot and humid that can pop. and some spots didn't do anything. >> so a lot of same today. hit and miss. hot each humid, satellite and radar shows clouds moved in overnight and things steamy this morning and you have to tell. summer is back here starts early august. august 2 on wednesday morning and temperatures outside rights now it 76 at reagan dulles at 70 and bwi again many locations have have been started out in some cases upper 50s and lower 60s more like mid up toer 60s and lower 70s throughout the day with a little more humidity in place. few storms today, 92. bring and repeat pattern tomorrow. 9 as well. but those chances of popup storms each afternoon. checking the forecasts. caitlin roth is busy on the roads this morning, hi,
5:37 am
>> rough start early wedn wednesday, mike, thank you. several road closures you look in if lorton 123 oxford if you use the road to commute you cannot before the occoquan. downed poles in the roadway. obviously there's a lot of to cleanup. crews are on scene. the whole road needs to be closed due to nature of crash. in both directions before the occoquan 123 oxford. avoid aaltogether. it's a tough work around area. 210 northbound remains closed southbound one lane open diverted to palmer on nobody side and you can detour taking old for the to oxon hill as palmer will start to back up as the morning commute continues and finally 270 southbound building delays through urbana earlier motorcycle accident northbound urbana cleared. that's a look at traffic. wisdom and holly. >> coming up. researchers at ohio state make a troubling discovery about flu vaccines and impacts on pregnant women. >> and bill cosby lead attorney asks a judge for permission to rete
5:38 am
>> we're going to break with a live look across the region. traffic starting to move. early in the morning. 5:7, temperatures 75. back in a moment nt during our made to move 2017 clearance event, you can do endless online research. or, you can take advantage of our best offer ever on an xt5. don't wait. our 2017 models will be moving fast. you can drive a car... or you can drive a cadillac. come in now before the end of our made to move 2017 clearance event and leave with the perfect cadillac xt5 for your next adventure. choose a low mileage lease on this xt5
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this busy mom spends her days driving all over town. so why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale and filled up her trunk with grocery savings, plus earned 4 times the gas reward points. now that's something to smile about. right now, get selected varieties of pepsi 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $11 when you buy 4, and family size lay's and lay's kettle chips, buy 1 get 1 free. the safeway anniversary sale. it's just better. >> 5:40 is the time. wednesday, august 2. following breaking news from prince georgeou
5:41 am
deadly crash between a motorcycle and car and shut down northbound lanes indian highway palmer road. one southbound lane is also closed. police say the motorcycle rear ended car around 12:30 this morning the motorcycle driver was killed and driver of the car was injured. ture ago tension to health news now getting flu shot regularly may weaken immune response in pregnant women but not the baby. ohio state researchers studied 150 women and 90 women received a flu shot previous year and rest did not one month after flu vaccine women that previously gotten seasonal shot had decreased anti body response against all trains of influenza and teen found no significant differences in anti-boughtic concentrations. >> if you gain weight between pregnancies your rate of gestational diabetes may rise. reserveers in norway found rick
5:42 am
raised more from the first time she was pregnant. while no increase risk was seen in women whose weight remained stable. >> you will never use a kitchen sponge. sugar cube size of spokenage has 54 billion bacterial ce cells. dna have 14 different sp spokenages found panel owe against to food poisoning plague and fever. >> it doesn't cause illnesses to humans how you can sanitize it. regularly replace your sponge with a new one. >> i'll say just throw it away. >> i heard about that before. >> i'm not a big sponge person. >> if you wipe up a mess with sponge. >> it's porous. >> yeah. >> throw he it away and get any new one. they're not that expensive. >> national football league is planning to study marijuana as alternate way to treat p pain. >> and let's go to break now. ase
5:43 am
white house. there it s sun not up yet. we'll be soon though. 5:42 is your time. 75 this wednesday morning. "fox news morning" back after
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> wednesday, august 2. 5:45. deadly crash between a motorcycle
5:46 am
motorcycle and car >> it's tricky. ♪ up i 270 frederick they had storms. just across the border in montgomery count question they didn't. >> northern portions of montgomery county got through unscathed. >> southern montgomery county got them. >> they had a good storm. northern prince george and d.c. howard county and anne arrundel got storms yesterday. a little bay breeze kicked up in the afternoon and that kind of was trigger for it. >> it's tricky. >> every now and then sometimes it happens in the summer. >> didn't expect that to be happening more today. and so we do have stor i
5:47 am
the forecast today. tomorrow, friday, kind of rinse and repeat pattern next few days. hot and humid once again today temperatures headed back to low 90s. could pop a thunderstorm absolutely much like yesterday he didn't get anything. some will see nothing today and some see something and some of those storms contain heavy downpours. they won't move too much much like they were not yesterday afternoon. more comfortable weather for the weekend. humidity. and no major even though we're hot this week and it's technically a heat wave with low 90s. no 90s anywhere in sight and we'll see if we get back to big time heat as we head to late august and september. 6 current number. gaithersburg 69 this hour and 70 dulles and quantico 674 fred rikdzburg 69. even though in the 60s waking up for humid feel out there. clouds did move in overnight. nothing too orgition into around the region
5:48 am
the mountains will be a trigger for popup storms. hit and missed itment here we are noontime hour. nothing much going on and breaking into sunshine after the morning cloud cover. we head to the afternoon. there's future cast trying to pop a couple storms. again not everybody seize them and some will. we head to evening and get past sunset and clear it out rinse and repeat tomorrow. highs today up to 9d 2 in washington and 90 quantico and 90 fred rigsburg and feeling hotter than that with humidity in place. 92s through friday and saturday maybe we start with shower. we get a cold front through here early in the morning and help get humidity out of here. clearing it out nice for the weekend. let's check the forecast. caitlin roth is budsy all morning on the roads and it's just getting startd busy like you mike with the weather. luckily no weather right now. however we had several crashes and closures this morning. i'm looking at northbound this is actually must be southbound palmer road at indian head highway earlier
5:49 am
crash was fatal crash closed palmer road 210 northbound side at palmer road. southbound is squeezing by. with one lane. you see even though they have backed up traffic they're moving and left-hand side of screen flashing light and cleanup continues from the fatal motorcycle accident. again this is 210 indian head highway. it is the northbound side that's closed and it is southbound side where one lane is squeezing by. now if you try to come northbound into the city you will be diverted to palmer on the right and tuck to livingston. you can also go to the left. detour to old for the to oxon hill road. that gets you back up to the beltway. and then if you come southbound diverted to livingston i believe. you see northbound closure still out there as crews continue to cleanup the debris and another klosh our due to crash. this is 12 ox road lorton virginia downed polls in the roadway and you have whole area closed up to occoquan bridge. don't
5:50 am
have to. can't get through. metro update for those of you that are in the mcclain station there's a disabled train. expect delays in both directions on the silver line. again silver line expect delays we'll let you know when that changes. >> ten minute before the hour now and happening today delegate eleanor holmes norriton holding annual job fair. employers all over the region will be at the washington convention center interviewing job seekers and job seekers must bring proof of d.c. residency. >> exciting news for university of maryland this morning breaking ground on cold field house the state of the art building will bring together research. innovation, athletics and clinical practice under one roof and collaboration allows them to break anp groundbreaking studies in brain injuries and neuroscience. >> bill cosby attorney want over the case he is seeking to withdrawal before the retrail in november. in the filing he said cosby was working to find new lawyers.
5:51 am
cosby is accused of drugging and raping a temple employee a years ago and his trial ended in mistrial. >> hey, mel. >> good morning to both of you first up with the white house a real dump. apparently president trump thinks so by an article by golf marriage sdeen he made the comment to friends in new jersey recently and a spokesperson denied he said the white house is the dump. trump would not be the first president to give a less than glowing description of the home. it doesn't have the lum us in quality you might expect. it's well kept and worn, understandable. >> recent comment by president trump app piering to support police violence prompted dea to remind agency of core values. acting head of action wrote a memo that mr. trump
5:52 am
police conduct and he bro' the memo because dea has on obligation to speak out when something is wrong. earn and keep the public trust. >> nfl taking steps to explore marijuana as pain management tool for football players n recent letter the league offered to work with them on medical marijuana related research. currently the plasia sortion is conducting their own substitutey and they have not responded nfl offer. >> kanye west to filing another lawsuit this over s st. pab row tour seeking 10 million claiming insurers deposit pay up after he cancelled concert last year. after his wife was robbed in paris and a rant about beyonce and jay-z he called off the tour. >> and new at history show confederate where south won th
5:53 am
old constitution. and called black america it's alternative history where african-american slaves take control of states. it's been in development since february. that's what's trending. >> thank you maureen. time 5:53 nasa launched a kick start cam fine restore the johnson research center. it's in deteriorating condition due to visitor access and failing budgets. >> now the project will start this month as expected to be finished in january of 20 19 ahead of 50 app versey of apolo 11. >> ever want to save the planets. nasa is offering 6 figure salary for new plants teary protection officer. and brought into the face the next three to five years.
5:54 am
a new study from the ivrt of california says people over the aim of 65 who consume three alcoholic drvrpingz a someday should expect to liver to be 85 without the risk of dementia or any other neurological diseases. well, cheers. >> okay. listen. we're just two days away from next zip trip. this friday in leesburg we love for you to come out this friday, august 4 from 6 to 11 a.m. maureen will be there and tucker will thereby and annie will thereby too. and they would absolutely love to see you. >> looking forward to that. time to say good morning to face back fan of the day. hello. private first camera ward nominated by stephanie. stephanie says cameron
5:55 am
years old and marine. >> she raised him as single mother and is very proud of her son as you should be. he came home friday after gone a year in training. cameron, thank you for your service. >> we appreciate it. >> all right. michael thomas. wrap it up with weather. >> another chance much like yesterday of seeing hit and miss shower or storm this afternoon. that is headline. straight afternoon shower or thunderstorm. could contain heavy downpours. whatever pops up won't repeatedly move. cold front coming through later this week. out ahead of it today, tomorrow and friday as well. we'll be dealing with humid conditions. the front is late friday night to saturday morning maybe a shower or storm with it. it clears the humidity out of here and we'll get nice, dry and comfortable as we head through the second half of saturday and all the day on sunday. 90s next several days and lots of chances for thunderstorms. then we head to the weekend and dryt
5:56 am
temperatures in the 0s on saturday and sunday. looking good. all right. what's not looking good are roads this morning. >> i'll tell you usually doesn't get so busy before 6 a.m. that's all it's been. metro so well disabled train outside the mcclain station. if you commute out of virginia and use silver line i cannot tell you exact delays but there will be them. 210 indian highway remains closed. southbound side one lane gets by due to over nights facial motorcycle accident. traffic die strerted to palmer road and you're diverted this may be a better detour to get to old for the road to oxon hill back to the bement way if you come in northbound southern prince george county. lorton, virginia, 123 ox road remains closed due it a crash involving downed polls in roadway and that may take a while to cleanup and again this closure as you head to occoquan river bridge. 270 southbound. 70 to 109 heavy southbound traffic here. we had earlier accident northbound side
5:57 am
that cleared. it looks heavy southbound and breaking free of that once you get further to montgomery county. that's a look at traffic. stay with "fox5" we'll be back after this 6 a.m. hour starting coming up at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget.
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there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag.
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6:00 am
>> we're live in for the washington as the traffic cleanup continues. >> trump administration is about to target affirmative action at colleges and university and we may know why the president spent such time at golf club on weekends he reportedly thinks the white house is a dump. residents chelsea clinton weighing in last night. >> and meantime a live look outside, wednesday morning, august 2, warm and traffic on the fives at 6:05. >> nice start to the morning. >> is that what happened. >> you're welcome for the bonus this morning. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" if you just wake up though we're following breaking news overnight a fatal motorcycle accident in prince george county. >> for the washington it's been impacting traffic this morning and annie yu is live at the scene with more on the investigation. good morning. >> good morning allison and steve. you know it was not too long ago we were sta a


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