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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 8, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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three hundred dollars on this chevy malibu. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> north korea best not make any more threats on the united states. they will be met with fire and furry like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement. and as i said, they will be met with fire, furry and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> president trump responding to reports of north korea's nuclear threats. as you can see from the run down over there on the side of the screen, of course this is what people are talking about tonight.s as always we invite you
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tweet us and use the hashtag five at 630:let's get to it. the president's comments follow a report by the washington post and a japanese defense power that north korea has an impact war head that can inside missiles, missiles that are capable of hitting the united states. tom kellene a is back tonight. what has changed in 24 hours, tom? it's very striking it is. i think the danger really that we have to focus on is we now have two inexperienced leaders that are now facing off against each other potentially with nuclear weapons. but i think we need to calm down, take a deep breath and realize that north korea is not going to attack the united states. north korea knows that would be suicidal. the important thing to do now is talk to each other and try to reduce the level of tension. unfortunately president trump's recent remarks taken in the wrong direction where
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tension. we don't need to do that. famously president teddy roosevelt has said american presidents should speak softly and carry a big stick. we don't need to make these kind of threats with the kind of american military power we have much it's not helpful dangerous and unproductive t. americans who are sitting home watching, folks who don't necessarily live i'm side the belt way, i've been seeing things on twitter, social media. when they hear the president use those kind of words, how can you assure us? your words were north korea is not going to attack us and folks at home are how do you know that >> well, i think the president should be more reassuring and the reason we know they're not going to attack us because we know the regime in north korea. they are willing to sac phis their own people to preserve the their own regime and i
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attack the united states they know full well the north korea will cease to exist. they will be toast. they're not going to attack us unless they're provoked. because we have two inexperienced leaders that they will make mistakes. they will step across redlines that he they don't even know are there and stumble into a cat tas if i tom, we don't believe north korea would attack the united states. what about territories in the pacific like guam that are us territories? is that the same wheelhouse? >> well, i believe that north korea understands that if they attack us forces or us allieses, the response will be devastating and swift, but this is why the united states and the north korea need to sit down and talk to each other to make it clear where the redlines are. so they fully understand what the implications of military force would be because the last thing we want to do is
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contact stas troa if i. they need to be talking to each other not what they're doing each other. saibor rattling. my pro dueser is giving me the wrap. how does this happen? how realistic is that? >> well, i think the united states needs to figure out what north korea will respond to. they want greater recognition internationally. they want economic incentives. they want the united states to reduce military exercises with the south. the united states has things that north korea wants and we need to put it together in a package that will be attractive to them. i hope they're listen toking you. it is great having you on the show thank you very much. meantime, the president trump's message to said they will be met with fire and furry like the world has never seen. you probably saw the reaction online. people are wondering what is going on. the
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sure with a lot of questions out there. let's get to ronica cleary who has some fans behind her. it's fastening the reaction that immediately start ed to pour in when i posted the remarks of the president and i want to take you inside the room. you know the white house press pool really gives some fascinating insight into how this unfolded and basically the president was leaning on the table, elbows on a table reading a statement about the especially idea crisis and then a reporter shouted a staple about north korea, and he he saturday back folded his arms and stared right into the cameras and delivered this remark, a totally different body lang wage. i read the part like they'll be met with fire and furry as the world has never seen. this is how people reacted. >> it's scary that things have escalated this far. it's -- north korea is out of
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they have a dictator who doesn't care about anybody or anything. just his own power. i don't t know -- what president could do to alleviate this situation. a little bit scary to hear that. but i think it's gotten to point where we have to react. i mean every time you turn on the news it's like you're hearing about a new missile launch. i just heard recently that they have missiles. it's scary, but i think it's necessary. it's scary, but north korea is a threat. god knows we don't need nuclear weapons or any more threats against the united states. he'll a good leader. at the end of the day he'll be able to make good decisions. i don't worry about all the bomb bassic comments. at the end of the day he'll make a good decision. some good comments
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in the seriousness of all of this we're discussing. t you want to weigh in, use the hashtag #5@6:30. we love to hear from you. she mentioned about people reacting online. somebody had just tweeted me and said maybe we should call in some super hereses to make it happen. you try to find zoo hum or in everything. >> a lot of people are drawing parallels to the team america. it was the one where everybody went after kim young il. >> please, send in the super heroses. you heard ronica mentioning this, the president had a press conference talking about the opioid epidemic in america. the the of president said no one is exempt from this what was the point of holding this? the president touted this as a big announcement or a moment he wanted to have today. why
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this 17-day vacation? >> right, well, i think we've seen that this opioid epidemic is ramping up and this is one way that up trump administration p and his administration can be seen as they're serious about this. hopefully the us is better at solving this issue than other countries who are experiencing similar things, but what it really shows is a commitment to moving forward. tom price, the health and human services secretary said we're going to present a comprehensive strategy to the president to consider the issues moving forward. we saw tom price sitting there. he heads up health and human services. there was talk about whether chris christie was going to take part in this national approach to an opioid epidemic. we didn't see him there today. >> i believe chris christie is on vacation in italy. i'm glad you brought
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he is the head of the administration's commission on drug abuse. last month at end of july he and his commission actually recommended to the administration to declare a national emergency on the opioid epidemic as a sort of solution moving forward for how to handle this. you'll also remember that federal funding for medicaid was on the line for dealing with treatments for opioid abuse when they were trying to repeal and replace the. does that free up any federal funding or is that justing something you put on paper. >> it's one way to sort of free up federal funding and that's why her ' trying to do that after the federal fuppedding didn't work out. so declaring a national emergency is sort of a small step forward after that accident work out for them. even though there was no policy or necessarily big solutions that were announced today we also saw the
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and she tweeted about this right before they sat down for the press conference. in her wheelhouse, is this going to become a project of herself. >> there's really flow telling whether or not the opioid crisis could become an issue for my len al trump to take up. she's expressed things about cyber bullying. also with this commission that chris christie is heading it sort of seems that she wouldn't necessarily be needed this in this, but certainly the more the mereier when dealing with something of this nature. >> is the president standing on a crumbling foundation? a new poll says his basis bottoming out, but what does that mean for his future. we'll find out coming up after this.
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welcome back. no doubt president trump has enjoyed enormous support from his base, but there are signs that may be changing,
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his job at 38 percent. a inpack pit at 33 percent, but the question again what about the base. niel standich, always good to have you here. always good to be here.less ' the poll numbers out and certainly we hear the president tweeting about it. in fact, he tweeted yesterday about how his basis still strong. where are we see ing this erosion in. >> we're seeing it in short, shawn, among people who were once strongly support of the president. we have seen a number ever of polls where that number has declined somewhere what. in some polls we've seen a decline. mike pence was being groomed, pain not mike pence himself moving this forward, but people were gng
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and saying we're going to build you up for 2020 for a run. while he denied that, what do you think the possibility is that we're going to see some robust challenge to him in his own party in 2020? a. i think there are pretty high chances of there being a primary challenge, jim, partly because of the reasons we were just talk ing about, these declining poll numbers. also president trump the established wing of the republican party have never really reconciled after his win in the republican primary. i think that's quite like limit basically people look at the president and they do see weak ness and that invites ambition people to give it a go what about the folks out there in million dollars america, the folks who were not inside the beltway, the folks who the president is talking to and send ing the messages to on twitter, are we seeing support decline as well. >> it depends on how you look at it. the president has sought to draw attention at the big crowds that we see at his
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there's very clearly a base of support that the president is not going to go blow. the problem that there is some erosion amongst softer supporter . we don't know where exactly that is going to end. when we see kelly mack nail i do ing the so-called news kation casts. it's not outreach telling his base, the president is working for you. this is what he's doing. >> this is part of the overall strategy of this white house. it has been a base first strategy and they look frankly at the results from last november where in states in so-called rust belt in particular they won by and mat ing and reaching people who have not frankly turned out for previous republican candidates and who did so for president trump. they think if they can replicate that then they have a shot
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standish, at usual it is great to have you in. perhaps you can come back ever day. >> always a pleasure. always great with you guyses. >> many are angry the at the president for not condemning a bombing of a mosque in minnesota . some muslims are upset that he has president even said anything on twitter. the president has been and is continuing to be updated and we are monitoring the situation for now no one was injured in that attack. coming up tonight, getting into the oval office. we just mentioned this with niel , but what could a possible and we say pob, he says it's not happening, but launch into hypotheticals, what if mike pence ran for president? we'll talk about that next. xt.
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vice-president pliek pence is denying the rumors that he's laying the ground work in 2020. what exactly would that mean. gop political strategist mike lane joins us fiet. thanks for joining us. thank you. he's already come out and said, no, there's no way, but look he has a political action committee. he's brought you in these political operatives. do you believe when mike pence says, no , no, i'm not looking at 2020. >> i actually do believe the vice-president. i'm sure he's thinking about running the white house, but i think he has his eyes set on 2024. there is absolutely no precedent for a it sing vice-president who seeks the nomination to be denied the nomination of his party, assuming that president trump gets renominated and reelected to a second one. mike pence is the odds on favorite in 24 to be the republican nominee. his path to success is the loyal scrpt to donald trump. i think he
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there is nobody that takes seriously flig that he would do differently. when you look at dlmed as a presidential candidate and there with were a lot of wild cards, a lot of what ifs. with mike pence, he is what you get. he is christian, loyalty and a stall wart. he is essentially your gop from central casting. when you talk 2024, that makes tote t al sense >> he is. he is very articulate . he's got washington experience, governor experience, he'll have vice-president. this guy's resume screams he's the next one in line. even if donald trump is not reelected in 2020 i still believe that a loyal vice-president mike pence is the leading candidate for the republican nomination in 2024. we're hearing rumors that there are certainly other gop hopefuls . ohio governor john caseic
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other names being thrown out there. if that happens what could this mean not only forth trump campaign, but also for the republican party. >> again, you look at precedent there are times when very, very popular candidates tried to take on a sitting president, donald trump reagan tried to do it against jeerld ford, teddy kennedy tried to do it against jimmy carter. there is no precedent to be able to defeat the sitting president for the nomination of your party. all you do is wind of dividing your party. when you see reports like what the new york times put out, is this baseless speculation? is it a couple so to say rabl ruse ers, maybe political consultants in the the gop who are maybe putting the germ out there. >> it's based on speculation on the part of the times when you talk about vice-president. in terms of the other names that they brought up, perhaps a senator flake, perhaps a
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cas, perhaps a governor caseic, now you are talking about who would be interested and look around and they'd position themselves just in case. at the end of the day i think all of them are realistic enough to know that there be would be a nonstarter. they're not going anywhere. when we there at the popularity or the numbers right now for the current president they are much lower than we've ever seen for another president knowing all of that you still think it would be hard for someone to come in and challenge a sitting president. >> in light of today's numbers, it would be impossible to challenge. if the it goes lower , ate to teb points lower ate to ten points it would be i'm possible. or if something came out of the russian investigation. improving numbers which i expect as a result of chief of staff john kelly taking over in the white house, i think that president trump is going to be strong and there's just knob that is going to deny him the nom
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any foreeabl circumstances. mike lane thank you so much for your perspective. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> how about a little light bathroom reading. the presidential toilet paper, while you may have run out of time to get your own. we're back after this. this.
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>> right now the president is not too far away from new york, he's in new jersey. but eliminating he'll tweeted that he'll be in the city next week for more meetings. he's returned to his hometown once since he became president in january. it's not clear whether he's he'll return to his home on fieft avenue. they were talking about all the extra security april that's why he hasn't been there. and also because
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trump to your and now they're not. >> if your you're looking for trump tail poilt. tweets with president trump. the toilet paper was described as a collection of 106 donald trump's tweets deemed most suitable for flushing. about 11.99 per role rchg that's pretty expensive toilet paper. it better be soft . the president tweeted that amazon has a no tax monopoly? a. he has tweeted that, but in fact amazon collects sales tax on every state in which they do business. they have to. that tweet is not on the toilet paper role. eleven bucks, 12 bucks for that. let's switch gears a little bit now. at the top of the show we were talking to tom kellene a good north korea and about the threats and we brought up guam because guam is in the pacific ocean. it's a us territory. during the course of the show we just learned by way of north korea news
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are considering a s installation in guam. that's military, us installation. we asked tomorrow about that and he said if north korea decides to target some sort of military,s that is considered a threat. they're looking at guam right now. certainly once we heard the president's response today a lot of people just regular old americans at home, it kind of, you know, everybody got a little alarmed. some people were scared, but we heard from our expert who said look, they can talk tough, but i don't think that north korea would dare attack the united states because for them that would be committing suicide. let's be honest, how many of you when you hear the country being threaten ed you expect your president to say something than a that is what we saw today. whether or not -- in what way do we see that fulfilled down the road, we'll see if it is. we can always hope that
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prevailing. let's hope for l cooler heads. thrangs so much for joinings us. fox5 eight plus. and ten, 10:30 and 11 here.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: it appears malia obama got lollapalooza add lollapaloozaed. >> it appears she got escorted out. >> i want to hear the phone call with barack. >> what the hell are you doing? harvey: you shouldn't do it. daddy, you didn't grow up to be president. >> rihanna with the crop over festival in barbados. chris brown commented on her photo with the googly eyes emoji. >> he's saying i'm watching you. >> it's creepy. harvey: oh, god, are you really going to defend this? >> when you saw rihanna yesterday, you wanted to say something. >> so she was asking for it you're saying? >> the game h


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