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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 4, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, severe weather strikes. >> this is bob barnard on lyric lane in falls church. take a look. this street is blocked by a fallen tree. dominion power here trying to restore electricity. one of many neighborhoods in this area. lake bar croft area without power this morning. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. >> president trump fired up at a campaign style rally in west virginia. as new details emerge about that russia probe. and a fitness tracker flop. they're supposed to get up and moving but new new jersey finds the extra exercise devices could back fire and end up slowing you down. it's
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fox5 is on the road again and this week we are at village at leesburg. >> coming up we've got tucker tries it hometown heroes five must stops. so much on this beautiful fr friday. fox5 on the road zip tripping. good day at 9a starts now. [ applause ] ♪ >> this square is rocking today. >> they sure are being serenaded as maureen you guys sound fall wonderful. thank you very much. got plenty of people out who are including these little guys. >> tucker barnes fans. >> don't go away. come here. >> say hi. look at that camera right there. >> hello to the world. [ laughter ] >> you know what else we've got wonderful weather today because officially it was little -- it
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call it. dewey out here but the sun has come out. it's beautiful much it's not too hot. >> right? >> feels good. >> it will be hot later today for now though it's great. >> yea yea ya. >> i want to introduce everybody to nicole here. nicole say hi. >> hi. >> nicole first words were in life were what,. >> tucker barnes. >> we her. she said that like yesterday. >> real or did it happen? >> exactly. >> let's do the weather. nicole, do you love weather. >> yeah. >> we'll do some weather together. we'll talk about the weather. it will be in the low 90s later today. not too bad right now but it will get hot and humid up ahead of our neck cold front. real quick look at that satellite/radar is showing you clear skies at the moment. and there's your forecast for today. 92 this afternoon. and again look out for late day early evening you guys like thunderstorms. >> no. >> okay. most people don't. >> i'm with you. >> could knock out some power perhaps downed tree limbs later today. strong storms look out for that. but again 92. much cooler weekend. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> you want to try something. on the count of three say back to you in the good day
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>> one, two, three. >> back to you. >> in the good day loft. [ laughter ] thank you. all right. >> first words were tucker barnes. i think that's a little weird. >> it's a little creepy. >> normal it's daddy or -- >> well maybe -- secrets revealed on g good day dc. hey we're so glad you're with you on this friday. just after 9:00 o'clock on friday july 28th. wisdom, paul and allison. steve is already starting his weekend we're holding down the fort. >> and we're happy to do so. let's now to the news though. and as we could face more storms this evening. the ones that came through last night left major damage behind. also blamed for one death unfortunately. a 14-year-old girl was killed three others hurt after a huge tree fell on their moving car. this
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baltimore. >> meanwhile storm damage in the annandale and fall church areas cut power to about keep hundred customers this morning and now residents are picking up the pieces. our bob barnard is in the lake bar croft area and he joins us live with the latest. wow i mean, you know, it's the same old story the pictures say it all. right, bob? >> reporter: certainly do here in -- this is lyric lane in falls church holly. this is one of many neighborhoods in this area around lake bar croft falls church. waking up to this this morning. this is a big tree that blocking the street. it took a bunch of power lines down. you can see dominion power crews are on that side and as we swing around here there's another crew up working to restore power on this pole here. they've been without power since around 6:45 last night. but it's kind of hit or miss. we've been to other neighborhoods where you see power lines like right in front of us here power lines are down and yet they still have their electricity. look at this house here. these guys can't get out of the riveway the power lines are here. they w
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different car to get breakfast this morning but as we look back here, guys, this is what we're seeing. trees down, power lines down, some property damage, cars and homes hit not right here. this thing just fell across the street. didn't hit any cars or any homes but there's a lot of property damage around this area as well and we've spoken to some of the people impacted here in falls church. >> my wife heard a large big crash and a thud, and you know, things fall around here all the time. it's very, you know, heavily wooded area. we look out the front window and we saw this. [ laughter ] >> fortunately, um, the tree didn't hit the house. our cars are okay and everybody is safe. but, um, we didn't have power for awhile. >> yeah around 6:30 started raining really heavy, and 6:45 all hell broke loose.
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we had -- we heard explosions across the street from the, um, transformers there were four of them. trees started falling down. we got into our basement after we saw the tree across the street fall down. and my daughter saw the tree go into the pool. we said it's time to go into safety. >> reporter: now, we've heard from a number of people who have said that very thing that they all went to the basement as you see dominion power here working to restore electricity in this neighborhood. miss morris said when the durr ray cho hit a few summers ago they were without power for week. they are told that they should have power by the end of today, but as you guys have mentioned, more storms are forecasted so while there's a lot of work to be done cleaning up today, there could be a repeat of this ahead tomorrow maybe not here in falls church but in other communities around the dmv. guys. >> all right. yup expecting more storms tonight. bob, thank you. >> 9:06 is the time. a check of the other stories making headlines t
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d.c. police searching for several gunmen who opened fire on a group of people in northeast last night it happened outside an exxon gas station in 3400 block of 18th street northeast. one person was killed. three others were injured. no word on a motive in this c case. in star of stafford county a sheriff's deputy responding to a overdose call ended overdosing himself. investigators believe he accidentally came in contact with fentanyl while responding to a scene where two suspected drug users were passed out in van. after taking them to the hospital, he began to experience symptoms himself. the deputy was treated both of the people that you see there were in the van they're now behind bars. rookie dc firefighter remains in critical condition this morning after being hurt on the job. a ladder truck him dane smo smothers, jr., as he was responding to a house fire in northeast yesterday morning. the truck pinned smothers between two fire vehicles. we're told he was knock up conscious and his injuries are traumatic. medic
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protocol. the firefighters involved are being tested for drugs and alcohol. absolutely prayers with him for sure. happening today, attorney general jeff sessions will announce a crack down on people who leak classified and other sense seive government information. this comes a day after the washington post reported on leaked transcripts of phone conversations between president trump and leaders of mexico and australia. on thursday, sessions said continued leaks of classified information are quote a threat to national security. attorney general has faced increased public pressure from president trump who blasted sessions on twitter em mike he's been weak in pursuing leakers within the administration. major political switch to today. west virginia democratic governor jim justice will file paper work to lip sides to the gop. he made the announce and during the president's rally last night. west virginia has three united states representatives all are republicans and one republican senator the switch could also effect the re-election chances of democratic senator joe mansion in the s
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>> supreme court is finally going digital. supreme court is launching electronic filing system later this fall. it will make case documents available on their website for free. the move toward more public access comes after the high court unveiled their newly designed website. >> the year 2017. >> it's about time. [ laughter ] >> better late than never. >> baby steps. >> that's right. >> all right. we're happy about it. coming up, might sound a big backwards but instead of getting them moving, fitness trackers may be slowing teenagers down. we'll have all the details coming up. first, though, we're heading back out to leesburg for a tour of the the five must stops. it's 9:09. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ >> me too. this song actually.- >> it always gets me going in the car. >> it's a happy song. >> it is a happy song. >> almost like my song unfo unforgettable. what's the guy. >> that guy. i love him. >> i don't know. >> we had this same conversation hours ago. early morning show. >> okay. >> you missed the dance off last week. >> did i? >> oh. >> oh holly morris broke it all the way down. >> on the zip trip. >> this is what she
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have been new to you. if right. >> this friday we are celebrating our zip trip out in leesburg. >> yeah. i'm so interested. so five must stops we've all been to leesburg but i want to hear about the five must stops. maureen and annie always know what to do. hey, girls what's going. >> waz up? as we went to break we were trying to collect our thoughts so much to do here in leesburg all morning long we've been seeing amazing things. hearing i was mazing stories. were had to try to boil it down to five things we can tell you to do when you come to leesburg, right. >> yes. we had a chance to explore. we've got the inside scoop you can navigate through this wonderful area. take a look. ♪ number five, temple hall farm regional park. home of the popular fall festival and corn maze. visitors can meet farm animals or walk the park's hiking trails. you can even bring your horse to ride the equestrian trails. number four, rich rosen dale's rout
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eat or to pack your picnic basket as you head further into wine country. they are known for delicious bbq, but you can stop in for local wine, beer or goodies designed by local artists. number three, more vin park home of westmoreland davis progressive farmer and 48th governor of virginia. includes the governor' mansion garr against and event center. they launched polo in the park on saturday evenings in july and august. don't miss a night of polo matches, picnicking and dancing. number two, historic leesburg loudoun county seat since 1757. the old town section is a beautiful historic and he can collect tick mix of restaurants and shops. you can stop by the visitor's center and market state station for information on all the attractions and accommodations in loudoun. and the number one stop, village at leesburg. discover one of the
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to shop, dine and play. it offers more than 75 boutiques, restaurants and entertainment experiences. ♪ that's right. number five on that loot was village at leesburg which is where we are this morning. and it is one of the top destinations you must come by. this is such a wonderful place to have. joining me to talk more about it courtney marking associate for villages at leesburg. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. this is such a wonderful space. >> thank you. >> so what is the point of this to really bring the community together? >> it's a place for the community to come, hang out, relax, shop, dine, entertainment destination for the whole fa family. >> and everyone we've spoken to we've asked them how many times you come out here in a week they're like every day. because it is trial al once stop shop. talk a little bit about what you all offer. >> sure. we have pretty much everything from bowling to movies
9:16 am
and we have a lot of great amenities like the pop up mountains and we have a lot of great events going on. we have our monster mash coming up in october. which was the first event that we started here at the village. >> awesome. not only events put also summer camp i saw which was really neat. really family friendly. >> the merchants host different summer camps and we also partner with the community and a host a variety of events here. and we're really excited to be partnering with benefit loudoun in september hosting the new sick festival all day september 16th. >> awesome. one last thing of course the luxury apartments. i can't take my eyes off of it because we've seen people pop ugh out their heads on their pat crow waving hello that's really cool to be able to live and enjoy all of these thing. courtney, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> mo, what are you up to? >> ♪ listen, annie, you know, we've been talking about how amazing leesburg is. and what a wonderful community it is. so it's such a great community why not le
9:17 am
joining knee me now is gwen. you have seen this place blossom and bloom and housing sprout everywhere. >> what is the market like. i like to call the sweet spot for real estate lifestyle chooses you can get a two over two, apartment ovary tail you can have luxury home on lots of acreage or you can have a luxury home on half an acre. tons of things you can get. market is a little -- it's pretty hot right now. we don't have a lot of inve inventory. >> which says a lot about the community. >> absolutely. caters to millennials all wait to baby boomers and people who want to down size in place. >> let's people an idea what we can find in leesburg. okay. about 379,000 mark what are we looking at. >> so you're looking at a condo or townhouse. really upscale condo or a townhouse in the mid range the one that you're probably seeing now is two bedroom up with a bedroom in the basement. it's got everything a starter home would be for people. >> this would be starter home. >> it would be a starter type home. >> three and 79 the market is doing pretty well. >> okay. >> that's good.
9:18 am
what's the next maybe mid level? >> mid level -- if you want to call it that. >> if you want to get into single family home, the lower end would probably be in the 400 range. >> okay. so you're -- we go all the way from that all the way up to millions of dollars. >> i'm sure. >> you can sort of pick and choose. >> yeah. one in the middle they're probably seeing right now would be house in selma about almost 7,000 square feet. >> wow for levels finished on two-thirds of an acre for 769. >> wow. >> yeah. >> gorgeous. >> then on the high end of what we're look at today what do we have. >> this in beacon hill a beautiful house on 3 acres. >> whoa! >> absolutely. >> look at all that grass. >> if you're looking for land that's the house. it's under a million dollars. >> okay. >> you're getting about 5,000 square feet, five bedrooms, four baths, something like a along those lines. it can go either end of that. >> what i love is that you can do from the townhouse all wait up to like a country estate. >> absolutely. >> here in leesburg. little bit of everythin
9:19 am
lifestyle. we're getting more of that where the millennial likes to come and live in two over two and you've got retail on the bottom so you can just walk to everything. >> i know. what used to be bedroom community no more. people just. >> it's real sweet spot i think. >> again pan go thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> thank you come out and see her if you're looking for a home gwen pan go is your person. >> thanks a lot. >> absolutely. back in to you. >> i have leesburg crib in the -- >> do you? >> oh god. >> every time i see one. >> here's what i know leesburg the outlet is amazing especially around this time of the year that's where i do all my back to school shopping. >> i thought you already did it. >> that's what i'm saying that's where i go to do my back to school shopping all year long. leesburg outlet. >> that's where you go to make sure your wife isn't spending too much money back to school. i don't take her. she doesn't get to shop. >> don't get him started. >> coming up, funny man david allen greer taking on a new role as the host of an all new comedic game show. that will be fun. he'll join us live with a preview coming
9:20 am
[ laughter ] >> first, though, new information emerging about the two american soldiers that unfortunately were killed in afghanistan. plus tourism set to get back on track today in outerbanks after week long powder power outage non rain on their parade. a game delay sparks a team versus team dance off at wrigley field. it's a video you really got to see. it's super fun. time now 9:20. we'll be right back. you're watching the number one good day d.c. ♪
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♪ all right. welcome back everybody. 9:22 on friday. the investigation into possible links between the trump campaign and russia appears to be expanding. >> grand jury has now been empanelled in the probe. that means the president and others could spend months now under the microscope. fox5's mel 93 alnwick has more. hey, melanie. >> reporter: president trump barking in the embrace of supporters in west virginia but also clearly reacting to the latest developments in the investigation into possible ties between his campaign and russia. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that i can tell you. [ applause ] >> reporter: as first reported in the wall street journal robert mueller now using a grand jury presumably to subpoena witnesses and documents. one of trump's attorneys down played the move. >> with respect to the empanel link of the grand jury, we have
9:24 am
no r president is under investigation here. >> reporter: even if that that's the case, others in trump's orbit could be in for a grilling and one experienced hand in the ways of washington offered some advice to the president's legal team. >> suit up, steal up because this is the beginning and it's going to get very rough. >> reporter: after reports that trump is considering trying to fire mueller there are now two bipartisan proposals in congress to put a judicial check on the president's power to do that. all of this creates more distractions for the white house especially on a day when the president was trying to celebrate the fact that west virginia democratic governor jim justice joined him to announce he was becoming a republican. the president though spoke at length about russia. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that's all it is. that was melanie alnwick reporting. time now for check of what else is min
9:25 am
morning. for that we're going to ask holly morris who is sitting right here. >> why thank you wisdom martin. i will take it and i will n you all. first up, new information about the two american soldiers that were killed while serving in afghanistan. we now know the names of those two soldiers. sergeant jonathan hunt of indiana and specialist christopher harris of north carolina. they were both killed when an explosive device detonated near their convoy. it was the first deployment for both men. this cups as the trump administration decides whether to send an additional 4,000 troops to that country to help in the fight against the tal taliban. a large fire in due by that ripped throug one of the world's tallest buildings is now under control. started in the middle of the night just after 1:00 a.m. in the 86 story torch tower. people frantically evacuate the as chunks of debris fell to the ground. we're told everyone though made it out safely. no word on how the fire started. this is the second time though in two years the same building has caught fire
9:26 am
after a week without power the lights are back on for north carolina's outerbanks. evacuation orders will be lifted at noon today meaning that tourists can return to hatteras and okra croaky lands construction crews accidentally knock out that power and repairs were expected to take much longer. restaurants on the two islands they really took a hit with the outage costing them tens of thousands of dollars. fitness trackers they may do more harm than good when it comes to teens getting exercise. they're meant to get up and moving of course eight week study found the devices actually discouraged teens from exer exercising. researchers say after the initial novelty of the device war off participants felt let less confident about their ability to exercise and ultimately kept them from doing it. >> how is that the fitness tracker's fault? >> i guess it became depressing for them. you know what i mean? like maybe they just weren't getting -- they weren't getting the 10,000 steps. it wasn't motivating them it was maki
9:27 am
so they were just psychological they were like forget it. >> like whatever. i'll do something else. >> maybe they thought this thing was actually going to exercise for them. [ laughter ] >> when they realized it didn't -- >> i can't get facebook on this. >> exactly. >> be gone. >> i can't text on it. >> i can't text. >> finally have you seen this yet. >> severe weather hit the midwest last night a rain delay at wrigley field did not keep the teams from having some fun. the long wait prompted a dance off between the cubs and the diamondbacks. the entertainment taking place in the bullpen with everything from hand stands and face mags to jamaican bob sleds, fishing and even bowling. is he going to pick up spare? he gets it! yes, does he. >> the game finally resumes arizona won this wild one, ten to eight. >> this is amazing because did they just do this on the fly. >> right. >> did they have this planned out. >> this is their rain -- >> rain game delay plan. >> yeah. they go to practice now we've done the real practice
9:28 am
here and practice our rain delay game. >> this is amazing. >> like the eight-ten split he just pick up. [ laughter ] >> i might get into sports. more of those shenanigans right there. that was impressive. that was pretty impressive. >> all right. every friday tucker has to try something new and tradition continues in leesburg this morning. he is in for a sweet treat though this time. he's trying his hand at ma makig some chocolate. we'll check in with him live next. >> all right. and fresh at 10a, continuing the balance against climate change former vice-president al gore joins us live to talk about the new documentary and then we're going to talk to samantha harris as she gets ready to host a great new show called culinary genius. tony rock is in time at the d improv. he'll join us live in the loft. we'll have fun here this morning as we always do on friday. 9:28 is the time. back in a moment. ♪
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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♪ >> all right. every friday tucker has to try something new and we have a sweet challenge for him this week. >> this morning he's going to be making some chocolate and he joins us now live from the coneage in leesburg with more. hey, tucker, good morning. >> paul you had it right. the kconch. >> did i do that well. >> yes. tell everybody your name. >> this is your place.
9:32 am
>> good morning. >> welcome to the covering. i'm nay is santos i'm the chef and owner of the covering. the covering is a chocolate sto. everything we do is chocolate. >> i see a lot of drinks in front of me. do you more than just chocolate. >> absolutely. we have some hand crafted cocktails. some of them are infused with chocolate. >> talk to me about the theme here. do most of these drinks go with different kinds of chocolates. >> not necessarily. >> do they have chocolates in them. >> some of them have it, yes. >> like the am mew let is infused with chocolate and vodka and then you have strawberry. >> that sounds good. >> do people come over here like at happy hour, do they come over here for dessert. >> they come for happy hour. they come for dinner then we ask them to safe room for dessert. >> excellent. so you're more than just drinks. you're more than chocolate. you're dinner as well.
9:33 am
>> you're full service here. >> full service. >> technically i could stay her& all day. >> yes. >> and just hang out. >> it happens. >> does it happen. >> yes. >> i love it. tell me a little more about your restaurant. how long have you been here and what do you love about leesburg. >> okay. so i'm loudoun county native so i've been living in this area for the last ten years. and always wanted to open something like that. so i've been chef for 28 years and i love working with chocolate so i decided to go chocolate theme and we have all the food and everything is infused with chocolate. >> i love it. i'm going into the chocolate lab. this is where we get to try things, right. >> yeah. >> all right. this looks amazing. all right. we're making chocolate over h here. >> that's right. yes. >> so -- >> this is some of your creation. >> some of our creations. so we have a lot of different are a toy can handmade chocolates at this facility. >> tell me what's here. i mean that's like a piece of art. >> this is all molded bon bones. >> molded bon bones. >>
9:34 am
bones. >> do these like -- how do you even get to look with the detail. >> these are all transfer sheet which is cocoa butter color which is on transfer sheet that when we put on chocolate what you'll be making for us today. >> yeah. >> this is the chocolate maker over here. >> that's right, yes. this is our chocolate and rolling belt conveyor belt pretty much. so we have the chocolates placed in one end. >> uh-huh. >> then it gets coated in the chocolate and comes to the other side. >> incredible. we get about 20 seconds left. let's come over to the masterpiece this is what i get to try. you guys sitting on the couch, check out this masterpiece he made for us tell me what this is. >> okay. this is chocolate sculpture dedicated to the zip trip. >> that is incredible. so that's all edible chocolate. >> yes all edible chocolate. >> allison at the top. holly, we got erin, steve. wisdom. annie, maureen. and all of this is edible. >> yup. everything is edible. >> that is absolutely incredible. okay. what do i get to t
9:35 am
chocolate here. i want you to be able to place it here. >> look at that. i just had to put myself in the center. is that what your saying. >> yes. >> all right. guys, i'm tossing it back to you. >> you can just leave it here. >> okay. >> put it down, tucker. >> just put it down. >> yeah. for some reason it didn't stick. [ laughter ] >> though i will say tucker does the yoman'ings work for all the zip trips he deserves the center spot. >> there you go. >> okay. it looks like they're having good morning out there. good thing the zip trip is not this afternoon right caitlin. >> absolutely because at the rate we're going we get storms like clock work at 5:00 p.m. every afternoon much nice they're having a good morning. more storms again tonight. but that's the last round. i swear. >> for real this time. >> for real this time. one more day of thunderstorms because we are going to have fantastic weekend so yes that's our headline. we've got a humid morni
9:36 am
there. one more chance of thunderstorms with a cold front coming through. here's the cold front it's stelle back off towards our west across ohio kentucky seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms from cleveland down through tennessee. but that's not arriving until latr on this evening. 78 in d.c. right now. 77 gaithersburg. 70 in winchester. as that cold front approaches, it's cutting into some heat and humidity. a marginal risk of severe weather along 95. that's a slight risk, a higher risk north and west because the cold front will be arriving during peak heating. i don't think it starts to arrive until washington till are actually expected to berm- later on this evening. maybe isolated severe storm otherwise just watch for rain and constant lightning on your friday evening. so that is your friday night forecast. look at the weekend though. clouds in the morning giving way to sunshine. so much cooler and less humid it's a totally different air mass. it will feel fantastic. sunday looks beautiful. showers and storms return to the forecast on monday. but even next week, this is or second week of august, first full week, not looking t
9:37 am
temperatures in the 80s and this weekend is perfect guys. so enjoy it. beautiful weather to be outdoors and comfortable, too. not too hot. that's great. >> thanks caitlin. >> all right. 9:36 is the time. you know every zip trip we like to take moment to honor the men and women who risk their lives to save others. so it's a segment we call first responders friday and this morning annie yu is hanging out with the team from loudoun county department of fire and rescue and emergency management. good morning to you, annie. >> hey g morning, wis. good morning to all of becausing at the studio. that's right. this is by far my favorite segment because it is the time that we take out to honor the brave men and women who risk their lives every day to protect us, to serve this wonderful community who serve so selflessly i want to introduce important people here. ba tolane chief micah, assistant chief steve and liz in charge of recruit many a lot of people want to come work for the london county fire department. we've got the chief and members of the fire d
9:38 am
thank you for you will do. what's it like to serve in such a community like leesburg. >> very dynamic experience in the county. things change from day to day every sin dell day of the week. so it's very exciting to be a part of the growth and see what the next day holds. >> and it's not every day that you have to respond to water rescues but did you recently in april. i want to talk a little bit about it was pretty intense. >> yeah. it was intense. there was total of five victims that were on one of the low head dams in loudoun county became stuck on the dam when the boat lot of propulsion, and required our swift water team to go out and essentially rescue them from the situation that they were in. >> right. and if i can just scoot down here i'll ask you assistant chief. every day i know you all are preparing for something to respond and for recovery efforts. is it a couldn't stan effort to stay on top of things? >> it's training every day. we
9:39 am
academy right here if leesburg and every day we focus chief talk about the swift water we have our folks out in great falls practicing routinely. we implemented a metro rail prop as you know metro coming to london county the silver line within the coming year and we just instituted two metro cars at our training academy here in leesburg to help us train for metro rail emergencies. it's constant training every single day for our folks. >> chief we can't leave you out sir. what's it like to serve here for so many years. >> it's been a great experience. loudoun county is a important of wonderful community. we have a great system. the system has been under a lot of strain and stress with the growth but we're seeming to manage okay. and we have one wonderfully staff, career and volunteer serving 24/7. >> that's right. >> it's a great experience. >> that's right. for those of you are wondering, hmm, how can i work for such wonderful department with all of these fine men and women? liz, that's where you come in, and what are you looking for in recruit? >> we're just looking for individual who's are looking for the opportunity to serve and the
9:40 am
community who want to work and give of themselves in either, you know, civilian or a career or volunteer capacity. so for recruit many we're looking for up in terms of firefighters and emt's our individuals that would like to join large organization and be ail to provide that for us. >> and let's be honest you have to be physically fit. can you talk about and give us a little sense of what the physical demand is like also, the time, the mental capacity, all of that stuff, what does a recruit need to have. >> it's certainly demanding position. recruit school is definitely something that is going to be long and it's something that you go through classroom training with. you go through physical training every single day. so that gets you get into shape they get you into shape they give you the tools and the training to do the job effectively and successfully. >> where can they go for more information. >> they can go tolan counsel and look at the fire and rescue department page for other information on our recruitment. >> wonderful. thank you so much everybody. can we get
9:41 am
>> whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> go london county. back to you in the studio. >> all right. annie, thank you very much. still ahead funny man david allen greer has got a new gig. >> he's going to join us live to dish about the new comedic game show snap decision next. [ laughter ] >> ♪ >> ♪♪ z2fwdz z16fz y2fwdy y16fy
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>> 9:43. smart phones, smart tvs and just this week we told you about smart water bottles, right. >> why not smart under wear? >> vanderbilt university engineers are developing the underwear to help treat back pain so we should stay under shirts. device inside the garment boss activate elastic bands to relieve stress on back muscles when people are doing physical tasks. it was unveiled last week and will be on display at bio mechanics conference later this month. >> just so ya'll holly are and i are fighting over the patent -- >> underwater count parting to it along wiglet what will that do for you. >> the not suitable for work. [ laughter ] >> that's not quite what i thought it was going to do. >> if was really smart it would get a date. >> we'll have different patents for defendant technologist the. >> if yours is suitable for work mine will sell a lot better. >> you'll be rich and i won't. >> you'll be sitting on the couch and i'll be in my vacation home. >> i love it. >> speaking of smart devices, apple's
9:45 am
inspired a new fashion trend check this out. these are tiny pockets in your shirt collar designed to hold the ear phones or at the very least let people know you bought them. you know they're 160 bucks, right. >> the price for the crew neck shirt with slanted pockets is what do you think, wis? >> too much. >> 370 bucks it's all from stone island. >> if you said three dollars and sent cents i was all in. >> come on. dad why debt one? >> really, paul? really? really? >> $370. couldn't you just cut your own shirt. >> right. right. >> i pick up $20 head cones from cvs because i lose them all the time. >> no way. he is a successful actor and comedian and now david allen greer is adding game show host to his resume. resume. [ laughter ] >> the new show snap decision has contestants making immediate judgments about people judged solely on how they look. >> david allen greer joins us now from los angeles. good morning, david
9:46 am
good morning, allison and paul. >> and we think you look am amazing. >> and that's not a snap decision. >> thank you. so do i. [ laughter ] >> that is snap decision. >> david i wanted to ask you first the name of this show snap, is it at all inspired by men on like two snaps and z formation? >> no. paul, no. stop it. that's not what we're talking about. okay. ? let me speak to allison, please? [ laughter ] >> hold on. >> here i am. >> okay. hi allison. >> hi, how you doing? >> so tell us -- what's up. >> what's up? at the time us about the game show. we're so excited game show network coming up in the debut is next week. >> well first of all, before you ask why with would i do a game show? it's for the money, girl. [ laughter ] >> that's why i didn't can you ask you. they wanted me to ask that. i know what it's for and you're funny and you're perfect. >> what is this game show about we were going to call it gross generalizations. >> right. >> but we changed it to
9:47 am
decision. then we were going to call it profiling. >> right. >> all of those things. it's something everybody does every day when you walk in a room, when you get on a bus, you get in the car full of people, you look around, and you say who should i sit next to? who is the crazy one? who is going to be my friend? so that's all about it. that's what the game is about. >> is this a slippery slope? you're telling me it's fun but -- hopefully. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> hopefully it's a slippery slope for the contestants. >> okay. >> i mean not for me. >> what can you win ps and how can we be contestants and what can you win. >> you going to ask me that. what can you win. >> money. >> money. >> how much? big money? >> you speaking to me now, da david. >> not big enough. we should be giving away like i would like to give away a private jet. >> okay. >> every -- every show but we can't do that. >> okay. >> our winners get $10,000. >> that's it. >> lot of these winners have big plans with that $10,000. so we
9:48 am
financial advisers as well. >> so are you surprised that people are so quick to do these snap decisions based on how people look or not? i'm not. >> i'm surprised -- listen, i'm surprised that people are so quick to talk about it. okay. okay. especially these days. you got to be like, you know, you got to keep all that to yourself. >> little more politically correct. >> the heart of the show is fun. it's laughter. it's entertainment. and it's somewhat something that everyone can identify with. you know, for example, we have two old white ladies and a young black dude you say, which one of these people is hiphop artist? >> okay. [ laughter ] >> so -- >> that's easy money. that sounds like easy money. >> no. it's not. because everybody says the black dude. why would you say that? >> hey, david, some comedians have complained that the new up and coming comics relyoo
9:49 am
on vulgar language to make people laugh. what do you think about that? do you think there's a get those laughs without offending people across the board? >> paul, it's been my philosophy to offend each and every person i can. [ laughter ] >> throughout most of my career. these young up starts should be avoided. i would suggest anyone who is watching, come and see me only. [ laughter ] >> that is all. [ laughter ] >> you are profiling and that's why you are hilarious. david alan greer, thank you. >> listen --, you're welcome. >> we have to let you go. >> it's great to be here in d.c. >> come and see us sometime. >> good to see you david. >> at fox5. >> i will. >> okay. holding to you that. so the show premieres on monday. it's game show network but it will eventually be on tuesdays permanently at 9:00 p.m. >> money august 7th i'll be watching. it will be fun. >> he's hysterical. i love him. >> i'm sticking m
9:50 am
formation. i'm sorry. >> it's stuck with me. >> 9:49 is the time. still ahead, our zip trip crew is working up an appetite in leesburg so coming up next we'll get a taste of leesburg with a restaurant that is in historic downtown. we'll be right back. ten minutes before ten is our time right now. now. half a bottle of hydrating serum in one sheet mask? skeptical? new sheet masks from garnier skinactive in one mask, more than half a bottle of hydrating serum skin is re-hydrated, radiant in just 15 minutes moisture bomb sheet masks from garnier skinactive infallible pro-glow foundation by l'oreal. the pro look in longwear. go pro with an all-day glow.
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♪ it has been almost a whole hour since our zip trip team got a chance to eat. so we don't want keep them pate waiting any longer. >> maureen is getting a taste from the king street oyster bar. good morning, mo. [ applause ] good morning to you. yes, this is our favorite part of z zip trips when we get to sample the goodness of every community. today in leesburg we're sampling king street oyster bar with owner rick allison. thank you so much. >> how you doing. >> for this spread. amazing. >> awesome. thank you for having us. >> absolutely. you've been restaurant business for quite sometime. >> i've been around for about 25 years. i used to own the dock at lansdowne
9:54 am
partner jorge we decided to do oyster bar about year and a half ago. why an oyster bar i was getting tired of driving to d.c. to get is good oysters so i decided let's open an oyster bar in leesburg. >> what's the reception been like. >> it's been awesome. people love it. you never know what you're going to get into when you open up but it's been really a great experience, you know, people love the variety of oysters we have about 15 different variety. >> absolutely. >> all over the country. we also use a company called war saw oyster company and they supply us with great oysters from about 15 different people. >> i know it's called the oyster bar but you also do other seafood. i see lobster. you've got shrimp. you've got sandwiches. >> yeah we do burgers, chicken, filet, sandwiches. we also have great happy hour. >> yeah. >> 3:00 to 6:30 every day. >> five-dollar food and drinks. so it's been really good. >> i always wonder with oysters were you go into business oyster -- freshness is the bottom line here. >> yes. >> how do you maintain the freses
9:55 am
them in every day. >> how do you cultivate all t this. >> we bring them in every day. east coast oysters 24 hours out of water. west coast are 48 hours out of water because we got to fly from the west coast. we have strict policy and procedures and out who inventory. we make sure inn haven't tower twice day to make sure we get the greatest oyster at the table. >> what is your favorite. the wine knee cove. >> why is that. >> i like the saltiness and brininess. >> anything on the upper east coast is usually been pretty probably the most popular. >> are you guys shucking them yourself, are you back there doing this. >> yup. we shuck them. >> do you. >> we shuck them to order. >> holy cow. >> we go through about 1500 on a friday and saturday night. >> well i hate to see good seafood go to waste. let me attack this big guy. >> what is is this guy. >> wealth fleet. >> doctor that up for me. >> there you go. >> here i go. >> let's see. watch
9:56 am
hmm. oh, my gosh. >> now that is is good stuff. where are you located. >> 12 south king street. >> okay. historic downtown leesburg. >> yup yup. right across the courthouse. >> business hours 11:00 to 11:0. man we do brunch on sundays at 10:30. >> rick allison check this out. this is the king street oyster bar. do not -- also have one more thing. tomorrow is national oyster day. >> oh. >> definitely come out and check us out leesburg. we got a bunch of great things going on and we donate a percentage back to the oyster recovery partnership in annapolis maryland. and for each oyster that give back to them, it's ten oysters that are made in the chesapeake. >> wow. >> we'll celebrate early national oyster day with this little platter here. rick, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> go out and see him. this delicious food right here. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. bringing seafood to leesburg. yum yum yum. okay, guys, we'll attack this platter. send it back in to you. i want all
9:57 am
>> way to slurp it down, mo. >> 9:00 vick is the time before we head to break it's coffee time on good day did d.c. you've been ey eyeing our cool good dac mugs listen we have a new good day dunkin' donuts mug to give away perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee. head to f fox5.cot in many/contt or facebook page to enter our mug contest. one lucky winner selected by random drawing put hurry you only have now until 11am to enter. 9:57. we'll be right back. ♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone
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z2fwcz z16fz y2fwcy y16fy
10:00 am
>> day ten aft putting a cap on awesome week. comedian tony rock he'll have us laughing in the loft before his shows at the improv this wee weekend.
10:01 am
on the show today. his new documentary hitting theaters this weekend. and do you have what it takes to be a culinary genius? we're dishing about a brand new show coming to fox5 plus life with host samantha harris. good times just aren't in the lot of wait until you see what's in store at our zip trip in leesburg v have a. good day at 10a starts not. ♪ >> yeah! >> ♪ >> oh my gosh. she is miss heart of the usa. >> yes. >> legit pageant baby look at this. she's got the crown and everything. >> aww. >> that's the cutest. >> i spotted her in the crowd. i just had to snag her. >> love the smile. >> see when you come to you come to the village of leesburg. you get cute babies. feinstein. >> princesses. >> look at this. look over here. >> we're scaring her. >> disney princesses here from
10:02 am
they are out here bringing a bit of grace and beauty to the square here in leesburg. oh, man, we've been having glorious time today. >> really fantastic time a lot of families here. everyone raves about the wonderful restaurants. >> yup. >> and really the village here at leesburg, it is literally a one stop shop. people come here to just like see their neighbors. >> that's right. >> eat, watch movies. hang out here by the fire pitt. >> it's an amazing community. of course, don't forget the wineries, 22 craft breweries here. leesburg is booming we've been sharing the sights and the sounds with you all morning long. we'll continue to do so, and also honor some heroes. >> yes. >> recognize some teams. got lot planned for you today. >> don't forget that junior reporter coming up in the next hour. >> i can't forget that. that's your segment, right. >> that's my segment. i don't know if i'm doing weather or not i'll mention it's starting to warm um pretty quick. >> yes. >> low 90 today's. just real quick look out for late day thunderstorms. some will be strong later today. strong cold front that will bring us cool weather this weekend. >> weep keal having fun out here and come back
10:03 am
few with more of leesburg. but for now, sending it back into the loft. >> all right. looks like a good group out there. >> sure does. >> good times out there. good times in here. thanks for staying with us. we're all here ready to go. >> it's time for check of what's making headlines this morning. so al, what do you got. >> first up, holly storms last night left behind damage and unfortunately caused one death. a 14-year-old girl was killed and three others hurt after a huge tree fell on their moving car. this happened in the area just north of baltimore. closer to d.c. now, storm damage in the annandale and falls church areas has cut power to about 1600 customers this morning. downed trees littered the strstreets and in some neighborhoods power lines fell across driveways preventing residents from leave their homes. now, cleanup begins as people try to pick up the pieces from the damage. dc police searching for several gunmen who opened fire on group of people in northeast last night. one person was killed
10:04 am
others were injured in the shooting. it happened outside of an exxon gas station in the 3400 block of 18th street northeast. the scene is just a block away from john burroughs elementary school. investigators haven't said if they know who they're looking for or if they have a motive yet in this case. a shocking sentence hasn'ted down in massachusetts. the girl who sent her boyfriend dozens of text messages urging him to kill himself will serve 15 months of a two and a half year jail sentence. michelle carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter last month in connection to her boyfriend's suicide for now carter will stay out of jail pending an appeal. alaralarming new study suggesting that the number of visually impaired people across the world could as much as triple over the next four decades. researchers say a key reason for the increase is the world's population is getting older and most vision loss is the result of aging. and finally, how does a
10:05 am
sound? 55 teams are participating in a nasa program that plans on launching balloons and carrying cameras into the air so life stream the eclipse. antenna and dish expect to do transit summit zig gallons to the balloon it has it's own tracking equipment and parachute for safe landing afterwards. now when is the eclipse again. >> august 21. >> okay. >> here's my thing. no matter whether it's up there or down on the ground if it's an eclipse it's dark. >> no, no, no. that makes sense. >> all right. >> also,. >> it's dark. >> i don't know if we reported op this yesterday people are scamming people selling these -- >> fake glasses. >> fake glasses, too. >> okay. >> you need the real thing. in the meantime let's get out to maureen and annie because they have something special to talk about in regards to our hometown hero. good morning to you both. >> good morning to you again. yes. we are back. [ applause ] >> this is the part of the show we
10:06 am
monday in the community calling them our hometown hero today we have mr. robert diaz. it is an honor to be with you today. >> good morning. >> miss beautiful children who we are flanked by. >> can you introduce all of them real quick. >> anna, lilly, this is faith and this is gary. ryan is little busy at the time moment, and my wife is at the hospital right now with our baby sean. just had tonsils and aid nods and ear tubes put in. hi, guys, love you. >> hi guys. >> that's it this is robert beautiful family and we are honoring him because of the heart you have for children and what you're doing as it relates adoptions and fostering talk a little bit about that. >> well, we have been fostering for the county for five years. this is mainly my wife's doing. she's an angel. she's amazing. i wish she could be here right now. we want to give back to the community. we want to help out. we love kids. we love
10:07 am
we're really involved in the system. >> this is because your background right. >> correct. my wife is adopted i was raised by my aunt and uncle many hands in the pot. so we definitely want to give back and help out. >> this year we were selected as lanham counties parents of the year. >> yes. absolutely. fantastic. >> lots of fun with the kids and with life and definitely foster care definitely helps families in need. gives children a chance. >> robert, talk about you have your own biological children as well. >> that's correct. >> you foster and you've ado adopted. >> that's correct. >> so this is a big party inside the house. >> it is. it is. talk about what it's like every day under that roof. >> we're in four story townhouse. so the boys share rooms, it's not that big so we're all very tight. we're all very in it. we're always on top of each other. >> it's crazy. >> there you go. she said it's crazy. >> it is crazy. >> good crazy, right. lots of fun. >> yes. >> you always having a playing partner?
10:08 am
>> there's a lot of love an lot of love. >> that's right. >> what do you say to people out there who have considered fostering but maybe think i don't have the space in my home for it? or i don't think i can be a good posterior parent. >> that's definitely good question we've had a lot of people say, if i had more room i could do this. but we're in a small townhouse. we share rooms. we share space. some of other people do have the room. take a chance. take a chance you'll see there's a lot of love and there's a lot of opportunities to make difference. >> making a difference indeed. i'm looking at your family and i love the way they get along so well. i love the way you're getting emotional talking about this journey of yours. >> definitely. >> you have such a strong wonderful heart and we thank you so much for what you're doing. hopefully an example for other people out there who have considered this and now you're definitely telling them it can be done. >> it can be done. have faith. >> well, robert i know your wife couldn't be here we'd like to honor her as well live to give our call our hometown hero plaque to those who we honor with for the service they provide. and it's just a
10:09 am
appreciation from us to you. >> thank you. >> robert, yo, you are our homen hero. keep it up being a beacon for all. >> amen. >> i can't say any more, annie. >> thank you so much, guys. >> love you guys. >> you guys want to say something? >> come on. belt it out. >> say hi mom. [ laughter ] >> there you are. >> thank you so much, guys. >> thank you again. >> thank you so much. >> thanks again. we want to toss it back to you guys. thank you. [ applause ] thanks robert. they are angels here on earth. there are no he can us cues for them and they do it no matter what how lucky all those children are and the chans they're getting. >> i heard him say he lives in a townhouse. if we only had the room. but it expands. >> sure. >> you know what i mean they know that. >> they're doing it across the board, fostering adopting they have their own think as life lessons they're teaching their children along the way about acceptance and love and -- >> even if you can't foster a kid i've been volunteering for the dc child and
10:10 am
foster youth division for the last nine years. >> um-hmm. >> i can't really take a child in but i can't do a lot there by helping them out. >> right. they have a lot of fun. we plan fashion shows. we do a lot of great stuff witness kids especially back to school time. check et them out if you want to help. >> they say the best gift you can give a child is time, is your time. >> that's right. >> there you go. up next an explanation straight from the mouth of the biebs. wisdom. >> great. >> the music star's penning a tell all letter about his canceled tour. plus, drake and nicky minaj feeling romance rumors. and a treasure hunt for channing tatum. how you could catch in you spot the celeb on the road that's all straight ahead in our celebrity dish. >> but first though let's check in with on junior reporter my favorite segment for look at what else is ahead this hour. good morning. hello my name is ryan and i'm this week's fox5 zip trip junior reporter.
10:11 am
coming up, we will talk with our hometown team the evergreen lacrosse club and get another taste of leesburg. back in the studio we will talk with al gore, samantha harris and tony rock. don't miss it! ♪ ♪♪ [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year.
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10:14 am
>> never too late. whether you accept it or not -- >> sometimes it might be too late. >> whether you accept it or not -- >> let me rethink that. let's talk about good day celebrity dish. >> serving it up justin beiber story that doesn't require him to take his shirt off. >> i don't care then. >> juice tin beiber penn add letter to fans speaking out for the 40 about his canceling of the remaining dates of his purpose world tour. now he broke some fans hearts last month when he ended the tour early due to unforeseen circumstances. now, in the note, he posted on social media wednesday beiber wrote that he is grateful for the tours but most of all i'm grateful i get to go through this life with you learning and growing. hasn't always been easy. but knowing i am sick, well, knowing i'm not alone has kept me going. beiber then got introspective saying, i let my broken relationships dictate the way i
10:15 am
i treated them. i let bitterness, jealousy and fear run my life. he says he's aware that he will never be perfect and will continue to make mistakes but he's not going to let his past errors dictate his future. so that's his perspective. >> all right. clearly he's going through a growing faze and introspective phase and we wish him well. >> right. >> good luck. >> yes. keep your shirt on. >> take it off. [ laughter ] >> i couldn't resist. [ laughter ] >> neither could i. [ laughter ] >> all right. from the biebs to blac chyna n now. blac chyna doesn't just want to be music videos with nicky mi minaj. she actually wants to be the new nicky minaj and several record labels are jumping at the chance to make it happen. several sources close to blac chyna tell us she's entering the music game and is already recording in the studio. as for what type of music, rap poetry music and traditional singing. she's going to do it all apparently. the catalyst was
10:16 am
music video shoot down in miami a couple weeks back she did with nicky who china black -- blac chyna cease as in eminem tour of she has several meetings with la and met big wig at capitol records. the good news for rob china is not into diss tracks. >> right now. >> yeah. >> does she sing? >> is she musical. >> does chef to? >> no. i guess with auto tune and all of that, no. >> that's good point. >> that's true. >> would you download her songs. >> that's two young for me. >> i do -- i just did purchase 11 of or lip glosses from her make up line called lashed. >> how is it? you like it. >> it's good. >> maybe she should stick to makeup. we'll see. >> all that stuff is too young for me. >> i think you can rock the lip gloss just fine. [ laughter ] >> card dee b has a hit record and sean a rapper before. >> who. >> card dee b. >> old man duncan is not aware of who that is.
10:17 am
>> okay. because my kids told me who he was. looks like drake and nicky minaj speaking of nicky minaj fueling dating rumors and whole enter net is all in for it. after drake was spotted with nicky who is 34 by the way at various events on july29th, for the classico rielle madrid versus barcelona soccer match in miami it look like they got cozy together. fans got a whole of the meme that was posted on the shade room's instagram and they commented on how much the two musicians looked like a couple with the caption, when ya'll sneaking upstairs at party. dizzy and nicky seen w walking p a set of stairs as you see on your screen together looking mischievous as people do as they're going up the stairs garnering 150,000 likes and over 2,000 comments fans clearly took notice. doesn't look too suspicious to me. they were just walking upstairs. >> can't they just be friends. >> no they can't. >> don't start this whole thing. >> no. >> exactly. >> wisdom doesn't agree. >> wisdom saysen
10:18 am
cannot be friend. >> single men and women cannot be friends. >> untrue. >> men are always working an angle. >> wisdom. >> it's a long-term angle. >> wisdom i love you like,/we already had this discussion. >> like a biological brother but die not agree with you. >> i happen to agree with him. >> do you? >> yeah. allison told me -- >> single mail friends. >> they're always working an angle. >> they have an agenda. >> that's how i got my wife. >> well you were wor working an angle. >> you can't have female friend now. >> i'm married now. i said single. >> he's talking about single men. >> now paul is on my side. >> untrue. >> nah. >> allison awed friend awhile ago a long timing a back in your previous life. >> right. >> wait a minute. this is getting personal. hold on. >> no, no, no. >> get the eclipse glasses. >> i think allison naive to think -- >> i'm not. >> her single friends aren't working an angle. >> i promise you -- >> maybe she's not into that guy. >> when i was single i had single
10:19 am
the girl is not into the guy. the guy is always into the girl. just waiting for the right time. >> he's not going to get allison. >> that's not the point. that's not what we're talking about. we know allison is fine. >> i disagree. >> it's the single guy you can trust. >> you can't trust a single guy. >> we disagree i have plenty of single guy friends when i was single. >> uh-huh and they have a little support group now. [ laughter ] >> called we couldn't get allison. >> right. >> cry together. >> so we settled. >> exactly. >> who is going to take mark o out. that's the second thing the group is called. >> untrue. >> could the star boy be headed for retirement? the weekend kind of hinted at that when he opened up to harper's bazaar magazine for the upcoming september issue on which he earned the cover by the way whichs a big deal in and of itself. the singer said i'm not in a rush to let people know everything about me. mystery is always great. in fact his identity itself a mystery, right? as the weeknd his his stage name able to say is
10:20 am
he also reveals in the issue that he would consider retiring from his stage name. kind of like pulling a ziggy star dust mack i'll retire from beak the weeknd. he quickly backtrack giving hope there is still more to come he twent on to say maybe i'll just give them a break. >> prince did that, too. >> yeah. >> with the whole symbol thing. >> that was a contract issue, though. >> i know. but -- tried to own the brother name wisdom. >> he tried that and he was all into it but everybody was like there's prince. >> right. >> he exhausts me the weeknd. >> i'm exhaust. >> does he. >> yes. >> he has like i think 14 million followers on instagram. >> it's crazy. >> really huge social media which is hard for him to be mystery and for people not to be all up in his private life. >> do you think he's using so lena gomez? >> i think maybe -- i don't think so. >> date your friend's friend hike that. >> look at the rob kardashian story and the whole thing. >> i just -- i'm exhausted by him. >> you need a weekend. >> i do
10:21 am
>> ooh. >> holly -- >> snap. >> how about we talk about channing tatum. channing tatum took to instagram to explain his new promotion tactic. he plans on getting the word out about his new film which is called logan lucky with money. we're talking about lots of it. >> what's up here back stage at jimmy kimmel live here to allons jimmy logan' run. usually an actor like me does a movie, you go and you press for it by sitting in a hotel room and they bring in interviewers and ask you kind of generally different versions of the same questions even though those are super fun i want to do something different, and we're going to do something different by driving across america. oh, yeah, you might get logan lucky as well because i have some sponsors that might have given me some giant -- >> basically you're going to have -- if you see channing tatum run up to him because he's going to be giving away money. if you think it's channing tatum run up to him and ask -- don't ask him for it he's giving out money as part
10:22 am
channing tatum will go all over the country to promote this movie strangers can walk up to him and he'll give them money. i don't know how much. but he's going to give them money. >> you have to say something, is there a catch phrase because i would probably go up to him. >> it doesn't say anything about courage phrase. go up to him if you think it's him, somebody might look like him, just go up to them and you'll get some money. you can get some some and. >> awesome. >> it's worth taking a chance, right. >> you get a chance to meet channing tatum. >> there you go. >> if you see wisdom martin at save way you can do the same thing. >> but your chances of getting money -- >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> zero to none. >> slim to none and slim just went to texas. >> right. >> all right. >> and that's the dish. >> i liked the dish. >> all right. i think this is card dee b kodak yellow very hit record right n now. okay. no? >> okay. >> you know it, though, right. >> yeah. >> ever hip paul wharton. >> we're on the couch. >> junior reporter is getting ready to go live. >> that's right. we'll
10:23 am
trip crew next. after we jam to this. ♪ ♪♪ z2fwcz z16fz
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪ hey welcome back. my favorite time of day it's time for the junior reporter. you got a great smile, sir. >> thank you. >> tell everybody your name. and tell me where you go school. >> my name is ryan and i
10:26 am
i'm going to go to mercer middle school. >> okay what grade are you going to be coming in up here. >> sinks grade. >> all right. having a good summer out here. >> um-hmm. >> all right. tell me some highlights. >> um, i went to the beach a couple weeks ago. >> did you love it? >> um-hmm. >> real quick and i'll give you the microphone. anybody you want to say hi to. >> i want to say hi to my little brother and my mom and my dad. >> okay. you got that. ryan, here's how it work. i hand the microphone over to you and you can ask me any questions you want you have to be nice. all right. if you could only eat one food in the whole world what you eat? >> okay. i had them last night. i'm not going to lie chick chick-fil-a. i eight like three of them. i can eat 3 million more. how about you? >> i don't really eat chick-fil-a. that's all right. >> next question. >> why did you want to be on the news? >> oh that's a good question. well, my family didn't pay attention to me when i was a
10:27 am
for attention so that's pretty much why i'm in front of the camera all the tile. if the truth must be known. >> okay. >> okay. next question. >> if there is any job besides the news what would you do? >> oh that's really good question. all right. so my love is weather and meteorology and every sense i was probably even younger than you i knew i wanted to be meteorologist i'd probably be either working for the government doing weather or maybe i'd be a teacher. teaching weather because it's very important that people learn about weather. don't you think particularly with the climate and everything like that? >> um-hmm. >> yup. we got time for one more question. >> what is your favorite color. >> oh, what's your favorite color. i'm going to go with fox red how about that. >> okay. >> okay. we'll wrap it up we know how to wrap it up ryan, right? >> everyone sitting on the couch, back to you. >> also he wanted to know steve while you're still sitting on the couch. shouldn't you get up and walk around little bit. >> steve walk out. steve left at 9:00 tucker. he took your advice. >> steve is not here. >> first
10:28 am
>> steve left at 9:00. >> exactly. >> see ya tucker. >> tucker set that little junior reporter up for failure. >> junior reporter is perfect. >> he was right on. >> all right. look heads back out to leesburg coming up next we'll meet with today's hometown team and get a taste of leesburg from the delirium cafe. >> sounds good. up next former vice-president al gore is going to be live with us. his new documentary which is a follow up to inconvenient truth hits theater this weekend. we'll find out what's changed as far as climate change since the first film came out more than decade ago. ♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
♪ new documentary opens today that says the planet earth is continuing to suffer as a result of human exploitation. former vice-president al gore takes viewers through the extreme storms and other catastrophes changing the earth's landscape. and he joins us now with more about the new documentary aptly called an inconvenient sequel. good morning, sir. it's good to see you. >> good morning, holly. thank you for having me. >> so you know the first one inconvenient truth won an oscar. it definitely started a conversation and hopefully some action. now here we are a decade later. why now for the update? >> well, there have been two big changes in the last decade hol
10:32 am
the climate related extreme weather events have become a lot more common and unfortunately a lot more serious and destructive. but the second big change is that we've got the solutions n now. the price of electricity from solar and wind has been coming down so fast. it continues to come down in many regions it's now much cheaper than electricity from burning dirty fossil fuels. we're seeing electric cars become affordable now and batteries are coming down in price. we have the paris agreement every nation in the world is now committed to solving this crisis. i was concerned when donald trump said he wanted to pull out of that agreement. but the next day the and tire rest of the world doubled down on their commitments to meet the requirements of that agreement any way and in this country the same thing happened with governors and mares and business leaders. >> you know i was watching the trailer for this and you certainly are passionate
10:33 am
one thing that i think people might also find interesting about sequel in the first one you took a lot of flack when you said, um, the world trade center memorial site could actually be flooded one day. people thought you were, you know, embellishing what could happen and then we hurricane sandy. and that area did flood. is there a little bit of i told you so in this? >> no, it's not intented that way at all much these were the predictions from the scientists, not from me. i'm conveying what they warned us about. and the fact that their predictions have come true should lead us in my opinion to pay more attention to what they're predicting would happen now in the future unless we get control of this. you know, this is the most serious challenge our country has ever faced. and we do have the solutions n now. we need political will but political will is itself a renewable resource
10:34 am
>> how close are we to the tipping point where we can't undo damage that we've done? >> well the scientists tell us that we still have time to avoid the most serious consequences that we really got to avoid. we have crossed some points of no return like some of the big ice sheet areas in antarctica are going to melt no matter what we do. sea level rise is going to continue. but we still have the opportunity to slow the pace down, and to avoid other ice sheets behind that one from, f melting and falling into the ocean with really catastrophic sea level increases. the temperatures are going to continue to go up a bit. but we have to stop them from going up to these catastrophically high levels and we still have that chance. >> real quickly before we go, you know this summer you're goin
10:35 am
charlies theron as a sexy super hero herself. so what makes this movie the must see that's going to get people to the theater? is it going to be entertaining and informative? >> well, the audience is come out saying yes, it's extremely entertaining, and they come out hopeful and they learn everything you need to know about not just the crisis but the solutions to the crisis to see where we're going, and you know, we oh this to our kids, we owe it to ourselves because we're beginning to feel the consequences now and we can save money by implementing the solutions. >> i like your tag line. fight like your world depends on it. you certainly are in for the fight. in for the good fight. thank you sir, appreciate your time greatly. >> thank you holly. have great weekend. in you too. take care. >> still working for the good of the country that man is. >> yes. very passionate about it. >> i have to say when i watch the trailer i was -- it got
10:36 am
emotional and like empassioned and really listening to what he was saying, you know. >> think about what world are we leaving for our great grandkids. >> if you make any changes in your own live carbon footprint. >> i try to make a change every day. it could be something as small as recycling more something bigger in terms of changing out how the energy works in high home. as you make improvements so it's always ever present in my mind. >> very cool. >> all righty. >> 10:36 is the time. we're on each other's team right here in the loft and this morning we're giving a special shout out to one of the hometown teams out in leesburg. >> all right. for details, let's send it back out to maureen umeh. hey, maureen guys, yes i am, g morning to you again. we're we are with our hometown team and tomorrow townhome the he have green lacrosse club and these are the fellas we've got coaches, we've got the owner. let me give you introductions. chris about czar the owner. thiss
10:37 am
and this is choppy. choppy known as jason burke also the coach. lt's start with you. you are the owner of this wonderful club. why lacrosse? >> well, we wanted to bring kind of a new program to the area. three years ago we decided we were going to have a developmental program focus on skills, development a lot of new kids that want to get into the game of lacrosse and we provide them a venue for that. but we also have very elite players as well. but we wanted to open it up to kind of everybody in the community that wanted to get into lacrosse. >> boys and girls. >> we started out with boys and girls. right now we're just a boys club. >> you're doing amazing things as you said. this is elite club by the way elite because they've got wonderful coaches like you two. what is it about coaching lacrosse that touches you? >> lacrosse is such great sport. i say a lot of times that kids aren't pi jenn holed into certain positions if you're really tall kid in basketball you'll play center if you're he will short guy you got to play point guard. lacrosse no matter what your
10:38 am
put you on the feel and put in you good spot to succeed. >> if you want to be part of this club how can you do that? >> you can go on evergreen lacrosse.comp register for try outs just in a couple of weeks august 1 12th august 20th. guys, i know that we are having to wrap up now because of time. but we did want to honor you with our hometown team plaque. i'll give that to you. boys and gentlemen, i didn't have a chance to talk to you. keep up the good work. we'll look for you guys in some sort of championship in the future. so thank you evergreen lacrosse. if you're interested by all means, sign up. all right. that's the latest from out here. back in to you. >> maureen, thank you very much. could you whip up an awesome dish in just 25 minutes? that is the challenge to become a culinary genius and that's the new show that's coming to fox5 plus. its host is samantha harris. of course you know her from dancing with the stars and entertainment tonight her resume is so amazing. she is dishing all about the new show with us next. please, stay with us. ♪
10:39 am
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10:41 am
♪ 10:41 on friday. whoop whoop for the friday. we are flipping the script on our next guest. that's because she used to introduce the stars but today we're introducing her. she's an emmy award winning tv host mostly famous for dancing with stars she's also starred on broadway. we are talking about the lovely samantha harris and next week she's taking on new role as host for the newest
10:42 am
culinary cooking competition show it's called culinary genius and this morning samantha joins us live from los angeles to dish all about the new show and her new gig. good morning. >> hi, allison. >> hi. so produced by gore began ramsay he's the brains behind it. how is it to work with goran ramsay? you can tell us. >> you know what i think everybody sees gordan ramsay on all his other seven shows as this sort of crazy intense sometimes scary guy but i can tell you on culinary genius he's a teddy bear. he is a teddy bear, and that's really the kind of guy he is in person. when we're, you know, offset as well. and our in studio lead chef is edward lee so he actually has roll reversal with gordon because edward is the tough guy in the studio for culinary genius. >> all righty. he's near and dear to our heart. we're in washington and he runs a couple of restaurants here. >>
10:43 am
>> looking forward to the show. >> succotash and national harbor, too. >> absolutely tell us what the new show will be? hidden ingredients a time crunch, are these home chefs tell us about it. >> this -- cul culinary genius e began ramsay not like any of this other ones. not only because it's on five days a week. there's so much pressure for these amateur home chefs who want to be validated and told they are a culinary genius and the way the show work it's divided two parts. the first part is really he will let me nation round because we start with five and we need to get down to three -- sort of disguised as either a culinary game like, say, taking egg whites and having to whisk them into a frenzy to the point that you can hold the bowl upside down over your head and hope you don't get slop. >> wow. >> or culinary technique challenge which is great because chef edward will do fantastic demonstration and explain exactly to not only our cooks onset but also as as viewers what to do and how to do
10:44 am
so for example you might have lobster and have to extract all the meat i mean every bit including the leg meat when when he go to lobster meals the rare times that gets to happen you toss the legs to the side but which is actually where the sweetest meet is it's really educational, it's fun. it's quite a laugh fest, and then we switch gears to the cook off which is the final round where the pressure is on, and they want nothing more than to turn out a fantastic meal but they only have 25 minutes to conceptualize, to create and then to deliver a plated meal that edward can judge that is restaurant worthy, and let me tell you, sometimes there are epic fails. [ laughter ] >> it looks -- it really does look like a game show meets a traditional cooking competition. i cannot wait to see it. let me ask you. you have done everything we talk a little bit about it in the introduction. do you cook? >> oh, i do because i have a six annan-year-old so, dinner has got to get on
10:45 am
or the other. and they're are pretty fin nick nicky eaters sometimes. i can't make my morning smoothie in 25 minutes. the fact these home cook which is make entirely beautiful meal in that amount of time i'm learning lot. >> we love your enthusiasm about the show. it's only three weeks. sumer season maybe that will expand. but it is every day debuts on tuesday august 8th on fox5 plus. we're just so thrilled, it's actually monday the seventh. >> monday the seventh i'm sorry. >> monday the seventh. >> i'm sorry. 8:30. >> monday august 7th information is right week nights at 8:30 on fox5 plus. thank you so much. >> thank you allison. >> all righty. bye. she's going to be fired up about it. >> she's excited. >> she's a little fire plug plug. >> i like that. >> 10:45. we're ready for laughs on this friday morning we're going to deliver because we're not funny. so we got -- we are a little bit funny. >> sometimes. it's all about perspective. somebody who we know is funny tony
10:46 am
he's in here right there. [ laughter ] >> live in the loft. he's coming up next. [ laughter ] >> it is former president obama's birthday today. >> that's right. >> i'm sure that's what tony rock is saying.
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
>> it doesn't matter how you fold a towel. >> it does matter how you fold a towel. if you want it to fit in the closet you have to roll it. >> oh my god could you chew any louder? >> all right its all right listen besides being zip trip friday it's funny friday. that was supposed to be a clip from upcoming movie called couples night. which stars our next guest who's sitting right here brooklyn born comedian tony rock. >> yeah. >> besides shooting a movie he shows of host as various shows. he's a hard working man include tv1 the game of dating. last night tony kick off a zero receives stand up shows at the d.c. improv. he joins us live in the loft. good morning to you tony. always good to see you, man. >> how are you. >> welcome back. first of all let's talk about the dc improv. i see you right there on the poster. >> they don't have my little brother on there. my little brother jordan rock is the opening act for the show.
10:50 am
little brother jordan is the opening act. >> it's a family affair. >> who's funnier, you or jordan. >> jordan rock is my favorite comedian. >> really. >> giving your love to your baby brother. >> baby bro. >> my younger brother i don't give him credit for anything i take it all for him. he's opening. you're talking about, your younger brother and chris. all you guys was it like a comedy scene in your house when you growing up. >> every sibling is hilarious. my parents are funny. my grandparents are funny. >> read reelly. >> it's in our na. >> when can people expect when they come out to see you in the improv. >> this is the best comedy show you've never saw before if you haven't seen me do stand up i get up for the dc improv when i get that call from my agent i start uniting go back in the gym and get ready. it will be great show a lot of your material you actually write it or you don't -- adlib. >> i write and i talk to the room like i'm talking to my friends in brooklyn a lot of it is improv and every night is something different in the room so every night is aho
10:51 am
>> have you ever been heckled. >> several times, yeah. >> what do you do when people start heckling. >> i'm bell prepared to handle heckler. >> meet me outside. >> no. i kill them with my mental. >> let's talk about some of the other things you're doing. her working man. let's talk about your movie couples night. >> which was shot in d.c. >> shot in d.c. >> first independent film to ever get the sanction to shoot in front of the white house. really. >> obama signed it himself and let us shoot in front of the white house. >> did you meet him. >> i don't think trump would have done that. >> you don't think it could have gone down. >> no. >> shooting in baltimore. so you got a chance to shoot the show. tell us what the show is about. the movie couples night is about a couple that moves from middle -- middle america st. louis somewhere to d.c. and they don't have any friends in the dc area. they like let's meet some of our neighbors they meet their crazy neighbors that live upstairs were myself and my wife and we take them out and show them the town and the comedy ensues from there. >> where did you get the inspiration for that. >> it was written by young lady in chicago. >> okay. >> and she got in
10:52 am
people. i read the script and was immediately drawn to the character i played schenn said nobody else can play this character but you. >> i said if the money is right nobody else will play it. >> bottom line business. you go the to get paid. you got to get paid. let's talk about your another project you're working on game of dating. >> game of dating. >> what is that about. >> game of dating was -- was a dating show where three teams would watch actual dates and bet money on what's going to happen next. the team that won the most money at the end of the show won $10,000. >> okay. >> game of dating is no more. >> right. >> because i will be starting my new sitcom on cbs september 1st. >> okay. what's your new sitcom. >> called by the book. >> what's that about. >> myself, jay ferguson is guy who tries to live his life 100% the bible and the comedy ensues from there. >> 100%. >> there's so many rules and regulations in the bible we don't know about. >> i don't know the ten ma'am many. >> the 50 commandments there's so many. >> a lot of people can't get through one through five. >> it's sun peefu
10:53 am
>> this fall on cbs. you go the that going. all right. look, and we have six more episodes of all deaf comedy russell simmons got kev comedy back on hbo we start shooting that in objection. i'll be touring while doing those two projects. >> and you had time to come in here and talk to us. >> balling. >> paid. a lot. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> always good to see. pleasure. >> keep up the her work you see him right there the information right there. your little brother is opening for you. >> my little brother. >> don't let him show you up no, no. >> tony rock, ladies and gentlemen. back over to you on the couch. >> thank you both. sounds good. all right. 10:53 our time in leesburg is almost over. but we can't drop the occur den on another zip trip without yet another taste of what the neighborhood has to offer. >> joining our zip trip team is one of leesburg's newest restaurants known for its iconic pink elephant symbol. hey, guys. hello everybody. here's the pink elephant symbol that you just referred to. we've got the delirium cafe. [ applause ] >>
10:54 am
super excited we've got curtis the owner and then executive chef john leonard. good morning to the both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning everybody. tell us about clear yum cafe. >> clear yum cafe is the first location actually in united states delirium cafe in leesburg in historic downtown leesburg at the intersection of loudoun and king. we just opened few months. first locate in the us the company actually began early in the '90's and brussels, belgium. there's now 17 locations including us around the world. we focus on, you know, belgium cuisine, mussels, fries and waffles, lots of -- lots and lots of beer. near 300 beers currently on the list. >> i saw that. today is happy international beer day. >> yes it is. >> truly exciting and we're celebrating. now you have over 300 beers. >> um-hmm. >> talk a little bit about the different variety of beers that you have. >> we have everything. really. we focus heavily on belgium. we have nearly 100 bell jumps in bottle and currently 20 on draft. we have
10:55 am
as well but there's heavy focus on local beers as well. including some collaborations we've done with breweries here in london. crooked run brewing in old ox. beers with them actually had our beverage director go and brew beer in the brewery there with them brewer masters which has been fantastic. you know, everybody loves a good hop ipa we've got 40 of those. if you're into germans got a whole page of german beers here. >> this isn't the food menu this is the beer book. >> just the beer book. >> now what was it about this area, this is the first us based restaurant. what was it about loudoun county that drew you guys to this place? >> i get that question a lot. first i'm a leesburg resident. >> okay. >> we've lived here since the mid 2,000s from new york city. my wife and i moved here. self determine your commute why not. we did. it's close to home. but more importantly there's a huge beer community. >> um-hmm. >> high level of beer of a influence went see as refer to it in our community. we have two operating brewer rears in london count
10:56 am
the year. but no one has a focus on anything european or belgium specific. so we saw a small hole in the market, found a beautiful historic property that had never been a restaurant that could be converted. >> yeah. >> and so we engaged and put the dream here. >> all right. i'm going to need to you serve tucker and maureen some of this wonderful beer. >> can do. >> we have to say cheers. >> and while we're saying cheers the loudoun county sheriffs and deciles burg police are having a child safety day august 12th right here in the square it will be from noon to 4:00. they wanted us to get on the that out. police come out child safety day august 12th. this for me. >> nice and cold for you, darling. >> ooh. cheers. >> delirious or delirium. >> great big cheese to leesburg. >> thank you so much, leesburg. thank you everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you everyone. >> absolute! >> had great morning out here. >> oh, man. >> really good. >> thank you for the music. thank you for the food. >> thank you for the people. >> cheers to leesburg. >> all right. >> sipping off to
10:57 am
have a next week. >> sounds fun. who is our third. >> have a great friday. we're sipping off tv right now. we're done. bye, guys. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever.
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switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
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. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? it's going to be -- ♪ >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: right back at cha. thanks for watching. welcome to my


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